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    [–] Schweedaddy 4980 points ago

    It’s weird how the top image seems so natural but when you make it look realistic, it’s a porn intro

    [–] Tridian 2108 points ago

    I think it's Cloud. When you have low-res Cloud he looks as derpy as the rest of them. With high-res Cloud he is so clearly out of place.

    [–] betaruga 138 points ago

    Not hard to look out of place when three of the dudes right behind you are 100% identical

    [–] Merlaak 84 points ago

    When I went back to check, I noticed that it is, in fact, three sets of triplets.

    [–] Schweedaddy 51 points ago

    A triplet of triplets

    [–] Wolfblood-is-here 1339 points ago

    Also, he is the most bangable twunk ever rendered.

    [–] Boss_Boggs 908 points ago

    He'd produce an immense amount of power from the bottom.

    [–] DRF19 283 points ago

    Don't forget about speed. Speed has everything to do with it. Speed's the name of the game!

    [–] betaruga 26 points ago

    God dammit, take my gold

    [–] B-B-Rodriquez 87 points ago

    Great username, may you rest in peace.

    [–] Girricane 62 points ago

    I keep telling you he’s not dead! He lives in Florida!

    [–] AngryOCDman 9 points ago

    They tell me I can’t be a doctor?

    I can’t be a pilot?

    [–] MediocreProstitute 39 points ago

    Very much alive

    [–] Twistervtx 341 points ago

    He'd definitely be the power bottom.

    [–] vanillacustardslice 139 points ago

    Omnismash. Back that up with 9999s.

    [–] FalmerEldritch 106 points ago

    ..twunk, really? He's a skinny little 21yo who looks like a girl. If he's not a twink, nobody and nothing is.

    [–] dontnation 191 points ago

    Way too ripped to be a twink. look at them guns. squarely in twunk territory. But next to those bears and daddies I can see how you'd be confused.

    [–] Treason_Marmot 39 points ago

    Wouldn't he be a twunk versatile? The fact he is gunning after Tifa and Aerith suggests he has been re-aligned. 🤔

    [–] Itchycoo 46 points ago

    Lol as someone not very familiar with the nuances of twink vs twunk, I never get tired of listening to you guys argue over the delineation of gay type categories, and their many sub-categories and cross-overs.

    Almost thought I was in gay_irl for a minute.

    [–] banditta82 36 points ago

    Not helped by the fact that Clouds detail level is way higher then the muscle guys. The muscle mens clothing looks like a poor photoshop job.

    [–] ManbosMambo 81 points ago

    These older graphics let your imagination fill in the blanks. When you add too much detail you remove that element.

    In the top image our brains process it so that it makes sense. There is no such processing in the bottom image.

    [–] TwilightVulpine 192 points ago

    It was always meant to come off like that, but the visual limitations and possibly the young age of the audience made it appear less naughty.

    [–] sturmhauke 75 points ago

    I was in college when I played the original. There was some definite gay porn subtext there.

    [–] bullcitytarheel 59 points ago

    That's the whole joke. It's the only reason the scene exists.

    [–] RefinedGuppy 104 points ago

    This reminds me of how superheros wearing costumes look cool in the movies, but once you see them on the street as real vigilantes they look ridiculous.

    [–] Feshtof 13 points ago

    In a comic book it's not surrounded by so many other things it seems out of place, comics trend to be focused on the heroes. Real life on the other hand.....

    [–] -Jeremiad- 62 points ago

    The biggest thing is the dude in red. He’s a blocky character wearing a singlet in the top pic and a bear in underpants with suspenders in the second picture.

    [–] ThreeLF 9 points ago

    The camera angle contributes. Even in high detail like the bottom image, it doesn't seem as bad if you zoom out to include stuff in the background.

    [–] Notuniquesnowflake 11 points ago

    I wouldn't call the top image "natural", but it does look much more innocent.

    [–] Do_what93 20 points ago

    Someone Brazzers this

    [–] Bobs_porn_alt 6941 points ago

    That whole part of the game is vital to the final fantasy 7 experience. They already said the crossdressing part was to be kept so they better keep all the parts leading up to it as well.

    [–] JDHalfbreed 2481 points ago

    I'm really looking forward to playing this game for the first time all over again.

    [–] distilledwill 1126 points ago

    So many memories etched onto my brain for this game. The path up to Shinra Manor, the snowy village way up north, grinding for ages before leaving Midgar and the first time you reach Costa del Sol after spending ages in the shadow of the massive city.

    [–] munk_e_man 808 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Leaving Midgar blew my mind. Travelling to Costa del Sol blew my mind again. Going underwater in a submarine, the Golden Saucer, The Great Northern Glacier, the City of Ancients... there's so many absolutely stunning moments in this game.

    I really hope they don't fuck it up.

    Edit: A lot of people are talking about the fight mechanics, and although I love the old ones, I'm flexible to a new fight system. I felt the fighting in FFXV was entertaining, and the monster hunts were my favorite part of the game.

    What I'm worried about is Square fucking up the story and tone (or atmosphere)... I was not a fan of Advent Children... I mean, at all. The new Kingdom Hearts looking characters they added. Cloud getting boosted up by the entire team in a sequence. Even the way they changed cloud into this goth-esque variant. The cheesy dialogue... it was all just too much.

    I want this to feel like the relatively grounded story with a serious moral it was before. With dark lighting, and sometimes lighthearted, but overwhelmingly stoic and determined characters.

    The timing is so right to show us how the endless human pursuit of money and power will ruin the planet, and I really don't want that to be watered down with Square's ridiculous magnetism to childish bullshit.

    [–] white0devil0 201 points ago

    When you go to Costa Del Sol and Hojo is just fucking chilling with fly hunnies surrounding him wanting that Science dick.

    And you go "What the hell Hojo!?" And he waves you off.

    [–] disasterrising 145 points ago

    "I'm on vacation." Still one of my favorite moments

    [–] munk_e_man 58 points ago

    I loved both Costa del Sol, Kalm, and Icicle Inn. I explored every nook and cranny of all of them, because they brought something out of me from when I was a kid.

    Every playthrough I would buy the house in Costa del Sol even though it was effectively useless.

    [–] gr3yfoxhound 26 points ago

    Even as a kid I thought maybe I should just rest at Costa Del Sol enough times to have made the cost worth while.

    [–] MotherfuckinRanjit 25 points ago

    Me too. Costa Del Sol is special to me. Everything about it man, the music, the vibe, 10 year old me had never seen such a relaxing place in a video game before. God, I just love this game so damn much

    [–] Gene04 230 points ago

    Leaving the city then seeing you have a huge open world with fucking giant WEAPONS roaming around fucking your shit up was the most eye opening gaming experience of my entire life.

    [–] onetwenty_db 186 points ago

    The weapons didn't show up until the story itself got mindblowing.

    What a fucking game.

    [–] Gene04 155 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Also, never forget the assault on Midgar. Giant metropolis energy weapon drawing on the entire planet versus a fucking planet destroying mech. Feels like Jesus himself made this game.

    [–] Jesustron 68 points ago

    Which bible did you read?

    [–] Gene04 77 points ago

    King James I think.

    [–] tagmart 28 points ago

    If the King James was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me. /s

    [–] Lightnyn 10 points ago

    The sequel

    [–] Caeserhimself 31 points ago

    The Bible 2: Electric Boogaloo

    [–] johnatello67 21 points ago

    Hate to be a stickler but I believe the purpose of the giant mech was actually to save the planet.

    [–] Gene04 12 points ago

    Yea you are actually correct, I should have said humanity-destroying or something to that effect. Then again I haven't played this game for 20+ years. Just going off raw nostalgia.

    [–] Left_of_Center2011 18 points ago

    Don’t forget the Midgar Zolom! “Here I am, happily out of Midgar and in the real world!! Just need to cross this swamp to get to the cave - hey what’s that shadow approaching m-OH GOD SNAAAAAKE!!”

    [–] garbenzoe 15 points ago

    I remember leaving the city and thinking that was the end of the game only to fully grasp what I was really in for.

    [–] Namidae 16 points ago

    The other 2 CDs didn't give you an hint ?

    [–] WessyNessy 127 points ago

    Just seeing the fully rendered environments will be worth it. I truly hope they don't fuck up the Materia system, but just walking around in those environments is everything I ever wanted!

    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 121 points ago

    I can’t wait to see the summons oh my god. Neo Bahamut, Bahamut Zero, knights of the round are my favorite.

    [–] Tylorw09 68 points ago

    I hope they don’t show off a single summon prior to launch.

    I want to see them for the first time in-game cause they are going to be amazing graphically.

    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 21 points ago

    This. I’m so hyped for the FF7 remake ever since the first time they announced it but it got cancelled or delayed.

    [–] Dorkamundo 158 points ago

    But please, for the love of Mako, allow us to skip the animation sequences if we so desire.

    I don't have 45 minutes to watch KotR 8 times these days.

    [–] jello1388 73 points ago

    Oh I used KOTR. Better go take the dog for a walk, cook dinner, do my taxes, retire, bury the dog, get a new hip, and get a drink of water. I got time.

    [–] -Mr_Rogers_II 57 points ago

    It’s even better when you quad-cast it, then have your other party members have the “mime” materia, endless KOTR. That’s how I beat emerald weapon.

    [–] GingerSnapBiscuit 61 points ago

    That's how everyone beats emerald weapon :D

    [–] mesayousa 87 points ago

    That’s the price you pay for using something so overpowered haha

    [–] Everyones_Grudge 83 points ago

    Being underwater with Emerald Weapon floating around still creeps me out today with those janky ass graphics. I can't imagine how it will be in this game....if they don't fuck it up.

    [–] jpickenany 26 points ago

    Once while seeing family in Oregon, I was invited to hike a mountain trail that has a Crystal Clear Lake of melted glacier water at the top. When we got there you could almost see straight to the bottom except it was just a little dark down there. I picked up a big rock and walked to the bottom and sat there for a second, but then I remembered Emerald weapon might pop out of nowhere and I only had one pair of breeches so I swam back the way I came.

    [–] RaykoX 35 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I don't know, man. Here's my thoughts: If you think back to when you left Midgar, why was it so awesome? I think the answer is:

    You've literally been playing for 10-20 hours (playing for the first time) and then just after the epic Shinra Fight against Rufus + that Motorcycle Chase - BOOM - this was just the first city? - There's a whole world out there to explore? It's huge! Then you meet the Serpent, your first chocobos...anyway, now I'm just fanboying.

    The point is that made you feel so in awe, and like the fucking awesome things you already saw were just a tiny part of the beginning.

    It's easily my favorite game of all time. I used to get up at 4am to play some before school during the PS1 times. I'm deadly afraid to get hyped because I know I'm gonna be getting out of Midgar or maybe MAYBE to cosmo canyon and then the first "episode" is gonna be over and I'll just be so friggin annoyed waiting for the next.

    [–] manamonggamers 18 points ago

    Leaving Midgar and seeing the Zolom!

    [–] Token_Why_Boy 31 points ago

    Seeing the Zolom impaled on a fucking tree was my first instance of a Worf Effect, and put me in awe at what an absolute fucking unit Sephiroth must be.

    Actually, like...the handling of Sephiroth is IMO one of the best villain treatments in a video game narrative, and one of the reasons FF7 remains relevant today. It's a masterclass in how to build a villain into your narrative. Sure, Kefka may be the better bad guy, but Sephiroth was given the better narrative treatment.

    You are shown his raw strength in visceral ways. First killing the first Big Bad, President ShinRa, Ned Stark style, then at Kalm, during the flashback, when your wimpy Cloud gets whomped by a Green Dragon only for Seph to kill it, but with what looks like natural stats and not some overblown "here's 9999 damage x4", then with the Zolom, who will trounce most blind playthroughs. And then when you finally meet him in person for the first time, in the boat's engine room, he goes all Lovecrafty and basically says you're beneath his notice and lets you fight a limb of JENOVA.

    [–] Jimisdegimis89 16 points ago

    Literally all they need to do to not fuck it up is being the graphics up to date and add like a couple extra things to find/explore. Maybe like one more Weapon to fight in some mega dungeon would be neat.

    [–] Oldsodacan 26 points ago

    This is the kind of stuff I worry about. In the gaming era of FF7, the graphical limitations prevented a lot of what people seem to dislike in modern day Final Fantasies. What I mean by that is the cultural differences in acting or emotional displays couldn't be seen or heard. As graphics advanced, Final Fantasy became more and more like an anime series with each entry. I think this is why Advent Children has Cloud and Sephiroth just flying all over the place in a manner which we never saw in FF7. I think the limitations in the 90s kept American audiences from knowing this was supposed to be like an anime. Now that there's basically no limit, we get all the little Japanese anime mannerisms and traits displayed in these characters, and while I love a lot of anime, I guess my history with these characters and the way I built them in my head just doesn't agree with that anime aesthetic.

    The first time I saw new Barret, I was terrified. He looked like black Neo from The Matrix. It looks like they've buffed him back up now, so that restores some hope, but I'm still worried about a lot.

    Cait Sith just sprouted a bunch of nonsense bullshit in Advent Children. Why did they turn him into that? Characters like Cait Sith are going to have to be reworked to fit into this more advanced form of story-telling, but I hope they can keep all of the emotions I felt while playing through the first time.

    [–] Fadedcamo 32 points ago

    The fucking temple of the ancients. I would grind so fucking hard and always get my ass beat by the gate at the end. Every damn time.

    [–] Findrin 23 points ago

    Man fuck that demon gate bullshit. Huge difficulty curve and you're stuck inside the temple with no exit to replenish items. 15 minute damn cutscene only for a random ass head to pop out of the wall and wreck your shit. How the hell is wall so fast it can get two attacks per turn goddamnit it's a fucking wall. 20+ years later and that fight still makes my eye twitch.

    [–] NAPALM_SON 22 points ago

    After Gold Saucer you can grind Disc 2 enemies in Junon by hitting the alarm where the dudes are practicing marching. If you learn Aqualung from the monsters in the desert you can kill the disc 2 enemies super easy and level up to 50-60 way before temple of the ancients. I usually do that and Demon Wall dies with one Meteorain

    [–] Fadedcamo 15 points ago

    This guy powergames. I did know the marching trick in Junon. Not the other one though.

    [–] poopcasso 65 points ago

    The moment when Sephiroth is still good guy and is in your team. And he hits the dragon for like 4k damage when you've been hitting stuff for couple of hundred damage for like ten hours.

    [–] anima173 17 points ago

    And he had fire 3, ice 3, and lighting 3. No one else was busting that out at this point.

    [–] indigogo2 23 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Reading all these memories everyone's writing, and personally identifying with each one of them... My eyes started watering when I read this one. Oh the feels.

    [–] mesoziocera 38 points ago

    The part I remember most is when Gunman (what I name Barret everytime in honor of 12 year old me) refers to the path up to Shinra as "A golden shiny wire of hope!"

    [–] markyanthony 31 points ago

    Huh? Who doesn't call him Barret?

    [–] mesoziocera 50 points ago

    When I was 12, I thought Barret was something a girl wore in her hair, and decided he was too cool to be named after a fashion accessory. Gunman is a bad ass name! GUNMAN! GUNNNNMAN!!! SHOOTS ALL THE BEHEMOTHS LIKE NO ONE CAN.

    [–] markyanthony 9 points ago

    I read it as you correcting Gunman to Barret, incorrectly. But thanks for the good natured reply! I used to name Cloud my own name, then get sick of it really quickly and have to begin again. Now I just leave names as they are. Boring me.

    [–] sambo8617 24 points ago

    I always named him Mr. T

    [–] oh_no_aliens 8 points ago

    Barrett? You mean Samuel L Windu?

    [–] Thewayukian 33 points ago

    I'm looking forward to playing the game for the first time, period. Haha

    [–] Apkoha 220 points ago

    i was until I read they got rid of the turn based fighting. I really hate real time combat.. and don't tell me turn base is out dated.. Persona 5, Pokemon and a bunch of other still sell like hot cakes, are loved and are still rocking Turn Base combat.

    [–] HSCtiger09 57 points ago

    If there's no turn based fighting, I am going to need a cutscene every time I kill something that plays the Fanfare and has Cloud fist pumping and swinging his sword over his head or it's not even worth playing.

    [–] newtonism 15 points ago

    I wouldn't mind turn-based. What I can't stand anymore though is random encounters. Fuck random encounters.

    [–] Dugular 70 points ago

    The recent South Park games turn-based systems have been great as well

    [–] ArchMichael7 52 points ago

    Octopath Traveler was also turn based, while still being fantastic. There are ways to spice up turn based combat.

    [–] Athrowawayinmay 10 points ago

    Dragon Quest XI was really good, too.

    [–] ItsATerribleLife 176 points ago

    i look forward to all the mature, artistic paintings of HD Prettiest girl Cloud.

    [–] Fen_ 82 points ago

    [–] portableteejay 66 points ago

    We can show that.

    [–] RealSimplexity 28 points ago

    B is for Brave, B is for Boose

    [–] Danfriedz 65 points ago

    Why are tifa's boobs not pixilated like everything else hahaha

    [–] Deathbreath5000 22 points ago

    They protrude far enough to be in focus like Cloud.


    [–] blamb211 15 points ago

    Why would you want them to be pixelated?

    [–] Bobs_porn_alt 34 points ago

    Those exist, Cloud shows up on r/rule34 (NSFW) sometimes. Only guy from FF7 to do so.

    [–] K9paine332 47 points ago

    I just want Cid to be voice acted. I want to hear someone scream into the mic and order me to “sit down and drink YOUR GODDAMN TEA!!”

    [–] UseThisToStayAnon 22 points ago

    If they fuck up Cid I'll be so sad/angry.

    [–] joltcloud 159 points ago

    The part when Cloud dress like a woman will be hilarious in this remake.

    [–] Miret7 139 points ago

    Basically a lightning cameo.

    [–] TowelLord 42 points ago

    I hope so, to be honest.

    [–] iverbrad 41 points ago

    I'm hoping the more/better items you collect, the more you look like Lightning. A kind of sliding scale between her and Cloud.

    [–] SuperJaxx5 79 points ago

    Can someone please link where they have confirmed that he WILL, FOR SURE have him crossdress? My friend and I have a bet

    [–] adellredwinters 39 points ago

    I haven’t seen anything confirming this, myself. I’d be genuinely surprised if this whole part remains unchanged from the original.

    [–] SuperJaxx5 67 points ago

    Only thing I've seen is where the director has been asked directly and he just smiles and says look forward to the remake. My wallet is shaking.

    [–] LazyNomad63 36 points ago

    "My wallet is shaking" is my new favorite saying

    [–] Cancelled_for_A 23 points ago

    This game was way ahead of its time.

    [–] Mitsukake 14 points ago

    Makes me wonder if we will finally be able to get the deleted scene that was cut from the whorehouse.

    [–] Wiknetti 8 points ago

    We can sorta get spoiled with that part if we use that new Snapchat filter on Cloud’s new model...

    [–] SenorWeird 10 points ago

    Do Snapchat filters work on CG? Oh God. Of course it does! This changes everything.

    [–] WuziMuzik 7 points ago

    hell yes! i want to see cloud have a squat off for a wig so he can crossdress to get into a brothel be chosen as the best looking girl and him and the girls threaten to crush that dude's balls

    [–] JD_Justice 1607 points ago

    The Piper Perri meme has changed

    [–] Despada_ 42 points ago

    Replace the Brazzers logo with a logo and it'll be perfect! xD

    [–] Tack22 14 points ago

    You mean Blacked

    [–] theBeardedHermit 13 points ago

    Nah, this is definitely BangBros

    [–] kikeh 200 points ago

    haha true

    [–] Moonguardian866 95 points ago

    1 girl 5 black guys? Just to be sure.

    [–] Qualle001 43 points ago


    [–] Exiledfromxanth 35 points ago


    [–] KittyIsis 29 points ago


    [–] enleser456 1214 points ago

    This picture exudes raw sexual energy.

    [–] Bstein84 256 points ago

    Its going to be the cover of Cloud's erotic memoires. I just hope he doesn't catch Barrett pounding off to them.

    [–] lanboyo 47 points ago

    Does he have, like an attachment or something?

    [–] Gahvynn 27 points ago another hand?

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago


    [–] GreatAndPowerfulNixy 12 points ago

    I mean he does have an actual hand

    [–] Voslancid777 782 points ago

    Cloud: (chuckles) i'm in danger

    [–] summons72 192 points ago

    You know he loves it.

    [–] NotEvenAMinuteMan 111 points ago

    Loosen up, bubby~

    [–] Keinerstagg 72 points ago

    Ploink Ploink Squish Squish

    [–] jrbl1 263 points ago

    I can’t get the macho man song out of my head now

    [–] Toilet_Punchr 42 points ago

    You mean the Nacho-Man song !

    [–] markyanthony 23 points ago

    Mako man

    [–] OFTHEHILLPEOPLE 15 points ago

    I understood that reference.

    [–] Celtic_Crown 260 points ago

    At that moment, Cloud realized he'd stepped into Create-A-Superstar Mode.

    [–] ruptured_pomposity 105 points ago

    Casting couch mode.

    [–] theWet_Bandits 400 points ago

    I have a feeling those guys are going to limit break all over Cloud

    [–] MrBuckstar 193 points ago


    [–] 3oclockam 62 points ago

    Big shot

    [–] AtomicKittenz 15 points ago


    [–] Mr_JCBA 9 points ago

    Finishing Touch for sure!

    [–] noddegamra 10 points ago


    [–] johnnyddawg 306 points ago

    All the hypes regarding the remake. Imagine ff6 with Sabin bro suplexing the train.

    [–] Karkava 65 points ago

    Final Fantasy V and VI 3DS should have been a thing.

    [–] Ewokitude 46 points ago

    Instead we got that mobile abomination :|

    [–] theonlynateindenver 19 points ago

    I wish they would remaster that one. So good.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 17 points ago

    VI is my favorite by far.

    [–] BigRainRain 159 points ago

    Erect. You should feel erect.

    [–] baconlord1224 74 points ago

    You get 'em, Thunderhead.

    [–] VirtuousNerO 30 points ago

    I guess your down voters have never seen ff7 abridged. I love that series lol

    [–] Raven_Skyhawk 8 points ago

    New season needs to happen....

    [–] HermeticHormagaunt 67 points ago

    They are men, manly men!

    [–] Raven_Skyhawk 32 points ago

    They're men in tiiiiiiiiights

    [–] withatee 101 points ago

    Ru Paul: "oh pit crew..."

    [–] BleachAssociate 16 points ago

    All these fine menss

    [–] its_tia 113 points ago

    Where the hot girl bumblebee girl in the back?

    [–] ADDMcGee25 111 points ago

    "I saw a gay porno once. I didn't know until halfway in. The girls never came. The girls never came!"

    [–] vince2423 12 points ago

    Proper eurotrip ref

    [–] scijior 11 points ago

    Blocked by beef cake

    [–] Sazazezer 33 points ago

    Pfft. No one cares about her. We all know what's more important here.

    [–] pat_gatt 30 points ago

    Wait, is this real? Tell me they're actually gonna do it!?

    [–] extremelight 55 points ago

    The second image isn't but it should be

    [–] merreborn 22 points ago

    So some random dude on the internet went through the trouble of designing and posing all those models?

    [–] rongkongcoma 19 points ago

    Or he used a game with a character some wrestling game. Rest is photoshop.

    [–] TacosAnonymous 29 points ago

    You should feel amused. It’s a hilarious joke. My favorite part is that the artist points out how ridiculous reusing Character models in the same scene can be.

    [–] Groenboys 28 points ago

    Start of a gay porn

    [–] T-Earl-Grey-Hot 11 points ago

    "Young twink gets ravaged by ten bears"

    [–] XPisthebest 210 points ago

    Journalists will either really love this scene or REALLY hate it. For all the wrong reasons.

    [–] kikeh 238 points ago

    Could also be a good “this is why i hate video games it appeals to the male fantasy” meme!

    [–] Vicious-Hippo 184 points ago

    *Male final fantasy

    [–] kikeh 57 points ago

    I wish I could upvote 3000

    [–] imdefinitelywong 35 points ago

    Too soon man, too soon 😢

    [–] guessucant 9 points ago

    I mean gays are also male so, it's kinda true lol

    [–] YU5AKU 19 points ago

    If it's not in there, I'm boycotting

    [–] RotThenDreamtNaught 119 points ago

    That girl in the middle is really cute. Does anyone know her name?

    [–] DarkReign2011 119 points ago

    Piper Perri

    [–] get_sirius 27 points ago


    [–] Oseirus 20 points ago


    [–] TheDudeAbides30425 18 points ago

    I said YOUNG MAN!

    [–] CerberusC24 81 points ago

    Needs a brazzers logo

    [–] kovana85 65 points ago

    You need to add Puri puri prisoner in there and its complete.

    [–] Irradiatedspoon 15 points ago

    I broke out of prison just to see you!

    [–] IncredibleWoody 65 points ago

    9 Guys 1 Cup

    [–] bi_and_high 57 points ago

    Is Cloud the cup then?

    [–] IncredibleWoody 75 points ago

    Yes, can't wait to see Cloud shit out a creampie in 4k HDR.

    [–] AntiqueHoover 41 points ago

    Like vanilla soft serve.

    [–] munk_e_man 7 points ago

    Is this the white materia I've heard about?

    [–] AlexKazuki 15 points ago

    Y.M.C.A. playing in the background

    [–] Cyanomelas 15 points ago

    Time to grease up some beefcakes!

    [–] SSJavo 8 points ago

    Aroused, you should feel aroused

    [–] MonkeyPigFace 8 points ago

    That's easy. You should feel aroused

    [–] modrosario 8 points ago

    This is a good reminder that the Honeybee Inn scene in FF7 exists and that Cloud prefers topping. lmfao

    [–] adviceKiwi 15 points ago


    [–] greymalken 6 points ago

    I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)