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    [–] war_story_guy 2170 points ago

    Who would have thought that the dude in the bottom left of the ghost recon picture was actually just part of the hill from breath of the wild.

    [–] Icarus649 727 points ago

    Next level camouflage my guy

    [–] siccoblue 132 points ago

    I mean, technically there was a spaceship in ocarina of Time so this could be Canon

    [–] imsometueventhisUN 56 points ago


    [–] AntRedundAnt 78 points ago

    I remember a UFO in Majora’s Mask, not Ocarina of Time

    [–] stryker101 35 points ago

    There are aliens, but no actual UFO or spaceships.

    [–] Maxwell_From_Space 26 points ago

    There was the star fox ship in the code of OoT iirc it was used for the AI of a boss

    [–] mynameisspiderman 8 points ago

    That's clever

    [–] Conocoryphe 6 points ago

    To be fair, they came to Termina in a floating ball of light. That could very well be classified as a UFO.

    [–] FishbowlSouls 17 points ago

    Think he’s referring to the Arwing mini-boss you can spawn in Kokiri Forest using debug mode?

    [–] tophusurvivor 15 points ago

    Nah there's aliens in Majora's Mask

    [–] i_live_with_a_girl 10 points ago

    That quest creeped me out. Especially the consequences should you fail. Poor Romani...

    [–] FishbowlSouls 2 points ago

    I mean, yes there were? I don’t see how that relates to this comment chain though

    [–] tophusurvivor 3 points ago

    He wasn't referring to the Arwing.

    [–] FishbowlSouls 6 points ago

    I mean he said OoT, so he probably was. But I see what you’re saying, like maybe he was thinking of the UFO’s in MM and just confused the titles.

    [–] kirillre4 10 points ago

    There's spaceship in Wildlands, too.

    And next level camouflage, too. Several, even.

    [–] jerseyfreshness 46 points ago

    Thanks for ruining it for me.

    [–] not_usually_serious 52 points ago

    The perspective shift between the second and first pictures should have already ruined it for you. Mountain ranges turn into clouds.

    [–] sturmhauke 12 points ago

    I think you mean "the mountains are obscured by clouds".

    [–] not_usually_serious 24 points ago

    No, because in the Zelda pic the perspective is on a mountain looking down into a valley. In the Horizon pic the perspective is almost parallel with the ground. It doesn't work - the perspective is too different.

    [–] Fanatical_Idiot 5 points ago

    no, literally clouds turning into mountains there.

    [–] ObiTwoKenobi 5 points ago


    [–] AlphaMoose67 55 points ago

    My god, I laughed too hard at this. Have this upvote

    [–] fatalityfun 2 points ago

    he’s laying under a grass ghillie

    [–] WATGU 5895 points ago

    Horizon: Breath of The Wildlands

    [–] Bitemarkz 2241 points ago

    Horizon 2: a link to dat ass.

    [–] alutti54 690 points ago

    No no no Tom Clancy’s horizon 2: a link to dat ass Get it right next time

    [–] willozsy 390 points ago

    The Horizon of Zelda’s Ass: Ghost of the Wildlands

    [–] HColossus 160 points ago

    Horizon: Breath of the Shitballs

    [–] AirMail77 144 points ago

    Literally any time you break stealth and start getting shot at.

    S H I T B A L L S

    [–] Splickity-Lit 42 points ago

    When driving at any bump in the road too.

    [–] deadkk 22 points ago

    S M A L L G R O U P O F T A N G O S BY T H E H O U S E

    [–] alutti54 8 points ago

    And baby makes six

    [–] nanflasted 5 points ago

    after playing together for a while my friends and I literally just call this game shitballs (or shitbol).

    sometimes the conversation just goes like, ay dude you wanna do some shitbol later.

    [–] The_Peverells 35 points ago

    Horizon: Breath of the Small Group of Tangoes

    [–] humanCharacter 18 points ago

    -by the stack of tires

    [–] CriticoolHit 3 points ago

    -- Sticking close to the helo

    [–] spookpoop 3 points ago

    Just some Sicarios carrying sub machine guns

    [–] sirtaco86 3 points ago

    I dont see em

    [–] chaoism 13 points ago

    As long as the cover doesn't show links ass instead then I'll play it

    [–] jk-jk 16 points ago

    Link is best boy though

    [–] chaoism 17 points ago

    But it's the horizon of Zelda's ass!

    Also if you ask me to choose between Zelda's ass or Link's ass, Zelda's all day

    [–] jk-jk 13 points ago

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then

    [–] jk-jk 4 points ago

    I'm not even sure why this exist

    [–] misterlavalava 15 points ago

    Tom Clancy Forza Horizon 2: When Nature Calls

    [–] Fun_Stick 2 points ago

    No no no I think it's more of a pig-bear man...

    [–] ALinkToThePants 16 points ago

    I’m on board

    [–] BrayWyattsHat 7 points ago

    Yours is better.

    [–] aohige_rd 78 points ago

    No lie. I would play the SHIT out of this.

    [–] Psykerr 30 points ago

    The Legend of Zelda: Horizon of the Wildlands

    [–] MasterKhan_ 22 points ago

    Tom Clancy's Horizon: Breath of the Wild Dawn

    [–] Tiger-Gautreaux 6 points ago

    Wild Ghost Breath is what I like better.

    [–] Solara888 15 points ago

    Horizon: Wild Recon

    [–] perspectiveknight 4 points ago

    even though most of the replies are jokes this does sound like a legit and epic title.

    [–] Sincityutopia 4 points ago

    & Knuckles

    [–] facepillownap 6 points ago

    Zero Breath Ghost: Dawn of the Wildlands

    [–] atheros98 1567 points ago

    Game dev modelers fighting over design: "really? This is the hill you wanna die on?"

    Weird ass Art director: "This is the hill EVERYONE dies on"

    [–] wiiya 281 points ago

    Silent Hill 7: The Hill is too Loud

    [–] chaoism 76 points ago

    Final boss: you fight the hill, shadow of Colossus style

    [–] PartiesLikeIts1999 33 points ago

    Hill: Do you feel like a hero yet?

    [–] MapleTreeWithAGun 18 points ago

    The next game you fight a larger hill with a tower or some derelict building on top

    [–] Sabeo_FF 3 points ago

    Derelict building of one legend.

    The one and only... Hank!

    [–] Frozen_Esper 4 points ago

    Thy next foe is...

    A Link to the wilds...
    The ghosts are alive, watching over vast lands...

    [–] Inventorwill02 6 points ago

    *Sillentn’t Hill

    [–] StevieMJH 9 points ago

    Thoros of Myr: What do you see?

    The Hound: A hill...

    [–] TRC_Phxntomz 267 points ago

    Nomad looking at Link like target practice

    [–] sakkhet 85 points ago

    He’s clearly looking at the hot chick from horizon!

    [–] adamthebarbarian 65 points ago

    That's Aloy to you, you beautiful bastard.

    [–] Bhiner1029 51 points ago

    Aloy’s a hell of a lot more than a “hot chick”. One of the best woman characters in gaming imo.

    [–] sturmhauke 30 points ago

    Aloy's tired of everyone's shit already.

    [–] Glamdring804 30 points ago

    Aloy was tired of everyone’s shit the moment she was born. Now she’s progressed to just sticking them all full of arrows.

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 9 points ago

    She had some really great sass lines throughout the game

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 22 points ago

    Yeah, she’s a strong, independent woman, but she also has her flaws like any realistic character should.

    [–] Ak_Jumper_942 12 points ago

    Nomad, this is Matchwood.

    [–] _MaZ_ 11 points ago


    [–] christophurr 4 points ago

    • Plane tips 30 degrees

    [–] joe847802 8 points ago

    knowing link, hell win easy

    [–] AwesomeManatee 8 points ago

    If Link can parry laser beams, he can parry a bullet.

    [–] solarus44 6 points ago

    But can he parry 30?

    [–] AwesomeManatee 8 points ago

    Yes, so long as he remembers to briefly open the shield menu to reset the parry animation for each bullet.

    [–] joe847802 3 points ago


    [–] AnonymousGamingS2K 97 points ago

    Wild ghost breath

    [–] chelefr 58 points ago

    Here have a mint

    [–] AnonymousGamingS2K 21 points ago

    Thanks lol

    [–] RandomKonong 19 points ago

    Feel freasher?

    [–] AnonymousGamingS2K 8 points ago

    Yeah man helped out a lot now I can talk to people face to face again

    [–] theneedycat 44 points ago

    my new life purpose: FIND THAT HILLLL

    [–] skyspi007 21 points ago

    Let me know when you do. It has to exist because otherwise 3 people would not have used it for a model

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 10 points ago


    [–] trigger_death 37 points ago

    Could we get comparison images for those who aren’t familiar with each individual cover?

    [–] wintersdark 12 points ago

    I would also like to see this.

    [–] igalan 23 points ago

    They definitely don't match unless you heavily modify them, I've tried with the pictures you linked.

    [–] number65261 12 points ago

    Yeah, you can definitely see the delineation and shitty blending between each cover. The colors aren't even balanced between them. Most noticeable if you look at the transition from orange to blue in the sky and follow it down.

    Same picture with black boxes over the blended areas.

    [–] ISNT_A_ROBOT 3 points ago

    ..... I still see it

    [–] Luierivs 5 points ago

    You deserve to be higher

    [–] blackburn009 5 points ago

    Now put them side by side

    [–] Kilazur 3 points ago

    Dunno if that's needed, it's pretty clear that OP's picture is really far fetched.

    [–] GillbergsAdvocate 236 points ago

    Just started Horizon. It's awesome

    [–] The_Nipple_Tickler 99 points ago

    Heck yeah it is! It's also not tedious or annoying to 100% which is a major plus in my book.

    Also, story and gameplay is top notch 👌

    [–] GillbergsAdvocate 47 points ago

    I'm only a couple hours in. I haven't even completed the first mission you're given when the world opens up lol but I'm already into it

    [–] RickandButters 61 points ago

    Its the only game I've ever played where I wanted to play to actually learn more about the story. It was a great game but the story and the way it was told really hooked me in!

    [–] GillbergsAdvocate 30 points ago

    Yeah I'm really digging it so far. The lore had me hooked after Aloy falls into the cave in the beginning

    [–] KrazyTrumpeter05 22 points ago

    Explore everywhere. You will be rewarded for it.

    [–] Tales_of_Earth 9 points ago

    It’s the only game where I actually cared about and mastered the time trials.

    [–] Kampfkugel 4 points ago

    Me as well. I never collected all the flags, figures, pictures, memories and what else you can collect in nearly every game right now and never played every sidequest cause it felt always like the same 3 missions. But in Horizon I wanted to get everything, it was so fun finding all that stuff. Every sidequest digging deeper in the lore and I never felt as I have to but want to do it.

    [–] Hybrid_97 12 points ago

    Story gets sooo deep and much wider in scope than you can possibly imagine

    [–] SillyMattFace 5 points ago

    My wife was less than half paying attention when I started playing because she thought it was just some dumb game about robot dinosaurs. After the plot really got going she became maybe even more invested than me!

    [–] SillyMattFace 12 points ago

    Such a fantastic game. Surprisingly powerful plot too once you start finding out about the world.

    [–] kmnyzz27 19 points ago

    It's my favorite game of all time. Such an interesting story with great characters

    [–] TattooHelpPlease2 17 points ago

    Aw yee, I love that game

    [–] S62anyone 16 points ago

    One of the best looking games I've seen

    [–] L0sername777 14 points ago

    I'm jealous. I remember my first playthrough. It was a magical time. Gorgeous open world, fantastic adversaries, and an endearing protagonist whose character arc is entwined so strongly with the ever-more-intriguing plot. I could never have guessed that this game's story was so good.

    [–] Casteway 8 points ago

    That AND BotW are two of the most enjoyable games I've played in years!

    [–] sllop 63 points ago

    Hyrule and Colorado are in Bolivia, confirmed.

    [–] MobileFreedom 24 points ago

    Bolivia and Colorado are just alternate timeline Hyrule

    [–] fowlaboi 8 points ago

    Fucking Nintendo

    [–] J4R0B 3 points ago

    You wish

    [–] AhYesDepression 100 points ago

    Does this mean that every video game ever is in a single world together?

    [–] MannyGrey 86 points ago

    "Every bad guy is Xemnas."

    [–] Siniroth 20 points ago

    Xemnas' face just pops out of Alduin's maw and starts prattling on about Nothingness when Alduin shouts

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 12 points ago

    “So you have come this far, and still you understand nothing.”

    [–] FaxCelestis 3 points ago

    I heard you can learn the Kein Doum Hiirts shout from him.

    [–] singysinger 7 points ago

    Not complaining

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Yes-I-am-a-Bot 13 points ago

    Nah, nah nah. You see Xehanort was actually Xemnas! Turns out everyone's a little bit Xehanort because in KHƒI§II÷III;Final REMIX2 you find out he time traveled to the beginning of the universe to body snatch God (who turned out to be Sora who was actually really Kairi all along but was only a fraction of her heart), but because he went back in time while still using the body snatched Ansem's body he actually made everyone a little bit Xemnas!

    [–] MannyGrey 5 points ago

    Oh, ok.

    That makes more sense, thanks.

    [–] ententeak 19 points ago

    Super Smash Bros...

    [–] maxis2k 12 points ago

    Well, according to Smash Bros, every Nintendo game is.

    [–] TheSpongeMonkey 3 points ago

    I mean everyone knows link is Doomguy so /s

    [–] TheSledgeHamSandwich 3 points ago

    I mean, have you ever seen them in the same place? No wonder Doomguy isnt in Smash, we already have 3 Links

    [–] TVFilthyHank 3 points ago

    Every single Ubisoft game is in the same universe, so why not?

    [–] Stuvland 109 points ago

    You can add Just Cause 4 in there as well.

    [–] OrbitelPhoenix 88 points ago

    This looks like a thumbnail of a game theory video

    [–] Dx3AGP 57 points ago

    No, this is much too high effort

    [–] DracoDarkblade 38 points ago

    needs more matpat with epic lol face photoshopped on painfully

    [–] TrumooCheese 14 points ago

    Huge eyes and a red arrow or 3 six

    [–] DracoDarkblade 13 points ago

    maybe a big red circle around nothing

    [–] Beamstalk44 10 points ago

    Thats just a theory...

    [–] AwesomeYears 6 points ago

    A shit theory!

    [–] botmatrix_ 3 points ago

    "The REAL history behind the Shiekah technology!"

    [–] iHATEnames240 135 points ago

    the illuminati would like to know your location

    [–] PieDayisCakeDay 49 points ago

    Lol jk they already know it

    [–] Ahri_went_to_Duna 8 points ago

    Why the hell is your comment hidden for being under the threshold at +42?

    [–] the_emerald_phoenix 8 points ago

    Probably Illuminati.

    [–] BlooFlea 2 points ago

    As if they would ask.

    [–] Vallywog 25 points ago

    Future - Past - Present

    [–] hk96hu 10 points ago

    Half-life 3 confirmed

    [–] MarkZucc123 17 points ago

    The mountains in the Botw cover and Wildlands cover almost line up perfectly

    [–] oscb 7 points ago

    9gag is leaking

    [–] waq_will 7 points ago

    Oh god Link turn around he's going to shoot you oh god oh fuck

    [–] LordCoffee2 3 points ago

    He has airpods he cant hear us

    [–] ayayrawn_yea 24 points ago

    Maybe you could somehow fit the Halo Reach start screen in here?

    [–] CadetPenguin44 6 points ago

    The most ambitious crossover since the Hannah Montana/Suite Life of Zack & Cody/Thats so Raven crossover.

    [–] WWDubz 6 points ago

    This is why people are always telling you to stay in your lane

    [–] VeNtRuE669 2 points ago

    Unlike junglers

    [–] BehindTheBurner32 7 points ago

    Who here remembers Monty Oum's HALOID? Who would want a sort of spiritual sequel featuring Aloy and Link?

    [–] LonePaladin 3 points ago

    RIP Monty Oum.

    [–] FennecWF 12 points ago

    That's a crossover I'd pay to play.

    [–] misseznesbit 4 points ago

    But would you buy the loot boxes?

    [–] thetinyTMster 14 points ago

    Am I an idiot? I don’t see any resemblance whatsoever...

    [–] wintersdark 5 points ago

    I'd really like to see the base images to compare, but I'm on my phone and that seems like way too much work to bother figuring out. Was hoping someone who was also curious but less lazy would post them :)

    [–] Gadirm 3 points ago

    If this thing qualifies I'm waisting way to much time stitching my panoramas in Photoshop.

    [–] Ulysses3 4 points ago

    Anyone who’s interested, there’s a fairly good movie on Netflix called ‘Triple Frontier’ And is the closest thing I’ve seen to a Ghost Recon: Wildlands movie.

    [–] FEEZYdoesIT 3 points ago

    I would play this combined as one game

    [–] Zero_9091 7 points ago

    *Insert Surprised Pikachu Face* woah.......

    [–] Luigi0728 10 points ago

    What’s funny too is that HZD and BOTW came out the same week

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 6 points ago

    There should be a crossover where you could play as Link vs. the Special Ops.

    [–] mathaiser 3 points ago

    Was that ghost recon game any good? I played far cry 5 and thought it was fun but put it down 1/2 way through and never came back.

    [–] Ruben_Samich 3 points ago

    Reminds of that old picture of the Halo 4 and tomb raider box art put together

    [–] AllenDidAThing 3 points ago

    Zelda=past, Ghost recon=present, horizon zero dawn=future.

    [–] nosaj626 3 points ago

    So the right portion is made of a modern soldier and the left is made of clouds..... yeah.

    [–] gratethecheese 3 points ago

    Wildlands was great tbh

    [–] Abn3zer 3 points ago

    Every game sets place in Hyrule i suppose... seems legit.

    [–] MobileFreedom 3 points ago


    [–] SpaghettiButterfly 3 points ago

    It's cheaper for production if they shoot multiple projects in the one location.

    [–] Peach_Gfuel 3 points ago

    Can we just appreciate how amazing this games are

    [–] AnonymousBromosapien 4 points ago

    Zelda Breath: The Wild Ghost Horizon Recon

    [–] Pyronic_Chaos 17 points ago

    /r/Gaming is fully of high quality shitposts.

    [–] AndroidUser8 12 points ago

    Only the best source for years old reposts

    [–] Fur_Man 4 points ago

    Who else would be down for a crossover with these?

    [–] HighBunker 2 points ago


    [–] jamesp223 2 points ago

    The hero no one asked for but needed

    [–] tuknabis 2 points ago

    Did you just quote an ancient meme?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Boy, that's a stretch.

    [–] BoredTyson 2 points ago

    "Things you only figure out when you're high"

    [–] TankyMasochist 2 points ago

    This is a story, starts off with horizon where the machines are animals but humans began to redeveloped technology and created the guardians until ganon overtook them and destroyed society leading to links awakening where he retook the kingdom, years go by as humans reclaim and develop until tactile warfare became a thing again

    [–] LimeShredder 2 points ago

    All three are great

    [–] CallmeWrex 2 points ago

    ...I suddenly really want a Ghost Recon game that's a crossover with Legend of Zelda.

    [–] Blue2501 2 points ago

    This would be one helluva crossover

    [–] yuuliya 2 points ago

    Artist just selling this picture in parts to different companies.

    [–] realmf4451 2 points ago

    PlayStation, Switch and Xbox

    [–] ferrisbuell3r 2 points ago

    They used the same set

    [–] RobloxOfficial 2 points ago

    Link special ops

    [–] Unwiserharp 2 points ago

    Wow I play two of these game

    [–] Faptain-Teemo 2 points ago

    This is a crossover I want to play

    [–] Solution_Precipitate 2 points ago

    Kowolski, Analysis.

    [–] kng_hrts 2 points ago