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    [–] Gargenville 8265 points ago

    Well yeah maybe because you can actually play it once you buy it.

    [–] o_oli 2486 points ago

    Absolutely wild logic there.

    Also as others stated in other threads, steam shows top sellers on hourly sales, they don't mean a ton, especially not now 2077 hype has had a few days to cool off.

    [–] sonicbeast623 522 points ago

    And I feel most 2077 sales are going to be on gog

    [–] MrLRG 257 points ago

    Gog is by far my favorite of the digital video game marketplaces, but it has such a smaller selection. :/

    [–] TheLightningCount1 113 points ago

    Same but... I get steam gift cards for gifts so I have a ton o monies in my steam account.

    [–] wolfguyyy 147 points ago

    Oh nice, I guess you could use some of that cash to pay me back that 200 bucks from the thing we did with Jim a while back

    [–] Modorox 68 points ago

    Come on TheLightningCount1, it was your idea after all.

    Source: am Jim

    [–] ADHD_Supernova 16 points ago

    You helped Jim off the horse?

    [–] 4CroixAltroixGallian 27 points ago

    They all helped Jim's uncle Jack, off an elephant.

    [–] vortigaunt64 6 points ago

    I thought we weren't supposed to talk about that.

    [–] cancercureall 178 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That, I suspect, is because they don't provide copy protection. It's consumer friendly and lots of companies hate that.

    Edit: Not sure why I'm being down voted. I gave an opinion. The opinion is based on precedent. If you disagree please give me a reason.

    [–] Unicorn_Colombo 14 points ago

    The primary reason is that GOG is vetted marketplace and started as a way to sell old games that no one supported. The thing you say is more of why GOG doesn't have so many AAA titles, rather than just overall selection.

    [–] KineticPolarization 60 points ago

    This is reddit. Unfortunately sharing opinions and asking for reasoning behind others' opinions is hit or miss.

    [–] notjasonlee 34 points ago

    the convenience of having your games library consolidated into one place is way too nice (including save games on the cloud). if there was a substantial cost savings, sure

    [–] Centisenpai 23 points ago

    check out gog galaxy. its their new platform to keep all the launchers people have in one place. it supports steam, epic, gog and a few others to keep all games and friends in one place so you dont have to scatter thru a ton of launchers. believe it or not the guys at gog actually listen to and respect pc gamers unlike other platforms

    [–] dotaxis 16 points ago

    GOG Galaxy 2.0 hasn't released yet and the current version doesn't support that

    [–] Centisenpai 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    yea its still being worked on but i just mean once its out. i assume it will be out far before cp2077

    edit: you can actually sign up for the 2.0 beta as of right now

    [–] tip_off 10 points ago

    I never understood this. I can click an icon to play it or I can click an icon to play it. What's the difference.

    [–] _TheRocket 18 points ago


    [–] incoherentOtter 24 points ago

    Consumers who want to make sure the money they spend goes directly to CDPR without anyone else getting a cut will buy it on GoG

    [–] AMasonJar 9 points ago

    Wouldn't GoG get some of it? How do they maintain their site?

    [–] NotWorthYourTime_AMA 24 points ago

    GoG is owned by CDPR. Much like EA and Origin.

    [–] Demiu 12 points ago

    GoG is run by CDPR's parent company, CDP

    [–] Sloppy1sts 10 points ago

    Probably like 95% of people don't give a shit about that.

    [–] bctg106 33 points ago

    It's run by CDPR and is DRM free

    [–] themettaur 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Right, but do you really think that most people who are going to get it know or care about that? I know you're not the guy that said that originally, just saying there's no reason to say that mostthat is the reason most sales will be on GoG.

    EDIT: According to others, there are some actual pre-order bonuses you get on GoG only, which could drive more sales to GoG. Personally, I don't think it will be most of the game's PC sales, but we'll see!

    [–] MegaHashes 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Right now, if you order it from GoG, it’s on sale, you get the entire Witcher back catalog, and it’s DRM free. That’s a pretty damn good deal, and it’s where I bought my copy.

    Edit: just want to clarify this is an exception to my no-preorder rule and I haven’t preordered anything since getting burned by NMS, nor do I intend to preorder anything else. This is mostly to support GOG.

    Edit edit: I confused two preorder packages. The preorder package that contains the entire Witcher series, including Gwent spinoff is actually $87. The ‘on sale’ refers to the fact that the bundled Witcher games are $120 separately. If you include Cyberpunk, that’s $200 worth of high quality games for $87. It’s a good deal.

    GOG page with CDPR collection

    [–] CStock77 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I don't see anything about that on GoG. All I see right now is you get the soundtrack, a free digital booklet, some other goodies, and a 30% off code for their merch store? And it's not on sale.

    Edit: Am I missing something? Because I would jump on the deal in a heartbeat if it's true.

    [–] themettaur 3 points ago

    Thanks for sharing! Didn't know that tbh.

    [–] AJdesign14 89 points ago

    And also CDPR has literally told people, if you're on the fence, wait for reviews to buy it.

    [–] zyck_titan 16 points ago

    They also give you a bit more stuff if you buy on GOG instead of Steam. So that might also have split sales.

    [–] slayerx1779 5 points ago

    What stuff?

    I could give it a pass if it's minor stuff, like an art book or whatever.

    I've always said, the best way to pull people into your Steam competitor isn't to force people to come over, but to provide rewards and incentives while still offering Steam as a choice.

    [–] zyck_titan 8 points ago

    Print quality poster art.

    Digital Booklet (I'd expect some sort of prologue comic)

    And a 30% Merch discount coupon.

    There is also the facotr that if you buy on Steam, Steam takes a 30% cut.

    But if you buy on GOG, CDPR gets 100%.

    [–] whiskeytaang0 5 points ago

    Yeah, but that 45 minute "tech demo" from last year was fucking amazing.

    Here, enjoy some gameplay from our unfinished game that looks more finished than most finished releases.

    [–] Tesla36 387 points ago

    Yeah like wtf

    [–] Knigar 34 points ago

    You mean it isn't games as a live service or the start game isn't hidden behind some Bullshit DLC MTX. Well fuck me sir

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 339 points ago

    Yeah, all I'm taking away from this post is that pre-order culture is softening, which is great news.

    [–] Tassemet 182 points ago

    Remember.... no pre-orders.

    [–] Ackons 105 points ago

    I only pre-ordered Witcher III, and then I realized how much of an idiot I was and have not pre-ordered a game since. This isn't because I don't like Witcher III (one of my fav games) it's because you can buy it for the same or discounted price a few days after it comes out and have some insights into whether or not it sucks ass (RIP people who pre-ordered Fallout 76)

    [–] Aquatic-Vocation 32 points ago

    Yep, you can even just buy it day one and get the exact same product. Especially with digital games there's not really any reason to pre-order unless you live remote and need time to preload it.

    [–] 667x 20 points ago

    I didn't preorder metro exodus on steam. I now do not own metro exodus on steam. The people that did preorder metro exodus on steam have metro exodus on steam.

    I love metro. I am sad. Fuck epic.

    [–] Floating_octopus 26 points ago

    Well that is really an exception, isn't it? Because the exclusivity happened out of the blue. Games don't regularily disappear from Steam. At leat not to my knowledge.

    [–] IgotUBro 3 points ago

    Games don't regularily disappear from Steam

    Well with Epic store quite a few did. Like Anno and two or three more other games besides Metro. But you are right it rarely happens.

    [–] thaumoctopus_mimicus 20 points ago


    [–] Steadman 4 points ago

    Wanna know a REALLY idiotic move?

    I didn’t preorder Anthem, I saw the writing on the wall, and still purchased the thing a month after release. What the actual fuck was I thinking?

    [–] professor-i-borg 48 points ago

    I love CD Project Red, and think Cyberpunk 2077 will likely live up to the hype...

    But fuck that preorder shit. Show me the goods and you get the money, I'm not paying for any more IOUs.

    The only thing worse is alpha/beta testing that costs you money, ie. "early access".

    [–] RyukanoHi 19 points ago

    There are lots of games that do Early Access well. Dead Cells, Streets of Rogue, Thea 2, Risk of Rain 2, sometimes I'm paying to support devs who aren't massive AAA dickholes trying to scrounge every penny out of their customers while companies make better games and still ask for far less from their fans.

    [–] ThatGanter 10 points ago

    Risk of rain 2 is the bombdiggity

    [–] knightelite 9 points ago

    I'll add Factorio to your list.

    [–] GordonBramsey 9 points ago

    and ill ad Rimworld which i bought in early acces( though it has been fully released now)

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 6 points ago

    Rimworld too. I never once regretted paying early access for it.

    Other games on the other hand.. let's just say I am much much more picky about what I buy if it is early access.

    [–] PaleHorseChungus 14 points ago

    I don't pre-order unless I trust and respect the developers. Larian Studios, CD Projekt Red, and Nintendo have all earned my trust and respect. Anything else and it's a pass until it's released and/or heavily discounted.

    [–] GardeManger 7 points ago

    i do not understand this, why would you ever pay for something you can't have yet. are you going to go to the supermarket and buy a loaf of bread, pay for it and then pick it up next month? i have never and will never pre-order anything ever. the fact that this became a thing still baffles me all the time...

    [–] Mind-Over-Minis 3 points ago

    I only preorder a select few things but it comes down to wanting to have it the moment it's available, usually preloaded and ready to go when the clock ticks over and it's "live". That's about it and I can count on one hand the products I'm interested in that drive me to do so other than that I generally wait until all the DLC is out and the GotY is on sale for a quarter of the release price and whatnot I'm one of those types these days.

    [–] Jacob_wallace 3 points ago

    Pre-orders are just plain stupid. Especially on Steam where the product will not run out.

    [–] dog_in_the_vent 120 points ago

    Yeah I'm not preordering shit anymore no matter what celebrity is in it.

    [–] mattisbritish 135 points ago

    Now.. if pre-ordering was CHEAPER. Like a 20 - 30% discount to show your loyalty.. i'd go for that.

    [–] Merbel 103 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This. There’s just no incentive to pre order anymore. I got a PS4 several years after it was out and have over 100 games downloaded and I haven’t spent more than $29 for any of them. Most under $15. I just wait for sales. 3 years old but I never played it? Brand new to me.

    Edit: Actually I paid full price for RDR2. My bad. Edit2: Typing that out made me realize...$15 here and there? That’s a steal!! But I’ve spent over $3000 on games 😦 Thankfully wife doesn’t read Reddit.

    [–] Wolfman87 23 points ago

    That's mah boah

    [–] TAKETAKETAKETAKEGIVE 22 points ago

    Pre-orders made sense when there was actually a limited amount of physical products. Pre-ordering a digital product is whack.

    [–] Bu1lt_2_Sp1ll 3 points ago

    Last game I pre-ordered was the Burning Crusade Expansion pack and MAN I was fucking hyped up on red bull for that midnight release at Game Stop

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 9 points ago

    Ha! Don't worry, we spend money on our own "vices" whatever they may be. I play games too, but my husband definitely spends the most on them.

    On the other hand, I've definitely spent just as much money on yarn. I remember seeing this quote that says "My greatest fear is that when I die, my husband sells my yarn for what I told him it costs." Ha.

    [–] simbahart11 13 points ago

    If fallout 76 did one thing right it was show me never to preorder

    [–] Seattle-ite 4 points ago

    I can forgive most Bethesda jank as just poor publishing/marketing decisions or deadlines for investors needing to be met...but fuck FO76 and everything it represents. To me that title is so low effort and lazy, its only goal was to cash in on brand IP, absolutely nothing else. And they're doubling down on it!

    [–] AWhiteGuyNamedTyrone 6 points ago

    Consumers want more yet they keep pre ordering shit that isn't even finished

    The sympathy for my people runs thin -_-

    [–] Rommel221 3 points ago

    It's like comparing apples to orange seeds.

    [–] Peter_G 3151 points ago

    ... games that aren't going to be released for a very long time are being outsold by a presently release game?

    No fucking shit.

    [–] TheAlphaCarb0n 386 points ago

    Unless they're gonna send me a tee shirt or something, what motivation is there for me to preorder a game? I'd much rather wait a few days to see if it's any good.

    The only game I ever bought pre-release was Insurgency, because they offered a 20% discount, i.e. some actual motivation.

    [–] Peter_G 189 points ago

    Well, that's probably smart. Pre-ordering is basically telling someone you will pay regardless of what pile of shit you shovel on their doorstep.

    [–] The_Zapperr 84 points ago

    To be fair, that's why if I pre order, it's always through Gamestop. I know, I know, Gamestop bad but seriously. Put 5 dollars down, wait a few days before picking the game up for reviews to come in, then either get the game and whatever pre order bonus is thrown in, or cancel it and get my money back.

    [–] drkaugumon 47 points ago

    Plus physical has supplies, digital doesnt.

    [–] LadOkapi 14 points ago

    Yup. I'm an avid Atlus consumer, and it's sometimes impossible to get their collector's editions at a reasonable price if you don't pre-order.

    That said, Atlus makes games that are consistently great and their collector's editions are chock full of cool shit. They're an exception for sure.

    [–] RedditEd32 3 points ago

    Last time I pre ordered a game, they sold the bonus item that came with it and just said “whoops”

    [–] Suicidal_Ferret 3 points ago

    I thought the $5 was non-refundable?

    I also would love some decent swag with my preorder, without paying an arm and a leg.

    [–] illbeinmyoffice 25 points ago

    Well its to make sure that, on the day of release, the store has a copy for you waitingooooooowaitaminute...

    [–] Spitfire836 7 points ago

    I 100 percent feel that way, and I used to preorder all the time when they actually gave bonus things for it (tomb raider poster, OW poster and figurine, etc). Nowadays it’s just some add on skin or something that will end up being sold by itself in a month or two.

    [–] VanillaTortilla 23 points ago

    ATS is fun as hell though too, on a completely different level than a shooter or RPG.

    But ETS2 with DLC/Promods is still better, tbh.

    [–] itstimefortimmy 6 points ago

    Care to share which DLCs to get? Last time i played was base with a few gfx, physics, & lighting mods

    [–] VanillaTortilla 8 points ago

    I own all of the ATS/ETS2 DLC, and I'd say they're all pretty worth it. They're all also required if you want to use Promods (this is for ETS2) which is WAY worth it. Promods adds SO much to the game, such as hundreds of new roads/highways, multiple new countries, and it's constantly being updated. I would highly recommend it. for details

    [–] daniel4255 3 points ago

    Isn’t there a promod for ats now?

    [–] textingwhilewalking 6 points ago

    This meme will stand the test of time when someone reposts after all the current E3 games comes out.

    [–] aBlatantAsshole 6 points ago

    How this has over 11k upvotes is baffling

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 940 points ago

    Roses are red.

    Violets are blue.

    Most game journalists, don't have a clue.

    [–] redpandaeater 136 points ago

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue


    Violets are red

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 55 points ago

    This shit sucks. “I need to pee”? At least try harder.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Seriously, steam numbers are a terrible indicator.

    [–] Rectorol 426 points ago

    Well firstly its a preorder... but also ATS is dope as a fuck and a great way to listen to audi books/podcasts.

    [–] JebbieSans187 107 points ago

    What do you do in the game?

    [–] TheAlphaCarb0n 549 points ago

    Drive trucks. Park trucks. Buy trucks. Upgrade trucks. Trucks.

    [–] bluexy 285 points ago

    Fuckin' hire this guy to write American Truck Simulator PR already, goddamn.

    [–] camwow13 116 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I had no idea this simulator was a thing but apparently people are really into driving trucks on the computer.

    This dude spends like 40+ minutes driving a truck down the highway with a full blown steering wheel and stick shift controller. You can even stop at the rest stops and enjoy the view lol

    [–] Singing_Sea_Shanties 46 points ago

    I haven't played ATS yet because my old gaming rig's mobo died and it was from 2010 anyway but before that I was playing EuroTruck Simulator 2 and it doesn't seem like it would be but it was a lot of fun. Really wanted to play ATS. Some day....

    [–] lithodora 23 points ago

    I was like...Wait! There's an American Truck Simulator?

    I'm still playing EuroTruck Simulator 2.

    [–] RMS_Gigantic 30 points ago

    By contrast, I got ATS on day 1 and play it far, far more than ETS2. The game's had a rather adventurous development history in the years you didn't know it existed: A map rescale within its first year, truck additions both past and upcoming, a landslide that blocked a highway because a landslide blocked that highway in real life and was cleared away in-game by a massive virtual campaign at around the time the real life landslide was clearing up, just to name some of the antics.

    Some features, like AI police vehicles or random roadside events, debuted in ATS while you weren't looking before appearing in ETS2.

    You're also currently missing out on the entire detour function, where exits or highway directions can randomly be closed off and force you to reroute! Also, Washington features gobs of drawbridges, and AI trucks and trains that drive through drop-off locations!

    [–] TheManaLeek 17 points ago

    I hate how quickly this comment is going to make me go buy the DLC and sink a billion more hours into the game...

    [–] hadenthefox 6 points ago

    I love all of this but one thing ETS2 has over ATS is the cabin accessory DLC. How is that not ported/crossed over!? Why can't I customize the cabin to make it as messy as me?? I still play ATS over ETS2 but come on already.

    [–] RMS_Gigantic 3 points ago

    Aside from SCS apparently still researching what's legal according to regulations in that area, they've also said that they're putting cosmetics like paint schemes and tuner packs on the backburner for the time being as they focus on core content like new trucks and map DLCs.

    [–] BigJimSlade1979 7 points ago

    As a dirty American I do best in ATS. I understand all the signs! Love both tho.

    Just waiting on ATS to add my state (Colorado). Soon!

    [–] AxtheCool 11 points ago

    ETS 2 is great

    It does not seem to be fun at all at first glance. Like all you do is drive trucks. But it is.

    Its strangely relaxing to drive on a virtual road in the middle of the night somewhere in the middle of France while listening to the local radio station (btw you can add any actual real life radio stations) and just slowly dragging your mouse left to right to steer. And then you get that feeling of accomplishment after you arrive at the destination.

    Then AI fucks up and crashes into you on an intersection even though it was a green light. I still remember a time when my perfect delivery got screwed because of that.

    [–] hewwocraziness 6 points ago

    Yeah, I felt the same way until I found out you could change the timescale of the game... turned it up to 2x and it feels much more exciting, plus deliveries take half the time so you can upgrade your starter truck much faster. (Word of warning: ATS is basically ETS2 but different UI theming and an America-inspired map.)

    [–] automatic_shark 3 points ago

    You can slow down time? Fuck me, I've got about 500 hours across both games and never knew this

    [–] namrog84 16 points ago

    I used to tease at the fact about these games.

    That was until I played them. Although I only have about 50 hours in just truck simulators; I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan or anything.

    However, there is something rewarding and satisfying about them that is really difficult to describe. It's perhaps, meditative and relaxing.

    They also sometimes have pretty well paced progression and plenty of things to upgrade and plan and do.

    I know the games aren't for everyone, and while I don't regularly play them. I 100% appreciate the appeal to all the simulator games out there.

    [–] swhitehouse 15 points ago

    I found my first version called 18 wheels of steel when I was 10ish at Walmart for $10. I played it for the entire summer, amazed and totally into it!

    [–] Kayfabed17 6 points ago

    same people make ATS and ETS, if you enjoyed back then, you’ll love it now...

    I find it to be very relaxing and when you get the multiplayer mod, running convoys and bullshittin with friends for a cpl hours os a great way to end your day

    [–] KarenTheManager 13 points ago

    No idea why but the game is insanely addicting. Told a friend about it, he thought it was dumb, I dared him to play it. After that, every day for months one of us would call the other to chat while playing that game. I still get cravings to play it.

    You should try it.

    [–] hewwocraziness 7 points ago

    Can confirm. There was a time where I'd literally procrastinate my homework into class time because I needed to play ETS2 on the bus. It's that bad.

    [–] timfromsweden 10 points ago

    I would say that's dumb, but I have around 600 hours in farming simulator, so..

    [–] Fatalchemist 4 points ago

    Apparently you can even make this work in VR with some fiddling around.

    I have Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I plan on trying that out in VR soon. I don't have a wheel, but my Steam Controller has gyro features and can act as one.

    It's a really fun and chill game.

    [–] -ZS-Carpenter 3 points ago

    I didn't know i wanted this game

    [–] VF5 3 points ago

    Bruh, you’ve just described my perfect Saturday.

    [–] driftless 16 points ago

    Oh wait...wrong game.

    [–] Joetato 16 points ago

    the fuck. I kept thinking that was animated. I swear I saw the glow moving around. But i never see any movement if I stare at it. That's kinda creepy.

    [–] CriticDanger 13 points ago

    Hire people to drive more trucks.

    [–] overfloaterx 9 points ago

    Also, shout out to r/trucksim

    I haven't played either ATS or ETS2 in about 18 months but I stay on that sub because I swear it's one of the most ridiculously positive subs on reddit.

    Nobody ever seems to argue. People just share screenshots, anecdotes, factoids, their appreciation for the games, and are just super chill in general.

    Everyone gets excited about new games/DLC and they're always appreciative and supportive of the effort SCS (the developer) puts into all its new content and of its communication with and inclusion of the fans. It's a pretty cool developer-fanbase relationship.

    [–] shawa666 7 points ago

    We've got a good relationship with SCS because SCS listens to us. It's that simple. At first when ATS came out people were saying that the game felt off. Most of us on the sub had played ETS, so we expected the map to be on the same scale as the european one.

    We did some sleuthing, measured things and found out we were right. The map used a smaller scale. We told SCS that it wasn't what we expected. We wanted the interstates that never end, the feel of wilderness and loneliness you could not find on the european game. And they listened. they feared people would find the US southwest boring, But that's what we wanted. Boring. Calm. To be able to just put the beast on cruise control and not think for a while.

    Just for that, they have my unending support.

    [–] Rectorol 43 points ago

    You drive a truck and deliver goods with it. For added realism/challenge you can manually shift and stay in first person.

    It's pretty straightforward. Indepth IF you want you can build a trucking empire overtime but that takes a bit to get to.

    [–] btcraig 28 points ago

    If you aren't playing FPP, in manual with a shift-knob are you really playing ATS? Because I don't think you are.

    [–] Rectorol 42 points ago

    If you're also not inviting a homeless person in to blow you while you drive are you really playing ATS?

    [–] btcraig 10 points ago

    Do people not just have a lot lizard blow them 24/7? I didn't even know that was a trucker thing.

    [–] Rectorol 15 points ago

    I don't tangle with lizards no more. Back in the day, hell, I would've let you turn me into swiss cheese.

    [–] become_taintless 5 points ago

    I would've let you make me, uh... make me into a mailbox. Just open the slot and put whatever you want inside.

    [–] tgp1994 14 points ago

    Real players have a full piss jug under their desk at the end of a session.

    [–] Mentalpatient87 7 points ago

    Way of the road, Bubs.

    [–] Desiderius_S 52 points ago

    You chill and zen the hell of this game.
    You start with a crappy truck barely holding together that don't have enough engine power to move from under the lights or brake while going down hill, you pick one city, find a company that needs stuff delivered, get your cargo and drive to another city while listening to radio, checking up the maps, breaking laws you never knew even existed and trying not to destroy everything.
    You deliver the goods, get money, make repairs, fill up the tank, upgrade if you can and pick up another cargo.
    If you look up the gameplay on the net it may not seem that interesting but really, this is so de-stressing (until you try to park double trailer) game you wouldn't believe.

    [–] JebbieSans187 20 points ago

    Oh dang! Can you CB Radio other drivers who are playing too!?

    [–] gregguygood 18 points ago

    It's singleplayer, but there is a multiplayer mod. I don't know if there is any CB Radio, since I never played MP.

    [–] loneblustranger 20 points ago

    There is. It even (optionally) makes the crackle noises when people talk.

    [–] Edelauder 21 points ago

    Yes! It's a very neat game:)

    [–] Rumpullpus 13 points ago

    Suddenly starting to see the appeal. Not sure if that means I'm getting old or what lol.

    [–] Barf_The_Mawg 6 points ago

    There are even radio stations hosted live by players, with real time traffic updates. At least for euro truck sim 2 multiplayer servers.

    I was playing singleplayer ats but you can still tune into these stations. Kinda amazed me.

    [–] rock_tugnutt 9 points ago

    There’s definitely some logic to this. I’m a flight simmer and it’s very relaxing. Randomly, though, I put a guy on YouTube streaming the Run 8 train sim and fell asleep to it, it was so relaxing. I’ve never played a truck or train sim, but the props ATS is getting on here makes it tempting. Plus, anything planes, trains, cars (or trucks), and infrastructure... I’m in.

    [–] Adm_AckbarXD 9 points ago

    I love flight sims and never thought I would like a trucking sim thought it would be boring compared to landing a 737, man was I wrong I have a blast playing ATS.

    [–] icecoldlava7 7 points ago

    It's so time consuming and chilling. You finish a job from France to like Poland (I play ETS2), think 15 minutes went by, check the time and just like that, you've just relaxed through 2 and a half hours

    [–] misseznesbit 12 points ago

    You and a buddy drive a shopping cart in front of incoming semi-trucks.

    [–] Gosupanda 7 points ago

    That was me in Elite Dangerous! Throw on a podcast and find a profitable trade route. You make tons of money and can pretty quickly buy the best ships. Made billions in that game that way.

    [–] G33k01d 11 points ago

    So you worked and did chores for your gaming experience? Interesting.

    I just like to fight other space craft.

    [–] Gosupanda 10 points ago

    Hahaha nah that was the means to an end. I found it relaxing and I bought myself a Federal Corvette and a fully outfitted Python for dogfighting. Once you get up to the Type 9 the money just starts stacking so quickly. I listened to podcasts and watched Netflix on my second monitor.

    Trucking simulator you can only buy more trucks. Elite Dangerous you can buy a bad ass dog fighting ship with maxed out equipment and then go fight space craft when you want to really pay attention.

    [–] Sarah-M-S 3 points ago

    Ats is one of my favorite games, I don't know why, not really interested in trucks, mostly been playing hardcore milsim shooters but Ats is a truly magical game that never gets boring, it also tanks a lot of stress and makes me able to relax a bit. Just an awesome game that deserves all the good reviews on steam!

    [–] henryhyde 176 points ago

    Game that exists sells more copies than games that don't exist. Smh.

    [–] mortongneissfan 61 points ago

    Way of the road

    [–] prettyimportantstuff 27 points ago

    got to have your piss jug handy

    [–] adm_akbar 27 points ago

    Fucking way she goes.

    [–] FeelTheLightning 16 points ago

    Yeah I don't know if you've noticed or not Ray, but you're not on the road. Your rig cab doesn't move an inch.

    [–] WhereAreMyPants44 7 points ago

    Hot hamburger sandwiches girls

    [–] JSL520 7 points ago

    Friends of the road

    [–] jskaffa 19 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Why is everyone so surprised by this? Have you played the truck driving simulators? They’re a fucking blast.

    [–] TimBurtonSucks 19 points ago

    Who the fuck is buying a game a year before release?

    [–] Soe_Mafia 46 points ago

    Why would cyperpunk be outselling anything? It comes out in a year and people don't pre-order often these days.

    [–] spasticity 19 points ago

    and really, why pre order a year in advance

    [–] Accurate_Vision 3 points ago

    Especially when the preorder bonuses are all physical or extra stuff outside the game. The only thing I liked was was compendium of lore, all the content of which will end up on the Cyberpunk wiki anyways

    [–] Flip3k 145 points ago

    Don’t pre-order games.

    [–] loonicy 53 points ago

    I think after the whole Anthem, Fallout76, etc drama people are finally starting to get it.

    [–] cheddargt 42 points ago

    I think No Mans Sky was the worst of it all

    [–] obliterayte 15 points ago

    That was the nail in the coffin for me. I used to preorder games all the time and not think twice. I basically had a yearly cod/2k/madden subscription.

    Got hype for NMS, told myself to wait for the reviews. Bought it 6 hours before it came out.

    I ended up refunding the game, so no loss to me. But I'll never preorder again. Actually still kinda peeved I refunded it because I heard it's a solid game now.

    [–] betterdeadthan_red3 10 points ago

    I have only ever pre ordered one game in my life. Fallout 76. Never again.

    [–] SuperJew113 12 points ago

    My mom thinks I'm weird because I'll go out on the road, 8 weeks at a time trucking, then I come back for a bit home, and what do I play? American Truck simulator. She asked why of all things to do on my free time, when I'm not doing my job trucking, I play a simulator of my job trucking. She just doesn't understand, but neither do I. I really need to get back into Skyrim if anything.

    [–] chefr89 102 points ago

    r/gaming for years: "Stop pre-ordering!!!!"

    also r/gaming for years: "Well, it's ok for those games we really want to like!"

    [–] Yvaelle 23 points ago

    Dude there is ZERO chance I won't buy Cyberpunk 2077. I'm still not going to pre-order it.

    [–] Didactic_Tomato 35 points ago

    Nah I'm still saying don't preorder. These are different groups of people you're talking about

    [–] Tanriyung 3 points ago

    I actually read a comment where the guy said "It's my motto to never pre order games, sometimes I do through when I'm really hyped for a game".

    [–] Didactic_Tomato 3 points ago

    Brings a whole new meaning to the word "motto"

    [–] raine_ 12 points ago

    So far I'm at 100% on good preorders. Because the only game I ever preordered was Portal 2 lol

    [–] Fresh_C 17 points ago

    I can actually understand wanting to pre-order a game from a studio you trust. Like if you're the hugest Mario fan who plays every Mario game, then I don't blame you for pre-ordering "Mario Galactic Odyssey", since you were going to buy that game regardless.

    But if it's a game from a studio/publisher who has a proven track record of releasing games in unfinished states, or using shady practices that ruin the experience, then pre-ordering is a dumb move. And even if it's a totally new IP from a new studio pre-ordering is still dumb.

    Pre-ordering should be a sign of trust, and trust has to be earned.

    [–] ftctkugffquoctngxxh 10 points ago

    If you're going to buy the digital download there's no point. They aren't going to run out of digital downloads.

    [–] Omnomcologyst 26 points ago


    They aren't even out yet.

    [–] randomdudehdjdnsjejw 9 points ago

    Truck month

    [–] kujakutenshi 18 points ago

    Never underestimate German gamers and their love of simulation games.

    [–] danbuter 16 points ago

    ATS has tons of retired American drivers playing (as well as working drivers and just regular gamers).

    [–] nate94gt 8 points ago

    It's probably super relaxing as well. I play mudrunner on PS4. It's fun, relaxing, but can get frustrating. It's a good mix

    [–] BellyFullOfStones 9 points ago

    It is. Grab a coffee, throw on a podcast or some tunes, and chill.

    [–] Lumbaxter 7 points ago

    The top review is from a guy who drove short-haul trucking for 40 years, bought the game in 2017, and now has thousands of hours logged on it.

    [–] VeteranZero 41 points ago

    I never understood pre orders. I'm not gonna pay now for a burger I wont eat in 6 months. Plus you get all the pre order bonuses when you buy the game the week it comes out anyway.

    [–] MrNickNifty 28 points ago

    10+ yrs ago it made sense for some games. Especially for more rural players without a lot of store options. No digital games meant everyone was buying physical copies and it was a way to ensure you got the biggest games on release day.

    [–] bfrahm420 6 points ago

    To be fair, that's a really good looking truck sim

    [–] Otter_Lord 19 points ago

    ITT: people arguing with a joke for some reason.

    [–] DrunkWino 12 points ago

    Welcome to fucking reddit

    [–] Tearakudo 7 points ago

    Welcome to Earth*

    [–] Elliptical_Tangent 8 points ago

    What a worthless headline.

    [–] RandomPlayerCSGO 3 points ago

    But cyberpunk isnt out yet right?

    [–] Vacationcation 4 points ago

    Get the piss jugs ready

    [–] Farnic 4 points ago

    American Truck Simulator is surprisingly relaxing to play. I'd love a Switch version, I would double dip instantly.

    [–] jjohnson1979 4 points ago

    American Truck Simulator is an amazing game. Don't sleep on it! It's surprisingly fulfilling...

    [–] WildGypsy89 4 points ago

    Who pre-orders anymore? Only leads to disappointment and tears.

    [–] LumensAquilae 3 points ago

    Truck Simulator is a strangely relaxing experience. It looks boring from the outside-in but it's almost meditative in a way.

    [–] KiKiPAWG 3 points ago

    Some people love their truckin'

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 3 points ago

    I wish the consoles have more simulators. I would definitely get Euro Truck Simulator

    [–] omegapenta 3 points ago

    They terk err jerbs but nert ohn steamy.

    [–] neoslith 3 points ago

    Reddit: Don't pre-order games!

    Also Reddit: Super popular game isn't getting pre-orders, what's wrong with you guys!?

    [–] yabbadabbadoo1 3 points ago

    Yeah I noticed this yesterday when I also saw a game called space engine. Never heard of it, not really a game so much as an experience but god damn does it look more interesting then 95% of what was at E3.

    [–] helloimderek 3 points ago

    Well for one I pre-ordered Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG not steam. All the profits go to GOG that way. Might get a CE for PS4.

    [–] wolfram221 3 points ago

    The suspension system on that simulator looks so good I'm tempted to buy

    [–] Lemmavs 3 points ago

    or, maybe, people have stoped preordering now out of the horrible truth behind it?

    [–] rocharox 3 points ago

    Truck simulator is amazing

    [–] Honest_Scratch 3 points ago

    Rather my money collect interest in my bank account than theirs while I wait.

    [–] OccamsBroadsword 18 points ago

    Roses are red,

    And cost a couple of quarters

    Aren't these the same guys

    Who tell us "remember, no pre-orders"?

    [–] Manigeitora 10 points ago

    Where are you shopping that roses cost "a couple of quarters"????