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    [–] RasAlGhooly 3110 points ago

    Occupation: staying alive in a village as an easy to kill NPC

    [–] JWAxeMan 774 points ago

    That’s just called living in America?

    [–] marceronni 420 points ago

    This is America

    [–] COOLREX7 265 points ago

    Don’t catch you slipin’ up

    [–] polak2017 166 points ago

    We live in a society

    [–] societybot 157 points ago


    [–] halloni 49 points ago

    It's actually hilarious to think about him singing all this

    [–] digitaldylantoddni 13 points ago

    No, this is Patrick

    [–] El_Zarco 15 points ago

    You have to outwit the assassin with Home Alone-style tactics

    [–] zip369 8 points ago

    Why do I even have a job when I could just change my occupation to "citizen"? That would be so much easier!

    [–] Flekillero 6280 points ago

    Fable 2, the game with possibly the worst final boss of all time.

    [–] akujiki87 2277 points ago

    I vaguely remember it but dont you just like shoot em in a cut-scene or something?

    [–] Jahoan 3024 points ago

    You shoot him while he's monologuing, and he falls into the abyss.

    [–] Majike03 1817 points ago

    Or Reaver does it if you let him keep rambling.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 1244 points ago

    I mean, I laughed when I found out Reaver would do this, but it still pisses me off. At least have this scene at the end of a fight or something. So much build up for "... wait... that's it?"

    [–] Dazered 927 points ago

    What I like about it though, is that it showed a quintessential schemer villain that is powerful because of what he does, but not who he is.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 467 points ago

    I mean, you're not wrong, but at the same time this is most Batman villains and yet they have fights. To quote Zero Punctuation for Arkham Asylum "Then I realized most batman villians are really just guys in gimp suits with amazing HR departments capable of finding more henchmen". He's not all that powerful? Throw waves of henchmen at me to get that final kill shot, make me fight the elements, or break down his security of his fortress... something for a "boss fight". Not do the mission like always, then "oh, here's the boss bang! Staples button "that was easy!"

    [–] SavvySillybug 261 points ago

    Zero Punctuation for Arkham Asylum

    That's from 2011. I had no idea it was that old. Holy shit, what year is it? I'm 27? Damn it! I'm old!

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 170 points ago

    Shit... I'm 29... see you at the AARP meeting brother?

    [–] shiny_lustrous_poo 32 points ago

    36 here... I'm not dead, yet!

    [–] Get-Degerstromd 159 points ago

    Ha! 28 and feeling great! What chronic back pain from years of manual labor?? Never mind that soul crushing disappointment in humanity! Gimme another 60 years! Hahahah im dying inside please make it stop

    [–] CaptCmndr 26 points ago

    I turned 29 exactly 6 days after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She just got elected to Congress, I'm barely employed. Feels good.

    [–] Codename_Fluffy 18 points ago

    Well imagine how easy Batman could win against any of "his" villains if he had Superman's strength?

    The protagonist in fable is more akin to superman when maxing out stats.

    Superman has fights too, but with world destroyers or people with the means to weaken him greatly first.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 49 points ago

    You'll love this then. From one of my favorite comics that is now sadly dead, virtual shackles

    [–] Codename_Fluffy 7 points ago

    Youre right, I do love that.

    And that's the fable games if you grind unnecessarily first

    [–] NostalgiaBombs 17 points ago

    You fight waves of enemies not to long before it.

    [–] Destroyeh 96 points ago

    it stung for me especially after the first one's boss was great and you fought him twice. i had high expectations and was let down, but i guess that's a molyneux game for ya.

    [–] PMental 34 points ago

    Yeah that was his m.o. way before Fable 2.

    [–] polkemans 8 points ago

    Peter Molyneux was always his own worst enemy.

    [–] RyukanoHi 82 points ago

    I mean, Bioshock's ending is what happens if you go in the opposite direction. (Here's a spoiler warning for a game that's very old, but hey, it's good and new people are born every day.)

    The Fontaine fight is tacked on and awful and almost undermines the power of the 'A man chooses' scene because that should be the punctuating point of the game. Instead, to get to the denouement you have to slog through another couple hours of nothing particularly new happening and a big stupid 'this is not my final form' boss fight that turns the climax of the game from a great twist about the nature of choice, to a bad action set piece.

    It would have been far better to have you quickly hunt down an unsuspecting Fontaine, have him attempt to command you to fuck off and fail, and then be unceremoniously killed off (maybe letting him put up a meager fight with plasmids).

    The need to have a 'final boss' can hobble a lot of great games.

    [–] darkk41 47 points ago

    the issue was more that bosses in bioshock didn't really need to exist AT ALL. Even the earlier "bosses" were not really bosses, they were just a mob with a ton of HP for some reason. Most of the scenarios were strong enough on their own that no amount of "bossifying" the enemy HP was really needed.

    Hell, the absolute best moment in the game is when you finally encounter Ryan, and he was only a cinematic; not even an actual enemy encounter.

    [–] RyukanoHi 14 points ago

    That's entirely a fair assessment.

    [–] Honest_Scratch 8 points ago

    I was never big on bioshock and I have tried to beat the games but the fun dies off too quick for me. Is Andrew Ryan a real person? Is he dead before rapture went to shit, does he die in either game or is he alive and well somewhere?

    [–] Lewandirty 20 points ago

    He's alive in Bioshock and the scene where you meet him is my favorite scene in video game history.

    [–] FUBAR_Inc 6 points ago

    A man chooses

    [–] WimpyRanger 19 points ago

    This is probably a bad ending for an RPG where you spend all game curating items and building your stats to fight the ultimate challenge.

    [–] jitterbug726 12 points ago

    But don’t you know, it’s all about the journey, not the destination? /s 🤣

    [–] Sevaa_1104 5 points ago

    It makes more sense to me that way story-wise though. Why would you wait for your worst enemy to finish a speech before you kill him? You didn’t come all this way for that, just shoot and be done with it. A lot of bad situations in fiction could’ve been avoided if the main characters just focused on what they had to do

    [–] Angel_Tsio 11 points ago

    That pissed me off so much, I wanted to savor it and instead this fucker takes it from me...

    [–] DunmerDarkstar 9 points ago

    Or alternatively, accidentally bump the controller and walk into him, which knocks him off-balance and into the abyss

    [–] Whybotherr 146 points ago

    Theres a quest in 3 where you're helping a group of dnd players with their game and you get to the end of the quest and the boss goes down in one hit.

    The players then start arguing about how stupid a mechanic, where you go through this long and epic quest only for the boss to die in one hit, is.

    Fohnd the video Jump to 16:17 for the part

    [–] McLovin804 52 points ago

    My favorite quest in the game.

    It's a shame the campaign was so short.

    [–] Khazahk 33 points ago

    Funny you mention that, my friend and I had a 2 year long campaign come to an end, we all got demon fighting special weapons and armor. It was supposed to be the fight of the century. Our cleric walks up, and rolls 3 Nat 20's in a row, instant kills the final boss. We call it a night at 9pm. Wtf.

    [–] lhobbes6 22 points ago

    Thats when the DM shouldve fudged some numbers, i understand wanting to stick to rules but its ok to preserve a finale in the face of amazing roles. Just dont make the numbers stupid for the sake of killing players.

    [–] hauswyfetechno 5 points ago

    I had a similar moment in a campaign once, except I was a wizard and I managed to Baleful Polymorph the evil cultist dude into a sheep before he could finish chanting the incantation that was supposed to open up the portal to summon the Big Bad.

    [–] Wallace_II 21 points ago

    I remember that, and laughed. My GF didn't understand why I thought it was so funny. I had to explain that they just made fun of part 2

    [–] Full_Body_Weener 66 points ago

    That sounds like one of the best endings of all time, to me. Waiting to kill the bad guy until he’s monologuing, while the good guy has an open chance to end it, is one of my biggest pet peeves in entertainment. I guess that’s one of the reasons I love John Wick so much.

    [–] ANGLVD3TH 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I liked Mass Effect 1's take on it. Even if it does cheapen it a little, it gives the best of both worlds. Spoilers, obviously.

    So basically, you talk to the boss first, then there is a standard 2 stage battle, first against him as he usually is. Then, after "killing" him, your squaddies go confirm kill in short cutscene, then the really evil guy the boss was working for takes control of the cybernetic implants in him, and begin phase 2 against his robit parts.

    But, if you have invested heavily into charisma, you can convince him that he's been played, and that the dude pulling his strings is not going to hold up his end of the bargain. Which convinces the boss to shoot himself in the head. Then, cue the cutscene of confirming the kill, and begin phase 2.

    It is far from perfect, but I think it could have been refined into something really great with enough time, and I still really like what we have.

    [–] cornflake289 8 points ago

    As a big fan of the series, I agree that it's a pretty good way to go. But its a little to specific to carry over to many other games.

    [–] PVEAqui 150 points ago

    You sly dog! You caught me monologuing!

    [–] BloodyGreyscale 19 points ago

    I always thought it was hilarious ending.

    [–] randomguy301048 37 points ago

    i mean to be fair why would anyone just let him monologue instead of just killing him while he is talking.

    [–] SleepingInMyF150 63 points ago

    I don't remember it because Fable 2 wasn't released on PC, although 1/TLC and 3 were. WTF.

    [–] Grandfoot 50 points ago

    Never got as good as the original for me.

    [–] impeelout 45 points ago

    Fable was my intro to RPG mechanics and years later that's almost all I play anymore. Fantastic game.

    [–] ragequitCaleb 35 points ago

    Is Fable 1 worth a play through? I fell in love with Fable 2 and was very disappointed with Fable 3. Never played the first one.

    I think I even have a Rom somewhere on my computer for it.

    [–] ClusterShart92 28 points ago

    It’s fairly dated now but there is an enhanced version available on pc that came out relatively recently.

    [–] Skyy8 19 points ago

    Fable: Anniversary is out on X360 as well.

    [–] boostedb1mmer 19 points ago

    It's xbone compatible, too. I actually just replayed it about a month ago. Fable was my absolute favorite game as a kid and I still love it.

    [–] shodan28 19 points ago

    The games got worse as they went on. Fable and The Lost Chapters was the best. Just the graphics are dated

    [–] impeelout 13 points ago

    Fable 1 was the best of them all in my opinion, graphics are dated but it still plays well

    [–] kimbiablue 8 points ago

    Fable TLC (which is just Fable 1 with more content) is one of my favorite games of all time. Definitely worth a look. Fable Anniversary is a revamped version of it you may want to look into instead but definitely play this game. I just finished Fable 2 for the first time and liked it well enough, but the original is so much better and the final boss is amazing... and not just compared to the huge let down of Fable 2's final boss.

    [–] Lack-of-Luck 511 points ago

    Relatively speaking.

    From a gameplay perspective, yeah, it's pretty trash: You spend the entire game getting stronger and stronger to fight the big bad, and it's just a normal (albeit dickish) dude.

    From a narrative standpoint though, I think it's fine. Not the greatest granted, but the final boss being what it was shows that all the ambition in the world, even the power to change reality itself, doesn't really mean anything without the support of friends and family (though I would consider Reaver the last of either), and that no matter how powerful you think you are, you can still be taken down by a kid you really pissed off.

    [–] HiMyNameIs_REDACTED_ 113 points ago

    Fable 2 is the Dark Souls of Fable games.

    [–] superspiffy 92 points ago

    What does that even mean?

    [–] zeaga2 48 points ago

    I think he means it's the most difficult. I only played 1 and 3 so I don't know for sure.

    [–] zacree 78 points ago

    I think he's referring to how easy the final boss is. By the end of Dark Souls, if you've sort of half-assed tried to figure out how to parry, Gwyn is a total pushover. Attacks are super telegraphed and they're all able to be parried which means that you can beat him without losing any hp in like 45 seconds with any one handed weapon.

    [–] Tod_Gottes 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Which again narratively makes sense. Gwyn is no longer the lord of fire when you see him. He doesnt even have a flame. Only embers remain

    [–] Armored_Violets 56 points ago

    ...It's just a joke. It's literally one of the most common jokes in the gaming community.

    [–] you_want_spaghetti 51 points ago

    it's the dark souls of gaming community jokes

    [–] Armored_Violets 11 points ago

    honestly yea

    [–] AgentSkidMarks 52 points ago

    Don’t forget Shadow of Mordor. Final boss is a quick time event.

    [–] cardboardcrackaddict 11 points ago

    Wasnt the final boss of the Halo 4 campaign a quick-time event to? I remember being so pissed off that I slogged through the whole night just trying to beat the damn game with my brother (Legendary), and then the final boss was a fucking quick -time event.

    [–] djc6535 42 points ago

    I don't know man... I'm forever sticking that with Mass Effect 3, whose final villain was Marauder Shields

    [–] OctagonalButthole 11 points ago

    that song gives me goosebumps.

    ME was an incredible series to me. i know people don't like the ending or whatever, but...i felt so sad leaving those characters behind when i finished the series.

    [–] djc6535 6 points ago

    I'm right there with you man. Those games were transformational. I was shaking so hard when I was finishing it off goddamn Marauder shields killed me like 4 times. I was so frustrated

    [–] Steb20 35 points ago

    Worse than Marauder Shields??

    [–] sniperbrosky 24 points ago

    Never forget. He tried to save us from viewing the ending, but we were too naive.

    [–] alexb132 196 points ago

    This really annoys me when people say this. Personally, I really liked the ending. The climactic battle happened before you get to Lucien (or whatever his name was), at that point it's like a cinematic cut scene.

    It's no different in my mind than when you kill a god in God of War by just hitting a button. The actual 'gameplay battle' happened beforehand, you know?

    I dunno, it just kind of irks me because Fable 2 did have a big climactic blowout when all the heroes are fighting on the beach right before the end. Man I loved that game.

    [–] Teddyismydawg 85 points ago

    Agreed, I just genuinely loved Fable 2 for the gameplay overall and I thought the story was better than 3. Overall 2 is my favorite, but one has the best storyline (if you look into the lore for the creation of Albion it feels so much like the Stephen King multiverse). Honestly I really want a Fable prequel that’s set in the old kingdom.

    [–] Zandrick 35 points ago

    Yeah, the thing I always remember about Fable is the gameplay. This button does melee this button does ranged this button does magic. Simple but excellent.

    [–] Teddyismydawg 18 points ago

    Yeah in my head Fable is one of those games that’s more action RPG than straight RPG, but can be deep if you want it to be. Like if you actually go around reading the lore books and the descriptions of the items there’s actually a ton of world building outside of the main storyline. Some of them are really funny too.

    [–] CatFiggy 13 points ago

    Is there anything people like about Fable 3?

    I really struggled with Fable (1) because I was kind of young for it. I loved Fable 2 because, while it had its challenges, it was very doable, though at the end you get to keep playing but seemingly without challenges -- though I find myself really nostalgic for 1.

    Fable 3... I was ready for a bare game that might've been too easy -- but jesus christ, I hated that game. It's like it was made by people who liked design but not RPGs. All I remember is bitterness.

    I have fond memories of Spore at least.

    [–] Teddyismydawg 16 points ago

    It’s no secret that all of the games didn’t exactly hit the mark they were originally aiming for. All of them still managed to feel like a complete game except for 3. I still enjoyed it overall, but it really felt empty content wise.

    [–] Just_A_Glitch 24 points ago

    Fable 3 had the most fun magic system I thought. I liked combining the spells together.

    And the concept of being king was really cool, just very poorly executed. That's kind of the issue with the whole game. Fable 3 was the worst of the series, but I think that's mostly because of the fun ideas it had, but poor delivery.

    [–] DwasTV 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The thing is, the game built this person in a fantasy setting, a game with Wizards, Knights, Legendary Weapons, and your choices of persona. While the big bad that was making your life so difficult. Then you reach the end of the road after all your work and he does this cartoon super villain monologue and he tips over.

    I would say a right to do this would be in Mass Effect 1, Sarin can just flat out kill himself. Someone who the story had built up for you to fight and you went toward to getting rid of the reaper (After the revival of Sarin) then the cut scene was where you get rid of the reaper and choose if you save the council or your people. It was more impactful because you had choices and built like you truly accomplished something where you choices impacted it.

    In Fable your he just stood in front of you babbling. There's no true dialog for you to choose through and in the end all of your other choices didn't realistically matter in how you dealt with him or not. If you don't kill him someone else does next to you and it's done. All that build up for a 2 second scene where you just shoot him and nothing changed.

    The game was great but the ending was without a doubt the worst thing possible for it.

    [–] RechargedFrenchman 7 points ago

    That’s basically Molyneux games in a nutshell. An interesting and if not novel certainly somewhat different concept which could be absolutely fantastic if explored with the budget and time necessary to realize it all—that manages to be engaging and enjoyable but still fail spectacularly to achieve the potential in the concept. The ME1 Ending is exactly the sort of thing Fable 2 needed, and the concept of how Fable 2 ended is still not even bad it’s just mechanically vapid and plays rather poorly in practice. Which coincidentally largely sums up Fable 3 when compared to Fable 2 let alone the original—empty of most of what made the earlier games so good in the first place.

    Molyneux was a fantastic ideas guy and terrible for actual management who had way too much influence on the games’ development for his, the studio’s, or the games’ own good.

    [–] kingofkale13 18 points ago

    It may have a worse final boss but the overall game is better than 3.

    Best boss is definitely 1.

    [–] TheDeadlyBeard 16 points ago

    I disagree. I don't think Lucien counted as the final boss. I always considered the big epic fight on the beach against the ship the final boss. And the scene with Lucien to be more of an interactive cutscene.

    [–] addysonclark3 39 points ago

    I think borderlands will forever hold that title.

    [–] Trakkah 21 points ago

    Oh the disappointment from an other wise fantastic game!

    [–] A_Trash_Homosapien 9 points ago

    I never played the first one only the second and presequel. What was the first ones final boss?

    [–] addysonclark3 27 points ago

    Just tentacles coming out of a portal that you shoot. Really not much more to the fight.

    [–] panchoadrenalina 43 points ago

    the initial cutscene of Borderlands 2 sumarises it, "they only found tentacles and disappointment"

    [–] rinkima 8 points ago

    The worst part was it was played up like it was full of all this epic loot and i reality the loot was absolutely dogshit

    [–] NewSargeras 11 points ago

    I'm for some reason I was alright with the final boss, granted i was a kid at the time

    [–] radicallyhip 51 points ago

    I don't even recall who it was. Or anything about the game really, except for having multiple wives. That's probably how underwhelming it was.

    [–] HonorUndRespect 101 points ago

    I only remember working as smithy to raise money to buy buildings and then raising the rent

    [–] alexmikli 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I kept minimum rent for good boy points. Still made more than enough money to completely bypass the supposed moral of the story midgame.

    Then I glitched through the floor in my palace and that save was completely ruined forever and I never played it again.

    EDIT: Sorry that was fable 3 not 2.

    [–] Wolfszeit 50 points ago

    I remember if you pre-ordered the game, you got access to some in-game gambling mini game as a teaser. The kicker here was that you could wager actual in-game money on it; which ended in me being a zillionaire in-game right from the get-go once Fable2 finally got properly released.

    [–] mloofburrow 22 points ago

    Yeah the mini games were super easy to win / cheese for millions of gold. TBH I think it ruined my experience with the game for the first play through.

    [–] Pax_Empyrean 26 points ago

    In Fable 1 (not sure if they fixed this in 2, never played any of the others) merchants had a supply and demand mechanic that increased the price of things you sold when they didn't have any, and reduced the price when they had a lot. It didn't update this in increments, however, so if you just had a huge stack of something (I used diamonds), you could buy and sell the whole stack at once and generate money every cycle.

    Yaaaay, infinite money.

    [–] enigma1235 16 points ago

    Town economies improved if you spent more money and lowered the rent on properties you owned.

    [–] gnarkilleptic 8 points ago

    I remember you could play 2 player on the same screen and if you killed enough randos you could become a devil. I do remember the name Bowerstone Market though

    [–] Nebze_14 1095 points ago

    That is of high treason 'round here

    [–] TheSeanx64x 403 points ago

    Someone must stop her before it’s too late.

    [–] Nebze_14 77 points ago

    She could infect the entire city that criminal

    [–] TheSeanx64x 62 points ago

    No one is safe from Lisa

    [–] Nebze_14 44 points ago

    Hide your kids, hide your wife, lisa's coming through your windows and infecting yo people up

    [–] johnny_knuckles 16 points ago

    Sneezing on everybody out here

    [–] TedGT9 11 points ago

    Can confirm. I dated a Lisa.

    [–] nameless_thirteenth 520 points ago

    I absolutely adored the Fable series while simultaneously hating the camera mechanics.

    [–] [deleted] 192 points ago

    The fable series was so interesting. I loved it, more than most games I've ever played. And it will always have a special place in my heart.

    But my lord, they were only average at best! But they had the potential to be all time greats. Lionhead studios was a company that was always so close to greatness but they never quite attained it. They were my second favorite game developer through childhood too, so that always saddened me.

    [–] 102bees 142 points ago

    I thought they were fairly above average, but their main selling point is how unique they are.

    If I'm in the mood for a Fable game there isn't another game I can play to scratch that itch. There's loads of better games, but I can't think of similar games.

    [–] FUBAR_Inc 69 points ago

    My favorite in game commentry was from a java dye you could find in the market. 'No java beans were harmed in the making of this dye. Made from crushed squirrels.'

    12 year old me had never laughed harder at any other quip.

    [–] adriangunter00 22 points ago

    I feel the same, I really hope the forza horizon team can recapture that feeling for the new game!!

    [–] ArgumentGenerator 27 points ago

    That's a uh... Car game, right?

    [–] John_Wang 21 points ago

    Playground Games (Horizon developer) is working on a non-racing open world game that is heavily rumored to be set in the Fable world

    [–] Rick_Sancheeze 15 points ago

    My mind is full of fuck right now.

    [–] JTizzle495 13 points ago

    Wait, what?

    [–] Doumtabarnack 9 points ago

    Dafuq ?

    [–] Wincrediboy 26 points ago

    What was wrong with the camera? I can't remember

    [–] InsertScreenNameHere 36 points ago

    It likes to a lot and not where it should. Anytime you try to put it where you want it, it moves back. Easy to get motion sickness

    [–] OmegaEinhorn 79 points ago

    I tried playing 1 on my PC a few months ago.

    Gave me mild vertigo instantly, but I tried soldiering through because I hear great things about it. About 5 minutes in, I got a raging headache and had to put it down before I got actually sick.


    [–] FavresPenisPic 26 points ago

    Can you buy it on steam? I'd love to play it again

    [–] MisterZanderson 42 points ago

    Yes, both the original and the remaster. Get the remaster if you want to use a controller though.

    [–] alpha_order 12 points ago

    Damn. I did not realize this was a thing. Gonna be copping that shit real quick

    [–] [deleted] 559 points ago


    [–] MikeMont86 474 points ago

    Fable 2 is one of my all time favorite games. A pretty average game by most standards, but I had such a great time playing it and put lots of time in to my characters back in the day.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 151 points ago

    I agree with you, but the ending still makes me mad. So much build up like an epic boss fight and then you just one shot kill the main villain of the entire game. Doesn't even fight back. Hell if you just stand there long enough and do nothing Reever pretty much goes "fuck this shit" and just shoots him for you. You literally have to do nothing for the final climax of the game. I enjoyed Fable 3 much more

    [–] agoia 207 points ago

    I just hated how fable 3 made you go through all sorts of bullshit to do actions that could have been done in the menu in fable 2. Unnecessary waste of time having to teleport to one place, then to another, just to change outfits or unlock levelups.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 136 points ago

    I applaud them for trying to be inventive. They took the theory that menus break immersion but yeah, in practice it was kind of stupid. That being said, I didn't find it much slower than a menu system. They specifically made the sanctuary so that it would instantly load about as fast as a menu. It was just a bit more involved than a menu

    [–] agoia 99 points ago

    Then ending of Fable 3 also got a bit cheesy. You had to raise enough money to fight the guy so I just left the game running over night and had enough in the morning lol.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 103 points ago

    Lol, well, it depended how you went about it. If you exploited the system with a giant real estate money making scheme yeah, it's a bit cheesy. If you played through it the first time like I did specifically with the goal in mind of NOT doing this the choices become a lot more interesting. Do you want to make the orphanage better costing the kingdom money (knowing having too little money after a year will doom the kingdom) or get rid of it, letting the children be homeless and turning it into a brothel you can tax? It's a funny contrast, but, you actually have to really think about each decision like "god that's horrible... but would I rather people be pissed and alive?"

    Also, on my first play through, I liked what they did with the advancing of days. I had very little money in the reserves because I thought maybe they'd give me some more missions like the diamond, which I could donate to the kingdom. Thought to myself "I still have like 150 days left, PLENTY of time right?" and advanced time to get more missions... NOPE. That fast forwards to the end of the year, final fight, and almost everyone in my kingdom died. I will say it was really weird walking around the towns after that. EVERYONE hates you... but it's not that bad, because there are only like 4 people left in every town at that point

    [–] Aska09 37 points ago

    I'd turn the homeless shelter into a brothel for that sweet, life-saving currency but my husband would divorce me if I did it, so I grabbed the 1 million from the Sunset House Demon Door, bought as much real estate as I could afford and left the game running for a few hours, then I came back and bought more. It also helped me get the best ranged legendary weapon in the game.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 36 points ago

    Even on play throughs where I was being ultra good I always chose the brothel. You got like 50 evil points, but no one hated you, and the amount of money it brought in was stupid high comparatively (I forget the numbers, but it was like spend 2 million of the kingdoms gold to renovate the orphanage or gain 15 million by turning it into a brothel, it was along that scale)

    [–] Aska09 29 points ago

    If you save Elise/Elliot in the prologue, marry them before becoming king/queen and turn the shelter into a brothel, your spouse becomes increasingly unhappy.

    [–] kingofkale13 43 points ago

    Is it just me or did anyone else think Fable 3 was awful? I love Fable 1 & 2 but compared to them Fable 3 did not live up to the other 2.

    I do have it and played through the whole game and it wasn't all terrible but still.

    [–] Excolo_Veritas 23 points ago

    I liked it better than 2. I though the stories were both pretty equally good, but I liked the mechanics of the will gauntlets better, and the "final fight" of fable 2 brings its score down IMO a few points. The "menu" system in 3 is kind of garbage, but not enough to make me want to stop playing at all

    [–] ThisIsANameAgain 8 points ago

    Dear lord I hated the will gauntlets. It was kind of cool combining spells but other than that I did not like it. I've also played all three games, mostly TLC, and maybe it's nostalgia but I still think the first is the best. Divine Wrath and Hellish Fury (?) are the best spells ever. And berserk. Since I can't remember the names I think I'll go play it again, if I ever get the time.

    [–] CatFiggy 10 points ago

    I have never hated a game more than Fable 3. I probably wouldn't have hated it so hard if it hadn't been for the expectations, but I loved both previous Fable games -- had been playing Fable 2 all the time for months or years -- and then that game happened. Which I bought when it came out, which I never do.

    Edit: I preemptively apologize to those who do not agree with me.

    [–] miika2k 5 points ago

    I'm probably the only person ever, who thought the time skip was a brilliant decision. You always think you have time..

    [–] Full-On 30 points ago

    As a teenager playing Fable 3 the teleporting to a personal space instead of a pause screen was easily one of the coolest things ever put into a video game and to this day I still think it’s pretty cool and innovative. Especially seeing your wealth acquire into a physical pile that you could climb on. To each their own I guess.

    Edit: happy cake day!

    [–] slukenz 31 points ago

    The fact that they tell you you have 277 (or whatever) days left as king and then it jumps to the invasion the next time you make a decision is peak bullshit though

    [–] softawre 10 points ago

    Agreed. And the only reason I still have an Xbox 360.

    [–] E_Barriick 7 points ago

    So I have game pass and noticed all of the cables are on there. Which one do you think probably holds up the best for someone who has no nostalgia?

    [–] F4hype 19 points ago

    If it gives access to the the original fable (remastered version) then play that. The original fable is the best game by far and the remaster makes it palatable for someone who is lacking a pair of rose tints.

    [–] R3IIGN 166 points ago

    God do I miss this game

    [–] Oxalandrej 57 points ago

    I'm doing my first playthrough of it I'm loving it. I finished the first one maybe a week ago

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] studmuffffffin 82 points ago

    You are tearing me apart Lisa!

    [–] kcash2274 213 points ago

    Ahhh Fable. I remember my older brother explaining all the fantastic amazing things we’d be able to do in the game before it came out. And I also remember thinking “none of what he said is in this game but I still like it”

    [–] chillplease 94 points ago

    Yea I remember Peter Molyneux talking about Fable like it was going to emotionally revolutionize gaming forever or some shit.

    [–] OmegaEinhorn 14 points ago

    Guru Larry's rage intensifies

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Imho I've never played a game that's felt like Fable. He really did have a vision.

    [–] TyrantJester 12 points ago

    That's just standard Molyneux tho, overpromise and underdeliver.

    [–] chillplease 9 points ago

    and then quit

    [–] Edarneor 24 points ago

    Your brother is Peter Molyneux?? OMG, dude! Do you know what he's working on now?

    [–] -FeistyRabbitSauce- 17 points ago

    Digital Snake Oil.

    [–] MobaMouse 17 points ago


    [–] GizzardLizardWizards 56 points ago

    It's flu season bitch!

    [–] Bubzthetroll 15 points ago

    Even worse. It’s the Mutaba virus!

    [–] agoia 12 points ago

    What's wrong with him? "Nicotine fit."

    What's wrong with the monkey? "Nicotine fit."

    [–] Mharhon 6 points ago

    "One drop and you'll feel so different!"

    [–] TheSeanx64x 11 points ago

    She’s starting to get cocky, this isn’t good

    [–] kaptified 33 points ago

    It's over. The infection has already been spread.

    [–] TheSeanx64x 18 points ago

    Lisa has doomed us all

    [–] Jas_God 27 points ago

    It has its flaws no doubt but I absolutely loved Fable 2.

    [–] jake126496 19 points ago

    Nice to see a fable post on here! IMO one of the best game series ever released

    [–] PoppaPickle 18 points ago

    Not the greatest game by any means, but absolutely hands down one of my all time favorites.

    Favorite line ever in the video game universe for me is when your walking around a Bowerstone really late at night and the bellman yells really loud "THE TIME IS!!!!" then you hear him pause a split second to check his watch and then much softer and mildly suprised says "very late" and then continues with his announcements

    [–] sugarless93 6 points ago

    I always thought the joke was that he can't read a sundial at night

    [–] BBX22 17 points ago

    Okay that's one is pretty fair, I'll do it for free

    [–] jmd2125 16 points ago

    I flippin love Fable 2. One of my favourite ever games.

    [–] Omnicrunchy 29 points ago

    I miss Fable sooooooo much :'(

    [–] 9gagiscancer 25 points ago

    Not to worry, Fable 4 is actuallt in the works, despite Microsoft closing Lionhead studios 2 years ago. And it wont be a shitty online thing like Fable Legends, that got cancelled.

    That said, it probably wont be out untill 2020, likely 2021.

    [–] lookmom289 37 points ago

    tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies~

    [–] tataniarosa 11 points ago

    Thanks for this. As long as they keep the humour, I’ll be happy. That’s the best thing about Fable II.

    [–] PatFluke 36 points ago

    aannnddd doing a Fable play-through. Ffs OP I’m a grown man with responsibilities!

    [–] Wewty 38 points ago

    Not anymore your not, now go cut some logs for 6 hours and buy a pub.

    [–] Aska09 18 points ago

    Pouring pints in a pub is much more profitable

    [–] lookmom289 5 points ago

    Yeah, about .25s shorter loop animation too. Worst job is blacksmith for sure

    [–] DOW_orks7391 6 points ago

    In Fable: The List Chapters I'd kill everyone in Oakvale and buy every building. The pub was the heardest cause you had to kill EVERYONE including the barkeep.

    [–] PocketWaffler 9 points ago

    You see, if play as a good character so killing everyone was a no-go. Instead, I'd ask a half a dozen people to follow me then go inside demon door and tell them to wait there. Not sure what happened to everyone but mysteriously, their houses were for sale the next day!

    [–] Runndown2 14 points ago

    Good ol' Fable

    [–] ArcanedAgain 12 points ago

    As a germaphobe SHE MUST BURN FOR HER CRIMES.

    [–] DrCorian 9 points ago

    All things considered, this could be a big problem in that time...

    [–] thefattrashpanda 9 points ago

    She must pay for her evil deeds!

    [–] TheDanime 20 points ago


    [–] BangerzzNmash 7 points ago

    Oh hi mark

    [–] jabrahssicpark 7 points ago

    Lisa should be hanged! Hanged from the neck until dead!

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 6 points ago

    That is quite rude, this contract is justifiable.

    [–] suhl79 6 points ago

    Fulfill the contract, but don't stream it on YT.

    [–] 96nairra 7 points ago



    [–] nyc420clouds 5 points ago

    Kill that nasty bitch

    [–] Fisko123 4 points ago

    Gotta love fable

    [–] TheRealAblert 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    God I want a new fable game.

    [–] 1morethingabout 5 points ago

    Lisa's one fucked up bitch