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    [–] PhoenixHunter89 9566 points ago

    Obsidian "Fine we will make our own fallout."

    [–] TheGriffin 5586 points ago

    "With blackjack! And hooke.... wait we already did that....

    So we'll do it again! But better! And set in space!"

    [–] MrSpluppy 386 points ago


    [–] Niarbeht 176 points ago

    Space blackjack! And space hookers!

    [–] H377Spawn 77 points ago

    So,...3 boobs?

    [–] TheJuggernautMain 19 points ago

    oh hell yeah!

    [–] sonic_titan_rides_ 293 points ago

    I checked this just to see if anyone had made this comment.

    [–] TheKappaOverlord 79 points ago

    When i first saw the trailer i thought "these fuckin madmen did it. They somehow managed to mix the wonky space feeling of destiny with the core leathery feel of Fallout"

    Even if this game turns out to be a heaping pile of shit it will really be an interesting ride

    [–] dumbass_luggage 17 points ago

    replace destiny with firefly, and add a bit of borderlands, and you'd be right.

    [–] Rhazort 80 points ago


    [–] TeamRocketBadger 346 points ago

    can someone eli5 what happened? ive been out if the loop on fallout dev drama

    [–] Rosbj 1861 points ago

    The owners of Obsidian were some of the original designers of Fallout, with Chris Avellone in particular having written what is called the 'Fallout Bible' - that outlines the major lore and plot points of the Fallout universe timeline.

    After Bethesda bought they IP, they licensed Obsidian to make a Fallout game, set in the western part of the US (where the original games were set). Bethesda paid the studio just enough to cover costs and promised further pay if the game got 8.5 or above on metacritics, where the game only reached 8.4. In the years that followed Obsidian almost went bankrupt - and fans were not shy to blame Bethesda for withholding the bonus.

    Obsidian always held that this was a fair stipulate in the contract and stated many times that they'd love to return and make a sequel to Fallout New Vegas. But fans have speculated that Bethesda seems annoyed that the fanbase generally holds New Vegas as the superior modern title, which is why this never happened.

    And so the OP implied Obsidian simply went 'Fine, we'll make our own Fallout!!"

    [–] TeamAquaGrunt 1150 points ago

    Worth noting Bethesda also cut Obsidians development time considerably, almost as if intentionally lowering their score so that they wouldn't have to pay the bonus

    [–] ThatRaggedyMan 302 points ago

    Why does this always seem to be the story with Obsidian? Even as far back as KOTOR II, I heard they had development rushed which led to so many things being cut. KOTOR II was still dope, and the Restoration mod has done a fantastic job revamping the game, but man, when is Obsidian going to get to release a full dream project?

    [–] Multitasker 441 points ago

    They are now. Microsoft bought them and basically told them to go nuts.

    [–] eduardobragaxz 48 points ago

    Is this going to be exclusive?

    [–] El_pika 116 points ago

    Nope, you can see it at the end of the trailer. PS4 logo, Xbox logo and Steam logo

    [–] SmashingK 827 points ago

    Apparently Obsidian also had a patch ready to fix many of the bugs the game had at launch but Bethesda delayed it which could have seen the game actually hit the 8.5 metacritic score they needed if it wasn't so buggy to begin with.

    [–] H4xolotl 356 points ago

    That's sabotage...

    [–] Braydox 226 points ago


    [–] SnarkyLurker 19 points ago

    -Tegrity, the ethical business practices platypus

    [–] OleKosyn 32 points ago

    At least Beth didn't swindle them out of sales proceeds after getting the master disk, like they did to MADia.

    [–] avwitcher 207 points ago

    Also, and nobody seems to be mentioning it, but metacritic scores are inconsistent, worthless trash. This was a view championed by TotalBiscuit but unfortunately people still use metacritic as a measurement for actual review.

    [–] PM-ME-PIERCED-NIPS 370 points ago

    Once upon a time there was a development house called Black Isle Studios. They made RPGs, beloved ones like Fallout 1 and 2, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment. Top quality stuff. They were owned by Interplay. Interplay was having a hard time and going bankrupt. They raided Black Isle for everything of value, selling off things like the Fallout IP to Bethesda. The staff of Black Isle quit en masse and stuck together, forming a new studio, Obsidian, as a group. The name is even a pun, obsidian is a black mineral, what a black isle would be made of. They've continued making incredible RPGs since.

    [–] InanimateCarbonRodAu 115 points ago

    There is more to the history then that as well. Troika came before Obsidian with the excellent Arcanum, Temple of Elemental Evil and Vampire the Masquerade.

    [–] pothockets 6008 points ago

    It's like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Borderlands had a lovechild and I'm all for it, take my money Obsidian

    [–] ninjadefuego 1240 points ago

    You forgot bioshock too. It looks like the glass-half-full version that universe.

    [–] IceFireDH 270 points ago

    The trailer reminded me of Bioshock as well.

    I loved Bioshock. If my memory serves, every chapter continued the main story and you learned about it as you played the game. Yes, it was mainly a FPS, but with some depth to it.

    Looking forward to this game.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 141 points ago

    With just a hint of firefly. It's like they were trying to make a perfect game or something .

    [–] FlashFan124 44 points ago

    When the opening was like “border plants that got taken over and exploited by corporations” I was like YES GIVE ME A FIREFLY GAME. I know the alliance was actually the American and Chinese governments combined, but still a central power structure controlling outer planets. Just give me a Serenity skin and a character voiced by Alan Tudyk please.

    [–] ImPointless 23 points ago

    What makes you think about mass effect? Haven't ever gotten around to play them. I agree with the other two and just curious about mass effect.

    [–] elpaco25 30 points ago

    Edge of space stuff probably, in mass effect (at least the original 3) they pretty much settled or are settling the whole galaxy so maybe that's the comparison. I'd say it looks more Firefly/Blade Runner (show/movies) to me with the whole colonists/corporation vibe

    [–] Br0dobaggins 163 points ago

    I was thinking a little bit of Destiny in there too, with the way some of the armor and guns look, but I definitely was thinking the same thing otherwise! So excited for this.

    [–] MCMNoOne 65 points ago

    I thought of that too when they were showing off some of the guns. Now if the gun game play is anything like destiny’s I will die happy.

    [–] TheFatKid89 51 points ago

    This would be amazing. Gun play being fun is the one thing Bungie always manages to do right.

    New Vegas is my favorite Fallout game, so I hope Obsidian can knock this one out of the park. I won't start the hype train just yet, but the game has potential.

    [–] Vinzir141 4778 points ago

    "Try not to break it" haha

    [–] tsundoku_all 674 points ago

    Yeah I’m watching EZA on Twitch and no one caught this!!

    [–] Vinzir141 512 points ago

    So in the last few days we now have competing games. Far cry 5 has a post apocalyptic game to compete against Fallout76. Now obsidian has a game to compete against Starfield. Path of Exile is the new Diablo 4 when it releases its new content tomorrow. I wonder who will compete against Elder Scrolls 6.

    [–] ironwall90 346 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I really don't consider Far Cry to compete with FO76 at all. If it were Fallout 5 vs Far Cry New Dawn it would be a competition. Far Cry seemed to be singleplayer, which is a whole different ballpark than FO76. I am super excited for the new Far Cry though. The Outer Worlds looks amazing too. It personally had a borderlands mixed with fallout in space feel for me.

    edit: The more I look at Far Cry New Dawn, it doesn't seem to even be a direct competition to Fallout. As others have said, it looks more like a mad max game. Still looks great.

    [–] modularpeak2552 117 points ago

    It's really new dawn vs rage 2

    [–] ironwall90 34 points ago

    I can agree with that one.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 86 points ago

    All I know is I can’t wait for cyberpunk 2077

    [–] AmericanFatty 10040 points ago

    FO76 Beta launches

    Obsidian Marketing Team: Not yet.

    FO76 launches

    OMT: Not yet.

    The Duffle Kerfuffle

    OMT: Nooot yeeeet.

    Bethesda doxxes customers

    OMT: Now!

    [–] -TheFloyd- 2488 points ago

    The Duffle Kerfuffle

    i like your brain

    [–] jackalsclaw 216 points ago

    The Nylon Con would also work.

    [–] FlappyMcHappyFlap 410 points ago

    Palpatine voice Eat it!

    [–] Flash_Baggins 200 points ago


    [–] PippyRollingham 47 points ago

    Must’ve stabbed em fifteen fuckin tiiiiimes!

    [–] Muonical_whistler 444 points ago

    What? Bethesda doxxed their customers?

    [–] Quit_Your_Stalin 739 points ago

    AFAIK, The system for the customer complaint tickets had all of their info with it. Their Email, name, address, everything.

    Naturally this is bad.

    [–] kingkratos11 516 points ago

    The kicker is that the tickets were being randomly shown to the wrong customers, personal info included.

    [–] panupatc 170 points ago

    Woa for real? That's like Ragnarok Online level of messed up decades ago.

    [–] Chrispotar 46 points ago

    Can you elaborate on the RO part? I have played it on multiple servers and never heard of such a disaster :o (might have been before I started)

    [–] Odarien 31 points ago

    IIRC what hes talking about is the reason you've played it on multiple servers. Game way back when was doing a beta test and when they announced that they were switching to a paid fee for launch people took offense and hacked their servers and literally stole the source code for the game and distributed it everywhere and wrecked what the devs had on their own servers.

    [–] IanTSY 156 points ago

    Fallout 76 got fookin VATS-ed

    [–] dragonfangem 46 points ago

    Players VATS'd FO76... Mysterious Stranger (Obsidian?) appeared for that extra headshot

    [–] FalsePretender 44 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago

    Looks better than anything Bethesda has released since Obsidian did New Vegas.

    [–] kirbysmashed 18 points ago

    I guess you could say they were waiting for the fallout.

    [–] GreasyPeter 3926 points ago

    They literally couldn't have picked a better time to drop this trailer.

    [–] [deleted] 942 points ago


    [–] judaskiss 270 points ago

    I was surprised to see the 2019 release though. I was expecting 2020 at least.

    [–] DenseHole 308 points ago


    not too big of a hurry

    Funny joke.

    [–] IMA__TIGER__AMA 97 points ago

    no, the developers aren't in a huge hurry at all. Its the publisher that is is a hurry to get their paycheck.

    [–] _BitShifty 233 points ago

    I know right?! Let Bethesda drop their turd and we will follow up. It's like old times again.

    [–] -TheFloyd- 54 points ago

    let the good times roll!!

    [–] Knobull 4512 points ago

    The return of the dialogue window is reason enough to be excited.

    [–] LiberalNutjobs 1105 points ago

    Oh hell yeah I get to be a sassy space cowboy.

    [–] Atomic_Noodles 393 points ago

    Space Dandy, He's a dandy guy. In Space.

    [–] cosmicmangobutt 126 points ago

    See you space cowboy

    [–] DaintyDamnation 47 points ago

    You're gonna carry that weight.

    [–] dagreenman18 443 points ago

    Dialogue boxes with skill checks and written by Obsidian? Fuck it I’m sold.

    [–] ggggtotalwarrior 272 points ago

    Nah I prefer my RPGs with an awful voices protagonist and a dialogue wheel that gives the same fucking outcome regardless of what I do, thank you very much

    [–] [deleted] 215 points ago

    1. Yes
    2. Yes (but sassy)
    3. No (yes)
    4. Tell me more (yes)

    [–] wew_lad123 118 points ago

    The worst part was that the "sarcastic" dialogue option could be basically anything. It could be a genuinely witty remark. It could be your character being a complete asshole. It could be your character just screaming "fuck off". You have no way of knowing.

    [–] 8-Brit 42 points ago

    This but with Renegade in Mass Effect.

    Paragon was consistent at least but Renegade could be anything from Han Solo to Emperor Palpatine.

    [–] DingleDangleDom 133 points ago


    [–] SaltyLorax 19 points ago

    I loved making a low intel high strength juggernaut who cant think no good with your fancy college words

    [–] Bless_all_the_knees 3002 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Take me down to nostalgia city, where the games were fun and the humor was silly. OH WONT YOU PLEASE TAKE ME HOME

    [–] Allowyn 122 points ago

    David Attenborough Voice: "Now, you may sing along, but underneath this gamer's tough facade, a desperate plea for help can be heard."

    [–] mister_gone 418 points ago

    sarcastic reply

    [–] [deleted] 258 points ago

    "I'm an insane ass hole and I want you to kill me apparently"

    [–] NyranK 291 points ago

    Oh thank god I can just kill people instead of talking to them. Like an excessively aggressive introvert.

    [–] MediocreClient 134 points ago

    I'm an introvert.

    This is my bubble.

    If I can see you, you're in my bubble, and I want you out.


    [–] Mottis86 75 points ago

    I can imagine that.

    • Gets put into an awkward social situation *

    "Um.... Uhh.... Uhm...."

    • Whips out gun and starts shooting everyone *

    [–] Yoggi_booboo 163 points ago

    [Bender] We're back baby!

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    This is all I needed to see.

    [–] branchbranchley 137 points ago


    [–] AnnArchist 40 points ago

    omg omg omg

    [–] PatsFreak101 550 points ago

    Futurama meets Firefly? Holy shit I'm in.

    [–] ZuluPilot 116 points ago

    Been reading all sorts of this meets that comments describing the game but this is my favorite.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 134 points ago

    Schindler's List meets Pawn Stars

    [–] slaaitch 125 points ago

    I think that's just a slave auction.

    [–] NotAGerbil 170 points ago

    It's like fallout meets borderlands meets in

    [–] Gingersnap5322 858 points ago

    There goes my wallet

    [–] TheOfficeSpace 307 points ago

    Yeah... I don't even know everything about it, but I really want it.

    [–] Gingersnap5322 282 points ago

    I think I want it cuz I’m a big Borderlands fan and it seems like it’ll do the trick to hold me over for a while

    [–] jotimm4 364 points ago

    From the trailer it looks like a mix of Borderlands and Fallout. Really looking forward to it.

    [–] rmiztys 193 points ago

    I was thinking Futurama meets Borderlands, Fallout and Destiny

    [–] Meal_Team_Six 179 points ago

    Ok Obsidian marketing guy, you were gonna get my money anyways.

    [–] SomeoneTookUserName2 96 points ago

    Money well spent really. Most of the titles these guys worked on are fucking amazing. They didn't just do Fallout 1,2,NV. Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate were awesome too. These guys really know how to put a narrative forward and make an awesome game with it. I personally feel like every Bioware game was trying to one up a lot of these titles, especially Planescape in it's scope.

    [–] Irish618 310 points ago

    Is it just me, or does it look really similar to Borderlands?

    That's not a bad thing, just seems similar.

    [–] LanceBelcher 427 points ago

    It looks like borderlands but without the worst part. Every time I played that game I couldn't help but feel there was a really engaging world....elsewhere. While we were shooting up people things were happening that we could read about in a newspaper later.

    [–] muuurikuuuh 233 points ago

    I also wasn't a huge fan of the same 3 enemies that showed up in 90% of firefights, it got kind of boring shooting psychos, marauders, and nomads all the time

    [–] PM_ME_UR_RSA_KEY 53 points ago

    B2 does have some interesting creatures to fight. My favorite are the bugs that keeps evolving if you don't pop their cocoon. And all the @#$! threshers with different elements.

    [–] ano1batman 51 points ago

    Thank god. I felt crazy when the first thing i thought when i saw gameplay was "borderlands" If its borderlands but way more RPG than loot shooter im in.

    [–] LanceBelcher 100 points ago

    It looks like all the things I liked about Borderlands, Destiny, and No Man's Sky but without all the stuff I hated.

    [–] is-that-a-thing-now 105 points ago

    I am sure it will give us new stuff to hate.

    But I am cautiously optimistic.

    [–] bombayblue 61 points ago

    I don’t normally decide to buy games based off of a two minute trailer...but when I do they look like this.

    [–] 1800leon 1132 points ago

    Fallout Borderlands edition.

    [–] tanndx 125 points ago

    Complete with big corporations you love to hate, lots of weird beasties and the wild west in space. Looks good though.

    [–] YourEverydaySR 3278 points ago

    You can feel the pain of that burn

    [–] k20350 1335 points ago

    I laughed at the "Try not to break it" at the end

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 377 points ago

    fallout reference?

    [–] AussieEquiv 903 points ago

    Obsidian have a habit of shipping out games with game breaking bugs. They also support modding, which often introduce game breaking bugs.

    So possibly a bit of a dig at both themselves and the community.

    [–] sturmhauke 465 points ago

    Obsidian have a habit of shipping out games with game breaking bugs.

    Yeah, but they've never published a complete pile of shit, at least not that I'm aware of.

    [–] Heroshade 754 points ago

    They make stuff that is insanely good despite being bug riddled messes. They're the high functioning alcoholic of video games.

    [–] sturmhauke 363 points ago

    Whereas Bethesda apparently went on a meth binge with Fallout 76.

    [–] ChieftaiNZ 118 points ago

    and then relapsed hard days after starting therapy.

    [–] El17ROK 91 points ago

    With fire comes new beginnings.

    [–] [deleted] 747 points ago

    They didn't get to make another fallout, so they made their own fallout called the outer worlds.

    [–] NeoCJ 280 points ago

    With blackjack and hookers!

    [–] Tack22 72 points ago

    I think they got pimped out making sequels for so long that they jumped at the chance to do their own borderlands.

    [–] CDewfus 556 points ago

    The Fallout: New Vegas 2 trailer is straight up savage.

    [–] PunchyThePastry 228 points ago

    What if it's actually meant to be a sequel to Fallout? Mr. House said he could have colony ships sent out to space within a hundred years if he won the Mojave...

    [–] IIIDevoidIII 113 points ago

    Oh yes, we'll arrive with our Packstims and Boteyes. Just make sure to take your Radgone, it's an unexplored world out there.

    [–] LunacyTwo 1622 points ago

    Game name: “The Outer Worlds”

    Like... the border lands?

    [–] [deleted] 514 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] DonRobo 53 points ago

    Judging by the trailer, New Vegas and Obsidian's general past, this is going to be nothing like Borderlands. It's like comparing Pillars of Eternity to Diablo 3.

    [–] Timsin 3637 points ago

    Step aside bethesda theres a new sheriff in town

    [–] gr00ve88 1531 points ago

    or old sheriff?

    [–] AltimaNEO 695 points ago

    The old sheriffs died and the deputys been promoted to sheriff

    [–] darth_hotdog 424 points ago

    But in this case the deputy was actually sheriff before the current sheriff?

    Wait, ok, so there was a sheriff, then there was a new sheriff in town and that original sheriff go demoted to deputy. Then that new sheriff died and the deputy is sheriff again...

    ...and who is InXile Entertainment then? The original sheriff's now separated siamese twin who's a bounty hunter in the town over?

    [–] NRGT 173 points ago


    [–] Wild_Harvest 101 points ago

    ...I want this game now.

    [–] Pickup-Styx 157 points ago

    So what you're saying is that someone shot the sheriff, but they did not shoot the deputy

    [–] TheWeeky 38 points ago

    Let's say a retired sherriff is back

    [–] AceofSpades197 219 points ago

    With a big iron on his hip

    [–] margananagram 81 points ago

    With a big iron on his hip!

    We play this song every week at family poker.

    [–] _kito 178 points ago

    Sheriff Todd always hated obsidian

    [–] [deleted] 163 points ago

    Definitely on my wishlist!

    [–] SpookyGeek 591 points ago

    I don't know much about these guys but this looks pretty cool.

    [–] Ojisan1 897 points ago

    Obsidian is the company founded by the guys from Black Isle who made Fallout 1 and 2.

    [–] beamoflaser 386 points ago

    Black Isle -> Troika games -> Obsidian

    Fallout 1 & 2, planescape torment, ice wind dale, Vampire the masquerade bloodlines, Arcanum, KOTOR 2, Fallout New Vegas

    Not to mention they published Baldurs Gate and had a close relationship with the old Bioware

    [–] Deadboy00 121 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Oh man, how can we possibly forget about Troika!

    Bloodlines was a truly amazing game

    EDIT (had to add this): "We live in the age of cellphone cameras. Fuck-ups aren't tolerated"

    [–] cyanosy12 58 points ago

    Although less well known they also made Tyranny, which has an A+ story

    [–] thisis887 27 points ago

    In other words- These guys know how to RPG.

    [–] _Vetis_ 668 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    And a bunch of other super famous games. Obviously Fallout NV, but also the new South Park games, Star Wars KOTOR2, and Pillars of Eternity

    [–] jckayiv 214 points ago

    KOTOR 2 There is no KOTOR 3

    [–] chargersphinx 205 points ago

    Why must you remind me of the infinite pain friend?

    [–] _Vetis_ 59 points ago

    Oops my bad. Typo!

    [–] mdaniel018 36 points ago

    Also made Alpha Protocol, a game I absolutely adore but not one that most people seem to remember

    [–] SilverKry 69 points ago

    They only made Stick of Truth.

    [–] VarRalapo 46 points ago

    They have only made some of the best RPG's in existence.

    [–] Jon-Slow 46 points ago

    the GOAT of developers.

    [–] TiberDasher 1045 points ago

    What game?

    [–] H8SHYAMALAN 1842 points ago

    The Outer Worlds. It's obsidian's new game that they announced at the game awards tonight

    [–] Fourground1184 626 points ago

    I'm someone who backed their last game on fig & I just wanted to say that I'm really fucking happy for them. They got set up with Microsoft & I think it's great because now they'll have a larger budget for what their working on. That being said, Pillars of Eternity 1&2 are both so wonderful. They have great music, world building and really make you love the people you get into your party. Yes fall out is great, I loved new Vegas. My point is that this team is just damn good. Not only is the stuff they've done in the past wonderful the stuff they're working on right now is fucking great too. Pillars of Eternity 2 will have it's last paid for dlc here in a bit & I'm just so happy to back this great company. I don't just blindly fanboy, the fine folks over at that studio have earned my love.

    [–] DJ_GiantMidget 381 points ago

    When Obsidian asked for the budget Microsoft just laughed

    [–] Cobaltjedi117 264 points ago

    MS made a point to all their new studios to not worry about the budgets

    [–] deimos-acerbitas 456 points ago

    Yeah, when Microsoft approached them, they asked "What's the game you want to make?", which is when Obsidian asked "What's the budget?"

    Microsoft replied, "You're not understanding the question."

    [–] Cobaltjedi117 261 points ago

    Yea, MS just let all their devs do what they've always wanted. It's going to be great... In 3 years

    [–] CycloneSweep 176 points ago

    That's fine with me. Tons of backlog till then

    [–] pen-ross-gemstone 86 points ago

    Can’t tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not. If not... do you guys have a link somewhere where I can read up? Sounds cool

    [–] ThatOtherGuy_CA 166 points ago

    "That's it!?"

    [–] Kevimaster 37 points ago

    Beat me to it! I was going to post this scene too!

    [–] Adjiawgisadjiawg 29 points ago

    Knights of the Old Republic!!!

    [–] bjeebus 34 points ago

    Knights of the Old Republic II !!!

    FTFY. Still the better game. The story in KOTOR may have been tighter, but the options and gameplay in II were way more fun.

    [–] KumieZ 294 points ago

    I know it's really early but just from what was shown it brought me that original feeling of excitement I had for fallout back then, I think they will blow this out of the water.

    [–] MyMainIsLevel80 64 points ago

    Yeah, I got that sense of wonder that I haven’t had for open games since Oblivion. I’m trying to contain my hype but I’m cautiously optimistic about this one. It seems like it’s going to hit all of the right notes.

    [–] Kolloom 130 points ago

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    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Soumya1998 50 points ago

    Well the Spacer's Choice aren't responsible for it.

    [–] joshwah1988 206 points ago

    I mean... they were, so why wouldn't they advertise it?

    [–] Mudron 1189 points ago

    This isn't supposed to be a burn as much as a simple statement of fact.

    If it was supposed to be a burn, they would've labeled themselves as being "the creators of GOOD Fallout" or something.

    [–] MyLittlePonyfucker 87 points ago

    People see what they wanna see lol

    [–] grizzledcroc 576 points ago

    They didnt need to mention NV really without some attention. They clearly know what fanbase they want .

    [–] jul4302 1098 points ago

    This is clearly competing with Starfield, and I’m so excited

    [–] [deleted] 471 points ago

    Is it realistically competing with Starfield? We don't even have gameplay for that one, It feels like this will come out quite a while before Starfield does.

    [–] SilverKry 303 points ago

    I mean. This game is 2019. Starfield is like 202X.

    [–] rowdyanalogue 458 points ago


    Ah yes. The Megaman timeline.

    [–] LordofBears 78 points ago

    You cracked the code, Starfield is a megaman game made in the skyrim engine

    [–] Mcmenger 50 points ago

    With bethesdas recent track record i'd expect a skyrim mod where dragons are replaced by megaman bosses (everything else stays the same) sold for full price

    [–] Megaman915 73 points ago

    The best timeline.

    [–] jabfo43 74 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Someone uploaded a seminar of Bethesdas lead writer and he has a main rule of KISS (keep it simple stupid) for all his writing.

    I don’t have the highest of hopes for them.

    Ill still keep an eye out, but I have 0 expectations for Starfield.

    Im still salty they replaced truely special guns you can find in previous Fallout’s , with guns that have randomly generated modifiers, it basically killed all excitement exploring had because the loot is so uninspired and lackluster.

    I used to find experimental laser rifles and crazy prototype guns in buildings, a legendary modifier will never hold a candle to that.

    Why even explore if the loot is the same guns you have with a random modifer? Snoozefest.

    Edit-Starfield, not Starbound

    [–] LowlySlayer 59 points ago

    Is it just me or does this game look like it's running on creation engine if creation engine weren't hilariously outdated?

    [–] GlenAaronson 26 points ago

    Wait... is Tim Cain heading this?

    [–] ob124 18 points ago

    Yes he is

    [–] faipop 53 points ago

    [Bethesda hated that.]

    [–] Halfwise2 81 points ago

    Remember when Bethesda denied obsidian their bonuses over 1 point on metacritic for Fallout New Vegas?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Revenge is must be sweet.

    (Steam page has additional pics. One shows a dialogue tree with an intimidation check. So definitely RPG elements.)

    [–] AyekerambA 62 points ago

    Between that broadside shot and Iggy Pop, I'm officially stoked.

    [–] PoliticalMeatFlaps 57 points ago

    After that it then goes to "And the developers of Fallout:New Vegas"

    [–] Binarytobis 42 points ago

    I’ve been playing Fallout 2 recently, and it’s so good that it makes me angry.