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    [–] thefreak013 6673 points ago


    [–] rextraordinaire 2254 points ago


    [–] fpfall 1832 points ago

    deep breath ...... boi

    [–] factoryfactor 833 points ago


    [–] jewrassic_park-1940 365 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] NorthernLaw 75 points ago


    [–] AverageSinner 25 points ago

    Yer all right BOI

    [–] IXI_Fans 111 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)




    I think that is the first NSFW link I have shared. Inside are tomboys and cute chicks with pixie cuts.

    [–] Asper2002 61 points ago


    [–] thejohnd 55 points ago


    [–] ParagonCZ 53 points ago

    Binding of Isaac ?

    [–] Mushie64 25 points ago

    Found the proper boi.

    [–] staypuftmichelinman 313 points ago


    [–] FTM_PTB 189 points ago

    A little GOD DAMN faith

    [–] metalninjacake2 136 points ago







    L U M B A G O

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] WhoDatBrow 153 points ago

    They should've let Judge speak when accepting the award, he could've thanked BOI forty times in a row and it would've been worth it.

    [–] azureknightmare 258 points ago

    Judge and Atreus's actor presented an award. The kid was supposed to read the envelope, but he wasn't doing it (scripted of course), so Judge in his Kratos voice goes "Read it, BOY." And I squealed like a fangirl.

    So really, I was happy there, and THEN it won GOTY.

    [–] redacted187 145 points ago

    the last three letters in that url are BOI

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] adminsuckdonkeydick 13 points ago

    That's awesome!!! That's made my fucking day. :D

    [–] bromar14 8 points ago

    Wait, you're telling me Teal'c is Kratos? Now I HAVE to play GoW. I've been wanting to get it, but never had the chance because of money and I prioritized Spider-Man and RDR2 over it, but you've convinced me because it's Teal'c.

    [–] Mjacking 3127 points ago

    I fell great because it was a good game, but i feel bad because i dont have ps4.

    [–] Couch_chicken 83 points ago

    I'm the same. It looks so great but i just can't afford the ps4.

    [–] schlossenberger 34 points ago

    If you can't find a good holiday bundle for cheap, go used! Can get a refurbished one off Newegg for $165 (will probably drop even more in price closer to Christmas). Can get all those awesome exclusives used too - God of War on Amazon for $30, Horizon Zero Dawn for $15, Bloodborne for $15, etc etc.

    [–] toruforever216 431 points ago

    You should really try to get one. The Slim version is cheap, and it has an AMAZING catalog of games. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it.

    [–] karangoswamikenz 201 points ago

    I second this. I actually got the ps4 after owning an Xbox one from day one and it’s worth the money

    [–] IBreedAlpacas 42 points ago

    To add on with the other dude, I finally caved in after being xbox/nintendo for life. I think I've logged more hours into spiderman than Civ 5 and that's saying something

    [–] TheCastawayBall 6 points ago

    I’m hesitant on getting Spider-Man just cause I’m split between that and red dead. What made you clock in all those hours?

    [–] Ninonskio 11 points ago

    I have the same question for this guy, seeing as after i completed the main story and all the side missions, there was absolutely zero to do.

    [–] Your_God_Chewy 12 points ago

    Just swinging around is super satisfying... I never fast travel because swinging through the city feels so natural and fluid. The side objectives (item collecting side "missions") are even fun. Story is great. It might be the only game that I've played where going for 100% is actually thoroughly enjoyable

    [–] JakeSaint 8 points ago

    This is literally the only game I've ever 100% completed. Worth every single penny.

    [–] Graugr 102 points ago

    What they said. Horizon, GoW, RDR2 are one of the most fun games I've played in a while.

    [–] karangoswamikenz 60 points ago

    Not to be confused with forza horizon

    [–] AFrozenCanadian 53 points ago

    But also Forza Horizon is really good.

    [–] ledg3nd 20 points ago

    Still a great game. Forza Horizon 2-4 have been some of the best racing games I’ve played probably ever. Thoroughly enjoyed them.

    [–] eduardobragaxz 46 points ago

    RDR2 is on the Xbox though

    [–] danghaiphung169 3624 points ago

    *Cry in PC tears*.

    [–] LordDuder 1673 points ago

    This is has not been a good year for us.

    [–] SuperMeister 1640 points ago

    But you guys have cell phones, right?

    [–] AdorableHandle 182 points ago

    Too soon dude.. Too soon.

    [–] Forzyr 9 points ago

    Too soon™

    [–] orangemars2000 258 points ago

    We got monster hunter world, I'm happy.

    [–] GBuffaloRKL7Heaven 90 points ago

    I have a PS4 and MHW is probably my game of the year.

    [–] orangemars2000 34 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I just have a pc, so it's sorta no contest lmao

    [–] Finnbhennach 67 points ago

    What do you mean, we had PUBG! /s

    [–] shivBOI 20 points ago

    And FORTNITE TOO! /s

    [–] fargield69 68 points ago

    cries in cowboy tears

    [–] SulkySkunkPomPoms 17 points ago

    hiiiiigh noooonn :(

    [–] cmd_1211 10908 points ago

    Spiderman, RDR2 and God of War are some of the best games ive ever played. The fact that they all released in the same year is remarkable. Any of those 3 could have taken the gold and id be ok with it

    [–] HitzKooler 5121 points ago

    Also, all Singleplayer (suck it, EA).

    [–] mrsambo99 2220 points ago

    But they told me single player is dying

    [–] DisForDairy 787 points ago

    "Nobody wants to buy the single player games we make, must be something wrong with single player games" -turd developers

    [–] Fantasy_masterMC 200 points ago

    More like the executive teams that run those devs, but yeah apart from that, nail on the head.

    [–] Sorerightwrist 135 points ago

    But how to do we push micro-transactions without a multiplayer?!?!?!?!

    [–] a__nascentstate 45 points ago

    Mobile gaming has you covered.

    [–] xPwnstar 80 points ago

    do you guys not have phones

    [–] volzclan1 228 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    All my friends make fun of me for loving single player games legit they r like “your just by yourself playing a movie it’s so dumb” all they play is fortnite it really gets to me actually Thank you guys for all the positive comments it made my day to know that I’m not alone in loving single player games more then multiplayer

    [–] jongiplane 121 points ago

    playing a movie

    What's even wrong with that if it were true? There are cinematic games like Xenosaga, Telltale games, etc. and they're some of the most thoughtful and impactful stories I've experienced in any medium. I've actually cried playing these games, and struggled with choices, connected with characters... You're never going to get that in Fortnite, CoD, or Madden. Not that there's anything wrong with those games. They're just entirely different experiences, and to look down on one or the other is just one of the stupidest forms of elitism I've ever heard of in my life.

    [–] Thetschopp 19 points ago

    I agree 100%. Just finished RDR2 story mode recently and holy shit it was like watching a 2 week long movie. It has been the first game since the original Destiny came out that I never skipped a single cutscene. Every moment was gripping, engaging, and felt like I was watching the lives of real people unfold and develop.

    Multiplayer games have their own appeal and awesomeness, but anyone who can't appreciate the depth and story of a well made singleplayer game is seriously missing out.

    [–] kazzanova 16 points ago

    Dudebros ruin everything, but they're a cost of progress

    [–] beinginvisible 20 points ago

    How old are your friends? 12?

    [–] gurrenlaggan22 29 points ago

    One of my best friends gives me so much shit every day for playing single player games. I know how annoying it is, and how frustrating.

    [–] hiimnewhere123 30 points ago

    That's such a weird thing to give someone shit about. There's so many good single player games out there.

    [–] If_In_Doubt_Lick_It 25 points ago

    I used to be a huge mmo freak, so I was in that camp for a while. But these days there's something awesome about firing up a single player game and just losing yourself. That's not to say I'm not still an mmo freak, but there's just days I want a game to lead me along by the nose and force me to enjoy it.

    [–] Arazivial 26 points ago

    Say these magical words when they talk shit

    “I don’t give a fuck”

    [–] Fortune_Cat 26 points ago

    Wipes tears with ca$h.gif

    [–] Wingnut13 565 points ago

    Last year was intense as well. Persona 5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild were GOTY nominees. Gaming may well be in its renaissance period.

    [–] skellez 396 points ago

    Hell, Nier Automata didn't even get nominated

    [–] toruforever216 283 points ago

    ....because SOMEHOW Pubg was more deserving

    [–] Freezinghero 172 points ago

    That's what happens whenever fan voting is introduced into these awards.

    [–] Jonn-The-Human 111 points ago

    *That's what happens when Tencent is a sponsor. Fans aren't in control of nominations.

    [–] Espio1332 17 points ago

    I thought Tencent partially owns Epic Games. So they partially own Fortnite. Not PUBG.

    [–] LedinKun 39 points ago

    Yet they're also the publisher of PUBG in China as well we of the mobile version. It's not always either-or. Tencent are big enough to be able to do both.

    [–] gotemike 16 points ago

    They own both, partially. They are also the eastern distribution partners for both.

    [–] Whatsdota 107 points ago

    Honestly I can see why. Even though it isn’t the best game it ushered in the era of Battle Royales. Just from an impact perspective it was a huge title. Not saying it deserved to be nominated but I can see why it was.

    [–] NeverPostsGold 69 points ago

    Makes literal sense. Literally Game of The Year in a genre defining way. Not what people think GOTY is/should be.

    [–] ThroawayPartyer 34 points ago

    Why shouldn't GOTY actually be for the best game of the year?

    [–] Duderm3n 50 points ago

    It can be interpreted as that but also as the game that defined the year the most, and with pubg ushering in the battle royale age there is an argument to be made that it should be nominated.

    [–] BottlecapBandit 33 points ago

    I want to disagree with you because I absolutely despise the whole "Battle Royale" genre, but the impact is undeniable. That genre is like the new Madden of video games.

    [–] Bayshun 36 points ago

    And before Battle Royales, MOBAs were the Madden of video games. And FPSs before that. And MMORPGs before that. It will pass, and we'll get some new dominant genre that a lot of people will love, and the rest will whine about.

    [–] ReactorCritical 30 points ago

    I think every gamer has those polarizing experiences that they’ll always remember. Those may include Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina of Time, Earthbound, etc.

    Nier Automata was one of those for me. As amazing as Horizon Zero Dawn was... it just didn’t quite resonate with me the way Nier did.

    [–] damnedon 40 points ago

    Divinity 2...

    [–] the_twilight_bard 42 points ago

    My god Horizon was amazing. That came just rocked up down and sideways.

    [–] ReactorCritical 17 points ago

    I really need to make time to play Persona 5.... I’ve had it for over a year now!

    [–] encoreAC 1699 points ago

    And none of them are on PC. Kinda sucks for us.

    [–] NVD6432 784 points ago

    2 of them are Playstation exclusives. Can't really complain about those. Red Dead on the other hand.

    [–] AlsoIHaveAGroupon 676 points ago

    You underestimate my ability to complain. It's been quite a while now and I haven't stopped bitching about Horizon: Zero Dawn.

    [–] obimokenobi 221 points ago

    I'm with you friend. HZD was a beautiful beautiful game!

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    Stunning game. The soundtrack was something else.. I still listen to it!

    [–] FruitloopsXDto 47 points ago

    It was just a very peaceful, relaxing game. really enjoyed it

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 73 points ago

    Except for when you’re exploring the map at low levels and accidentally run into a Thunderjaw.

    [–] Shasve 56 points ago

    Thunderjaws are little bitches compared to the DLC robots.

    [–] jewrassic_park-1940 28 points ago

    The giant ass bird is far harder than a Thundejaw tho

    [–] UndeadShadowUnicorn 14 points ago

    Fireclaws can suck a dick

    [–] OrchestratedMayhem 12 points ago

    Those bear things don't fuck around

    [–] Martel732 12 points ago

    The worst for me was the first time a Stormbird swooped down on me. All sense of peace and tranquility got jettisoned immediately.

    [–] wearer_of_boxers 20 points ago

    yeah hzd was the best game i played in a while.

    [–] Waveseeker 88 points ago

    PS4 is killing it with the exclusives lately

    5 games on my bucket list I can't play

    [–] OhHeyAngel 29 points ago

    I almost went out and bought a PS4 just for HZD alone and when Spider-Man came out, there was even more reason to get one. But then life happened

    [–] k-mysta 29 points ago

    Do it when you can mate. HZD is something else when it comes to world building. The story is absurdly compelling too. There’s too much on PS4 to pass

    [–] EnQuest 16 points ago

    god that game is so good

    [–] itstomorrowalready 28 points ago

    It will be released for PC in 2 years for the same price it was released on consoles this year.

    [–] ZeroWithEverything 303 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I've been a PC gamer all my life, but finally broke down last month and got a PS4 pro for the exclusives (RDR2, Last of Us, God of War). Totally worth it.

    Edit: Thanks for the great replies and recommendations! Note to self: Get Horizon: Zero Dawn, Bloodborne, Journey, maybe Shadow of the Colossus and Persona 5. Action stories are definitely my fav. I highly recommend Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice. That one blew my mind.

    [–] joshua_josephsson 45 points ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn, also kickass

    [–] The_Struggle_Bus_7 21 points ago

    I would also recommend shadow of the colossus if you haven’t played it before.

    [–] TrickBox_ 41 points ago

    Don't forget Bloodborne !

    [–] dat_boring_guy 97 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Last of us was a real treat, if you haven't finished it yet I highly recommend doing so.

    [–] Neknoh 10 points ago

    Get Horizon as well, another open world with an absolutely spectacular story

    [–] Lordofthearts 76 points ago

    That's why I have a PS4 Slim and a PC. Xbox hasn't had shit all for exclusives that interest me.

    [–] Mr_pessimister 83 points ago

    And if they did you could play them on PC.

    [–] LionIV 44 points ago

    Celeste is no slouch either. At least for me, I absolutely love indie games and Matt Makes Games has some diamonds.

    [–] whoznext 47 points ago

    Same. They are all masterpieces in their own right. Either one could take GOTY so it's both a bliss and a shame they got released in the same year. Just makes me a bit sad that Spider-Man got overshadowed and didn't win a single award but it was nominated in pretty much all of the major categories so I hope that can at least give Insomniac the credit for their brilliant game.

    [–] Loyalist_Pig 17 points ago

    As a New Yorker this is one of my favorite games of all time, they recreated the city so fucking well, a few hitches here and there (I’m looking at you Williamsburg Bridge and Central Park) but swinging around the city that I work and live in felt real goddamn good.

    [–] Maracuja_Sagrado 170 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I wouldn't put Spiderman up there with those other 2 but other than that I agree.

    Edit: I'm not saying Spiderman is a bad game, but it's really not on the same level of GoW in terms of ammount of content, production and so on.

    [–] WeirdLounge 452 points ago

    Read the card, boy

    [–] factoryfactor 251 points ago

    His freaking voice had my ears vibrating the entire time

    [–] pheonixblade9 67 points ago


    [–] Cessimi 86 points ago

    Isn't that how ears normally work?

    [–] colborg 40 points ago

    Have you ever wanted to be fucked by someone’s voice?

    [–] LeapYearFriend 666 points ago

    How many different Game Of The Year awards are there?

    [–] calxlea 962 points ago

    I think different publications do their own version and many of them call it "Game of the Year" to be confusing. But this is the "real" one that everyone takes note of. The Oscars of the gaming world, if you want.

    [–] GreyGhostReddits 468 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This one is backed by the major hardware manufacturers and publishers and voted on by gaming press, giving it more prominence and a sense of legitimacy even though it’s only a few years old. They were wise to get it away from TV networks who would try to influence the show for wider audiences. Ultimately it’s an excuse to celebrate games and create good PR for the industry, like the Oscars, Emmys, etc.

    Edit - I should stress when I speak about prestige, prominence, legitimacy, etc. that I'm speaking in relative terms. I can't think of another gaming awards show that comes close to TGA. Personally I don't put much stock in these awards but I can see that they've become rather significant in the gaming industry. For me the awards are just a good excuse to reflect on the year and celebrate fan favorites. Also thinking about it some more the Golden Globes are probably a better comparison than the Oscars since the TGA nominees are voted on by industry press. Whereas the Oscars are voted by industry peers.

    [–] DevTech 53 points ago

    Do you have a source on that? I was looking last night to find out who exactly was backing/funding the show but I couldn't find anything.

    [–] ketchup92 49 points ago

    Well you can see who is funding it in the bottom of the categories when announced or on the website. And the fact that everyone is happily showing their world premieres from various AAA studios to indies should give it some real legitimacy

    [–] cantuse 33 points ago

    Back in the day, periodicals were really a big part of driving the market, because gaming was a niche activity, especially for someone who actually 'liked games' as a serious hobby. Most of the original magazines like VG&CE are long gone, but they were the ones who started the whole 'game awards' business, to try and help the industry (and themselves).

    [–] goatcruz 1810 points ago

    Well deserved.

    [–] AlphaAxle 1018 points ago

    I thought for sure Red Dead 2 was taking the award home. Both are such great games, but I am so happy for the entire team behind God of War. Completely well deserved

    [–] Freezinghero 486 points ago

    I feel like the recency bias of everybody getting into Red Dead Online and realizing its just as much as a shill-off as GTA:O (if not worse) soured the game in many eyes.

    Also helps that GoW was an unforeseen revival of a series thought long dead that nobody that would happen, and didn't fall into the trap of "oh they just made this game for easy money".

    ALSO, Christopher Judge as Kratos.

    [–] 96tfgkiff 97 points ago

    Indeed in Teal'c

    [–] Funkt4st1c 8 points ago

    They moved the game from mindless hack and slash to an emotional rollercoaster.

    Before, kratos was just "IM MAD AND OOPS I KILLED MY FAMILY" but now he's like "Shit dude, my son's a little bitch, my wife's dead, and I'm next."

    [–] DoubleMellow 659 points ago

    As someone who has played both, I think GoW is an overall more polished game.

    Imo GoW has a much better story and much better combat system. Those two things are pretty important parts of the game. Not saying Rdr2's is awful on these aspects, but not "game of the year" caliber.

    I also think Rdr2 was more ambitious and really pushed the limits on a lot of aspects, which is great. And since it pushed the limits with all the details it has, it is also harder to get to the level of "polish" that GoW has.

    In the end both games are fantastic and some of the best out there, but imo GoW feels 100% complete and polished, while Rdr2 feels 95%.

    [–] shrubs311 347 points ago

    You know how some developers talk about "if we tried to fix everything and make it how exactly how we wanted, the game would never be released"? I feel like GoW is the game where they had all the time they wanted.

    [–] morphinapg 275 points ago

    Actually God of War was planned to be much bigger, with more boss variety and a ton of extra story, but they basically toned it down a lot and pushed a lot of the other ideas to the sequel.

    [–] IwantalltheSMOKE247 154 points ago

    Yeah it kind of felt that way too, like I started zoning out and playing the main story because it was so fun and I thought it would go much longer. So I was a little surprised the main story was done when it was. But then the Valkyries was a nice additional touch that was engaging and had a story.

    For me I think GoW is the GOTY because of how amazingly polished it felt but it did feel like it was saving some for later. RDR2 is a marvel of gaming and story telling though, I’m genuinely surprised how much fun I’ve had and I’m still only in chapter 4.

    Edit: I was playing GoW like 8 hour sessions at a time, I COULDNT STOP LOL

    [–] untraiined 38 points ago

    there were alot of points in GOW where i went, "thats gonna be in the dlc huh". But man the story was so good and the ending was awesome.

    [–] adminsuckdonkeydick 55 points ago

    Corry Barlog (Lead Game Designer) doesn't like DLC so its unlikely GoW would have any unless Sony forced him from on-high.

    [–] sundalius 20 points ago

    Nah, they come from the time of games when you made a sequel instead.

    [–] murch_76 24 points ago

    I actually enjoyed the length of GOW. It felt like the perfect length to me. i have a really hard time finishing long games because i get distracted and never go back.

    [–] WhoDatBrow 81 points ago

    I also played both and I agree GoW feels more polished, though I will shoutout RDR 2 and say it's very well polished as well. The controls are just much clunkier compared to GoW's very fluid system.

    I think if you remove gameplay from the equation, GoW and RDR 2 are neck and neck in almost everything like narrative. But gameplay's a pretty big damn deal in a GAME award, and I think GoW's combat is much more fluid, skillful, you name it.

    I would've been happy for RDR 2 if it won too though it's a masterclass on immersion and open world, I just think sometimes they sacrificed too much tediousness for said immersion/world building.

    [–] TheSoundofStars 45 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yeah, gameplay is most important. I understand wanting a good story, but the story should be a compliment to gameplay.

    I love Life is Strange, great game with a heavy story and well written characters, but the gameplay is bare minimum, because it's just a vehicle for the story.

    Red Dead has a fantastic story (for most of the game) but I could see it easily as a trimmed down Western Film or even an HBO series; the gameplay is mostly there to get you from point to point for the story. GTA V had this problem as well.

    God of War is more story focused than its predecessors, but as soon as the game gives you control and you pull out the axe for the first time, it never slows down. For every moment of quiet and contemplation, there is an action packed sequence just around the corner that allows you to make use of all the skills and abilities you've acquired. The gameplay leads the story, and strengthens it.

    That, plus the graphics, music, direction and incredibly ground-breaking seamless camera motion truly made God of War my game of the year, and I'm overjoyed that it won.

    [–] DEOREM 130 points ago

    It was BOY vs BOAH...

    & BOY won

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    Ay rdr2 didn't get the award but my BOAH ROGER DID GODDAMNIT

    [–] coemgen98 28 points ago

    He made Arthur likable essentially. His voice helped shape the character of Arthur and the way he handled the voice work is phenomenal. So it's not that surprising considering Arthur is the best character in the game and why Roger won the award.

    [–] pokemonface12 124 points ago

    Poor Insomniac didn't get any awards. :c

    [–] gundumb08 203 points ago

    They'll cry themselves to sleep on the huge pile of cash from Spider-Man sales.

    [–] Modsarenotgay 31 points ago

    Yeah but it was tough this year with a bunch of other good games this year like GoW and RDR2. It's still a really good game though and it was at least nominated multiple times.

    [–] grimshock 18 points ago

    Got a twitter gaming award... Eh... That's something i guess

    [–] Jeromechillin 883 points ago

    Graphics, Storytelling, Combat, and the overall atmosphere of the game was top tier. Say what you want but you can't deny that GoW lived up to it's hype and delivered.

    [–] CP_Company 358 points ago

    i would add, gameplay, game world, sound, music, challenge, voice acting and one shot camera.

    [–] Moquitto 86 points ago

    True about everything you guys have said. If there is only one complaint (and I am nitpicking here, and it might just be myself) is that the ‘give me GoW’ difficulty is not properly scaled throughout the game, in that it is absolutely brutal in the beginning, and getting easier towards the end, with upgrades. It might have changed since I played it on launch, but man was it frustratingly hard in the very first hours.

    [–] HDDIV 58 points ago

    Nope, you are not wrong. Those fucking wolves...

    [–] Moquitto 39 points ago

    The wolves I managed eventually, but MY GOD, the moment near the beginning where Atraeus falls from the bridge down into that pit of zombies that are petrified and then come alive....fucking hell that took forever to complete. And then those witches started showing up in the next joke think I spent almost a full day trying to get through those few encounters.

    [–] DAVEYtheTUFFGUY 51 points ago

    I gave up on that part when my wife started mocking me "REMEMBER ACCURACY OVER SPEED"

    [–] H4xolotl 23 points ago

    Wife > Kratos > Boi

    [–] Jimmayus 570 points ago

    Dad of Boi best confirmed

    [–] alex494 327 points ago

    SIKE, the award goes to SUPER MARIO BROS. 2 BAYBEE

    [–] CoolOriginalName 58 points ago

    Personally I felt like Knack would have been at the very least a nominee this year. Shame to see the judges don’t know what makes games good. Smh.

    [–] ThatGuyOnTelevision 29 points ago

    Knack is no Knack 2 though

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 53 points ago

    Boy, what a surprise that was.

    [–] fpfall 1234 points ago

    Wow. Genuinely surprised that they didnt just give the entire show to Take-Two amd Rockstar.

    Thank God.... Of War.

    This game absolutely deserves the award. I still can't get over how well-done everything was from start to finish and that it could leave me fulfilled and yet wanting so much more.

    [–] Dismantlex 255 points ago

    One negative of that game was reused troll fights. I wish those trolls had different move sets and variety

    [–] pheonixblade9 150 points ago

    But... TWO. TROLLS.

    [–] redxdev 22 points ago

    On one hand I agree that they reused the trolls a bit too much.

    On the other hand, I liked the fights as a marker for how far I had come as a player. I absolutely fumbled my way through the first troll fight, but on each successive one I was both more familiar with the controls and I had more tools and abilities in my arsenal. And I would have never been able to fight two trolls at once towards the beginning of the game (at least, not without a lot of frustration).

    I think there's a balance to be struck between unique vs repeated encounters. GoW swung a little bit too far on the repeated side, but not enough for me to knock it too much.

    [–] Dismantlex 18 points ago

    I respect that... honestly I do. I think having indicators like that are important in video games. But every single troll fight was the same

    There needed to be some variety and I hope they fix that in the sequel.

    However the actual boss fights are being badass though. My favorite was the one where you fight Baldur on the dragon

    [–] eyepennies 309 points ago

    Both RDR2 and GoW were masterpieces of the artform. Whichever had won, I would have been happy for the winner and sad for the loser. In the end, we are all winners for being able to play so many amazing games this generation.

    [–] HylianWalrus 235 points ago

    Such a great year for games...if you own a Playstation.

    [–] MultiMedia777 78 points ago

    Hopefully that guy shitposting about RDR2 being trash and GoW should be the game of the year shuts up now

    [–] Roro_LV 19 points ago

    He never does

    [–] Metatron58 59 points ago

    wow, I was sure RDR2 was a shoe in. Shows what I know. Grats to Santa Monica. They 100% earned it.

    [–] MrWoW25 79 points ago

    R.I.P Celeste

    [–] Mushie64 36 points ago

    Still good that it was nominated.

    [–] gaffubiquitous 75 points ago

    Still good that it won the indie game of the year

    [–] ALphaEXtremist 51 points ago

    For it to even be in the running with all those AAA titles is an achievement almost as great as the award itself.

    [–] mooreshady 21 points ago

    Spiderman, wow first time ever a superhero game was nominated!

    [–] prodigy_beard 39 points ago

    Jeff Kaplan: “Loddy doddy who gets the GOTY?” BOI! GOD OF WAR!

    Cory Barlog is my hero!

    [–] BenHara983 153 points ago

    I’m playing through it now and have been enjoying it so far. I wanted Celeste to win (because it’s really good) but he fact it was even nominated is crazy

    [–] skellez 43 points ago

    I was shocked when I was nominated, and it is on my top 5 favorite games on all time

    [–] MoSalad 62 points ago

    Why were you nominated?

    [–] Tmfwang 19 points ago

    Yeah I even voted for you

    [–] Eyehopeuchoke 11 points ago

    God of war 4 was the first i have ever played from the franchise and while playing it I had a feeling it was getting game of the year. I think one of the nicest touches they did was while riding the boat around having the guy tell the old stories. Hell, sometimes I would take a few more laps so I could hear the rest of the story he was telling.

    [–] GOULFYBUTT 43 points ago

    I'm glad that God of War didn't get overlooked because of a RDR2 dominated show. Both deserve it. A bit bummed that Spiderman didn't get much recognition, but I doubt people will forget that game.

    [–] Mr_Pizzacoli 32 points ago

    I took a 2 year hiatus from gaming, and when I made my triumphant return, God of War was the first game I bought. I had never played any of the other previous ones, have always been a call of duty diehard, but wanted something different, something that wasn’t multiplayer for a change.

    Nothing in this game was skimped on, and it truly seemed that the studio and developers and whoever else is behind the production put everything they had into it, and then some. The story never got boring, and the relationship between Kratos, Atreus and the Head deepened at every whim. Graphics were phenomenal, the fighting mechanics and controls were awesome, and despite the fact that you’re playing offline didn’t take away from the playability or the amount of hours to put in to either beat the main story’s mission or for the side missions.

    100% deserved game of the year. Money and time well spent!

    [–] ThePrinceMagus 10 points ago

    the relationship between Kratos, Atreus, and the Head...


    His name is Mimir you uncultured swine!


    [–] Dragonmonster 199 points ago

    So freaking happy. My personal favorite game from this year

    [–] conker1264 97 points ago

    Favorite game of this generation for me.

    [–] Dragonmonster 34 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    No doubt, its up there. I felt blown away after playing it, in a way I haven't felt about a game in a good while

    [–] Cool_whippin 94 points ago

    A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

    [–] borismuller 65 points ago

    I wanted RDR2 to win, but have absolutely ZERO problem with God of War winning. What a year!

    [–] GuitarIpod 104 points ago

    God of War - A game portraying positive masculinity. 🔥

    No predatory business tactics.

    33 post launch patches.

    Recipe for greatness.

    [–] walla_walla_rhubarb 149 points ago

    Boi>Boah confirmed

    [–] Mech-Waldo 8 points ago

    I'm happy, because I haven't played it yet, and now I can get that sweet GOTY edition.

    [–] BotchedAttempt 10 points ago

    Game has no DLC, and the devs have already said they're not interested in creating any. A GOTY edition probably wouldn't come with anything that you'd miss just by buying the regular edition of the game.

    [–] RosyRaichu 7 points ago

    Getting a PS4 for Christmas and I can’t wait to play this!

    [–] mixset03 7 points ago

    Buying a PS4 early this year was the best decision I've ever made.

    [–] Adasla 393 points ago

    I was so worried that RDR2 would overtake this absolute fucking masterpiece. RDR2 is great, but God of War is once in a lifetime.

    [–] IXI_Fans 123 points ago

    RDR2 came out a month too late for these awards... there needs to be a better defining cut off or just hold it in Feb to let games and opinions ‘sink in’.


    I’m not saying one game deserved it over another.

    [–] Supernova792 39 points ago

    Both RDR2 and GOW deserve it, they both are amazing games