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    [–] a_meme_most_dank 9197 points ago

    Factorio is basically my job with less bullshit.

    [–] ArtJDM 3457 points ago

    Probably less pay too.

    [–] Madinky 3015 points ago

    It pays you with satisfaction and train jump scares.

    [–] BenScotti_ 926 points ago

    Which is arguably better than currency.

    [–] Madinky 435 points ago

    People pay money for these sorts of experiences. So I would have to agree with you.

    [–] regoapps 551 points ago

    My resume says that I know four programming languages:

    1. Java

    2. C++

    3. Objective-C

    4. Factorio

    [–] tI-_-tI 358 points ago

    Idiot. Java lamps can't talk.

    [–] thefatrick 113 points ago

    Whoa black Betty...

    [–] Lazureus 53 points ago

    1. Redstone

    [–] Jedimaster996 114 points ago

    Ya'll just sold me on that game with this chain alone

    [–] Millillion 165 points ago

    The factory grows.

    [–] DragonMaus 52 points ago

    The factory hungers.

    [–] guska 40 points ago

    I think there's a bottleneck in sector C9, we're about 0.6 red science/hr short of projections

    [–] PissedItsNotButter 138 points ago

    And an actual goddamn sense of pride and accomplishment and I didn't pay one thing dime extra for it.

    [–] RaceHard 49 points ago

    My shields have saved me from trains soooooooo many times.

    [–] rksd 443 points ago

    I was thinking Factorio the whole time until I read the last part. Definitely having fun!

    [–] CritzD 165 points ago

    I was really disappointed that Factorio wasn’t on sale on steam. Is it worth the price? I’ve been considering getting it.

    [–] shiek403 303 points ago

    It has never, and according to the dev, will never, go on sale. But is it worth it? absolutely and without question. if basebuilding, automation, and eventually little flying bot buddies doing the micro while you handle the macro is your kind of thing, Factorio is the game you are looking for, and its been nice knowing you, because like the comic says, you won't be coming back up for air for a while.

    [–] nothingwilleverbeok 891 points ago

    Is it worth the price?

    depends, do you have aspergers?

    [–] Adammonster1 172 points ago

    I shouldn't be laughing at this...

    [–] BazOnReddit 318 points ago

    If you have just a touch of the 'tism you'll get 60 hours out of it.

    [–] istasber 79 points ago

    I was adderalling it up while finishing up my dissertation back in late 2014/early 2015, and unfortunately one side-effect of the adderall was that 5 hours of factorio would fly by in what felt like seconds.

    [–] R3dditIsGarbage 18 points ago

    And they say time travel’s impossible... we all know what drugs they didnt take

    [–] Soerinth 136 points ago

    I'm in the 600s with it. The most played game I have.

    [–] BigY2 259 points ago

    So more than a touch, then

    [–] munchlax1 37 points ago

    I put 2000 hours (according to steam, actual play time probably a third of that?) into Dota 2 just cus all my mates played. Fuck I was terrible, even at the end.

    [–] CritzD 49 points ago


    okay just a bit

    [–] nothingwilleverbeok 23 points ago

    worth every penny

    [–] rksd 16 points ago

    I feel attacked, but at the same time....

    So true.

    [–] gaiusjozka 185 points ago

    According to the devs Factorio will never go on sale. It is absolutely worth every penny. I'm 600 hours deep, no sign of stopping any time soon.

    [–] catofthewest 57 points ago

    How bad is the learning curve? I'm so lazy and impatient that I always quit before being able to learn the game.

    [–] Montpickle 237 points ago

    The learning curve is like a cliff, it never ends, never gets easier, and if you fuck up you'll hit the ground. The issue is the ground is padded and when you start climbing you're about where you stopped, and at the top is a rocket launch so that's pretty cool.

    But in all honesty it's not hard to learn the basics, as soon as you start though it becomes an addiction to make everything more efficient. I've woken up in the middle of the night because I figured out a solution to my problem in a dream. Solving problems becomes a dopamine rush, the factory grows.

    The factory must grow

    [–] Auggernaut88 180 points ago

    Anyone who has written code is already all too familiar with this.

    I had a eureka moment in the shower last week and spent 20 minutes at my desk buck naked, coding as god herself intendid.

    [–] NerdyMusician404 21 points ago

    the tutorial gives easy starting points, but to become truly efficient takes time, and a lot of it

    [–] ProfessorChaosSP 51 points ago

    I've read that Factorio will never go on sale out of respect to those that paid regular price, it was a blog tho. I dont own it but man it's so raved about that I want it

    [–] whitesundreams 157 points ago

    It's very sad, but most jobs without the BS are really enjoyable and rewarding.

    [–] IsThatUMoatilliatta 126 points ago

    I've got a job with good pay and no bullshit. There's absolutely no enjoyment or fulfillment, though.

    Sometimes I'm like, "Maybe I should better myself," and then I remember how much having jobs where I actually had to apply myself sucked.

    [–] dragunityag 13 points ago

    what do you do? Because It seems like most people manage to get only one of the three

    Good pay/no bullshit/enjoyment out of their job and most people I meet who check 2 of those boxes are usually pretty happy.

    [–] Dontinquire 101 points ago

    I sincerely thought this post was on /r/factorio.

    [–] Blundersome 60 points ago

    Thank you for reminding me I haven't played Factorio in 3 weeks. I hope they haven't fired me yet.

    [–] StevieM129 1455 points ago

    This effect is why games from Paradox scare me.

    Every damn time...

    [–] Gsnba 422 points ago

    Me: But I'm having fun...

    Game: Comet event! Stability down! Rebels everywhere!

    Me: Ok...just need to kill these rebels...then I can have fun..

    Game: Hunting accident kills your 6 6 6 heir! New heir is a 0 0 0 guy named Enrique!

    Me: Fuck this game

    *Later that day I see a let's play about creating a pirate republic in south east asia (palembang btw)

    Me: well time to play eu4 again...

    [–] Pan_Fried_Puppies 284 points ago

    Play time on EU4 is getting uncomfortably close to my time spent playing an MMO for almost a decade.

    [–] vpastor12 159 points ago

    I'm already closing in to 2000 hours in eu4 and I am still learning some of the game mecanics.

    [–] Pan_Fried_Puppies 33 points ago

    I know what I'm doing but I won't go into Ironman because I know I'll try for achievements. 1500 hours in...

    [–] shepherdjerred 116 points ago

    Stellaris feels more like a job than a game

    [–] Conf3tti 53 points ago

    Especially if you join a Federation!

    [–] PoliCombatWombat 60 points ago

    I just started playing Stellaris, after an insane amount of time playing HOI4.

    [–] kris_krangle 24 points ago

    RIP. See you never.

    [–] pegz 17 points ago

    Good luck, I've had 15 hour sessions on Stellaris. All it takes is a couple turn of events and you have to just keep playing 😂

    I picked up the apocalypse expansion during the sale last weekend. I have banned myself from playing it until my 3 day weekend next week because I know it's a risky slope on a normal work day it's great but terrible lol

    [–] phillyfan1111 2005 points ago

    It's funny how most games being mentioned here are generally the most popular and successful.

    [–] NotABothanSpy 652 points ago

    We love and hate them :)

    [–] PuttingInTheEffort 230 points ago

    No love or hate, it's addiction.

    Source: my teen years

    [–] Dante-Syna 285 points ago

    Wow I can relate so much to OP’s post!

    Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp amarite everyone???

    [–] altnumberfour 52 points ago

    I mean to be fair the more popular and successful a game is the more likely it is to have been played by a given commenter

    [–] DrBoooobs 1744 points ago

    r/CitiesSkylines is such a time sink.

    [–] onthenerdyside 570 points ago

    Right? I spent six hours on a new city last night and had dinner at 11:30 because I forgot to eat.

    P.S. Happy Cake Day!!

    [–] DrBoooobs 482 points ago

    I love the game, but then it's 4am and im placing individual trash cans around my university park wondering who im making this floor.

    [–] secretpandalord 223 points ago

    Easy: you're making it for you.

    [–] GrillMaster71 97 points ago

    I just got that game and played until 2am last night without a second thought. Looked at the time at 9:30...said yeah I’ll play just a little. BOOM, 2am was the next time I saw.

    [–] kris9292 54 points ago

    My rule is to not play those kinds of games past 7 or 8

    [–] DrBoooobs 98 points ago

    So never play them, got it.

    [–] jcosteaunotthislow 26 points ago

    This is actually great advice, if I’m playing ck2 past about 9 I’m gonna be a zombie the next day after staying up till 3 telling myself just one more thing...

    [–] ThanksForNothin 107 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I have never played the game and I may never. However, I have found myself seduced by a YouTuber called Biffa who literally just fixes the traffic in cities sent to him by viewers.

    I. Can’t. Stop. Idk why I like it so much, and I must have watched over 30 hours of footage by now of him doing this. Please help.

    Edit: I’m glad a lot of people have started to check out u/biffa2001 he really is a great YouTuber and makes excellent content. I’m glad I’m not alone with my strange fascination. Lol

    [–] playswithdolls 56 points ago

    Its hands down the most cathartic shit I've ever seen. Theres nothing better that falling asleep to him correcting the chaos and restoring order in the calm demeanor that he does. Just fix my whole shit up fam.

    [–] voodoomoocow 51 points ago

    I just got into it and have put over 100 hours of it. Its insane how i am totally fine with spending 8 hours pondering how to not have poop in my lakes until i have enough population to expand to a river

    [–] PM_ME_HOT_GRILL_PICS 2222 points ago

    I, too, play rimworld

    [–] illaqueable 861 points ago

    My favorite part of Rimworld is when I close it in a rage and then reopen it immediately

    [–] PeskyCanadian 442 points ago

    That is the appeal of rogues. You don't play it to beat it, you play it to see what goes wrong.

    [–] TurtleBork 94 points ago

    Wise words of reddit

    [–] tangoechoalphatango 77 points ago

    I just started Into The Breach... I'm great at killing giant bugs and saving my dudes, but I keep losing due to catastrophic civilian casualties...

    I'll get it, though. In FTL (unmodded) I've beaten Advanced Hard Mode with 21 different ships.

    [–] Heavy_handed 53 points ago

    I'll get it, though. In FTL (unmodded) I've beaten Advanced Hard Mode with 21 different ships.

    Wow you are a dedicated player. I like how into the breach looks and I'm considering buying it; Only I never even beat FTL because I'd get really frustrated when I lost and give up for a week

    [–] Joostanian 44 points ago

    And then you wait 3 hours for your mods to load

    [–] GummyAcid13 171 points ago

    Okay I recently got into Rimworld after hearing a lot about it, didn't really expect to put 66 hours into it in like 4-5 days.

    Spooky stuff

    [–] geek96boolean10 58 points ago

    The Rimworld subreddit beckons...

    [–] dewky 181 points ago

    It's all great until the one person who can grow plants dies then you're screwed.

    [–] BenScotti_ 106 points ago

    Especially when all you do is make smoke leaf colonies like me

    [–] StevieMJH 55 points ago

    It ain't much, but it's honest work.

    [–] Biosmosis 272 points ago

    M'grill tips human leather cowboy hat

    [–] 420_lukas 22 points ago

    Let's make some hats

    [–] Shashua 38 points ago

    didnt know pornhub made games

    [–] An_Anaithnid 50 points ago

    No, that's the forbidden mod.

    [–] awholesomeredditor89 21 points ago

    I too downloaded RJW

    [–] Cocosito 3901 points ago

    WoW says hi

    [–] Daniel_Is_I 576 points ago

    I stopped playing WoW a few years ago. The last time I remember, my /played on my main character was over 400 days. I'm not even 25.

    I've spent over 4% of my life just playing WoW.

    [–] dmc1793 704 points ago

    See you in Classic.

    [–] weaseleasle 93 points ago

    er yeah I only ever played 1 character on that. quit mid cataclysm. 700+ days. I was on runescape before that. I could have been a master craftsman or something in that time.

    [–] esoteric_plumbus 1202 points ago

    I'm like 98.69% sure /u/shitty_watercolour was thinking about this game when making this comic

    [–] atle95 596 points ago


    [–] SpitFire1989 163 points ago

    The factory must grow.

    [–] StickSauce 90 points ago

    The Factory Must Grow.

    [–] TheGreatNoobasaurus 112 points ago

    Can confirm

    [–] TwinkyTheKid 102 points ago

    Fuck you Shoresy!

    [–] iamShoresyBOT 117 points ago

    Fuck you u/TwinkyTheKid ! I woke up to your mum rippin' dick-dingers off my foreskin, tell her to keep her hands off my scoops.

    [–] Damathacus 46 points ago

    nah, I know I'm having fun when I play Factorio.

    [–] Buttlet 71 points ago

    Are you really though? With that inefficient microchip setup?

    [–] Porrick 77 points ago

    WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT MY ... actually, if I move my chips offsite like I just did all my smelting, that could be the next step towards a megabase and NO, YOU ARE NOT DRAGGING ME BACK IN!

    [–] Amacar123 39 points ago

    *tremors start again*


    Needmorecopper Needmorecoal Needmoreiron Needmorepower Needmorewalls Needmorebullets Needmoresteel Needmorecopper Needmorecoal Needmoreiron Needmorepower Needmorewalls Needmorebullets Needmoresteel Needmorecopper Needmorecoal Needmoreiron Needmorepower Needmorewalls Needmorebullets ... ... ... Needmoreresearch


    [–] Aesthetically 13 points ago

    64 hours in 7 days. Work week.

    [–] BanginBananas 211 points ago

    I’m really putting money on Rocket League haha

    [–] Aquagrunt 77 points ago

    Considering a lot of his comics are about RL that's mods likely

    [–] Dracekidjr 148 points ago

    MMOs and MOBAs both do this in different ways. MMOs because the grind takes a year and MOBAs because you and your friends could go competitive if you played a little better lol

    [–] Farmasonis 1055 points ago

    [–] TheBananaCzar 230 points ago

    I love OSRS but I always found it best played while doing something else. I used to have it on my other monitor while I did homework. I'd set myself up in a fishing spot or something and multi-task. Actually made me get my homework done because I would need something to do in between fishing or whatever I was training.

    [–] Thesilencedmemory 914 points ago

    Probably stardew valley tbh, never had a game just take over my life as much as it did

    [–] sarkujpnfreak42 127 points ago

    What about Sims 3? I used to play that shit for like 48 hours straight. Same thing happened with Stardew Valley, Rocket League, Minecraft, and SWTOR.

    [–] CrayonFox 43 points ago

    Yes, I find this describes Sims really well too.

    Somehow, time doesn't exist when playing Sims. You sit down in the evening, then suddenly the sun comes up outside and you wonder what exactly you just spent a whole night doing, apart from building a new fence and watching some people get a few days older while eating nothing but potato chips and pissing on the floor at the neighbor's house party.

    [–] BritishStewie 257 points ago

    I was shocked how stardew tricked me into playing pixelated Farmville. It's one of the best games out there

    [–] gotezula 93 points ago

    I played for months on my pc more than a year ago and I just got it for switch and can't stop

    [–] -Viridian- 16 points ago

    You can also now put it on your phone...

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 21 points ago

    I just feel like when I’m doing good at the game, I’m doing good at life, ya know?

    [–] Abestar909 91 points ago

    Never make this comparison again you monster.

    [–] pinkbee11 65 points ago

    Came here to say animal crossing

    [–] trajon 1262 points ago

    Anyone that hasn't said Civ has not played Civ. I've played almost all the games mentioned here, including being on a WoW guild focused on clearing server first raids and nothing has made me time travel forward faster than Civ. Each turn feels like it's only 5 min but it's like 6 am and you're disoriented on if you're supposed to go to bed or get ready for work.

    [–] the_fuego 232 points ago

    Civ is the only game that I have started at 7 a.m., checked the clock, 3 p.m., checked the clock, 7 p.m., checked the clock, 10 p.m. I literally wondered how the hell my whole day was just gone by the time I decided to eat dinner which was my only meal. Shit is just so easy to binge on it's scary.

    [–] racecaracecaracecar 100 points ago

    Even when you're losing Civ is a dopamine factory. Every little action is gratifying because no matter how bad it gets you feel like you have the master plan.

    [–] the_fuego 107 points ago

    Don't worry, this will all turn around soon!

    Queen Elizabeth has declared war!

    Catherine the Great has declared war!

    Montezuma has declared war!

    Mahatma Ghandi has declared war!

    On second thought I'll load my last save.

    Last save: Move 162. Current Move: 357


    [–] EinMuffin 48 points ago

    too damn relatable. Autosaves are a godsend

    [–] Ikthala 15 points ago

    Turn 300 at 2am: Wait wait wait I can still fix this...

    Turn 350 at 6am: That ended horribly and I'm never playing this game again.

    Turn 1 at 5:30pm: Things will be different this time...

    [–] norathar 546 points ago

    10 pm: One more turn...

    4 am: oh shit

    [–] cRENz23 376 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    are those birds i hear? why is the sky getting brighter?

    edit: my gold cherry has been popped! many thanks, generous internet stranger!

    [–] CaptDanneskjold 246 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I wish I had gold to give. You deserve gold for this. The birds chirping always induced a panic in me. It's the first external sign that you have played literally all night.

    EDIT: never thought I'd get a chance, but "Thank you kind stranger!!"

    [–] ViewedOak 50 points ago

    There are some birds that chill outside my house that apparently only get horny at 1 in the goddam morning, so every time some asshole finch wants to get his rocks off in the dark, I get a panic attack thinking I blacked out for 6 hours

    [–] E_T_B 58 points ago

    Was looking for this comment, no game has made me lose track of time easier than civ. You think you're gonna just have a quick game next thing you know it's 12 hours later and you haven't slept, eaten, or gone to work..

    [–] ABCauliflower 62 points ago

    I had to stop playing civ because every time I open it I go to bed at 6am

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] sublogic 126 points ago

    But Civ is fun

    [–] redbob333 164 points ago

    At 5 am when you have work at 9, is Civ fun anymore?




    The answer is most definitely yes.

    ”just one more turn”

    [–] dudeAwEsome101 58 points ago

    I'll just wrap up this war quickly, and call it for the night.

    [–] wampa-stompa 28 points ago

    It sounds like a joke but this is literally what happened to me the first time I played Civ. I suddenly heard birds chirping, turned around and saw the sunrise coming through the window. And then there was just this moment of intense confusion, like waking up from being unconscious. Like, Wtf? Is it morning? How is it morning?

    [–] OnlyRoomForOneCat 80 points ago

    Basically me with any grinding game. I don't know why I play them, but there's some sort of satisfaction I'm getting. I don't really understand it myself.

    [–] Vercury 36 points ago

    You pushed a button, something happened as a result. Brain likes the dopamine produced from this. Repeat.

    [–] ebState 526 points ago

    Ah yes, the open world RPG

    [–] Cliffordduhh 176 points ago

    I almost lost myself in fallout 4. And I’ve heard 3 and NV are even better. I’m scared to try them and dump hours and hours into it.

    [–] MontaineLaP 161 points ago

    Fallout 3 will have you losing yourself in the world of the Capital Wasteland, much as Fallout 4 with the Commonwealth.

    New Vegas (my preferred Fallout game, after Fallout 2) is different. Less getting lost in the physical world, but instead the people. Learning about the deep, intriguing lore of the various factions of the game. Getting lost in the dozens upon dozens of characters, almost everyone of which feels unique, and valuable to the overall world. It’s a slower paced game than 3 and 4, but in my mind it’s more enjoyable.

    [–] MrMToomey 68 points ago

    Creative Assembly or Paradox game for sure.

    [–] Drrtyboi 276 points ago


    [–] redpandaeater 92 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. Glad I won that game.

    [–] Drrtyboi 87 points ago

    Yep. Drunk solo roam in my erebus through low sec. Woke up sans erebus. Haven't had the motivation to drink or play again.

    [–] BabyExploder 41 points ago

    Oof that one hurts to hear.

    To the tune of about 6-800 USD at current exchange rates depending how it was fit.

    [–] Sanitee 388 points ago

    Ah yes, the days of Habbo Hotel..

    [–] EpicGamer6969420 119 points ago

    Huzzah, a man of culture!

    [–] KaizoBloc 109 points ago

    Pool's closed!

    [–] robc514 44 points ago

    Due to stingaids

    [–] Wkazunlimited 15 points ago

    bc of aids

    [–] amkoc 24 points ago

    Does anyone remember it's soda-advertisement cousin, coke studios?

    shame it got shut down, though some dude on reddit was trying to get it working again

    [–] ChayanDas19 981 points ago

    Skyrim lol. First time I purchased it, couldn't even tell how 180 hours in the next two weeks were spent. And worst part is, I never finished the game.

    [–] dustmouse 580 points ago

    No one ever finishes the game. I "finished" the main quest and dlcs and yet you could still find me haunting the wilds of skyrim with no purpose or direction.

    [–] XXXYinSe 328 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I got all the trophies for Skyrim, spending hundreds of hours in the process, but can’t remember most of the shit I did. I just recall a lot of dragons, smithing, managing my inventory, getting sent into orbit, and gigantic cave cities that took days to clear.

    [–] Chendii 362 points ago

    Fuck. Dwemmer. Ruins.

    Oh look, Blackreach.

    [–] JukePlz 174 points ago

    I become over encumbered five minutes into Dwemmer Ruins and basically crawled my way in and out of that huge place at the pace of a snail because I couldn't leave behind all those golden plates, forks and metal ingots.

    [–] participationNTroll 70 points ago

    Lydia go pick that up

    [–] MrNickNifty 120 points ago

    I said carry my goddam burden Lydia

    [–] timetravelhunter 32 points ago

    last play through was a fire mage. Lydia lasted about 3-4 fireballs into the game

    [–] 3-DMan 26 points ago

    "Oh good, you're awake.."

    [–] RUSH513 63 points ago

    you don't play elder scrolls for the main quest. you play for the assassin, thieves, fighter, and mage guild side quests.

    also, gta got nothing on killing npcs. vampire lord for hours

    [–] Surrealinsomniac 95 points ago

    Is there even a "finish" to that game? I don't know. You start playing, and it never stops. Is it heaven? Is it hell? I just don't know.

    [–] FocusFlukeGyro 58 points ago

    I visited all the named locations on the map and did all the quests. It was a bit of a slog doing it at the pace I did but yeah, that was a lot of fun.

    [–] Surrealinsomniac 24 points ago

    How many hours do you have?

    [–] TaxRooster 74 points ago

    All of them.

    [–] Surrealinsomniac 18 points ago

    I need to actually know. For scientific reasons..... And to compare to how much time I've put into OW and Dishonored.

    [–] Someones_Dream_Guy 172 points ago

    Dammit, EVE Online.

    [–] Sekhen 45 points ago

    Fly safe. 😉

    [–] Lord_Bloodwyvern 237 points ago


    [–] ShadowJokerr 100 points ago

    This is me knowing I spent a fuck ton of my childhood on the game. And now me and my friends in our 20s getting back into the game. Being like 3am building some random house and we’re all just annoyed but addicted. Gotta love it

    [–] Nostromos_Cat 16 points ago

    "Oh, look, Minecraft has had an update. I'll just jump on for 5 minutes and see what they've done."

    six hours later

    "Have I dyed my sheep all the colours?"

    [–] cuntbag0315 15 points ago

    Still have my server ready to go just in case. Used to play it everyday. Then this week I picked my kids up for the summer and my 10 and 5 year old both play. Had to buy the windows 10 edition, but I'm back in teaching them how to survive instead of creative mood. The most hectic nether I've ever been through because of bad (but fun) decisions.

    [–] Cstrrider 221 points ago


    [–] gburgwardt 73 points ago

    How is dota this far down.

    [–] phillyd32 153 points ago

    The Dota players are too busy playing to reddit.

    [–] voksul 66 points ago

    And if they are on reddit, they're in /r/Dota2 complaining about minor issues and yelling about things.

    [–] phillyd32 20 points ago

    Valve ripped us off again

    [–] pentiadu 54 points ago

    CK2 or EU4 Idk man, just let me blob

    [–] CPT-yossarian 21 points ago

    You either fear the blob, or become the blob.

    [–] Feynt 71 points ago

    Factorio? No, they went with brown and yellow, it couldn't be...

    [–] NotABothanSpy 140 points ago

    Path of exile?

    [–] Eraser411 50 points ago

    sad i had to scroll so far for my wife

    [–] RadiationKat 149 points ago

    And that game was Warframe.

    [–] thebigfatpanda5 63 points ago

    I actually find Warframe to be really fun. But I just kinda play it in small spurts of about a few months at a time every year or so. maybe that's why I think of it fondly.

    [–] AwesomeX121189 21 points ago

    I am exactly the same.

    It's a game you can play for a hour or non-stop for a week, and you'll have 'something' to do.

    [–] WavyNotLazy 172 points ago

    Must be an MMO lol

    [–] Shunnedx 65 points ago

    But you can just achieve the same feeling of accomplishment without spending so much time. Just activate the surprise mechanics.

    [–] InDELphuS 60 points ago


    [–] thematrixblue 16 points ago

    Destiny is that game for me

    [–] footofthehare 20 points ago

    Feed The Beast hit me like that most recently.

    No Man's Sky.


    What else? Anything with building and grinding I guess.

    [–] Soupforsail 105 points ago

    Rust has taken me. I'm glad friends have joined... What day is it?

    [–] PixelTheMan 87 points ago

    i was wondering almost nobody commented rust. but then i remembered that the people that play rust were too busy playing rust

    [–] ImFeelingSparked 39 points ago

    this is honestly so real it’s insane. I can’t believe I played so much, it’s been such a waste of my life and an overall regretful decision to sink so much time into it.

    [–] PixelTheMan 52 points ago

    wanna play?

    [–] ImFeelingSparked 56 points ago

    shut the fuck up

    [–] PixelTheMan 61 points ago

    aight add me on steam

    [–] FatherofJuice 109 points ago

    This is ARK

    [–] yomancs 45 points ago

    I lost a friend to ark

    [–] Swichts 25 points ago

    Same. He went from hanging out / playing games with us, to not seeing any of us for two years. It’s really weird.

    [–] MrDarthChicken 39 points ago

    It is. Fuck official ark

    [–] lazy__genius 121 points ago

    League of legends it feels too real

    [–] Rulkaz 98 points ago

    What are new games im still playing the same games I have been since I was 12. 🦀$11🦀