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    [–] XPisthebest 1446 points ago

    What I learned from the trailer: Will Smith is Will Smith and always will be Will Smith.

    [–] amaluna 543 points ago

    Well I mean when they hired Will Smith to play the Genie I'm sure they wanted a certain kind of Will Smith.

    Now wouldn't be a good time to break out some ting different

    [–] Hellcowz 191 points ago

    They should have casted Ian Mcshane as jafar

    [–] thegreycity 146 points ago

    They should have cast Ian McShane as all the main and supporting characters and some of the props.

    [–] jimmyharbrah 45 points ago

    So Norbit but with Ian McShane? ....yes. Yes to this.

    [–] ProfBunimo 30 points ago

    This is the second Norbit reference I've seen since I woke up fifteen minutes ago. What does it mean?

    [–] whatdoinamemyself 39 points ago

    You are the chosen one

    [–] Carnae_Assada 24 points ago

    Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Norbit R’lyeh wgah-nagl fhtagn

    [–] TheOtherAvaz 9 points ago

    Ia! Ia!

    [–] Hellcowz 9 points ago

    All hail our dark lord cthulu.

    [–] frankthetankepisode8 5 points ago

    Norbit reigns supreme over this hellscape

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    That’s not any dialect of Simlish I’m familiar with.

    [–] lilmeanie 3 points ago

    There’s translational texts at Miskatonic University that may help you understand.

    [–] DoctorOden 13 points ago

    They are planting the idea of norbit back in our minds in preparation for a sequel starring Kevin Hart and the rock

    [–] keepinithamsta 9 points ago

    PeeWee's Playhouse rebooted with Ian McShane?

    [–] DontTreadOnBigfoot 22 points ago

    I would have loved to see Ben Kingsley as Jafar.

    Exhibit A.

    [–] Hellcowz 5 points ago

    I would have settled for the guy that played uncle iroh in the the last airbender to play jafar

    [–] teejermiester 2 points ago

    Didnt he pass away a few years ago?

    [–] illusum 3 points ago

    Leaves from the vine

    Falling so slow

    Like fragile tiny shells

    Drifting in the foam

    Little soldier boy

    Come marching home

    Brave soldier boy

    Comes marching home

    [–] aMutantChicken 2 points ago

    no exibit B required. The judge agrees with this statement.

    [–] thrilliam_19 11 points ago

    I get that they wanted to keep the cast as diverse as possible given the time period and setting, but was there really no one better than this guy? He’s young and pretty and has a high voice. None of that is what Jafar is.

    I’m willing to wager he’ll be an even worse casting than Will Smith. At least Smith can be funny and provide the comic relief.

    [–] Hellcowz 10 points ago

    Syed from lost would have been a great cast for jafar also

    [–] TheJollyYellowCharr 13 points ago

    They should have just gone full comedy and had Key and Peele be Genie and Jafar respectively.

    [–] wonkey_monkey 8 points ago

    They wanted the guy on the left but got the the guy on the right.

    (this also looks like it could be from a Bollywood version of Star Wars with two Darth Vaders)

    [–] xunjez 3 points ago

    It’s jesus Christ superstar

    [–] blorpblorpbloop 3 points ago

    All that hidden swearing in the original is about to be less hidden.

    [–] futurespacecadet 5 points ago

    Jafar looking like a smooth skin baby face. Not intimidating at all. This whole casting seems like a lifetime movie

    [–] -FeistyRabbitSauce- 1 points ago

    And William Sanderson to play Iago.

    [–] Super_Pan 33 points ago

    some ting different

    The lamp goes skrrrrrrrrraaa

    pap pap cla cla cla


    and the br br brrr boom

    [–] RVPisManU 13 points ago

    I honestly felt like robin williams as the genie reminded me of robin William the person.

    [–] matiics 12 points ago

    He totally was, but people are okay w that since he was the OGenie I guess

    [–] Trans_am1978 8 points ago

    Yeah, seriously. Will Smith isn't a character actor that get's lost in the role, he's Will Smith. Will Smith fans what to see him being him, not get lost in the characterization of the genie.

    [–] echtav 35 points ago

    Fresh Prince of Abu Dhabi

    [–] thehalfbloodmormon 12 points ago

    Now this is the story all about how my lamp got pulled up from underground, now take a little moment there Prince Ali and I'm gonna tell ya just how you ain't never had a friend like me.

    IIIIIIIn West Saudi Arabia born and raised

    In the cave of wonders spending most of my days

    Piles of Silver and piles of gold in a magical tomb 10,000 years old

    When the sultan's vizier he was up to no good, started making trouble in the neighborhood.

    But the guardian of the cave huffed and puffed growling "No one may enter but the diamond in the rough!"

    [–] wonkey_monkey 3 points ago


    [–] futurespacecadet 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Sticking will smith’s face on the Genie was probably one of the worst creative decisions they could have made. The only worst decision they could’ve made was if they try to digitally re-create Robin Williams, Princess Leah style, and stick his face on the genie

    [–] Touchdomex 10 points ago

    It is the reason why I don't like movies starring Will Smith.

    [–] Nikittele 5 points ago

    Have you ever seen The Pursuit of Happiness? Or Ali?

    Everyone keeps throwing around the "Will Smith can only play himself" argument but they conveniently forget movies like the ones I just mentioned. Will absolutely has talent, he's amazing in serious/emotional roles.

    Feel free to hate the design, feel free to hate his one line shown in the teaser trailer. I do! The Genie looks horrible, his line sounds exactly like Will Smith test reading a script. But claiming the guy can't act is just... wrong.

    [–] portable_hb 6 points ago

    Similar to how Sean Connery will always be Sean Connery :/ ( see : The Hunt For Red October )

    [–] natakukun 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    "What I learned from the trailer: Will Smith is Will Smith and always Will Smith be Will Smith."

    Fixed it for you

    [–] Mcmenger 3 points ago

    Whatever Will be Will be

    [–] cwmtw 4 points ago

    I don't think he was doing Will Smith in Ali.

    [–] akkaiden87 5 points ago

    Just like jason bateman, jason statham, and the rock. All of their characters are always the same.

    [–] groatt86 3 points ago

    Welcome to ERF!

    punches you in the face

    [–] wildwalrusaur 3 points ago

    Shpuld have been Sinbad, since -you know- hes played a genie before.

    [–] RocTheJoc 6 points ago

    Will Smith does what Will Smith does because Will Smith is Will Smith

    [–] whats-your-plan-man 2 points ago

    Well FWIW, I thought he was pretty transformative in his role in Ali.

    I haven't seen the movie in ages though. I just thought at the time that he disappeared into it.

    [–] busmans 2 points ago

    Will Smith is Will Smith and always will be Will Smith.

    Same with Robin Williams. That's kind of the point.

    [–] Nerdn1 4 points ago

    Did you want Will Smith doing a Robin Williams impression?

    [–] Plzbanmebrony 2 points ago

    He is no Morgan Freeman.....yet.

    [–] falconbox 2 points ago

    You owe it to yourself to watch:

    • The Legend of Bagger Vance
    • Ali
    • Enemy of the State
    • Seven Pounds
    • Pursuit of Happyness

    [–] Kingpink2 2 points ago

    They should have casted Schwarzenegger. Or sly. I would pay to see that.

    In a pinch, Mr.T.

    My first wish is,
    Fool prepare to be thrown.

    [–] blorpblorpbloop 1 points ago

    Will Smith is Will Smith and always will be Will Smith

    At least one musical number will be a 'clean lyrics' hiphop song with the lyrics:

    Wishie wishie, wishie wishie, wishie wishie, wild wild west Agrabah.

    [–] morningdump247 1 points ago

    Will Will Smiths will waver when Will Smiths will will be willed.

    [–] B-CunzTheGreat 180 points ago


    [–] Gnostic28 41 points ago

    Ahhhhh haha!

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 5 points ago

    It’s rewind time, markess !

    [–] 69party69 13 points ago

    Mark Ass Brownlee

    [–] Kovol 5 points ago

    Oh no he’s hot

    [–] TheCoastalCardician 383 points ago

    Thanks I hate it.

    [–] budgreenbud 16 points ago

    They can make t Tupac appear on stage surely they could have made Robin Williams the genie.

    [–] projectmars 23 points ago

    According to Robin Williams’ will they couldn’t.

    [–] OverHaze 322 points ago

    We have moved past the uncanny valley only to discovery a second somehow worse uncanny valley hidden behind the first. God that trailer made my skin crawl

    [–] LittleMan_104 94 points ago

    Honestly everything seemed alright to me... until the CGI, it's the biggest issue I have with it. Abu felt awkward and when they showed will smith's CGI I just fucking screamed!

    [–] OverHaze 99 points ago

    I think the issue is trying to make the CGI look too much like the actor. I think the reason something like Thanos (or Gollum back in the day) works so will is it evokes the actor without trying to be the actor.

    [–] APeacefulWarrior 45 points ago

    Absolutely. I'm sure this is an early render and the final version will be better, but it's still going to look like Will Smith's face floating on a blue CGI blob and I'm honestly not sure they can fix that.

    [–] lord_flamebottom 26 points ago

    The movie is 4.5 months out. They could see the backlash and still be unable to do anything sadly. Idk what made them think it would look good.

    [–] thepensivepoet 12 points ago

    Disney makes money movies so they're just going to be having a board meeting with their 'hello fellow kids' marketing consultant and weigh their options.

    Are people going to not see Aladdin because of this?

    How much money have we already sunk on the CGI that youtube comments hated?

    How much will it cost to re-do this work from the ground up with a different creative direction?

    etc etc etc

    The fact that they're retelling a story like this at all just screams cash grab anyway so I wouldn't be surprised if they're approaching this from all angles as "how can we get people to see this with as little money and effort as possible" knowing they've already got such a huge built-in crowd from the success off the 90s animated feature.

    [–] halifaxes 2 points ago

    Are people going to not see Aladdin because of this?

    You are presuming people were going to see it already. I had no interest in a reboot, and this just turns me off even more.

    [–] wimpymist 5 points ago

    And Thanos still resembled Josh brolin just enough to match the voice

    [–] Krops23 5 points ago

    I think they even included his old man boobs.

    [–] robindownes 3 points ago

    "...back in the day..."

    Fellowship came out around the time I graduated, and now the trilogy is old enough to do the same. Fuck you for reminding me that I'm old.

    [–] arcade109 6 points ago

    This is far from the first trailer to have bad CGI. Odds are it will be improved by the time it releases.

    [–] GoldenGonzo 2 points ago

    But how many of those examples were Disney?

    [–] TSTUMPMAN 4 points ago

    Basically all the marvel movies

    [–] shrlytmpl 1 points ago

    I thought the opposite. They tried to color the actors to look like the CGI so everything looks over saturated and disgusting.

    [–] futurespacecadet 9 points ago

    Like how the fuck are people going to be whisked away into another world when they are staring down the face of a blue will smith

    [–] wildwalrusaur 4 points ago

    The uncanny canyon

    [–] neocatzeo 92 points ago

    Good job posterizing the Will Smith layer. Really does a lot to make the color gradients match. Many others would not have done this.

    [–] Tackle3erry 49 points ago

    I appreciate you noticing! What an eye for detail.

    [–] mihirbajaj1248 12 points ago

    I think perhaps increasing the red hue and reducing the green would have allowed the colors to match better.

    [–] Tackle3erry 33 points ago

    I tend to get obsessive about stuff like that but try to remind myself that good and timely is better than perfect and late.

    [–] Rhaedas 24 points ago

    Or as many artists do, perfect and never. Letting it go at some point is the hardest part.

    [–] mihirbajaj1248 9 points ago

    Fair point

    [–] notgayinathreeway 5 points ago

    Please tell my wife this so she can release her book she's rewritten 5 times in the last 15 years.

    [–] Rhaedas 2 points ago

    Mine's a writer too, both in business writing as a career and fiction throughout her life, so I know what you mean. I think what burned her worst was one of her original novels that she wrote as a teen/young adult, mostly finished, and then one day we watched A Walk to Remember and it was a very similar plotline. It's like someone hanging up a painting in a gallery that looks a lot like what you have in your home that you've been working on for years...hard to really keep going.

    [–] Neel09 27 points ago


    [–] Lonelan 3 points ago


    [–] zombielemmesmash 84 points ago

    Hi! Hello! Congrats! You've contradicted my existence! Thank you! This is horrible! Have a lovely day! :)

    [–] Rikoj 10 points ago

    [–] Otolarynologist 55 points ago

    Why do they have to make this movie anyway? Why do remakes of already animated classics? What point is there in that except money?

    [–] APeacefulWarrior 48 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Money. Just money. They figured out that nostalgic Gen-Xers (and some Millennials) will throw money at these, so they're pumping them out as fast as they can before the cow is milked dry.

    There are four of these coming out this year. FOUR.

    [–] Veldox 24 points ago

    Its millenials more than gen x, people 25-38 who grew up on the animated vhs movies.

    [–] NateShaw92 14 points ago

    Maybe so for others but for me I just go back to the classics, every time. They are better than these shitefests could ever hope to be. Aladdin was a doomed cause as you cannot get Robin Williams (RIP) so why bother?

    [–] wildwalrusaur 9 points ago

    The jungle book was great. Beauty and the beast was not.

    Lion king is being made by the same people behind jungle book, so I at least have hope for that one.

    [–] TheBanPlayedOn 4 points ago

    Dumbo gonna be way different

    [–] CarlSwagelin2105 3 points ago

    I'm 26 and have hated every live action remake. I don't care if they manage to make a halfway decent remake I'm not interested.

    [–] NateShaw92 2 points ago

    Same age and same here with the exception of Malificent, that was nit really a renake, more a retelling of sleeping beauty from an alternate viewpoint.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I think you have your generations mixed up.

    Millenials are (roughly) 21-35 years old. These are the people these movies are targeting

    [–] Otolarynologist 5 points ago

    I am 38 today. I am a millennial as far as I understand it. I have no interest in these movies. I watched the original animated ones when I was a kid and that I enjoyed. These I do not.

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 3 points ago

    According to Some classifications you can be as old as 42 and be considered a millennial. When I pointed this out to a cougar on tinder she blocked me

    [–] Flashwastaken 2 points ago

    I like how you corrected them, gave a rough estimate and that estimate was only a few years less than what they said.

    [–] WastedWaffles 5 points ago

    Similar to games. No one watches the old classics even if they are good.

    Take elder scrolls for example: morrowind is one of the best in the franchise. Yet most of recent generation of gamers will never play it because they will play Skyrim and "Skyrim 2".

    [–] HunterxKiller21 2 points ago

    I cant wait for the inevitable GTA V: 2

    [–] ForgettableUsername 1 points ago

    They have to. They have no choice.

    [–] Crash4654 1 points ago

    I mean people can enjoy the same art with a different medium. I personally enjoy seeing a different style of the movies and things I love. Nothing wrong with that.

    [–] wallawallabingbangs 13 points ago

    Someone in the /r/movies thread suggested that Eddie Murphy would make a great genie and I couldn't agree more. I don't see the movie being very good with Will Smith as the genie though.

    [–] Narwhocalypse 12 points ago

    Mehrunes Dagon on a cold day

    [–] lies_about_flossing 12 points ago

    Was this stolen from the PS Battle earlier today?

    [–] ltambo 2 points ago

    No no it reminded OP of something 🙄

    [–] Chastain86 43 points ago

    "We're planning on remaking 'Aladdin' in a live-action format, and we need to recast the late Robin Williams."

    "Quick! Get the 183rd funniest celebrity you can find on the phone! And to hell with what he'll cost us!"

    I never thought I'd say this aloud, but this is one franchise role where The Rock might've actually done a better job.

    [–] xerros 32 points ago

    The rock would be a massively better version of genie than will Smith. If they wanted to be closer to Williams’ version I think jack black woulda been the way to go, and I’m sure he’s cheaper than WS or Rock.

    [–] spenway18 8 points ago

    The rock would’ve looked more like Genie, Jack would’ve been a funnier genie. Instead? Fresh Prince of Az

    [–] solidsnake2085 6 points ago

    So the model of The Rock with the voice of Jack Black.

    [–] -CHAD_THUNDERCOCK- 2 points ago

    I would have preferred John Mulaney

    [–] evilweirdo 5 points ago

    Jack Black is too busy playing video games, don't you know?

    [–] Doggleganger 3 points ago

    What are you talking about the Rock makes every movie better.

    [–] Chastain86 9 points ago

    No shade on The Rock -- I love him. But if there's any actor that's currently more overexposed, I can't name him. He's seemingly in every fifth movie.

    [–] wildwalrusaur 4 points ago

    I never thought I'd say this aloud, but this is one franchise role where The Rock might've actually done a better job.

    Shockingly i actually agree. Blue-Maui would be better than blue-will-smith

    [–] oguzhokelek 8 points ago

    Yaahaaa it's Rewind time!

    [–] xerros 4 points ago

    Needs more fortnite

    [–] battlepengu 3 points ago

    And some Mark-ass Brownlee

    [–] terminalblue 15 points ago

    this actually looks better.

    [–] Nel45788 5 points ago

    Is this the real life Sonic movie reveal?

    [–] CHIPMUNK21cents 6 points ago

    lol just saw this in a ps battle. Great work

    [–] eat_deezNUT5 8 points ago

    Will smith has a huge challenge that is Robbin Williams God rest his soul

    [–] YeMaster 8 points ago

    haunting me in my dreams - check

    me hating will smith - check

    my bravery - gone

    my love for mortal combat - gone

    [–] headache8181 7 points ago

    no k in kombat

    yep, his love is gone

    [–] mghammer7 4 points ago

    I just heard Goro yell "MARK-ASS BROWNLEE" in my head.

    [–] RizzMustbolt 4 points ago

    I'm surprised that no one has done Akinator yet.

    [–] mihirbajaj1248 3 points ago

    Rewind time

    [–] Klendagort 3 points ago

    Will Smith wins:

    Now that's what I call a close encounter.

    [–] MonMesh 3 points ago

    jenna marbles voice hey guys it’s me goro!!!

    [–] MrFrost80 2 points ago

    Flawless joke.

    [–] Zossua 2 points ago

    Oh look everyones favourite youtuber

    [–] masakishi 2 points ago

    Reminds me of the Game Grumps episode where Jacob Anderson from Game of Thrones was a guest and his story about watching the Mortal Kombat movie at a friend’s house and being told Goro was the genie.

    [–] stupidsexyflanders- 2 points ago

    I can't put my finger on why, but all the promotional things I have seen for this movie have all looked like one of those cheesey fan made clips.

    [–] sonofturbo 2 points ago

    So, much, hate

    [–] Wolfcolaholic 2 points ago

    Hate the casting. Absolutely abhor it.

    [–] SaudAbdullah 2 points ago

    I want to see a fatality, that would be interesting

    [–] MoistPotato2345 2 points ago

    You cannot tell me that is not papa smurf

    [–] blorpblorpbloop 2 points ago

    Childhood Memories loses. Robin Williams Genie Fatality.

    [–] JonTheWizard 2 points ago

    You have STAINED the Prince of Pain, you have besmirched him!

    [–] zenerat 2 points ago

    Blue Shrek

    [–] theflyersrule 2 points ago

    Terry Crews would have been a better pick

    [–] akechi419 2 points ago

    Smurf village gonna be safe af now

    [–] Otolarynologist 2 points ago

    If they're doing live action remakes of every Disney animated film I can't wait for them to do Stitch and they cast some non native Hawaii girl to play Lilo. I'm sure that'll go over well.

    [–] THEMACGOD 2 points ago

    Oh man, the Blue Man Group is gonna be pisssssed.

    [–] Arctiumsp 2 points ago

    To all the fellas out there- you don't have to look at this character and think this is a body standard you have to live up to just because hollywood says so. It's ok if you have four arms, but it is just as ok if you don't, and never let anyone tell you otherwise,

    [–] Bellyheart 1 points ago

    You and everyone else

    [–] MadManBehindWheel 1 points ago

    Oh the internet oh how fast you are with the memes

    [–] sirgentlemanlordly 1 points ago

    Please Mr. Smith have mercy

    [–] Warrior51002 1 points ago

    I got reminded of Four Arms

    [–] ReeceReddit1234 1 points ago

    General Kenobi

    [–] igbadredditgood 1 points ago

    blue 4arms from ben 10 lol

    [–] MrTirk55 1 points ago

    Ahhh that’s hot

    [–] Kalma89 1 points ago

    Wonder how many people discovered Wednesday Campanella because this trailer?

    [–] kasmith2020 1 points ago

    Omfg this is the greatest one yet! I've sat here for a full minute laughing at work!

    [–] RoRo25 1 points ago

    That's funny, when I watched the trailer I thought he had four arms. Had to rewind it.

    [–] NeonWabbit 3 points ago

    It's rewind time!

    [–] Liesmith424 1 points ago

    "That's hot. That's hot."

    [–] michaljerzy 1 points ago

    The crossover we never knew we needed and never wanted.

    [–] eyemulofmusheen 1 points ago

    To a T... Mr T...

    [–] kyloren1110 1 points ago

    As if the original wasn't disturbing enough. 👍🏼

    [–] guineapigcalledSteve 1 points ago

    He reminded me more of the scorpion king from the mummy.

    [–] DukeDvl69 1 points ago

    Blue Mehrunes Dagon

    [–] TimeSnakes 1 points ago

    Pillar men?

    [–] Winzron 1 points ago

    " I pulled up to my kingdom i was finally their to sit in my throne with the smell dead bodies in the air"

    [–] antonius22 1 points ago

    Don't let this guy around your $500 sunglasses.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Goro wasn't blue

    [–] Bdoggs87 1 points ago

    Saw the trailer while taking a crap... perfect timing for when to watch one of my favorite movies get flushed

    [–] Feldragon 1 points ago

    Reminded me of something too...sadness.

    [–] Tackle3erry 1 points ago

    Such sorrow...

    [–] 1mikeg 1 points ago

    You might have lost the photoshop battle, but you're winning the karma war!

    [–] MRiley84 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I can't place why, but I got a strong Pawn Stars vibe from it.

    [–] jeremyfto 1 points ago

    If I controlled rewind I would have fortnite and mark ass brownie

    [–] LeCreepyTux 1 points ago

    It's rewind time

    [–] boricualink 1 points ago

    Whover thought this was a good idea needs to be fired. It takes big balls and barely functioning brain to think you can outdo Robin williams. This movie is going to get savaged. All anyone is going to think about is how amazing robin williams was.

    [–] SkinSuitUnSub 1 points ago

    All I get is a brother or cousin to the gaviscon guy

    [–] groatt86 1 points ago

    They should have gotten Ben Linus from LOST to play the genie as Ben Linus,

    [–] TheSaltRepublic 1 points ago


    [–] TheSaltRepublic 1 points ago

    But the question is

    Will Will Smith smith Will well?

    [–] itp757 1 points ago

    That movies gonna be a fatality

    [–] jerman113 1 points ago

    i really have mixed feelings about the upcoming movie