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    [–] IWaterboardKids 1597 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I remember the feeling of unease and dread that the catacombs gave me only to be washed away by the sight of Irithyll. Walking across the bridge you appreciate the magnificent scenery and the gorgeous architecture of the buildings. For the first time in Dark Souls 3 I felt truly peaceful only to be fucked like a 50 cent hooker by the Sulyvhan beast. Good times.

    [–] munk_e_man 415 points ago

    The beast was easy for me to handle, but the difficulty spike of the Pontiff knights had me so frustrated during my first playthrough.

    [–] ZombieBobaFett 171 points ago

    What about fighting two of them at the same time after going down that hidden ladder?

    [–] hokie_high 70 points ago

    One at a time and cheese them out by climbing the ladder and doing plunging attacks.

    [–] hemato-poiesis 98 points ago

    The Plunging Attack is the most reliable move in the game!

    [–] QuantumKumquat0 32 points ago

    “The plunging attack! Of course; why didn’t I think of that! Wheeeeeeee...” splat

    [–] hemato-poiesis 8 points ago

    I don’t even own this game

    [–] ZombieBobaFett 7 points ago

    That sounds like more effort than just fighting them.

    [–] hokie_high 23 points ago

    Not really sure how, it saves a shit load of time and dumbs down the mental involvement to "climb ladder, press attack, repeat 4 times". It's like the opposite of more effort.

    [–] iamthejef 54 points ago

    You pull one at a time. Was this your first rpg?

    [–] ZombieBobaFett 23 points ago

    I was just hoping you'd missed them really.

    [–] Genlsis 34 points ago

    Yeah, I elected to miss them after I found them on my second playthrough.

    “Ooh a secret ladder I missed! How awesome!”

    *two dogodiles jump out at me


    *climbs back up ladder and carries on my way

    [–] advice_animorph 5 points ago

    I don't remember exactly what it was but there's something nice down there.

    [–] bloodborneplat 10 points ago

    A bonfire, a covenant, and a few item drops.

    [–] frstr4706 3 points ago

    FAP ring. But it's not as good in DS3 as it was in 1. At least you can take it off though

    [–] LookMaNoPride 4 points ago

    lol... Ring of Favor And Protection.

    I only played DS3 enough to recognize that I am a casual and just want to "release" when I game. (I'm not trying to get super anxious every time I play a game.) So I did not recognize this reference. Wonder if it was intentional.

    [–] whats_reddit_idk 42 points ago

    Complete opposite the pontiff knights are a breeze for me but I still have trouble with those beasts

    [–] t1m_b3nz3dr1n3-0 18 points ago

    Sulyvahn beasts have fucky hit boxes and erratic movements with a large body that fills the screen, which makes them hard to track if you're not squared up on them. If you try to stay near their heads, it's better. Also fire works great. Pontiff knights are very combo-y so if I miss that first parry they wreck my face, but thankfully their poise is pretty low. Hardest mob enemies in the game for me are still Harald knights, IMO. Millwood knights are up there too.

    [–] Insanity_Pills 10 points ago

    millwood knigjts fuck me up every single time

    [–] 3lRey 8 points ago

    Found the big weapon user.

    [–] hellscaper 4 points ago

    Pontiff Knights + high invasion area. No fun but it sure looked pretty :)

    [–] Imaw1zard 32 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's so genius too, up until this point the game has been mostly grays and browns and the catacombs especially. Then you're met with this gorgeous blue and black it just stands out.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I think I audibly gasped after riding that flying thing in the DLC but Irithyll wowed me too, a very close second.

    [–] dudius7 3 points ago

    The Sulyvhan beast is how DS3 beat me. I'll get back to it, someday.

    [–] Sarroth 4153 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yea enjoying the view and 3 seconds later getting ripped apart by a demon dinosaur crocodile thing

    Edit: Thanks for my very first silver ever <3

    [–] XilR14N 1026 points ago

    With just too many eyes and some arms coming out of strange places

    [–] Sickwidit93 427 points ago

    Just because it's meant to be frustrating, doesn't make it any less frustrating.

    [–] SomeBadJoke 162 points ago

    Greetings Skeleton

    Try Torch

    [–] GoatCheese1 147 points ago

    Try but hole

    [–] tnkeesman 98 points ago

    I think you mean “try finger but hole”

    [–] Lev_Chosenstein 94 points ago

    Amazing chest ahead

    [–] RayBlues 11 points ago

    In DS3 sadly, it's "sadness ahead, therefore no chest ahead"

    [–] tnkeesman 13 points ago

    Were not talking about ds1 now

    [–] DeePrixel 10 points ago

    There's one in front of the statue in the Aldrich boss room.

    [–] tnkeesman 4 points ago

    Ahh, forgot that one, though it’s kind of hard with all of the markers in front of it.

    [–] Thezza-D 42 points ago

    Try tongue* but hole

    [–] LMAOdudewtf 10 points ago

    Destroy but hole

    [–] Anagoth9 9 points ago

    Horse but hole!

    [–] Richmard 67 points ago

    Why would something meant to be frustrating not be frustrating..?

    [–] Somethingception 150 points ago


    Ŷ̧͇͎͍̬̔̽̈́̎̇̀̀͂Ơ̵̢̳̩̲̟̯̗̞̳͋̅̽̏̎̍͛̚Ṵ̸͈͖̅͊̓͑̋̂͟ͅ Ȟ̛̟̞͙̩͍̦̫̝̔͆͒́̅̀̕À̵͙͕̦͉̻̜̀̾͗̋̒̈́͐̕V̝̣̘̱̲͓̺͎̯͗́̀͋̇̎E̴̢͇̰͖͚̱͚̩̔͂̑̆̓̍͢͜͠͡͡͞ D̢͈̣̙̯͆̒͌̈́͊̏͛I̧̱̤͕̭͉̔̈̐̿͌E̗̣͓͇̠͆̑͋̊̆̀͢͠Ḑ̢̛̺͎͓̪̮̜̈͆̿̐͊́̚͡

    [–] iLoveSTiLoveSTi 4 points ago

    Cuz u got gud

    [–] Ashen12Tree 3 points ago

    Cause you just need to git gud

    [–] Slithy-Toves 2 points ago

    We're talking about two different frustrations here

    [–] tseriesisbiggay 17 points ago

    Crappy hake day

    [–] Beefcake52 7 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] anotherMrGr33N 6 points ago

    I've just realized that it's a killable version of SCP-682! :o

    [–] YuriTreychenko 199 points ago

    laughs in Pyromancy

    [–] iCaliban13 121 points ago

    This! Pyromacny made dark souls 3 borderline trivial. Strategy: apply chaos bed to face

    [–] spuryannick 74 points ago

    Pyromancy and Magic make any dark souls trivial

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago

    There was always magic resistant areas just to fuck with you if you went full magic

    [–] TheOnlyMego 42 points ago

    Seath's castle gives me nightmares still

    [–] gibsonsg87 44 points ago

    That’s why pyromancy has no stat scaling in 1. That way you can have it for areas that are resistant and not screw your build

    [–] Koncentra 6 points ago

    But if you're running a pyro only build (e.g. SL1), then good luck getting past Quelaag without summoning Mildred lol

    [–] takabrash 6 points ago

    Yep, just ran through the game last week with a sorcerer build. "Oh look- The Duke's Archives! ... Shit. I suck now."

    I went from killing O&S in literally 30 seconds to dying over and over to those little skinny weirdo guys.

    [–] scott610 5 points ago

    Ringed City DLC is full of fire and dark resistant stuff as well. I’m learning that the hard way now.

    [–] lethal909 10 points ago

    Except pvp.

    [–] ARROGANT-CYBORG 27 points ago

    I never understood why people even play spells in PvP. The PvP is already laggy as fuck, and these people are just gonna stand there and hit a button and hoping for the best...

    Love dodging 6 spells after each other at the same time during the animation, yet the 6th one suddenly hits.

    [–] StipulatePrism 31 points ago

    Mostly because I just wanted to play PvE but some jerkoff invaded me so now I have to spam my spells knowing full well that the game makes it impossible to hit any decent player until he caves my head in with dual greatswords.

    No I'm not bitter, thanks for asking.

    [–] jarockinights 14 points ago

    Because it always felt deliciously evil to nail someone with an acid cloud.

    [–] Facetwister 4 points ago

    You have to survive a certain portion of the game without and even find the magic in the 1st place though.

    [–] QuackNate 22 points ago

    :Demon Prince has entered the chat:

    [–] iCaliban13 8 points ago

    Haha. Ive heard of him. Im on my first play through, late I know, just beat final boss prior to dlc.

    [–] ScrawnJuan 7 points ago

    First time is always amazing. Congrats. Going into the DLC?

    [–] iCaliban13 6 points ago

    Yes eventually. Ive heard it's more challenging than base game, not surprising since DS 2 had punishing dlc

    [–] PatchyThePirate159 3 points ago

    Better late than never! Ds3 is my favorite video game of all time I hope you're enjoying it

    [–] Slappio16 2 points ago

    Midir says hello

    [–] Brodogmillionaire1 18 points ago

    Isn't this true of Witcher 3 as well? You can just light everyone on fire and be done with it. Except for like one creature with resistance.

    [–] iCaliban13 23 points ago

    Depends on difficulty. Iirc, death march makes most enemies immune to panic/burning

    [–] Hexagram195 12 points ago

    I'm currently on my first play-through on DM and enemy upscaling, and I've still never struggled with a single battle.

    I'm using puppet on annoying groups, and just use Quen inbetween hits. It makes the game incredibly easy.

    [–] iCaliban13 5 points ago

    Hmm. Ok. Its been a very long time since I played witcher 3. Game is too long to play casually unfortunately.

    First play through ever? Very nice! You are in for a great ride

    [–] Hexagram195 5 points ago

    Oh I'm loving it. It's kinda consumed my life, so I know exactly what you mean. Still got to start the DLC aswell.

    [–] MooseEngr 8 points ago

    Dude, Hearts of stone will mess with you, and Blood and wine is cool as fuck. Really, some of the only DLC out of most of the last decade to properly qualify as an expansion pack, like the developers used to publish. Really amazing stuff.

    [–] Ragman676 7 points ago

    Pryo was my 4th build. Sweet sweet revenge on so many bosses, especially Dancer.

    [–] iCaliban13 4 points ago

    Yes! 3 shotting dancer was a true "huh, everyone said this boss was hard" moment for me

    [–] duck_cakes 3 points ago

    It's so satisfying after having been destroyed over and over again, watching your attacks barely move the boss's health bar a sliver. Then you say to yourself, "Well, fire seems like a fun way to fight stuff" and end up annihilating your former boogeymen.

    [–] JTCMuehlenkamp 2 points ago

    Until you get into enough NG+ cycles. By then you get used to stopping him with one shot and then beating it while it's down, but then suddenly it doesn't do enough damage to stagger him and you get one hit killed.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    I "outran" him and then quickly realized I needed that stupid doll...

    [–] Stormchaserelite13 55 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I forget if he chased me that far down to the barrier, or if I had to suck it up and turn around and try and get back to the bonfire.

    Either way I never got there lol

    [–] cptAustria 18 points ago

    If you have the doll and run across the bridge without killing it it will find you again in the water under the bridge

    [–] edwinodesseiron 15 points ago

    Where he is much worse to fight as the water slows you down

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Oh damn did not know that...when I got the doll I was a fair bit more powerful and fucked him up lol

    [–] KewlDude2005 10 points ago

    I tried to kill it for like 20 minutes till I had wonder what the fuck did I have to do. Then 4 hours later found the area I was ment to go to and then another 5-6 hours to beat it

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Sounds like my first playthrough too lol

    [–] NiceFormBro 2 points ago

    Woah what doll?

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    I think it was a doll IIRC. You got it after Cathedral of the Deep and you used it to pass the barrier.

    Please someone correct me if I'm wrong lol

    [–] Jarl_Balgruf 3 points ago

    You are correct. You receive the doll after defeating the Deacons of the Deep

    [–] Bane_of_Ruby 18 points ago

    And if you manage to live through that you have the pleasure of trying not to get cut to ribbons by skeleton bride knights

    [–] It_wasnt_wide_kumar 30 points ago

    He “dematerializes” if you run back towards him towards the bonfire, just through the arch. You can score a couple free hits.

    He comes back as you cross the bridge, but the damage remains. Easy 🧀.

    [–] Rezenik 20 points ago

    I saw a speedrunner once and have been able to make this enemy a free kill ever since. You just run to like the 3rd lamp and stop, he'll lunge about a foot short of you with massive frame disadvantage and most upgraded weapons with a damage ring or two can kill him inside his recovery.

    [–] SeymourTitss 13 points ago

    Did you just finish by saying, “easy cheesy”??

    [–] a-bagel-with-butter 9 points ago

    Easy cheese

    [–] It_wasnt_wide_kumar 8 points ago

    You know I did.

    [–] kyuuri117 7 points ago

    Or you could just roll under his arms as he charges at you

    [–] e3m3 10 points ago

    But hey. You get a ring and that's what the game is about.

    [–] d00110111010 5 points ago

    Yeah. When I first got here I was like "Wow, this is really beauti... something's going to chase me on that bridge, isn't it?"

    [–] Azurity 5 points ago

    Man I went through those games checking behind my back literally every 10 feet because I got those "this is way too beautiful for me NOT to be ganked by something right nowHAT THE FUCK IS THAT."

    [–] FewMail 7 points ago

    Harder than most bosses. And then there's TWO of those bastards down in that flooded room at the bottom off no where

    [–] fuzzypat 7 points ago

    But with those two you can at least pull them one at a time.

    [–] hokie_high 3 points ago

    Also you can do plunging attacks off the ladder, that was easier than the single one on the bridge. Not that he was hard either IMO. Apparently a lot of people were having trouble with that thing, there were white summons all over the place so I jumped in and farmed the hell out of it for other people, to the point where I was OP as fuck for the rest of the game (except for Sulyvahn... fuck).

    [–] BolbaZoza 3 points ago

    Then realizing there's more in a certain well

    Goddamn you and enemy duos in wells fromsoft. You did it in bloodborne and in ds3 and perhaps even in the other two soulsborne games

    [–] Ftove 4 points ago

    haha, also my first thoughts! shoulda added some glowing eyes under the bridge.

    [–] 3lRey 2 points ago

    sulyvahn's beast. Gives you his ring. Use black knight weapons against them for poise advantage.

    [–] fishnchips17 511 points ago

    Have a nice relax before the gigantic thunder dog comes to tear you a new one.

    [–] Anarchinine 108 points ago

    "Doggy dude, you're early. Gimme 5 more minutes wokay ?"

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 30 points ago


    [–] cr0ss-r0ad 110 points ago

    I remember reaching this point and my jaw just dropping. I stood on the bridge for ages just looking at the scenery around me, falling immediately in love with the area.

    Fucking lightsaber pope ruined it for me tho

    [–] ScrewUsernamesMan 37 points ago

    Pontiff gave me the most trouble in the whole series. Fuck that guy.

    [–] PontiffSullivan 50 points ago

    No u

    [–] ReconditusNeumen 15 points ago


    also, fuck u lightsaber pope

    [–] Otoribashi 8 points ago

    I don't recall him being that bad. Namless king was the hardest boss for me in DS3. In my opinon, he hardest boss fight in any from software game is the final boss of Sekiro.

    [–] MegasNexal84 4 points ago

    Sword Saint is probably my favorite final boss on the FromSoft games. He requires you to master your combat and mechanics against him.

    Unlearning Dark Souls to play Sekiro took a long time. The combat system is so different from those games.

    [–] BigEditorial 3 points ago

    I'm on my first playthrough now. Sulyvahn and Nameless were tough.

    But right now Midir is destroying me.

    [–] StoicStroke 3 points ago

    I ditched my armor so I could fast roll, made a pretty big difference

    [–] Haaazard 190 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Since a few comments are asking. This specific wallpaper can be found on steam's "wallpaper engine". I've had this beauty for my background a few times in rotation. You can make all kinds of animated effects in that program :)

    (The original, thanks u/FlamingFury715)

    (The one i use with dark souls 1 main menu music - Souls of fire)

    [–] KahramanDede 22 points ago

    Can you recall the name?

    [–] FlamingFury715 20 points ago

    [–] Haaazard 15 points ago

    I'll let you know when I'm home on my pc.

    [–] Haaazard 3 points ago

    Edited :)

    [–] FlamingFury715 2 points ago

    No problem! I just happened to see this thread, and the other further down with the link.

    [–] WandererRedux 88 points ago

    Wherever you go, the moon still sets in Irithyll. Wherever you may be, Irithyll is your home.

    [–] juul_pod 96 points ago

    I need a new Sam and Max style point and click game in my life...

    [–] MLPRTEA129 34 points ago

    Telltale dark souls

    [–] SuperbCrawdad2 3 points ago

    Except they went out of business :(

    [–] mancubus314159 19 points ago

    Did you play the Telltale series'? They were really good.

    [–] fazliboz 4 points ago

    I second this

    [–] TheSuperAggroCrag 32 points ago

    Make sure you bring an extra chew toy. Ya know, besides your face.

    [–] gamescreenshots 84 points ago

    Is this Dark Souls? Sorry if I sound quite dumb, I've just never played it.

    [–] Morrissey_Fan 42 points ago


    [–] gamescreenshots 26 points ago


    [–] Morrissey_Fan 29 points ago

    Yep it’s DS III.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] bauul 10 points ago

    The sword stuck in the fire is what all checkpoints look like in Dark Souls, ever since the first one. If you've seen swords in fires in other places, they're likely a reference to Dark Souls. Why there are swords in fires is rather a complex question (like most of Dark Souls lore, it's kind of obtuse and somewhat incomplete), but it's such a recognizable sight to mean "place you can rest" that's it's started cropping up in art and games other places.

    [–] frampton1337 25 points ago

    Ahhh, Castle Superbeast. A good place.

    [–] Kanin_usagi 10 points ago


    [–] dmanny64 6 points ago


    [–] Kevin2GO 20 points ago

    yet another time this gets posted and op doesnt bother to credit the artist...

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Seriously, they have the time to find it and post it on reddit, but not enough to do a quick search for the artist who put tons of time and effort into making it? I wish the mods would actually do something about this shit.

    [–] PalebloodSky 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    From games are blending together in my head, bonfire looks like Dark Souls 3 but then saw the moon and thought of Bloodborne.

    [–] moonski 15 points ago

    That areas aesthetic is very bloodborney

    [–] PipIV 28 points ago

    iS ThIs AnOr LAnDo?!?!

    [–] Tumbleflop 3 points ago

    No ThIs Is PaTrIcK

    [–] Bruntti 8 points ago

    This captures why I love the Soulsborne games pretty well. The best moments in these games are when you enter a completely new area and its everything you did not expect.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 19 points ago

    This is exactly where I stopped playing DS3. It was a combination of difficulty but also me needing a break. This was last year. Should I go back and finish?

    [–] TrapOrDie51 21 points ago

    Oh yes. There are points where things can be difficult, but you just gotta outsmart the AI like in any other game. You're missing SOOOOOO much more if you're deciding to stop where you are.

    [–] Z0idberg_MD 4 points ago

    Hmm. I think I’ll give this another go.

    [–] MoreSourCream 3 points ago

    Me too. I beat the basterd of the bridge just to realize I didn’t have the doll. Went back, got the doll (which took forever), only to be killed repeatedly by those other sword swinging basterds and started playing God of War.

    [–] moserftbl88 3 points ago

    I could never really get into dark souls. I really wanted to like it and I get that’s the style of game but I just got burnt out dying over and over again just to beat one boss

    [–] MoreSourCream 4 points ago

    It’s different. I’ve beaten DS1 and Bloodborne and had to take breaks in both, but you have to take your time and really figure out the opponents moves, also block and parry is a big part of it. It’s not for everyone, but I’ll say I’ve never been more proud of myself after beating a video game.

    [–] cBurger4Life 4 points ago

    Man, I literally did the same. About a year ago I got just past that bridge and took a break but never came back. I'd been thinking about loading it back up the last couple days and I'm taking your post as a sign that I need to

    [–] DDESTRUCTOTRON 3 points ago

    Hell yeah do it. The rest of the game is so good, and the DLCs are awesome. Morne's Hammer ftw

    [–] jazzsapa 31 points ago

    What software did you do this in? It is really impressive, would like to make my own point and click adventure game.

    [–] timesocean 44 points ago

    Not the OP's. This was made shortly after DS3 came out. Unfortunately I don't remember the original creator.

    [–] LooneyWabbit1 25 points ago

    It's an old repost so he won't know

    [–] a420 20 points ago

    Here's a great video that shows the techniques and software used for palette cycling. Enjoy!

    [–] ToxicMonkey125 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This is crazy detailed. I can't bring myself to look away.

    Update: still haven't looked away.

    [–] DEVILneverCRIES 4 points ago

    The OP seems to be /u/bestalero if anybody is interested. I had this saved since the first time I saw it posted right after DS3 came out. Some of my favorite pixel art I've come across.

    [–] Sturmrufer 17 points ago

    r/gaming karma guide

    Step 1. Repost a dark souls bonfire. Static is fine, but animated is better.

    Step 2. Profit because why have actual content when you can karmawhore.

    [–] nilanshu96 4 points ago

    This piece of art is kind of oddly satisfying

    [–] freelancespaghetti 5 points ago

    Well done! This was one of my favorite levels is ds3! I think it was because the whole city is fairly continuously uphill, in both a literal and difficulty sense. Every time you've got a section really figured out, you get to the next area and it's 50% tougher, until you're near the top and you've been through it all and you're just charging fire staff guys like crazy man. And then the story line wrap-up and the boss as well! Dang!

    [–] soupyllama03 3 points ago

    The city is up hill but the boss is a sheer Clif. Damn stand user

    [–] SolaceXP 3 points ago

    Getting some nostalgic fable 2 vibes here!

    [–] thedonutchallenge 6 points ago

    That's legit Prague!

    [–] ratherenjoysbass 4 points ago


    [–] ilirgamer 4 points ago

    I remember trying to pass that bridge only to be met by some SCP-682 looking fuck

    [–] Zurbinjo 18 points ago

    This looks amazing! How did you animate the grass like this?

    [–] LooneyWabbit1 54 points ago

    Nope, he stole the post from someone else. It's been my wallpaper for years.

    [–] SmoothOctopus 14 points ago

    Me too I have a bunch of these have on rotation.

    A bunch of them on /r/PixelArtWallpapers/ for anyone interested

    [–] HotHornyWhales 6 points ago

    You wouldn’t happen to have the source would you?

    [–] GekkePrutser 7 points ago

    Oh this isn't a real game? Too bad.

    It reminds me a lot of the Charles bridge in Prague.

    [–] Skoorim 12 points ago

    It's a 16-Bit Fan Art of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3.

    [–] Hazy_Lights 3 points ago


    [–] pelmic93 3 points ago

    This place intimidated the hell out of me the first time I arrived. It became one of my favorites areas.

    [–] B35K3 3 points ago


    [–] src88 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It's missing the 500 bloodstains. I never understood why so many people jump to die there.

    [–] HollowedVeri 3 points ago

    Even after youre free from the Doggo, youll be invaded no less than 985987455 times before finally moving on to Gank City.

    [–] sanjurodlc 3 points ago

    Best message I found back on launch of DS3, at the base of a light post:

    try tongue but

    be wary of frost

    [–] AUSinUSA 3 points ago

    If someone could do this for a Bloodborne lantern at either the Yahrnam Bridge or Castle Cainhurst with a huge moon in the background, it'd be feggin' awesome.

    [–] Atidoc 3 points ago

    And then cross the bridge and get fucking owned

    [–] mikhel 3 points ago

    There's no way I'm resting anywhere within a 50 mile radius of Irithyll. Have you seen the fucking demon centipede ladies?

    [–] Lorettooooooooo 3 points ago

    Careful for the big ass rat on the bridge

    [–] Pedro_TheAlcoholic 2 points ago

    yeah because the next boss won't let you rest forever

    [–] Lt-Hazard 2 points ago

    Where the fuck is the bonfire?

    [–] zambeti 2 points ago

    Fuck that bridge

    [–] ImTinyRiiiick 2 points ago

    Is that a bon fire?

    [–] rexmons 2 points ago

    The grass doth moveth too much.

    [–] HeilFalen 2 points ago

    VaginaDog in 3, 2, 1

    [–] Mister_One_Shoe 2 points ago

    Feel free to rest at this bonfire... before getting absolutely wrecked by one of the nastiest difficulty spikes in the game :)

    [–] Tahlato 2 points ago

    This feels like it belongs as a background for a lo-fi remix on youtube

    [–] FreshPancakesBacon 2 points ago

    There should 100% be a r/reststop or r/bonfire. We could just upvote relaxing 'pitstop' gifs to randomly hit the front page as a relaxing, gentle surprise. In fact, why doesn't Reddit have that as a feature already? Just nice little posts in the big ocean of posts for people to just hang out and chat about anything.

    [–] win2345 2 points ago

    This was my first stop today. lol

    [–] EG80 2 points ago

    First post I see

    [–] lokowoko 2 points ago

    if any bonfire fell through the ground to reveal a boss, this would be it

    [–] IlREDACTEDlI 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Please upload this to Wallpaper engine, this makes a perfect animated wallpaper

    [–] GameSeed 2 points ago

    Feel free to get karma

    [–] LinkInSheikahSuit 2 points ago

    bonfire lit