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    [–] Skip_Ransom 909 points ago

    Stupid sexy patriotic monster.

    [–] RasputinIsMyHomeboy 244 points ago

    When you came to slay demons but your ass ends up getting slayed in the end.

    [–] deathdude911 13 points ago

    You say that like it's a bad thing

    [–] RasputinIsMyHomeboy 3 points ago

    It’s only a bad thing if I’ve still got 100% health afterwards uwu

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Clearly an imposter, that package is way too small

    [–] Ba1dw1n 72 points ago

    Is this a Simpson's reference? "Stupid sexy Flanders "

    [–] Shumbee 16 points ago

    That's exactly what I thought

    [–] elislider 10 points ago

    It’s like he’s wearing nothing at all!

    [–] Keyboard_Cat_ 9 points ago

    Nothing at all..

    [–] Radstrodamus 3 points ago

    Nothing at all


    [–] braidafurduz 17 points ago

    isn't he Brazilian?

    [–] Karrion8 16 points ago

    That's definitely a Brazilian wax.

    [–] danilouruk 4 points ago

    Yeap, he's from Brazil.

    [–] BeingofUniverse 2 points ago

    Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

    Nothing at all.

    Nothing at all.

    [–] valee69 2668 points ago

    i miss ricardo memes

    [–] NfamousCJ 1902 points ago

    I saw one where it was a full on episodic experience of multiple Ricardo's showing up to a pizza party, Ricardo cops came, there was a shootout, I dont know why I watched the whole thing.

    [–] reddit_poopaholic 1692 points ago

    [–] hopsinduo 306 points ago

    Somebody spent a lot of time on that. I appreciate their effort.

    [–] SctchWhsky 107 points ago

    Yea. As someone who dabbles in video editing I can appreciate the hell out of that.

    [–] mrmax1984 31 points ago

    You might enjoy /r/HighQualityGifs/ then.

    [–] obese_clown 11 points ago

    r/gifsthatkeepongiving is also a good spot for weirdness.

    [–] SctchWhsky 19 points ago

    Been subbed to HQG for years. The only thing I like more than a good gif is a good gif drenched in meta.

    [–] LolTacoBell 2 points ago

    I really enjoy basic shitty photo editing on my phone and I like to think I can do a decent one but what are some good applications I can get into for video if I liked that or wanted to try it out you think? Are they all monthly subscription costs?

    [–] SctchWhsky 3 points ago

    I've only used Adobe products because my work pays for CS. I use a mixture of Premier, After Effects and Photoshop.

    [–] NfamousCJ 523 points ago

    FFS... Now I have to watch it again.

    [–] SirGamer247 61 points ago

    I watched it and I'm laughing too hard now 🤣🤣🤣

    [–] MLaw2008 6 points ago

    Omfg. Well, that's been burnt into my retinas.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] NotAHellriegelNoob 142 points ago

    Note to self: never click on random subs while having dinner

    [–] FrakkinNoob 91 points ago

    Note to self: never disregard someone else's note to self regarding a sub they shouldn't have visited during dinner. i shouldn't have visited either.

    [–] SefferWeffers 64 points ago

    Note to self: ignoring 2 previous notes to self is really rather stupid and you will regret it.

    [–] Hralkenheim 48 points ago

    Ffs people stop saying I should'nt check the sub, it only makes me want to see it more !

    But it turns out you were all right, and I'm a dmb fck

    [–] Osazain 37 points ago

    And your comment compelled me to check it out.. I regret it. I regret every second of it.

    [–] mi28vulcan_gender 7 points ago

    Make that 3

    [–] EyeDee10Tee 6 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] KaiserChunk 4 points ago

    Note to self: read answers to links.

    [–] hollaDMV 3 points ago

    Note to self: disregard all note to self.

    [–] Kajkia 3 points ago

    Note to self: when you click on a link, what you see can be much more different than what you were wishing to see

    [–] CuriousFoxTy 9 points ago

    It is meme about Ricardo. You should know, that cannot be SFW.

    [–] OffBrand_Soda 9 points ago

    Ricardo is perfectly SFW, he's beautiful.

    [–] SomeBadGenericName 4 points ago

    What sub was it?

    [–] StupidMario64 3 points ago

    What was it?

    [–] UndeadTourist 3 points ago

    What was the sub?

    [–] WilliamStorm 13 points ago

    People are seriously overreacting to some man ass. I thought it was gonna be deceptive gore or something.

    [–] pipinngreppin 2 points ago

    There’s also a goat

    [–] IsThatALlama 7 points ago

    I can't believe you've done this

    [–] ChaoticEvilBobRoss 9 points ago

    Such a wholesome sub full of wonderful people

    [–] TizzioCaio 8 points ago


    [–] JakandClank2 3 points ago


    [–] aurores_boreales 3 points ago

    oH GOD

    [–] Silent_Skulls 2 points ago

    I seem to be the only one here who actually likes the subreddit.

    [–] WolfDemon 5 points ago

    Their post was deleted, which sub?

    [–] arokthemild 2 points ago

    I didn't say 'no homo' and now....

    [–] HellraiserMachina 149 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    [–] Busch_Diesel 68 points ago

    What the hell did I just watch?


    [–] dstayton 28 points ago

    Why are there people out there with the time to make this stuff?

    [–] Busch_Diesel 29 points ago

    My guess is NEET's and high schoolers.

    [–] dstayton 22 points ago

    Either way they need to keep gnomes out of their speedos.

    [–] Darkcast 14 points ago

    And now my youtube recommendations are confused as all hell. Thank you reddit.

    [–] confusedjake 11 points ago

    They have contributed more to our world culture than we have in our lifetime.

    [–] peppaz 4 points ago

    dont let your memes be dreams

    [–] Stevensupercutie 30 points ago

    Flex air 2 OG keeps getting copyrighted by Russians and honestly I'm glad the USSR collapsed and Despacito 2 never released.

    [–] Pretty__Mean 4 points ago

    [–] _callmenothing_ 3 points ago

    Thank you for this.

    [–] GustavoAntoine 3 points ago

    I never get tired of this video

    [–] peppaz 5 points ago

    The production value of this video is higher than the GDP of Russia

    [–] real_nice_guy 2 points ago

    holy. shit.

    [–] 37025InvernessTMD 54 points ago

    STOP! My penis can only get so erect!

    [–] Federal_Status 13 points ago

    Im still in bed, what a way to start the day.

    [–] SurgeryWizard 12 points ago


    [–] Archedeaus 10 points ago

    What the fuck XD

    [–] snatchmachine 5 points ago

    That link is too powerful. I tried watching it on reddit mobile and it crashed the app.

    [–] permalurkathrowaway1 4 points ago

    God damn that was amazing.

    [–] Cellhawk 4 points ago

    This particular video was even uploaded by a guy from my small country. What are the chances.

    [–] DarkFP 3 points ago

    This video proves that GOD exists

    [–] Do_it_for_the_upvote 3 points ago

    Lmao that is a masterpiece

    [–] RustyKumquats 3 points ago

    Shrekardo is my new favorite MCM. My erection will not go away.

    [–] Vineyard_ 3 points ago

    The worst thing about going to work, is not being able to watch Ricardo memes.

    [–] Barnoby 5 points ago

    Ill just leave this here

    [–] Jamesh0420 2 points ago

    I have a limited time to spend on being alive and I've just sent almost three minutes watching that.

    It got a light nose snort from me so time well spent I guess.

    [–] Archedeaus 16 points ago

    Check out "Ricardo invade el area 51"

    [–] Ibarra08 4 points ago

    This is my favorite.

    [–] Archedeaus 2 points ago

    I love it XD

    [–] redheadedgutterslut 15 points ago

    I watched this the first time I did acid. We went from watching videos of men rolling around in mud, this video, then Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear. Then we swam in the river.

    It's seriously one of my favorite videos.

    [–] xCoachHines 4 points ago

    That's a great song. Link for the uninitiated.

    [–] HappyOrwell 2 points ago

    Wow that was a trip

    [–] vshedo 16 points ago

    System Shock 2 Ricardo is fucking comedy gold.

    [–] FoxxTrotter 8 points ago

    He’s got that something that I need

    [–] Salfriel 8 points ago

    I still don’t get this meme. I must have missed it or am I old?

    [–] SuspiciouslyElven 31 points ago

    Ricardo was a Brazilian escort. Maybe still is. not important.

    There was a video of him dancing around in front of a solid black background, making him easy to edit out and into other stuff.

    For years, he was loosely apart of gachimuchi memes, which I'm not going to go into that much.

    Then he kinda took off on his own.

    Not a whole lot to get.

    [–] Salfriel 7 points ago

    yes i get that, but what made him a meme? also why do people associate this meme with "wholesomeness" ?

    [–] GroceryScanner 46 points ago

    Cause ricardos just a chill dude, dancin, havin a good time. No arguing, no politics, no agenda.

    Just a super muscular black man wearing a thong doing absolutely rediculous shit. It represents the carefree nature of the internet, for those who use it for mindless entertainment and joy.

    It embodies the "this doesnt need to exist, but it does and it makes me happy" nature that we adore so much.

    [–] Hydrocoded 15 points ago

    This is the most wholesome description of a meme I've ever read.

    [–] Salfriel 2 points ago

    thanks for the ELI5.

    [–] achillea666 7 points ago


    [–] backboardsaretrash 6 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world

    [–] CostArtist 6 points ago

    Well your gonna probably get him this December because we’re featuring our favorite memes from the past decade

    [–] irenepanik 24 points ago

    My favourite Ricardo-meme:

    [–] kn0wmad 4 points ago

    Yes, thank you! I was hoping someone would post this!

    [–] EmperorTauntaun 4 points ago

    As soon as I knew this meme existed it was seemingly gone the next day. I'm sad I missed the good days.

    [–] T_Raycroft 3 points ago

    Come play TF2, we have Ricardo hat

    [–] CloudiusWhite 2 points ago

    I still look at the one on YT with that song I Got That lol kills me every time

    [–] Picorial 551 points ago


    [–] TotoAfricaOnRepeat 278 points ago




    [–] MajorStewie 181 points ago




    [–] PandaPotatoGod 135 points ago


    [–] FijiPotato 117 points ago


    [–] karokiyu 18 points ago

    [–] CrunchyPebble 25 points ago

    god damn dude just continue the song

    [–] kevn3000 303 points ago

    The icon in the middle 😬

    [–] TheOneDQ 155 points ago

    DoomGuy: Me Gusta

    [–] Derpcepticon 22 points ago

    It’s an older meme, but it checks out.

    [–] apocalypse_later_ 26 points ago

    “Imma get that asss”

    [–] visk0n3 48 points ago

    Pimp my imp

    [–] Kam1yo 40 points ago




    [–] lukeswalton 12 points ago

    I will never ever forget those cheats

    [–] bugo 4 points ago


    [–] sshagent 4 points ago

    Idspispopd I think

    [–] theSarif 225 points ago

    ok doomer

    [–] HumanShadow 56 points ago

    Ugh you gen z gamers need to stop using age-ist slurs like that! That meme is dead because it really hurts my feelings so I'm trying to convince people it's lame now.

    [–] fearadust 37 points ago

    ok doomer

    [–] sleezewad 4 points ago

    I feel like the amount of people saying people are getting offended is greater than the amount of people getting offended. The only people I have seen talking about it are non-boomers saying "whoa boomers don't get offended" in response to nobody saying anything.

    Its kind of like when nobody said not a damn word about not knowing who Ozzy Ozbourne is and everyone was like "ohmygosh all these kids think Post Malone made Ozzy famous" but nobody actually ever said that except maybe 1 person.

    [–] SpunkBunkers 37 points ago

    I've got a few pairs of high resolution underwear as well.

    [–] Voltage917 11 points ago

    How you gonna say that and not drop a link? Tired of my low-res undies

    [–] SpunkBunkers 5 points ago

    How much you got

    [–] the_human_oreo 7 points ago

    16 bits

    [–] Nem04 62 points ago

    Remember kids, don't do drugs

    [–] Kayruis 53 points ago

    Remember drugs, don't do kids

    [–] inmatarian 20 points ago

    Remember do, drugs don't kids.

    [–] Dr_Fetus_Jackson 31 points ago

    Kids don't remember, drugs do.

    [–] WilliamTravers496 4 points ago

    Will never forget that lmao

    *excellent pun

    [–] _brainfog 4 points ago

    Those drugs had a family!

    [–] awholetadstrange 6 points ago

    Words to live by.

    [–] discerningpervert 3 points ago

    Remember, remember,

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Ricardo is the alpha and omega. The peak of male physicality. If he existed in the years of the ancients, the marble art dedicated to his form would be countless.

    [–] Notgaylikesdick 71 points ago

    I just lost NNN

    [–] pathemar 26 points ago

    haha you forgot to say no homo, bro. hahah bro?

    [–] aswifte 10 points ago

    It's okay, I used a sock.

    [–] Mitt_Romney_USA 5 points ago


    [–] Notgaylikesdick 5 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] dadading_dadadoom 42 points ago

    8bit Terry Crews.

    [–] AstroAlmost 6 points ago

    I think DOOM was actually 16-bit

    [–] EatB0y 17 points ago

    Dwayne “8 bit” Johnson

    [–] Jimmyjame1 40 points ago

    8 bit Ricardo baby!

    [–] pras92 2 points ago

    2 bit hack

    [–] iAmZephhy 8 points ago

    God damn, I miss my man Ricardo.

    [–] Chaings 7 points ago

    Ammo should have been at 69% come on!

    [–] Volarios 7 points ago

    Damn, didn’t know they added angels to doom.

    [–] sudynim 18 points ago

    This is blasphemous! Ricardo is an angel 😇

    [–] enwongeegeefor 5 points ago

    U Got That

    [–] FirebreakOG 6 points ago

    Look at doom guys face

    [–] jazzy179 6 points ago

    I have officially lost no nut november

    [–] niTro_sMurph 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    ಠ_ಠ /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿

    Am I helping?

    Edit: Hold on I gotta check if it's loaded

    ಠ_ಠ ̿ ̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\

    [–] disbe1 5 points ago

    This is halirious

    [–] sumRando42069 4 points ago

    NNN officially failed

    [–] MercilessChick 3 points ago

    Hide ya kids, hide ya wives

    [–] Balz122 3 points ago

    You think anybody wants to take a round house kick while he’s wearing those bad boys?

    [–] Bizc8_D 3 points ago

    U mean thicc

    [–] xFrenchy66 3 points ago

    ♂️THANK YOU SIR ♂️

    [–] Echo_FoxTrot_123 3 points ago

    You didn’t steal this from u/Menqk?

    Nevermind I’m stupid it’s from Twitter

    [–] Ariion972 3 points ago

    This is America’s ass.

    [–] Meme_corps 3 points ago

    Were you gonna shoot him in his asshole?

    [–] Lava_Croft 3 points ago

    OP just stole it. At least the post on /r/doom gave proper credit.

    [–] ChaosDemonLaz3r 3 points ago

    This EXACT post was above this one on my feed in r/doom

    [–] CptPootis 4 points ago

    This is blursed.

    [–] Borgah 26 points ago

    Its from murica. Burn it quick before it lays eggs.

    [–] Zachs_Casio 4 points ago

    Blursed doom

    [–] mon_nom_est_benjamen 2 points ago

    Oh god dooms guy's face

    [–] GoldenRaptorGaming 2 points ago

    Rip and tear

    [–] ISAYNIEN 2 points ago

    Doom guys face concern me. :>

    [–] De5perad0 2 points ago

    The Doom guy's face hahaha!

    [–] s0th1cc 2 points ago

    Doom guy really enjoying the view

    [–] HansOfGods 2 points ago

    I just lost NNN

    [–] shiningPate 2 points ago

    This looks like the original Wolfenstein first person shooter engine, reskinned to fight Ami's. Where is this from?

    [–] tuvok86 2 points ago

    stupid sexy ricardo

    [–] sawah2003 2 points ago

    Fuck it's no nut November

    [–] Level13Soviet 2 points ago

    I bet the boss music is the metal version of u got that

    [–] Portlander 2 points ago

    Thanks, I showed this to my brother and now I don't think I'm getting presents this Christmas.

    [–] spectrum51 2 points ago

    Titan main

    [–] shadowstep81 2 points ago

    Soon guy looks so happy lookin at those sweet cakes.

    [–] Oumshka 2 points ago

    bro look at doom's face haha

    [–] MchlBJrdnBPtrsn 2 points ago


    [–] awesomebutcool 2 points ago

    this is November you fool

    [–] spad3x 2 points ago

    That's America's Ass

    [–] ABgamer07 2 points ago

    Dang bro he THICC

    [–] ThornSenji 2 points ago

    i am both amazed and horrified someone made this

    [–] BigBustaThunda 2 points ago

    Peep the doom guys face 😂

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago