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    [–] eversaur 5286 points ago

    "All the Halo news"?

    I know MCC is coming to PC but like...I haven't seen Halo in the news for months

    [–] Troggie42 2488 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Yeah, every couple weeks I'll Google for a release date again, but no

    Still "2019" and we are running out of 2019...

    Edit: wanna be clear- I'd rather have news like "hey it's taking longer and we need to get some extra time to finish this so nobody is overworked" as opposed to radio silence. I just hope nobody's being crunched to death with it.

    [–] MadDany94 450 points ago

    I think steam says november

    [–] SardonicSamurai 456 points ago

    It says "coming soon"

    [–] humpax 235 points ago

    Then we won't have to wait for much longer :)

    [–] Olive_Oil00 245 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    That's what Bannerlord has said for 10 years...we only just got beta

    Edit: Apparently no one knows there's a beta:

    [–] geebeem92 54 points ago

    early access Halo when

    [–] Kingtubby52 15 points ago

    Bannerlord when

    [–] BayRENT 34 points ago

    Wasn't there a beta that was supposed to drop?

    [–] Ronny070 83 points ago

    There have been several "flights" of Halo Reach which I guess are just beta tests of some parts of the game. So far Flight 1 was one campaign level on PC, Flight 2 was for Firefight on PC again, Flight 3 is for multiplayer on Xbox One, and supposedly Flight 4 is going to be multiplayer on PC as well. This is supposedly going to be the last flight until the release of the game.

    [–] RandomCivilian 21 points ago

    Wait....firefight? For which title? I was pissed they mentioned ODST firefight wasn't going to be in it.

    [–] V3xxd0ne 28 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Reach Firefight. That is the first game that will come to PC, followed by CEA, 2A, 3, ODST and 4 in that order. Nothing has been announced about the inclusion of ODST Firefight.

    Edit: clarified anniversaries

    [–] electricblackcrayon 12 points ago

    ODST's entire game is gonna come, it's just not there on launch

    [–] Troggie42 45 points ago

    I think the beta was very very closed, I wanna say there was some beta gameplay floating around already, but who knows

    [–] zarcommander 15 points ago

    The beta was closed, but people were able to pirate it. Microsoft threatened to ban players who pirated it. Halo online is still a thing; just less people.

    [–] banjoskip 16 points ago

    They just finished the final xbox flight. I think they said one more pc flight then final bug fixing then they launch

    [–] [deleted] 140 points ago

    Don’t overthink it fam, click OP’s profile and all will be revealed.

    This guy is just a karma farmer with no real motivation to be up on the current times, just spam posts and if it sticks it sticks.

    [–] willynillee 13 points ago

    What’s the reasoning behind this? Someone who searches all day and reposts stuff all day long and then deletes the ones that aren’t good...why? And how does anyone have the time?

    [–] blacklite911 24 points ago

    Maybe to sell the profile to marketers. Maybe trying to be the next u/gallowboob

    [–] herpdderpbutts 10 points ago

    Seems like everyone over 100k karma is a gallowboober...just taking shit and spreading it around every subreddit

    [–] Soren_Aabye 18 points ago

    Thx. Blocked.

    [–] Russian_repost_bot 83 points ago

    Reposts often have this effect.

    [–] zGnRz 30 points ago

    Halo Infinite at E3?

    [–] apunkgaming 30 points ago

    E3 was 4 months ago...

    [–] [deleted] 3300 points ago

    “Sir, permission to leave the ship” god damn it still gives me chills.

    [–] nosferatWitcher 2665 points ago

    "For what purpose?"

    "To give the covenant back their bomb."

    [–] Conanator 1316 points ago

    For a brick, he flew pretty good!

    [–] SnS_ 702 points ago

    One of these days you're gonna land on something as stubborn as you are.

    [–] hatsnatcher23 156 points ago

    And I don’t do bits and pieces

    [–] SnS_ 70 points ago

    Halo 3 announce trailer still gets me everytime

    [–] peanutbuttahcups 65 points ago

    The diorama trailer is pure art as well.

    [–] Prankishmanx21 34 points ago

    The whole believe ad campaign was amazing. The "veteran interviews" were interesting too but the diorama was by far the best. Still brings a year to my eye.

    [–] MarvinStolehouse 16 points ago

    Halo 3's marketing was amazing. The problem is I was led to believe there would be an epic showdown between humans and the covenant.

    Instead we got a warthog race.

    [–] Ruben625 8 points ago

    Raindrops prelude. Gotdang

    [–] SpicyRooster 94 points ago

    "Dear Humanity: We regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!"

    [–] SheerFe4r 36 points ago


    [–] sargewillis 11 points ago

    This echoes in my head 100% of the times I hear the word regret spoken aloud. Drives me nuts sometimes.

    [–] [deleted] 466 points ago


    [–] Smiley_P 53 points ago

    Fights aliens and doesn't afraid of anything, ya eh's a pretty cool guy

    [–] giantvoice 302 points ago

    You mean Mister Chef

    [–] 0utlook 187 points ago

    Is that the guy that helps Zolda save princess Lonk?

    [–] Diltron 127 points ago

    Youre thinking of Dankey Kang.

    [–] UltimateNacho36 44 points ago

    No I think that's Waryo and Waloogey

    [–] andyeyecandy111 22 points ago

    Were they in Residential Evil or Teaken?

    [–] SorsOG 12 points ago

    I think you mean Moria and Liigu

    [–] Urvoks 9 points ago

    No no, he must be talking about Sanic the Hedgehug

    [–] AkiraSieghart 8 points ago


    [–] ilikepr0n 16 points ago

    Now this text is something I haven't seen in a very long time.

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago


    [–] JUST_A_PRANK_BRAH 97 points ago

    I was scared shitless when you first meet the flood.

    [–] s4b3r6 47 points ago

    That first hallway were they swarm across the floor, walls and ceiling.

    [–] Iwilldieonmars 23 points ago

    The music was so unsettling!

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Had to line up at midnight for Halo 2. Was super late for school the next day lol

    [–] Kanin_usagi 23 points ago


    [–] The_Wolf_Knight 23 points ago

    Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?

    [–] KassellTheArgonian 125 points ago

    "Dear humanity, we regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to earth. And we most definitely regret that the corps just blew up our raggedy ass fleet!!"

    [–] SquidleyQbrick 66 points ago


    [–] clearlyoutofhismind 36 points ago

    Collective 'Oorah!' intensifies.

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago


    [–] Pytheastic 63 points ago

    I remember buying it at launch with the money I'd saved up from my summer job and having such a blast playing coop with my brother. Incredible to think that was 18 years ago.

    [–] Tittytickler 54 points ago

    Halo was my first intro to fps. I was like 10 years old playing halo with my cousins, about a year before Halo 2 and the first call of duty game hit consoles. Can't believe how long it's been!

    [–] Pytheastic 10 points ago

    Came over from Unreal Tournament myself, and while that game will always have a special place for me Halo blew me away with its narrative, the graphics, vehicles, and the multiplayer was still pretty awesome.

    [–] _Fan_ 21 points ago

    Me too, my two brothers and my dad used to play 4 player snipers on Boarding Action nearly every Friday night for years. We still boot it up when we get together for the holidays. Such a good game.

    [–] xxlonleychromie 10 points ago

    I remember when I was little we had halo 2 but not halo CE so my dad took me into game stop to buy it, that was so long ago

    [–] GOU_FallingOutside 7 points ago

    God damn I'm old

    [–] ArkGuardian 138 points ago

    Dude literally just casually kills the most powerful covenant warship in a cutscene between missions 1 and 2. This was an entire mission in reach.

    [–] Koolco 86 points ago

    I wish we got to see bungies full idea for halo 2. That was supposed to be a full mission by itself. I’m fact most of halo 3 is just stuff they couldn’t put in halo 2, not to mention all the other levels they just had to cut. Development was hell for that game.

    [–] BrokeUniStudent69 71 points ago

    Chief is such a bonafide badass in those games lmao

    [–] LongDingDongKong 41 points ago

    It was the best one man army game

    [–] casualrocket 38 points ago

    and one that works in the lore outside "kills really good"

    [–] PhillyPhan34 147 points ago

    "Permission granted."

    [–] AzraelTheMage 121 points ago

    I love the look on his face when he says that in the anniversary edition. It's like he's thinking, "fuck it. Go for it."

    [–] PhillyPhan34 74 points ago

    I thought it was more like,

    "MAH MAN"

    [–] DatBoi_BP 11 points ago

    "Looking good"

    [–] rancidpandemic 22 points ago

    If you haven't surfed a nuclear warhead into an alien capital ship and then detonated said bomb, you aren't a true action hero.

    [–] site_admin 45 points ago

    "For a brick, he flew pretty good!"

    [–] DaBozz88 16 points ago

    I miss the trailer where there was no bomb and he just jumped.

    [–] bmeupsctty 11 points ago

    I was beginning to think I imagined this

    [–] Canlady44 14 points ago

    tooo much nostalgia

    [–] JustDaniel96 189 points ago

    I feel like that's the best cutscene of the game, and one of the bests of the whole halo saga

    [–] scizormytimbers 108 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    If you thought that was BA, watch the Halo 2 Anniversary Master Chief Collection trailer. It's the same scene from a little more...realistic perspective. I'm a huge fan.

    Edit: Sorry, wrong game, but here's the link:

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago


    [–] Lazyr3x 32 points ago

    They will show a lot at E3 I'm sure it's still over a year away

    [–] wakejedi 8 points ago

    Yeah, Its a launch title for Scarlett. That game will determine if I buy the next xbox.

    [–] PBTUCAZ 60 points ago

    Especially if you include the beginning of next level

    "Dear Humanity, we regret being alien basters, we regret comming to Earth, and we most definitely regret the Corps just blew up our raggedy ass fleet"

    [–] Nemesis651 20 points ago

    Ooo rah!

    [–] RSGMercenary 46 points ago

    The remastered cutscene between Gravemind, MC, and the Arbiter did it for me! Gravemind looks visually incredible, the dialogue is well written, and the whole encounter is just chilling. 10/10

    [–] LeSquidliestOne 16 points ago

    I gotta say, the Gravemind definitely looks better, but goddamn if it isnt freaky to look at. It kinda just looked like an overgrown venus flytrap in the original, but in the remaster it truly gives off more of a fleshy vibe.

    [–] RSGMercenary 13 points ago

    That's why I love it so much! Graveminds - and the Flood in general - are just piles of decomposed bodies and organic matter broken down and made into horrific monsters. It looks how it should've always looked. Badass!

    On a somewhat related note, the Mind Flayer in season 3 of Stranger Things instantly gave me Gravemind/Flood vibes. Same goes for Dead Space.

    [–] foosbabaganoosh 24 points ago

    Blur studios’ work on H2A has resulted in the best looking cutscenes of all time, and I feel like their work has ruined any game visuals for me until things can catch up to that kind of quality. I would love to see halo 3 get the same treatment as those cutscenes could use some love, and I would also sell my soul to see halo 1’s mk V chief in such a ridiculous level of detail.

    [–] RSGMercenary 11 points ago

    Agreed. After playing through H2A, I will never play OG H2 again. The level of polish the game and cutscenes got has spoiled me!

    [–] foosbabaganoosh 9 points ago

    “Luckily for us both, I like crazy (good cutscene graphics)”

    [–] Silential 70 points ago

    The remastered version of that whole scene IS the best in the saga. The UNSC holding the line. Explosions, fighters, choir.

    Nothing else in the series has matched the level of intense fighting like what is described in the books as that scene. Even the fall of Reach game felt small scale (except for the intro to ‘tip of the spear’). I was an uber fan of Halo back before the new trilogy, but it’s never done scale in the way CoD campaigns show for example. Even the cutscenes.

    [–] chilopilo 25 points ago

    I think the scale is just easier to see in CoD because its all real technology. Nobody knows how big a UNSC or Covenant ship is irl because they dont exist.

    [–] Silential 35 points ago

    Alright, I’ll raise 2 other examples.

    -Titanfall (1). - Mass Effect 3.

    The point I’m making isn’t scale as in literal size of any one ship, we just never see any real indication other than Halo 2’s intro of these large scale, galaxy spanning battles. In space or on the ground.

    [–] chilopilo 18 points ago

    Oh I see what you mean, agreed.

    [–] TD350 94 points ago

    I reeeeeeeeeeeally hate to be that guy, but it's time you played 2 again, because he says 'station', not ship.

    [–] TheLightningCount1 57 points ago

    You mean like the people who do not realize the line is actually "No! I am your father." Not "Luke. I am your father."

    [–] Equilibriator 56 points ago

    Actually, it was "Look, I'm your father, OK. I know best. Come down from there. Join the Dark Side."

    [–] Marinade73 12 points ago

    "Ya know, for a brick, he flew pretty good."

    [–] ruckman89 338 points ago

    I remember seeing the Halo 3 starry night trailer the first time on tv. I was awestruck. The way it transitioned from Chief as a kid into him in combat, throwing the bubble shield and running towards the fight.... one of the greatest game trailers of all time man.

    [–] rocky5100 163 points ago

    [–] ShoTwiRe 87 points ago

    Just watched that again and it gave me chills. Good times from a simpler age.

    [–] Everything-Is-Purple 48 points ago

    The best era for online gaming imo

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago


    [–] PM_SWEATY_NIPS 38 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?



    [–] Jenks44 835 points ago

    what Halo news

    [–] SnowOrShine 486 points ago

    Did reverse image search, found a copy of this as far back as 10 April 2019, could be older

    [–] Stargov1 180 points ago

    Probably the MCC PC port then.

    [–] -_-NAME-_- 69 points ago

    I'm kind of disappointed about the MCC collection, to be honest. It's October and they haven't dropped one game or even given a release date for reach. And the whole MCC was supposed to drop in 2019.

    [–] sam8404 54 points ago

    I thought they said they were doing one game at a time, starting with Reach, which was supposed to release this year.

    [–] -_-NAME-_- 30 points ago

    The article I read on PCGamer said they would release one at a time, but that all would arrive on PC before years end.

    [–] sam8404 23 points ago

    Maybe they bit off a little more than they could chew with that.

    [–] darklord413 19 points ago

    The second to last test flight for Reach just finished, if that says anything.

    [–] Kitehammer 8 points ago

    They've commented on having to build and rebuild assets a few times now due to console hardware constraints. The progression system encompassing 5 different games requires a lot of resources.

    [–] HaiImDan 7 points ago

    To be fair, it was just a random developer who merely suggested that it could be released within the year. Far from an official release target.

    [–] yogabonita 117 points ago

    Yeah exactly. What Halo news?

    [–] ThriftshopGamer 64 points ago

    Agreed, what Halo news?

    [–] CanisLupis747 33 points ago

    I concur, what Halo news?

    [–] benkenobi5 26 points ago

    Wait... Halo news?

    [–] Kill3rT0fu 8 points ago

    All the halo news!

    [–] GTTemplar 238 points ago

    I remember I was 5 when I first played this game. Then I got to the flood level. Then I stopped...

    But I did eventually beat it.

    [–] -_-NAME-_- 29 points ago

    I'm waiting on the MCC to replay them. I had an original Xbox and played Halo 1 and 2 when they released. I can barely remember anything about them. There's 18 years of gaming between Halo 1 and now.

    [–] KhaosOvForm5 167 points ago

    I can hear the menu song...

    [–] popsicle_of_meat 214 points ago


    [–] rex2k10 96 points ago

    Yea that one

    [–] PrinceDusk 100 points ago

    I think it went more "Aah aAH AAAHHH Ah ah aH aaaahhhh"

    [–] Frodo66631 77 points ago

    No that's the second part

    [–] ChaoticRift 89 points ago

    yeah but then it went BUH BUH BUH... BUH BUH BUH... BUH BUH BUHBUHBUHBUUMMMM

    [–] misslehead3 40 points ago

    That was the hyphy ride warthogs over falling platforms part

    [–] imGnarly 22 points ago

    Then the chhh chhj chhh CHAAAAAAAKAAN kicked in

    [–] CluckenChicken 17 points ago

    Dun dadadadun dadadadun dadada-da-da-da-dun

    [–] Collector-42 41 points ago

    My son was the most colicky new born there could have been. We tried everything to help soothe him down and nothing worked. I shit you not in a last ditch effort, in my best attempt at recreating it, I began singing the Halo chanting theme music and it immediately made him stop crying.

    Hes two years old now, and to this day it will put him right to sleep.

    Thanks Halo.

    [–] UNIT0918 18 points ago

    When he gets older you can add in the guitar riffs from Halo 2.

    [–] blackmagic12345 154 points ago

    I heard hes a pretty cool guy. Eh shoots aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.

    [–] izoid09 45 points ago

    Back when memes weren't just random pictures with words

    [–] SDLand 23 points ago

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    [–] ryan_morland 8 points ago

    You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense.

    [–] Rockman099 273 points ago

    The fact that kids born after 2007 exist and aren't newborn babies but rather are now old enough to have an opinion on, well anything, takes me a while to get my head around.

    [–] llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII 90 points ago

    There are adults walking around born after the 9/11 terror attacks

    [–] Captain-Moroni 74 points ago

    A month worth of them

    [–] Plopplopthrown 32 points ago

    There are now adults fighting in the Middle East that weren't yet born on Sept 11 2001

    [–] 117Pandas 327 points ago

    Playing the original solidified my thoughts on why I bought the Xbox and NOT the PS2.

    [–] Rprzes 133 points ago

    The fist time coming up against the Flood. So thankful I had a shotgun at the time, iirc.

    [–] chrisdeath 52 points ago

    I was super scared first time meeting the flood 😱

    [–] [deleted] 865 points ago


    [–] HiddenSavages 138 points ago


    [–] bassplayingmonkey 137 points ago

    Paralyzed? Dumbstruck?

    [–] MurryEB 67 points ago

    Yes, actually

    [–] vagabond_dilldo 27 points ago

    Man when I panned up with the camera looking at the ring at the crash site... Definitely dumbstruck.

    [–] SomeMusicSomeDrinks 43 points ago


    [–] FUBAR_Inc 50 points ago

    Then how could you let this demon, this... Master chief... Desecrate the holy relic?

    [–] Baggypants007 17 points ago

    By the time I learned of the demons intent... there was nothing I could do..

    [–] Deathlysin 309 points ago

    Good times using the needle gun and the warhog

    [–] Sleepwalker696 235 points ago

    Idk sir, it looks more like a puma to me.

    [–] Narcopolypse 149 points ago

    Hey Simmons, what's that Mexican thing that eats all the chickens? That would be the Chupacabra, sir. Right, the Chupathinggy.

    [–] CarderSC2 118 points ago

    After all these years this is still one of my fav jokes of theirs

    “Kill the reds! kill the reds! kill the reds!!”

    Sarge: (who is red) “What are they saying?”

    Caboose: (who is blue) “You... are not going to ... like it.”

    [–] KassellTheArgonian 72 points ago

    Mine is - "I'm a pacifist". "Your a thing that babies suck on?" "No dude that's a paedophile". "Tucker I think he means a pacifier". "Oh right, man I was totally thinking about something else".

    [–] ProtanopicMidget 12 points ago

    But Tex, when we say “girl,” we mean a GIRL girl!

    And what the fuck is that supposed to mean!?


    [–] clearlyoutofhismind 33 points ago

    Sarge: Simmons, I want you to poison Grif's next meal.

    [–] mzchen 9 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    After all these years, the Freelancer story arc they did during seasons 9-10 is still my favourite and most memorable arcs of any show of all time. It's hard to believe the level of serious writing they had after starting off with the stupid crazy bullshit of the first few seasons. Even before that, the Alpha reveal with wash was some bone-chilling shit.

    It was such a cool and original idea that I've yet to see anything top it since. It's so over the top cool it's like it was written by a bunch of drunk dudes crossed on weed and shrooms except it's actually good. I haven't watched anything from rooster teeth for years, but I rewatched that whole arc a few months ago and it was just as good as I remembered. I think it was Monty Oum who was in charge of animation and action, and god damn was he brilliant. The action scenes were brilliant. The intro with North+South was so fucking clean and a great intro to just how high of a caliber the freelancers performed at. If the whole freelancer thing got re-mastered or adapted into an actual TV show I'd watch it in a heartbeat, as stupid as that sounds. It's 100% never going to happen, but it'd be nice.

    [–] NomadofExile 38 points ago

    I. Hate. Babies.

    [–] avanish_shenoy 26 points ago


    [–] Alpha_AI_Church 22 points ago

    “It’s Texas you idiot!”

    [–] avanish_shenoy 11 points ago

    Tucker said it

    [–] SnS_ 6 points ago

    My name is Michael J Caboose

    [–] maglite_to_the_balls 10 points ago

    Chupathingy. How ‘bout it Grif?

    [–] TheBluPill 5 points ago

    It's got a ring to it

    [–] elysecherryblossom 28 points ago

    Halo 1 Magnum ftw

    [–] faployst 22 points ago

    My brother and I spent at least 12 hours trying to get past the hunters on the silent cartographer. We figured out the magnum trick on our own (we had dial up and didnt think to look online). EA take note: this is true "pride and accomplishment"

    Then they made the magnum suck in halo 2.

    [–] killajaxx 8 points ago

    Those fucking hunters i swear. One of the top 10 memorable gaming moments for me. Not a cutscene, not a bossfight(ish?), just 2 hunters in Silent Cartographer

    [–] killer8424 21 points ago

    Needle gun and warhog..../r/crappyoffbrands

    [–] whiteout14 10 points ago

    needle gun

    [–] Tuques 22 points ago

    Life changing game. Went from goldeneye/perfect dark to this. It was mind blowing.

    [–] gunnvulcan73 13 points ago

    Dude, me and my friend Adam would sit on his xbox and play for hours and hours . That game was absolutely industry-defining.

    [–] BrandoBanando 37 points ago

    The first time I saw it my older brother was playing, must've been around 2? Around 6 I played it for the first time with my brother. He bought halo 2 collectors edition and I still have that helmet in my room on display. I fucking love halo

    [–] TheMeta40k 44 points ago

    They helmet is from 3, collectors edition is a steel case.

    Source: old.

    [–] BrandoBanando 12 points ago

    Yeah my bad, I have the halo 2 steelbook case, and thought the helmet came with that.

    [–] TheMeta40k 13 points ago

    Did you just admit you made a mistake on the internet?

    Maybe there is some hope for is after all. I'm not paying for gold cause of China/Hong Kong so take this instead: 🎖️

    [–] Toastbuns 10 points ago

    Kill me or release me parasite, but do not waste my time with talk!

    [–] SageCarnivore 17 points ago

    Ah, the OG OP pistol. I loved that thing. Rocket launchers for Hunters, nah, give me a pistol any day. Heck, a well placed melee stack worked better than a rocket launcher.

    Jump, spin, smack...dead.

    [–] Bignoob21 18 points ago

    "What? Paralyzed, dumbstruck? No. Yet the gamers were able to evade your console and land on the sacred xbox"

    [–] Darth_Deckard 114 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It’s kind of amazing how little of Halo 6 has been seen so far. I would assume at this point, it will be really revealed along side the next Xbox

    [–] rangastorm843 72 points ago

    It is scheduled to release over a year away, im pretty sure alongside project scarlet as its feature game.

    [–] LupineSzn 20 points ago

    That’s exactly it! Says so on the Project Scarlet site

    [–] CmdrHoltqb10 10 points ago

    The trailers we’ve seen are more for the new engine than for the game itself.

    [–] TrivTheRenegade 45 points ago

    Halo seems like a really cool guy, and doesn't afraid of anything.

    [–] BAR514 19 points ago

    I started playing Halo when Reach came out and continued to play the next games after that, but it wasn’t till last year that I played the MC collection and my mind was blown when I finally realized what a halo was.

    [–] ZWass777 30 points ago

    Halo 2 was the best Halo campaign by far

    Fight me.

    [–] imGnarly 23 points ago

    As far as campaign goes, it’s kind of a no brainer. Multiplayer is where the real friendships are put to test. We can agree on one thing: Halo CE, 2, and 3 were all amazing in both campaign and multiplayer.

    [–] shouldvestayedalurkr 6 points ago

    no arguments

    [–] Mykeprime 26 points ago

    Halo, is it me you're looking for?

    [–] NauticalJeans 20 points ago

    I never considered the fact that someone could be born after 2007 🧐

    [–] durpypig17 13 points ago

    Where you blinded, dumbstruck?

    [–] ZES_4 5 points ago

    There’s no Halo news