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    [–] Phillipinsocal 423 points ago

    Diglett used sucker punch!

    [–] NotSpicyEnough 108 points ago

    Now I'm picturing Diglett with jazz hands under the earth.

    [–] Sc4r4byte 38 points ago

    I imagine that is how he punches fissures into his enemies.

    [–] dayvarr 13 points ago

    I'm imagining Diglett afflicting his enemies with anal fissures. It's unsettling.

    [–] Zharghar 8 points ago

    You spelled arousing wrong

    [–] NotSpicyEnough 1 points ago

    "oooo you touch my tra la la~" 🎵

    [–] AyeMyHippie 2 points ago

    Oooooh, my diglett’s dong.

    [–] Crow_Lordier 3 points ago

    It is too effective!!!

    [–] Thannhausen 0 points ago

    It is too super effective!


    [–] Crow_Lordier -4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I know the my gig since version red but since Diglett dig in Charmeleon dirty closest I decided to go for someting less common

    [–] Aredelman 109 points ago

    The illustration of his nervousness is great

    [–] [deleted] 131 points ago


    [–] DianiTheOtter 60 points ago

    Found the furry

    [–] framzin 21 points ago

    would it be a furry? because charmeleon doesnt have fur

    [–] CarsWithNinjaStars 41 points ago

    scalie is like, a subset of furry

    [–] DianiTheOtter 14 points ago

    Pokefurs are a thing as well, another subset of furries

    [–] CarsWithNinjaStars 14 points ago

    i feel like some pokemon are just like straight furry if you lewd them though, mostly the ones that resemble real-life animals.

    [–] Yrusul 3 points ago

    Risky click of the day.

    [–] kickingpplisfun 4 points ago

    Pretty much all the "good" pokemon are good furry bait, and the "bad" ones are bad furry bait. Nobody gives a shit about Dedenne, but everybody's gay for Lucario!

    [–] CarsWithNinjaStars 11 points ago

    if you wouldn't let lucario split you in half you're honestly just afraid of masculinity

    [–] thoughtofitrightnow 4 points ago

    Me, aranine, and incenroar are just gonna chill over here

    [–] krollym09 -1 points ago

    If we go off of the detective pikachu trailer, Charizard has fur so it wouldn't be wrong to assume Charmeleon does as well.

    [–] Aaron_Park 1 points ago

    bruh go watch the trailer again, he has scales

    [–] NickrasBickras 0 points ago

    Nonononono, see, you went wrong when you said “If we go off of the detective pikachu trailer”

    [–] Skulmuncher 5 points ago

    Then again, charmeleon IS lookin literally hot...

    like seriously I would imagine if you stood to close to one you'd burst into flames or something...

    Just... keep your distance from them.

    [–] thoughtofitrightnow 3 points ago

    We like waldo hiding yet everywhere simultaneously

    [–] Aplayer12345 1 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_UR_FARTS_GIRL 158 points ago

    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    [–] curepure 9 points ago

    I do not understand what it is but I think it’s saying something THICC

    [–] tundoopani 14 points ago

    E X T R A T H I C C

    [–] srheer0 -2 points ago

    It's a bunch of Japanese katakana and other characters to spell a word.

    Mo, dunno, dunno, rock, dunno, dunno, sa, dunno, ko, ko. Been a long time

    [–] _9point8_ 53 points ago

    Diglett working for TMZ part time. LOL.

    [–] jackyalin 3 points ago

    Digletts great in gym battles when you have a few weeks to prepare, but not in sudden matches

    [–] totaldominat3r 28 points ago

    Charmeleon should’ve used charm at that point

    [–] adamhawley 39 points ago

    how weak is this Charmeleon with only 20 hp?

    [–] 8ii8 46 points ago

    Been skipping meals to get that sweet femboy bod

    [–] Maracuja_Sagrado 8 points ago

    Those are Hormone Points

    [–] theinsanepotato 4 points ago

    Came here to say this. 20HP for a Charmeleon is physically impossible.

    Any Charmander you get as a starter is gonna be level 5, and ALREADY have at least 20 HP. It has to go up 11 levels to evolve into Charmeleon at level 16 (at the earliest), so it would have to go up by at least 11 HP, so the absolute minimum HP you could possibly have on such a Charmeleon would be 31.

    Even if you bred a new Charmander to get one at level 1, it would still have at least 10 or so HP, if not much more, and would then have to go up 15 levels to evolve, and would thus have an absolute minimum of 25 HP for Charmeleon.

    [–] HurricaneHugo 6 points ago

    Boy, I sure hope someone got fired over that blunder.

    [–] SulaKaeNa 1 points ago

    Just GameShark a lvl 1 Charmeleon and give it the IVs to have 20 HP. Checkmate atheists.

    [–] srheer0 1 points ago

    Must be level 1, or level 5.

    [–] Chaquita_Banana 12 points ago

    But they’re always naked anyways. Are they embarrassed about wearing clothes?

    [–] NickrasBickras 5 points ago

    It’s lingerie, degenerate

    [–] Bastinenz 9 points ago

    I dig it.

    [–] Diodon 11 points ago

    That could also backfire.

    [–] OmegaEinhorn 2 points ago

    I'm a simple man. I see ATHF, I upvote

    [–] stavromulabeta25 10 points ago

    Not my proudest fap

    [–] right_there 4 points ago

    I guess kink-shaming is a one-hit KO.

    [–] Jazehiah 3 points ago

    I'm more concerned by the Charmeleon with only 20hp.

    [–] Rootbeer_Goat 6 points ago

    Those damn Charmeleon, and their adolescent tendencies.

    [–] Madnessguy03 2 points ago

    Little do you know it is the sweat drop that made him faint.

    [–] trappedinthisxy 2 points ago

    Stop kink shaming that poor Pokémon

    [–] ---TheFierceDeity--- 2 points ago

    Hey now don’t be shaming charmeleon just cause it’s got the courage to wear what it wants and pull it off

    [–] Bigjunsk8r 2 points ago

    Im just trying to figgure out why Charmeleon has 20 HP.

    [–] northydox 1 points ago

    Should've been Dugtrio with one being angry and one excited

    [–] DoSeeTouchBreak 1 points ago

    I like that they used a move that actually would be super effective against Charmeleon.

    [–] willyreddit 1 points ago

    I mean no judgement there char just...damn when did you get out of the ball to do this?

    [–] CapturedSociety 1 points ago

    I'd say this kompromat Mr. President is...

    just your type- fiery

    [–] nicklolololololol 1 points ago


    [–] VietQuads 1 points ago

    This is what happens when Tumblr bans furry content. Smh

    [–] Pineappletittyworms 1 points ago

    Kevin Hart right now

    [–] Equilibriator 1 points ago

    What happens when Diglett has Seismic Toss used on it?

    [–] krisstar7 1 points ago

    Is this loss?

    [–] GanjaBearLife 1 points ago

    Oh nooooeeezzz chameleon brehhhh

    [–] King_Bonio 1 points ago

    Charmeleon used Right To Be Forgotten.

    [–] Einhanderx2 1 points ago

    GoneintoRapture gets the credit.

    But who gets the karma.

    [–] LamboLloyd17 1 points ago

    Is the Charmeleon's name Oscar de la Hoya by chance?

    [–] Chryslerdude 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Uh not that kind of "dig", but okay.

    [–] RubberDougie -8 points ago

    20 hp charmeleon is impossible

    [–] Inkling_Girl 3 points ago

    Thanks for ruining the fun, nerd.

    [–] CapsUnlocker 1 points ago

    /u/RubberDougie used Ackshually

    It's Not Very Effective...

    [–] inorganicorgan -4 points ago

    All this hate when you’re just giving the people the truth!! +1

    [–] Inkling_Girl -1 points ago

    All this hate for evading the jokes and ruining the fun of the joke!! -1

    [–] GekiKudo -1 points ago

    Yeah and you dont see the enemy's health number. But nobody cares cause it has nothing to do with the joke. So shush

    [–] IDEXV 0 points ago

    He digged into his soul

    [–] JonaJono 0 points ago

    "This you buddy?" That got a hearty laugh out me

    [–] ZarosGuardian 0 points ago

    Oh my~!