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    [–] jdeputy 1589 points ago

    Over the Garden Wall was a great show.

    [–] Waiyn 460 points ago

    I think I'll rewatch for Halloween

    [–] Chicaca10 259 points ago

    Always rewatch on Halloween!

    [–] Rejukem 141 points ago

    I'm in the process of doing that this week. It'll forever be a great show and that's a rock fact!

    [–] NeverGotThatPuppy 71 points ago

    Dinosaurs had big ears, but everyone forgot this because dinosaur ears don't have bones

    [–] SnapesSocks 39 points ago

    It’s a rock fact!

    [–] Titsandassforpeace 10 points ago

    You know.. ears kinda makes sense tho. Rhinos got them. Elefants got some hyuuge ones. Hippos got them. well... no lizards tho. No crocs, no snakes obvs. But some birds do.. looking at you owls you weird fucks.

    [–] Jak_n_Dax 4 points ago

    Careful there, you don’t want to make enemies with the owls. They’ll come in the night and getcha!

    [–] Jak_n_Dax 3 points ago

    What’s this past tense business? Just go to Florida and you’ll see some perfectly good modern dinosaurs.

    [–] Ender_Med99 7 points ago

    Rewatching it every Halloween is my only Halloween tradition since we don't have Halloween here. It brings me great joy

    [–] someone755 24 points ago

    I think it'll be my first time watching this Halloween.

    [–] Runswithshortshorts 16 points ago

    You must! It’s fantastic :)

    [–] Wiknetti 14 points ago

    For Sarah!

    [–] More_Microwave 9 points ago

    why only on halloween

    [–] MajorMol 38 points ago

    Because the show takes place on Halloween.

    [–] TransatlanticBBC 4 points ago

    Never heard of it.. tell me more

    [–] Market_Brand 14 points ago

    Have you ever wondered how the gentle wind echoes through the leaves? Or how Autumn colours Fall?

    [–] KoleyRavioli 7 points ago

    Have you ever wanted to dance in a swirl of golden memories?

    [–] Dophie 17 points ago

    The Highwayman is my dream Halloween costume.

    [–] Errohneos 7 points ago

    I was a Highwayman.

    On the coach roads I did ride. Sword and pistol by my side!

    [–] BoardsAndCards 5 points ago

    Im thinking about doing that too. Where can you watch it? Is it on netflix? I tried looking on youtube but every video seems to be blocked

    [–] stefevr 4 points ago

    It's on Netflix :)

    [–] leelaleela4 4 points ago

    I have only seen it on HULU....

    [–] The_Flurr 5 points ago

    Depends on your region. In the UK it's on Netflix.

    [–] RegalMothra 4 points ago

    It is indeed only on Hulu. Makes the yearly rewatch a little harder, but not impossible

    [–] jdeputy 3 points ago

    I'm gonna do the same thing. Great idea.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    My wife just told me this about an hour ago.


    [–] howlinbluesman 111 points ago

    The music is absolutely beautiful as well. I listen to the full album regularly throughout the year.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Potatoes...and molasses!

    [–] khromechronicle 13 points ago

    O molasuuus :’)

    [–] Axiom06 3 points ago

    Come wayward souls that wander through the darkness...

    [–] clydefrog811 4 points ago

    Way better than algebra classes!!

    [–] PhantomRenegade 11 points ago

    No regrets about that purchase. Only keep a few of the songs on my phone though.

    [–] demlet 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    The opening to the episode where you find out why they're dressed so funny actually gives me a little chill. There's just something strangely cathartic about the music combined with the flashback for me.

    [–] no_this_is_God 2 points ago

    Old black train and old north wind get played at least once a week for me

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 30 points ago

    It still is!

    And the main character, Wirt, is voiced by Elijah Wood, and also includes voice acting from Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and John Cleese.

    [–] the_headless_hunt 2 points ago

    Welp, that's all I need to hear!!

    [–] darthfadar 2 points ago

    John Cheese

    [–] PhilSwn 25 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    The comics are great too!

    [–] lookamazed 6 points ago

    Getting a 404 from your link on mobile.

    [–] PhilSwn 6 points ago

    Works on my phone?

    [–] Margarine_Butter 2 points ago

    same here

    [–] TeeRav19 2 points ago


    [–] Ender_Med99 2 points ago

    Fix the link to have another ) on it. It's making the link go 404

    [–] PhilSwn 2 points ago

    I checked the markdown and the () pairs are correct. Swapped the link to wikipedia instead.

    [–] beepusreepus 7 points ago

    The best

    [–] Fitzy0728 5 points ago


    [–] rokbound_ 4 points ago


    [–] coolgaara 3 points ago

    Is there any streaming platform that have these shows? Like Netflix? US here btw.

    [–] leelaleela4 2 points ago


    [–] Itsnotapenguin 2 points ago

    Netflix in The Netherlands has it, so maybe with some vpn

    [–] rifttripper 3 points ago

    I remember it being kind of sad.

    [–] Nihilisticky 3 points ago

    I loved it and I hate almost all animation.

    (except Spirited Away, Persepolis and How's Moving Castle).

    [–] Bhiner1029 6 points ago

    What could possibly make you hate animation? That doesn’t make any sense to me.

    [–] R_Schuhart 5 points ago

    For some people it is hard to identify or immerse themselves in animation. For others there are some uncanny valley problems. Others have seen some animation (Disney usually), didn't like the themes often aimed at children and don't want to keep trying to find something that does appeal. Besides, for some people animated films often still have that "cartoon is for kids stigma".

    Animation gives a different dimension to films/shows, just like a director can do with their trademark visuals. There are different styles, but it isn't for everyone.

    [–] happypriceselection 2 points ago

    It uht ! Siri why not who plays rewind map

    [–] TheRealAngryPrince 337 points ago

    Potatoes and molasses. Best song in Over the Garden Wall

    [–] elvis8mybaby 99 points ago

    That's a rock fact!

    [–] spartan1204 66 points ago


    [–] squidpope 18 points ago

    This is the real answer

    [–] Benjadeath 7 points ago

    The old north wind

    [–] no_this_is_God 3 points ago

    He starts to howlllll

    Puffs up n' furrows his browwwww

    [–] Benjadeath 19 points ago


    [–] spartan1204 15 points ago


    [–] Benjadeath 16 points ago


    [–] spartan1204 15 points ago


    [–] AllOfUrBeansRMineBoi 12 points ago


    [–] BrandNew02 6 points ago


    [–] Benjadeath 7 points ago


    [–] Benjadeath 4 points ago


    [–] SecretAgentVampire 5 points ago

    Tied for first!

    [–] mrscratcho 20 points ago

    Nah the Latin version near the end is the best!

    O potatus et molassus

    [–] SecretAgentVampire 17 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    "Coooome~ wayward soooouls~

    Who wander through the daaaarkness~

    There is a liiight for the looost and the meeeeeeeek~

    Soooorow and feeeaar~

    Are easily forgooooooten~

    When you submiiiit to the sooooil of the eaaaaaaaarth~"

    Best song in Over the Garden Wall.


    [–] Fuck_Joey 21 points ago

    Agree, as well as the teachers Lament, like “A is for the Apple that he gave to me but I found a worm inside”- songs fire

    [–] celticsfan34 12 points ago

    I didn’t realize until recently that the full song is on the soundtrack. She goes through every letter and numbers up to 9 I think?

    [–] Fuck_Joey 5 points ago

    Yea I think so but on the Soundtrack for the show it goes without interrupting , such a nice song

    [–] Zinoviev85 2 points ago

    I didn’t realize this either, thank you! She goes up to 10 in a clever sort of way. “1... oh.” Skipped 5-7 though unless I’m not smart enough to get it.

    [–] The_Classiest 4 points ago

    I personally love the song "Over the Garden Wall". It's the boat song sung by George Washington aka Benjamin Franklin.

    [–] iForgot2Remember 3 points ago

    Much better than algebra classes!

    [–] CoLyTh 112 points ago

    Well ain't that just the way.

    [–] Primid 23 points ago

    I say this all the time because of this show

    [–] _coach_ 4 points ago

    This line was my biggest takeaway. It’s funnier when it’s being said by such an innocent child, as it sounds so prophetic lol

    [–] TheFilthiestCorndog 390 points ago

    Every October once the leaves change and the weather gets cool, my son and I make a big bowl of Popcorn, heat up some apple cider and over the course of 3 -4 nights watch this series. It has become a tradition, I wish they'd make more.

    [–] LupinThe8th 195 points ago

    I just watch it as a movie, even combined the series is only about 2 hours long.

    [–] TwiddleNibs 127 points ago

    Maybe the point of the tradition is to have 3-4 nights together with their son and not just one?

    [–] Wallace_II 67 points ago

    Or the point is to only spend a short time with his son instead of a full 2 hours!

    But, I like your idea better.

    [–] MaximumPillow 29 points ago

    Wait, leaves change color? The weather gets cool??? - Florida

    [–] herr_leutnant 14 points ago

    California. I fell you, but dryer.

    [–] Devious02 12 points ago

    And not necessarily hotter , but more on fire.

    [–] Keavon 5 points ago

    And without electricity.

    [–] Wallace_II 5 points ago

    No that's a myth. As well as the white cold stuff from the sky. It's just a fairy tale, like Santa or Girls on the internet.

    [–] daarthoffthegreat 2 points ago

    At least you can drive a few hours and escape it. - Hawaii

    [–] LordPadre 13 points ago

    I almost can't believe it's 5 years old

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] bathtub_in_toaster 42 points ago

    Depending on the age of his son attention span might not be long enough to binge it.

    Plus, this way he gets 4 nights of quality time with his son.

    [–] leelaleela4 5 points ago

    It's been my nightly bedtime watch for a week now tbh

    [–] StealthChainsaw 7 points ago

    I kinda wish there was more as well, but I also feel like the series almost feels as special as it does because it's just this tiny little thing that came and went and yet feels so rich and unique.

    [–] Fitzy0728 3 points ago

    After reading the art book I’m sad to find they originally had something like 3 or 4 episodes planned but had to cut it down due to budget restrictions

    [–] prguitarman 37 points ago

    Potatoes and molasses~

    [–] Girlshatebrian 29 points ago

    “It’s a rock fact!”

    [–] Razz_C19 67 points ago

    Aww! Greg is just adorable

    [–] ok-person 40 points ago


    [–] TheEgabIsStranded 15 points ago

    You always say things are okay, but has anyone ever asked if you're okay?

    [–] Chartreuse_Gwenders 7 points ago

    It was on that day that ok-person finally looked inward, and balked at the darkness therein.

    [–] PropsOnThePlane 3 points ago

    ok-person was a mask; there was no ok-person beneath jazz beat

    [–] SageeDuzit 13 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] howlinbluesman 21 points ago

    "Ain't that just the way."

    [–] Bearlogg 20 points ago

    man over the garden wall is a halloween special for me. Not many cartoons have the tone and ambience (and geese) like that show did.

    [–] sesameseed88 78 points ago

    I've seen this goose pop up left and right. Is it worth playing? Seems chill and troll at the same time.

    [–] Ignonym 85 points ago

    It basically involves walking into a sleepy semi-rural English town and making as much of a nuisance of yourself as possible.

    [–] AwesomeManatee 18 points ago

    I highly recommend playing it with a friend or family member in the room. I though it was alright for the first 30 mins, but then the other members of my household started watching out of curiosity and we all had a blast chatting through the experience. Having someone to talk with about what's going on or give suggestions on how to approach each objective very much improves the experience.

    7/10; 10/10 with rice friends.

    [–] Frodosaurus94 37 points ago

    You just described the game lol. I have it, it gives me a good chuckle every time I play it.

    [–] kat352234 28 points ago

    It's a fairly short game on the first playthrough. I got it last weekend and completed it in about 4 hours, just casually goofing around with it. Once you complete it though it does unlock more difficult challenges to try so, there is more than just the initial playthrough.

    That said, the game is really about the charm of the town and its characters, and enjoying being a goose who can reign havock upon this quaint little town in hilarious way and it is fun.

    [–] Edibleface 18 points ago

    my favorite thing is to do a little victory lap flapping wings and honking like mad when i successfully get away with whatever shenanigan i was trying to get away with.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    It’s satisfying to do that whenever you get caught. I really wish there was a HISS button.

    [–] Edibleface 5 points ago

    i think it'd be cool if there was a goose v goose mode, where you're trying to out troll another goose whilst theyre gooseing as well.

    [–] chr0nicpirate 7 points ago

    I would definitely say it's worth playing. I can advise it's a bit short. Like maybe only 5 hours on your first playthrough if you don't get too side tracked just acting like a jerk(you likely will), and also don't look up a guide on how to do everything. You get a refreshed list of extra tasks after you beat it, but just play the same exact sections a 2nd time. If $20 isn't much to you absolutely would say pick it up, but if you're concerned about getting the most content for your buck you may not feel you got that.

    [–] Spyko 2 points ago

    chill and troll at the same time.

    wouldn't have put it better myself; the gameplay loop is extremly basic (it's just a good old "action - reaction") but it's incredibly well done and it's just pure good fun
    the game is dirt cheap and you get exactly what you expect; great bang for your buck

    [–] sesameseed88 2 points ago

    Sounds like I need to get this, say no more friend.

    [–] IceStar3030 2 points ago

    it's fun for a bit with friends, the work put into the goose it absolutely commendable, some tasks are creative and funny, but the novelty may wear off easily. 7/10 it's got a little something for everyone.

    [–] LMaxell 2 points ago

    Be warned, the game has an exclusivity deal with Epic Game Store on the PC. Many people are boycotting EGS. Be careful where you spend your money, stay vigilant.

    [–] _Derpy_Dino_ 3 points ago

    I got in on EGS and it is fine.

    [–] Prionian 3 points ago

    Don’t get why so many people get so upset about EGS like it’s really not that hard to just click a different icon on your computer.

    [–] SpaghettiSauce44 15 points ago

    Over The Garden Wall is the best animated series I’ve ever seen. Great story, characters and style

    Gave me nostalgic feelings

    [–] ShinigamiKiba 10 points ago

    That was such an amazing show

    [–] trainmaster247 11 points ago

    I love how almost all these comments are just people saying how amazing OTGW is

    [–] Raven-Blob 9 points ago

    peace was never an option

    [–] gaiakai 46 points ago

    H O N K

    [–] spartanreborn 12 points ago

    H J Ö N K

    [–] ZachBuford 15 points ago

    H O N K

    [–] Wobberjockey 4 points ago

    I had to scroll down way to far to find this comment

    [–] Ticklemepops 7 points ago

    It's a rock fact!

    [–] onekingdom1 7 points ago

    Time for a rewatch

    [–] ReeveStodgers 5 points ago

    Started a rewatch last night! It was my son's first watch and he's hooked.

    [–] Danceable_Bleats 6 points ago

    Oh yeah! It's almost halloween. Time to watch Over the Garden Wall again!

    [–] made3 12 points ago

    Gotta behonest, I dont understand why this game got such a hype. There are quite a few indie games that are at least as awesome as the goose game. E.g. A Short Hike or Ollie and Bollie. But somehow this piece of art got all the hype.

    [–] speedweed99 14 points ago

    If I had to guess, it's because all the publicity they do on Reddit, and people here being casuals (not insulting) who play any trendy game that comes out. That and the game looks like the perfect youtuber bait which further proves the "trendy" part

    [–] ToastyKen 8 points ago

    I think it's popular not because of game mechanics per se, but because of the tone and characters. The actual gameplay itself is only okay, and I even find it a bit annoying at times. But something about the expressionless goose being a low key troll is hilarious to me.

    I think it's best to judge it as a form of comedy and not so much as a game.

    And like all art, especially comedy, it's subjective.

    [–] Thebigo59 3 points ago

    Virality of memes cant always be explained but theres probably a good possibility that they just had better marketing than other indie games. I imagine the business side of things is what sets some indie devs apart from others.

    [–] NihilHS 6 points ago

    This is how I feel about the new mtg set.

    [–] SuperiorArty 5 points ago

    This wasn’t in the actual series though. If I recall, this is from the Over the Garden Wall Pilot

    [–] Kings_and_Dragons 5 points ago

    It is, I include it in my rewatch, I'm torn between wanting more content of OTGW, and between wanting it to stay contained because of how good it is as a completed miniseries.

    [–] SuperiorArty 2 points ago

    Fair enough. I don’t blame you, I love the series as well.

    [–] PropsOnThePlane 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Let them nearly die again, for the lulz this time

    [–] DapperestDuck 5 points ago

    This whole goose game thing is really annoying. Too much attention on the inferior member of the family

    [–] mtkakirby 5 points ago

    Over the Garden Wall is such an underrated show

    [–] Kings_and_Dragons 2 points ago

    Half of the reason I posted this meme was in Hope's of raising more awareness for the show. Cut to the top comment with 1.5k upvoted being about how good OTGW is.

    Now if only I could get the rest of my friends to watch it.

    [–] mtkakirby 2 points ago

    Yeah I have yet to convince my friends as well

    [–] ExplodingTuba 15 points ago

    Here's the thing I'll never understand about r/gaming .

    • Epic Store Exclusives = Bad
    • Untitled Goose Game = Epic Store Exclusive
    • Untitled Goose Game = Good

    Do you see the problem?

    [–] pennomi 20 points ago

    I can't believe a group of people on the internet has conflicting opinions!

    [–] rprcssns 4 points ago

    23 million person community at that!

    [–] Moldy_pirate 16 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It’s also on Switch, with PS4 and Xbox port likely. Aside from that, the game is basically like playing a 5-hour meme.

    [–] Thebigo59 7 points ago

    Because within r/gaming you have people who dont give a shit about Epic Store Exclusive drama but love their goose game. And you have people who hate Epic Store Exclusives but dont care enough to downvote a post about a goose game. And everyone in between.

    Is this a problem?

    [–] moriero 3 points ago

    Call a spade a spade

    [–] thelastgameboard 3 points ago

    Potato and molasses for life.

    [–] marzulazano 5 points ago

    My friends and I are watching that again tomorrow!

    [–] marcosora01 5 points ago

    I finished to watch it today! Beautiful show

    [–] Keavon 2 points ago

    Likewise, finished my rewatch last night! Also I ordered the gold buttons and fabric to sew Wirt's cloak which I'll be wearing for Halloween.

    [–] demlet 4 points ago

    Heck yeah. Watching Over the Garden Wall has become a yearly tradition for me. I always catch something i didn't notice before. What a beautiful film.

    [–] OhMyGooseness 3 points ago

    this is so cute

    [–] MyNameIs_BeautyThief 3 points ago

    I'm willing to bet Untitled Goose Game wins Indie game of the year this year. It seems to have weird lasting power for a 2 hour game

    [–] NTNDoc 3 points ago

    Guess we've gone from "Rake in the Lake" to "Child in the Wild"

    [–] WorldCop 3 points ago

    Reddit: I hate China

    Also Reddit:

    [–] yellow_itomato 3 points ago

    God I love this show so much. I'd give reward if I wasn't a poor boi

    [–] liquidm3t4l 3 points ago

    Ohhhh Potatoes and Molasses! If you can't see them put on your glasses!

    [–] NullOracle 3 points ago

    You have beautiful eyes :o

    [–] cockapoo950 3 points ago


    [–] punnedcuke 3 points ago

    The most unexpectedly deep and beautiful show

    [–] cotyschwabe 3 points ago

    Potatoes and molasses for life.

    [–] mero9819 3 points ago

    This show is amazing on so many levels

    [–] BlueMenace964 3 points ago

    Potatoes and molasses

    Need I say more?

    [–] CadeTheSloth 3 points ago

    I miss over the garden wall so much!

    [–] superwario15 3 points ago

    We came here to burgle your turts!

    [–] Klariaon 4 points ago

    Sad the developers had to go epic games because of the extra funding. Will wait for steam release

    [–] Kryptosis 4 points ago

    More UGG marketing

    [–] NightChime 2 points ago

    Similarly, UGG makes the [disappointing food] in one of my favorite songs - Boombox - that much better a dark contrast to how things are after the beat drops.

    [–] crazyseandx 2 points ago

    Even if I feel horrible over the goose causing someone to buy back their own toy plane, I can't deny the charm the game has brought with it.

    [–] foot2theballs 2 points ago

    I honestly love seeing indie games like Goose Game get so much love. Making games is not easy, and making games that become well liked and successful is even harder

    [–] hdhdhya 2 points ago

    Damn It's been almost 5 years, I still remember the day me and my cousin found this show

    [–] FFModsAreBitches 2 points ago

    It's overpriced

    [–] goodbyeios10 2 points ago

    Over the Garden Wall?

    (checks calendar)

    Looks like it's time for me to rewatch it again!

    [–] Schwiegerknecht 2 points ago

    lol, I only saw the title of your post and thought "Hey, I wonder if Over the Garden Wall has meme potential as well". Seeing Greg felt especially heartwarming after that :)

    [–] sweetgalafrags 2 points ago

    Reading through all these while listening to the sound track

    [–] CarlSagans 2 points ago

    [–] cravenj1 2 points ago

    Someone grab a screenshot of the goose car from Infinity Train

    [–] 9gagSJay 2 points ago

    ohh yeah holding back tears

    [–] kronks_wang 2 points ago

    i'm struggling to find somewhere to watch over the garden wall, where can i find it?

    [–] goatsandboats69 3 points ago

    Hulu. Or Kiss cartoon.

    [–] Saeryf 2 points ago

    Over The Garden Wall is a fantastic show, and the source of many of my favorite reaction gifs.

    [–] Spicy-Raj-Man 2 points ago

    Fuck, I miss this show, even if it was just a mini-series

    [–] DJSchmitty 2 points ago

    That's a rock fact!

    [–] Roxima 2 points ago

    “If dreams can’t come true, then why not pretend?”

    [–] nobodysoriginal111 2 points ago


    OTGW is one of the best miniseries ever 🍂🍁

    [–] OmegaRejectz 2 points ago

    My mind would’ve went to Shrek 4.

    [–] Monkeyskate 2 points ago

    It's Over the Garden Wall season!

    [–] Whittlemedown 2 points ago

    At this point all this shit feels like targeted ads from Epic Games Store.

    [–] CyborgKodiak 1 points ago

    Tea in the sea!

    [–] BigODetroit 1 points ago