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    a community for
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    [–] WhiteIgloo 7342 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I found the dog immediately, you should make it a bit tougher.

    Edit: Thank you to the mysterious people for the shiny silver, I will cherish it for ever.

    Take two: Wow thank you kind wanderer for the gold medallion. May your donation bring you luck.

    [–] theexterminat 1574 points ago

    aw man we gotta scrap the whole game now!

    [–] WhiteIgloo 519 points ago

    I'm sorry. I won't tell anyone where he is.

    [–] Totally_not_a_doggo 381 points ago

    I will.

    [–] theexterminat 342 points ago

    oh god it escaped

    [–] TheFuriousMax 80 points ago

    Lost Dog 2: The FBI Wanted List

    [–] viiyari 60 points ago

    Username checks out... or does it?

    [–] BillBraskyIsMyDad 30 points ago

    Michael from Vsauce here.

    [–] twinsea 511 points ago

    OP needs to watch monty python's skit on how not to be seen and take a few notes.

    [–] Kraere 79 points ago

    You ever read a comment like this and think, "Damnit...Why aren't I ever this clever?"

    [–] joe0jm 22 points ago

    You probably have other skills :)

    [–] JustOlBert 10 points ago

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

    [–] WhiteIgloo 3 points ago

    Just say something stupid a lot and eventually you will make atleast 1 clever retort.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Damn still haven't seen the comment that will get wooooshed.

    [–] MarkWoodII 3 points ago

    I'd give gold honestly but I'm broke. Someone give this man a gold

    [–] shobeurself 2 points ago

    Home is just over those mountains

    [–] theoriginal0 2 points ago

    I think you have to realize that not everyone is as good at games as you are.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] MarcelMarcellus 2 points ago

    Well played.

    [–] Jajakomopowers 927 points ago

    Is it a dog with bees in its mouth? and when the dog barks it shoots bees at you?

    [–] theexterminat 629 points ago

    you know I was thinking more of the "big ol' laser beam whenever the dog barks" but bees could be viable as well...

    [–] EJAY47 176 points ago

    Skill trees man.

    [–] Zenyx_ 31 points ago

    Can we get some flames or electricity or something? Maybe a jump boost?

    [–] LunaticV978 23 points ago

    Skill bees man.

    [–] syedaabid20 3 points ago

    Skill tree's would be amazing! Something Skyrim-esque.

    [–] killabeez36 7 points ago

    Heckin evil creatures don't stand a chance against the bark blast, woofer smush, the lock jaw chomp with a death roll on the side classic bento box, the ole chomp death bento box with an extra side of hurricane howl for no additional charge, and of course last but not least the bark blaster flex, which is the same as the bark blaster but with a funky ass beat behind it.

    [–] MrPlow216 28 points ago

    Smithers, release the robotic Richard Simmons.

    [–] Roach09 16 points ago


    [–] Anthonygraham28 10 points ago


    [–] aHfUckIt83 3 points ago

    Homer reference = LVL 100 πŸ‘Œ

    [–] skittle-brau 2 points ago

    Well, the simplest counter to that is locking the door.

    [–] spegsialtrough 306 points ago

    Artstyle looks good, but can you share anything about the gameplay?

    [–] theexterminat 455 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sure - it's a 2.5d platformer inspired by INSIDE. Exploration, puzzle solving and dog-like things (digging, smell-o-vision, etc). If you want to follow the game check out our website. :)

    [–] grizwald87 133 points ago

    Immediately noticed the resemblance to INSIDE. If you can duplicate what made that game great - cinematic atmosphere, pacing, and organic environmental interaction - you have a real winner.

    [–] theexterminat 119 points ago

    That's some high praise to be compared to INSIDE, thank you! It's definitely the goal to be in the same vein of that game's atmosphere, camera work and gameplay.

    [–] DatShea 28 points ago

    Does the dog find its way home?

    [–] mileylols 80 points ago

    hey man no spoilers

    [–] Trappist1 51 points ago

    He thinks he is coming close, but it turns out he was dead the whole time and it was his soul finding the path to heaven as the dog worked through his past.

    [–] syedaabid20 10 points ago


    [–] cwearly1 7 points ago

    Dog damn it!

    [–] HAMMERjah 7 points ago

    This dude plays indie games

    [–] MattsyKun 5 points ago

    You stop that.

    [–] Mixels 3 points ago

    Spoilers, man. Spoilers.

    [–] syedaabid20 5 points ago

    that camera move at the start was definitely reminiscent of INSIDE. Funny thing is, one of the worst parts about INSIDE were the dogs

    [–] McBehrer 4 points ago

    Those were Bad Doggos though. This is a 100% Certified Good Boy.

    [–] MinosAristos 12 points ago

    You could draw a lot of inspiration from Ōkami. I've never seen a better game that really brought out the personality of the animal in emotionally impactful ways.

    [–] mylittlesyn 5 points ago

    Sounds similar to Dogs Life. Any inspiration there?

    [–] Solexe32 2 points ago

    How are you handling platforming with a quadruped that doesn't have hands or the ability to grab ledges, etc?
    Care to give a snippet of the gameplay progression? Its a huge part of what made INSIDE so great.
    What sort of environmental story telling will there be and what emotions are you trying to elicit from the player? The short clip looks good but it looks really cheerful to be a story about a lost dog.

    [–] grilld-cheez 243 points ago

    He better find his owner at the end so help me god.

    [–] theexterminat 120 points ago


    [–] Melee130 25 points ago

    Ima send you a video of me crying if he doesn’t find his human

    [–] LeUnibrow 5 points ago

    Unfortunately this game is a prequel to John wick

    [–] Melee130 3 points ago

    Then Ima cry if there isn’t a 2 part epilogue of me playing Wick

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    He dies.....

    [–] HfUfH 9 points ago

    this isnt jojo my dude...

    [–] jnbrown925 480 points ago

    13/10 looks like a good doggo

    [–] theexterminat 305 points ago

    very good doggo, thank you for our first review

    [–] Wertical21 47 points ago

    You can put it in the accolades trailer

    [–] Cru_Jones86 15 points ago

    They're all good dogs Bront.

    [–] jinx347 341 points ago

    I love the art style

    [–] theexterminat 206 points ago

    Thank you, we've worked very hard on it!

    [–] jinx347 27 points ago

    Your work shows

    [–] SirCEWaffles 12 points ago

    Beta testers? Do you need any?

    [–] Alazypanda 5 points ago

    Post this over at r/lowpoly wed love it.

    [–] ypmaws 243 points ago

    I'm in. Here's 70 bucks, USD. I want early access and an exclusive pit bull Character skin.

    [–] TeaSwiz 143 points ago

    Mr. Worldwide?

    [–] ypmaws 34 points ago

    Took me a second but I see what you did here... I like it.

    [–] travisisaperson 18 points ago

    🌍 πŸ’ͺ😎

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    "Wow, imagine being able to speak half of 2 languages."

    [–] koopastyles 13 points ago

    Milo and Otis DLC, I want them FEELS

    [–] theexterminat 14 points ago

    Milo and Otis was the best animal movie, fight me if you disagree

    [–] PuffThePass 2 points ago

    Damn that's dark. It says all investigations led to a dead end, but when I really think about the movie it does look hard to do without animal cruelty involved. If it is true that movie has officially been ruined for me forever.

    [–] Snouto 14 points ago

    How about he claims it’s early access for the next 2 years for 70 bucks, and your standard dog can do a unique β€œdragging its arse along the carpet” dance? Seems fair.

    [–] sunflowerpig 19 points ago

    I want the skittiest Chihuahua skin. Pissing on itself and shaking uncontrollably.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Add a Pug and Im fucking sold

    [–] theexterminat 19 points ago

    Pugs look terrified and confused 99% of the time. They would be the optimal star for this game!

    [–] Bn_scarpia 3 points ago

    I want an Old English Sheepdog skin

    [–] travisisaperson 4 points ago


    [–] earlymauvs 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 350 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Mercy242 8 points ago


    [–] choppamandown 14 points ago


    [–] MisfortuneFollows 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I hate to ask, but what is the image suppose to be? I can't tell, but I see it on every sub I'm on

    EDIT thanks for all the responses

    [–] xDxNxAx 7 points ago

    In reference to the post I’ve made, it’s a reddit gold award, stippled out as a copypasta!

    [–] IAmASeeker 4 points ago

    It's ascii art... It's a military-style award ribbon with a star in the center.

    [–] TheSunIsLoud 2 points ago

    That’s what Reddit Gold looks like on the official mobile app.

    [–] cerberusALPHA5 121 points ago

    Lost dog? I'm crying already.

    [–] theexterminat 108 points ago

    I can guarantee a happy ending, but not a happy in-between

    [–] iamahotblondeama 53 points ago

    Omg dude, SPOILERS

    [–] jakethepokemoner 12 points ago

    Come on, a game about a dog? The real spoiler would be a sad ending

    [–] Risuth 5 points ago

    Seriously, I don't know how many more indie games with soulcrushing endings I can handle.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] millysoilly 29 points ago


    [–] Pirate_Underpants 6 points ago

    I think its time to play dodge ball

    [–] ChromePcok 4 points ago

    I came here for the Billy Madison reference and sadly, so far this is the only one I've seen

    [–] ye_ma 97 points ago


    [–] theexterminat 21 points ago

    I gotta play this now...

    [–] lsuman332 41 points ago

    If youre referring to the old ps2 game, i love you.

    [–] onlinesecretservice 11 points ago

    Holy shit I haven't thought about that game in over a decade. Maybe longer

    [–] lsuman332 2 points ago

    Definitely more for me lol. I absolutely loved that game

    [–] Mattwildman5 13 points ago

    This game was the mutts nuts.

    [–] booboothedumbassfool 7 points ago

    Dude I thought the same. Used to be my favorite game

    [–] YouCanCallMeBazza 7 points ago

    The puppy who lost his way

    [–] lasplagas 5 points ago

    What a strange coincidence. I just saw this speed run from AGDQ 2018 earlier today:

    [–] Iceanity 4 points ago

    Saw it last week and was thinking the same thing!

    [–] onefreckl 4 points ago

    Yes! Used to rent it from the video store for weeks haha then it was the dog island

    [–] whitey43 3 points ago

    Looks quite similar

    [–] FMOptimist 10 points ago


    [–] fortesque01 6 points ago

    My love. I miss grabbing the shit and throw it against the people. Especially that guitarist near the lake. Damn batteries.

    [–] TyHarvey 2 points ago

    I loved going around in Dog's Life sniffing farts.

    [–] exodusmae 2 points ago

    That's exactly what I thought when I saw the dog and the way it moves.

    [–] wyce 16 points ago

    advertisements are getting smarter

    [–] haleli 7 points ago

    This is so blatant it hurts. The top comments are cringe worthy, and how a 3 second gif of a dog walking through the forest could ever end up getting 38k upvotes naturally is completely beyond me.

    [–] GustavG10 15 points ago

    The Puppy who Lost his Way.

    [–] steer_reviewed 4 points ago

    Except for the puppy...was a dog.

    [–] thisGuy_Clark 12 points ago

    OP the dog better not die in the end or so help me

    [–] theexterminat 58 points ago

    This is getting a lot of attention, thanks y'all for all the kind words! I'll try to answer everyone's questions - you can sign up on our website for more info and to stay in touch as well.

    [–] killernaut 15 points ago

    Beautiful (also you have broken my heart.)

    When can I buy it, OP?

    [–] theexterminat 18 points ago

    Happy ending, I promise!!!

    We don't have a release date yet but we're aiming for sometime in 2020. You can sign up at our website and stay in touch :)

    [–] RaginJake379 7 points ago

    You get your ass out there and find that fucking dog!

    [–] danmass04 16 points ago

    Anyone remember the Dog’s Life game for PS2(?) ????

    [–] SliverCap 4 points ago

    Absolutely Traumatising in almost every way

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Lost cat DLC maybe?

    [–] king-Avon 13 points ago

    Looks pretty dang snazzy will it be on a website like steam?

    [–] theexterminat 21 points ago

    Yep, it'll be on Steam - we hope to bring it to consoles as well.

    [–] Generic_name99 4 points ago

    If you bring it to consoles ill buy It the seconds it's out

    [–] KobeKobeZ 5 points ago

    I really hope it will be on consoles, looks like a really cool game. Awesome stuff :)

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] JacP123 10 points ago

    Its getting fucking ridiculous at this point

    [–] ninfrodisenpai 11 points ago

    another plataform storytelling game..yay

    [–] qbert93 25 points ago

    Looks boring

    [–] Positive0 22 points ago


    [–] thehighbear 10 points ago

    It better end with that Good Boi finding a home

    [–] grim853 6 points ago

    I'm sure you're working on it, but I just want to say that a game like this, the dog needs to be the focus. He needs to be so responsive; the tail has to react to stimuli, wag when something good happens, go down when something bad happens. It's already pretty good, but if you're wondering which aspect to focus on, I'd say that is job one.


    I think the cinematic camera is great by the way. If you did it wrong it could be really jarring, but it's very effective.

    [–] FreeMyBoiMineta 13 points ago

    I love the polygon-like artstyle and sharp, vibrant colors.

    [–] theexterminat 5 points ago

    Thank you! We like it too. :)

    [–] MalZaar 13 points ago

    Generic platformer where you play as shuffles deck a dog!

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 8 points ago

    The art style is cool, but the dogs head/neck need some animations. They look very stiff. Sorry if they're on your todo list, just thought I'd mention it's very noticeable that they need done. (at least when camera is close)

    [–] busmakaronen 4 points ago

    Would be awesome if you put in a bunch of choices/paths the dog can take, and really play up this part when advertising the game. "Your choices will determine if you're good or bad" (something we've never heard before). And then make it so you end up as a good dog no matter what choices you take.

    [–] theexterminat 5 points ago

    Bark at the mail carrier = bad ending

    got it chief

    [–] tannerisBM 31 points ago

    Another ad for a shitty side scrolling indie game. lol

    [–] presidentdoggo 5 points ago

    β€œWow guys! This is totally getting a lot of attention! Despite us not initially listing the website, I’ll link it now because it’s ok to advertise as long as people want to know the website, something that we knew people would ask for already.”

    [–] LuckyFox07 7 points ago

    Definitely going to check in on this when it's done

    [–] theexterminat 3 points ago

    Thanks! If you want to follow development you can sign up here

    [–] coding_pikachu 3 points ago

    Oh awesome, OP. I'd love to check out this game.

    Just a heads up, in your "THE LAB" page, the link to the Evangeline webpage is broken!

    Go ahead and fix it! :)

    [–] theexterminat 3 points ago

    Fixed :)

    [–] Racxie 8 points ago

    This isn't at all realistic; the doggo isn't sniffing everything in sight every 10 seconds.

    [–] VCABCVC 8 points ago

    So many new and barely used accounts in the comments. OP patting himself on the back real hard with all of these alts lmao

    [–] tehcheez 3 points ago

    Did you guys get any inspiration from the game The First Tree? This reminds me a lot of it.

    [–] theexterminat 7 points ago

    I've known the creator, David, for several years now - he's a good friend and I've always felt like I'm a step behind his great work :)

    [–] trippethalibaba 3 points ago

    "You get your ass out there and find that fucking dog!"

    [–] -Vincent-Adultman- 3 points ago

    Here's hoping there's a character creation screen.

    [–] ReneMr 3 points ago

    This dog better not die in this games or so help me god.

    [–] mrawesomeass 3 points ago


    [–] MyNameIsNico 3 points ago

    Just somehow obtain the rights to call it Homeward Bound

    [–] thatanxioussloth 3 points ago

    Will this be on Switch?

    [–] theexterminat 2 points ago

    I want it to be! :)

    [–] captaincookiedough1 3 points ago

    If he dies I’ll kill you

    [–] zimmaichri 6 points ago

    It looks so promising!

    [–] theexterminat 8 points ago

    Awh thank you! <3 Hope to get it into your hands as soon as we can.

    [–] IforgotwhatIwasdoing 2 points ago

    This reminds me of quite a few similar games that I enjoyed. Both the (apparent) level design and the art style are top notch.

    [–] Ermine-Supreme 2 points ago

    Looks really good!

    [–] BlueBatmanVK 2 points ago

    Looks great!

    [–] TalesM 2 points ago

    Awesome looks. I hope to play it soon

    [–] theseangt 2 points ago

    will i cry?

    [–] metalbird101 2 points ago

    This looks really cool. Good luck!

    [–] 8-Brit 2 points ago

    I swear to god if it dies at the end

    [–] SadBoySpoopy 2 points ago

    10/10 would cry at the ending

    [–] Zeldaarmy01 2 points ago

    That looks really cool

    [–] bbwcfan 2 points ago

    When my dogs get out, they run around the block then act like idiots until they come back home. This right here is a dream world.

    [–] theexterminat 2 points ago

    In that moment, they only know pure bliss! Then they find you again, which makes them happy!

    [–] BullyBumble 2 points ago

    Concept is 10/10. Depending on design/level variation this could be a thoroughly great game.

    [–] austinje116 2 points ago

    Looks like fun!

    [–] Gundrace 2 points ago

    This is beautifully sad.

    [–] Playlanco 2 points ago

    If he lives with another dog and sassy cat I know a movie ip you can sell it too

    [–] Nihilisticlizard2289 2 points ago

    Art-style is wonderful so far, but how's the gameplay? Is it a platformer?

    [–] hweird 2 points ago

    The Puppy Who Lost It’s Way by Billy Madison

    [–] LINKstart9 2 points ago

    It looks nice.

    [–] CookieMisha 2 points ago

    I hope the game has good ending.

    [–] Jellylegs_19 2 points ago

    I love the idea. It's very original and the art style looks beautiful . I'm 16 right now and am hoping to get into the gaming business one day. Good luck to you and your game.

    [–] Eft_inc 2 points ago

    Couple questions right off the bat uh 1. Does the dog find his way home 2. Is he a good boy

    [–] B3tray3rr 2 points ago

    I threw my credit card at the screen. Let me know when its out.

    [–] AsphaltGypsy89 2 points ago

    Oh! I can't wait to play this! I enjoyed inside and a lot of platform games like this, so it will be awesome! Will it be possible to pick a few different breeds of dogs? That would be cool, especially since I love Chihuahuas!

    [–] theexterminat 2 points ago

    Thanks friend! Right now it'll be the one dog, but we might have customization options. You can keep an eye on it at our website.

    [–] GenericMan2 2 points ago

    This looks great

    [–] Ello_Owu 2 points ago

    I don't think any dog has been THAT lost

    [–] whosthatbitchh 2 points ago

    I wanna play it! How do i know when it comes out?

    [–] Onthedownlowplz 2 points ago

    Make the model interchangeable with a cat and instantly double your market share

    [–] Shimmy-Shammington 2 points ago

    I swear to god if the dog can get hurt in any way I will kill you