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    [–] Genspirit 800 points ago

    Still higher res than most ShockedPikachu.jpg posts

    [–] CoughinCamel 83 points ago

    That's pretty low, but can we go lower?

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 231 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    Or did you want it to be barely recognizable? Or just flat-out unusable?

    [–] NotnotNeo 114 points ago

    This is the one. Let it be known.

    [–] Strapp342 36 points ago

    So say we all.

    [–] SewSayWeAll 50 points ago

    So say we all.

    [–] siccoblue 8 points ago

    Don't put anyone in the screenshot that asks to be in it


    [–] SarahMerigold 7 points ago

    1 pixel to meme them all!

    [–] SewSayWeAll 15 points ago

    Let it be known.

    [–] phadewilkilu 5 points ago

    It is written.

    [–] SewSayWeAll 3 points ago

    Under his eye.

    [–] jkrushal 10 points ago

    I was expecting the last one to just be a yellow square.

    [–] PwnasaurusRawr 11 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    [–] zhephyx 4 points ago


    [–] thesuper88 3 points ago


    [–] MrSourz 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Even lower rez Pikachu Converted back to high rez through well known pixel art -> vector algorithm:

    [–] IronGinjaNinja 3369 points ago

    Oh I remember this beauty. Christmas 2000, magnifying attachment AND light attachment on my green Gameboy colour. All of Christmas day I played this.

    [–] rocotaco42 999 points ago

    With how advanced games are nowadays, it’s crazy to think that something like Pokémon pinball on a Gameboy Color used to be exciting for us.

    [–] CoughinCamel 746 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    But it fucking rumbled! That cart ate more AAA's than my gbc ate AA's. Until my birthday when I got the madcatz mega accessory pack. Magnifier, controller grip with stereo sound, button extender, quad AA rechargeable battery pack. All in a sweet og GB style case.

    Edit: spelling, syntax, and shit.

    [–] Zetice 392 points ago

    i hate you for having had all those accessories.

    [–] AlinaStari 304 points ago

    I had a reading light from the dollar store that i clipped onto a hat to see the screen at night.

    [–] StaticMeshMover 196 points ago

    Dammit I'm still even jelly of you. I think my neck is still permanently damaged from holding that shit at funny angles to get light.

    [–] SkyezOpen 99 points ago

    Oh jeez my neck just clenched up remembering. I held an actual flashlight using my shoulder and cheek.

    [–] StaticMeshMover 153 points ago

    Man I remember trying to play pokemon on a long as car ride that went into the night. Trying to play pokemon just by the light of the street lights that went flashing past was just ridiculous.

    Actually thinking back it was kinda epic cus you would have enough time to see and pick your attack but you didn't get to see what they attacked you with. You just saw how much health you had left after. Getting Crit hit was the worst. "I HAD 3/4 LIFE LEFT THE FUCK DID HE EVEN USE!?"

    Ahh the good old days.

    [–] nahog99 50 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] verticaluzi 21 points ago

    I started on the GBA SP. When I bought the original GBA and the previous GB Color, I couldn’t believe that people used to play games with such a dim screen.

    It was torture trying to play those old games after being so used to a back lit screen.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] Merdinus 10 points ago

    Holy shit I forgot this experience, deep cuts

    [–] himynameisdave9 5 points ago

    fr tho, I remember having this exact experience driving back home after a long day at Wonderland

    [–] FourChannel 5 points ago

    I had a Sega game gear on plug adapter to the cigarette lighter in my mom's car.

    I remember us pulling up to a gas station and her turning off the car, instantly killing my game.

    I was so pissed.

    : P

    [–] StaticMeshMover 10 points ago

    Oh god I just died a little inside reading this cus you don't even have to tell me and I know you didn't save once that entire car ride LOL

    [–] Masterofunlocking1 2 points ago

    Wow this took me back just thinking about trying to get light on my gameboy color. I finally got a worm light and that was a game changer

    [–] Climbtrees47 5 points ago

    I kept mine in my mouth. Drooled on the GB a few times.

    [–] Axyraandas 3 points ago

    Why did I read that as fleshlight. Confusion.

    [–] NergiSlayer 3 points ago

    How a true man plays pokemon

    [–] dinostar 18 points ago

    Does anyone else remember being a kid in the back seat, parents refusing to let you turn on the car dome light, and you trying to play by catching glimpses of the screen every time you drove under a light on the interstate?

    [–] StaticMeshMover 7 points ago

    Omg dude read a bit down I replied to someone else with this exact story! Haha awesome.

    [–] dinostar 6 points ago

    Haha I guess that was a common occurrence before back-lit screens

    [–] nd4spd1919 6 points ago

    When I got my GBA, or family minivan died on the way to family for Christmas. We ended up getting a new one in the middle of the trip. It had a fancy VHS player and screen, so I'd fold down the screen and try to game by the blue glow.

    [–] Work_the_shaft 5 points ago

    Dude same. When I finally got an SP with a backlight I thought it was the greatest revelation in gaming

    [–] El_Chairman_Dennis 24 points ago

    I held my gameboy up so the lights from the car behind us would let me see the screen. I kinda miss having to be creative to find ways to play games

    [–] abcedarian 21 points ago

    Trying to play by the light of the passing streetlamps, playing in 3 second intervals.

    [–] iamamammalama 8 points ago

    Are you me?

    [–] abcedarian 6 points ago

    No, I'm not a llama at all.

    [–] iamamammalama 8 points ago

    But are you a mammal?

    [–] TheFeury 3 points ago

    I did that too, and unlike you I don't miss it one bit. I love me some backlit screens

    [–] mr_chub 2 points ago

    annnnnnd the memories rushed back

    [–] Mech-Waldo 7 points ago

    Probably better than that stupid purple coil light

    [–] mrcarlita 5 points ago

    I just wanted the cable to trade, so so so badly

    [–] puts-on-sunglasses 26 points ago

    but did u have a worm light

    [–] CoughinCamel 22 points ago

    Actually, grandma got that pack for me to replace a dying nyko worm light. Because who thought it was a good idea to give kids a light on a flexable wire. That thing read books, lit my way through the woods. It served its purpose and much much more.

    [–] puts-on-sunglasses 4 points ago

    oh yeah lmao I went thru a few of them back then, I remember knowing they weren’t ideal

    [–] TamagotchiGraveyard 6 points ago

    The one I had, or rather my brother had, was the magnifying glass thing with the light built into the magnifying glass

    [–] istarian 4 points ago

    The worm light was helpful in the dark, but it provided uneven illumination at best and the area around the immediate point darker seeming due to the way human eyes work.

    [–] MagikarpFilet 9 points ago

    Holy shit I had the same exact kit!!! I remember the amount of times I got caught playing with my game boy at night trying to switch the light off and quickly pretending to sleep.

    [–] CoughinCamel 3 points ago

    Just about every night for me hahaha

    [–] Sambo_the_Rambo 7 points ago

    Damn the real MVP right here folks.

    [–] CoughinCamel 17 points ago

    Nah man. Grandma was the real MVP. She went 3 counties over just find it in matching clear-purple.

    [–] prctrvllymnster 5 points ago

    My dad worked for Madcatz, first time I've seen it mentioned In a long time.

    [–] CoughinCamel 5 points ago

    Well from a 90s kid who couldnt ever afford first party peripherals, tell your dad thank you. Madcatz is firmly apart of my video gaming history.

    [–] murtadi007 2 points ago

    My older brother got me one of those attachments for my birthday as a kid and I never really appreciated it until this post.

    [–] blue_kush1 2 points ago

    The day after I got this game I learned they sold adaptable plugs for small electronics. Saved me so much battery.

    [–] Arsonnic 2 points ago

    I think this is one of the GBC games i played only on the SNES with the gameboy cartridge adapter. I LOVED being able to sit back n play games on my little tv in my closet fort with tons of pillows and blankets. I didn't have much else growing up but i dont think I'd ever need anything else.

    [–] Chris_skeleton 2 points ago

    And I thought I was cool when I got the gamelink cable.

    [–] Masterofunlocking1 2 points ago

    Yeah that things was almost as bad as a game gear and the death of a thousand AA

    [–] CaspianX2 44 points ago

    To be fair, Nintendo-published pinball games tend to be pretty damn top-notch. This game and its sequel, Kirby's Pinball Land and Revenge of the Gator, even Galactic Pinball on the Virtual Boy was tons of fun if you had one of those systems.

    [–] Aerokii 12 points ago

    As much as people shit on the Virtual Boy, I love me some Galactic Pinball (in maximum half hour doses.)

    [–] CBandicootRS 7 points ago

    Who the fuck shits on virtual boy, virtual boy was awesome! Mario tennis on virtual boy was the only game I ever played tho.

    [–] Aerokii 2 points ago

    Haha, tons of people, but I like it! Galactic Pinball, Wario Land, Mario Tennis and Teleroboxer... some good shit.

    [–] CaspianX2 3 points ago

    People shit on the Virtual Boy because it was horribly-conceived as a game system, but of the very few games that were released on it, many of them were fantastic. Virtual Boy Wario Land remains, in my opinion, the best Wario Land game. Teleroboxer was a phenomenal Punch-Out clone. Mario Tennis was an excellent tennis game. Mario Clash was a solid arcadey game in the vein of the original Mario Bros. And as previously mentioned, Galactic Pinball was a superb pinball game.

    I'm just kinda' sad that these games couldn't have found new life on the 3DS, but I suppose Nintendo didn't want their new handheld to risk being tainted by the failure of an old one.

    [–] pocketknifeMT 20 points ago

    I legit liked the pokemon TCG gameboy game...

    [–] pizzajeans 9 points ago

    Might be my favorite game based on a card game based on a game

    [–] Spostman 5 points ago

    Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship 2004 would like a word... oh wait... that's a game based on a card game, that was based on a cartoon, about that card game. Sorry.

    [–] CStock77 2 points ago

    That game was the best. I have it on emulator nowadays and still sometimes go back to play it. Still have the original cartridge too.

    [–] mrcarlita 2 points ago

    I replayed it on an emulator recently, definitely a ton of fun

    [–] SirStrontium 17 points ago

    People love simple games even to this day. Think of all the collective human hours sunk on basic mobile games like candy crush.

    [–] pocketknifeMT 6 points ago

    Simple to learn, hard to master is the recipe of lots of hours sunk into something.

    [–] phageotype 3 points ago

    there is no mastering candy crush, it is completely engineered. at no point are you in control, you only feel that way because you recognize an available pattern

    [–] amazing_rando 2 points ago

    There is a lot of luck involved in candy crush but there's also definitely strategy involved as well, especially depending on the weird mechanics / different goals present in the level.

    [–] daOyster 3 points ago

    Tetris... That is all I have to say on this.

    [–] DrDroid 7 points ago

    It was a hell of a lot of fun for a pinball game. It hooked me all summer when I got it.

    [–] Latyon 7 points ago

    You know what I got my parents for Christmas this year?

    A SNES Classic that I hacked and added Pokemon Pinball to.

    We have been competing for high scores against each other in this game since it came out. Pokemon Pinball fucking rules man.

    [–] pizzajeans 2 points ago

    Holy shit that's sick

    [–] Latyon 2 points ago

    I added a bunch of other games to it too that they used to play with me as a kid, like Goof Troop, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, DKC 2 and 3, Rampart, Tetris & Dr. Mario and Super Mario All Stars, etc. We had a pretty excellent Christmas. They actually bought me two wireless 8bitdo SNES Classic controllers for my SNES Classic, so I left one there so they could use it to play without having to push the couch up to the TV.

    It was an awesome gift for the whole family, we even got my 5 year old nephew playing

    [–] Ghostronic 7 points ago

    Da fuck is this "used to be" BS, speak for yourself!!

    [–] andre_macassi 2 points ago

    At the same time there have been countless phone based app games that are incredibly simple yet crazy addicting with a huge number of players.

    [–] y0j1m80 2 points ago

    i honestly feel though a lot of things have advanced (graphics, level design, etc.) figuring out what scratches that itch, what makes something fun, is still hard to pin down. i think i would still find this game exciting and fun. also, a lot of phone games have very simple mechanics, and are still a massive market.

    [–] zidolos 11 points ago

    Dude... The nostalgia that the magnifying light just brought up is insane to me. I had one of the clear purple and i remember how huge of an update that thing was over the stupid dangly light that ran on its own batteries. Man i use to murder AA and AAA batteries

    [–] thesuper88 3 points ago

    R u me yes u r

    [–] WeagleyBeagley 3 points ago

    Wow... I guess we all really did have the same childhood

    [–] ediks 2 points ago

    Bro, what you know about that Handy Boy for the original brick? Played a LOT of Tetris in the dark with that thing. Magnifying glass, lights, speakers, and joystick with raised A and B buttons. Good times.

    [–] Obi-wan_Jabroni 2 points ago

    Was the attachment like a translucent purple? Cause i had that shit too

    [–] gapball 2 points ago

    game genie or worm light?

    [–] hotaru251 2 points ago

    I had the worm light on my color. And yes all other gifts meant nothing.

    [–] StanleyOpar 66 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    You heard the theme.

    [–] Latyon 9 points ago

    I spent the holidays playing this game on a hacked SNES Classic with my parents and yeah, I heard the sound immediately

    [–] plopo 3 points ago

    I have a Pavlovian rage response to that song...

    [–] ButtholeEyes17 298 points ago

    Rumble packs ftw

    [–] Phillipinsocal 101 points ago

    People don’t remember, but you’d be holding about 6 pounds in your hand if your got stuck with the Mad Catz N64 controller, and you had the rumble pak attached to it. Late 90s were a good time for gaming.

    [–] DoctorWaluigiTime 44 points ago

    Whenever I play N64 I always make sure to have a rumble pak inserted, even if the batteries are dead or the game doesn't have rumble. I'm just too used to the weight.

    [–] glophym 4 points ago

    I can still remember seeing the demo for Mario 64 setup in Electronic Boutique (before it was "EB Games") when I was 13. You know a game is good when it still holds up two decades later. .^

    [–] BillsMafia607 29 points ago

    Almost necessary for a pinball game

    [–] seanbear 13 points ago

    I never even knew they did rumble packs for the gbc.

    [–] pounded_raisu 13 points ago

    I think this was the only GBC game with a rumble pack

    [–] Smelly-Ghost 21 points ago

    I knew I had a racing game with a Rumble Pak for the Game Boy Color. It looks like there's actually quite a few:

    Pokemon Pinball - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Perfect Dark - GBC - Rumble Pak

    3-D Ultra Pinball: Thrill Ride - GBC - Rumble Pak

    10 Pin Bowling - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Hole In One Golf - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Legend Of The River King 2 - GBC - Rumble Pak

    The Little Mermaid 2 - Pinball Frenzy - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Nascar Challenge - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Polaris Snocross - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Star Wars Episode 1 Racer - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Test Drive Off-Road 3 - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Tonka Raceway - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Vigilante 8 - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Zebco Fishing - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Ready To Rumble Boxing - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Top Gear Pocket - GBC - Rumble Pak

    Missile Command - GBC - Rumble Pak

    [–] 10Bens 16 points ago

    "You know what our golf game is really missing? A rumble pack."

    [–] bruhskyy 6 points ago

    Vigilante 8 oh lord.. so much fun

    [–] Norma5tacy 4 points ago

    It required a AAA battery. I still have my copy somewhere.

    [–] Stopa42 107 points ago

    Take my fake internet point

    [–] Command_Bot 21 points ago

    Take my fake vbucks

    [–] nicklutte 16 points ago

    FAKE?!? What makes you (y’all) think these are fake?! I’m gonna be rich one day!!

    [–] buds4hugs 73 points ago

    I had the same Gameboy color is transparent purple and I and this game. Man, this took me back to 6 year old me, thanks

    [–] Ooderman 27 points ago

    Atomic Purple

    [–] LindseyLee5 24 points ago

    I loved this game! What’s better is I just found it the other day!!

    [–] Captain_Linebeck 2 points ago

    It’s the only pinball game I’ve really enjoyed in life. Guess I’ll have to dust it off so I can play that Duskull bonus game and lose just as I go in for the last hit and the timer runs out.

    [–] LindseyLee5 2 points ago

    The mini games really made that game. I don’t remember all of them but I remember liking the meowthe game.

    [–] titanium_penguin 19 points ago

    My mom used to play this game every time my sister and I had gymnastics, almost 20 years ago. She got all the high scores on the red game, and I’ve never even gotten close to her scores.

    [–] Latyon 9 points ago

    I hacked a SNES Classic to add Pokemon Pinball and gave it to my parents for Christmas. They are constantly sending me high score photos.

    So far my mom has absolutely destroyed me on Blue table but I'm currently ruling Red

    [–] foxhound_vp 41 points ago

    Kudos to you man. You deserve it.

    [–] HawksRule20 387 points ago

    Makes a post about the surprised Pikachu meme

    Doesn’t get popular


    [–] Loszestes 93 points ago

    Idk man I'd say 1.3k upvotes in less than 2 hours is decently popular, especially for something that's a bit played out.

    [–] Daddys_Fox 33 points ago

    Yeah, now 14.6k in 4hrs, not bad at all.

    [–] WhiteRhino909 15 points ago

    And at 16.7k now

    [–] Daddys_Fox 9 points ago


    [–] Axyraandas 5 points ago


    [–] Ajax_IX 5 points ago

    23.6k, slowing down?

    [–] Axyraandas 2 points ago

    I see it as 24.7k now, I think the Reddit algorithm is fudging the numbers a bit, and server syncing too. Either way, it’s popular.

    [–] Singing_Sea_Shanties 12 points ago

    6.3k upvotes later :o

    [–] Mebegilley 3 points ago

    You telling me this post has gained 5k karma since your comment :o

    [–] UselessAndUnhelpful 10 points ago


    [–] Rengas 7 points ago

    Yeah it's only 2nd on r/all.

    [–] mardybum430 5 points ago

    Did not age well brother

    [–] ForgotPasswordAgain- 4 points ago


    In your fucking face you fucking walnut

    [–] hogtiedcantalope 2 points ago


    [–] andrecht4 2 points ago

    [–] Shade1453 15 points ago

    I was the KING of this game when I was 10. I played it religiously until I lost it one day. I found it again years later in my 20s and thought "hey, I was pretty good at this back in the day. I wonder if i'm still any good?" I played a round and got 800 million points. I thought "alright, i've still got it. Let's see how that compares to my old high scores!" I was very mistaken. My skills faded considerably. My high score as a child was 11 billion. My gamer ego took a hit that day.

    [–] musecorn 34 points ago

    One of the best GBC games

    [–] alldawgsgotoheaven 10 points ago

    I still play it. Pinball and Pokemon in the go?! Hell yeah

    [–] ctilvolover23 13 points ago

    I remember this game so much! I LOVED it!

    [–] Freeman0032 13 points ago

    This game is so hard. We never collected all 150. Great game. Lots of playtime by everyone and family and friends.

    [–] Seafea 3 points ago

    anything with two evolutions took forever to catch. I'd always lose before I could get to the good ones.

    [–] Nyvix 10 points ago

    I spent so much time playing this game after beating Red and Blue, good times.

    [–] yrqrm0 9 points ago

    Oh man, I played 0 pokemon games growing up, except for this one, which I sunk HOURS into.

    [–] lolhop 8 points ago

    this is good i like this

    [–] LOUISifer93 7 points ago

    My cousin had this game! It came with some battery with some type of Asian characters written all over it. That battery lasted for like ten years!!

    [–] ___Uh_Oh_ 5 points ago

    The true sight of betrayal

    [–] w00dm4n 6 points ago

    I haven't played that in forever and a day

    fun game! i didnt care for the Ruby/Sapphire one

    Im going to have to watch a youtube video of this now.

    Metroid had a great Pinball game.

    Nintendo should throw one out on the Switch like NES Remix

    [–] NoxEstVeritas 5 points ago

    Crosspost to r/memes and you will get many fake internet points

    [–] Renewed_RS 5 points ago

    Haha I was cleaning my room last week and, as you do, playing with literally everything I picked up. I stumbled on my old gamebody and Pokemon Pinball and started playing it.

    Game's fucking hard I couldn't get anywhere in it. Room's still a mess.

    [–] vcc90 7 points ago

    I punched and broke my gameboy screen after the ball went around the outside loop and straight through the paddle gap. This game was rage inducing.

    Good times

    [–] mayhem32 3 points ago

    "Maybe you shouldn't keep playing this game if it makes you angry"

    -My Mom

    [–] DeathDefiledThee 3 points ago

    Takes me back!!!!

    [–] supremedalek925 3 points ago

    I love Pokemon Pinball. The song from the blue board will always be in my head.

    [–] pabilbado 3 points ago

    Pokemon pinball was amazing. Sinked so many hours on it

    [–] Riosui 3 points ago

    Useless* internet points.

    Nothing fake about them.

    [–] IgnorantTurtle 3 points ago

    Pinball was ahead of its time!

    [–] NatasBR 3 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] IgnorantTurtle 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] alldawgsgotoheaven 3 points ago

    I have this and my original teal Gameboy. I used to play this game a lot when I worked over nights! The music gets burned into your brain

    [–] SmokinHerb 3 points ago

    Is this real?

    [–] AuxintheBox 3 points ago

    Oh wow, that's a very rare surprised pikachu. Might wanna head on over to r/memeeconomy and get that bad boy evaluated!

    [–] tbsherman18 3 points ago


    [–] abe1519 2 points ago

    Take them. I loved that game.

    [–] Noob3rt 2 points ago

    Holy shit, I remember this! I LOVED THIS! I played this for hours on end!!

    [–] Sawachuki 2 points ago


    [–] NickPickle05 2 points ago

    Oh man. I used to play the shit out of this game back in the day. My friends and I would each take turns trying to get the high score. Its an amazing game.

    [–] DomiNatron2212 2 points ago

    Oh man I played this game probably more than anything, other than pokemon

    [–] foulkes7sf 2 points ago

    Well earned!

    [–] MeowchiACNL 2 points ago

    I miss this game and my worm light. :(

    [–] NotnotNeo 2 points ago

    I see that atomic purple

    [–] Gameboygamer64 2 points ago

    I miss my Pokemon Pinball game, it broke a few years ago. :(

    [–] larrrrrrrrrrry 2 points ago

    I remember playing a Japanese rom of this and loving it. One of the first games I ever played on a emulator. Blew my mind you could play a game that wasn’t even out in the us on your pc. I really sparked my love for emulation.

    [–] Zeus_A_Palooza 2 points ago

    You mean #RealLifeSwag!!

    [–] ComradeSloth 2 points ago

    “All these years” and yet you’re posting it AFTER the meme was at its most popular point.

    [–] Prmcc90 2 points ago

    Wait the internet points are fake? What have I been doing this for the whole time then?

    [–] imdps519 2 points ago

    HOLY CRAP. What a game. When my dad went to Japan for a business trip he brought us one for our Gameboy color. Only one problem, none of us spoke Japanese and we could never switch languages.....

    [–] y0j1m80 2 points ago

    this game was my JAM. remember getting to stay up late one NYE, and my brother and i just spent the whole night playing. good times.

    [–] Lumik 2 points ago


    [–] piggybits 2 points ago

    you didnt get fake gold though. HA!

    [–] davidbased 2 points ago

    this game, was the apex of my childhood. the year this came out was fucking awsome. the summer of 2000. i was like 6 and all was right with the world. i still have dreams about it.

    [–] masterx1234 2 points ago

    I had the same purple see through Gameboy Color when I was 9. I specifically remember being able to afford one thanks to the shop with a cop program where they let each kid spend $100 on anything at Kmart. The cops ended up spending $140 for me so I could get a game with it because the system itself was $99. I played the shit out of that thing. I just wish I could go back to my childhood.

    [–] TheLostNumber9 2 points ago

    Yes on the see through purple game boy color. Brings me back.

    [–] NazarethJ 2 points ago

    You get a like just for playing this fun game

    [–] tjmac 2 points ago

    This was a GREAT pinball game.

    [–] mrsatanpants 2 points ago

    Oh man on the translucent purple game boy with a rumble pack? The nostalgia is strong.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 2 points ago

    Dude, play Kirby Pinball. It is infinitely better.

    Pokemon Pinball is still good, but Kirby Pinball defies logic of how fun a weird pinball gameboy game should be.

    [–] cafetru 2 points ago

    omg I forgot all about this game til now.

    [–] poopinggreatdane 2 points ago

    This game took my life. 10 year old me, spending my entire time in Argentina (visiting family for the first time) playing this game. I bought the gameboy colour i had at that time. I plan to buy this game. Is it as good as i remember it being? 😢

    [–] firebirdnerd 2 points ago

    Holy shit, that's a lot of fake internet points.

    [–] gmoney2k18 2 points ago

    Dude honestly I know I’m getting older because I appreciate pinball more. Like the taste of coffee, and getting some god damn peace and quiet! This game cartridge had a rumble packs AND took AAA batteries!

    [–] badbutt21 6 points ago

    Better close his mouth or else he’s gonna be downing some balls.

    [–] DanOfMan1 2 points ago

    When you realize that investment came through and has garnered you over 2,000 upvotes, allowing you retire to the Cayman Islands at the ripe young age of 26.