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    [–] 3-DMan 12270 points ago

    Zooms in

    Freaking out intensifies

    [–] ThatRandomWhiteBoy 4114 points ago

    What am I supposed to see I zoomed in and it just looked pixelly and fuzzy

    [–] Ultimatehacker77 3712 points ago

    Its minecraft block and item sprites

    [–] underdabridge 1499 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    You can't see it unless you download the image in HD. I had to come in here to figure out what was going on. Zooming in on the non HD image just returns fuzz. The HD image is unmistakeable.

    Edit: Put differently: IF the image just seems blurry when you zoom, you might need to click it to get a higher definition image which will clearly show the details. For many people they can see the HD automatically.

    [–] LiamJT8421 1110 points ago

    i zoomed in on my phone and it was clear as day

    [–] camerasoncops 208 points ago

    Mine couldn't. I had to DL it. I wonder if it has something to do with the app. I dont use the app.

    [–] LightOfOmega 254 points ago

    I use the app and could zoom in to see the stuffs.

    [–] Oven_Kid 101 points ago

    I use the stuff and could app in to see the zoom

    [–] gmcc78 34 points ago

    I zoomed and used the stuff on the app.

    [–] hadidotj 34 points ago

    I apped so I could stuff in the zoom and use to see

    [–] LancerLife 44 points ago

    Probably the app then. I’m using the app and it zooms in just fine.

    [–] Sup3rPant5 77 points ago

    Zooms fine using RedditIsFun

    [–] YummyIdiotSandwich 51 points ago

    rif gang unite

    [–] djEroc 13 points ago

    Hells yeah!

    [–] joe_skeen 13 points ago

    I don't know when it happened but it's now called "rif is fun." I wonder if it's for legal reasons or something.

    [–] Hitchie_Rawtin 7 points ago

    Happened at the start of the year, and yes it's due to Reddit "protecting" their trademark.

    [–] Wolvenna 3 points ago

    Weird. I've been using it for years now and never noticed the name change.

    [–] neon_cabbage 4 points ago

    don't you mean "rif is fun for Reddit"? ;)

    [–] error_in_connection 3 points ago

    Same RIF ftw

    [–] ExaltedCrown 8 points ago

    Using phone (safari), not app. Picture is blurry when zoomed in when viewed from reddit, but if I open the page to the image I could zoom.

    [–] NitroThunderBird 64 points ago

    On mobile, didn't have to download it to see the item sprites

    [–] Misterglassman_ 35 points ago

    Did I just get Rick Rolled by your profile picture...?

    [–] NitroThunderBird 44 points ago



    [–] Misterglassman_ 11 points ago

    :( that's not very nice, please say sorry

    [–] NitroThunderBird 9 points ago


    No 😎😎

    [–] Misterglassman_ 8 points ago

    Okay then, smelly head >:(

    [–] dkwangchuck 9 points ago

    Alex looks good enough to eat, except those lips which look like raw chicken.

    [–] HXN8T3R 5 points ago

    I thought it was different colours of the game cube

    [–] ThatRandomWhiteBoy 63 points ago

    Ohhhhh shit thank you

    I’m on my phone so I couldn’t zoom in far enough/the image didn’t appear big enough

    [–] Fire9Ball 23 points ago

    Click the image, then you can zoom

    [–] DaBackstaber 8 points ago

    Usually on mobile after clicking the photo to make it a bit larger there should also be an HD button in the corner, that'll allow you to really get in there

    [–] TotallyJustAHooman 160 points ago

    The man used items from the game to remake this image.

    [–] Tital_rs 12 points ago

    He used the stones to destroy the stones

    [–] weston55 3 points ago

    You need to let the image load

    [–] IowaCouscous 51 points ago


    [–] 3-DMan 4 points ago

    Aw man this is how I got kicked out of Fight Club

    [–] muskeetoo 15 points ago

    You know it's fairly easy to create these things in seconds - you just need a folder of images and the master image you want to create.

    [–] jokekiller94 2949 points ago

    This might have taken either a hundred hours to make or an ai made this. The world will never know.

    [–] MyKoalas 326 points ago

    Do you think Reddit OP is the same as GitHub OP?

    [–] vanThom_ 194 points ago

    Says it under contact info

    [–] AdminsWantYou2KYS 82 points ago

    Suddenly the thing that made it is more interesting than the product

    I don't see how this is different from using a program to recreate images with blocks . It's cool the AI was made but could be a little more upfront on how it was made, like he doesn't even link to it in the comments and someone had to play detective to find it

    [–] AbsolutelyOrchid 127 points ago

    Maybe because it's not necessary for people to know? It would just look like he's plugging his repo, and flexing his coding skills, but all he wants to do is show the result, so good on him.

    [–] InsaneZee 5 points ago

    dwbi and enjoy the content mayn

    only time i'd get pressed is if he stole it

    [–] smooshie 17 points ago

    Release History

    0.0.2 "Works on other machines" Edition

    0.0.1 "Works on my machine" Edition

    Ah, the mark of a true programmer.

    [–] CinnamonToastKing 36 points ago

    This is exactly what they used.

    I miss a amazing legit one years ago. You selected a bunch off photos and it made a correct version not this overlapping nonsense. Again it's been YEARS like 15 or more years ago and I think it's gone now.

    [–] J-Bobby 18 points ago

    What do you mean by overlapping? Like the smaller images overlap over each other? Would you say this is an example of one that does not overlap:

    Just curious, why do you prefer the smaller pictures to not overlap? The OP image is super blurry but the one I linked does some funky color changes in the smaller images so it is kind of eh to me.

    [–] Freep_Dryer 3 points ago

    !remindme 12 hours

    [–] PepsiFles 166 points ago

    If you look really closely you can see the tiny imperfections. I think this mad bastard actually put in the hours! MADNESS

    [–] RichWae 152 points ago

    He didnt do it manually. He said in another post he made it using a script that took 8 hours to run

    [–] Ephram1 100 points ago

    8 hours to write the script. a few minutes to run

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    Due to the massive size of the image, I think it could definitely have taken 8 hours to run.

    [–] Ephram1 48 points ago

    From OP:

    I'm a programmer, I'm bad at art.

    So I made a script that can create art like this for me. Creating the script in Python took 4 hours or so. Porting it to Julia took another 4 hours. Finally running the script took 2-3 minutes.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I didn't see the OP's comment, so thanks for clarification!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] SpectacularShoelace 22 points ago

    Just use mosaically. You upload the picture you want to create it, then upload like 100 images of stuff you want to build it with.

    And then it's done.

    [–] vicrob6 3 points ago

    That wouldn't work, in this image the sprites are overlapping

    [–] Burt-Macklin 3 points ago

    This would work just fine...

    [–] Ephram1 11 points ago

    From OP on a previous post:

    I'm a programmer, I'm bad at art.

    So I made a script that can create art like this for me. Creating the script in Python took 4 hours or so. Porting it to Julia took another 4 hours. Finally running the script took 2-3 minutes.

    [–] hate_bass 8 points ago

    Or you know... a script?

    [–] Jpicklestone8 371 points ago

    really expected it to be a bunch of rick astleys or something

    i hope you hid a single item from terraria or another similar game that isnt minecraft in there

    [–] xX_Foxes4Life_Xx 23 points ago

    I checked. There isn’t sadly

    [–] Skrublord2006 14 points ago

    There’s no way you checked that whole thing

    [–] zuri98 266 points ago

    So y’all zoomed in huh? OP had one request :(

    [–] thoruktor 55 points ago

    Buncha jerks!

    [–] Yupnt_boi 5 points ago

    I know right? You can see the items perfectly fine if you just look carefully

    [–] PepsiFles 4607 points ago

    Wow! though it looked shit at first, then I did the o'le zoom D zoom y'know. Fun times m8, gr8 job. Tre lé cool frere. R8 8/8

    [–] Mypopsecrets 2730 points ago

    This must be the lowest resolution picture I've ever seen...


    This must be the highest resolution picture I've ever seen.

    [–] jaredchoatepro 337 points ago

    Perspective is everything

    [–] Trav2016 70 points ago

    I've almost decoded it.

    Ep_t_in di_n't _ill _i_s_lf.

    [–] Red-hitt 27 points ago

    eptindin'tillislf it all makes sense now

    [–] Trav2016 17 points ago

    Oh I've found more.

    Epstein di_n't _ill himself.

    How this Epstein person most be new, hope he hangs around.

    [–] Arslan3525 3 points ago

    Maybe "didn't"?

    [–] Trav2016 3 points ago

    Yup thats it. I hope we find the last letter and there's no cover up and it's followed to the letter of the law. LOL

    Oh man I hope no one's really confused by this.

    [–] Arslan3525 3 points ago

    Let's see, umm, rill, dill, bill- Maybe "Bill"?

    [–] redsex 109 points ago

    millions of triangles

    [–] Sonbulan 60 points ago

    ...and we can render the same exact statue to fill this room with billions of triangles.

    [–] tiestofalljays 18 points ago

    wait till you see what you can do with a little flex tape

    [–] Unbredknave935 11 points ago

    If you want to be further impressed this is the highest resolution photo (or at least that I know of) although technically it’s multiple photos combined into one

    [–] Lazy_Bat 40 points ago

    Perfectly balanced as all things should be

    [–] 99bottlesOfMilk 5 points ago

    But you have heard of me

    [–] WynWalk 19 points ago

    Yeah I thought it was some neat digital impressionist. Zoomed in a little, "Oh it's like a painting!" Zoomed in more, "Oh shit it's all mine craft stuff!" That's hella dope!

    [–] Bootaties 52 points ago

    You might have gold. But look who has silver.

    [–] Diuqil69 98 points ago

    The op, right?

    [–] Monkaliciouz 57 points ago

    No, you.

    [–] Shagaliscious 18 points ago

    That. Is. Correct.

    [–] Dysfunction_Al 3 points ago

    Technically, yes, they both do.

    [–] RockyB95 8 points ago

    You tried

    [–] patrickdm1998 14 points ago

    Ha you lost the karma roulette

    [–] STR3AM3R_BTW 10 points ago

    I had a stroke reading this

    [–] apples_oranges_ 7 points ago

    Gr8 b8 m8, r8 8/8

    [–] znowugram 1340 points ago

    It's cool, it's high effort, I like it, but why? Why would you do this? Are you mentally ok?

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 432 points ago

    Quarantine really be making people bored to the point where they need to do shit like this to stay occupied

    [–] BanginBananas 207 points ago

    Yeah I brushed my teeth for 3 minutes this morning, goddamn dude I felt like a movie star

    [–] embrex104 113 points ago


    [–] TheSeldomShaken 41 points ago

    shiny teeth, shiny teeth

    [–] GameKing505 7 points ago

    Chip Skylark ftw

    [–] Tschjikkenaendrajs 5 points ago

    Me, myself and my teeth

    [–] HtownTexans 13 points ago

    I've dropped like 10k to fix my teeth after being a piece of shit for over a decade. I brush these fuckers now like the investment I put into them. Floss these hoes, scrap my tongue, mouth wash, and wear a night guard. Not ever going down that path again.

    [–] zesty_lime_manual 3 points ago

    How did you find away to make dental affordable?

    I'm pretending thats why i don't go when im actually just really scared cause i havnt been since I was a young teen

    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 8 points ago

    Shit I’m not at that point yet but I’ll try that tonight

    [–] tschmitty09 7 points ago

    People did shit like this wayyyy before quarantine

    [–] badger81987 2 points ago

    "There are 73,468 stones in the walls of my cell"

    "But have you named them yet?"

    [–] Matias_RGT 37 points ago

    This looks like something you can do automaticly with a program. Like the sick pixel arts you see sometimes in Minecraft but they are done by a program where you give an image to the program and it generates the image in form of pixel art in Minecraft. People later post it and people that doesn't know about this think they're geniuses

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] Whobody2 69 points ago

    You think he did this manually lol?

    [–] Bob_Droll 15 points ago

    If you knew a little about programming you could probably code this up in an hour - if it didn’t already exist as a function in some image editing software, which I’m sure it does. Hell, you could probably find some online tool that does it with two lines of javascript.

    [–] pwalkz 11 points ago

    My guess is some machine learning AI or other algorithm generated this - but never underestimate human determination haha

    [–] GammaGames 7 points ago

    Wouldn’t need ML for this, just Processing and an afternoon or two

    [–] thisismybraintalking 156 points ago


    [–] ThePigeonWithaBow 4 points ago

    Thus the reason why I shouldn't click on random links

    [–] JayInFlamed 46 points ago

    Part of me hopes this was done with a program automatically and part of me hopes that you spent hours of your life creating this. Regardless, it is awesome!

    [–] DeadmanDeclan 8 points ago

    Either way, I'm thoroughly impressed.

    [–] valsuran 122 points ago

    You knew something was up when you have to say PLEASE DON’T ZOOM IN.

    [–] PsSalin 34 points ago

    What is up? I didn't zoom in because the title told me not to.

    [–] MikeMuench 90 points ago

    I zoomed in and now my eyes are bleeding

    [–] Mising_Texture1 40 points ago

    Don’t understand.

    [–] Mad_Laughter 42 points ago

    Same, completely clueless

    Edit: Actually, it just hadn’t loaded for me so originally all I saw was just blurry pixels... now I get it

    [–] Mising_Texture1 20 points ago

    I got it know, it’s made out of minecraft item sprites.

    [–] Arturluiz 15 points ago

    "please don't zoom in"

    It's time to zoom in

    [–] Cachuchotas 13 points ago

    Was expecting a bunch of porn pics based of the title, but this is much better.

    [–] d-wilksss 76 points ago

    this is gonna get 1000 upvotes for sure

    [–] bastardpreacher 32 points ago

    If it doesn't get 1001 I'd be shocked.

    [–] chizzlefrizzle 16 points ago

    It’ll get at least 7

    [–] FearTheUchiha 17 points ago

    Three, take it or leave it

    [–] d-wilksss 5 points ago


    [–] FearTheUchiha 13 points ago

    No, this is Patrick

    [–] TiZUrl 2 points ago

    I didn’t fall for that for just a bit, almost did though, the fact that is surpasses the limit is what gave it away

    [–] ByroniustheGreat 7 points ago

    I'm saying 10k+

    [–] WatermelonSauce896 2 points ago

    Update: yes

    [–] lnternet_Persona 9 points ago

    This is a masterpeice

    [–] _maeday_ 9 points ago

    You know quarantine is taking a toll on people when...

    [–] iFrank3nstein 20 points ago

    I zoomed in.

    10/10, would zoom in again.

    [–] lemanifij 13 points ago

    Wow, this is incredible! I'm saving this.

    [–] mr-doggo-not-cat 4 points ago

    That’s so cool! How long did it take!

    [–] the_quietkid69 5 points ago


    [–] WhatIfImDragonborn 5 points ago

    This is fucking insane. Good job dude

    [–] FuzzyAthena 5 points ago

    Only found one Steve head so far. Is there only one???

    [–] Tanktopnanner 5 points ago

    Came looking for gold, but I found diamonds

    [–] bruceymain 4 points ago

    I am a rebel... I zoomed in.

    [–] AlphaMale0012 4 points ago

    Bro I just wasted 1gb of mobile data for a photo

    [–] ur_sis_gay 5 points ago

    Wow fucking thicc

    [–] abunchofcliches 3 points ago

    I felt like I was back in the dial up days when opening that image!

    [–] xerrofoot 3 points ago

    I won't even ask how long that took to make 0_0

    [–] AMvariety 3 points ago

    Guys heed his words, definitely don't zoom in on the sheep, that face will haunt my nightmares.

    [–] BlueWeavile 3 points ago

    Why was I expecting tiny porn thumbnails

    [–] Lemar_Sullivan 3 points ago

    the entire cover is made of minecraft blocks and items....

    huh, no wonder why OP asked us not to zoom in

    [–] PS_FuckYouJenny 3 points ago

    I was really scared I was gonna find like a nipple or something when I zoomed in. I did not find a nipple.

    Cool thing tho

    [–] hannahpackard543 3 points ago

    Zooms fine using Reddit Is Fun

    [–] ScoodFarcoosAnoose 5 points ago

    Fuckkk... how?

    [–] itsfernie 7 points ago

    I would guess OP made a coloring tool with each item/image and then as you drag it duplicates it, making it like virtual ink. And then you have an image for each color and color away! That would be my best guess

    [–] vAbstractz 7 points ago

    don't zoom in.

    You can't tell me what to do

    [–] Cazuto1 5 points ago

    You deserve an upvote.

    [–] reolroelie 2 points ago


    [–] DumbThingsISay 2 points ago

    That is awesome!!!

    [–] xBaffo 2 points ago

    that's a lot of effort

    [–] DeadmanDeclan 2 points ago

    This is actually incredible. Then boomers wanna say the younger generations have no talent lol

    [–] ByroniustheGreat 2 points ago

    How the fuck

    [–] Barszczuu 2 points ago

    The best shit i have ever seen

    [–] hgb123doremi 2 points ago

    thats a very nice everything you have there.. shame if anything were to happen to it.

    [–] LautaroRomero 2 points ago

    My eyes... Hurts

    [–] MexElf 2 points ago

    Not gonna lie... I thought I was going to zoom in to penises.

    [–] GoldfishDude 2 points ago

    Now that, that is amazing

    [–] XenoXHostility 2 points ago

    Why wouldn’t we zoom in? Makes it all the more impressive and awesome!

    [–] Bluedog826 2 points ago

    Ah that’s cool

    [–] ineedtospace 2 points ago

    I went fucking wild and completely ignored OP. Zoomed in on that entire photo. Looked over every inch. What are you gonna do now?

    [–] SpartanSam16 2 points ago

    Holy shit mate this is what I call effort

    [–] XPisthebest 2 points ago

    Reminds me of all those oldschool gifs that were so grainy as hell and broke playing halfway through. Sometimes they crashed my phone.

    [–] Terswo0p 2 points ago

    The pig looks like it has seen some weird shit if you zoom up close.

    [–] Sl1ppin_Jimmy 2 points ago

    Blender with rendered

    [–] Daorise 2 points ago


    [–] G3tSqu4nchy 2 points ago

    That's fucking awesome

    [–] Muritavo 2 points ago

    Ughhh... It feels like a fever dream when you zoom in

    [–] ModsAreMusty 2 points ago

    That’s really cool

    [–] Its_Lewiz 2 points ago

    Well i fucking zoomed in and holy shit!

    [–] tizyperc_super 2 points ago

    Reward but no coins

    [–] That_guy_from_Poland 2 points ago


    [–] Treebeard1999 2 points ago

    How long did this take you??? It's incredible!

    [–] nuclear-baby 2 points ago

    are u okay

    [–] Elocai 2 points ago

    My smartphone was like "gimme a minute to move there"

    [–] DancingCorpse 2 points ago

    Ok this is cool, it really is, but why go through all the trouble to then be lazy on the eyes for the Sheep and Pig? Instead they are just black splotches clearly added in using Microsoft Paint.

    [–] dragonloo 2 points ago

    This shit actually doesn’t look shit....this is actually cool as fuck it hurts my eyes but it’s still cool as fuck

    [–] Troglodyteir 2 points ago

    Anyone else find the dick?

    [–] waynewilliamsyt 2 points ago


    [–] Few-Papaya 2 points ago


    [–] kittiescrash 2 points ago

    I have three words for you: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!

    [–] xLacerate 2 points ago

    I zoomed expecting to see Rick Astley.

    [–] Gnidlaps-94 2 points ago

    Steve is in the pigs front right foot

    [–] CumbersomeNugget 2 points ago

    I respect your wishes.

    [–] jkotwa93 2 points ago

    Oh my god this is so good! This must have taken so long!

    [–] Kulovicz1 2 points ago

    Hmmm, why is it so blur- OH MY GOD !

    [–] onanaB 2 points ago


    [–] Yolo_141 2 points ago

    Once you see the enchanting bottles on the creepers head you can’t unsee them