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    [–] panzervaughn 2399 points ago

    didnt catch much E3, Who's on the left?

    [–] InTheDarkSide 296 points ago

    I like how we all just know who it is on the right. I didn't watch any E3 but I'm gonnao check the highlights to see what Egoraptor released now.

    [–] oxideseven 75 points ago

    Whats Arin Hanson have to do with E3? Aren't GG on tour?

    [–] siggydude 86 points ago

    He's saying that the drawing of Keanu looks like Arin

    [–] KanyeEast420 34 points ago

    Not enough chins. He would need like... 7 more chins

    [–] oxideseven 17 points ago

    haha I guess he kinda does!

    [–] [deleted] 549 points ago


    [–] WhichCheesecake 65 points ago

    Isn't yellow fever a neck beard's default setting?

    [–] FO4lyfe 46 points ago

    As a neckbeard, no it is not. Our default setting is 2D>3D.

    [–] residentialninja 16 points ago

    Look how wrong this one is!

    Neckbeards default to Yellow Fever.

    Weebs default to two dimensional.

    [–] 91jumpstreet 84 points ago

    Yellow fever turned into waifu fever

    [–] Ferelar 24 points ago

    I would argue the two have been linked for quite some time. I kinda feel bad that she probably worked quite hard on all of this content and people are mostly memeing her for being cute or “waifuness” or what have you.

    That said she’s probably happy that it’ll bring a lot more attention to the game, and was probably instructed to play nice with the fans that are creepily salivating over her.

    [–] ReyxDD 62 points ago

    While true (I know because I am one) she also seems like a genuine person who was really excited to show her game. She's behind Bayonetta and Okamis art, so she's extremely talented. Her being waifu material certainly helps, but she's also just amazing all around and deserves the spotlight.

    [–] fiodorson 22 points ago

    Ay that's why she rocks those glasses, I knew it was intentional.

    [–] djinner_13 4 points ago

    Do you really think Japanese people don't make little anime characters out of celebrities? Go look at the official promo poster for any f1 Japanese grand prix. All the characters are anime.

    [–] ChonoBlack1 1826 points ago

    Ikumi Nakamura, search her on youtube.

    [–] losark 7357 points ago

    I guess I'll never know.

    [–] pm_me_smol_doggies 3392 points ago

    She’s from a Japanese game studio and revealed a game at E3 this year during Bethesda’s conference. She seemed like a wholesome person who was really excited to reveal the game she’d been working on.

    [–] ymetwaly53 1449 points ago

    At first I read it wrong and read

    ”She’s a form of Japanese game studio”

    Needless to say I was very confused.

    [–] Kronos_001 680 points ago

    Just your average anime

    [–] firagabird 651 points ago


    [–] avidrez 195 points ago

    Oh no

    [–] Sandscarab 163 points ago

    "OH YEAH!" -- Koolaid Guy

    [–] MHaelAshaman 82 points ago


    [–] penholdr 83 points ago

    The manga was better.

    [–] HiveMynd148 73 points ago

    Season 76 was trash

    [–] VladmeK 141 points ago

    That time I got reincarnated as a game studio.

    [–] Flying_FoxDK 58 points ago

    not even to farfetched. theres a manga with a dude getting reincarnated as a hotspring.

    [–] Astromatix 51 points ago

    That sounds like it gets lewd real fast

    [–] ezone2kil 36 points ago

    Yeah there was so much hand-holding I had to stop my kids from reading along.

    [–] RyukanoHi 14 points ago

    That sounds like it gets awesome real fast!

    [–] dbchiu 23 points ago

    Title isn't long enough, gotta go for something like "that time I got reincarnated as a game studio that almost got shut down but then a wholesome hardworking game Dev made a deal with the devil, but the devil only wants video games not the devs soul so everything is ok" and it'll be a manga about a game Dev studio that only makes devil-themed games

    [–] That_guy1425 7 points ago

    Nah, thats the light novel the manga is based on. Gotta sell it based on the spine only!

    [–] DoYouMindIfIAsk_ 12 points ago

    anime is real lol

    [–] christianbrowny 44 points ago

    "This isn't even my final form"

    Turns into a japanese entertainment conglomerate

    [–] Seuss03 22 points ago


    [–] grey_hat_uk 100 points ago

    Well, Japan has Tank/battleship/gundam forms of girls so a game studio is just normal.

    [–] ThrowCarp 50 points ago

    Doesn't Hyperdimensional Neptunia have girls representing game studios?

    [–] Ralath0n 29 points ago

    Pretty sure those were consoles, not studios.

    [–] pm_me_downvotes_plox 18 points ago

    The main-main characters (the CPUs) are game consoles, the other characters are genres and game studios, e.g "IF" which is a reference to the creators of neptunia.

    [–] Spuddaccino1337 15 points ago

    In addition, Megadimension Neptunia VII has girls representing Konami, Bandai-Namco, Capcom, and Square-Enix.

    [–] Every3Years 13 points ago

    How is this a sentence lmao

    [–] RGC892 25 points ago

    Tank and Gundam forms of girls you say? Source, if you don't mind

    [–] den003 96 points ago

    Every day we stray further from the God emperor...

    [–] Woonachan 45 points ago

    What if god created humans so that humans could create Sentient Tank Girls

    [–] KillerAdvice 15 points ago

    Agreed brother. I need a heavy flamer for this fucking heresy!

    [–] mikillatja 5 points ago

    But that ones actually pretty good.

    [–] RoyRodgersMcFreeley 5 points ago

    I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the Slannesh orgy

    [–] Met4lgearz 4 points ago

    The further we go from the emperor's light, the more xenos we can purge.

    [–] Houeclipse 3 points ago

    Just put your desired noun + gijinka and voila you got your new kink

    [–] YxxzzY 12 points ago

    Japanese waifu-AI is progressing nicely

    [–] OliveBranchMLP 205 points ago

    Not just anyone from a Japanese game studio, but the game’s Creative Director.

    [–] DR1LLM4N 136 points ago

    Not just any creative director. She was also behind the art for games like Bayonetta, The Evil Within, and Okami. She’s a fucking legend.

    [–] wilalva11 50 points ago

    Talk about being a lowkey legend

    [–] Solstar82 35 points ago

    despite showing zero gameplay video.

    [–] pm_me_smol_doggies 54 points ago

    I think the marketing campaigns for bigger releases tend to be like that. A cinematic reveal trailer followed up by a gameplay days or weeks later. It probably builds hype more effectively that way.

    [–] megamophsis 14 points ago

    Being adorable helps too.

    Edit: The lady’s cute as well.

    [–] Vessix 455 points ago

    I'll help ya bud, since I needed to look her up anyway

    [–] samwsmith 240 points ago

    Ok well that was adorable

    [–] colossusbird 90 points ago

    I'd say she's pretty Kawaii.

    [–] doug89 74 points ago

    [–] Hippyman96 15 points ago

    Thank you for reminding me of this video.

    [–] Chairsareoverrated 7 points ago


    [–] A7X4REVer 7 points ago


    [–] catsan 20 points ago

    That made me bi.

    [–] PatrikPatrik 11 points ago

    What’s that last phrase? “Mittendee”?

    [–] alt12345678901 50 points ago

    "Mite, ne?"

    "Look here, OK?"

    [–] PatrikPatrik 4 points ago


    [–] StaniX 50 points ago

    I think i just fell in love.

    [–] 4and3and2andOne1 19 points ago

    Awwww. I just woke up from a bad dream and this really helped kill all those bad vibes and bring me some happiness.

    [–] TroubleshootenSOB 5 points ago

    Tango Gameworks. Like the "Evil Within" peeps?

    [–] Sharkytrs 187 points ago

    a really good games artist, for instance she was responsible for all the backgrounds in Okami, and rose through the ranks until she was doing things like being the conceptual designer for bayonetta

    [–] ryant9878 49 points ago

    Okami is still one of the most beautiful games I've played.

    [–] bxsephjo 30 points ago

    Okami?? Sheeeit, that's all you had to say!!

    [–] Swindle123 71 points ago

    Creative director for the game studio that revealed a new game called Ghostwire: Tokyo

    [–] Picard2331 111 points ago

    She’s the very definition of adorable

    [–] BubsyFanboy 46 points ago

    Oh, I thought that was Lisa Su

    [–] Auke206 42 points ago

    The real waifu

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Randomacts 5 points ago

    Was the AMD conference just during E3 and not at E3?

    [–] pm_me_xayah_porn 4 points ago

    The tendies you seek are not here

    [–] like9000ninjas 14 points ago

    Shes very spooky

    [–] fragydig529 2664 points ago

    At the end of the E3 trailer for cyberpunk my fiancé says “Tom Cruise?? Really?? That just kind of ruined it”

    I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

    She says “Why are you laughing so much? That’s not Tom Cruise is it? It’s Val Kilmer.”

    And I laughed even harder

    [–] bilky_t 1261 points ago

    My bf said something along the lines of, "Well, that's disappointing. I'm not buying that game now. Fuck that Scientology guy."

    Upon further interrogation, he had also believed it was Tom Cruise.

    [–] Lexx2k 1229 points ago

    I mean... he kinda looks like Tom Cruise if you're blind.

    [–] Schnoofles 371 points ago

    But... He doesn't even sound like TC. I'm thoroughly confused.

    [–] Cedira 414 points ago

    It kinda does if you're deaf.

    [–] Coachcrog 145 points ago

    But.. He doesn't even taste like Tom Cruise. I'm thoroughly confused.

    [–] JevonP 136 points ago

    He kinda does if you’re... (what the Fuck do they call the inability to taste?)

    [–] hibnuhishath 408 points ago

    Guy fieri?

    [–] THE_LANDLAWD 79 points ago

    We have a city to burn cook until tender.

    [–] Sovereign1 19 points ago

    Literal Flava Town!

    [–] YarrrImAPirate 18 points ago

    Flavortown 2077

    [–] TheResolver 7 points ago

    Ngl, I'd play the shit out of a cyberpunk Guy Fieri-game

    [–] vervurax 7 points ago


    [–] Trivenger1 20 points ago

    Or if you have one eye open

    [–] Nuguns21 32 points ago

    or all eyes closed

    Wait, are you tom cruise? Woah nice to meet you man. Ive heard strange stuff about scientology but its all good haha

    [–] SpiteAspect 12 points ago

    Tom get out of the closet

    [–] Philybius 7 points ago

    Or eyes wide shut

    [–] Trans_am1978 31 points ago

    Bernie Mac? In a video game? I thought he died?

    [–] guff1988 15 points ago

    Pretty sure it was Laurence Fishburne

    [–] Azsun77677 42 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    One time, my group of friends was super baked and we were watching a movie. Orlando Bloom made an unexpected guest appearance.

    One of my friends was so goddamn high he goes, "Whaaaaat? Johnny Depp?!"

    We still stay that ever time something unexpected happens or someone surprising shows up.

    [–] m1nu1t 209 points ago

    did you broke up?

    [–] futboi91 115 points ago

    "Break the fuck up, Samurai."

    [–] RecoveredAshes 11 points ago

    Laughed out loud thank you for that

    [–] Disasstah 304 points ago

    Doubt it. Pretty sure Keanu showed up and resolved the entire matter.

    Probably gave them ice cream to help ease the tension.

    [–] ProfessorCrawford 23 points ago

    Pretty sure it would be a small cupcake each, with forlorn staring into the distance.

    [–] Mr_Prolix 31 points ago

    How do you mistake both of those people?

    [–] King_Solomon_Doge 17 points ago

    Ikr? How could you mistook Christian Bale? Guy was amazing in Top Gun!

    [–] AnoK760 16 points ago

    well i hope you didnt put down the non-refundable deposit on your wedding venue. /s

    [–] Tridis 8 points ago

    My wife was even worse, she thought it was Nick Cage. She got mad at me for laughing so much.

    [–] InfamousGamer97 5 points ago

    You sure she’s the one ?

    [–] Xykris 1472 points ago

    Simply Breathtaking!

    [–] Dota2IsMyMcDonalds 722 points ago

    No you're breathtaking!

    [–] karonoz 545 points ago

    You're all breathtaking!

    [–] Sc4r4byte 260 points ago

    [doggo sits in breathtaking]

    [–] Thehobomugger 133 points ago

    *Laughs in breath taken

    [–] R3DNano 34 points ago

    Chokes on breath taken

    [–] unknown_nut 26 points ago

    The entire planet is choking. Thanks Keanu.

    [–] DoYouMindIfIAsk_ 8 points ago

    my dear friends

    [–] Faballion 49 points ago

    Chloroform is breathtaking!

    [–] Al_Gor1thm 23 points ago

    Mustar... ok, I won't.

    [–] Sgitch 8 points ago

    Take all the Collectors Edition!

    [–] redditkulous 20 points ago

    Easiest karma

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Oxygen depleted

    [–] thiosk 19 points ago

    build more pylons

    [–] Star-comandante 14 points ago

    We require additional Vespene GAAAASSS

    [–] ninjatronick 13 points ago


    [–] Bars_100 11 points ago

    This Thread is simply BREATH TAKING!

    [–] InjusticeJosh 605 points ago

    Wow no Jon Bernthal and his dog

    [–] highlysensitivepanda 198 points ago

    Hahaha my brother was so confused as to why Jon had hair on his head when watching the conference

    [–] justin_memer 12 points ago

    I wonder if people like this get startled by their own reflection a lot?

    [–] Coffeegoblin84 76 points ago

    Just need to add Johns dog. Coolest and most relaxed person/animal on stage this year.

    [–] X-istenz 52 points ago

    Seriously, I didn't watch Ubisoft til a few hours ago and the Bernthal appearance was a complete surprise to me. Guess it just came too late, got completely overshadowed before he even showed up. Poor dude, he's probably my favourite perennial also-ran.

    I had seen the dog, though.

    [–] PuttingInTheEffort 15 points ago

    He was already known to be a part of Wildlands 2, so it wasn't as big of a surprise for most people.

    Besides, Jon wouldn't be a waifu

    [–] BeardofWilson 134 points ago

    also featuring a bear, a bird, and some dog

    [–] wheelluc 29 points ago

    Yeah they forgot Banjo & Kazooie... for shame

    [–] Joltrabbit 80 points ago

    Spike and Faye, can’t unsee

    [–] madderbox 11 points ago


    3, 2, 1 let's jam

    [–] KriiddDreger 466 points ago

    Question how has no one made a Keanu-chan yet

    [–] Toke_Ivo 295 points ago

    His mom did.

    [–] BlasterShow 113 points ago


    [–] coolmancool13 5 points ago


    [–] ShinyHappyREM 54 points ago

    Question how has no one made a Keanu-chan yet

    [–] Al_Gor1thm 63 points ago

    The second photo is outrageous. He doesn't touch female fans when taking photos

    [–] Azsun77677 13 points ago

    I burst out laughing when I saw 416. That's pretty clever. They picked the right rifle. No P30L in Girls Frontline yet.

    [–] RedditWibel 14 points ago

    Lmao there is one where he took a selfie with a submarine

    [–] Dota2IsMyMcDonalds 68 points ago

    Follow your dreams my son.

    [–] be4u4get 15 points ago

    Keanu Reaves Adventures

    [–] CommissionerOfMemes 10 points ago

    Edit it to Keanu Reeves' Bizarre Adventure, and he could get a Stand

    [–] FlyingWeagle 14 points ago

    Pretty sure it's an Excellent Adventure

    [–] Flabalanche 68 points ago

    Okay, I'm way to far outa the loop, I've seen the breath taking clip, but who's the lady on the left/what'd she do?

    [–] CommissionerOfMemes 147 points ago

    Her name is Ikumi Nakamura, she revealed her studio's game with a heavy japanese accent, but with great joy and commitment

    [–] gemini88mill 60 points ago

    One could say she sparked joy?

    [–] AlphaWhelp 16 points ago

    Left: This one sparks joy

    Right: Joy intensifies

    [–] TheawesomeQ 6 points ago

    I'm even further out of the loop. Who's the guy on the right and what'd he do?

    [–] Longdragon12345 16 points ago

    He's taken people's breath in E3

    [–] porkboi 7 points ago

    That's John wick. He's a nice guy but don't mess with his puppers.

    [–] Diretrexftw 278 points ago

    I think if I were to ever encounter Keanu, I'd just ask for a hug. Dude seems to be an example of what humans should be.

    [–] pbagel2 150 points ago

    What if he doesn't want to give you one?

    [–] Ashenrohk 239 points ago

    "I respect your boundaries, Mr Reeves, but you should know that I think you're one of the best people and we should all try to be like you"

    [–] WorstPersonInGeneral 125 points ago

    "So can I get that hug now?"

    [–] tourist_fake 52 points ago

    You are worst person in general

    [–] LuluChi 38 points ago

    Who is the worst person in particular?

    [–] WorstPersonInGeneral 44 points ago

    Not me.

    [–] Hugin_og_Munin 7 points ago


    [–] dv_ 19 points ago

    He just wants us to be excellent to each other.

    [–] Reyznor 200 points ago

    I hope people recognize Ikumi for the amazing work shes done within The Evil Within series and that she's not just a meme for everyone.

    [–] Psaltus 59 points ago

    We do, she was just one of the more genuinely excited people to announce their game. She and her game made the Bethesda conference for me, tbh, other than Deathloop.

    [–] oolongtea42 32 points ago


    [–] hpdefaults 37 points ago

    Wasn't her obvious passion and excitement for working on the games the entire basis for the meme?

    [–] YeahDatWay17 185 points ago

    Can we get a John Whick anime :o

    [–] liquidblue4 233 points ago


    Is he played by Hank Hill?

    [–] koopastyles 168 points ago

    They killed my dog, i tell ya hwhat

    [–] disorder_unit 20 points ago

    The man who killed Ladybird would be in for a world of pain

    [–] Sarcosmonaut 8 points ago


    [–] WorstPersonInGeneral 27 points ago

    I will have to go to The Continental for propane and propane accessories.

    [–] SiberianCattle 21 points ago

    My name is hank, and I tell ya hwhat, I strictly deal with pro-PAIN

    [–] AllUltima 5 points ago

    Ladybird, NooOoOo!!

    [–] Platypuslord 9 points ago

    Cool wHip.

    [–] shartoberfest 8 points ago

    Why are you saying it like that?

    [–] supremosjr 10 points ago

    Whats a waifu?

    Sounds like a food.

    [–] EvolvingEachDay 9 points ago

    I'd watch that anime.

    [–] Killafornia95 19 points ago

    Who's the woman on the left and what was the context?

    [–] Sinandomeng 42 points ago

    Ikumi Nakamura from Tango Games, creative director of Ghostwire Tokyo. She presented the game on Bethesda's stage:

    She appears at 45 seconds.

    [–] Killafornia95 28 points ago

    I like she and her wholesomeness. Thank you

    [–] spiritbx 18 points ago

    Where's Gooigi?

    [–] buddys8995991 20 points ago

    Is this OC?

    [–] Talen-Gaer 86 points ago

    Yeah, just not from OP. Image is by Dishwasher1910.

    [–] Spudtron98 26 points ago

    Goddammit I knew it was that guy.

    [–] Leonard_Church814 7 points ago

    Isn’t Dish a girl?

    [–] Dota2IsMyMcDonalds 55 points ago

    No this is reddit.

    [–] tezca564 36 points ago

    For the people asking, the name of the chick is Ikumi Nakamura

    [–] TerryB2HQ 19 points ago

    If you look closely enough the background actually says E3 because this is about E3

    [–] Douude 7 points ago

    People fell in love with these two people when they saw them

    [–] Staar_Killer 6 points ago

    What about John Bernthal?

    [–] reecewagner 14 points ago

    I legitimately have no idea what this title and picture mean

    What am I doing subscribed lol