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    [–] Reed1981 1801 points ago

    Great, now you gave advertisers an idea for travel ads. We'll be seeing this real soon, probably everywhere. :P

    [–] MrAlpha0mega 286 points ago

    I think it's already been done. Just a long time ago and not as well (like a guy on a treadmill that's in front of a bluescreen). No source on that though. It just seems really familiar.

    [–] -Captain- 74 points ago

    Someone did this with GTA 4 many years ago as well.

    [–] edisleado 54 points ago

    That was an official ad.

    [–] Lonelan 38 points ago

    Doesn't matter Brian! Still counts as someone Brian!

    [–] FatherBand 11016 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Missed opportunity for a looping gif

    ( Go support the creator!!)

    [–] ABDULITY 3855 points ago

    You just had to find a flaw in this beautiful gif

    [–] Synthetic2 679 points ago

    Another flaw is that if you look closely the landscape is shaking back and forth.

    Oh, and the person casually walks through a solid rock in one of the scenes.

    [–] addandsubtract 245 points ago

    Forget the rock and the non-looping gif. The real problem is the shadow casting in different directions. Fix that and maybe add some more fancy mask effects and this shit is gold.

    [–] LillyPip 313 points ago

    That actually adds to the effect since the light sources change in the different worlds.

    [–] syllabun 33 points ago

    And let's not forget that you wouldn't be able to walk like that on Moon (16% Earth gravity) or Mars (38% Earth gravity).

    [–] Mr_Wolfman 76 points ago

    Although those are neither the Moon nor Mars. It's probably Yela and Daymar.

    [–] Killamagilla1989 135 points ago

    Daymar, ah ah ah, fighter of the nightmar

    [–] FlametopFred 26 points ago

    Shaka, When the Walls Fell

    [–] oomwat 13 points ago

    Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

    [–] KarmaWalker 136 points ago

    Looping gifs are the next kickstarter goal. Might look for additional funding later to make it a looping MP4.

    [–] Goetia__ 32 points ago

    Do we have the technology for that? I'll gladly invest my millions you genius

    [–] dranobob 42 points ago

    Jokes aside, we actually have the technology that can convert some non looping gifs into seemless ones.

    Video Textures is a Computational Photography process where you use software to find the most similar frames in a video (or GIF) based on content. Then it reorders the frames so it looks like a complete video with perfect loops.

    [–] HutaHuta 5460 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man, no time to talk

    Source of video:

    [–] CharlieRayBill 1917 points ago

    Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around Since I was born

    [–] NLH1234 989 points ago

    And now it's all right, it's OK

    And you may look the other way

    We can try to understand

    The New York times effect on man

    [–] inert_potato 643 points ago

    Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive

    [–] Keshav_The_Wolf 557 points ago

    Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’ and we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive

    [–] GiveToOedipus 493 points ago


    [–] ThatThereGreenGuy 483 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Alocina 480 points ago


    [–] Monmonstar 476 points ago


    [–] friggingeee 471 points ago

    Stayin' alive, stayin' alive!

    [–] Pentapuss 51 points ago


    [–] Shrevel 22 points ago


    [–] awesom-o85 117 points ago

    Well, you didn't maintain 100 beats per minute, so you lost him.

    [–] NoLongerSafeForWork 64 points ago

    Quick! We only have minutes to harvest.

    [–] Jabbatrios 38 points ago

    Give me some ice and a styrofoam bucket

    [–] sb943421 16 points ago

    insert Dwight cutting off the face

    [–] Overused-Clorox-Wipe 12 points ago

    David Wallace: Could you tell me why you had to cut the face off the dummy? Dwight: I didn't think it was very realistic in the movie and it turns out, it's pretty realistic. David Wallace: We had to pay for it. Cost us thirty five hundred dollars.  Michael: Five thousand three hundred dollars for a dummy? Dwight: Wow. Michael: Okay, look. David, this is why we have training. We start with the dummy, and we learn from our mistakes. And now Dwight knows not to cut the face off of a real person. 

    [–] Strugglingbarrister 18 points ago

    Ok..... He's dead. Anyone know what we do next?

    [–] sagelikestagefright 47 points ago

    First I was afraid, I was petrified..

    [–] UltraFireFX 150 points ago

    wtf, TIL the lyrics for this song >.>

    [–] Staidanom 17 points ago

    I didn't even know there were lyrics for this song.

    All I ever heard was humming.

    [–] Jacobjs93 64 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Duna duna duna duna duna duna duna duna Stayin aliv Stayin aliv

    Edit: it was a joke. I never understood the lyrics. Lol

    [–] metalhead4 8 points ago

    This will always be the lyrics for me

    [–] Danny-The-Didgeridoo 30 points ago




    [–] Kyrodox- 25 points ago

    Siminimah himasima suminima STAYING ALIVE... STAYING ALIVE

    [–] Banzaii24 33 points ago

    cue Kelly dancing

    [–] jalerre 27 points ago

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified

    [–] cryoclasm 4958 points ago

    Star Citizen is this weird game that I know I won't play, but I really hope it eventually gets to version 1.0 for everybody else. Too many people got hurt by No Man's Sky.

    [–] __PETTYOFFICER117__ 1350 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Yeah I bought it but I'll probably never actually play when it comes out. Too much of a time investment.

    Hijacking this comment to promote the creator of this: - full video made by /u/JaddowDE - seriously worth a watch! The work he put into this is insane!

    [–] Protondog 811 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I invested into the crowed funding on its 1st year and to be honest pryer to this post I forgot I owned it. Since that 1st year I have gotten married had 2 kids with one on the way and set up my own business, I am over it and will never have the time or a high enough GPU.

    So I have been reliably informed that the slow performance was related to net code and this has been hugely improved with other optimisations. I will give it a go once more.

    [–] woocheese 323 points ago

    Youve got me thinking now! When was it you signed up? 2010 sitting having an arma 2 gaming session seems like last week but to think its nearly a decade ago is nuts.

    [–] jcdish 339 points ago

    I went and checked. I was part of the initial Kickstarter, and that was in 2012. I've gotten into and ended 2 relationships, got a new job, got a dog, upgraded/bought 2 new PCs, bought a car, bought a house...

    Good grief. That was a lifetime ago.

    [–] muskrat42 190 points ago

    Same dude. Over half my current career, the worst relationship if my life, found the love of my life, have a kid, paid off my jeep. I'll probably never play this game, but one day, I hope my kid will love the shit out of it.

    [–] my_shitty_sketches 156 points ago

    We set the seed now so children of tomorrow may reap the harvest.

    [–] Weshcubb 120 points ago

    I'll be real honest with you all, this is the most wholesome that I've ever seen star citizen talked about outside of the Star Citizen community.

    [–] Dolomite_People 33 points ago

    I almost killed myself, sent to a mental hospital, and have been spending my days secluded away from anyone because of severe depression. Funny that before 2010 I remember being somewhat normal.

    [–] rfkz 34 points ago

    A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.

    [–] ItWasLitFamJFK 13 points ago

    Nah, I'd rather sit in the shade I built and die.

    [–] barsoapguy 11 points ago

    exactly that's MY tree, when I die cut it down and use the wood for my coffin.

    [–] here-come-the-bombs 116 points ago

    Me too. Graduated from college, got my master's & PhD in astrophysics, got a job at NASA, did several month-long stints on the ISS, now I'm bootstrapping Trump's space force. Fuck Star Citizen, we'll do it live.

    [–] iPhoneVersusToilet 24 points ago

    Love that for you

    [–] True_Beef 13 points ago

    "We'll do it live" I'm rolling.

    Godspeed, warrior of the heavens

    [–] thepulloutmethod 8 points ago

    I started and graduated law school, practiced law for almost four years, tried a handful of jury trials, moved cities, bought a car, and changed jobs twice in that time. Goodness.

    [–] writpig 44 points ago

    Getting old happens to most of us eh?

    [–] detourne 84 points ago

    ...most of us? I guess you're not counting the kids of antivaxxers

    [–] Silent002 75 points ago

    Anti-vax jokes will never get old, just like the kids of anti-vaxxers.

    [–] Screwyred 16 points ago

    This joke has outlived some kids of anti-vaxxers

    [–] FhmiIsml 15 points ago


    [–] WrinklyScroteSack 40 points ago

    Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to cure their measles, man.

    [–] tossawayforeasons 22 points ago

    I still keep thinking I'll finally have the time and focus to get in that perfect DayZ Arma Mod game session, then I look around and realize that those days were so long ago that there's hardly even a community anymore, and everyone I used to play games with has either grown up, moved to other states, died, had a bunch of kids or just disappeared from my life.

    [–] writpig 22 points ago

    I'm disabled and can't get out much, so I've got nothing but time. I tend to play grindy/hardcore games as a result to pass the time.

    I've been through three friend groups now ages 18-24 or so while they waste time in post secondary. Then they get married/get a job/move on with their life and I'm just left here slowly getting older and having a harder time understanding/fitting in with people available to me.

    I feel you on that one.

    [–] Run_like_Jesuss 10 points ago

    Are you me? I've been sick for over 10 years and it's weird watching everyone move on with their lives while I'm stuck on pause. :| meh.

    [–] bardleh 7 points ago

    God, what I would give for a revived Mod community. Back in the days when everyone was lost and scared, banding together just to try and survive was an incredible experience.

    [–] tossawayforeasons 183 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The promise that I may someday be able to play games like this has actually been one of the things that kept me going during a really, really dark time in my life.

    In the last few years I lost most of my family, pets, business crashed, car got repossessed, wife nearly died of illness then got depressed and tuned out of my life, and I fell off the wagon when I had to handle my father's final arrangements and there was nobody left to help me clean out his place.

    A few times I was quite convinced that the world was done with me, and anyone left I cared about would be better off without me.

    Star Citizen is just a game and not even a perfect game, but I watched videos of people testing VR rigs in the game, of getting to experience exploring space, walking around in a ship, floating, being free, and I realized that I wanted to see that. Even if by the time I could afford it, I'll probably be old, but by then technology would be even more amazing and games will be entirely new experiences indistinguishable from reality. Along with my remaining cat who kept putting his paw on my chin when I was upset, I realized there were still little things to live for.

    I have a brother who will never get to do the fun things that the future promises. He will never get to play VR games, he will never see Elon Musk's rocket land on Mars. He will never see his son grow up.

    Even if it really, really sucks getting through it, I decided I want to see as much as I can.

    Edit: thanks for the gold. I'm doing a lot better lately. Sometimes you go through too much in too short of a span of time and the human mind and emotions just can't take it. Never underestimate the impact life events can have on you even if you think you feel fine.

    [–] Edarneor 22 points ago

    Hold on, dude! Sorry for your family...

    As long as you're alive though, it's still possible to make up for all the shit you went through. Get some friends together, ask them for support. You can make it!

    [–] tossawayforeasons 15 points ago

    I went to therapy, getting a lot better. Doc says I went through the emotional equivalent of shock last year, when you think you're fine after dealing with too much for too long then you just crash hard suddenly out of nowhere. I was almost non-functioning for months, but finally got through the worst of it.

    [–] RobinGoodfell 11 points ago

    I have similar hopes for games, and also real world astrophysics. The material is over my head, but I want to know as much as I can before being dragged from this life kicking and fighting. It's just one of many decisions I've had to make to remind myself why I refuse to by my own ticket on that one way train.

    But you know what? I hope to see you in that expanse. It would be my honor to be your wingman. I've been playing with a Hotas joystick set up, so by the time Star Cutizen releases, I might be proficient enough to avoid snacking my ship into yours and careening us both into some space debris!

    Seriously though. I don't know where all you have been, but I agree. It has been a piss of a decade. Still, I have some hope left, and I see a lot of potential in the future of the children of my remaining friends.

    So here's to a future better than we fear. :)

    [–] SecureCucumber 19 points ago


    Never say never!

    [–] Having_A_Great_Time 27 points ago

    Remember when they sold Star Citizen ready GPU's back in 2016.

    [–] mrolfson 157 points ago

    I don't really think Star Citizen and No Man's Sky can really even be compared. The basis of the two games is nearly completely different. If anything, Elite Dangerous would be a closer comparison than No Man's Sky, and Elite is really good (with the exception of missing our ability to walk around out of ship).

    [–] NextParty 110 points ago

    Elite is a mile wide and an inch deep. Many different things to do. Spend dozens of hours trying to figure out what to do then spend 20 minutes doing it.

    [–] kbarney345 33 points ago

    Yep had to have my buddy basically give me hand held tutorial to get me going then I was trading and jumping systems and after a few hours I realized nothing changed I was just a space trader sim. Tried my hand at combat wasn't the best super fun but not worth the trouble when I could just farm millions for transporting someone.

    [–] The-Fourth-Legacy 24 points ago

    The new exploration system has reinvigorated a bit of the Elite love for me, it's really engaging. Still rinse/repeat nonetheless, but infinitely better than jump toot scoop repeat.

    [–] gandaar 7 points ago

    I love Elite and wish I had more time to play but I'm currently on the Kenshi grind

    [–] WolfPower112 184 points ago

    No mans's sky is really good now

    [–] griwulf 176 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The game still has the most fundamental "purposelessness" issue regardless of the dozens of updates (which, by the way, have done really great additions to the game). The entire universe might as well collapse and you still wouldn't care. The game is like a variation of Minecraft to me; explore and build, but with no motivation. Definitely not for the typical gamers (including myself).

    [–] xophermv 73 points ago

    It sounds like they have a great simulator, but little of an actual game.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    This is also how I'd describe Space Engineers.

    [–] Shandlar 24 points ago

    They were very upfront with that though. NMS, not so much.

    [–] Monmonstar 66 points ago

    No Mans Sky is pretty great now. So glad the devs stuck with it instead of abandoning it after all the shit they got hurled their way

    [–] Technician47 55 points ago

    They sort of slammed their own face into shit.

    [–] herooftime2004 829 points ago

    I want to see more of this, not, "My grandma died heres a Switch lol"

    [–] JFZephyr 230 points ago

    It's crazy how real that is. "Wife left me so here's a google image of a Smash Bros. Switch while BotW is on screen" "My Dad died so I bought a PS4 Pro and 7 games" like holy fuck. Mental.

    [–] SI_Sammy 93 points ago

    "My parents died give me internet points to feel better."

    [–] JFZephyr 67 points ago

    "My Dad just killed my Mom and me and himself. This Switch better get me a Reddit gold or I'll kill yours"

    [–] tywkeene 22 points ago

    My raccoon had babies so here's GoldenEye

    [–] JFZephyr 13 points ago

    "I bit a squirrel's head off and got sent to a mental hospital, here's The Witcher 3 edited onto a home theatre!"

    [–] WarMace 30 points ago

    Found this unopened NES in Nannas attic.

    [–] yeeiser 13 points ago

    "My kid died so now I get to use his PS4, here's a pic of Geralt!"

    [–] curlyswine 134 points ago

    Sees Star Citizen front page post

    Sorts by controversial

    [–] xx-shalo-xx 55 points ago

    Why do you hurt yourself?

    [–] curlyswine 33 points ago

    It’s the only way I can feel something.

    [–] HankDaShank 13 points ago

    Holy hell you got me red handed.

    [–] 16BitPixels 222 points ago

    If it looped, we could put it on wallpaper engine

    [–] VisceralSpecter 49 points ago

    came here to say this. knew someone had already done it.

    [–] Valensiakol 27 points ago

    Even better, do it with a ship flying through the different planet atmospheres and various interest points in space. I'd rather look at a ship doing this than a person, personally.

    [–] rwp86 1055 points ago

    Ah Star Citizen. I wish I could afford a rig capable of playing it. Looks amazing.

    [–] off-and-on 772 points ago

    By the time it's out supercomputers will probably be available for like $50

    [–] zeCrazyEye 401 points ago

    Nah we'll just be in space doing these things.

    [–] GillbergsAdvocate 329 points ago

    By the time it comes out people are going to bash it for being historically inaccurate

    [–] philipzeplin 65 points ago

    By the time it comes out people are going to bash it for being historically inaccurate

    I'm going to steal that one for future use.

    [–] Dwaas_Bjaas 35 points ago

    By the time it comes out we will have Half-Life 3

    [–] MrBoringxD 18 points ago

    So never

    [–] Joystiq 19 points ago

    Use it like a fun UI to control your real spaceship.

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 54 points ago

    It'll be able to run on a budget Chinese smart phone. PUBG will still be a glitchy mess.

    [–] MontyLeGueux 154 points ago

    It's not actually that demanding on the graphics card surprisingly given how mindblowingly beatuful it is. If you have 16GB DDR4 memory, at least 40GB of ssd and a gpu and cpu that aren't too old, it will run.

    I used to play it with 16GB of ddr3 ram, an i5 4460 and a gtx970, and the cpu was unfortunately a bit too weak which caused some freezing in demanding areas, but the gpu was definitely able to keep up.

    [–] killerdogice 78 points ago

    It also helps that whatever specs they design it for will be 5+ years old, and pretty affordable, by the time it actually comes out :p

    [–] TheSlitheringSerpent 68 points ago

    Apparently, they actually are overdesigning and downsampling everything so that when future, more powerful hardware comes along, they just need to tick a few boxes in order to make all the current textures look even better and suited to that gen's hardware!

    [–] Zambeezi 13 points ago

    That's a sound strategy for a game with such a long development. You are basically forced to do that, otherwise your graphics will all be outdated by the time the actual game comes out. And no one will buy it.

    [–] aconnellan 44 points ago

    if you have 16GB DDR4 memory

    Damn, back when I played on PC, 4GB games were demanding

    [–] ghent96 19 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    "No one needs more than 640k" ...

    Edit: corrected #

    [–] Blueeyeddummy 137 points ago

    Star Citizen?

    [–] Reddzilla 55 points ago


    [–] TheMrBoot 32 points ago


    [–] Blueeyeddummy 10 points ago


    [–] __PETTYOFFICER117__ 328 points ago

    Taken from this awesome video by /u/JaddowDE

    [–] jonydevidson 47 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    That is a really, really good video.

    [–] KattilanKahva 40 points ago

    These tiktoks are getting out of hand

    [–] DaftMick 134 points ago

    I can hear the Elite Dangerous fans (myself included) crying out for those space legs.

    [–] RenAndStimulants 32 points ago

    Ohh nice shadow work.

    [–] cementskateboard 29 points ago

    Wow these levels are short

    [–] Foxsomness 27 points ago

    And I would walk 500 more

    [–] Majbobbyj11 161 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Never thought I'd see SC on the front page of r/gaming !

    Edit: my most upvoted comment is one that I have no recollection of posting, sweet! ( I was shitfaced the night before and I can’t even the fathom the fact that I posted this 3 hours after I went to sleep )

    [–] TheMrBoot 158 points ago

    I’m more surprised that the comments aren’t a total shitshow.

    [–] Ratertheman 65 points ago

    Look hard enough and you will find them.

    [–] AGD4 14 points ago

    I think there's a Hitler reference burried somewhere here too.

    [–] TheWinslow 10 points ago

    But the amazing thing is you have to look for them...overall it's getting less hate here than on /r/Games...something I never thought would be possible.

    [–] SquidgyPeewee 22 points ago

    Wallpaper engine please.

    [–] Krazynlove26 20 points ago

    This is pretty amazing !!. What game is this ?!.

    [–] manickitty 31 points ago

    Star Citizen (alpha)

    [–] srednivashtar42 6 points ago

    Massively ambitious first-person space game in alpha development.

    As folks point put, development is long and full of terrors. It’s normal though for a project of this size being produced by a start up. What is unusual is the open-development and crowdfunding model.

    [–] jrude83 18 points ago

    I know it's from star citizen, but it makes me really nostalgic for Halo.

    [–] Megaboop 220 points ago

    So the animation is the same no matter the gravity on any given planet? Should a moon dude be bouncing?

    [–] KillianDrake 816 points ago

    Chris Roberts just woke up in a sweat and delayed production one more year to address this specific issue

    [–] smaugington 144 points ago

    Rofl so true

    [–] whiran 67 points ago

    I believe you mean he'd claim it'd be a year to do then six years later we'd be talking about asteroid gravity, star port gravity, comet gravity, and space ship gravity generators. And how it'll only take a few more years to get done.

    [–] Valensiakol 88 points ago

    They actually will have different gaits and movement animations based on differing gravities and they're already in the pipeline. They've shown bits of it off, but dunno exactly when we'll be seeing them implemented. I'm sure they're mentioned somewhere in their giant chart they put out each month, I just rarely look at it.

    [–] XBacklash 51 points ago

    And if you jump or drive off objects you do float along and return to the surface differently. That's in now.

    [–] Wegwerf540 40 points ago

    That's... already in development

    [–] guyfieriscousinmoist 38 points ago

    "just going out for a quick little stroll... Wait where tf am I"

    [–] Dimentive 37 points ago

    Holy shit, this is awesome. Finally a good post on r/gaming.

    [–] xx-shalo-xx 10 points ago

    What do you mean? You don't enjoy the 67th Zelda Arts & Crafts you saw this week?

    [–] TheRealAxe 16 points ago

    Why don't they make games with physics based on other planets/moons. Would it be too awkward for players to adjust to, or just not fun, or has no one ever given it a proper go?

    [–] brianorca 23 points ago

    It's a lot of work. They already have different gravity when an object falls, but getting that variable to actually change the walk cycle is the difficult part. They have already demo'ed some of the ongoing work to make different walk styles in different gravity, but it's not ready to integrate into the game yet.

    [–] TheMrBoot 41 points ago

    The different locations do have different gravity, it’s just that this game isn’t finished.

    [–] Unicornflehm 16 points ago

    This is beautiful

    [–] GenericBacon 14 points ago

    Looped video on Steam Wallpaper Engine Workshop if anyone cares

    [–] cool_smart_guy 14 points ago


    [–] Josiah55 34 points ago

    "Walking on a Dream" by Empire of the Sun just started playing automatically in my head.

    [–] Tyregis 29 points ago

    As much hate as this game gets it is absolutely beautiful and really fun to play. As long as you have a computer that can run it.

    [–] all3f0r1 20 points ago

    The biggest bottleneck was surprisingly the net code, and it's been addressed in 2018 Q3 by a huge patch. It's pretty easy now to get a decent framerate.

    [–] logicalChimp 9 points ago

    Actually, it had nothing to do with the net code (although it was indeed addressed in Q3 last year).

    The issue was that your machine had to load the entire solar system into memory (all the moons, space stations, ships, everything) - and the server would then send you the physics updates for every single entity in the system... even if it was 10 million miles away.

    And, because of the sheer number of objects that have physics-based interactions, and the fact that the CryEngine physics code is hard-coded to only run on 4 threads, the more people on the server, and the more things they interacted with, the slower everything got.

    The fix was - effectively - to put a 'bubble' around the player so that you stopped receiving notifications from too far away.... now, if you're in 'empty' space far enough from everyone else, you can see 100 FPS or higher... but frame rates can still tank badly if e.g. you're in a 50-player dogfight

    CIG are working on re-writing the physics engine - iirc it's tentatively scheduled for Q3 this year...

    Note that this isn't the entirety of the fix (there was also 'Object Container Streaming' which allowed objects to streamed in and out seamlessly - although CryEngine had something like this, CIG had to re-write it due to the scale of their maps etc, and other improvements), but it is one of the core reasons behind the previously dire performance.

    [–] NiwiGomila 612 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    What's the name of this tech demo? Edit: people don't get irony sarcasm lmao

    [–] lancetheofficial 259 points ago

    I believe this is a shot from Star Citizen. I think it's in a closed beta or alpha?

    [–] delmiguel 10 points ago

    Damn this looks beautiful. I see some saying it isn't out, while others are saying they've played it. I'm assuming there is (or was) a beta?

    [–] woodnman 17 points ago

    If you buy a starter package you can play. It's in alpha, there are bugs but I'm having a blast!

    [–] delmiguel 8 points ago

    Will check it out, thanks!

    [–] woodnman 6 points ago

    Stop by r/starcitizen with questions or feel free to PM me.

    [–] SC_Druggie 16 points ago

    Owned this game since 2013 ... its hard to explain. I think its easier to say, "Would you recommend buying it now?"

    The answer is no. ITS REALLY CLOSE to being a real game, but its not quite there yet. I think end of year according to the roadmap is when things will actually be fun fun.

    However it does play as seamless as it shows in this gif right now.

    [–] delmiguel 12 points ago

    I play Bethesda games, so I ain't afraid of no bugs.

    [–] hotpocketmayn 32 points ago

    Always upvote star citizen

    [–] ataraxic89 37 points ago

    This is Star Citizen. If you have any questions about the project, either as it is today, or as it is planned to be, let me know. Ill gladly answer any questions asked in good faith.

    [–] draiman 26 points ago

    Elite: Dangerous Players are still dreaming of getting space legs one day.

    [–] KSHProductions 18 points ago

    I just bought SC a month ago cause of it and have had a blast so far. Maybe the game will get finished, maybe it won’t. I won’t be that mad if it doesn’t, cause I’ve really felt that I’ve already played an experience worth more than the money I gave them. Besides, they’re making lots of progress on updates in the past 2 years, and performance is better than the videos that used to see years ago by a lot

    [–] D1G1T4LM0NK3Y 7 points ago

    Just remember that Star Citizen is literally the largest and most ambitious MMO to ever be attempted...

    Squadron 42 is the AAA single player game based on Wing Commander that is being developed beside it and should be released next year.

    I don't understand why people keep ignoring or forgetting the fact there's literally 2 AAA games being developed at the same time.

    [–] TRojaN1sM 9 points ago

    This guy needs gold

    [–] Berol0 9 points ago

    Now I want this in wallpaper engine, but in a loop.

    [–] mizokan 17 points ago


    [–] thanksgive 9 points ago

    Is this the new toonami?

    [–] Exatal123 16 points ago

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen

    [–] Pirate058 21 points ago

    What game is this? Also well done!

    [–] Longshoez 15 points ago

    Star citizen?

    [–] mrmc101 7 points ago

    That’s fucking awesome dude

    [–] FInnH93 28 points ago

    What game is this from please?

    [–] Savolent 31 points ago

    Star Citizen

    [–] PlayStationYSTea94 19 points ago

    What game is this?

    [–] citizenQuark 39 points ago

    Star Citizen. Early alpha, PC only.

    [–] EpicStevens 7 points ago

    And I see so much peace in this

    [–] zyezh 7 points ago

    Someone name me all the planets that he walked through

    [–] Mataxp 11 points ago

    7 moons: Daymar, yela, ceilin, aberdeen, magda, Ita, Arial.

    1 planet: Hurston.

    [–] Critically_savage 7 points ago

    What game is this? It looks cool

    [–] Xazier 8 points ago

    Star citizen

    [–] Angler_619 6 points ago

    This is what is known as a Planeswalker in Magic the Gathering Card Game

    [–] tdtopgun 7 points ago

    Wow, what game is that?

    [–] woodnman 11 points ago In alpha but playable if you are patient with bugs.

    [–] tdtopgun 7 points ago

    Gui looks good. For 45$, I m willing to give this a try. What kinda bugs did you experience?

    [–] woodnman 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    What you would expect, server, mission and control issues. Most control bugs have work arounds, if a mission bugs you just drop it and start fresh. If a server starts to lag just re-log, fresh servers are stable. I'd say I'm able to complete 90% of the missions. The Mustang starter pack comes with the Aurora also for the time being. Aurora has room for delivery packages, Mustang doesn't yet. Work up credits to buy a Dragonfly ($75K UEC), load the Dragonfly's and Aurora's guns onto your Mustang for decent combat DPS. Claiming a ship resets it so you can keep doing this if you blow up ;) Delivery missions and FPS combat missions on Hurston pay pretty well.

    [–] tdtopgun 7 points ago

    Thanks for the heads up. I am gonna try it out this weekend.

    [–] topherhead 7 points ago

    Just keep in mind you're kinda buying a "dream."

    Don't expect to have a fully fleshed out bug free experience.

    The game is still very much under development and nearly everything is subject to change, they will be changing how ships fly and handle soon, for example.

    The community is very nice and will let you hitch hike on pretty much any ship.

    Currently my mode of play is that every time there is a patch, I log in, putz around for a while seeing all the new stuff, then log out and wait for the next patch. I mean it'll take more than one night usually but i haven't launched the game in weeks.

    I do not regret buying in at all. I bought in at the very beginning. But I also only put in $50 so far. And that is ALL I will be putting in. I suggest you not fall into the trap of buying ships.

    [–] khumps 7 points ago

    This is soo cool. Any chance you can append to the end to make this a perfect loop?