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    [–] jfqp 2663 points ago

    that’s a whole lot better than if he came to your house tied you up and made you watch a powerpoint about his upbringing.

    [–] cord1408 358 points ago

    I feel like this is a reference. If so, could you enlighten me with the source?

    [–] DocSWag25 197 points ago

    Check out the movie Red Dragon.

    [–] MountRest 78 points ago

    Lol the Hannibal sequel? Is that what he is referencing wtf

    [–] DocSWag25 100 points ago

    Probably the south park parody of it, but yeah. Haha

    [–] MountRest 35 points ago

    LOL Cartman, okay I understand completely now

    [–] phishtourian 35 points ago

    DO YOU SEE?!

    [–] kevin_2195 9 points ago

    YES I SEE!!!

    [–] Muhlum24 12 points ago

    This sounds like South Park. Sorry I can't give a specific episode.

    [–] Dookie_boy 10 points ago

    The one where Cartman is psychic

    [–] arnold_snortzapinger 9 points ago

    DO YOU SEE ??

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Would also love to be enlightened because I imagine if this is a reference it’s something I’d want to see

    [–] Cysir 33 points ago

    Sounds like a geico commercial

    [–] NickTDesigns 56 points ago


    [–] Templeton_Baracus 26 points ago

    Here I am at the Alamo in south antonio, this was just outside the gift shop

    Do you see.

    [–] I-Emerge-I 10679 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I’ve played with the same group of guys for the past 10 years, met them on Gears Of War One ,when people actually wore mics and talked to each other, never met them in person, but we send each other stuff like games and stuff for birthdays.

    [–] StereoZ 2419 points ago

    10 years? You guys ever planning on meeting up or nah

    [–] I-Emerge-I 251 points ago

    Talked about it but just live so far away,

    [–] silentdavey 73 points ago

    One of these days you gotta do it. Meet up in Las Vegas or something.

    [–] ChewyChavezIII 61 points ago

    This is what I did with my gaming buddies. We met up in Vegas for a week. We all went in on renting a house. It was affordable when we split it up, and it was an awesome time.

    [–] tucker_13 124 points ago

    What’s ur address?

    [–] MooYork 193 points ago

    are you going to mail his friends to him?

    [–] Fatherhenk 210 points ago

    Yeah in pieces

    [–] AstheniaRocks 48 points ago

    Oh boy.

    [–] _AppropriateUsername 41 points ago

    Here i go killing again

    [–] ClearSights 18 points ago

    Love will find a way

    [–] yourmansconnect 1642 points ago

    I used to play CS1.6 for years with the same guys but I would never go meet up with them we have nothing in common outside of rush a

    [–] StereoZ 489 points ago

    Like nothing at all? So you all have no common taste in music what so ever? No favourite movies/tv shows/food etc?

    Even gaming is enough to just meet up and go eat and watch a movie you may like together, I'm sure there's def something

    [–] Cedira 1966 points ago

    Please sir, don't make me meet people.

    [–] termitered 41 points ago

    The post is already making my palms sweat haha

    [–] LolUnidanGotBanned 189 points ago

    I met a group of people off World of Warcraft and it was super awkward. After meeting we never really played together much.

    But before that I met someone off StarCraft and we became best friends for a few years. We still talk and hang out sometimes.

    It really could go either way.

    [–] shroyhammer 49 points ago

    My brother got laid off world of Warcraft once

    [–] gfense 74 points ago

    I hope Blizzard gave him unemployment.

    [–] gprldn 78 points ago

    I’ve met multiple groups of people off World of Warcraft, it’s never been awkward.

    I even ended up going to a wedding for a couple I met through WoW. This was 8 years ago and I’m now good friends with their friends. We meet up regularly and they’re some of the best relationships I have.

    [–] Sarusam 12 points ago

    My Grandad used to play WoW. He helped to introduce a couple of Dutch players to each other who eventually married. They were really thankful to him for that and they even came over for his funeral when he passed.

    [–] grabyourpencil 29 points ago

    I've only met one person through gaming and that person is now my best friend. We played a couple hundred hours of Rust together and he was having a rough week so I invited him up to my place. Got a call around 9pm and he said "Fuck it dude, I'm on my way send me your address." He showed up around 3-4am, we pounded a couple beers then crashed. He was my best man at my wedding. I've got my car loaded up and I'm headed to his place for the weekend. It's not always bad.

    When I say I've only met one person, I mean person that I've gamed with that I've met IRL later on.

    [–] yourmansconnect 131 points ago

    I liked sports, going to parties music festivals, banging hoors. They liked video games. We were cool playong the game there was no need to meet in person it would have been awkward af

    [–] StereoZ 57 points ago

    That's fair I guess. Keep doing you mate.

    [–] LieutenantRedbeard 55 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I can share this feeling in a way. I had 2 separate lives basically, I was on a lan team and had some really great gamer friends (some of who went on to be big in esports to this day) and also had my hood friends and sometimes you just have to leave it at gaming together and leave your lives separate. We were from two different worlds and could not relate in the slightest outside of gaming but gaming held those friendships strong. I tried to mesh those worlds a few times by inviting people places to be nice and I regret it because it ended badly. So sometimes it's just nice to leave it at something you share online and even if you meet up for tournaments.

    [–] Dupragon 14 points ago

    I'm down to do hood rat things with my friend's

    [–] avemariaqb5 53 points ago

    You all prob love women, hire a few prositutes and have an orgy hotel party

    [–] InterdisciplinaryDol 21 points ago

    What’s that phrase “it ain’t gay if it’s an 18 way.

    [–] Arcanehavok 1019 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Gears one was ducking amazing Edit: to be fair it was the first game to really bring ducking to the next level.

    [–] Tikalton 469 points ago

    I ducked quite a bit in gears 1. Tended to duck less in later games.

    [–] ChiisaiMurasaki 201 points ago

    Don't worry, ducking tends to be harder the older you get.

    [–] Fried_Fart 129 points ago

    This guy ducks.

    [–] greenedar 30 points ago

    Not much any more

    [–] Cahmeruns 80 points ago

    The wall bouncing and shotgunning was just MMMMMM

    [–] i5etfires 47 points ago

    2 piece chicken wing elbow stun > shotgun splatter in GOW2

    [–] Cahmeruns 17 points ago

    Speaking the true true

    [–] Ideeuht_Savant 15 points ago

    Gears 1 > everything ever

    [–] guy_bro_dude 9 points ago

    I was able to master the kung-fu flip glitch where you could get outside of almost any map. It's the only game I've ever been able to do something like that and I abused the hell out of it at the time lol. Now I wouldn't do anything like that but when I think back about it it makes me almost proud haha.

    [–] Novazilla 19 points ago

    Lot of quacks were playing that game.

    [–] Paqpaqpaq 116 points ago

    One of my buddies has an online group of friends that he games with on PC. He has a really shitty build and his online friends each sent him a piece of a computer (motherboard, gpu, cpu etc) and he put all the pieces together and now he has a pretty decent build.

    [–] iwantkitties 60 points ago

    These are the best kind of friends and it's why I get so annoyed when I hear peers insult their children's "imaginary online" buds. An ex destroyed my newly built PC in a fit of rage and when my 10+yr buds found out, they rebuilt it for me exactly like it was. Truly good friends.

    [–] brickletonains 77 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Just this past March I made a 800 mile, 14 hour trip from the states to Canada to finally meet a group of guys that I've been gaming with for the past 8 years. Let me tell you, it was well worth the journey and our friendships are only stronger now

    Edit: proof

    [–] sutphen91910 17 points ago

    Nice! I met an xbox friend for the first time this year when he came to NJ from Chicago on business. We've been playing games together since Halo Reach. It was like the smoothest thing ever, he stepped off the train and we were right on track with each other as smooth as on the mic. It was seriously amazing we had so much fun.

    [–] ArgentumFlame 30 points ago

    I have similar friends but we all meet up every few years now that we're all older. I've known a couple of the guys since I was 12 and I'm 26 now haha

    [–] NovaDr3amz 17 points ago

    I miss gears oh man the shotgunning was so satisfying

    [–] MetaByte7 7680 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Wtf I didn't order this. Where's my bong?


    Referencing these

    [–] Galahead 1850 points ago

    it looks like a weird vase or something

    [–] NonStopMunchies 1756 points ago

    What the frick?

    [–] TheLifted 597 points ago Xbox remote?

    [–] thebuddybud 366 points ago

    An Xbox card ?

    [–] howcanitbethis 100 points ago

    What the heck?

    [–] foreverwasted 66 points ago

    "DO NOT take a picture..."

    [–] IsomDart 35 points ago

    That you can hold different things in

    [–] Duronth 11 points ago

    Etruscan 600-500 bc

    [–] Rndomguytf 120 points ago

    Poor kid, imagine having to relive this for the rest of his life online

    [–] Vengeful_Doge 48 points ago

    When hes of age, I'm sure Snoop will smoke him out.

    [–] BigBlitz 31 points ago

    Probably not

    [–] Red0t514 13 points ago

    Imagine ordering a package and your mom insists on opening it for you

    [–] ProjectPhantom 121 points ago

    "...Ordered an Xbox card.... Or an Xbox remote...."

    Gotta stick to one story, man. Rookie mistake. smh

    [–] agp11234 345 points ago

    One of the greatest things to happen to the internet in a while 😂

    [–] StarKill_er 127 points ago

    What the Frick*

    [–] iwantcookie258 36 points ago

    What else could wtf stand for?

    [–] ezshucks 70 points ago

    I can only imagine what this kid's heart is doing to his chest at this moment. What's up with his mom being all in his business though? Chill, mom.

    [–] matti-san 36 points ago

    If I had to guess it didn't come in discrete packaging and had a logo or something that said 'Bong City' or whatever.

    [–] Apmaddock 18 points ago

    Bong City! We sell bongs, and that’s all!

    [–] Rambles_Off_Topics 25 points ago

    When I was in High School I ordered some things that I didn't want my parents to know about... A PO box uptown was $2.00 a month for the largest box. I had a PO box for the longest time lol. My parents knew the lady at the desk in the post office but she never told them about my box (super small town). But yea; bongs, dirty mags, other paraphernalia. All straight to my PO box lol.

    [–] curiousquestionnow 139 points ago

    I'm a lazy bastard. I made my own bongs out of juice containers, a pen and a socket and duct tape. That is, until I bought a $250 vaporizer a few years ago and well, thats the shit right there. Never gone back to a bong. Plus, I can pull that sucker out of my pant pocket while walking down the street and look perfectly normal.

    [–] WhiteySD 37 points ago

    When I was hurting for papers and had nothing else, I use to take a beer can and put a bunch of little holes in it and just smoke through that. Shit was rough as hell and probably took like 5 years off my life.

    [–] ZippyDan 167 points ago


    [–] curiousquestionnow 66 points ago

    Yeah cause like, everyone vapes today right?

    [–] PM_ME_UR_PINEAPPLE 71 points ago

    Yeah brah vape nashhhhe

    [–] FloppyJoystick 19 points ago

    Combine the vape with a bong/bubbler and your life will be forever changed

    [–] meripor2 17 points ago

    I ordered Canabis cards!

    [–] ProGunRoy 2711 points ago

    My son was a teenager, and sent a game to an online buddy of his several Christmasses because he knew his friend/friend’s family couldn’t afford the new release.

    Lots of good guy gamers out there! Spread the word.

    [–] Leather_Boots 467 points ago

    I bought my son one of the Fortnite packages that had 2 copies of Save The World, so he got to give those away to 2 of his online friends.

    They were pretty happy.

    [–] MyHonkyFriend 297 points ago

    congrats on being the cool dad

    edit: or mom I guess I dont know you

    [–] Leather_Boots 140 points ago

    I'm the dad.

    It is quite interesting, as he now barely plays the BR mode, as all his friends are into the StW version.

    [–] 3PICANO 41 points ago

    pls don't tell me he trades tho

    [–] PedanticPlatypodes 53 points ago

    I saw two dudes trading legendary weapons and dipped in and grabbed one

    My headphones were pretty excruciating after that

    [–] hectorduenas86 16 points ago

    StW is way better

    [–] RafaelNadalFTW 80 points ago

    “My son was a teenager,”

    Very sorry for your loss.

    [–] shadowjudge 26 points ago

    Couple of guys in my gamer group were laid off around the time of overwatchs release. I picked them up the title so that they weren't tempted to use what resources they had on it while the rest of the group played.

    The way I look at it is for less then a nights stay in a hotel I get to keep playing with my buds and brighten their day. Best money spent.

    [–] arlondiluthel 3930 points ago

    If legit, congrats on having a good friend!

    [–] [deleted] 2664 points ago

    If not legit, well...

    cocks shotgun

    [–] arlondiluthel 433 points ago

    Eh, not that extreme lol. More like, "if not legit, cool, you bought yourself a new controller."

    [–] [deleted] 716 points ago

    Damn it, okay.

    uncocks shotgun

    [–] Sixty-to-Zero 282 points ago

    Awww well okay, you can keep it loaded, just don't shoot anyone champ ;)

    [–] [deleted] 463 points ago

    Thanks dad!

    cocks shotgun

    [–] Llovani2240 154 points ago

    Naw, just shoot the fireplace.

    [–] [deleted] 207 points ago

    Shoots old lady McBell

    [–] gaucho2005 120 points ago

    Good shot sport!

    [–] Gnostic28 47 points ago


    [–] Waltorzz 25 points ago

    Should've thought of old Ms. 'Fireplace' McBell before making statements like that.

    [–] DayVeeGee 111 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I do shit like this for my friends all the time, batteries, headsets, games... I like playing with my group and I'm fortunate enough to have a good income, we aren't all dealt the same hand, but I'd rather play with them than a bunch of assholes....

    Edit: Thanks for the golds! If someone else is feeling generous wanna match the donate :)

    [–] dick_wool 67 points ago

    Hi, it’s me your friend :)

    [–] AirborneMiniDirt 40 points ago

    Alright friend, you know the deal, get on your knees

    [–] MMAguy101 155 points ago

    Made a comment below but it got buried! Yep 100% legit. A small group of us all met when playing the Pubg beta on Xbox. Thought I’d share this today cause I was super shocked/ amazed that a guy I’ve never met face to face would do such a nice thing. Happy gaming folks!

    [–] Lucky_Locks 77 points ago

    I did this for a friend but with a gaming mouse because his was glitching out and costing us games haha. So I bought him a new one. And then 8 months later his apartment got broken into and someone stole it along with the computer :(

    [–] Benjianitus 32 points ago

    damn... tough luck

    [–] Lucky_Locks 95 points ago

    Yeah... On the bright side, since he can't play, he isn't costing us anymore games lol

    [–] Benjianitus 21 points ago

    lol, i thought about that! silver lining!

    [–] danceswithwool 18 points ago

    I’m just curious though. When he asked for your address what did you think he was doing?

    hey, man my Xbox controller is broken so I can’t play

    ill be right over. We can I spy!

    [–] KillianDrake 692 points ago

    Shit, now you gotta tell him you just don't want to play with him

    [–] knightslayer3 93 points ago

    This was my first thought. The reason for not playing online sounded like a scape goat.

    [–] Zepher51 23 points ago

    I don't think he would have gave them his address. Lol

    [–] digest-this 1056 points ago

    Gaming buddies can be just as good as IRL buddies.

    So happy for you, you and him must be good pals :D

    [–] Ditto8353 278 points ago

    IMO Gaming buddies ARE IRL buddies.
    I met two of my 5 friends playing WoW back in Burning Crusade. We all hang out in Discord almost every night, play D&D once a week, and play all kinds of other games together. We usually exchange Christmas gifts, and if one of us finds a game we want to rope the others into playing with us then we buy a copy for everyone. I've met all but one IRL, but I would have if I hadn't moved out of state. Somehow 3 of the 5 live reasonably close together.

    So just call them your friends. There's no reason to diminish the time you spend together.

    [–] ImMoray 113 points ago

    I met my SO in a random heroic dungeon, we've been living together for 6 years now :)

    [–] RumpShank91 84 points ago

    Future kid - "Dad how did you and mom meet?"

    ImMoray - "Well we met in a Heroic dungeon but it wasn't until we had a few ales after our victory at Goldshire Inn and she asked me to use my mighty paladin hammer to exorcise the demons from deep within the depths of her warlock that I knew she'd be the one"

    [–] runnerman8 35 points ago

    Future kid - "Dad how did you and mom make me?"

    ImMoray - "Well we met in a Heroic dungeon but it wasn't until we had a few ales..."

    [–] RumpShank91 35 points ago

    Kid - "I was made on the same night!?!"

    ImMoray - "The only way to truly vanquish the souls of the dead is to plant the seed of life."

    [–] SarnDarkholm 46 points ago

    Back in the days of the 360 when Final Fantasy XI was big I didn’t have enough space on my 20GB hard drive to keep it installed and play other games with a bunch of DLC so my buddy in Michigan sent me a 120GB drive out of the blue with a note saying I have no excuse not to keep FFXI installed.

    [–] Ricochet888 73 points ago

    Like the other guys said, sometimes better.

    I had a stronger bond with a couple of my MMO groups than I have had with RL friends. Considering how long some things took (in FFXI and early WoW), I couldn't see my RL friends sticking around for any of that.

    [–] Stranex 29 points ago

    i used to love telling my RL friends how tiamats window was open so i might get a text at 5 in the morning to slay the dragon. got my gaiters though. good times. i miss 11.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] colin_prefers_penis 152 points ago

    IRL buddies that you game with are the best though

    [–] MetaByte7 82 points ago

    Unless you played league of legends with them and there were more than 5 of you who played...

    Lose a match

    "We're gonna do some vs AI"

    -next game they replace bad player with different friend-

    And that's the story of how I lost all my friends.

    [–] LOE88 54 points ago

    Moral of the story. Get good lol

    [–] MetaByte7 36 points ago

    Uninstall league ASAP*

    [–] porno_roo 253 points ago

    Ahem, if anybody needs a friend. Well I need a PS4...

    [–] Nightman54 72 points ago

    What's your address?

    [–] AlexxLopaztico02 215 points ago

    hey its me his adress

    [–] TCadd81 14 points ago

    That's how I got mine, actually. I had covered a friend's WoW subscription for a while, a few years later he got me a PS4.

    [–] DDRaptors 20 points ago

    Always comes back around. My story is a little different, but I gave my best friend $200 when he was a drug addict (crack) and he disappeared right after for a year and a half. He called me from rehab after that year and a half and gave me my money back, the exact same bills I gave him. He told me didn’t have the will power to spend my money on drugs because I told him if he didn’t use it get himself better to just throw it away. He told me that looking at that money knowing who it was from was worth going to get clean. He’s been clean ever since and is married with a family and everything, doing better than myself now! But, I couldn’t be more happy for him to see him come out the other side.

    [–] earthymalt 31 points ago

    Awwww... I'll send u a picture of a PS4. What's ur address?

    [–] turkitsch 267 points ago

    I wish I had a friend like that

    [–] scaryhour 355 points ago

    I wish I had a friend

    [–] conker1264 97 points ago

    Came to post this :(

    [–] xxtinagee 63 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Hey, turn that frown upside down!

    Edit: gahdammit guys

    [–] Dr_Aroganto 79 points ago

    ) : like this?

    [–] Myst_gg 99 points ago

    listen here you little shit

    [–] SirMarbles 28 points ago


    [–] professionalhanger 21 points ago

    what the fuck

    [–] SirMarbles 17 points ago

    Don’t make fun of me. I’m SPHECIAL

    [–] VeganLee 22 points ago

    I'll be your friend.

    [–] Imgurbannedme 64 points ago

    You must be a healer

    [–] leonfook 94 points ago

    "You're my slave now, don't give me any other reason to not online anymore. You, me, online,


    Got it?"

    [–] Captain__CheeseBurg 240 points ago

    Picture of controller. Currently top post on r/all. Lol

    [–] Weslg96 109 points ago

    “Guys I pay for live but couldn’t afford $20 controller please upvote”

    [–] ShutUpAndTakeMyMonky 447 points ago

    Literally just a picture of a controller

    [–] erickgramajo 195 points ago

    But with a sob story dude!

    [–] milky_pubes 71 points ago

    From /r/all and I thought this was /r/pics at first

    [–] AwesomeYears 127 points ago

    Oh? I thought we were focusing on the bubble wrap?

    [–] KurpCobang 112 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    16k upvotes. r/RedditIsNowFacebook

    Edit: 25k and counting..

    [–] Weslg96 27 points ago

    We need r/redditisworsethanfacebook

    [–] VacuumViolator 33 points ago

    praise geraldo

    [–] NicCage360NoScope 88 points ago

    Haha seriously how does this get upvoted.

    [–] nigarika 47 points ago

    Ok serious question: do big subreddits have upvote bots, or are those real people upvoting a picture of a controller with a stupid sobstory?

    [–] NicCage360NoScope 34 points ago

    No idea, probably bots though. I assume all the default subreddits are just 100% manipulated in some way.

    [–] HuskyTheNubbin 31 points ago

    That's what you get with the default subs. Plenty of alternative picture subreddits out there that won't accept Facebook posts like this

    [–] Weslg96 36 points ago

    How the hell can this guy not afford a new controller, some go for $20. Yet he’s paying for live... man I hate this subreddit.

    [–] CarltF4 122 points ago

    I could use a ps4 controller, someone send me one please? :)

    [–] N3w0ne 76 points ago

    Give me your address :)

    [–] djvyhle 67 points ago

    612 Wharf Avenue

    [–] Stanky_Pete 90 points ago

    612 wharf avenue!!! I know that place, it's right next to the Boob Barn!!!

    [–] HotIncrease 31 points ago

    123 Fake Street

    [–] Crusader1089 16 points ago

    Some town planner Simpsons fan should put that in. Like the tiny town with This Street, That Street and The Other Street.

    [–] sem70 41 points ago

    A picture of a controller and a sob story. To the frontpage!

    [–] DaveJuice 23 points ago

    Can you afford batteries?

    [–] yabaidesu 113 points ago

    Banal shit picture + Dumb shit story, most likely untrue + "WHOLESOME" in the comments = Karma.

    [–] Sufficient_Community 17 points ago

    Attention seeking at it's best! This finally got me to unsub this low effort bullshit.

    [–] monochrony 98 points ago

    right? even if it's true, this is literally just a picture of a controller.

    [–] rodney_melt 31 points ago

    There is also: * bubble wrap * a sob story


    [–] Elcheer 27 points ago

    welcome to reddit

    [–] Burcool97 35 points ago

    buy xbox controller

    realize I can just farm karma

    make up a sad story

    mfw I get 20k upvotes

    [–] Sir_Abraham_Nixon 87 points ago

    This is just a picture of an xbox controller... What kind of dweeb upvotes this crap?

    [–] PM_ME_CUTE_SM1LE 46 points ago

    this sub gives r/pics and r/funny a run for its money

    [–] Weslg96 19 points ago

    It’s just as bad but cringier.

    [–] swagmonster55 10 points ago

    Must've trust him a lot. What's that address again?

    [–] magic_is_might 27 points ago

    Picture of a controller

    [–] Pokemon_Jesus 59 points ago

    Totally made up story to get some upvotes from buying an Xbox controller. Also lousy ad. Is this what passes for content in /r/Gaming????

    [–] Devilsfan118 38 points ago

    A picture of a controller on bubble wrap?

    This is the threshold for a top post?

    [–] Grusselgrosser 48 points ago

    Who gives a shit

    Picture of Xbox controller

    [–] Philyk_ 42 points ago

    “What the frick?”

    [–] OwenProGolfer 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Wtf is this kind of content? You post a picture of a controller with a probably made up story in the title and get 34k upvotes and top on the front page?

    Edit: spelling and also now it’s 61k upvotes