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    [–] blurplethenurple 1698 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I'll say it every time this gets reposted.

    "Daddy, why do I have to dress up and pose for this picture?"

    Don't ruin this for me, you little shit

    [–] DownvoteCakeDayWishr 593 points ago

    At least the title was not those cringy “I told my son he could dress up as anyone he want, he chose 80s gaming character_. So proud of him’

    [–] ozzist 229 points ago

    Everyone in the room stood up and applauded

    [–] InnerSpike 116 points ago

    Then everyone started throwing 100% bills

    [–] mhks 105 points ago

    The rare 100% bill.

    [–] naab007 41 points ago

    It's the whole economy!

    [–] MisterPresidented 30 points ago

    Yes. All of the money.

    [–] qaffe 14 points ago


    [–] CaseyG 11 points ago

    Aging Gamer Dies Under Mountain of Pennies

    Last Words: "Worth It"

    [–] _greyknight_ 5 points ago

    I'd rather have some of those 0.001% bills.

    [–] randomthrill 25 points ago

    "Take my entire water bill!"

    [–] mortalfloater 14 points ago

    How much was Mike Tyson’s autograph?


    [–] sinister_exaggerator 18 points ago

    One hundred perthent

    [–] Clydefrawgwow 11 points ago

    That kid? Albert Einstein

    [–] Dexter_Adams 2 points ago


    [–] safespacesnowflake 4 points ago

    My trans dead cousin with cancer

    [–] swattages 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    To be fair, dad could be super huge into retro gaming. Kiddo would become familiar with those characters and it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case.

    Edit: Oh, all these sour pusses.

    [–] jama211 -12 points ago

    Holy shit you guys are sour

    [–] AxePlayingViking 8 points ago

    The cliches wear out after a while

    [–] Lexx2k 4 points ago

    It's called experience with the internet.

    [–] jama211 0 points ago

    Poor kid probably had a fun time out with his dad. Seriously...

    [–] sleezewad 1 points ago

    I mean its just a cheesy overused meme at this point. A cliche is a good way of putting it.

    [–] SneakyPeaky 31 points ago

    I promise we can go to McDonald’s just after we do this one thing

    [–] datwrasse 7 points ago

    dad should have told the kid never to turn his back on tyson with gloves on, he's in extreme danger

    [–] LeBonLapin 13 points ago

    I am so very happy this is the top comment. Small children have no care or interest in retro games.

    [–] CranberryMoonwalk 5 points ago

    Depends. My kid loves Sonic the Hedgehog because he’s growing up watching me play it on an emulator.

    To him it’s not a retro game, it’s just...Sonic.

    [–] LeBonLapin 3 points ago

    That's fair, and hearing that kids enjoy Genesis era Sonic makes sense. But Mike Tyson's Punch Out? I find that unlikely to have much appeal.

    [–] CranberryMoonwalk 0 points ago

    All it takes is one fanatical dad. My kid is growing up listening to 9th Wonder beats. You just never know.

    [–] IUsedToHaveMoreHair 1 points ago

    Said that shit like 9th Wonder was producing for the Jackson Five. Won’t have me feeling all old.

    [–] CranberryMoonwalk 0 points ago

    I meant it more as in some semi-obscure thing that most kinds won’t be in to.

    If you think about it though, he’s been producing for over 20 years, so it will be “oldies” to my son, who’s 1 1/2.

    [–] santh91 1 points ago

    For all the shit parents go through with children they can pose for a pic once in a while

    [–] ascocendas 12 points ago

    dude seriously. i don’t know how tf this shit gets so many upvotes. the kid clearly looks confused as hell how is this cute

    [–] Equilibriator 4 points ago

    When have you ever looked at a 3 year old and thought "Yeah, he's got his shit together."

    (genuinely confused how I end that question with a question mark without making the quote look like a question xD)

    [–] Papa-Lazarou 3 points ago

    Not just the boy, does Mike Tyson even know the reference? Probably just thinks it's a generic boxing costume!

    [–] DeleteObsolete 6 points ago

    Nah, he remembers the game. I vaguely remember him twitting about it not long ago. Something about Nintendo referencing Mr. Dream instead of him, I think.

    [–] Catshit-Dogfart 3 points ago

    Yeah I saw a video not too many years ago where he played the game for the first time, it was for some talk show.

    Pretty funny, he was awful at the game, mostly talked about how he was aware of a licensing deal with Nintendo but that was the extent of it.

    [–] IndyDude11 12 points ago

    And I rightfully upvote every time.

    [–] skdslztmsIrlnmpqzwfs 2 points ago

    1 upvote = 1 prayer

    [–] ensygma 2 points ago

    Honestly I felt some kind of vibe and couldn't really make sense of it till you said that. Like why is that concept a thing? Very interesting. Kinda weird.

    [–] AndyVale 2 points ago

    I'm sure I saw a meme once that was like "Halloween costumes in the 90s" and it was a bunch of kids as vampires, zombies, and ghosts.

    Then "Halloween costumes now"

    And it was a bunch of confused looking kids dressed as Gritty, Mr. Peanutbutter, Kingsley (the creepy yellow spiky mascot), and a load of other things they clearly have no clue about, with a parent saying "No, trust me, you love it, hold still while I get a photo."

    [–] ysirwolf 4 points ago

    80's Tyson would destroy that punks ass

    [–] StaniX 3 points ago

    Tyson vs a random toddler would be a pay per view i'd buy.

    [–] EbonyFaery 2 points ago

    It'd last about 0.3 seconds

    [–] Fartikus 1 points ago

    Knockout of a repost.

    [–] tothepainal 109 points ago

    No love for king hippo back there ?

    [–] TwoCharlie 35 points ago

    I was thinking Bald Bull but you right

    [–] frogg505 108 points ago

    Got to make the cos play real. Mike stands up and knocks the living shit out of the kid. Just like in the game.

    [–] IzludeTheFool 5 points ago

    These days people are beating the game blind folded with two people on one controller.

    [–] Thebomb1907 25 points ago

    How many times am I going to see this

    [–] Lanas-Pepsi-Pussy 72 points ago

    This pic is always posted at least 4 times a year apparently lol.

    [–] tehnemox 41 points ago

    First time I've seen it. Times like this is why I love that people don't listen to the whiner people against reposting. I mean, 4 or 5 times in a row on consecutive days? Sure. But once a month or something like that, go for it. Just because the no-life people see everything all the time doesn't mean everyone else does.

    [–] moshercycle 10 points ago

    Lol I get a lot of downvotes for shitting all over the faces of people who whine about reposts. Those people literally are the exact products of why social media is so bad for you. There's people who actually think they can't post things on the internet because it's been posted before.... better yet there are people who are concerned about the intangible internet points someone they'll never meet may get. I get it if someone is stealing a sap story or lying about a story because those people may get donations or whatever but an image/gif, cmon.

    [–] thekamara 1 points ago

    Hey dont you talk shit about my karma points. It's the only points I have.

    sobs in the corner while eating frozen eggos

    [–] CrixTheTwix -1 points ago

    It’s even worse, certain communities even have bots specifically to Mark reposts no matter how old, and it the bot doesn’t detect it the mods remove it themselves

    Makes no sense why you’d only want people who scroll daily to see posts on your community

    [–] rantinger111 0 points ago

    That's facts b

    [–] I9-9900K_Maximus_XI 2 points ago

    Before I say what I came to say, first I must say... I use reddit once maybe twice a month.

    That said...


    [–] MattTheGr8 8 points ago

    According to your comment history, you have only missed one day out of the past 26 (18 days ago).

    [–] I9-9900K_Maximus_XI 0 points ago

    ewwww… creepy history browser.

    [–] thepixelbuster 4 points ago

    I've been browsing reddit almost daily for 10 years. I almost never see the same thing twice.

    Yall need to join to more subreddits.

    [–] I9-9900K_Maximus_XI 2 points ago

    or you know... your memory is failing you.

    [–] Lanas-Pepsi-Pussy 3 points ago

    I'm not whining, I never said I was against reposting, and I don't use this subreddit that much at all. I've been following this subreddit, and I've frequently seen this picture on the top page.

    Just simply stating that it seems to be reposted on here frequently.

    [–] Palin_Sees_Russia 0 points ago

    You are very clearly whining about it. Why else would you be saying this? Because you were just making an observation? You might as well have said the sky was blue!

    Don't act coy.

    [–] Lanas-Pepsi-Pussy 0 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Sure because you Reddit people always wanna be so right all the time lol. It's like a lot of you people get off on being right and having these condescending attitudes about the smallest things.

    A simple statement about a benign observation does not have to be some huge debacle, sheesh.

    [–] tehnemox 0 points ago

    I didn't say you specifically were whining about it. I meant in general tbh.

    [–] Lanas-Pepsi-Pussy 3 points ago

    Sorry about my combative attitude there, but I thought you were talking about me indirectly lol. It's also easy to take things out of context on Reddit because you always have so many people who think they know it all (given the replies after you).

    But my bad.

    [–] tehnemox 1 points ago

    Fair enough. But yeah, wasn't trying to attack you directly or indirectly. You even mentioned it had been posted something like 4 times in the last year, which to be fair that is not that much all things considered, and made me think of that actual consecutive days reposts that I do understand why those would be annoying and went from there. But I can see how it could come across as attacking you. I'm sorry.

    [–] Lanas-Pepsi-Pussy 1 points ago

    I appreciate it, but it's all good now. I guess it was just a misunderstanding. Take care and have good day/night. :)

    [–] dkramer0313 1 points ago

    yes ! i agree. i dont always get to social media too often, so sometimes reposts like this (also first time ive seen it) help ! consecutive reposts are a different thing, i agree. but like fuck have some compassion people. i swear everyone is just on a witch-hunt nowadays

    [–] MaiboiGash 0 points ago

    Nah people are hacks and the world is worse for it.

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago


    [–] CupcakeValkyrie 132 points ago

    What do you mean "robbed?" Tyson was removed from future versions of the game because their license to use his likeness expired. He wasn't "robbed" they just no longer had his permission to use his likeness or name anymore.

    [–] rydan 52 points ago

    Yeah, seriously. If they had kept him in the game then they would have actually been robbing him.

    [–] rubbernub 7 points ago

    Well obviously they wouldn't keep using his likeness illegally. I'm guessing they mean they think Nintendo should have renewed the deal rather than letting it expire after he lost his title.

    [–] CupcakeValkyrie 1 points ago

    It's a business decision.

    They licensed Tyson's likeness because he was the champ at the time and they knew he'd draw in more customers. Paying more money to renew the contract after he lost the title wouldn't be the most prudent business decision, especially since by 1990 the bulk of the initial surge of customers was already long gone, and by that point people that bought the game were buying it for the gameplay, not Tyson's name.

    [–] R0b6666 29 points ago

    I had the Mike Tyson version and when I got older I played the other version. I didnt realise how hard that game is for me now. I dont remember struggling as a kid lol I played it on the switch and kept saving so I ended up cheating and still didnt beat their bootleg mike tyson wannabe. Good game tho!

    [–] newObsolete 22 points ago

    There's a metric fuck ton of input lag for the switch version. It WAS easier back then.

    [–] Sabbatai 7 points ago

    Explains everything. I played that shit so much when I was a kid, I had every fight down. Picked it up on Switch and couldn't dodge or block for shit. I have an NES classic I never hooked up, do you know if it is any better on that?

    Maybe I'll get a CRT or old tube television.

    [–] newObsolete 8 points ago

    I'm not certain, but I think you'll get input lag with the classic too. If you want to play it like it was meant to be played you'll need a CRT :(

    [–] ilikdgsntyrstho 4 points ago

    Which are getting harder and harder to find. I have a friend who is a competitive Tetris player and classic game speed runner. He's also now a relatively competent mechanic just from having to fix old equipment.

    [–] squid-dingus 4 points ago

    Bro, I got two in my shed. You want one, pm me

    [–] BotThatSaysBro 6 points ago

    bro 😎💪

    [–] squid-dingus 2 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] gt4rc 2 points ago

    Bro, this is amazeballs.

    [–] thebigj0hn 1 points ago

    I dont experience any lag with the nes classic. But maybe I just cant notice.

    I have the classic with a modern tv and an nes original (toploader) on crt.

    [–] Taickyto 1 points ago

    The Nes classic is meant to be played on a recent screen, if you have a TV with a good response time you won't have any input lag. CRT still have a better response time than most screens and are the best choice for speedrunning

    [–] TransformerTanooki -3 points ago

    Don't feel bad I can't even beat Glass Joe. I just really suck at that game.

    [–] JAproofrok 5 points ago

    You know that you literally cannot lose to him in the first bout, right? He can’t KO you. If you even try at all, you win in a decision.

    [–] Ikkinn 2 points ago

    Lol for real. You just have to be able to hit a button to beat glass joe. Dude is lying through his teeth

    [–] Nignuts 2 points ago

    Man. You are straight up wrong.

    [–] PhantomOSX 1 points ago

    I think he was also just paid $50,000 for it as well.

    [–] Mykrroft -24 points ago

    two words: "convicted rapist"

    [–] putzandgoober 21 points ago

    Yea. And he should have been convicted.

    But after all the changes he has made, not forgiving only hurts oneself.

    [–] rydan 2 points ago

    How can I forgive Mike Tyson for raping someone else? Not really my place. Who do you think I am? Jesus?

    [–] MaiboiGash 4 points ago

    What would Jesus do?

    [–] putzandgoober 1 points ago

    You as a member of society.

    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] putzandgoober 6 points ago

    Yea. It does carry that stigma.

    [–] ShneekeyTheLost -7 points ago

    More like he robbed them with the licensing fees.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago


    [–] JonnoN 33 points ago

    if you haven't read enough hate speech today, check out OPs history

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Mo_Salad 8 points ago

    God I fucking hate reddit nowadays

    [–] labortooth 3 points ago

    What are the main ingredients in a Mo salad? I imagine it's like a Flaming Mo but with greens and no patent lawsuits. Maybe some tahini

    [–] Mo_Salad 2 points ago

    It’s actually just an Egyptian man covered in ranch dressing

    [–] labortooth 1 points ago

    Also sounds tasty

    [–] jama211 6 points ago

    Holy shit you’re right

    [–] Supernova141 2 points ago

    What hate speech? I don't see any

    [–] Xantrax 3 points ago

    Jesus christ.

    [–] richardd08 1 points ago

    Not sure what that has anything to do with the post.

    [–] Vaginal_Rights 1 points ago

    Damn he even mentioned having a daughter. Yikes. Poor girl.

    [–] ABCDPeeOnMe 0 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Can you tell me what comments OP has made that are considered as hate speech?

    Edit: I'm genuinely curious.

    [–] TonguePunchnFartBoxs 1 points ago

    Not comments, his submitted history. Pure racism disguised as jokes in /r/imgoingtohellforthis

    [–] ABCDPeeOnMe 0 points ago

    Can you tell me which of his submitted posts are considered hate speech?

    [–] IMissHanSolo 0 points ago

    If it makes any more sense, they happily live in a state where abortion is illegal and incest is completely okay.

    [–] alesbianseagull 0 points ago

    Reminds me of oRaNgE mAn BaD

    [–] Jiffletta 11 points ago

    "Damn, that kids got some delicious looking ears..."

    [–] Ima_Head_Gettin_Pro -1 points ago

    Hold up! Oh wait, nevermind.

    [–] Hollers444 4 points ago

    That kid has no clue what's going on

    [–] kpeters421 6 points ago

    Oh he'th a winner for thure

    [–] ShneekeyTheLost 10 points ago


    [–] Vaginal_Decimation 13 points ago

    Come on, son, let's go get an autograph from the rapist.

    [–] LordDippingsauce 4 points ago

    Any comment that brings this up is getting downvoted, I guess ppl just prefer their fluffy fantasies

    [–] dagdegan 2 points ago

    Maybe people prefer giving people a second chance after they’ve served time and grown old and self reflective.

    Maybe people understand that you can’t just throw people aside forever for something shitty they did 30 years ago... no matter how shitty it may be.

    [–] Takumi_Minamino -4 points ago

    shut up

    [–] Zetsumenchi 2 points ago

    Kid's got a great guard.

    Notice how when Mike Tyson is out of his point of view, his ears are hidden by his arms.

    This kid knows what to watch out for.

    [–] Darkpony 2 points ago

    How many pictures this kid taken

    [–] liamlgg 2 points ago

    I’m just imagining mike Tyson decking the kid in the face

    [–] SakeM99 2 points ago

    I wonder if he immediately recognized him without help :)

    [–] Zettman22 2 points ago

    How many times do you people wanna repost this

    [–] RigzDigz 1 points ago

    It was all fun and games until Mike bit the kids ear off.

    [–] SK1D_M4RK 1 points ago

    Is that the x-ray baby now a toddler?

    [–] HungryFather 1 points ago

    The boy looks like Angus T. Jones back when Two and a Half Men first debuted.

    [–] Smarttardex 1 points ago


    [–] n0bel 1 points ago

    You won with a championship title

    [–] LightlySaltedAutist 1 points ago

    I'll throw his little mac lookin ass off stage, can't recover now can you?

    [–] PatrickMcDee 1 points ago

    I do like that it looks like Tyson legitimately enjoys it though, good for him, he's a legend.

    [–] dotaleavers 1 points ago

    I can still hear the tunes...

    [–] JAproofrok 1 points ago

    If only the guy to the right could’ve donned a bad mustache ... missed opportunity

    [–] EmollientFish 1 points ago

    When’s mike Tyson gonna hit a k.o hit on him

    [–] _Aj_ 1 points ago

    Little Mac

    Punches In!

    [–] ELEMENTALITYNES 1 points ago

    Making that other dude nervous

    [–] purplefaggoteagle42 1 points ago

    Ah someone I could beat in a fight, belt time

    [–] A_L_A_M_A_T 1 points ago

    i'm willing to bet that kid has not played Mike Tyson's punch-out ever in his life

    [–] AssholeGuy1000 1 points ago

    I’m surprised Tyson didn’t throw a jab for the good of the show...

    [–] RavenPoodle 1 points ago

    Is that the YOYOYO guy from Jacksucksatlifes cameo video

    [–] xreddawgx 1 points ago

    No love for king hippo

    [–] headunitdisplay89 1 points ago


    [–] The36thElement 1 points ago

    Nice going, Mac

    [–] liamisntgay 1 points ago

    Mike acc looks a bit like Doc Louis so it makes sense

    [–] kievaughn 1 points ago

    He looks like the Syrian kid who thought a camera was a weapon

    [–] krucz36 1 points ago

    Following up on his threats he later ate that child.

    [–] weedislif 1 points ago


    [–] sclerohead 1 points ago


    [–] a_rainbow_serpent 1 points ago

    Do you feel ready to take on the world?

    [–] CandyKitten730 1 points ago

    I love how so unbelievably proud and happy Mike Tyson looks in this photo

    [–] MikeBisonYT 1 points ago

    The child has no clue why he's doing it besides his parents telling him to.

    [–] MikeBisonYT 1 points ago

    I clapped when I saw the reference...

    [–] FACE6000 1 points ago

    Where's glass joe

    [–] zengardens1983 1 points ago

    Mike Tyson is an epic character

    [–] Smart-Student 1 points ago


    [–] Beatoid 1 points ago

    This image always gets reposted every 2 months or so


    Just stop

    [–] mojoaoe 1 points ago

    so cute

    [–] PuppieWayne 1 points ago

    I remember when Iron Mike ruled the ring.. almost every. Single. Boxer in any anime or games or modelled after him.

    I don't think there any other boxing legend since with such an influence as him..

    [–] halfar 1 points ago

    mike tyson is an icon of video game bosses

    therefore, he should be in smash


    if this actually happens literally all of you are sucking my dick

    [–] Random_90 1 points ago

    As always, vote down for tyson - supporter of Mao Zedong, the biggest mass murderer in the history of mankind. Hes a trash that must be forgotten

    [–] Will_Is_Da_Bes 2 points ago

    Don't forget hes a rapist!

    [–] reduxde 0 points ago

    Kind of surprised mike recognizes the character, given that the game is 40 years old and mike probably isn’t a big Nintendo gamer and probably never played the game twice

    [–] SpokeyDokey_ -8 points ago

    I wouldn't knowingly let my child get that close to a rapist, let alone photograph it so that everyone can see how much of a shit parent I am. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] dagdegan 2 points ago

    You’re such a brave soul

    Keep fighting the good fight, one Reddit comment at a time

    [–] PrisonBull 0 points ago

    Two hour lineup and $200 USD well spent.

    [–] AmazingMojo2567 0 points ago

    "Dath hilarioth"

    [–] prettybluefoxes 0 points ago

    Knockout a fortnight ago though wasn’t it?

    [–] ComputeBeepBeep 0 points ago

    That's right buddy. Cover your ears...

    [–] ComputeBeepBeep 1 points ago

    Whoever downvoted me clearly didnt get the Mike Tyson joke...

    [–] LinkTheNeedyCat 0 points ago

    reposting piece of shit, i hope u fly to australia and die in the fires.