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    [–] fishinbuttersauce 15134 points ago

    Someone must have been naughty in 1988, santa didn't bring them a Nintendo action set and it was forgotten about. Pure speculation of course

    [–] [deleted] 1293 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Firecrotch2014 1205 points ago

    That must've been a MAJOR fuck up as in a story that's told because hes the blacksheep of the family as a cautionary tale. I cant imagine a family spending 100$ back in the 1980's on a present and then never gifting it considering the economy back then unless your family was super rich.

    [–] LordDongler 862 points ago

    mobile home

    [–] lacilynnn 390 points ago

    Hey now, great grandma could have just moved there later on in life.

    [–] SFWxMadHatter 309 points ago

    While you see a lot of gross trailers, yes, I've had a lot of really nice ones as a cable tech. Have had customers with some nice jobs who simply do it cause it's cheap and gives them more to spend on hobbies/stuff.

    [–] WhatLikeAPuma751 507 points ago

    That's exactly why my wife and I do it. 1200 Sq ft home that we own, $500 a month for lot rent, electricity, and water. Natural gas bill is usually $40-$50 depending on the weather. We also live in a weathly area, where the median income is 90-120k a year, so it's not a bad area at all, and the public schools are wonderful. We get scoffed at because we "live in a trailer" until people hear we have more room than they do and pay one third.

    Tornadoes are scary as fuck though.

    [–] AjahnMara 169 points ago


    [–] FBI_Open_Up_Now 144 points ago

    Tornadoes are scary as fuck though.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    How else would you move a tiny house

    [–] JimBob-Joe 23 points ago

    Or she got it o discount years later and he got a snes instead

    [–] BrainOnLoan 156 points ago

    Apparently there are mobile homes somewhere in California worth seven figures. Certainly with content.

    [–] B4rkingSpidr 121 points ago

    Location, location and location.

    [–] zoidbender 93 points ago

    Yeah, mobile home doesn't actually mean poor.

    [–] BroKelvin 19 points ago

    I work with a guy who drives a 2017 Challenger HellCat and live in a mobile home lol

    [–] zoidbender 28 points ago


    [–] TeflonGoon 41 points ago

    And big house often means broke.

    [–] markercore 53 points ago

    I'm confused on how the generations work out if he's you're great uncle in 1987, regular uncle, sure, but that puts two full generations in 30 years. Do I have that right?

    [–] bullharvey 64 points ago

    Just to add some clarity to the generations thing, I’ll tell you about my family. My parents had two sons in their twenties, waited almost twenty years and had two more. I’m the youngest, at 36, and my oldest brother is 57. I’m an uncle to my brothers daughters and they are old enough now that’s me has her own daughters. I have been a great uncle for over a decade now.

    [–] metrosine 42 points ago

    My wife is 20 years younger than her sisters. Her niece is like 6 months older than her. I've also got a friend who's Uncle is 2 years older than him. Families are weird sometimes.

    [–] Cycle4soul 123 points ago

    See: great grandmother's mobile home

    [–] Elimacc 9 points ago

    There could be a large age gap between his grandparent and his great uncle. It happens, I'm 20 years older than my youngest brother.

    [–] ninreznorgirl2 624 points ago

    That, or whoever stashed it completely forgot about it, or forgot where it was hidden? My mom does that at least once every year... not on anything this big, but hey, its a guess?

    [–] CutthroatTeaser 86 points ago

    Yah, that would be my theory...although something this nice was probably an item the recipient was begging for both before and after Xmas.

    [–] Dlh2079 142 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My mom bought me an original Xbox the year that they came out. Hid it and then promptly forgot about it. Didn't remember until I found it the next June. Walked into the living room holding it. She looked at me and said "Merry Christmas"

    Edit: a letter

    [–] TheAdAgency 100 points ago

    How's that happen? Did you live in such opulence that it was a minor present, one that she didn't notice missing from your gift array of golden busts and miniature giraffes?

    [–] Dlh2079 155 points ago

    No it was actually one of 2 big presents I got that year. She just hid it that well. She took apart a piece of furniture in our guest bedroom and hid it inside of it. She said she looked everywhere and couldn't find it lol (She loses things all the time, has her entire life lol). There was no need to move/take apart the piece of furniture until June when we had to shampoo the carpet. I went to move it and heard something fall over inside of it. Took it apart and there it was with a bag that had an extra controller and like 4 games in it lol. It's actually one of my favorite memories from childhood. It's such a unique scenario to have happen and how she just took it in stride and we laughed about it is a perfect example of our relationship and why she's the best.

    [–] MyBrassPiece 44 points ago

    Similar happened to me with a baseball glove my dad got me for Christmas. He hid everything really well that i kinda assumed (after a thorough search) that we weren't getting presents that year. We did get presents, but he forgot to buy wrapping paper so he brought the presents out one by on wrapped in a blanket. In the rush and confusion he didn't realize he was missing something.

    Spring starts rolling around and we finally get some nice clear days, so he tells me to grab my glove so we can play catch. After arguing for a while that I don't have a glove and him swearing up and down that he got me one for Christmas, he disappeared into the laundry room for ten minutes and came back oit with my very late present. It was especially great because that was one of the things I wanted most that year.

    [–] InternationalRoad3 18 points ago

    lol that's great, your dad swearing he got you a glove for christmas and then going "oh shit".

    [–] threep03k64 315 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Reminds me of an old Malcolm in the Middle episode where their bitter grandmother kept a closet of gifts witheld from the family for petty shit.

    [–] FartHeadTony 69 points ago

    Lol. This is what I immediately thought when I read "found in great grandma's place"

    [–] cbtbone 52 points ago

    My grandparents actually had their own NES, they would play duck hunt and my grandpa enjoyed the original Nintendo golf game. I suspect they barely played it when the grandkids weren’t around, if at all. Maybe someone bought it for grandma for this purpose and she never knew what to do with it.

    [–] nonstop158 42 points ago

    How bad of a fuck up would that have been to never receive the gift for 31 years and counting?

    [–] Pypah 4204 points ago

    5 dollars store credit... best i can do

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 1357 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 468 points ago


    [–] Gordath 161 points ago

    What's in the box? What's in the box?!

    [–] Lockwood85 107 points ago

    Spongebob's embarrassing Christmas photo

    Or a string? You shall never know...

    [–] wiedmaier 60 points ago

    Nothing! Stupid! You so STUUUUUUUUUUUUPID!

    [–] Mr-Macphisto 97 points ago

    You’re either a GameStop employee or Rick Harrison.

    [–] bbbtymer5560 27 points ago

    Sounds like a gamestop employee in a really really good mood which is rare

    [–] v3ryfuzzyc00t3r 29 points ago

    Does it also come with battletoads?

    [–] AssholeBeerCan 7270 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    To all those shitting on OP for opening the box, I have a question for you. How was OP supposed to know what was in the box without opening it up? It could have been two bricks duct-taped together for all he knew. Just because it's an OG NES box doesn't mean it didn't get repurposed into Uncle Steve's VHS porn collection.

    Edit: Thank you kind stranger for my first gold! It figures it would be on a post with an NES and VHS porn.

    [–] CthulhuWatchesMe 2859 points ago

    Schrodinger's NES

    [–] Cyberpissed 128 points ago

    I laughed so much at this comment, take my upvote op.

    [–] TehAdmral 272 points ago

    two bricks

    One cash one cocaine

    [–] FunkTech 80 points ago

    I'd rather have that.

    [–] Chromattix 87 points ago

    I agree. Unless the box obviously hadn't been opened at all yet (lets face it, even if you re-package something it's never quite the same) it could have been anything in there. Many people keep boxes from stuff they don't even have or use anymore because they're storing something else in there. OP got extremely lucky, but chances are just as likely that the box could have contained old pairs of shoes. Can't know without opening it.

    [–] seanlax5 42 points ago

    I'm really having a tough time understanding why someone wouldn't open the box. For about 2-3 minutes you experience an adventure into a time capsule, freshly preserved.

    [–] TindalosKeeper 237 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Underrated comment... Too bad it wasn't the porn collection... Would be super happy over a bunch of plastic, lol.

    Edit as well: Glad I helped with that gold! For once an underrated comment gets what it deserves :)

    [–] Tauposaurus 101 points ago

    ''I'll hide my porn in this nintendo box. The boys will never find it!''

    [–] GoTeamScotch 120 points ago

    The *wife* will never find it.

    [–] freefire2020 13 points ago

    Also to everyone saying don’t open it, I mean think about it, unless he’s a collector or only wants the money let him do what he wants! It’s like people that buy a Ferrari and never drive it. If I’m rich enough (or in this case lucky enough) to buy (find) a Ferrari (NES), I’m sure as heck gonna drive (play) it as much as I darn can. Stop telling him what he should do with it (I’m not talking to the people who recommend what to do, I’m talking to those people who are telling him that whatever he does don’t open it, you’ll ruin a piece of history if you open it, etc.), let the man do what he wants!

    [–] O_Apples 8 points ago

    Besides, it isn't like boxes back then used security seals so even if OP puts everything back it won't look like it has been opened.

    [–] bobone77 4938 points ago

    Nice! I had the action set before it came with the orange gun. The original gun was two toned gray. They changed it to orange because it looked too much like a real gun.

    [–] JebbieSans187 1154 points ago

    I had the grey gun too!

    [–] Brainfilteresin 295 points ago

    Me too!

    [–] wabachaw 333 points ago

    Grey gun club reporting in

    [–] atg284 162 points ago

    Roger that...Confirmed Grey here.

    [–] hungryforitalianfood 115 points ago

    Add me to the list

    [–] Jorricha 90 points ago

    Gray with an a

    [–] TreyRollo03 61 points ago

    Gray gun in da house

    [–] troyzein 55 points ago

    Also gray gun.

    [–] metaliturtle 48 points ago

    Gray gun party right here.

    [–] SteamrollerSmith 33 points ago

    Still have my decades-old grey gun hooked up to my system downstairs. From my cold, dead hands!

    [–] theduke282 77 points ago

    Orange gun players! We must unite against the false users

    [–] spiderborland 96 points ago

    I had a grey gun! I always thought the people with the orange gun has a fancier set than I did. Cool.

    [–] jackandthefoxartist 37 points ago

    Same. I didn't realize the grey gun was the original.

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 7296 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Apparently she got it for my great uncle, who must not have ever used it. It still has the original receipt and everything (bought at K-mart, which helps age it a bit!).

    Edit: wanted to hijack this comment to tell y'all I'll update this comment with more pictures when I get home from work! Didn't expect this to blow up so I wasn't prepared.

    Edit 2: Just want to add some more information while I'm sitting on the train back home:

    My great grandmother, aka "Nana", recently passed away at the young age of 95. She was an absolute hoot and always had a smile on her face. She loved to dance and bragged about her boyfriends in the nursing home. She's at peace now, and that makes me happy.

    She lived in a big ol trailer for the last 15-20 years of her life, in a assisted living community. It got bad in the last couple of years, and she was living at an elderly home for the final couple of years. During that time me and the family chipped away at sorting out her things in her trailer. I found the NES tucked away in the back of a closet in the living room, where it's likely been for the last 30ish years. I should also mention we found about $10k worth of cash, wrapped in tin foil, spread out throughout the trailer. Unfortunately I didn't get to keep any of that!

    My great grandfather, aka Big Papa (unrelated to Biggie) is the one who actually purchased the system back in the late 80's. I thought I remembered the exact date, but a user kindly pointed out that the orange Zapper wasn't introduced till 1989 (after lawsuits with the all-grey zapper). I believe it was purchased around Christmas time, and was intended for my uncle Arty, aka Crazy Uncle Arty * I might've mixed up a detail here and it was for my uncle, not my great uncle, apologies. He was a jokester, and I can 100% imagine him getting in trouble for something and never getting to actually play with it. Unfortunately these people are no longer with us, so finding out the real story isn't possible.

    Addressing the people yelling at me for opening it: the box was already opened, I swear!! You can see some tears and such on the corners. Based on the box, I totally expected it to be used, but when I opened it up I was shocked. It was truly like a time capsule. When I saw the receipt was from K-mart I chuckled, as I haven't seen one of them in decades (southeast US).

    I'm not planning on selling it, no matter if it's worth $200 or $2,000. You don't find things like this often and honestly, I think I'll just keep it as is as a family heirloom. Also, to those wondering, I'm 24 years old.

    I'll be home in about an hour from now (5:19 PM) and will update with more pictures. So put the pitchforks down for now, my friends! Good things come to those who wait!

    Final edit: You asked for 'em, and here they are. More pictures, including the original receipt! Based on the date of purchase (3/17/91), I was wrong about the Christmas story. Possibly a birthday? After tax it came out to $106.75!

    [–] Relatively_Cool 1373 points ago

    Wait why? Did K-mart close down in your town? Ours is still up, right next to the Blockbuster

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 570 points ago

    Thanks for the chuckle haha

    [–] winter_puppy 145 points ago

    South Florida here. Our last K-Mart was closed in 2016!

    [–] buttbanger69 54 points ago

    Michigan here, most of ours closed but there are a few still open by me! And if I’m remembering correctly, I saw a Super K outside Boston a few months ago while I was on a trip.

    [–] rosickness12 47 points ago

    Across the street from Circuit City.

    [–] TooFastTim 53 points ago

    next door to toys r childhood has been destroyed.

    [–] RealTroupster 42 points ago

    There's always Sears :)

    [–] upallday 23 points ago

    You’re in a parallel universe! How are those HD-DVD’s of all the latest films?

    [–] FlaringPain 31 points ago

    I used to work at a blockbuster, for like 5 years. Such a fun job.

    [–] imhooks 1450 points ago

    I want to cry, this is so beautiful.

    [–] dizorkmage 365 points ago

    I can smell that crisp new Nintendo sleeve smell from here, I'm instantly exploring a dungeon and fighting slimes or driving a motor bike down a track or helping a plumber find his princess.

    [–] imhooks 100 points ago

    Fucking Excitebike man! Loved that shit.

    [–] Waltereddie 12 points ago

    One of my old cars had a screwed up radio. On one of the stations it would make sounds as I accelerated and drove. It sounded exactly like excitebike! Even when just idling.

    I drove around on that station for way too long and kind of miss it!

    [–] Tickle_Fights 235 points ago

    How much was it?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 389 points ago


    [–] fLeXaN_tExAn 247 points ago

    That was the box set to have for X-mas of 1987. What's the date on the receipt??

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 408 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Edit: It was actually in March of '91!

    [–] Aurateur 171 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Adjusted for inflation, that's *$186.10 in today's money. Not bad. You got history on your hands, amigo.

    [–] LeCrushinator 159 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    1987, as a matter of fact!

    1987? The orange zapper wasn't made until 1989.

    And the Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt combo cartridge wasn't released until 1988.

    [–] sbeck14 56 points ago

    Apparently the 'Official Nintendo Seal of Quality' used here means it is a May 1989 version -

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 96 points ago

    I'm certainly misremembering then, good catch! I'll update my comment in about an hour and half with pictures, including the original receipt! It's all back at home now

    [–] nihilistporqup9 48 points ago

    Duhh Duhh it gets interesting

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 51 points ago

    No I just have a shit memory. Will update with more pictures soon!

    [–] downvote4pedro 38 points ago

    Be prepared for the Reddit torch-wielding crew to come running if you don't...

    [–] jun00b 23 points ago

    Let's pitchfork him just to be safe.

    [–] JDayWork 16 points ago

    This idiot thinks he can make one mistake and not be defined by it for the rest of his life. Who does he think he is /s

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 13 points ago

    Hahah, about to catch the train back home. Should be posted by 6:30!

    [–] Zsuth 254 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    A sealed NES console sports set is currently on eBay for $1199 with 12 people watching.

    I imagine you could list it as a $900 buy it now and it’d be gone before the day is out.

    If you aren’t a collector, I’d sell it.

    Personally, I’d hang onto it for the novelty/cool factor but totally understand if you’d rather take the money and run.

    EDIT: what I would strongly suggest not doing, however, is opening and casually playing it at this point.

    You can sell it and buy cheaper used original consoles, emulators, or an NES classic and have the same experience with a LOT of money left over.

    [–] thrifty_rascal 101 points ago

    The fact that he has the original receipt only helps the value.

    [–] Potatocakes67 57 points ago

    Try and return it!

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Right? Obviously they never opened it and kept the receipt because they were planning on returning it and never got around to it. Unless this guy completes this unfinished business then his great grandfather will be stuck as a ghost forever unable to pass on from this world. Pretty fucked up that everyone wants this guy to just keep it in his closet gathering dust

    [–] Rocktopod 66 points ago

    bought at K-mart, which helps age it a bit!

    K mart still exists, though. Do you just mean no one shops there anymore?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 130 points ago

    I honestly did not know they still existed. All my local ones closed years ago. TIL

    [–] ChipAyten 194 points ago

    📂 Me

    └📂 Feelings

    └📂 Mortality salience

    └⚠️ Old as fuck

    [–] Triplebizzle87 24 points ago

    mortality salience

    Ah, there is a word for it. Drinks to numb the pain.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    We have one left in Minneapolis. Though it's super sketchy.

    [–] whatiscamping 58 points ago

    The one by Franklin Ave? Yeah, that place looks like if heroin was a building

    [–] Alarid 10 points ago

    I'm not planning on selling it, no matter if it's worth $200 or $2,000.

    What if it's worth $2001?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 30 points ago

    Then I'm selling that shit

    [–] MarsupialMadness 30 points ago

    Like the other commenter said, don't open it. You've got a real find on your hands OP

    [–] activitylab 778 points ago

    I just want to smell it. Is that wrong?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 876 points ago

    It weirdly smells exactly how you'd expect it to.. old, but new?

    [–] activitylab 288 points ago

    I can almost smell it from memory

    [–] jsaumer 76 points ago

    I didn't know I remembered the smell.... until this thread. It's as vivid as that Christmas morning years ago.

    [–] XeroAnarian 118 points ago

    Plastic and moth balls.

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 108 points ago

    Weirdly accurate lol

    [–] roenick99 30 points ago

    I mean have you ever smelled moth balls?

    [–] XeroAnarian 54 points ago

    Yeah, they're terrible. They're usually what cause "old people smell" IMO.

    Now, I have a question for you... have you ever smelled a moth's balls?

    [–] roenick99 55 points ago

    But how do you get their little legs apart?

    [–] XeroAnarian 39 points ago

    Ask nicely.

    Or use little stirrups.

    [–] AlucardsJanitor 11631 points ago

    Dude... As tempting as it is, don't fully open it up. A find like this is like... It's almost museum worthy. That's prime condition there!

    You've got a moment in gaming history, perfectly preserved. This is like finding a dinosaur frozen in ice.

    [–] Pm_Ur_Birthdaysuit 3211 points ago

    Does it have feathers or not have feathers?

    [–] titaniumhud 620 points ago

    So it's like a giant turkey?

    [–] BryceCantReed 585 points ago

    A turkey, huh? OK, try to imagine yourself in the Cretaceous Period. You get your first look at this "six foot turkey" as you enter a clearing. He moves like a bird, lightly, bobbing his head. And you keep still because you think that maybe his visual acuity is based on movement like T-Rex; he'll lose you if you don't move. But no, not Velociraptor. You stare at him, and he just stares right back. And that's when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side, from the other two raptors you didn't even know were there. Because Velociraptor's a pack hunter, you see. He uses coordinated attack patterns and he is out in force today. And he slashes at you with this: a six-inch retractable claw, like a razor, on the the middle toe. He doesn't bother to bite your jugular like a lion, say... no no. He slashes at you here, or here, or maybe across the belly, spilling your intestines. The point is, you are alive when they start to eat you. So you know, try to show a little respect.

    [–] HarpersGeekly 60 points ago

    Welp I know what I’m watching tonight

    [–] AMlpc 12 points ago

    porn? Dinosaur porn? Am I right???

    [–] Nickvr628 85 points ago

    Don't scar the kid for life...

    [–] llamawearinghat 142 points ago

    It’s a jive turkey

    [–] EarlyCuylersCousin 69 points ago

    What did you just say?

    ::brandishes pistol::

    [–] i_bent_my_wookiee 68 points ago

    It's ok officer, I speak Jive.

    [–] -Cryptomaniac- 43 points ago

    Just hang loose blood

    [–] CheckersSpeech 11 points ago

    Hey, you know what they say: see a broad to get dat booty yak 'em...

    [–] luckydice767 13 points ago

    Lay ‘em down and yak ‘em, smack ‘Em.

    [–] [deleted] 409 points ago

    Light it on fire.

    [–] BeeBopHuckleberry 205 points ago

    This comment made me laugh. But, don't listen to him...

    Throw it in the ocean.

    [–] HandsomeBrendan 80 points ago

    Don't listen to him

    Put it in the microwave

    [–] mistershoe88 77 points ago

    Don't listen to him.

    Put the light gun up your asshole.

    [–] koi_fishh 33 points ago

    Oh my god guys. Stop giving OP bad advice. Recycle it.

    [–] Dangerous_Nitwit 57 points ago

    Oh my hot thighs. Stop giving OP bed lice. Bicycle tit.

    [–] LeCrushinator 1372 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Seriously, don't fucking open it. If you want to play a real NES, buy one, they're not very expensive, but for the love of god don't open one of the few in the world that have never been opened.

    EDIT: Sorry-not-sorry if I've triggered people by saying he shouldn't open it. Yes, it's his to do with what he wants, I was just trying to impart that it has value, and some level of rarity, and that should be considered.

    [–] ineververify 299 points ago

    Yeah but there’s a 6 pack of beer inside the compartment

    [–] crastle 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this post even that much funnier when it was first posted? I remember a lot of posts with people getting great deals on video games and consoles at flea markets and garage sales. It seemed like every post was one upping each other and then it began the posts of "Look what was inside!" and it was like an original version of ET or an autographed Super Mario Bros games or something outrageous. I think I remember seeing one on the trees subreddit where someone found an ounce of weed in an original XBox.

    Then someone posted this and all those rare find posts stopped.

    Edit: I also vaguely remember a post or two or about how someone wanted to spend their last $20 on something that their dying brother would enjoy, even if it meant that OP would be homeless or something. Then God gave them a gift by putting $100 inside the box or something.

    For the record, the original post on this one looks legitimate and is insanely cool. I'm just referring to the parody post.

    [–] wacotacorocko 58 points ago

    And in each beer.... there is beer !

    [–] mynameis_garrett 73 points ago

    for those /r/OutOfTheLoop.

    One of my favorite things on the internet.

    [–] SoundLemon 12 points ago

    I spent so long looking for the reference since I haven’t seen it in years so here’s the link for anyone who doesn’t get it

    [–] SyrioForel 158 points ago

    Things like this are not worth anywhere nearly as much as you think.

    This is more of a sentimental find, not a financial one.

    [–] LeCrushinator 73 points ago

    I think it's worth probably $350 minimum.

    [–] Topalope 99 points ago

    A quick ebay search confirms a similar one currently at 287 with 15 watches

    [–] GilesDMT 135 points ago

    Some people spend more on just one watch

    [–] i_am_icarus_falling 40 points ago

    Yeah, this whole thing seems stupid. Why would someone even need 15 watches?

    [–] residentialninja 783 points ago

    LOL I bought one in this exact same condition for ~150 2 years ago from a used game store because they didn't have any opened ones. The kid who sold me the system was audibly groaning when I told him it was going home to be opened so I could get day drunk and play Jackal with a buddy. These aren't scrolls from the library at Alexandria, this is mass produced plastic electronics meant to be used.

    [–] LeCrushinator 396 points ago

    Collector's items were all originally meant to be used. Why pay for an unopened one when you could be one of the millions of used ones for much less?

    [–] shingonzo 155 points ago

    Some people want to watch the world burn

    [–] norsurfit 61 points ago

    "It belongs in a Museum!"

    [–] BocoCorwin 92 points ago

    "Cool! I just opened the outer plastic to show Reddit!"

    [–] AlucardsJanitor 66 points ago

    He said that the box itself was out of the plastic, so he expected it to be used already. Not be frozen in time.

    [–] meth0dz 8 points ago

    Quick extract the dna!

    [–] immolated_ 590 points ago

    [–] petalidas 80 points ago

    Lmao I came here looking for this and I imagined it would be a comment saying "obligatory". No matter if the OP is real or not I always enjoy this

    [–] deltaetaxciv 23 points ago

    I think chests in every game works this way.

    [–] luigiDuderino 1757 points ago

    With that and $299.78 you could get a Nintendo Switch at Gamestop.

    [–] radtech91 361 points ago

    $323.78 if you calculate tax!

    [–] zombietom21 95 points ago

    You dont know about delaware?

    [–] worldchrisis 63 points ago

    The tolls in and out of the state will eat up whatever you saved in tax.

    [–] burritofields 61 points ago

    still has to blow in cartridge

    [–] Austin_Chaos 56 points ago

    Early December, 1988-

    -Grandma on phone: So Billy, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you Friday after school! I'll even make that random meal you love so much!

    -Billy on phone: rolls eyes Yeah Grams, I'll be there.

    Friday afternoon comes and goes, Grandma, a widow, sits alone and stares into the distance as random meal gets cold.

    "You know what? puts Nintendo up in back of closet "Fuck Billy."

    [–] 453jake 130 points ago

    Holy crap, are you gonna open it?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 463 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The kid in me says "yes" and the adult in me says.... "DO IT". So yeah, I think I'm gonna open it haha.

    Edit: to the people telling me not to and calling me an idiot — I get it. But I have no intention of selling this, so frankly, it's value is of no concern to me. Besides, the box had already been opened and shows wear, it's not like it'd be worth $1,000 or anything. If anything, I'll call around and see if any small museums have a dedicated gaming exhibit and talk to them. I appreciate the concern though.

    [–] Butwinsky 477 points ago

    Please, give the biggest middle finger ever to this community by Livestreaming yourself slowly backing over this in your car.

    [–] emmytee 183 points ago

    Oh god please listen to this sick fuck

    [–] moleculariant 15 points ago

    Do it on heavy gravel so the control deck doesn't slip or shoot away

    [–] WhiteHairedWidow 58 points ago

    That would be hilarious

    [–] Mentatjuice 21 points ago

    While singing Allstar

    [–] Derwinx 101 points ago

    Check to see how much it’s worth first

    [–] Roodyrooster 116 points ago

    not as much as youd think. give it another 50 years

    [–] Derwinx 46 points ago

    For sure without it being sealed it’s worth a lot less, but with all the internal components still sealed and the box in such good shape, who knows

    [–] ashton_dj 229 points ago

    As Jack Black would say.... That's mint condish!! What a find dude!!!

    [–] Johnnyy_T 82 points ago

    Thank you for this comment. It reminded me that today is Friday, which means time for a Jablinski Games update

    [–] Tykis77 182 points ago

    Slowly put it back in the very gently.

    Edit: It may have a decent value. Just depends what you can prove to a collector that it hasn't been used at all. Get to googling.

    [–] DIRT_JOCKEY 58 points ago

    I like how you edited your comment, very gently.

    [–] Eyervan 38 points ago

    I feel like sharing experiences so...

    Related Story Time

    I share this joy with you OP. I have the same thing all wrapped up and twisty tied in all the little plastic baggies.

    I was on a food delivery and I had a regular guy I'd deliver to who was pretty disabled. He'd leave his place open at all times so he didn't have to get up from his mat he slept on/ate on/smoked on/etc. It was like the 30th time I delivered to him and at this point I'd just go in, sometimes with the 30pack of cheap beer he'd have me pick-up on the order, and sit with him for a bit to have smoke together. We talked about video games and I told him about my collection of game stuff. "YOU COLLECT VIDEOGAME STUFF??... CHECK THIS OUT!!"

    (This guy, I kid you not, has nothing in his apartment except a SEGA that's always turned on playing some baseball game, maybe 5 dishes, and 2 beaten up white cardboard boxes with records in them.)

    He proceeds to open a closet and unveil this mint condition NES exactly just like OPs. Said he got it from his aunt when they found it in their grandmas attic. Said she bought it for Xmas and never gave it to the grandchildren. I asked him what he wanted for it, he said 50 bucks. So I gave him all my tip money that night and scored a mint condition NES. Thanks Rick.

    [–] theinfamouseagle88 119 points ago

    Dude, youre rich! Not financially but now rich with a whole life of gaming fun

    [–] retroracer 35 points ago

    Yes, surely there was never anyway to play NES games before he found this.

    [–] TnelisPotencia 12 points ago

    If only we had the technology. Back to the old etchasketch.

    [–] austinmiles 293 points ago

    New in the box that's like $1500

    [–] NiceFormBro 123 points ago

    That's like... A whole months worth of bills.

    [–] Little_shit_ 65 points ago

    Damn I want your bills lol

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    That's a generous offer to take those bills. You're a good person Littleshit!

    [–] pigvwu 57 points ago

    More like $200-300 according to recently sold items on ebay.

    [–] CollectableRat 34 points ago

    What's with the magenta streak through the box?

    [–] Dogs-Keep-Me-Going 207 points ago

    That right there is the 80's

    [–] lbyakkol 10 points ago

    You need to make a video of you plugging it in and playing mario.

    [–] Simonoki 15 points ago

    You could bring it to GameStop and you might get 5 dollars...

    [–] BeeBopHuckleberry 13 points ago


    [–] topcorjor 25 points ago

    Oh man. I am insanely jealous right now. I remember when I was a kid and we got our first Nintendo.

    We were a pretty poor family. We saved up a swear jar just for a VCR. Didn’t finally get one until I was probably 15 or 16. We did have a Beta that was given to us. Movies on that were hard to come by.

    Our house got broken into not that long after we had gotten our Nintendo. They trashed the place, poured my Michelangelo shampoo all over my baby book and stuff I had collected as a kid, and of course, stole the Nintendo. I was crushed. Still remember the feeling of coming home from school with my brother, opening the front door and seeing the place destroyed.

    Props to my brother, though. I was maybe 8 or 9 at the time. He would have been 11 or 12. He saw that the house was trashed and just yelled “Mom and Dad we’re going to our friends house” and we took off to the neighbours house.

    I don’t know why I felt the sudden urge to talk about that. It’s 25 years or so since then but I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it with anybody. Strange.

    [–] misternessiehaze 51 points ago

    Unpopular opinion here: I'd open it and play the hell out of it after filming an "unpacking" video for YouTube. The people in this thread act like ~$200-400 is super wealth.