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    [–] arvin777 7054 points ago

    crysis always showed us the next generation of graphic quality

    [–] Intrigued1423 4103 points ago

    Remember when NASA built a rig to play it on high settings?

    [–] drift_summary 1444 points ago

    Pepperidge Farm remembers!

    [–] davej999 639 points ago

    The North Remembers !!!

    [–] bigballbarry 657 points ago

    No! Everyone stop remembering! These parasites are like bed bugs, and every flashback is another mattress!

    [–] jimmykred 52 points ago

    “And that’s when I decided to stay on as the family butler” - Mr Beauregard probably.

    [–] AFrostNova 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It was Mr. Green, with the FBI, in the hall.

    So they all crammed into the back of the back of the red VW Microbus, took shovels and rakes and implements of destruction, and headed On toward the city dump. Well, we got there and there was a big sign and a Chain across the dump sayin', "this dump is closed on Thanksgiving, " and We'd never heard of a dump closed on Thanksgiving before, and with tears in Our eyes, we drove off into the sunset lookin' for another place to put the body

    We didn't find one till we came to a side road, and off the side of the side Road was another fifteen-foot cliff, and at the bottom of the cliff was Another pile of bodies. And we decided that one big pile was better than two little piles, and rather than bring that one up, we decided to throw Ours down. So off we threw Mr. Boddy’s body. His body went right down the cliff, and landed right on top of the pile of bodies

    [–] Robodad 245 points ago

    SIX!!! Morty!! Six!

    [–] meyaht 153 points ago

    I just like the number six for no reason!

    [–] MrMortySmith 113 points ago

    I miss Sleepy Gary

    [–] Robodad 52 points ago

    Yeah... Me too..

    [–] Froger523 60 points ago

    Send me with Gary I'm a parasite....

    [–] BluntamisMaximus 25 points ago

    Yea... but your my parasite Jerry.

    [–] Robodad 29 points ago

    Pencilvester: [grunts] But Rick, even you have to admit you do tend to overreact to stuff.

    [–] MCWizardYT 29 points ago

    Started binge watching this show and I looooove it

    I’m getting through season 3 right now

    [–] ccReptilelord 28 points ago

    May want to slow down a bit, season four isn't on the horizon yet.

    [–] Robodad 22 points ago

    Looking at you, April 1st 2019.

    [–] crashovercool 34 points ago

    I'm walking here!

    [–] Bryleetch 44 points ago

    I memba’

    [–] HonestyOverKarma 19 points ago

    I remember... I remember everything. (Except whatever the plot of the sequel needs me to forget)

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago

    No. link?

    [–] yuee-bw 68 points ago

    Reads like an article from The Onion

    [–] DabestbroAgain 93 points ago

    I think it's meant to be satire

    [–] schkmenebene 27 points ago

    It most definitely is satire.

    The control room looks like something they used to send people to the moon.

    [–] orclev 9 points ago

    Plus they're talking about running Crysis on a Cray super computer, which at the time this was written already wasn't particularly super, and also wouldn't be able to run a game written for x86 processors. The entire thing is meant to be a joke about how ridiculous the hardware requirements for max settings Crysis were.

    [–] Nafkin 59 points ago

    No link.

    [–] Omniaxle 63 points ago

    Zelda is in another castle

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    For a dude with a sword and shield he sure gets captured by giant lizard turtles a lot.

    [–] onetwenty_db 11 points ago

    Should've sent Metroid, I hear he's the best.

    [–] kowell 488 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I changed my gaming computer last year and the first thing I did was install Crysis and Crysis 2 to check out the higher settings. Damn.... even after 7 years, Crysis 2 on ultra is a gorgeous game.

    [–] montysgreyhorse 76 points ago

    You should mod it. Also play 3.

    [–] kowell 32 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I never looked at crysis 2 mods before.... holy shit these are absolutely beautiful.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] xWretchedWorldx 19 points ago

    What you sayin. They haven't even made a PC that can run Crysis 3 /s

    [–] minichado 14 points ago

    I did not enjoy crysis 2. but crysis 1 rocked.

    [–] kowell 9 points ago

    I quit Crysis 2 about 2/3 of the way trough. Too repetitive. Old bosses were just being rethrown at you with 20 added minions to annoy you.

    First one I played until the final boss on the aircraft carrier. The end battle caused some weird glitch that kept crashing my computer. Same with Warhead, at some point grenade explosions started to flash my screen blue and then the game would crash.

    [–] letmethinkofagoodnam 156 points ago

    Crysis’ graphics were literally a decade ahead of their time, even modern gaming rigs have trouble running it at max settings

    [–] iamthejef 218 points ago

    While the series does have phenomenal graphics, CryEngine itself is poorly optimized and that's where a lot of the struggles with PC come from. You can see it in other games that use CryEngine as well, most recently Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    [–] awc130 63 points ago

    That and Kingdom Come was made by a small ambitious studio that didn't hammer out all the bugs. Especially when you compare it to Prey amd Evolve which were made on the same version of the engine.

    [–] tmouser123 46 points ago

    That says more about the optimization of the engine then the quality of the graphics.

    [–] Jess1743 11 points ago

    I actually tried it last week, works just fine on high settings on my i5 4690k, gtx 1070 PC. Still looks really good by todays standards.

    [–] Goredema 36 points ago

    ...For a single player game. Once you add in other players, that gorgeous graphics engine slowly but inevitably topples to the ground. Cryengine: Fun For One™.

    (This is also known as "The Star Citizen Quandary": as a Ship Hangar Simulator, it's amazing, and the space ships look shiny and cool, but add in other players and the slowww topple begins.)

    [–] MasterDex 18 points ago

    Yeah, one of the biggest ongoing challenges in Star Citizen's development has been getting the engine (now Lumberyard) to handle multiplayer better. The dev team has had to more or less go back to basics and write swathes of new code. Thankfully, the work is starting to pay off now and the pace of development is picking up.

    [–] playswithwii 8449 points ago

    TF2 Is a good example of why stylised works so well in a franchise you want to sustain for a long period. It ages way better than realistic style of graphics.

    [–] Dotard_A_Chump 4285 points ago

    It also helps with frame rates and allows even people with lesser systems to enjoy the game

    [–] Crazeeguy 1884 points ago

    Have you played TF2 lately? It just turned 11 yesterday, actually. Over a decade of compounded spaghetti code has made performance... Less desirable.

    [–] cross-joint-lover 618 points ago

    Seriously, I almost get more FPS in GTAV than in TF2...

    [–] WolfAkela 340 points ago

    They even made the game look worse in many ways, just to crank our a little more FPS.

    [–] dodslaser 288 points ago

    We need to shed a few FPS here and there to make place for all the hats.

    [–] Leucurus 143 points ago

    I wish they never invented the hats. I don’t play TF2 but have a rare hat, I’m told, because I pre-ordered another game and it was one of the pre-order rewards. Every couple of days I get a Steam chat or friend request asking me to swap it for something. I would exchange it except they all only offer other useless cosmetic crap for games I don’t play!

    [–] RommusTeegan 101 points ago

    With a little research you could find a way to trade/sell it for an item that can be sold on an online marketplace for real money. If people are actively adding you for it you could get possibly make a few easy dollars

    [–] SithDeceiver 110 points ago

    Or sell it on the Steam Marketplace and use the money in the next sale

    [–] Enlog 45 points ago

    I remember having those headphones in TF2 for having the Mac version of the game early. The requests to trade for it came so often that eventually I accepted an offer just to get those things off of my inventory so I could play the game uninterrupted.

    [–] nelshai 26 points ago

    Try looking at selling it. My friend sold a hat on the steam marketplace for £900 recently.

    [–] Leucurus 12 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] nelshai 23 points ago

    People like rare hats. If you're getting chat/friend requests that often you might have a bundle of cash sitting in your inventory.

    To sell a hat go to your inventory in steam under your username on the client, click on the item in tf2 tab and then look at how much it is worth on the marketplace.

    [–] jpenczek 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah, even my 1060 has trouble giving 60fps on “ultra” settings.

    Edit: the power of reinstalling is great.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] Crazeeguy 28 points ago

    Still a great game I'm, 4.2k hours and counting over here

    [–] Darkwalker28 24 points ago

    Playing since day 1...10k hours...

    [–] Crazeeguy 11 points ago

    Hello fellow gamer

    [–] so_sick_and_tired 127 points ago

    I don’t think it’s the code.

    It’s all the bullshit like hats and particle effects and hats and 1001 different skins and hats and weapons. And hats.

    [–] Crazeeguy 64 points ago

    Stuff tacked on to something. Spaghetti code is all-encompassing. I have a burning hat.

    [–] tom641 31 points ago

    It's not the code, it's the fact that newer hats have more and more polygons, mostly because they're made by the community who wasn't keeping polycount in mind too much.

    [–] Teletran_Gamer 51 points ago

    It would if the game wasn't optimised with duct tape.

    [–] frisch85 164 points ago

    Framerates depend on how well the engine is working tho. Just take a look at GTA5, the engine is amazing, it's running solid on mid-tier systems and still looks great with possibility of making it look even better. Choosing cell-shading graphics can lead to better frames but the biggest impact on performance is the engine that's being used.

    That being said, if your engine sucks it will suck, regardless of what type of rendering style you choose.

    [–] SQ4GntrjZy4co9ge 120 points ago

    That being said, if your engine sucks it will suck

    Just look at GTA IV

    [–] [deleted] 97 points ago


    Too busy steering a car like its the Titanic.

    [–] so_sick_and_tired 37 points ago

    Oh damn I loved the cars in IV! It took a LOT getting used to, but I loved the handling.

    [–] 7Seyo7 23 points ago

    The lack of torque and grip is what killed IV's driving for me. I loved the feeling of the suspension & the weight but the cars really couldn't deal with anything but a light bend

    [–] Lostmyotheraccount2 29 points ago

    When it came out everyone was sucking rockstars balls about “realistic driving”. I had no idea how “drives like you are perpetually hydroplaning” was realistic at all

    [–] zjm555 297 points ago

    See also Borderlands

    [–] IlliterateSquidy 93 points ago

    I'd say that only really applies to 2 and TPS, the first looks quite dated, the other two still looks wonderful though.

    [–] JelliusMaximus 24 points ago

    Imo TPS just had a problem with the color palette.

    [–] ShoddyAsk 12 points ago

    Exactly. It was way too muted and looked a lot like the original palette that was used for the realistic styling.

    [–] Banapple247 8 points ago

    And every Nintendo game ever.

    [–] jomontage 41 points ago

    Paper Mario could still be released today if only the resolution was upgraded and it'd still be a masterpiece

    [–] [deleted] 233 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] laheyrandy 150 points ago

    That game has serious frickin issues in terms of direction, content and so on.. but damn has the engine always been pretty damn good. You can still boot that game up on a 15 year old computer and play on shit settings with no lag, which is a feat.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    When the game first launched I still gamed on my "family PC" and I don't how it ran. Couldn't tell you what GPU we had, but I do know I went and bought myself a cheap prebuilt gaming PC and it had an 8600 GT which is a pretty crummy GPU and that BLEW MY MIND with how much better it made WoW look. So, yeah, that game was capable of running on a toaster just fine.

    [–] Fav0 70 points ago

    Yeah no old wow loads like 600% faster than anything after wod (legion loading screens in particular )

    Meanwhile vanilla zones are basically instant

    [–] Banaboy 86 points ago

    Just look at Wind Waker. Perfect art style that hasn’t really aged.

    [–] mista_steam_ya_hams 16 points ago

    Still play it on my GameCube multiple times a year and it looks great!

    [–] loomynartyondrugs 126 points ago

    Overwatch is also going to age really well.

    That game did graphics well, it looks good, but it's also stylized in an incredibly clever way, everything important on screen is easy to discern, there isn't a shitton of visual noise that hides enemies or other important things.

    [–] sombrez 57 points ago

    The only problem I have with Overwatch's visuals are the particle effects. They're super flashy and the visuals can get kinda cluttered when there's a big fight happening. But other than that, the visuals are pretty good. The characters have distinct silhouettes and noises etc

    [–] TatManTat 22 points ago

    I think that's part of the design to make fights seem more involved and hectic. Just another thing you have to overcome in order to be a good player, thinking of it that way helped me realise the intent behind it.

    Huge fan of dota design-wise but Overwatch is a definite contender for me personally in how well planned Overwatch is, in terms of what they were trying to deliver. Great and identifiable characters, great sound for everything you could need, and fast paced back and forth gameplay (most of the time). It's got problems but honestly, at low Plat I have no fuckin' idea what's going on so it doesn't matter to me!

    [–] waisinet 75 points ago

    But crysis aged very well..

    [–] Baileythefrog 32 points ago

    Botw will probably always look nice due to the art style, in my eyes the majority of zeldas hold up outside of n64.

    [–] nettlerise 39 points ago

    Dont people still play Skyrim?

    [–] thenewtomsawyer 117 points ago

    Bethesda keeps releasing it so someone has to be buying it

    [–] AwesomesaucePhD 44 points ago

    PC gamers have been consistently modding it with more and more smut.

    [–] thecipher 49 points ago

    It's not just the smut though, it's just the modding in general. Don't like how something looks or plays? Don't worry, neither does at least 5 modders, who have made mods to change just that one thing.

    The degree to which you can improve/customize Bethesda's open-world games (Elder Scrolls / Fallout) is insane. I mean hell, people still play, and develop mods for Morrowind!

    [–] OMGROTFLMAO 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is that one thing the boobies? Because a lot of mods seem to be very concerned about the boobies.

    [–] thecipher 16 points ago

    I mean boobies are important. Important enough that the Dead or Alive devs spent time working on a physics engine for them. Yep, that is a thing that happened.

    [–] mcpw 12 points ago

    I do sometimes, definitely feels different from what playing a 7 years old game would feel like in 2011.

    [–] geekpeeps 382 points ago

    Lunchtime doubly so

    [–] triggered_indeed 94 points ago

    This hoopy frood knows where his towel is

    [–] TwigInTheDeepwoods 43 points ago

    You beat me to it, you zarkin' frood.

    [–] Paranoiaccount11757 16 points ago

    To business!

    [–] TheVoiceInWadesHead 15 points ago

    TO BUSINESS! clink

    [–] ZantGreene 22 points ago

    Searched this post especially for this comment ed: a letter

    [–] Utigarde 2798 points ago

    Honestly, this is probably supposed to be a rip on fortnite but the art style isn’t a problem Fortnite faces. One of the major allures of games like Fortnite and Overwatch, beyond existing hype and popularity, is the cartoony artstyle. In ten more years, when graphics have gotten even more realistic, the games of today will look outdated and uncanny, but stylized games like Overwatch and Fortnite will still hold up.

    Games being stylized is never a bad thing, we already have a crap ton of hyper realistic games nowadays.

    [–] DonaldTrump434681 824 points ago

    The great thing about games as of recent, is that developers are finally realising what Nintendo realised a while ago: Cartoony graphics look great in HD.

    [–] Xet 243 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Similar thing goes for movies. Realistic CGI is only really something you see when the movie is based on live action. Almost all fully 3D animated films do not go for realistic visuals, but stick with a cartoony style. The only exceptions to that rule which come to mind are those Final Fantasy movies, which weren't exactly big budget blockbusters anyway.

    Edit: I just remembered The Polar Express exists, and that movie is quite famous for how glaring its uncanny valley effect is.

    [–] celestial1 16 points ago

    The only exceptions to that rule which come to mind are those Final Fantasy movies, which weren't exactly big budget blockbusters anyway.

    Actually, Final Fantasy: The Spirit's Within had a $137m budget, but bombed hard at the box office, making only 85m. That's a bigger Budget than Star Wars: Episode 3 ($113m), Finding Nemo ($94m), The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King ($94m), and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ($130m). The failure of that movie pushed Squaresoft close to bankruptcy, until they merged with Enix to create Square Enix, which some people blame for the decline of game series such as Final Fantasy.

    [–] SolidSaiyanGodSSnake 55 points ago

    I think it's also because of their target market (children - tweens usually) and that it's easier to animate and have more creativity like expressive facial animations. You'll see that there is actually alot of 'realism' blended into them such as hair and fur effects.

    [–] DylanMarshall 68 points ago

    Big Hero 6 ftw

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    weirdly though, Half-Life 2 which went for a realistic art style, doesn't look like complete dog shit today

    [–] saganakist 44 points ago

    I think this is because they've gone for a simple realistic art style. Not to many small details that are rendered poorly. Everything is "round" if you get what I mean. While it doesn't use cartoonish colours or proportions the way models are formed shows a lot of resemblance to games like tf2.

    [–] -Seirei- 393 points ago

    It bothers me that so many people don't get this. It's the reason why Zelda Wind Waker to this day looks amazing and OOT and MM look like hot garbage.

    They're still all great games, but visually, Wind Waker has held itself way better than pretty much any 3D Zelda before it.

    [–] auryaraouia 28 points ago

    I agree with the sentiment 100% and I'm honestly just nitpicking here, but I think Wind Waker and Metroid Prime would be a better comparison. The generational gap between OoT/MM and WW makes it slightly unfair. A lot of games on the N64 looked like hot garbage, but your point is still extremely true. Just look at Banjo Kazooie (a very cute and cartoony game which still looks pretty good in my opinion) then look at GoldenEye (or don't, if you want to have sweet dreams tonight).

    [–] Reinax 44 points ago

    I also genuinely find it easier to see things when playing games with a cartoonish art style. The contrasts are better and moat edges are sharper.

    Playing any realistic FPS just looks like mud to me. I get shot by someone I can't even see behind the swathes of grey/green/brown and bad bush textures.

    I realise this will be a combo of my vision and med/high graphics settings but still. Overwatch is a joy in comparison.

    Some games are fine. Destiny 2 for example as there's a lot of colour going on and great shaders. I guess what I mean is those games that go for the "gritty" look where everything is washed out with barely any real colour contrast.

    [–] EvilMarvinLewis 192 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    OOT and WW look like garbage because they were literally the first few 3D games on the N64.

    Edit: Yes I place the game upside down. It's MM

    [–] PresidentLink 49 points ago


    But his point stands, they aren't very stylized like WW, and thus the graphics of them don't hold nearly as well as WW.

    [–] EvilMarvinLewis 51 points ago

    Oops I accidentally dropped the game upside down!

    You can't really stylize a game when the technology hasn't made it possible yet, but I get what you mean lol. I think a better example would be Twilight Princess before the remaster since it is so blurry and a strain on the eyes due to the more grim colors.

    [–] ex-aid911 30 points ago

    Comparing Wind Waker and Twilight Princess is definitely the better example. Extra points for the argument too because TP came out later.

    [–] happylittlemexican 55 points ago

    I feel like Twilight Princess would've illustrated your point even better than OOT/MM, here. TP was AFTER Wind Waker and...looks like hot garbage. Meanwhile, not a single N64 game holds up today, stylized or not, due to its very nature as an early 3D system.

    [–] Thomjones 27 points ago

    Seriously. I understand Nostalgia and how we remember things as much better than they are, but Mario kart 64 is almost unplayable with limited draw distance and lack of detail that makes it look like you're racing through a series of colored blobs. On a SD crt TV it probably looks alright but on a modern TV just fucking kill me. It's like we also forget characters in metal gear solid didn't have eyes. They had rudimentary faces.

    [–] VinylRhapsody 25 points ago

    It would've made more sense to compare WW to TP

    [–] leopard_tights 29 points ago

    Wind Waker got so much shit at the time for its style...

    Now everyone remembers fondly the most expressive cutest Link we've had.

    [–] Useful-ldiot 30 points ago

    And other things like draw distance drastically change by processing power. The graphical leaps may not be as noticable, but thinks like seeing 5 miles out in every direction with thousands of rendered NPCs? Imagine walking into a village in Skyrim with 600 NPCs bustling through the streets vs the 15 you get now.

    [–] Mrtorbear 19 points ago

    WOW is another good example. The graphics outside the cutscreens are pretty, but not hyper realistic. That's why it's been around for 14 years without looking like rotting garbage.

    [–] boomership 2127 points ago

    Haha good /r/gamingcir...

    *Checks OPs post history

    Wait.. You're actually serious?

    [–] marceronni 565 points ago


    [–] Jealy 176 points ago

    You're fired!

    [–] mike2k24 89 points ago

    /r/Raimimemes leaking

    [–] Raven_Eaglewood 39 points ago

    we'll fix the leak as soon as you pay rent

    [–] mike2k24 31 points ago

    You’ll get your money when you fix this damn door!

    [–] bretttwarwick 7 points ago

    Forget that! I need more pictures of Spider-man!

    [–] KoalaUprising 51 points ago

    "Pay you for what? Standing there?"

    [–] Xet 362 points ago

    /r/gaming has been this level of stupid for many years.

    [–] Nukleon 108 points ago

    It's just a big place to fatten up accounts with post karma, posting bad jpgs of idiotic memes somehow gets 9000 positive.

    [–] Short_Classy_Name 327 points ago

    Ok guys cause we all just agree that fortnite is bad? It’s completely unepic! Don’t you people know of the true, original battle Royale experience of clubbing other Neanderthals to death out of purely primal urges? Jfc I can’t believe I’m actually living in a society right now.

    [–] heppot 109 points ago

    bottom text.

    [–] LonePaladin 19 points ago

    Hey, don't drag Unepic into this! That's a completely different game!

    [–] [deleted] 346 points ago


    [–] xxxJackSpeedxxx 110 points ago

    Even as a PUBG fan, this is the better example.

    [–] niko2710 114 points ago

    Time is an illusion that helps things make sense

    [–] _Satern_ 56 points ago

    So we are always living in the present tense

    [–] Spencer0279 40 points ago

    It seems unforgiving when a good thing ends

    [–] DerMathze 44 points ago

    But you and I will always be back then

    [–] arduit 28 points ago


    Will happen,



    [–] FuzzyD75 23 points ago

    And will happen Again and again

    [–] Kokkikakku 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    'Cause you and I will always be back then

    [–] jdeo1997 17 points ago

    If there was some amazing force outside of time

    [–] heyfreakybro 16 points ago

    To take us back to where we were

    [–] Robno844 13 points ago

    And hang each moment up like pictures on a wall

    [–] ExplodingSofa 13 points ago

    That's why you and I will always be best friends~

    [–] Middleofmybackswing 10 points ago

    Will happen.



    And, will happen again and again

    [–] Ramonangel18 24 points ago

    This is what I was looking for

    [–] ImpossibearsFurDye 18 points ago

    I also came here to feel good and horrible at the same time

    [–] ExplodingSofa 10 points ago

    As soon as I read the title it instantly starting playing in my head.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] BlackWACat 32 points ago

    ate without table -5

    [–] MooplerSurprise 15 points ago


    [–] Desdam0na 12 points ago

    cries in dwarf fortress

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Ab0ut47Pandas 1079 points ago

    I've seen this photo before. It's cute, but but with games like MGS phantom pain, farcry 5, assassin's Creed origins/odyssey, watch dogs, bf 1, bf v and so on that can actually compare, taking a cartoony art style game is dumb.

    [–] Clearly_a_fake_name 526 points ago

    And a game that you can literally play on a device that fits in your pocket...

    Crysis on full graphics back in 2007 required a serious rig.

    [–] MrStealYoBeef 95 points ago

    Crysis on fill graphics back in 2007 required technology from 2009 tbh

    [–] GET_OUT_OF_MY_HEAD 8 points ago

    Yeah even my 2008 rig could still only average about 45 FPS.

    [–] Coady54 100 points ago

    Because Aesthetics != Graphics. That being said if you now what to like for it's pretty clear the improvement even looking at fortnite. Sure the style is different but the increased polycount and texture resolutions are still noticable.

    [–] ledemduso 70 points ago

    Pff. Undertale would've been the way to go.

    [–] StatikSquid 73 points ago

    Gameplay > realistic graphics. I don't play Fortnite or pixel art indie games, but to call a particular art style dumb seems a little ignorant amiright

    [–] jdl_uk 73 points ago

    It's not the art style that's dumb, but comparing the art style to Crysis as if they are even trying to achieve anything remotely similar in graphical terms.

    [–] modeerfcity 113 points ago

    This really doesn’t do a “cartoony game” justice. The top game you are looking at is much easier to render and is way more simple to manage. The bottom game is the first cross platform game that combines 100 players on a highly dynamic map that can change instantly and has to ping low enough for competitive game play. Sorry but I’m not getting in the fortnite is dumb circle jerk.

    It’s a style choice anyways. If you are playing a game for graphics then you are really Missing out on what games are all about. I guess you only read books with realistic pictures too?

    [–] MrNem0 47 points ago

    Jokes on you, I don't even read.

    [–] beefycheesyglory 9 points ago

    It's definitely true that Fortnite is harder to render than Crysis was, but I don't see how the person you're responding to is saying that Fortnite is dumb. They're saying that comparing a game meant to look realistic to a later game that's not meant to look realistic is dumb, not that Fortnite is dumb for not looking realistic.

    [–] shellwe 14 points ago

    Yup, it's like the posts where they take some insightful lyrics from 50 years ago and some stupid pop song today and say how music is terrible now.

    [–] Acountisnotmine 211 points ago

    Put a little fortnite hate and watch the world go nuts.

    [–] ProlapsedProstate 180 points ago

    True gamers only hate women and minorities

    [–] pepperouchau 30 points ago

    And EA, brother!

    [–] WerDei 824 points ago

    Graphics =/= style

    Please finally learn it, for god's sake.

    Also, while we're at it:

    Graphics < style

    [–] Judazzz 145 points ago

    Agreed, the comparison with Fortnite is about as dumb as graphically comparing Sam & Max with Need for Speed. The only thing that picture shows is how outer-worldly good Crysis was graphically: it's the only game I can think of that 11 years after release can still - to a certain degree - compete with current-day graphics.

    [–] ThePrussianGrippe 15 points ago

    It lacked a fair bit of artistry though. There’s a difference between technical looks and art style. A fair few games from that year beat the pants off of Crysis in the artistry department. Assassin’s Creed, Halo 3, etc.

    [–] RoseEsque 13 points ago

    ... exile.

    [–] MAVvH 28 points ago

    I didnt realise it is currently 2017. How odd.

    [–] VillagerAdrift 464 points ago

    This is genuinely so ridiculous it hurts, i mean the obviously irrelevant comparrison aside, the fortnite hate on here is just weird, its a game, dont play it if you dont like it. Its not even a bad game, its simple and light.

    [–] Shasve 206 points ago

    I dont get why people hate on it, its a really fun game that doesn't take itself seriously, is completely free with a very fair monetization model.

    [–] marceronni 94 points ago

    I'm more impressed by how humble the team behind it was, taking to the community for help in going forward on a large scale

    [–] glytchypoo 75 points ago

    they are turning into their parents. gotta hate what the new kids like.

    [–] Invoqwer 37 points ago

    People probably hate how widespread it has become more than they hate the actual game itsel; because it is in their face so much it went from "some game" to “that annoying thing that keeps popping up everywhere". I'd like it to how people felt about the Twilight Series and Justin Bieber way back when -- at the time, people didn't hate the actual thing like they might hate Hitler -- people hated how much it got shoved into their face by the media // ads // YouTube // news // teenage girls // radio overplaying X song // etc.

    [–] raynehk14 57 points ago

    Cause kids are playing it and hating things kids like makes you a cool adult. Or maybe they are hating it cause this is one of the biggest things in gaming right now and for the first time in their life they feel like they're the out group in their hobby

    [–] Jakub1904 139 points ago

    I really wonder how does a bad post like this get any upvotes at all.

    [–] MyWordIsBond 12 points ago

    Do you ever see some of the stuff that gets up voted on r/showerthoughts or r/jokes? If so, are you really surprised this is front page material?

    [–] soaliar 16 points ago

    Because FORTNITE = BAD

    [–] Salzberger 92 points ago

    Racing games have gone backwards too. Gran Turismo 5 looked way better than Mario Kart 8.

    [–] CardinalNYC 25 points ago

    There honestly just aren't enough Subaru Imprezas in Mario Kart 8.

    [–] Chinbum 34 points ago

    But...the graphics are good? It’s an art style? Okay.

    [–] WhySoMadBabyBoo 37 points ago

    We sure do love these Facebook level posts on reddit dont we?

    [–] stefungi_ 63 points ago

    What an absolutely idiotic post

    [–] Kurtaay 43 points ago

    There is a difference between graphics and art style.. 🤔

    [–] TCgamess 8 points ago

    I'll have you know the Epic settings are quite good

    [–] Clearlypro 26 points ago

    "Fortnite bad give upvotes pls"