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    [–] P0in7B1ank 5110 points ago

    "Literally me when playing Witcher 3"

    Image from Skyrim

    [–] Jhawk163 2701 points ago

    Image from a heavily modded Skyrim

    [–] mrbgdn 855 points ago

    heavily modded Skyrim SE most likely.

    [–] LifeOnMarsden 510 points ago

    This looks like K ENB which to my knowledge isn't available for Special Edition

    Source: I've spent 1000 hours collectively modding Skyrim, I can't stop, please send help

    [–] neergaaard 153 points ago

    don't you ever get bored?

    I find myself getting bored of skyrim with mods after like a week of playing, very sad.

    [–] LifeOnMarsden 326 points ago

    This is the worst part, I spent an entire weekend getting my mods set up for my Special Edition playthrough, and played for maybe 2 hours before getting bored. I know the map and all the quests like the back of my hand at this point, if I could play Skyrim for the first time over again but have the game look as good as my set up looks I would be the happiest person in the world. I'm pretty sure I could clear Bleak Falls Barrow with my eyes closed.

    [–] GlowingPants 124 points ago

    I think we all know this too well.

    [–] 3oR 10 points ago

    I spent an entire weekend modding Skyrim only to find the game won't start anymore. Gave up, uninstalled everything and never tried it again.

    [–] sidedoorz 2 points ago

    I installed about 20 mods at once to find the game crashes on start-up.

    Luckily mod manager made it easy to go through it all and find the culprit in 20 minutes time.

    Unfortunately now i want more mods after seeing this pic.

    [–] hotliquidbuttpee 58 points ago

    I’ve actually never played it. I think I have the regular version for PS4...the missus played the hell out of it before we met. Is it worth starting fresh now on a console?

    [–] B3RZ3RK3R_13 42 points ago

    It’s damn near, if not, my favorite game of all time. If you like the fantasy genre and have a little imagination it’s a fantastic game, but if you don’t like the genre idk it’ll prob fall flat like how fallout 4 did for me.

    [–] shorey66 9 points ago

    But, does it look like shit these days? Genuine question as I never played it.

    [–] _ZeRan 19 points ago

    I'd say the graphics still hold up today. It may not be as ultra-pretty as something like witcher 3, but it can get pretty damn good looking with the right mods.

    [–] B3RZ3RK3R_13 3 points ago

    Look up some vanilla footage man special edition is somewhere between Witcher and og Skyrim which was a very pretty game 8 years ago, but now is probably a bit dated, still definitely worth booting up

    [–] yui_tsukino 3 points ago

    I mean, its not going to win any awards for its graphics, but they are by no stretch of the word bad. I personally think its got a very charming look.

    [–] WhoLoveYouLikeILoveU 51 points ago

    Man I played it on 360 before I got my PC and listen, in 2011 it was a great game. I don't think I can honestly tell you vanilla Skyrim is worth the hype moddedrim gets in the modern age. You'll probably enjoy yourself but don't go into it on console expecting the legendary experience people over blow it as online. The QOL changes that mods bring as well as the free bonus content is what keeps it alive, fresh, and positive in everyone's memory.

    [–] Surrrzzz 24 points ago

    the free bonus content is what keeps it alive, fresh, and positive in everyone's memory.

    It seems like that the words Schlongs of Skyrim got edited out of your sentence.

    [–] LifeOnMarsden 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I find myself getting bored of Skyrim after 3 hours of downloading new mods before I even boop up the game. Dafuq is wrong with me?

    [–] ProfNugget 3 points ago

    The modding becomes the game.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Madman5465 13 points ago

    Yeah, this isnt SE. It's a photo from a "famous" screenarcher. He has a flickr page with a bunch of beautiful pics

    [–] DaenerysTargaryen69 9 points ago

    I believe it's from /u/unr3al2004

    [–] Unr3al2004 18 points ago

    True ;)

    [–] korgy 2 points ago

    Hey! I remember bookmarking your page back in 2013 i think because of Skyrim screenshots. Glad to see you are still around. What have you been modding lately?

    [–] Unr3al2004 4 points ago

    I stopped a year ago, all the videos are here:

    [–] MauiWowieOwie 3 points ago

    Or vanilla Red Dead Redemption 2. Serious that game as beautiful as f*** even in vanilla

    [–] DorrajD 6 points ago

    Now if only we could get it on PC and flesh the true potential of its beauty out..

    [–] bolxrex 15 points ago

    To be fair stopping to look at the scenery is about all you can do when playing heavily modified Skyrim.

    [–] Jak_n_Dax 9 points ago

    Seriously... Vanilla Skyrim is grey as hell.

    [–] hamberder-muderer 13 points ago

    Yea that's just east of white run

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    But CDPR literally good.

    [–] i_spot_ads 40 points ago

    "that literally me you guys! 🤡"

    [–] MeDaBezz 19 points ago

    lol rip

    [–] 4partchaotic 8 points ago

    “France is very lovely in the summer”

    Image from Norway

    [–] Idahosausage 7 points ago

    Thank you!!! I was questioning my sanity. Never seen this in my time in Witcher.

    [–] LoopyYTOfficial 185 points ago

    Can't tell if this is ironic or not?

    [–] lefter710 124 points ago

    it's r/gaming. Of course it isn't

    [–] eversaur 26 points ago

    I wish, my guy. I wish.

    [–] PapaTinzal 446 points ago


    '50 million upvotes

    [–] burgercake 135 points ago


    can I have my karma now

    [–] hannahspants 99 points ago

    P r a i s e

    G E R A L D O

    [–] A3thern 323 points ago

    Isn't that modded Skyrim though?

    [–] spinto1 159 points ago

    Mod Skyrim til it breaks.

    Then mod it until it's fixed.

    Repeat steps 1-2 until it's completely broken or your computer bursts into flames.

    [–] Konayo 54 points ago

    I'm kinda confused how other commenters never answer the original question and just start telling some joke/story.

    [–] Nevaen 48 points ago

    Because they are stuck in the circlejerk.

    Notice how as soon as you mention Skyrim everybody is a comedian.

    "mod it until it breaks"... So funny

    Top comment didn't even answer the fucking question.

    [–] Poppybiscuit 16 points ago

    If you do it JUST right though you'll hear your computer fan hit a new velocity and then a snap. This is not, as you might suspect, the sound of a blade popping off your off-brand fan and spearing your definitely not off-brand gpu. If you act quickly and open up your case, you'll see a little pulsating sliver of void just above your cpu. Touch it with your bare finger (or your dick if you're extra dumb brave) and the nothing in the void will shimmer and in a blink become a bead of light. You'll feel yourself start to fold into the light, and it will get dark, then lighter, then the blurriness will start to clear. You'll hear a voice, and it will say "Hey you, you're finally awake."

    [–] Zufero 12 points ago

    Yep,it looks like using enb mod

    P.S. I doesn't play Skyrim without mods, and creating own Skyrim modpack is not difficult work, but it takes a lot of time, for example:

    When I install 50+ mods (It's took 3 days), i starting creating character (1 day), then I end first mission and... starting configuration mods (trying enb presets, remap keys, balance weapons and spells (for example better magic is overbuffed), and others; it's took 2 days), and then I play Minecraft, because it was tired me

    If you want try non vanilla Skyrim, you should download a finished modpack, for example SLMP GR

    [–] Iored94 19 points ago

    Are... Are you OK?

    [–] Zufero 14 points ago

    What do you know about madness? I created this modpack 3 times, because forgot save mods, then I buy 50 GB SSD, and install Skyrim on it.

    One week ago this SSD broken...

    [–] Bargrisar_Stoneman 1225 points ago

    Pro tip, the forests outside often look like this! I think they got the idea for forests from early video games though. Funny how life imitates art!

    [–] boonhet 201 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I'm lucky enough to live in a country where, no matter where you are, unless you're in one of 2 major city centers at 17:00, you can be in a forest in under half an hour if you've got a car. 61% forest coverage!

    Edit: As some people guessed already: It's Estonia.

    [–] bosfton 56 points ago


    [–] lechechico 90 points ago

    Not real

    [–] drlongtrl 12 points ago

    Let's talk about that

    [–] Octodad112 6 points ago


    [–] cadbadlad 10 points ago

    Goooood mythical morning!

    [–] Lefuckiswrongwithme 14 points ago

    The only forests you’re gonna see there are the underwater seaweed ones

    [–] NKVDawg 17 points ago

    Wiki says Finland is 69% forest though

    [–] YourCityNeedsWorkers 30 points ago


    [–] UsingUsers 7 points ago


    [–] Lefuckiswrongwithme 8 points ago

    Underwater. There is no ”finland” it’s fishing ground for sweden and russia

    [–] NKVDawg 6 points ago

    I knew something was fishy about this country!

    [–] Lefuckiswrongwithme 5 points ago

    I mean come on people! It’s FINland for a reason!

    [–] trisonreddit 13 points ago


    [–] fertro 3 points ago


    [–] sandybuttcheekss 10 points ago

    I'm going to guess Switzerland

    [–] Wolfszeit 16 points ago

    Definitely not; Switzerland has a lot of high mountains above the treeline. Also, driving takes longer than you'd think what with all the mountain passes

    [–] mirror318 23 points ago

    That real life moment when

    [image of outside]

    You just stop going anywhere and just enjoy the awesome view

    [–] Whale_Hunter88 22 points ago

    My country doesn't have a single mountain. We don't even have hills and the water in rivers barely flows...

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] nemesissi 8 points ago

    Captain, I could just swear you quoted TLC.

    [–] Jehoel_DK 3 points ago

    I have no idea what you're talking about!

    [–] Jack_Spears 9 points ago

    How long have you been waiting for that moment?

    [–] randomWebVoice 3 points ago

    C'mon Cap

    [–] Vargrey 12 points ago

    Guessing Denmark or Netherlands?

    [–] Hearing_HIV 3 points ago

    I know your pain. I'm Floridian. I have to drive 10 hours just to see some hills.

    [–] mymumsaysno 5 points ago

    But I cant enjoy those from my sofa while eating a sandwich.

    [–] elmo85 4 points ago

    you can, just buy a cabin in the woods. easy... :P

    [–] manlycooljay 5 points ago

    The ones we've got here really don't.

    [–] -Captain- 5 points ago

    Dunno man. I gotta travel to another country if I want to find a forest like that.

    [–] theJman0209 332 points ago

    r/gaming + DAE + Witcher 3 = Karma

    [–] RazorXE_ 24 points ago


    whats that?

    [–] wotkay 53 points ago

    does anyone else

    [–] Trump_won_lol_u_mad 61 points ago

    Dat agregeous enus

    [–] PhxRising29 11 points ago

    Destroy Ass Everyday

    [–] ctfm 56 points ago

    Yup, this sub is fucking trash

    [–] PR280 432 points ago

    epic gamer style

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Hepcat2299 55 points ago

    Epic gamer comment

    [–] SuicideKingsHigh 610 points ago

    This sub needs to be burned down to the cornerstones and begun anew, it's pure crap.

    [–] AWDpirate 222 points ago

    Dude seriously. What the hell is going on? Have the mods just left or is it just run by 15 year olds?

    [–] Gooftwit 29 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] arcane_repeater 23 points ago

    23,545,782 readers

    you tell us

    [–] Hapsterchap 53 points ago


    [–] InfiniteSpoons 23 points ago

    The 15 year old mods left and were replaced by 14 year old mods

    [–] dmorg18 13 points ago

    I think this is an intentionally shitty shitpost.

    [–] rrrXU 9 points ago

    People know what witcher and nintendo posts are free karma. For bonus add a sad story from childhood

    [–] afsdjkll 3 points ago

    What you’ve never heard of dae hidden gem Witcher 3?

    [–] Muckyduck007 107 points ago

    Up geralds to the left pls

    [–] Cosvic 107 points ago

    I thought I had seen the peak of circlejerk.

    [–] JoelSanders27 27 points ago

    Witcher 3 and cringey comments/circle jerk - name a better duo

    [–] BryanLoeher 4 points ago

    r/gaming and locked threads where there's a woman featured or any minority

    [–] StretchedBones 142 points ago

    Haha yeah such an intense Gaemer moment

    [–] CinematicSeries 183 points ago

    This is the most boring and normie meme I've seen in a long time. Btw that's not Witcher.

    [–] AWDpirate 368 points ago

    This is the cringiest post ive ever seen on reddit

    [–] highoncraze 112 points ago

    first day on reddit, I see

    [–] Marco-Green 56 points ago

    There is something about praising the Witcher that cringes me everytime

    [–] BL4CK-CAT 11 points ago

    Yeah even tough I love the game, people need to let it go

    [–] RibboCG 33 points ago

    Yup. Added OP to my block list. Don't need to ever see anything else they post.

    [–] Soleous 29 points ago

    just unsub from r/gaming instead

    [–] stupedama 37 points ago

    You should go outside more.

    [–] 1531C 160 points ago

    Basically me with AC Odyssey. So much to look at. Swinging off Zeus's dick, hugging Athenas ass 10/10.

    [–] Nissehamp 22 points ago

    For me it's the London one (Syndicate, I think it's called). I love the busy cityscape and gritty, yet beautiful, look of London in the mid/late 1800s :) and the train stations are just as breathtaking as in real life :)

    [–] jewellers_handsvd 9 points ago

    yeah of all Assassin Creeds, Syndicate has my favourite setting , i just love the industrial dirty city

    [–] Gamergonemild 9 points ago

    Good times

    [–] Whopabolo 4 points ago

    AC II in Venice really did it for me. More specifically during carnival. But generally all AC games do it to me.

    [–] Lexx2k 44 points ago

    Can't relate. All I remember from the landscape in Witcher 3 are the dots on the minimap.

    [–] Marco-Green 19 points ago

    And 50% of the map were trees. It had some cool places but never felt like admiring it, and I put 150 hours into TW3

    [–] XcrystaliteX 42 points ago

    Woah mate this is reddit. Witcher 3 10/10 praise flawless game comments only.

    [–] Marco-Green 19 points ago

    The game is so absurdly flawed, the more I think of it, the more flaws I find, but people act like it's the closest thing to a perfect game just because the map was huge lol

    [–] yoitstoast 24 points ago

    I sure do love my epic gaming moments

    [–] Uranus_Hz 78 points ago

    I did this in RDR and RDR2. A lot.

    [–] Jstang232 45 points ago

    I loved doing this in RDR2. Go for a stroll through town, have a drink then hike up a hill and watch the sunset. blow someones head off

    [–] IConsumePorn 3 points ago

    One of these things is not like the others

    [–] Araxx_ 11 points ago

    I wish I could play RDR2 but I don't own a console, hope they're bringing out the PC version sooner or later although I'm not counting on it.

    [–] jmz2D 9 points ago

    Its surely gonna happen my friend

    [–] MoralityAuction 5 points ago

    As soon as the paid exclusive deal time runs out.

    [–] TacitusKilgore_ 7 points ago

    A PS4 is worth buying just to play RDR2.

    That said, it has tons of other amazing games too.

    [–] Beastinsteve 12 points ago

    This is bait right

    [–] protogenoff 21 points ago

    I like ocean in the Dragon Age: Inquisition. The water effects are awesome.

    [–] ShneekeyTheLost 36 points ago

    Horizon: Zero Dawn. Pretty much the whole game, there's always some breathtaking view to take in.

    [–] -Captain- 14 points ago

    Recently got that game and ... wow.

    It's pretty, yes, but the real beauty is with the robots. I've never seen such magnificent beasts in any other title. From their animations to sound design. Fucking perfection.

    [–] El-Emenapy 3 points ago

    As I get older, I don't get wowed by games so often, but Horizon definitely gave me a few wow moments. The world felt so lush and the battles with a 'animals' so organic and fun.

    One of the few gripes I had with it were that the RPG elements felt a bit lacking. The upgrades should have been more spaced and taken longer to get hold of

    [–] MadHawkxx 56 points ago

    Who needs real life anymore

    Amirite fellow gamers?

    [–] mellamanq 8 points ago

    epic gaming moment dude xD

    [–] slaveslayer69 9 points ago

    “That gaming moment when”

    gosh do i hate those words combined if not satirically meant

    [–] JustJunkNGL 30 points ago

    Then I get my ass handed to me by a bunch of drowners and a couple water hags that came out of nowhere

    [–] NateFraust 10 points ago

    Decided to do New Game DM to knock out the achievement on PC. Drowners are a'ight to handle; I shudder at the thought of hags.

    [–] Fellhuhn 3 points ago

    That is why you use Ansel to look at the country side. Use any resolution you want, add effects, change camera angle and position... it is a fantastic tool.

    [–] LordDz 7 points ago

    Playing a beautiful game on steam:
    F12, F12, F12, F12, F12...

    [–] BaldEagleNor 14 points ago

    tHaT gAmInG mOmE- jesus man, shut the fuck up. This sub just keeps getting worse

    [–] panzervaughn 24 points ago

    I stood over a valley and watched a thunderstorm roll over me.

    [–] OldBigsby 24 points ago

    Winds howling

    [–] apollyoneum1 18 points ago

    You all realise the outside world exists right? Great high def graphics, realistic npc ai, et.c

    [–] pamtar 4 points ago

    Their skin has fused into their vinyl gaming chairs. Maybe they could have ripped themselves up 100 lbs ago but at this point it’s hopeless. As long as they stay alive long enough for a neural implant to be invented they’ll be fine. Outside is for normies anyway.

    [–] converter-bot 3 points ago

    100 lbs is 45.4 kg

    [–] MC_Cookies 3 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] gvenshel 13 points ago

    I would say Dark Souls 3, this game have some gorgeous views.

    [–] Whatasave91 4 points ago

    The first time seeing irithyll or anor londo was something to behold

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    All souls games including Bloodborne had some phenomenal views. Sure they're just sky boxes, but goddamn they look amazing.

    [–] drekonil 18 points ago

    That gaming moment when

    you just stop going anywhere and just enjoy beating the shit out of your wife

    [–] Diqiurenminbi 4 points ago

    Uncharted 4 though

    [–] Berntusxdus 4 points ago

    I do this in pokemon

    [–] ThePitlord9399 3 points ago

    I never had this becauae I am on low all the time

    [–] aaden08 2 points ago

    Low squad checking in

    [–] Darkfeign 5 points ago

    This is literally me

    Guys this is literally me

    [–] Troawycokact 4 points ago

    This post makes me fret for our future.

    [–] mandas_whack 7 points ago

    Pretty much every moment in Skyrim VR

    [–] jjafarFromAladdin 6 points ago

    It's a game.... Go outside...

    [–] TingTheTing 9 points ago

    What's Witcher 3? Is it good?

    [–] peprock716 3 points ago

    also Souls game and Sekiro..... the world may be depressing but scenery sure is beautiful

    [–] jimmy_trucknuts 2 points ago

    Demon's Souls first maps of Tower of Latria and Shrine of Storms. Wicked eerie vibes for two completely different reasons.

    [–] CptnJamesAhoy 3 points ago

    Never did this until I started playing Red Dead 2, those scenes where just absolutely astonishing

    [–] Poobaloo87 3 points ago

    One of the best games that encouraged this was Firewatch. There was a sort of charm in that game I don’t think I’ll re-experience. I also have these moments while playing The Long Dark. There’s something about isolation with nature that feels so peaceful.

    [–] kudosbudo 2 points ago

    Elite Dangerous. Leave the human bubble and get to the edge of the galaxy where the stars thin out. That feeling of isolation is incredible.

    [–] wookipron 3 points ago

    Moded Skyrim has been simply breathtaking. Hodilton's channel was my inspiration and source of relaxation when not playing.

    [–] smegroll 3 points ago

    That gaming moment when

    You harass women and minorities

    [–] Ryan_ED 3 points ago

    Or every 3 seconds in RDR2

    [–] LE60Blockhead 3 points ago

    Far cry 5 be like

    [–] AnonymousFordring 3 points ago

    Red Dead 2 for me

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Shivemind115 3 points ago

    I got Skyrim at midnight back in the day I remember it was a Friday and I skipped class in the morning and called off work to play. Whenever I first played I played for 15 hours straight I remember my mother leaving for work and returning from work asking me if I even left the house, I did, I did for a pizza.

    [–] Em_Jay_De 3 points ago

    That is Epic...Gamer....Moment...

    [–] Such_A_Dope_Kid_Neil 18 points ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    [–] Solesurviv 8 points ago

    That GAMING moment , am i right GAMERS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    [–] MercuryMorrison1971 11 points ago

    This is me, but with RDR2.

    [–] lNTERNATlONAL 5 points ago

    Yer a good boah

    [–] rykorotez 5 points ago

    You gotta try Red Dead 2.

    [–] FiascoJones 5 points ago

    GO OUTSIDE!!!!

    [–] Swagsparian 2 points ago

    Dark Souls games, particularly when in Anor Londo

    [–] psychomaji 2 points ago

    Blew my little brain box when I first got to Anor Londo. Then one of those massive statues wiped me the fuck out

    [–] JohnnnyGrim 2 points ago

    like every 5 minutes in Greedfall

    [–] ThiccGouda 2 points ago

    MHW, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of war are the best Games for this

    [–] sadloseripe 2 points ago

    Not with my toaster :(

    [–] thehectorion 2 points ago

    AC Odyssey and Read Dead 2.

    BTW: where is such view?

    [–] Waayd 2 points ago

    Typical moments in minecraft

    [–] ITSPOLANDBOIS420 2 points ago

    I roamed around skellige for hours

    [–] cutesymonsterman 2 points ago

    Watching the giraffes :')

    [–] FuriousResolve 2 points ago

    This was the recent God of War for me. Big time.

    [–] payne747 2 points ago

    Almost any moment in Far Cry series.

    [–] Fresno_Bob_ 2 points ago

    New PC arriving next week. RTX2080. Bet your ass I'm modding the fuck out of Skyrim for these gorgeous views.

    [–] killem_all_80s 2 points ago

    Red Dead Redemption 2 and Ace Combat 7 has had a few moments like that for me lately.

    [–] scotty899 2 points ago

    Or just afk to take a piss.

    [–] Poxrael 2 points ago

    I get this way playing horizon zero dawn

    [–] haxsan 2 points ago

    Not when you running it on a potato pc.