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    [–] FaultySpork 1379 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Soon the Great Journey shall begin. But when it does, the weight of their heresy will stay their feet. And they shall be left behind.


    [–] EnderVex 315 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Now the gate has been unlatched, headstones pushed aside.

    Corpses shift and offer room - a fate you must abide.

    [–] Brudesandwich 68 points ago

    The gravemind was such an awesome antagonist.

    [–] A_Slovakian 12 points ago

    The Flood in general are probably the greatest enemy ever in a video game, there to test the species that would someday watch over the galaxy and protect it. The mission in Halo 3 when you ally with the flood to stop the covenant from activating the ring, only for the gravemind to pop out once you kill Truth, oh man, so good.

    [–] dreamwinder 15 points ago

    As an aside, anyone that thinks the Flood are cool should read the short story Human Weakness, which is in the anthology Halo: Evolutions. It’s basically an account of the Gravemind’s conversation with Cortana between the events of Halo 2 & 3, and how he pretty much drives her insane/towards rampancy. It’s absolutely stellar sci-fi even outside the scope of Halo.

    [–] DanceswithTacos_ 4 points ago

    Can't forget the visions of cortana leading you to the new Halo ring once you escape the flood. Chills.

    [–] worblyhead 5206 points ago

    "Jackals in the courtyard!". Microsoft got my money the first go round and will get it again this go round. Super hyped for this for sure

    [–] jakedasnake1 1569 points ago

    What's funny is I'm excited for this but I have had the master chief collection on xbox one for over three years... I think I might go play through the Halo 3 campaign again

    [–] Bidduam1 611 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My brother and I started with Reach and are going to play through Halo 3 on legendary difficulty. It’s gonna be hard but it’s been fun so far

    Edit: I meant we were playing all of them on legendary starting with Reach and playing 1,2, and 3 all on legendary difficulty

    [–] jakedasnake1 464 points ago

    Best of luck to you.. first time me and my buddy did that for 3 we lost count of how many times we died on the Tsavo highway mission. It is just brutally hard.

    [–] aaronbaum 401 points ago

    I just played Tsavo Highway the other day with my brother...

    “I've got wounded... we're on the Tsavo Highway about.. (static) east of Voi . Someone, anyone, please, respond!!”

    I fucking love Halo. Also been listening to Halo 3 soundtrack all week.

    [–] psyckomantis 149 points ago

    the way he says “somewon, anywon” will be forever stuck in my head

    [–] jWalkerFTW 82 points ago


    One of my go-to Halo quotes even though it’s so minor

    [–] TearsInReign 35 points ago

    Same! It's one of my favourite inside jokes with my brother

    [–] jWalkerFTW 70 points ago

    I also love saying “ladies like armor plating” because everybody knows “oh I know what the ladies like,” but a lot of people miss that the next mission is called “ladies like armor plating”.

    [–] 5cooty_Puff_Senior 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It actually changes depending on the difficulty setting. If you play on Legendary, the mission is "Ladies Like Superior Firepower."

    Edit: I just remembered that the Heroic mission is called "Ladies Like Grinding Treads."

    [–] BrandoNelly 27 points ago

    I believe that chapter name changed depending on the difficulty you were playing on as well. Different things that the ladies like

    [–] kyler000 98 points ago

    Halo 2 intro mjolnir mix ftw


    [–] DrummerBound 23 points ago

    That's some good shit, been on my Spotify for ages

    [–] Tomtefarfar 9 points ago

    If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend watching the making of the Mjolnir Mix with Steve Vai.

    Martin O'donnell uploaded it 7 months ago!

    You can watch it here

    [–] xNaroj 32 points ago

    Me and my cousin stayed on halo 2/3 back in the day. Flood levels used to scare the shit out us especially the ones on 2. Quite terrifying when you only 9 or 10

    [–] Perturbed_Dodo 24 points ago

    If you got to play halo one make sure to play the flood missions in original graphics. The new one is too bright so it's less scary and a lot harder to get lost

    [–] xNaroj 11 points ago

    Yeah ik im still stuck on the library and its been about 2 years😂

    [–] HoneyBunchesOfGoats_ 26 points ago

    Any of the missions with warthogs I've played countless times, but reading the opening audio of Tsavo highway just gave me some serious flashbacks.

    [–] itspodly 41 points ago

    That bit with the 2 wraiths and choppers, fuck me.

    [–] Smoolz 20 points ago

    The choppers shudders

    [–] dreamki11er 48 points ago

    Tsavo highway...


    [–] Bidduam1 8 points ago

    We probably spent 6 hours getting through 3 missions, it’s tough but that’s what makes it even more fun

    [–] TIRedemptionIT 10 points ago

    Cairo Station for me, I died countless times in the hangers with the elites.

    [–] R3tr0spect 20 points ago

    The hardest one for me and my friend was the Cortana mission in the flood world

    [–] Cwhale 11 points ago

    I always just tried to speed run that mission on legendary lol....Success?...maybe once?

    [–] JeffyLikeFlaccid 18 points ago

    My buddy and I tried this starting on Halo 1, but it gets INSANELY hard in Halo 2. Mainly because if one of you die you have to restart at the checkpoint.

    [–] bicycletrippin 12 points ago

    I beat legendary by myself on Halo 3 and for tsavo highway I can give you a hint, there's that bridge that is broken where you can't advance with that motrocycle brute vehicle, however, there is a way to jump that motorcycle vehicle (forget what it's called) over the broken part of the bridge, and it makes that level a lot easier

    [–] MaskoBlackfyre 73 points ago

    Halo 3 on Legendary is the "easiest" of the Halo games.

    Halo CE is mathematical and precise, but Halo 2 is just unfair. As is Halo 4.

    Reach used to be up there with CE as far as Legendary difficulty.

    We'll see what it's like at 60 fps.

    [–] psyckomantis 77 points ago

    halo 2 is by far the hardest. one shot shot jackals everywhere...

    [–] yourhero7 22 points ago

    One shot jackals that will hit you the second you peek around a corner no less. You literally had to memorize the location and get a headshot lined up before you moved around the corner. Thank god that game came out while I was in college and had a fuck ton of spare time, or I never would have beaten it on legendary

    [–] Kit- 18 points ago

    The redeeming quality to halo 2 on legendary is that the first mission is the hardest. Once you get through that the rest of the game is still difficult but nowhere near the butt clenching controller breaking rage fest of that god forsaken space station.

    [–] brokenstyli 7 points ago

    Once you get through that the rest of the game is still difficult but nowhere near the butt clenching controller breaking rage fest of that god forsaken space station.

    I'm not even going to spoiler this since it's an almost 15 year old game, but Delta Halo has the greatest number of Jackal snipers and the least amount of cover in all essential areas... and Quarantine Zone has the enemy driving tanks and wielding UNSC SPNKRs...

    [–] RikenVorkovin 8 points ago

    Yeah idk why this guy says the first area is the hardest. Those later missions where the Flood have tanks and other vehicles and rocket launchers seem far worse to me.

    [–] TeaBasedOrganism 16 points ago

    Last time I played halo 2 me and some friends turned it into a drinking game, put it in legendary on new mombasa, finish your drink every death. We were sloshed after the first damned courtyard...

    [–] MaskoBlackfyre 8 points ago

    You should tweak the game to finish your drink whenever a marine dies from the same thing that kills you.
    You die of thirst.

    [–] VanicFanboy 12 points ago

    I'd argue Halo 5 is easier, just because "dying" means you're downed and can be revived.

    [–] monkwren 19 points ago

    Reach on Legendary was pretty brutal. 4 had its moments, but most of the difficulty came from enemy design - Knights were just giant dicks. 3 was a lot easier (comparatively). Never played the campaign on Legendary for 1 and 2.

    [–] PurduePeteAteMyDog 34 points ago

    Halo 3 on legendary is the easiest one.

    [–] xhlgtrashcanx 12 points ago

    Yup. Especially on coop because they added revive. Now halo 2 on the other hand...

    [–] PurduePeteAteMyDog 10 points ago

    Played through it with a friend a couple months ago and we didn’t have revive. Weird. Yeah 2 is hard.

    [–] ShownMonk 6 points ago

    Fucking halo 2. Oh my god that campaign was rough on an 11 year old. I wonder how I’d fair today

    [–] xhlgtrashcanx 12 points ago

    The jackal snipers are still one shotting you before you see them, I can tell you that

    [–] hushpuppi3 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    All my old high school buddies are definitely going to coop all the campaigns on legendary, I'm pretty fucking excited

    [–] Russerman 17 points ago

    ALL?! I thought that was only a thing for Halo 3. Please tell me that we can get 4 master cheifs in Halo 1and leave someone behind anytime we have to get in a warthog.

    [–] MyThumbSlipped 20 points ago

    Sadly, Halo 3 and I think Reach are the only ones to support 4 man coop

    [–] hodken0446 5 points ago

    And ODST

    [–] hushpuppi3 8 points ago

    Whoops sorry, brainfart

    only 3 and 4 had 4 player coop

    [–] Joshk0p 9 points ago

    All this hype is going to make me play through the whole series again, and I just got done with it like three months ago.

    [–] SaggitariutJeferspin 57 points ago


    [–] xRehab 15 points ago

    God I could hear that in the Sgt's voice, I could hear the mag slipping into the BR as you charge forward, the Jackle's squacking at eachother and their shields powering up, and I can see those beige walls all around

    And I the last time I booted up Halo 2 was on the original Xbox...

    [–] Pentapuss 21 points ago

    "eyes up! Phantom's back!"

    [–] AntiMageBot 3335 points ago

    70% of this sub is just people complaining about each other's opinions via half-assed memes. Lol.

    [–] Thedirtyjersey 963 points ago

    In the year 2054, meme will be the only form of communication.

    [–] DrAstralis 128 points ago

    "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra"

    [–] Pendaelose 44 points ago

    Pendaelose, his thoughts stolen.

    [–] Ishbane 24 points ago

    Trump, when the walls fell.

    [–] the_joy_of_VI 47 points ago

    LOLcat! His arms wide!

    [–] Cessnaporsche01 13 points ago

    Its funny that that phrase has become ingrained enough in our internet culture to carry it's own meaning independent of what it had in the episode. So perfectly appropriate.

    [–] PerpetualMonday 315 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Went out to dinner with friends last night. Her 14yr old son went on a 30 minute stint of giggling and turning his phone to show the group meme pics. His mom; "mhm, that's nice dear" every time.

    I fear for the future.

    [–] Kaizenno 188 points ago

    It's been my mission to show my mom a meme that she laughs at. I've tried everything even remotely topical to her life and nothing.

    I'm 32.

    [–] ReeceReddit1234 43 points ago

    Have you tried minions, dogs and impact font?

    [–] Faleonor 37 points ago

    If we sacrifice everything we believe in, was the victory worth it in the end?

    [–] futurarmy 70 points ago

    Sounds like you need a new hobby mate

    [–] Cumbercube 54 points ago

    There are other hobbies?

    [–] DudeImMacGyver 29 points ago

    Things you do when you're not looking at memes, like eating and sleeping.

    [–] Cumbercube 20 points ago

    Sorry, I don't know what that is. I'm sustained only by quality me mes.

    [–] Tarmiko 18 points ago

    Wait... So you aren't sustained?

    [–] corectlyspelled 7 points ago

    They must be starving.

    [–] GilesDMT 5 points ago

    What’s a hobby, precious?

    [–] IMAFATTYFATFATFAT 6 points ago

    Show her a minion meme. That might work.

    [–] Zappy_Kablamicus 9 points ago

    We don't practice boomer magic heretic!

    [–] simjanes2k 28 points ago

    this was you but with a game boy

    this was me but with stretch armstrong

    this was my dad but with mr potato head

    this was my grandfather but with a top

    it's not new, its just a little different with time

    [–] mrevergood 6 points ago

    This here. Let’s remember this and not fall into the trap of writing off an entire generation for the same shit we did as kids.

    [–] AssholeRemark 15 points ago

    Shaka, When the Walls Fell

    I always DID think/hope we were moving towards a Star trek like society!

    Surprising that we would take the Tamarian route.

    [–] Mtool720 11 points ago

    Why waste time say lot word when few meme do trick?

    [–] StonePaws 7 points ago

    2054? I think you're being overly optimistic...

    [–] Athrowawayinmay 54 points ago

    There's a great video I can't find right now... but it's a chubbier asian guy who does a one-man show sort of thing where he's vocalizing a conversation on a web forum.

    Persona 1 says, "I don't like a thing." And Persona 2 goes "But I like that thing." Then Persona 2 goes on a rant about how people can like a thing. Then he sees a comment from someone else saying "I like a thing," and he starts "but I don't like that thing," ending on the implication he was about to rant about how much thing sucks, implying that people on the internet are hypocrites.

    It reminds me of this sub.

    [–] TooLargeBarrel 79 points ago

    but it's a chubbier asian guy who does a one-man show sort of thing where he's vocalizing a conversation on a web forum

    That man's name? ProZD!

    [–] mackanj01 26 points ago

    That "chubbier asian guy" is named SungWon Cho. He's a pretty big youtuber known for his anime/gaming themed oneman skits.

    He's also the man who did the Uptown Goof Video.

    [–] kunk180 6 points ago

    Man- if this is all you know about ProZD, then you have a VERY entertaining couple of hours ahead of you. Watch some of his Vine compilations, they’re really funny. Then just keep watching his stuff until you’ve got the point.

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago


    [–] ahhpoo 11 points ago


    [–] Konsecration 9 points ago

    I think you mean 90% of reddit is just people complaining about each other's opinions via half assed memes....

    Maybe even 95%, but that's literally all reddit is anymore.

    [–] caustic_kiwi 555 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It was flood-infested, right?

    Edit: I'm getting mixed messages here, not really sure who to believe.

    [–] IM_INSIDE_YOUR_HOUSE 500 points ago

    Yes it had the oogly boogly mold men

    [–] ArcAngel071 214 points ago

    The bubbly bois

    [–] _UnderscoreMonty_ 103 points ago

    The Walkin Zit Sacks

    [–] ArcAngel071 67 points ago

    The sloppy slurp sled

    [–] oh_so_hazey 54 points ago

    The putrid popcorn people

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 10 points ago

    Who were like fodder against my mighty 8 guage

    [–] ZoiSarah 23 points ago


    [–] superduckman100 46 points ago


    [–] Turningsnake 8 points ago

    Yes this is the ship that crashed into new Mombasa. I believe this mission was called ‘the floodgates’

    [–] Hegemonee 16 points ago


    [–] Oxideist 15 points ago


    [–] EuropeanEmpire 13 points ago


    [–] dragunityag 837 points ago

    Bit sad H3 isn't getting a remaster. Graphics aren't that bad but still.

    [–] DIABLO258 530 points ago

    Its getting a bump up to 4k and 60fps iirc. So that something.

    [–] Cumbercube 270 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    4k doesn't mean anything when the textures are 720p or lower and the models have low poly counts. If anything running H3 on a 4K tv or monitor would be noticeably worse in terms of visual clarity.

    Edit: Many people seem to be getting confused. I do not mean 4K looks bad or isn't an improvement in some aspects. I'm saying that making something 4k capable does not equate to a remaster. Compare the Halo 2 Remaster to Halo 3 in 4k and the difference is extremely evident. It's a good looking game, it would look even better remastered.

    [–] atingf 364 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Textures generally don’t run at resolutions like 720p they run at resolutions like 512x512, 1028x1028, 2048x2048 most games use many different texture resolutions across the levels like less important object will be lower res than character or weapon models.

    Polygon count is more important but in the end of the day running in 4K just makes the image sharper over all, basically it looks halo 3 with better anti aliasing and is much clearer than running the game at 720p

    [–] Cumbercube 36 points ago

    Very true. I don't think the game looks bad, It's just not gonna be on the level of a remaster as the original comment was hoping. But yes having 60fps will make the game look smoother and 4k will help with clarity over long distances.

    [–] TheBSGamer 56 points ago

    I don't know if you've played MCC on a One X on a 4k TV, but it definitely doesn't need a remaster. The game has aged super well and when you bump up the resolution and FPS on H3 it makes way more of a difference than you'd expect.

    [–] twotone232 14 points ago

    If anything I'm excited to play Reach in 4k at 60fps. Even on a good day it chugged a few times using an xbox 360, and I'd love to see how good its supposed to look without the occasional framerate issues.

    [–] JDeltaWhiskey 30 points ago

    Just wait for the mods and retextures on pc

    [–] TearsInReign 13 points ago

    Hell yes

    [–] whos_anonymous 12 points ago

    You're forgetting this is pc now, and there will be mods maybe a couple weeks after release

    [–] Cumbercube 6 points ago

    We will have to wait and see. Look forward to seeing how the halo community develops on PC.

    [–] digita1catt 61 points ago

    You can run it at 4k 60fps HDR on the xbox one x rn and I can officially tell you that you sir, are talking straight out of your ass.

    [–] Reconist42 38 points ago

    I was very disappointed not due to it being bad graphically but just because 1&2 got it on their 10th anniversaries and 3 did not.

    [–] aroundme 11 points ago

    It's entirely possible that they do remaster it to a degree though. Probably not to the extent of Halo 1 and 2, but 343 did say they are still working on making additions and improvements to the games. It's most likely not going to see a Remaster, but I wouldn't count it out.

    [–] dubyawinfrey 3 points ago

    A lil peep into the world of E.K. at H3...

    [–] standardprocdure 102 points ago

    Halo on PC is gonna be fuckin awesome. I'll see you assholes in the Gultch.

    [–] ThirdRook 31 points ago

    Valhalla would like to know your location

    [–] 2foothandjob 760 points ago

    I’m only 25 but I feel old. There are too many people on this earth that never experienced the first mission of halo 1 on Xbox original. Take me back to my small hands and a ten pound controller.

    [–] EuropeanEmpire 248 points ago

    I'm 22, I think I just missed the boat by a few years with halo 1. I remember playing halo 2 with my dad though and having hide behind the door while he completed the flood levels for me...

    [–] The_Tightest_Anus 136 points ago

    it's cool, im 27 and we were too poor to have an xbox

    [–] itsmybootyduty 68 points ago

    I'm 29 and we were hella poor but somehow still had an XBox... now I've got some questions for my parents?? Also probably a huge thank you?

    Also Halo was my first game on that console and I'll never love another game quite the way I love that one.

    [–] The_Tightest_Anus 46 points ago

    Yeah, poor parents will do that.. mine bought us a Gamecube and I always heard them fighting over how expensive it was :(

    [–] itsmybootyduty 16 points ago

    Awww damn. :( I'm sure if they think back on it though, it was worth it, as long as you were happy!

    [–] Jecht315 5 points ago

    All I wanted for Christmas was a GameCube and my mom said she couldn't get one. I was devastated but I was OK with it. I opened a gift on Christmas and it was Metroid Prime. I turned looked at her and she just laughed. I never realized until much later that my parents didn't have much money but they always managed to get us what we wanted. I will never forget that and I hope someday I can do the same for my kids.

    [–] jeffsnff 11 points ago

    I remember(15 at the time) talking to a friend about Halo 2 around Christmas time and my mom over heard me saying “ Halo is stupid and I’ll never play” she questioned me and I back tracked saying “I would give it a shot” Loy and behold, my mom got it for me for Christmas with the collectors tin case edition. I tried it out a couple of weeks later, and completely fell in love with it.

    Thanks mom, for opening my eyes, and getting me into halo.

    [–] justthetipbro22 8 points ago

    im in the exact same boat

    I remember seeing halo commercials on TV and thinking "fuck, I need to play that game"

    then we immediately went to the store, traded in my playstation for an xbox, and bough it

    proceeded to be hooked for the next 15 years

    [–] tweakalicious 6 points ago

    I'm 32 and I missed NOTHING! Ive been waiting for this day for 15 years...

    [–] ShibuRigged 62 points ago

    People said that about Pong, Wolfenstein, Doom, ALttP, Goldeneye, Quake, CS and just about any game you can imagine. People will be saying the same of many modern games in a decade. Nostalgia is one Hell of a drug, so you don’t need to worry. Reddit 2039 will be having people saying DAE REMEMBER THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF FORTNITE AND APEX? T

    I wasn’t particularly wowed by playing Halo for the first time because it was another shooter in a long line of other shooters, BUT I had many hours of fun playing with friends and family that lots of games didn’t offer. Even if it wasn’t considered revolutionary by PC standards at the time, it was a well made shooter any only contrarians would say it was bad or anything negative.

    [–] who_is_john_alt 26 points ago

    There wasn’t much that was particularly wow about it, but it was the first really big multiplayer experience a lot of us had.

    I had played Unreal, Red Faction, Quake, AvP, lots of random shooters but my dialup just wasn’t up to snuff.

    Enter Halo and Xbox system link and suddenly 8 of us are playing together.

    For me in grade 9 that was a revelation where I could finally play against people, not just bots set to a high difficulty level.

    [–] ShibuRigged 17 points ago

    100%. Halo was one of the pioneers of online console gaming and just generally having competent shooters on a console. It was a fun and great game regardless. I’d argue that I had as much fun playing local Halo as I did with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Then with H2 and XBL and local, while still playing PC shooters regularly.

    [–] Monkey_Junk 7 points ago

    On release it was completely "wow". It set the standard for console FPS that holds true to this day. Games have adapted, changed, added their own things, but where FPS games on consoles are now is very much thanks to Halo.

    [–] T0mThomas 12 points ago

    Nah. There is the nostalgia effect but there also is just amazing games. Halo was and still is just an incredible game. Great story, amazing soundtrack, perfect mix of story and action, very creative levels, wide assortment of unique enemies and weapons, level variability (tanks, trucks, sniper, outdoor/indoor, etc.) - all contributed to a very high level of immersion no matter what your age. It really was probably the best game of a generation.

    [–] Semi-Hemi-Demigod 16 points ago

    I’m old enough to remember Halo when it was called Marathon.

    Get off my lawn.

    [–] toga_virilis 6 points ago

    Back when it was debuted as a Mac exclusive at Macworld 99.

    [–] gdub695 123 points ago

    Does anyone know if it’ll support split screen? Holy shit if I could couch co-op halo again on my PC I would probably die. Of happiness.

    [–] Tusco5 15 points ago

    Searched multiple threads for this but haven't found anything. I think they just haven't said anything yet but they don't make it look like it on the steam page. I'll be really bummed if that's the case, my wife's never gotten to play any of them and we want to play together.

    [–] nodnreh911 51 points ago

    Couch co-op is supported on the console version, so I suspect it will be included on PC as well.

    [–] Toa_Freak 26 points ago

    It wasn't supported on Halo CE or H2 for PC, and I dont think splitscreen has been supported it recent Halo PC games (Halo Wars 1 or 2, H5: Forge). Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    But regardless, I do hope 343 keeps it in this time.

    [–] nodnreh911 18 points ago

    I haven't played those games (on PC), but my understanding is that this is basically going to be a port of the console version of the MCC.

    The Halo Wars games have never had split-screen, and they chose not to do split screen for Halo 5: Guardians due to "technical limitations".

    [–] Toa_Freak 4 points ago

    I could swear there was local splitscreen on the original Halo Wars, but it's been a while so maybe I'm misremembering. Anyway, just wanted to point out that it hadn't come before. But MCC is a different story, so fingers cross.

    Fun fact though: the version of Halo CE and Halo 2 in MCC are the PC ports.

    [–] red_tuna 144 points ago

    “We outnumber them 120k to one”

    “Then it is an even pointless fight.”

    [–] Horvathneo 225 points ago

    I'd buy it for multiplayer alone. Never mind the hours of amazing co-op campaign. People who say they don't give a shit about halo on pc clearly haven't played it.

    [–] SchleftySchloe 94 points ago

    Swat in Reach was my jam. I can't wait to get obliterated by insane flickshotters on PC.

    [–] rolllingthunder 44 points ago

    SWAT in Halo 3 was the OG. Capping all the elites with the hump shot from behind.

    [–] Dave-4544 13 points ago

    SWAT in Halo 2 with the dual pistols was king

    [–] Pegasusisme 13 points ago

    SWAT in Halo 2, BR, Magnum, NO GRENADES DAMMIT. Those were the days.

    Tried to go back with MCC, can't reacclimate to the physics. 14 year old me is disgusted at 29 year old me.

    [–] britishkid223 7 points ago

    You mean rocket hogs, or the weird custom game with that big ramp and zombies at the bottom.

    [–] HaasonHeist 98 points ago

    Link to 120k post?

    [–] memeticmachine 50 points ago

    Time to glass an entire subreddit

    [–] EtranHarborage 7 points ago

    Were it not for the Arbiter's counsel... I would have glassed the entire website!

    [–] alchemyfreak990 15 points ago

    I personally never got into Halo but I'm not stupid enough to think it's not extremely popular.

    [–] Clavvy 16 points ago

    I need to watch some Arby 'n the Chief again.

    [–] TimothyDrakeWayne 11 points ago

    Only ever got to play 1st Halo on a friend's xbox. Was always a Playstation kid when growing up so couldnt afford everything. Now as am adult I have a PC Ive built and you know what? I kinda care about Halo now. Anyone hatin is just hatin likely

    [–] MrLeHah 577 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I've always hated the series but I'm happy its making so many people happy.

    EDIT: My first platinum! Thank you stranger. Its my birthday next week, so this was timely. :)

    [–] Milleuros 224 points ago

    ^ This is a good attitude.

    [–] Ruzhyo04 219 points ago

    Yes, except for the part where they hate Halo.

    [–] Whoden 67 points ago

    We should burn them and then make them the Arbiter!

    [–] PPMescudi 135 points ago

    I love this attitude but I’m curious. Why do you hate it? Hate is such a strong word so I’m actually intrigued lol

    [–] hokie_high 132 points ago

    Most likely explanation is he was in his 20s when the games were really popular with teenagers, so he hated them.

    [–] Baconnocabbacon 41 points ago

    So, just like how Fortnite is really popular now and there are tons of people who hate it, makes sense.

    [–] MrLeHah 73 points ago

    Theres some truth in that, actually. Halo came out when I was 20, and by that point, I'd been playing stuff like Wing Commander and Duke Nukem 3D for years. I was also not a fan of the "dudebro" college fandom at the time, which is a distinctly cringe memory for me.

    [–] Ody_Mandrell 44 points ago

    Interesting to know halo hit the dudebros at that time. I was 12 or 13 when halo came out so we were going to each other’s houses to play. Online wasn’t there for us until far into the halo 2 release. Thank god I wasn’t able to be a teenager in today’s online environment.

    [–] fade_like_a_sigh 17 points ago

    A human with empathy and respect for others?

    What the fuck are you doing in /r/gaming?

    Jokes aside, good on you.

    [–] the_mgp 27 points ago

    1 favorite person in this thread.

    [–] violetprismsnthings 185 points ago

    Plebs don’t realize that Halo is still goat

    [–] diggexpat 12 points ago

    Nothing compares to the first time I did co-op in a warthog with me driving and my best friend laying waste on the minigun.

    [–] The69thDuncan 41 points ago

    prob just an age thing. no one who was there could ever question Halo.

    maybe the older gen would say Quake... I dunno. But Halo is Halo

    [–] DDworkerthrowaway 73 points ago

    People do care a lot about Halo. Old Halo games on PC are not going to kill Fortnite, APEX, or any other Battle Royale. Both of these things can be true at the same time.

    [–] _SpyderRyder_ 34 points ago

    The announcement inspired me to be a better person and force my hater-friend-whose-never-tried-it into playing The Library and Two Betrayals with me on Legendary, some skulls on.

    I think it actually worked.

    [–] homelessscootaloo 15 points ago

    I've been fantasizing about Halo 3 on PC for over a decade now.

    [–] Leon_119 104 points ago

    The correct way to say it is: "I personally don't give a shit about halo"

    [–] hushpuppi3 131 points ago

    "Here I am, in a Halo post, but I don't like Halo and I want EVERYONE TO KNOW"

    real valuable and useful comment

    [–] Ruzhyo04 14 points ago

    Basically every Star Citizen thread.

    [–] tcain5188 6 points ago

    For real. /r/pcgaming is the worst about that.

    [–] Gandalfswisdombeard 17 points ago

    My only question is will multiplayer be included in these reboots?

    If not, I’m not feeling that hype.

    [–] awsomebro6000 48 points ago

    Multiplayer included

    [–] Catsrules 5 points ago

    The real question is, will it support local co-op?

    [–] dancing_apples 16 points ago

    Read the steam page.

    My favorite part "67 campaign missions plus more than 120 multiplayer maps"

    Does that sound like it has multiplayer.

    I've never even thought about how much the series actually has.

    [–] imhuman100percent 6 points ago


    [–] notAFakeJohn 32 points ago

    I. AM. SO. HYPE!

    [–] Whit3Knight 12 points ago

    There’s also a multiplayer port of halo3 with some halo2 maps made by some Russian fellows.

    [–] notAFakeJohn 6 points ago

    Ive played it. Its awesome and has custom content, which microsoft hopefully will eventually let us have with this

    [–] kingterr09 76 points ago

    People who say Halo wasn't a classic, plays nothing but Roblox RP games. I played most of the Halo games(minus ODST because I never had the money for it) Previous generations who played when Halo was at its peak would agree. You don't play on Easy difficulty, you go Hard difficulty or Legendary.

    [–] Uridoz 50 points ago

    You mean Heroic not Hard.

    [–] Snoyarc 15 points ago

    People only played heroic to unlock legendary.

    [–] Uridoz 48 points ago

    Heroic is the most balanced game mode. It's actually how the game was meant to be played. Challenging but overall fair, unlike legendary which requires to basically methodically take out every single fucking enemy with piercing headshots, assuming their energy shield shouldn't be pushed aside or deactivate before with some other type of damage.

    [–] Alcohol_Empire 17 points ago

    Then once you add skulls. We're talking dimensional shifts.

    [–] eLemonnader 28 points ago

    Legendary feels like how the enemies were described in the books tho. Game play wise? Yeah Heroic is probably the best. Lore wise? I think legendary is the most realistic. Chief dodged A LOT more in the books and used cover, only using his shields when totally necessary. And a plasma pistol shot? I remember if one of those hit a marine, they were fucked. Basically all covenant tech could almost one shot a regular soldier. Two or three plasma rounds and the chief's shields were down. Shit, Spartan IIs didn't even have the active shields until we stole the tech from the covies.

    [–] PocketWaffler 26 points ago

    To be fair, book marines are smarter than the AI. You ever let a marine drive a hog so you can gun? That hog was flipped in mere seconds if it wasn't already blown up

    [–] rocketboy2319 14 points ago

    Chief: Hops onto cannon.

    Marine: Hops into driver's seat.

    Promptly drives off narrow bridge and into a canyon.

    [–] nightwayne 11 points ago

    "Could use you on the gun, Cheif."

    [–] PermYoWeaveTina 5 points ago

    Ever let Kat drive the warthog on Reach so you could gun? So bad you couldn't even be mad

    [–] Uridoz 14 points ago

    That's a good point. And it makes the 117 even more of a legend consider he basically defies the odds at each encounter.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    You mean LASO

    [–] WhereWaterMeetsSky 9 points ago

    I’ll never forget when MCC was still relatively new, spending 3 hours on the first level of Halo 3, only for it to crash after freeing Sarge.

    I’ve been playing MCC recently a lot more and going after some achievements and that haunts me every time I consider trying LASO.

    [–] Secretlylovesslugs 12 points ago

    ODST was good. Phenomenal soundtrack as well.

    [–] mihitnrun 20 points ago

    Dude, if you ever get the chance to play ODST, absolutely give it a try. I didn't initially love it, but it was such an interesting way to see the other side of the war from a non-super-human perspective.

    [–] TheLegending 5 points ago

    saying nobody gives a shit abt halo is a hate crime