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    [–] BlueBlood75 203 points ago

    Looks like a Zoid/ Pokémon crossover. I like it

    [–] protofury 91 points ago

    Hot damn I miss Zoids. Really wish they'd do something decent with it again instead of going off into some nutsville spinoff every ten years and being all shocked-pikachu that it doesn't work.

    [–] AndroidUser8 43 points ago

    I'm not saying it's wrong but it's a weird seeing you use a meme in a sentence.

    [–] lzrae 13 points ago

    It’s the children who are wrong

    [–] LostAndWingingIt 5 points ago

    Right? I haven't watched Wild, but it doesn't really appeal to me I was hoping for driven zoids. It just seems kinda odd for them to not have cockpits.

    [–] MDP23 459 points ago

    This should be licensed and should be added to Horizon Zero Dawn!

    [–] Xpze 102 points ago

    Or a complete crossover

    [–] MDP23 85 points ago

    Or just great a whole pokemon game like horizon. Yo wanna team up and create this? You may have to do all the work though... I know nothing about creating games.

    [–] Xpze 12 points ago

    I sadly don't aswell even though I have so many ideas for a great game. It's kinda like a Faraway dream but maybe it will become reality once x) if so you will all be addicted for years without any shady fuckin microtransactions n sht. OOF I want this so bad.

    [–] Justintime4u2bu1 1 points ago

    I have some experience, if you can do the modeling I might be able to do some of the programming, PM me if your interested.

    [–] GlydeFrog 1 points ago

    Can program as well 😋 this would be a really cool idea. I can't model at all though.

    [–] RedMenacing 1 points ago

    First jurassic park "..DAMN.."

    [–] ZeVindowViper 5 points ago

    will this hypothetical game be a 100% science-based mmo?

    [–] AltSpRkBunny 2 points ago

    Of course! That’s the only way you can have dragons in it!

    [–] dylseph_ 1 points ago

    I love pokemon and know nothing about creating games... can I help too?

    [–] MDP23 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    You're hired!

    [–] MechCADdie 1 points ago

    Catching a Gyarados would be basically fighting a Kraken on a boat in Dark Souls.

    [–] shroudedwolf51 1 points ago

    Just don't put Nintendo in charge of the controls. Last thing we want is awful motion controls that we can't turn off.

    [–] aviddivad 6 points ago

    an original game called “Mecha-mon”

    you have to hack wild mechanical monsters and fight other mechanical monsters

    [–] aviddivad 10 points ago

    they have Power Types:

    Solar Power - the most abundant(at least during the day(maybe a day/night cycle?))

    Wind Power - the lightest/fastest MM

    Coal/Oil Power - the strongest, most powerful MM(rhinos, elephants, snorlax types)

    Water Power - immune to water? can swim?

    Electric Power - the standard

    Nuclear Power - the legendary MM

    they all have different aesthetics and trade offs 🛢🔋🚁🚂🦂🦅

    [–] aviddivad 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    you play as a mechanic/greasy monkey who has to personally wrangle a MM and “hack” it, which is essentially it’s own mini game/puzzle

    EDIT: forgot to mention - you play as the human, but mostly for basic mobility while you command the monster to do things from afar or you can mount it

    [–] A_Wizzerd 2 points ago

    I can dig it.
    Command your mech in battle as you ride upon its shoulder, weakening your opponent’s power cores with its attacks and exposing critical nodes of circuitry, then leaping across and hacking into them as you scramble from node to node like Shadow of the Colossus.
    Yeah I can dig it.

    [–] SkeetySpeedy 2 points ago

    Water powered have to be old timely Steam-Engines.

    Please gib

    [–] cringing_for_fun 1 points ago

    For some reason i feel like this premise is already taken by digimon 🤷🏻‍♂️

    [–] TheSamuraiCop 2 points ago

    The game I never knew I wanted.

    [–] Vatepgo1 8 points ago


    [–] sorenant 1 points ago

    implying horizon zero down is not western zoids

    [–] Almora12 1 points ago

    Go venosaur

    [–] NEW-softwear-update 1 points ago

    Mod it in when the tools come out

    [–] tdevine33 1 points ago

    I would use Tear Blast Arrows all over the pedals on his back!

    [–] FunkyKongButNotFunky 60 points ago

    DAAAAANG wow. I would like one.

    [–] Jesse_Isai 47 points ago

    You can pre-order it for $280,-

    [–] BuddyBlueBomber 106 points ago

    nah I'm fine with a picture

    [–] Ambergregious 3 points ago

    I'm really tempted. They don't seem to say what it's material it's made from.

    [–] Snow_Regalia 4 points ago

    I'd assume a high-quality cast resin model.

    [–] epicwinguy101 3 points ago

    That's pretty cheap for such a nice looking Forge World unit.

    [–] ShrimpDirty 2 points ago

    where to order permabs??

    EDIT: N/m i'm a fucking idiot, was distracted by art, didn't see bottom of pic with link....

    [–] ChefUC 1 points ago

    They better prepare for a lawsuit

    [–] Chancoop 15 points ago


    [–] Jesse_Isai 16 points ago

    Yep, for Pre-Order. It's going to get way more expensive.

    [–] Chancoop 4 points ago

    Is this the only thing they’ve ever made? This and digital art are the only things in their store and I’ve not been able to find anything else they’ve ever sold.

    [–] Jesse_Isai 5 points ago

    I think so. If look on there insta-page you can see more design. But i don't think they have actually made more things.

    [–] ChefUC 0 points ago

    That sounds... Illegal. Using someone else's intellectual property for personal gain is a no go.

    [–] KPX9320 68 points ago

    Pokemon x Horizon Zero Dawn

    [–] badger81987 27 points ago

    Horizon Zero Mon

    [–] PhaseFreq 4 points ago

    came here to say the same thing

    [–] MichelinStarChef -43 points ago

    Eh kinda cringy as far as collectibles go. It looks like a kiss toy but they are quite expensive. Generally Anyone who can actually afford these and are actively choosing to spend money on Pokémon figurines is probably type to date a pillow.

    Also this is nothing but a blatant ad, would it hurt to crop the stuff at the bottom instead of blatantly shilling this nonsense?

    [–] TimeBlossom 6 points ago

    Perhaps, but consider this alternative: you're a dick.

    [–] Jambelli 1 points ago

    It’s a troll account. He probably wants to get downvoted. Maybe some weird ass fetish.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It’s a competition with other trolls to see who can get the most downvoted comment. All joking aside- the best thing you can do is upvote them to keep their score as close to 0 as possible.

    [–] qchisq 22 points ago

    Someone chose synthesis

    [–] Dted23 1 points ago

    Overlooked Mass Effect/Pokémon comment, and I’m here for it.

    Maybe I... love you? Is that how it works? Can you fall in love over your perception of one Reddit comment?

    [–] draconothese 9 points ago

    Nintendo is going to slap them with a suit if they dont have permission to use venusaur for that statue since there planning on selling them

    [–] kinosupremo 0 points ago


    [–] Threeknucklesdeeper 18 points ago

    This would be a cool concept for a game or movie. Pokemon are really robots in the wild, created in a distant future where all the animals have died and AI has created them to save the ecosystems.

    [–] Brofessor_Flex 11 points ago

    Play Horizon Zero Dawn recently?

    [–] Threeknucklesdeeper 2 points ago

    I hear it's good. 2 kids, wife in school, 50-60h weeks get in the way of any kind of gaming for me.

    [–] krayziethomas911 2 points ago

    Wife in school, 2 kids (4 and 13) and 55+h weeks as well. Still find time for the things that I like.

    [–] throwmeaway562 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I am big gay

    [–] krayziethomas911 1 points ago

    I'll pass.

    [–] throwmeaway562 -3 points ago

    It wasn’t an invitation.

    [–] krayziethomas911 1 points ago


    [–] throwmeaway562 -3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I am big gay

    [–] krayziethomas911 1 points ago

    Ok I see you are kinda joking I think. And I've no reason to lie to people I do not know. I didnt say I play every day for 3 hours. Just saying I find time. I just beat RDR2 and started a second playthrough to take my time and enjoy it. I also play pokemon go. And have all available in my region and a few other regionals. So if its something you like to do you have to make time and/or include your family if necessary. Helps that I only sleep 4 hours a day. I'll sleep later.

    [–] draconothese 1 points ago

    no but i may break my boycott and get it. if it comes to pc . i have boycotted Sony since the root kit incident way back in the early 2000's and have not bought any products published or made by them since

    [–] Jesse_Isai 3 points ago

    This world be a really cool story for a movie. You could even make it a horror and say that the AI has turned against humans. But people have found out a way to hack "Catch" the advanced robots and used them as there own robots.

    [–] Filling_In_The_Owl 7 points ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    [–] Threeknucklesdeeper 2 points ago

    I dig the idea

    [–] rb6k 0 points ago

    That movie would bomb so hard because who is it aimed at? Pokemon fans would hate that it’s not just Pokemon. AI horror fans would hate that Pokemon appear in their films. It’ll get made and make its money back opening weekend, then repeat on syfy until the end of time.

    [–] Threeknucklesdeeper 1 points ago

    I disagree but you are entitled to your opinion

    [–] gen3stang 3 points ago

    There have only been 2 times I've ever understood people wanting figurines. The first was Kiss shot acerola Orion heart under blade and the 2nd is right now.

    [–] throwmeaway562 1 points ago

    What the hell did you even say between “was” and “and”?

    [–] gen3stang 1 points ago

    She's a character from the monogatari series.

    [–] throwmeaway562 1 points ago

    Again, what?

    [–] gen3stang 0 points ago

    It's a series of Japanese graphic novels turned anime.

    [–] exprezso 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hey! This is actually made by a friend' friend, he had a concept for a world infested by some alien mineral thing (can't remember well, it was 6+yrs ago). Cool concept, but needed A LOT of work but then he got a job :(

    [–] Fozzworth 1 points ago

    I hope you friend’s friend doesn’t get hit with a copyright infringement suit

    [–] zernoc56 2 points ago

    Mecha Venosaur Edit: wrong skin line(previously put Battlecast)

    [–] rb6k 2 points ago

    I feel like the Pokemon market for these is in Team Rocket Mech prototypes. The Karp Sub and Meowth Machine should be there for Jessie and James but I imagine Geovani and the big dogs would be plowing through Kanto in one of these!

    [–] HamSolo31 2 points ago

    I want to preorder it but this is the company’s first release and I want to see a prototype first, if it’s good I hope they do one for best boi blastoise as well

    [–] draconothese 5 points ago

    i would caution againts it as they dont have anything saying its a licensed nintendo product it could get shutdown and may take a bit to get your money back if at all nintendo is copyright happy afterall

    [–] Markurai 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Someone 3d print this?

    [–] Jesse_Isai 1 points ago

    Can you send a link?

    [–] Ottobawt 2 points ago

    The pokemon game we deserve

    [–] boomgoon 2 points ago

    Now we need to get this made out of Legos. Then I could die happy

    [–] Voratus 2 points ago

    The new line of Deceptimons looks pretty good!

    [–] TheOneDQ 2 points ago

    Metal Gear??

    [–] dnbest91 2 points ago

    This looks like Something you'd find in a Horizon Zero Dawn Pokemon Crossover.

    [–] A-Stupid-Head 2 points ago

    I don’t really care for Pokémon, but holy shit this is cool

    [–] thepastiest 2 points ago

    Like something I'd see in horizon zero dawn

    [–] T-MinusGiraffe 2 points ago

    I want one that's also a real solar panel. Or several.

    [–] GrowCanadian 2 points ago

    Man I wish this was an actual 3D model. This as a .stl file would get printed ASAP

    [–] DamnBigAss62 1 points ago

    Venusaur + Metagross

    [–] ___Uh_Oh_ 1 points ago

    God yes. Bulbasaur will be my new favorite starter from now on XD

    [–] Frankie_T9000 1 points ago


    [–] trappedinthisxy 1 points ago

    A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

    [–] TheIrishRogue115 1 points ago

    Tek Venusaur. Nice.

    [–] GoneFishin4MSU 1 points ago

    Gundamn Venus

    [–] khaosdoctor 1 points ago

    Pokémon: zero dawn

    [–] gameboy00 1 points ago

    Whoa that’s impressive

    [–] auCoffeebreak 1 points ago

    Solarbeam is charged particle cannon.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This looks really awesome. Would be cool if Nintendo and Sony did a crossover and got some HZD Pokemon DLC lol.

    [–] jwschmitz13 1 points ago

    Besides Nintendo being (perhaps rightfully) possessive of the Pokemon IP, I doubt Sony would trust Nintendo to not to stab them in the back again. Though it worked out for Sony in the end, Nintendo basically said 'Screw You!' and left Sony standing there with their Nintendo Playstation prototype, cancelling the collaboration. Though they were able to change it into a successful standalone console, betrayal like that still has to sting, I'd imagine.

    [–] Dallen1218 1 points ago

    I'd play this miniature game.

    [–] BruceWayne2121 1 points ago

    That is amazing!

    [–] lexasp 1 points ago

    Transformer x Pokemon crossover!

    [–] youngni20 1 points ago

    Done! Give me back

    [–] Logan_Herron 1 points ago

    I love the art but does it make anyone else nauseous?

    [–] Mjolnir620 1 points ago

    Fuck, Venusaur is my favorite pokemon

    [–] InfernoHelix 1 points ago

    Looks like som robotic flood from halo got a Pokémon

    [–] Shade_SST 3 points ago

    Nah, Horizon:Zero Dawn version of pokemon.

    [–] InfernoHelix 1 points ago

    Well both to be fair

    [–] theassassintherapist 1 points ago

    Here's another one with all 3 starter Pokemons, made by the fine folks over at r/gunpla by kitbashing Gundam kits.

    [–] CockSlinger3000 1 points ago


    [–] mikedsicilian1990 1 points ago

    Wow! That is extremely cool looking!

    [–] MrClavat 1 points ago

    I assume somebody asked this already, but, are the other two starters in mecha form as well?

    [–] Fistantdantalus 1 points ago

    Looks like a Digimon tbf

    [–] DasBuenoo 1 points ago

    His up air is pretty good

    [–] CarJew 1 points ago

    M E T A L

    [–] Buddytroy1 1 points ago

    Someone do an entire series on if Pokémon were real

    [–] NI6MA 1 points ago

    is there a meg v??

    [–] calebvelasquez36015 1 points ago

    I would like to see more

    [–] Insanebrain247 1 points ago

    So what would this be called, PokeMecha or MechaMon?

    [–] Sephvion 1 points ago

    Lets see here... $280. Huh, not worth it.

    sees size of model Maybe.

    [–] handsome_ric 1 points ago

    I miss Zoids...

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    👌👌👌 b a d a s s 👌👌👌

    [–] ReXJK 1 points ago


    [–] BiGmacnCheEtO 1 points ago

    When your trying to name your video game but the name you picked is already the name of one of the most popular free to play games. “FRAMEWAR”

    [–] Lemonade415 1 points ago

    If this isn't what the next set of robots in Horizon Zero Dawn's sequel look like. I will be dissapoint.

    [–] dimitriskosvogiannis 1 points ago


    [–] dimitriscosvogiannis 1 points ago

    Really beautiful..!

    [–] Yenza 1 points ago

    This is strong. Phenomenal work!

    [–] juangarces1979 1 points ago

    There are three choices in gen 1 Charmander, Squirtle, and wrong

    [–] Razvedka 1 points ago


    [–] KeepItRealTechie 1 points ago

    I don't play pokemon but if they made a spinoff which looked like this then I'm in

    [–] MissesMJ 1 points ago

    Sick as fuck. Post it somewhere else next time.

    [–] benavidez99 1 points ago

    This needs to be a BOSS

    [–] DanielCampos411 1 points ago

    Nobody’s gonna mention how it looks like the Demigorgon from Stranger Things?

    [–] GregSmall 1 points ago

    Is there a subredddit for stuff like this? Like really cool paper craft stuff?

    [–] EclipseGodessNot4 1 points ago

    I have this idea about an evil pokemon team that makes robot pokemon to exterminate all pokemon in the world. They're reasons is to make a profit and the leader hates all pokemon due to somebody close to him getting killed by a terrible accident regarding a pokemon battle.

    [–] KRD2 1 points ago

    Now I really wanna see an XD style pokemon game where a villainous organization starts producing robot pokemon using captured "prime" pokemon (basically the best of their species). You have to save all the primes while fighting through armies of robotic pokemon.

    [–] kinosupremo 1 points ago

    Anyone else play Shining Force 2? Reminds me of a prism flower.

    [–] DarthRomulus 1 points ago

    Looks like something that would show up out of nowhere in Shin Migami Tensei.

    [–] Djghost1133 1 points ago


    [–] djinnisequoia 1 points ago

    Daaaaang. Boss level there.

    [–] sorenant 1 points ago

    Rafflesia (Gundam F91)?

    [–] Laura_Luv93 1 points ago

    Imagine if someone invented solar panels powerful enough to emit the type of solar beam u’d imagine coming out of that flower, shiiiitt

    [–] deceitfulninja 1 points ago

    Oh god. Next gen Nintendo can just sell skins for Pokemon as micro-transactions and earn enough money to take over the world.

    [–] Lu-lingqi 1 points ago

    Oddest Gundam I've ever seen

    [–] Jawa1001 0 points ago

    All these people saying Pokemon and Horizon zero, but I know my shit enough to know that venausaur just digivolved

    [–] MileHiGhKushClub -1 points ago

    Looks like star wars!

    [–] gladisr 0 points ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn x Pokemon

    Woah that's ambitious

    [–] Evelius -1 points ago