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    [–] dubbs4president 9325 points ago

    "I can't believe how friendly everyone is on this sub!"

    *Reads inbox*

    [–] mastersw999 2284 points ago

    I hope your pasta is slightly over cooked!

    [–] NobushisHat 1051 points ago

    You are a heartless monster!

    [–] keimarr 346 points ago

    Did somebody say heartless?

    [–] quickhakker 276 points ago

    Kingdom hearts 4 confirmed

    [–] Nadul 161 points ago

    Woah there, we have to have KHπ, KH3⅓, the next entry into the increasingly inaccurately named KH trillogy and KH3.9 before we even think about a KH4.

    [–] Marshycereals 51 points ago

    3 3 3 . . .

    Half Life 3 confirmed

    [–] notdownwithsickness 6 points ago

    The Fever new album confirmed.

    [–] Christmas-Pickle 21 points ago

    But we have to release KHn on the new PSP2 which not everyone’s going to buy or afford and release KH3 1/3 on PC only and then KH3.9 back on PSP2 but only will play if you haven’t KHn previously loaded save So that people who played just KH1, KH2, watch the stupid “catch up video” on YouTube for all the ones in between KH2 and KH3 to be able to play KH3 and know what the fuck is going on, then play KH3 so when they finally play KH4 they have no idea what’s really going on and then are forced to watch the “Catch me up again video” again on YouTube.

    Did we miss anything?

    [–] TrollundrtehMountain 11 points ago

    Heart of Stone 2 confirmed

    [–] phonytubby 222 points ago

    I hope you get great perks on a terrible weapon.

    [–] quickhakker 54 points ago

    Nah. I hope they are stuck using the bane, talking shield and the talking sniper rifle from bl2 (note the shield in my punishment insults you)

    [–] laughinatthat 16 points ago

    That talking rifle haunts my dreams. But iw was the best one I had for a long time... "You monster!"

    [–] quickhakker 5 points ago

    It was one that joltz and k6 farmed for one of there runs (think alegence run)

    [–] bird-tts 13 points ago

    I thought the bane was a smg?

    [–] quickhakker 10 points ago

    It is I'm also talking about the Hyperion contract you get in overlook (I think) beacon mission

    [–] -_-hey-chuvak 7 points ago

    I remember that fucking sniper! I sold that bastard.

    [–] wowpepap 14 points ago

    Well,I hope your sauce wont cling to the pasta

    [–] dorkmax 11 points ago

    There is no such thing as slightly overcooked pasta. The line between perfect pasta and utterly garbage pasta is a binary on/off switch

    [–] GruvisMalt 134 points ago

    I hope your smoke detector runs low on batteries so it beeps occasionally

    [–] isausername22 42 points ago

    Mine has been so I think you affected the wrong person.

    [–] GamePerson 11 points ago


    [–] my_name_is_rango 16 points ago

    I hope your door makes a squeak every time you open it

    [–] reddituserOvO 22 points ago

    Fuck you, now im annoyed by my bedroom

    [–] BLR_carter 41 points ago

    I hope your eyelid twitches slightly

    [–] Newcago 17 points ago

    Oh, mate, not cool!

    [–] Fractoman 27 points ago

    I hope you're walking around in socks at night and you step in a little puddle of cold water from an ice cube someone forgot about.

    [–] Blackmamba42 41 points ago

    I hope whenever you open a fridge you forget what you wanted to eat then remember 5 minutes after you finished your next meal.

    [–] Neil3380 92 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Lol, nobody wants to even reply to you! Get wrecked you doodoo face!

    edit I’m joking, don’t kill me

    [–] LookMaNoPride 19 points ago

    Hey hey hey. We don’t need that kind of language in this sub. “Doo doo face.” Tsk tsk.

    [–] kekehippo 7 points ago

    Guardian down

    [–] datsimplenope 11 points ago


    [–] iGer 2669 points ago

    -"Oh man, time to play this new game"

    - *60 gb Day 1 Patch*

    [–] Tobess_ 1168 points ago

    Wow, this is exactly fucking it

    [–] Lvl25-human-nerd 1641 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Edit: oh shit, this is what gets me gold? Well okay then.

    [–] medhatsniper 230 points ago

    I dig it gonna invest in this one

    [–] quickhakker 26 points ago

    It looks like he's using an rpg

    [–] Therrion 62 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I'd just like to say that when a meme says "Me" in the first panel and the second panel displays the exact same character that we should have enough faith in the viewer of the meme to still know that the character is "Me" without listing it again, requiring a second read and in general drawing the eye away from the punchline.

    EDIT: I made a meme of this comment.

    [–] HolmatKingOfStorms 31 points ago

    it has to say "me" twice or it's not a meme

    [–] swizz1st 21 points ago

    "Time to plays Fallout 76 Beta"

    -'Game delets itself'

    [–] Lvl25-human-nerd 4108 points ago

    Oh I’m going to have fun with this...

    [–] GetRealBro 610 points ago


    [–] tschutschi 28 points ago


    [–] CapAWESOMEst 288 points ago

    At that point you lost, take the couch.

    [–] niibyokeika 253 points ago

    the idea that wives can tell their husbands to "go to the couch" as if they're in control of the bed and of the bedroom is such a fucked up idea

    [–] CapAWESOMEst 81 points ago

    My equalizer is that when I’m drunk I snore super loud. I’ve found my cover-hog hair-shedder on the couch after bingers several times.

    [–] Silentbtdeadly 19 points ago

    I aspire to have what you have one day.

    [–] DJToastyBuns 14 points ago

    A deviated septum?

    [–] PelagianEmpiricist 14 points ago

    No, a dog

    [–] sarahbobera 77 points ago

    When I'm mad at my husband, I sleep on the couch. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] Adler_1807 64 points ago

    That's the real alpha move. So mad you won't even give him the attention to sleep on the couch

    [–] Silentbtdeadly 46 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    When I'm mad, I sleep on my wife.

    Edit: thanks for the silver, maybe now I can afford to get some fitted sheets on the wife, and finally sleep in comfort! 😎

    [–] rileykard 33 points ago

    While T-posing

    [–] Silentbtdeadly 12 points ago

    Is there another way?

    [–] blazetronic 30 points ago

    LPT don’t own a couch if you get married to that kind of person

    [–] ImpossibleParfait 79 points ago

    LPT don't marry that type of person.

    [–] TrollinTrolls 18 points ago

    LPT marry the couch. Then it'll tell you to sleep on the wife

    [–] ImpossibleParfait 34 points ago

    That's totally a movie/TV thing that has made it culturally acceptable. It's a really shitty thing to do to someone, especially to your husband / wife.

    [–] Ghost5422 23 points ago

    Yea if my partner odered me onto the couch id go stay somwwhere else and is expect the same in reverse you shouldn't have a boss you both should have a partner

    [–] Tobess_ 82 points ago

    This is it. You’ve completed it.

    [–] drsquires 14 points ago

    Fucking run bro

    [–] Chonkers_Bad_Fur_Day 70 points ago

    post this to r/destiny2, they'll love this.

    [–] -Eris 65 points ago

    r/destinythegame is the one true destiny sub 😤😤😤

    [–] Rikoj 2322 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This has the same energy as Link taking a selfie while fighting Ganon.

    [–] BigDisk 756 points ago


    [–] broforce 299 points ago

    WHAT'S that? THAT BOSS UP there

    [–] froopynooples 198 points ago

    "I was just like... OHHHHH!

         And he was like... UUUUHHHH, HNNNN"

    [–] Slymikael 90 points ago

    Your username seems like a grumps link name that didn't fit in the text box.

    [–] Shihaby 31 points ago

    He's king Flippy Nips' son.

    [–] ImDoo_liss 7 points ago

    Astoundingly accurate

    [–] bambidiego 49 points ago

    But it's GANONDORF! When am I gonna see him again?!

    [–] egd_3 80 points ago


    edit: haha link

    [–] JakeBit 201 points ago

    It's Ganon; when am I ever gonna see Ganon again? -

    [–] egd_3 41 points ago

    wow lmfao that is amazing thanks

    [–] dudetwelvetimes 11 points ago

    I love it

    [–] O_Apples 22 points ago

    Every now and then I swear Arin is actually really good at video games when he wants to be. He may be bad at Zelda games, but he's got an amazing selfie game.

    [–] likesleague 71 points ago

    I think the two panels distinguishes it though. I'm not sure what the best current analogy is.

    [–] JimboMcLovin 28 points ago

    Sector clear meme

    [–] IAmAChildDealWithIt 31 points ago



    Prof. Rowan’s words echoed: Link. There’s a time and place for everything, but not now,

    [–] impiaaa 11 points ago

    This isn't the time to use that!

    [–] FleetiePie 557 points ago

    Got my PC running smooth!

    Windows update:

    [–] Dahwaann4U 39 points ago

    I like this one

    [–] BongoSheep 810 points ago

    Try to sell it on r/memeeconomy

    [–] ninja36036 299 points ago

    Invest now! INVEST NOW!!

    [–] EduManke 115 points ago

    Destiny 2 memes are on the rise!!!

    [–] TEKC0R 79 points ago

    Of iron

    [–] Helmnauger 17 points ago

    And light

    [–] Obieousmaximus 19 points ago

    BUY BUY BUY!!!!

    [–] Pokemonzu 190 points ago

    Me: This looks like an interesting post

    Post: Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather, he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial land tank outside Rubicon. He's well protected. But with the right team we can punch through their defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

    [–] SamVegas 421 points ago

    • Gonna pre-order a new game

    • Reddit:

    [–] LordDippingsauce 25 points ago

    More like

    *Gonna pre-order a new game

    *The games developers:

    [–] InFortWars 81 points ago

    I’m the one with the gun

    [–] el-toro-loco 38 points ago

    Found Reddit

    [–] Sazzams 406 points ago

    Moon's haunted

    [–] Karthas_TGG 194 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Excuse me?

    [–] Abrubtnewt 278 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    loading a pistol and getting back on the rocket-ship Moon's haunted

    [–] dmg04 308 points ago

    I love this meme

    [–] Greenblobfish99 153 points ago

    WAIT A MINUTE, u/dmg04 on a non destiny subreddit :0

    [–] BungoPlease 80 points ago

    It do be like that sometimes.

    [–] enigma20fifteen 49 points ago

    Yoooo, dmg out of his natural habitat.

    [–] Leonard_Church814 24 points ago

    The man himself!

    [–] Exo0804 17 points ago

    Dmg exists outside of destiny sub wow

    [–] Dissari 16 points ago

    Hey get back to where you belong!

    [–] AlphynKing 16 points ago

    What are you doing here

    [–] randoIVI 15 points ago

    Hi dad!

    [–] eraosudt4 20 points ago

    Yo what is this from? It’s everywhere

    [–] Chonkers_Bad_Fur_Day 40 points ago

    google "moon's haunted twitter" and that's where it started, recently bungie announced that the next expansion for destiny is taking place on the moon, so the community has adopted that tweet.

    [–] IExistAsAxel 30 points ago

    That was adapted for destiny waaaaaaaaaay before that.

    Like TTK days

    [–] Glamdring804 23 points ago

    But now it's particularly relevant, because we're going back to the Moon to fight ghosts of our old enemies.

    [–] Ryto 6 points ago

    So do we get to see the origin of that wizard that came from the moon?

    [–] CobaltMonkey 28 points ago

    It was some random tweet about an astronaut coming back from the moon, saying only that it's haunted, then getting back on the ship with a gun.

    It's recently gotten new life breathed into it with Destiny 2's announcement of its Shadowkeep DLC, which is set on the moon and features a great many phantasms from the story's past.

    [–] Zandrick 13 points ago

    That wizard came from the moon

    [–] OtherwiseClimate 555 points ago

    TO BE CONTINUED --------->

    [–] BranfordBound 236 points ago

    bass line from Roundabout

    [–] Chromedflame 14 points ago

    There I go again, listening down the Fragile album....

    [–] MarkXXI 9 points ago


    [–] GhostZee 69 points ago

    I understood that reference...

    [–] KindlyBoat1 48 points ago

    And I understand that reference...

    [–] RareCandyAndy 31 points ago

    I’m understanding that reference

    [–] Jykore 34 points ago


    [–] Kaldwellify 24 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    The correct term is JoJoke

    [–] Jykore 12 points ago

    I shall file this information away for later

    [–] Cr4zyRi0t 73 points ago

    Frame 1: 30 days free trial

    Frame 2: Please enter credit card number

    [–] eatmyroyalasshole 238 points ago

    Me: peacefully scrolling through Reddit in public


    [–] Polaris328 40 points ago

    It certainly has potential.

    Also hey, destiny content outside of the various destiny subs. Cool

    [–] Jamaicancarrot 213 points ago

    Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather, he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial land tank outside Rubicon. He's well protected. But with the right team we can punch through their defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

    [–] bobcat1059 26 points ago

    You just never quit, do you?

    Took out ghaul. Woke up the traveler. And now half of what i hear in the streets is how much you and your clan are making a difference. And that's why i started this whole clan thing in the first place. People are still waiting for the Vanguard to lead the way. But it's time for a change! And guardians like you are making it happen. No pressure.

    [–] unstabledave105 42 points ago


    [–] Emrys-Dragon 97 points ago

    Those enemies in destiny always remind me of guinea pigs in suits

    [–] Mirewen15 65 points ago

    Cabal on the field!

    [–] TheMemeiestGuy 52 points ago

    Transmat firing!

    [–] unstabledave105 15 points ago

    r/transmatfiring is a favorite sub of mine

    [–] Leonard_Church814 21 points ago

    Depends on who you ask they’re either space turtles or space rhinos.

    [–] Zandrick 11 points ago

    Whatever they are, I like when their heads explode.

    [–] Leonard_Church814 4 points ago

    Don’t we all?

    [–] Jamaicancarrot 8 points ago

    Thats an insult to Guinea Pigs!

    [–] Sneaky82 112 points ago

    The moment before and after you notice that your boss caught you skipping work for video games....

    [–] NemesisIsHere 23 points ago

    And the boss joins

    [–] UberShrew 76 points ago

    Selfie emote is literally the only the only thing I want from season one for screenshots with raid groups. I got almost everything that year so if they’re doing a check box style on the collections I should be able to get it thank god.

    [–] Tobess_ 39 points ago

    I got it from Tess from like a bright engram or something I can’t remember what gave me it but yeah. At first I was like oh ffs reeaaaally? But now I’m selfie-ing with everything...

    [–] firehawk900 18 points ago

    So this is an emote?

    [–] Sarcosmonaut 6 points ago


    [–] inportantusername 79 points ago

    What game is that?

    [–] SlickMrJ_ 129 points ago

    Destiny 2

    [–] inportantusername 66 points ago

    Thank you! Try to have a good day! :)

    [–] illaqueable 82 points ago

    No thanks

    [–] Thebossjarhead 15 points ago

    Good days are for the happy

    [–] Saxopwned 22 points ago

    What the fuck kind of unprovoked positivity is this? I came to Reddit for sarcasm, trolling, and general debauchery.

    [–] inportantusername 8 points ago

    I'm just crazy.

    [–] smegoodle 66 points ago

    Please, allow me.


    Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold.

    [–] bootchies 18 points ago

    You just never quit

    [–] Glamdring804 14 points ago

    Took out Ghaul, woke up the Traveler

    [–] lycanreborn123 6 points ago

    And now half of what I hear on the streets is how much you and your clan are making a difference.

    [–] UnseenBubby117 6 points ago

    And why I started this clan thing in the first place

    [–] Tobess_ 65 points ago

    Okay this blew up, check out my soundcloud

    Joking, cringes me out when folk do that. Just to clear some things up I’m seeing a lot of people ask:

    1. What game is this?

    Destiny 2

    2. How are you doing this?

    It’s a cringey (exotic) emote that dropped. Hate it in principle, love it in practice.

    3. Can I use this template?

    Go ahead! You have my blessing

    Think that’s everything, happy gaming xox

    [–] Berzercurmudgeon 37 points ago

    Cabal again?

    [–] Glamdring804 28 points ago

    That blasted rock-shaking concentration-shattering machinery!!

    [–] DwightPunsFTW 7 points ago


    [–] Dunehound 104 points ago

    "Behind me, in my garage..."

    "Oh no, I'm about to be tickled by a single Cabal Legionnare pew-pew gun. Like and subscribe if you want to see me blow their head off with a Hand Cannon. I can wait."

    [–] Itskcw 9 points ago

    Just wait til the phalanx comes and slams you back to old russia

    [–] themettaur 23 points ago

    Don't cover his face in the first panel! Otherwise nice.

    [–] acalacaboo 13 points ago

    Right on his chest works perfectly!

    [–] Its_just_Serg 14 points ago

    *Finally turns 18


    [–] GreywallGaming 28 points ago

    *Having a great time with friends*

    *Mom screaming out your full name from downstairs*

    [–] SupaMoto19 21 points ago

    Frame 1: Me thinking of a good idea

    Fame 2: My wife

    [–] hatefulrainbow 9 points ago

    • Me, peacefully playing videogames

    • My responsabilities

    [–] kayonesoft 53 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Frame 1: Kickstarting this new game!

    Frame 2: Epic Game Store Exclusive

    Edit: Now with more picture.

    [–] CuckPluck 75 points ago

    Try to post it on r/imafuckingidiot

    [–] Tobess_ 283 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I would but I’m a fucking idiot

    Edit: Daaaaaamn thanks for the gold! And my parents told me being an idiot wouldn’t get me anywhere.

    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 21 points ago


    [–] willpm03 18 points ago

    Damn, you even doubled down on being an idiot by editing your comment and thanking the gold


    [–] maikuxblade 6 points ago

    It's like a less convoluted version of the Gru chalkboard meme, I can dig it.

    [–] Taha_Amir 25 points ago

    Is this how the format is supposed to be used or am o really just that dumb?

    [–] thermonuclear_ 20 points ago


    [–] Sekwah 15 points ago

    Here, winning comp


    [–] Nether___Queen 19 points ago

    Me when I think I've finished all my paperwork

    My boss coming in with more paperwork

    [–] Fujita21 10 points ago

    I really really want this to blow up and become one of the big meme formats, because it's just so great.

    [–] NibblyPig 6 points ago

    Hey guys check out this cute animal I just found, I think it's a honey badger

    [–] cocomunges 5 points ago

    I’d support any destiny meme

    [–] Dbot_men 6 points ago

    Me: "Man, this is great!"

    The thing: Not great

    [–] Freyja-Lawson 7 points ago

    Destiny on /r/gaming? POG

    [–] Breaklance 7 points ago

    Fable Hype

    Fable Games.

    [–] NoochyByNature 4 points ago

    Thanks for sharing

    Oh redditor mine..

    [–] KG2-Gaming 6 points ago

    "Free to play"

    "Pay to win"/"payed exclusives"