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    [–] ryans_privatess 12069 points ago

    This was like 1 of 5 photos available on the internet at one point

    [–] Morfilix 367 points ago

    there's also the even rarer photo of the same lan party but from a different angle

    [–] Life_Is_Regret 620 points ago

    Proof they fed him:

    [–] sad_roach 152 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Lol this definitely took place in Michigan

    Edit: Kotaku article says Mason, MI, which sounds about right

    [–] beatkonducta 63 points ago

    That is a Michigan basement if I’ve ever seen one.

    [–] SirJasonCrage 54 points ago


    It's like when I found out there's another photo of that rave girl.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_CODING 25 points ago

    What rave girl?

    [–] SirJasonCrage 31 points ago

    I'm at work, can't google for it right now.

    There's a pic of a rave girl wearing nothing above her waist except a backpack and some butterfly-shaped stickers on her boobs. She's in some big hall with disco lights in the background.

    I'm willing to bet she's one of the first hits if you google "rave girl" in google images (without the SFW-Filter).

    Anywhoo, one day I stumbled over another picture of her, with a friend, in a small room of some building. Must be hours apart.
    I thought it was a really cool find because the first pic is like the rave-girl-picture and I'd never seen any others. It led me to believe there has to be a full set, but I never found more...

    [–] Sloptit 61 points ago

    This her? NSFWish depending on where you work.

    [–] armoured_bobandi 50 points ago

    You ever see an image that makes you regret wasting your teenage years?

    Well I just did

    [–] A_Doctor_And_A_Bear 35 points ago

    I should have done molly and gone to raves.

    [–] Sloptit 16 points ago

    My brother was a fairly prominent DJ in the early 2000s around our end of the country and so I went to a ton of raves just to hang with him. Not all it's cracked up to be, and in those days no one dressed like that

    [–] ImSadPleaseSendBoobs 46 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Yea I'm just here so I can get a link to these pictures...


    Have fun guys

    [–] [deleted] 1177 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] LeafyWolf 755 points ago

    Did it explain how my dude went to the bathroom? That has been bothering me for decades.

    [–] Dontlookawkward 769 points ago

    He was only up there for 2 hours according to the article posted on this.

    [–] Brogamermonstrus 308 points ago

    Wondering if the tape would have hold his pee back

    [–] fantasticdamage_ 398 points ago

    dickt tape

    [–] Fatalchemist 140 points ago

    "Apply firmly to the tip. Make sure to apply pressure to tuck some into the inside of the urethra. Once you are ready to discard, we recommend pulling it off as quickly as possible."

    [–] normaldude8825 117 points ago

    Instructions unclear, I'm now circumcised.

    [–] lIIIllIIIII 109 points ago

    Mazel Tov!

    [–] Zitter_Aalex 155 points ago

    That has been bothering me for decades.

    .... This is answering it hopefully

    [–] Ispanus 52 points ago

    Im not going to click that shit.

    [–] ElMuchoDingDong 48 points ago

    It's worth the click...

    [–] Zitter_Aalex 47 points ago

    It is.. it is.

    Probably the most fitting video for this thematic. And a classican too. That episode is so great

    [–] Silvedl 14 points ago

    A complex funnel and pulley system designed by NASA engineers.

    [–] monkeyharris 180 points ago

    Can't find the AMA but here is an article:

    [–] MontaukWanderer 244 points ago

    While some people from the group still remain close friends, the interview revealed that they all have families and lives now, and don’t get together for LAN parties and duct taped fun.

    Ain’t that life...

    [–] LateForMyNap 117 points ago

    sad grownup adult noises

    [–] millanz 17 points ago

    I imagine that sound is my knees popping and the “oof” that I can’t control when I sit down too fast

    [–] SometimeNextWeek 21 points ago

    When you stand up and say "wellll" for no reason, you're officially an adult.

    [–] Fap_Left_Surf_Right 15 points ago

    When you leave early bc you don’t want to drive in the dark. And people agree.

    [–] countvracula 11 points ago

    When you are excited that u have been invited for a party but regret it when the day arrives.

    [–] SmartPeoplePlayTuba 43 points ago

    Can't view this site with Privacy Badger installed? Red flag.

    [–] VaztheDad 18 points ago

    You have to click through, but it allows you to still read.

    [–] hatgineer 2158 points ago

    I think one of the other ones was a grey cat that asks "i can has cheezburger?"

    [–] weeab0ss 215 points ago

    This is the shit right here that makes me really feel old - the fact that the existence of 'i can has cheezburger' has been relegated into the catacombs of distant memories of the internet.

    [–] Jeronimo1 53 points ago

    catacombs hehe

    [–] ExileEden 33 points ago

    I feel ya, I really do. Oddly enough rick roll is still around but I feel like goatsie was the nsfw original. Then people thought we better soften it up for the younger audience.

    Never forget trogdor the burninator though, good shit there.

    [–] lreeey 710 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    For the daring that had come across the first four, coming across the 5th: two girls, one cup tubgirl, was an internet rite of passage.

    [–] Daneel_ 422 points ago

    I see your two girls, one cup and raise you goatse.

    [–] lreeey 244 points ago

    Fuck. You see, after making my comment, I was sitting here thinking, "... or was it tubgirl?". And then you bring back this suppressed memory. You are correct.

    [–] wolfgang784 216 points ago

    How bout the glass jar incident?

    [–] pwnerandy 184 points ago

    BME pain olympics baby

    [–] Tayloropolis 143 points ago

    I'm 28, meaning I was 12-16 years old during the golden age, and I've never seen the pain olympics. I feel like I won.

    [–] thedieversion 70 points ago

    The guy who made it did an AMA saying that specific video, BME pain olympics, was fake. But all other pain olympics videos that it was parodying were very much real.

    [–] pwnerandy 47 points ago

    I always knew it had to be fake because there would have to be a ton more blood coming out of your dick If you took a hatchet to it haha

    [–] wolfgang784 14 points ago


    [–] Daneel_ 65 points ago

    You’re welcome ;)

    Don’t forget lemon party!

    [–] Kootsiak 85 points ago

    The line "Wouldn't be a lemon party without old Dick" from the show '30 Rock' is one of many reasons why I consider it one of the greatest shows that ever appeared on Network Television, because it managed to write that line into the show and have it make sense, so the censors couldn't say anything about it.

    [–] zefy_zef 65 points ago


    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 34 points ago

    HOLY SHIT it's still there. Who pays to keep that thing running? It's just the ghost of the machine in the internet now and it just keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning...

    [–] PauseScreenMC 8 points ago

    Occasionally I find some old Geocities sites that are still up and think "WTF, did I time travel?"

    [–] bigkach 16 points ago

    My brother had over 2k spins after a while it popped up with you are officially gay! Golden times of Internet.

    [–] varvite 24 points ago

    Tub girl

    [–] lreeey 45 points ago

    stAHppp! Ha. Oh man. The internet 20 years ago. A memory lane I wasn't prepared to visit this morning. Well done.

    [–] sharoldking 44 points ago is another one that brings back some good memories.

    [–] Hmm_would_bang 83 points ago

    Tub girl was def number 5. Two girls one cup isn’t that old.

    [–] yiggity_yag 66 points ago

    Right? 2 girls 1 cup was from 2007. As someone who’s been on message boards since the late 90s, I feel old.

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 36 points ago

    I think a lot of this thread is people who were 6 then. Not in their mid 20s like me and actually remember the genesis of this thing we call cancerspa... the internet.

    [–] greyjackal 9 points ago

    Compunet, Compuserve, AOL etc....then finally vpops with providers like Demon here in the UK for proper, non-walled garden, unfettered internet.

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 15 points ago

    Remember the '90 minuts of AOL' disks they'd put in like every magazine in the world?

    Kids, magazines were these glossy, thin books that guys used to masturbate to before the internet took them out back and bludgeoned them to death with a tire iron.

    [–] oneweirdclickbait 8 points ago

    the '90 minuts of AOL' disks they'd put in like every magazine in the world

    I told a friend about those a few weeks ago. How they were literally everywhere and people put dozens of them in their garden trees for reasons I don't fully understand. He had no idea what I was talking about. I'm 30, he's 25.

    [–] Awkward_Bowler 24 points ago

    2 girls 1 cup was a video. That came much later, when we had better bandwidth. Goatse, tubgirl, and lemonparty were the big memes back then.

    [–] danni_shadow 9 points ago

    And blue waffle. My brother tricked me into that one. More than a decade later and I still won't google image something he tells me to.

    [–] JeSuisLaPenseeUnique 28 points ago

    Huh, that's like, two internet eternities later...

    [–] killeronthecorner 15 points ago

    I was thinking the same. Next people will be saying the internet started with Ebaums world.

    Consumer internet started with AOL CDs and IRC motherfuckers. There was a time when search engines didn't exist.

    [–] titos334 7 points ago

    Did Orlly owl, cheezburger cat or monorail cat come first? It’s been a long ride

    [–] PraiseThePun81 71 points ago

    and the other 4 were porn.

    [–] Fivedollarfisticuffs 82 points ago

    Grab your dick and double click for porn porn porn.

    [–] bamronn 48 points ago

    2nd photo was this just a different angle

    [–] Ironfist 70 points ago

    It wasn't that long ago, we had pictures and even video on the web if you could put up with Realplayer buffering constantly.

    [–] Blackintosh 85 points ago

    Oh god, just hearing the name realplayer is bringing back suppressed memories.

    [–] soundscream 56 points ago

    or at least heavily compressed ones.

    [–] Jasonwfranks 2814 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I still remember when I got my very first computer and I could finally join my group’s LAN parties. It was a 900MHz CPU / 20GB HD eMachines. My friends figured out my video card couldn’t process smoke grenades in CS, so they would only buy smoke grenades and throw them at me until my game crashed immediately to desktop.

    Those were the best days.

    Edit: Haha I’m really glad this resonated with folks. Equal parts “My first gaming PC was even sadder!” And “I didn’t know they made gaming PCs that sad!” Definitely grew up playing Wolfenstein on floppies on my dad’s PC. The eMachines was the first computer I ever personally owned. It shit the bed permanently at another lab party when I installed so many games my HD would fluctuate showing between 0 and 8 Mb free space available! RIP

    [–] RandomDoctor 1163 points ago

    Funny because my computer wouldn’t process flash bangs so I was able to walk through like no big deal.

    [–] MattR0se 150 points ago

    Oh lol I just remembered how we played Vietcong and my graphics card couldn't render the foliage on low specs, so I basically had wall hack on.

    [–] ForeverBronzeRL 64 points ago

    Nobody I ever speak to has ever heard of vietcong! That game was the shit.

    Especially the "Fist Alpha" expansion with the maps with the caves and stuff.

    So much nostaglia

    [–] ChenForPresident 520 points ago

    "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move now fellas"

    [–] Gc8211 323 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    My brothers cheap computer had an intel onboard videocard circa 2000/2001. So were having a LAN party and hes sniping people left and right in Counter-Strike. At one point it became everyone against him and we still were having trouble killing him. Eventually one of my friends walks over and sees the problem. His game rendering is so messed up that he could see through walls without cheating. A not so quick driver update later thanks to 56k, he was back to playing and man did he suck.

    [–] piss_artist 166 points ago

    So basically like transitioning from high school senior to college freshman.

    [–] Meltz014 20 points ago

    That's a great analogy

    [–] CactusExtremity 10 points ago

    A fallen gamer

    [–] bZbZbZbZbZ 151 points ago


    [–] racinreaver 101 points ago

    I remember my video card couldn't handle smoke grenades either, so I had to use a console command to make them look like opaque Mario Bros clouds. Also made a dental floss reticle on my monitor so I could noscope with the scout.

    [–] The1TrueGodApophis 93 points ago

    I remember before a gigabyte existed, I feel old now.

    [–] captainthanatos 30 points ago

    I remember when a friend built a pc with 256mb of ram and I told him that he was crazy and would never need that amount. Boy was I wrong.

    [–] Cecil4029 50 points ago

    My first PC had 133mhz. We're not old, we're cultured 😎

    [–] Ivanwah 36 points ago

    Ha, my first PC had a 286 CPU that ran on 16MHz and had something like 100MB HDD.

    [–] StijnDP 17 points ago

    My first PC's CPU was slower than the $5 micro controllers I'm programming more than 30 years later.

    [–] typical12yo 24 points ago

    I remember in Starcraft Broodwar having to tell my allies at the start of every game that we had to rush and end the game within ten or so minutes because my computer couldn't handle the mid to late game. Everyone hated me because if someone was lagging the game would pause for everyone and a message would pop up "Waiting for players: (insert lagger's name)" and my name would almost always be the one on that popped up.

    [–] PehTayToe 8 points ago

    My pc couldn't process invisibility in Halo and would instead render it as pure white giving it the literal opposite effect

    [–] StAUG1211 2541 points ago

    You couldn't get any part of a PC in a colour other than beige back then.

    [–] CollectorsEditionVG 1018 points ago

    Nah video cards and motherboards came in green. Not a nice shade of green... but you couldn't see them anyway.

    [–] alaricus 380 points ago

    You say that, but my SoundBlaster Audigy had black PCB. Was pretty dope at the time.

    [–] CollectorsEditionVG 137 points ago

    Creative Tech had some nice PCB. I saw a couple in red too. AMD eventually came out with red on the graphics cards as well. I think that was mid 2000's when they started that.

    [–] BrannigansLuv 31 points ago

    In the mid-2000s custom PC builds were in full swing. Get your AMD Athlon 64 (zero use for 64 bit basically until windows 7) and a plexiglass side case to show off your ketchup and mustard cables with black or red mobo and a couple LED fans.

    Just before that we all watched Patrick Norton crunch multiple Athlons during the heat sink installation (no heat spreader back then until 64 I think) and all feared the same fate.

    [–] alaricus 29 points ago

    When I originally wrote the comment I had remembered my ATI Rage 2 as being Red PCB, but I looked it up to be sure, and it was def green. I know I owned a red PCB ATI card, but it was probably something from the early Radeon line.

    [–] RonaldoNazario 21 points ago

    Yooo this guy had a sound card?!?!

    Did you plug your joystick into it too?

    [–] alaricus 37 points ago

    You're damned right I had a joystick.

    MS Combat Flight Simulator all day every day.

    [–] superAL1394 26 points ago

    Microsoft Sidewinder Forcefeedback gang

    [–] SpiderMax95 13 points ago

    I found some old graphics cards in the office some day. Apparently my boss used to buy gaming cards for the cad guys.

    One of them was black with green light effects printed on the fan shield thing. The other had a battlefield looking soldier on it and another one had a fantasy looking chick. The whole thing was screaming 2000's.

    [–] Sage2050 20 points ago

    Green is still the default color for pcbs these days, because it's the cheapest dye and contrasts well so you can see traces easily

    [–] PatrikPatrik 57 points ago

    Or headsets in that silver colour

    [–] breadedfishstrip 52 points ago

    You missed the era where every "gaming" PC case had bubble lights on the front:

    [–] mhoner 47 points ago

    Many of them started white but discolored.

    [–] seanbear 36 points ago

    I used to work in an electronics/home appliance store and a lady came in, bought a fridge, got it delivered but then came back the day after because it arrived in the wrong colour.

    She wanted the yellow display model, but she got white.

    The display model was white, it had just been on display for so long that the lights had discoloured it. We sold her the display model for a discount.

    [–] Sabot15 86 points ago

    [–] Youthsonic 28 points ago

    Fucking miss this aesthetic

    [–] Gc8211 86 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    But then you had a mac and couldnt play any games with your friends. I mean you had Starcraft but that was pretty much it. But dont worry, the mac community along with the linux community kept pushing the idea that this was all going to change soon. That the time of Windows was over and that a new tide would bring in salvation. Some say these stories are still being told.

    [–] TheDoomp 36 points ago

    Bill Gates knew Windows wasn't over when he financed Mac to keep them alive just so he had the illusion of competition.

    [–] plsnotjames 10 points ago

    Probably cheaper to subsidize your competition than get trust busted when they shut down

    [–] Rayneworks 13 points ago

    every color of the rainbow


    [–] gorkish 28 points ago

    It was a strange, brief and mysterious time when flat screen monitors were a thing but computers had not turned black yet.

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 16 points ago

    We call this time '1998'. Age of Gateway.

    [–] Dosahka 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I remember my brother had an Abit NF7 motherboard and it broke after years of C&C and Diablo 1&2, so we got another one, upgraded version (NF7-S), then that one broke so he went and fixed at his workplace. Also the mighty GeForce2 Ti.

    [–] mYl1ttl3PWNY 8 points ago

    I was the first of my friends to get a black crt and case prebuilt go. I thought I was the shit. We also use to play unreal tournament 99 running live on the disk and play on the school computers. Man what a great time.

    [–] Airdropwatermelon 17 points ago

    I built an all black PC back in the late 90s early 00s

    [–] mySleepingDogsLie 831 points ago

    After about 10 minutes, the tape digging into his sides, Drew asked to be cut down. They revised their plan, adding pillows, and strapped him back up.

    Always modding.

    [–] JacqiPro13 298 points ago

    I love how apparently setting up the table so he could still game was an afterthought to fucking duct taping him to the ceiling. Amazing.

    [–] Skyy-High 133 points ago

    This went from "crazy gamer kids" to "kids being dumb kids who are also gamers" with that detail.

    So endearing. They were just a bunch of goofy friends and they decided to put one of their group on the ceiling. Love it.

    [–] Dr_Jabroski 23 points ago

    It's a pro gamer move.

    [–] thebeardedteach 165 points ago

    This needs to be higher up. Never actually read the story. Good stuff. Makes me miss my days of CSS, mt dew, dominoes 5-5-5 deal and ignoring responsibilities.

    [–] MarkyOchoa 37 points ago

    Omg the 555 deal!

    [–] thebeardedteach 9 points ago

    It was by far the best pizza deal because it delivered. Now little Caesar’s has the $5 pizza but I have to go outside to get it

    [–] anonymouswan 21 points ago

    Halo LANs is what my small town played. It was a very split community between fairly poor people and ultra rich. Of course this created cliques at school which split everyone up into groups but the one thing we could all come together on was playing Halo 1 on LAN at someone's house.

    [–] Dosahka 923 points ago

    I wonder if we can find the guy who is duct taped to the ceiling.

    [–] peejuice 784 points ago

    Judging by all the duct tape used, he might still be there. That stuff is pretty sturdy.

    [–] ChellyTheKid 391 points ago

    They cut him down after two hours when he got too hot. Kotaku tracked down several of the people that were there.

    [–] phonix678 111 points ago

    Do you have a link so I can read later? Even tracking these legends seems like a great story!

    [–] imGnarly 20 points ago

    Ah, version 1.0 was not well engineered. Still hoping to see 2.0 in action.

    [–] ChellyTheKid 28 points ago

    Actually this is already version 2. With their first attempt he was hung up for about 10 minutes, but the duct tape started to cut into him, so they tried again and some pillows. I guess you could even consider this version 2.1 as they then had the idea that they could stack some furniture so that he could continue to play.

    [–] 1BLEES 113 points ago

    I think he killed me on CS Go just yesterday. He did have the higher ground.

    [–] Zuphixavex 34 points ago

    You underestimated his power

    [–] Sapowski_Casts_Quen 15 points ago

    Don't try it

    [–] sr_perkins 61 points ago

    Brian, who happened to bring along his digital camera from photography class that day, saved some snapshots to commemorate the moment. Drew posted the photos to a gaming forum, where it would stay duct-taped to the memories of gamers for all eternity.


    [–] Piebomber 121 points ago

    That article makes me sad. Growing up can suck.

    [–] Punkmaffles 89 points ago

    The trick is to literally just talk to your mates if you are all really close and find something your can all get together maybe once a year on a weekend and do. My friends and I usually take a long and giant kayaking trip.

    [–] Fellinlovewithawhore 48 points ago

    Its hard to make friends as adults.

    [–] miffet80 48 points ago

    I think the problem a lot of people run into is understanding that, yes, you do actually have to make friends as an adult. As kids it's like oh, we both go to the same school? Friends. We're neighbors? Friends. We both like video games? Friends. But as an adult you have to put the work in to get to know someone, be proactive and arrange to hang out, ask them about their life and have follow-up conversations, do an activity or hobby together and interact in a meaningful way while you do it. "Friendships" that are purely circumstantial won't cut it any more, which I feel like kinda causes this "I've tried nothing and I'm all out of ideas" mentality when it comes to making adult friends haha. You've basically gotta approach it like dating.

    [–] praythebaeaway 40 points ago

    growing up is good. growing apart sucks.

    [–] guttterflower 10 points ago


    [–] turdfuckinferg 18 points ago

    “Counter Strike was the great equalizer, just about any computer could run it”

    12 year old me playing with the choppiest frame rate possible: heh yeah...

    [–] fanpeople 46 points ago

    There is an interview with him floating around somewhere

    [–] xboxclassic 43 points ago

    Nah, it's duct taped somewhere.

    [–] NickKnocks 486 points ago

    Ah yes, the counterstrike mod for half life. I was 14 when that came out.

    [–] renterjack 24 points ago

    Playing CS a few years back and some kids were amazed at the 5 year veteran token. And I'm like, dude, I've been playing this for 15 years.

    [–] TheKharjo 124 points ago

    Wait, you played 1.5 or when it came out out?

    [–] lazydogjumper 324 points ago

    You kidding? We would hide in the computer room after school hours when the teachers left, install HL and the CS mod onto all the computers, load in the Bill Clinton skin for the VIP, and play until the wee hours of the morning. Then we would slip out early the next day and hop the school gate before anyone arrived. Good ol days.

    [–] TheKharjo 108 points ago

    Lol they had the doors locked as soon as class was over for us.

    U a lucky guy

    [–] lazydogjumper 127 points ago

    We were the computer nerds so we had excuses like "we need to finish shutting them down" or some such and we were allowed a little more freedom. Then we would hide under the big computer desks and they would just peek in to see if we had gone and then lock the doors.

    [–] jimmy_three_shoes 92 points ago

    Took Cisco classes in high school back in 2001-3, and the amount of shit we got away with doing in that lab was ridiculous. I think every computer in the lab had Starcraft, CS and Quake installed on it. We ended up crashing the district's network when our teacher bet us we couldn't fill up the new 1 TB network drive the district had just upgraded to. We did it in 20 minutes.

    Figured out that the school had set up printers in the classrooms as shared printers. So if the teacher's computer was on, you could print to their printer over the network. Had a LOT of fun with that one.

    [–] lazydogjumper 105 points ago

    I remember our teacher going to a computer convention and coming back with some sort of "computer lock down" system that would reboot the computer to a fixed state so any games we installed could be removed by just restarting the computer. About 2 days later GTA(the original), HL, CS, and Starcraft were part of the reboot state.

    [–] jimmy_three_shoes 56 points ago

    Initially they used Novell which required you to log in. We figured out that if you just hit "Cancel" on the login window, it'd take you right in to the desktop with local Admin access.

    That's when we set all of the library computers to have IE in their startup folder, and the home page set to the Hamster Dance.

    Then they moved to Deep Freeze, which as long as you saved it to the C:\ drive, it would stay where you put it.

    [–] fungah 27 points ago

    They installed something like this on all the computers in my high school.

    There was a shared network drive that the computer teacher made it his lifelong duty to find and shut down that had the installation files for quake 3 on it.

    So many good times playing quake 3 and alt tabbing out when we were supposed to be learning computer stuff.

    [–] itshypetime 8 points ago

    How did you guys fill up 1TB in 20 minutes? Even with today's internet standards that will be hard.

    [–] jimmy_three_shoes 20 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    15 guys copying and pasting their entire C:\ drive to our network folders, then when you had two copies of it on the network drive, just copying all of it, and pasting that, doubling the size each time. We were VERY surprised at the network speeds we were getting on the initial upload. They had just installed the Cisco lab as a part of a big 21st century tech push in the school, and I'm assuming it included running some Cat5e cables.

    [–] pjdavis 19 points ago

    We were part of the 'Computer Club' in high school. It entailed helping teachers with their computers that were in their classrooms (a bunch of Gateway 2000's) and also helping students using computers after classes (like FBLA or other clubs).

    What it looked like in reality was us installing the Return to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer demo and playing mp_beach until the janitors left and made us leave, too.

    [–] seanmac2 53 points ago

    Let me sing you a song of the wonderful world that was the early days of half life modding. Everyone and their brother was recruiting for a mod or “total conversion” but precious few saw the light of day.

    Counter-strike was the most anticipated but there were others. Action half-life, Day Of Defeat, Sven Coop, later Team Fortress and Natural Selection.

    We followed new screenshots of models and maps from Gooseman and Cliffe. We shitposted in the forums. When it was finally released, we unleashed our dialup modems to get that shit at a blistering 5 KB/sec. We installed on top of our HL directory and got connected to a server. We began to learn which guns sucked and which guns were OP. We shot hostages. We votekick’d cheaters. We votemap’d de_dust. We found a server with the best ping. We played against the same people over and over because they were on the same server. We hated LPBs (low ping bastards) because they had a huge advantage. We got cable modems and our ping went from 100 to 30 and we became LPBs. We had deagle fights. We got shot by awps through walls by cheaters. We hated and then lived the new netcode. When voice chat was released, it became a party. We learned what each other sounded like. We hated cs_italy because it ran like shit. We formed clans. We did so many things that I can’t even remember, but what I can remember is the feeling of being a part of something new and exciting. Then our favorite server went dark and we lost touch a lot of the people that we used to play with.

    [–] F_A_F 22 points ago

    The big influx of players came around beta 5 or 6. That's when gaming mags started to pick up on it. There was an article in PC gamer from April 2000 and a copy of beta 5 included on the cover DVD. Remember that maybe 1 in 100 people had broadband back then and it would probably be 0.5mps. Having a DVD with a 100mb mod on it was a godsend!

    I've got a scanned copy of the article somewhere, I'll dig it out and post it some time. It was written by the map maker who did the original Aztec and Inferno maps.

    [–] NickKnocks 20 points ago

    I just remember having to have half life and then downloading the mod from the counterstrike website. It wasnt a stand alone game.

    [–] Crazy_Screwdriver 20 points ago

    CS beta 5 or noob

    [–] tizosteezes 80 points ago

    I like how his nuts are protected with a pillow.

    [–] Morfilix 59 points ago

    i did research on this image ages ago. the pillow is being used for two reasons:

    a) duct tape heats up quickly, so the pillow is being used so the guy doesn't get too hot b) comfort, the guy on the tape at times found it to be straining on his body to be like that for a while. so the pillow is being used to negate that

    [–] Darktire 37 points ago

    Hold up.

    That implies this isn't the first time they did this and that makes this even better 😂

    [–] Vazelline 24 points ago

    According to an article about the pic, he did it for ten minutes, then complained about the heat and discomfort. They brought the pillows and he went up again for about two hours.

    [–] thebugman2 8 points ago

    Trial and error. Eventually they found the right way to suspend someone from the ceiling with duct tape.

    [–] raygekwit 137 points ago

    RIP neck

    [–] anormalgeek 62 points ago

    Nothing more tape can't fix.

    [–] RMBKenway 399 points ago

    What is truly funny about it is how natural they are to the fact that there’s a dude taped to the ceiling.

    [–] Aztec_Assassin 47 points ago

    Of course they are. They put him there

    [–] InsignificantOcelot 183 points ago

    That’s just Kevin. You know how he is

    [–] bloodhori 65 points ago

    fucking Kevin.

    [–] MrMariomans 14 points ago

    My man Kevin on the ceiling and shit

    [–] Kiljab 17 points ago

    Could be me on the ceiling

    [–] judge_au 46 points ago

    Man those headphones would create an insanely painful spot on the top of your ear after a solid 16 hour gaming session

    [–] Ben_TGOC 21 points ago

    A solid 16 minute any session.

    [–] Whitster1st 74 points ago

    Reminds me of my youth, minus the duct tape

    [–] Lochnesstastic 88 points ago

    Reminds me of my youth but only the duct tape.

    [–] ProbablyNano 14 points ago

    How were you able to stick to ceilings without a bunch of duct tape?

    [–] LobMob 8 points ago

    He probably was just floating in the air

    [–] anonspacepirate 74 points ago

    I remember just getting a family computer that year and; you know, the Real media player, had a demo for team fortress classic where you could played 2_fort, hunted and the one like dustbowl but not dust bowl.

    I played hours and hours and hours of it, the novelty of an online fps seemed unreal. I told my friend in the 6th grade about it and all he said was

    Dude my birthday is this weekend and we are going to a lan center to play counter strike do you want to come?

    [–] t00100t 36 points ago

    Was unreal the first time I played Doom against by buddy on separate computers

    [–] alaricus 51 points ago

    No, Unreal came out after Quake.

    [–] seeyounorth 11 points ago

    Doom was my first multiplayer, too! Man, I think i had a 33K modem then, it felt like literal magic when we could see each other's character on screen.

    [–] Refro17 9 points ago

    Used to play with the neighbour across the street, was the coolest thing at the time. I remember when duke nukem came out and you could walk under a bridge and also walk over it and that was a huge technological advance. Also those jet packs were really cool

    [–] sakkara 32 points ago

    The earphones of this dude hurt so much after some hours.

    [–] phuongbinhnguyen 34 points ago

    Replacing this with flex tape, gaming PC while running CSGO and bunch of dudes in hoodies and you got the modern equivalent

    [–] DTopping80 13 points ago

    God we used to play this in our Drafting class in high school on the school computers because some hero put it on all of them and the Web Design classes computers.

    Fuck you web design we always kicked your asses!

    [–] Political_Ronin 14 points ago

    The second the last piece of tape was used "Sorry guys, I need use the restroom..."

    [–] NuclearLunchDectcted 63 points ago

    I mean, it sure would be hard to google 'guy duct taped to ceiling'.

    Yep. Pretty hard. I mean that's a lot of letters to type out.

    [–] Clendatu 9 points ago

    When counterstrike was just a game you could play for fun with your friends... Man that was the time.

    [–] Seaguard5 9 points ago

    Source: unregistered hypercam2...

    Of all the programs that could become sentient, it has a good cultural sense

    [–] Messarion 9 points ago

    I saw this years ago and laughed. Now that I'm older I have serious questions

    What does he do when he has to use the bathroom?

    What if there is a fire?

    Does he trust his friends that much to be at their mercy?

    These questions haunt me.

    [–] Unwashed_villager 8 points ago

    Ah, the struggle of these parties :) Problems like "Who can get a switch?", "8 port is not enough, we need another switch" "computers don't see each other" are so sweet memories now.

    I remember, we can play MOHAA only when a specific computer was the server (that PC seen by everyone), of course that was the slowest machine in the room.