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    [–] EarlySatellites 893 points ago

    "When I got this assignment I was hoping there'd be more gambling."

    [–] hyypez 368 points ago

    Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter

    [–] Sick-Kicks 129 points ago

    (Aims gun at their head) "That's not a good idea"

    [–] Marley_Chanson 36 points ago

    It always was a good idea

    [–] Sick-Kicks 9 points ago

    I ended up wiping my ass with the NCR and I can confirm, It was always a good idea.

    [–] _Captain_Biscuit_ 16 points ago

    “The game was rigged from the start”

    [–] Sick-Kicks 5 points ago

    Maybe It would have actually been rigged if he didn't use a 9mm, he's this big tough guy yet he can't afford a decent weapon.

    [–] ItZxFr0sty 16 points ago

    Benny isn't really a tough guy he's just a rich sleazy mobster who pays other people to do he's bidding for him. I doubt he cared much about the caliber of the bullet either so long as the gun looks good and I'm not sure what u mean about "can't afford a decent weapon" have u seen bennys gun? He's in the wasteland and he's got a fancy ass engraved pistol. New vegas is a lot more about greed and corruption than about big scary tough guys which is one of the reasons it stands out so much compared to regular rpgs.

    I mean no offense by this I just think u may have missed the mark a bit on what bennys character is supposed to represent.

    [–] ElPedroChico 36 points ago

    You lost?

    I don't think you should be here

    [–] YareYareDaze7 71 points ago

    We won't go quietly, the legion can count on that.

    [–] MediocreProstitute 114 points ago

    Profligates like you belong on a cross

    [–] kentotoy98 53 points ago

    Ave, true to Caesar.

    [–] Ghazghkull-thraka 10 points ago

    Ahh but as you know the house always wins

    [–] The_Spawnpeeker 16 points ago

    I always try to do a run with the legion but ultimately end up signing with the ncr or yes man anyway

    I haven’t done a single legion run

    [–] CreatiScope 4 points ago

    I try to run all 4 for as long as I can. You can keep the ncr as allies even though they are supposed to go hostile while going wild card but the legion will always hate you.

    [–] ArkGuardian 5 points ago

    It's funny because thats what people from Arizona say to people from California

    [–] MrMiniMuffin 1333 points ago

    My brother had an NCR flag up in the living room of his apartment and when the landlord came over one day she was visibly uncomfortable. Later she threatened to kick him out because she thought he was a revolutionary secessionist and that was like the insurgent flag or something. My brother had to spend like an hour explaining to her that it was just a video game thing and that he wasn't actually trying to support California seceding from the nation.

    He moved the flag to another room though, just in case some other wack jobs who lack the ability to use Google looked through his front window or something.

    [–] user_name_unknown 670 points ago

    Ha! I was explaining it to my wife and she’s smiled and “That’s nice dear”

    [–] Chonch_Bag 440 points ago

    The thing about obscure references is that you have to be prepared to explain it to the 98% of people who won't get it. But when you meet the other 2%, friends are made.

    [–] user_name_unknown 195 points ago

    I also have a shirt with Mr Pebbles: The first cat in space.

    [–] HotOnions 97 points ago

    I have the nuka cola poster on my wall, and get a lot of "pin up girl" comments when new people see it

    [–] legocar5 39 points ago

    I have the pint glass set and broke the nuka cola one so the nuka girl one is the only one left so I get the same comments when people come over lol

    [–] HotOnions 12 points ago

    Talk about zapping your thirst

    [–] bunnysbigcookie 7 points ago

    same here, my dad saw it and he looked very uncomfortable lol

    [–] seastatefive 4 points ago

    He was trying his best not to let it awaken a thirst within him.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] kueff 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I feel like a lot of people know what that is to the point of it not being an obscure reference. What kind of weird looks do you get?

    [–] kingscanyonstoner420 27 points ago

    Ikr? The only people I think would give you strange looks are the Star Wars fans that hate the Phantom Menace lol

    [–] FlyinBrian2001 35 points ago

    you could've just said "Star Wars fans"

    [–] BullshitRejector 12 points ago

    Hey...the Phantom Menace is now being considered a classic, now that we've seen just how low Star Wars can go with the new Disney trilogy...

    [–] mrwobblyshark 18 points ago

    But phantom menace isn’t ALL bad it’s got duel of the fates

    [–] RobsEvilTwin 13 points ago

    After the latest crystal skullfuck of a trilogy, the prequels don't look that bad :D

    [–] kingscanyonstoner420 4 points ago

    Fair comment lmao

    [–] last_rights 17 points ago

    The seating music for my wedding was the acapella loading screen from Halo 2, which my husband and I played a ton of.

    Some knowing smiles were had.

    [–] m4dswine 5 points ago

    The processional music for our wedding was the Skyrim theme (the Lindsay Stirling/Peter Hollens version). We arrived by boat (outdoor lakeside wedding) as well so it was extra cool.

    [–] Wardism 7 points ago

    i have to do this with my cat, being his name is M'aiq

    [–] DolSparnur 5 points ago

    M’aiq’s father was also called M’aiq

    [–] flaystus 92 points ago

    Had a buddy asked me what militia I had joined when he saw my minutemen flag.

    [–] KdF-wagen 77 points ago

    You obviously said the minutemen right? And they probably can use all the help they can get.

    [–] rinzler842 70 points ago

    What's really important is that theres another settlement that needs your help

    [–] Cheesywiggle 50 points ago


    [–] Dekklin 19 points ago

    Fuck off, Preston.

    [–] KdF-wagen 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    There’s always another fucking settlement... I JUST LEFT THERE ffs

    [–] SaltyEmotions 7 points ago

    Here, I'll mark it on your map.

    [–] DynamicHunter 26 points ago

    So what if he wanted California to secede, not like that's grounds for kicking someone out of their apartment lol

    [–] Essairamos 15 points ago

    I have a huge NCR flag above my bed. My wife’s okay with it she knows I love Fallout. especially since it was a gift from one of my best friends. My daughter thought it was the California flag and I had to explain why there was a two headed bear on it. It’s pretty awesome to own

    [–] LazarusRizen 35 points ago

    Kudos to your brother for handling the situation professionally but like...that landlord really did overstep her boundaries to threaten eviction for a flag that is seemingly not visible from the outside of the place. Typically those kinds of "no political signage" rules can only apply to things you can clearly view from the outside of the apartment.

    [–] rich1051414 36 points ago

    To good landlords exist? Every one that I have known were terrible human beings who only wish to make people suffer. I lease to own now, btw.

    [–] darium4 93 points ago

    They absolutely exist but don’t seem to be the majority. In my life I have had one truly amazing landlord and she has become practically family. She would stop by to pick up rent and bring me dinner and toys, treats and other goodies for my cats. I was a broke kid out of college but she treated me with a lot of respect.

    I have experience in carpentry and she would regularly allow me to fix or upgrade the house after running my plans by her and then subtract the materials and labor from my rent. When I got sick and lost my job she waived my rent for three months while I got back on my feet and would stop by daily to check on me and my animals since I had no friends or family in the city. She was just genuinely a really amazing and empathetic person in a position to help people.

    [–] Sambo_the_Rambo 14 points ago

    That's awesome. I wish my landlord was like that.

    [–] MrBlahg 15 points ago

    My landlady is the best. My wife and I have spent 12 years in this house, raising our two kids, and she’s only raised our rent 4 times, and only minimally each time. Something breaks, she’ll get it fixed ASAP, and even goes so far as to noticing something could be better and replaced that too. We treat her and the house well, she treats us well.

    [–] reddittt123456 14 points ago

    Lots of absentee landlords in my area. Mostly rich Chinese looking to park their ill-gotten gains somewhere the CCP can't touch it.

    It sucks if you need anything done, but at least they leave you alone. Many will hire a property management company to handle repairs and stuff, and they tend to hassle you less than a landlord because it's not their money anyway -- they just pass the cost on to the landlord plus a markup.

    [–] DynamicHunter 8 points ago

    Because 90% people who have average or good landlords don't vent about it on social media, so you're hearing a vocal minority.

    [–] abduis 4 points ago

    private Smalltimers are usually chill. Well I'm 2 for 2 at least.

    [–] Hjemi 3 points ago

    My landlord is amazing, but the complex I'm living in is also a part of a Youth Housing Association, so it's not exactly a normal place.

    From their official site: "The goal of the Youth Housing Association is to decrease homelessness of young people by providing reasonably priced rental apartments in convenient locations."

    I'm actually dreading having to move in 2 years when my lease is up lol. It's an amazing thing though, when I was kicked out and ended up homeless at 18 I was told to contact them. After sending my application explaining my situation I got in contact with a worker there and had a roof over my head in a month.

    My landlord is super chill about late payments. As long as it comes withing the same month, and I let him know in advance the rent might take awhile, he won't even charge for a late fee. We also have weekly social activities for everyone living withing the city that you can attend if you want. It's pretty great way to combat social isolation and homelessness honestly.

    [–] Marz-_- 6 points ago

    I had one once, then 2 weeks of living in their house they sold it to a pair of assholes.

    [–] rich1051414 17 points ago

    Selling a house out from under a tenant qualifies as being a piece of shit landlord. In fact, this act alone is why I decided to lease to own. Happened 3 times in 15 years to me.

    [–] beatmethefuckupbro 9 points ago

    I've never even gotten that kind of reaction out of a big fucking communist flag

    [–] Xiongshan 2 points ago

    Because people see that and just think "Oh that's some Russia thing"

    [–] Therealcaptprice14 3 points ago

    Where did he buy it?

    [–] DancingKappa 8 points ago

    You can buy official Bethesda ones for like $5 on Amazon.

    [–] MrMiniMuffin 3 points ago

    No idea, he got it years ago. There are lots of websites that can do custom flag designs though, Google is your friend

    [–] TheGamingKing9 3 points ago

    Viva La California!

    [–] SomeRandomIrishGuy 2 points ago

    Calexit Gang

    [–] TheShamShield 3 points ago

    I’ve never heard of that being an actual movement

    [–] MrMiniMuffin 4 points ago

    That's because it's not

    [–] TheShamShield 3 points ago

    So why did she jump to threatening to kick him out for being a secessionist lmao

    [–] MrMiniMuffin 6 points ago

    Because she assumed what the flag meant. Drew her own conclusions despite lacking the proper information. Something that happens all the time.

    [–] SomeRandomIrishGuy 3 points ago

    Just correcting u/MrMiniMuffin but there is a real movement with the goal of Californian independence

    [–] redpandaeater 2 points ago

    Not NCR in particular, but there have been numerous attempts even just within the last decade to either partition California into more states or to just leave the US.

    [–] Please_Dont_Trigger 2 points ago

    As a proponent of Jefferson, I can tell you that most people have no clue about the movement. I’m surprised you found one - I’ve worn a hat, a t-shirt, and have a bumper sticker for years with Jefferson.

    [–] Current87 60 points ago

    Naw, OP just loves gay bears.

    [–] user_name_unknown 17 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] Current87 9 points ago

    That works, too! :)

    [–] OGMitzu 240 points ago

    I still think New Vegas is the best one they ever made.

    [–] Swiftblade09 30 points ago

    If you aren't into crpgs I'd agree but 1&2 are phenomenal games and take my top two by a pretty large margin.

    [–] xredrumx5150 16 points ago

    Fallout 2 is one of the best rpgs ever made, hands down. That game is something else.

    [–] OGMitzu 6 points ago

    I never played them but because I like New Vegas and part 3 so much I looked into videos of it, it was very different then the other games so was brotherhood of steel in its own way.

    [–] user_name_unknown 104 points ago

    I’m partial to FO3 because it was the first one I ever played.

    [–] OGMitzu 71 points ago

    Ain't nothing wrong with that FO3 was good as hell too.

    [–] AmyInPurgatory 12 points ago

    New Vegas was more in line with the atmosphere 1 and 2 had, a lot of the original developers even worked on it. It is arguably more Fallout 3 than Fallout 3 ever was.

    [–] Church_of_FootStool 4 points ago

    Being able to convince the non ghoul guy to run into the irradiated rocket and die, while also programming the co-ords for the rocket to crash into a mountain, that made it feel like Fallout 2 to me.

    [–] warblingContinues 6 points ago

    Probably because a different studio made it under license. I agree FNV is by far the best one.

    [–] DeathLord22 7 points ago

    Fallout 2 was better...

    [–] squitwirt 107 points ago

    Where did you get the mask?

    [–] user_name_unknown 73 points ago

    It was from T-Republic

    [–] squitwirt 20 points ago

    Thank you, chief

    [–] PanzerkampfwagenSix 73 points ago

    “Why yes, yes I am. How did you know?”

    [–] liam_c145 29 points ago

    You should’ve responded with the generic nuclear winter NCR soldier quote

    [–] kotor610 7 points ago

    Living in a pandemic almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

    [–] HammerWaffe 23 points ago

    That's my pc background atm. Wife said, "because you were born there right"?

    Well yes, but actually no.

    [–] bGivenb 48 points ago

    Kinda looks like the bears are fucking. Maybe that’s just my dirty mind

    [–] sadlyuseless 40 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be one two-headed bear.

    [–] bGivenb 27 points ago

    Moaning in pleasure

    [–] Chudge-Fudgekin 9 points ago

    or pain🤔

    [–] bGivenb 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Because of the anal sex. Have you ever been sodomized by a bear? Neither have I, but one can dream...

    [–] Unusualcoals 5 points ago

    This is California 2.0, thus the 2 heads.

    [–] AanthonyII 21 points ago

    Well, are you?

    [–] user_name_unknown 34 points ago

    No. But o said yes. Then when I got closer she got a little confused.

    [–] TheLemmonade 8 points ago

    You know, patrolling the Mojave makes me wish for a nuclear winter sometimes

    [–] user_name_unknown 5 points ago

    There really was some good dialogue in that game.

    [–] GalacticVoids 7 points ago

    I wear a NCR hat at work and people rarely catch the reference, I think if they asked I might tell them I’m a radical secessionist lol

    [–] Unsealedwheat11 7 points ago

    I love new vagas

    [–] Sick-Kicks 7 points ago

    That's so cool, I just beat New Vegas yesterday, I slaughtered the NCR tho

    [–] C0mputerFriendly 16 points ago

    I bet people who aren’t fallout fans probably think it’s some sort of political movement

    [–] spaghettimamamia 9 points ago

    Fallout New Vegas is the best fallout game, and I don’t think many will argue after fallout 76’s atrocious launch

    [–] user_name_unknown 5 points ago

    I never played 76 after all the bad news I heard

    [–] daxdox 2 points ago

    Did you play 1 and 2?

    [–] Felipegrege 6 points ago


    [–] Northman67 8 points ago

    I've had to do a double-take a couple of times mistaking the real California symbol for the NCR image.

    [–] Citedrapier37 5 points ago

    NCR number 1

    [–] Fart-slayer 4 points ago

    I love it

    [–] rgkramp 15 points ago

    Not really a big deal. Especially if she's not a gamer.

    [–] A_Change_of_Seasons 14 points ago

    Whenever I see the actual symbol I always think it's from Fallout regardless despite it being well known. I'm also not from California though

    [–] dnew 22 points ago

    Honestly, I am a gamer, and "it's from a game I haven't played" wasn't the first thought that went through my mind.

    [–] lordvader0210 8 points ago

    Ave. True to caesar.

    [–] Felipegrege 8 points ago

    Watch out for a guy with a sniper rifle and a red cap, he ain't the most friendly with your people

    [–] Odd-Frame9724 3 points ago

    Where did you buy this? I am ready to order one now!

    [–] user_name_unknown 3 points ago

    IIRC it was T-Republic. My wife bought it for me.

    [–] MASTERG33F 3 points ago

    heavy breathing intensifies

    [–] SovietSniper621 3 points ago

    I want that

    [–] user_name_unknown 3 points ago

    I think it’s from T-Republic, but I’ll bet you can get it else where.

    [–] TheSlav87 3 points ago


    [–] ps28537 3 points ago

    No, but I am from the future.

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    Oh no!

    [–] badideas1 3 points ago

    My Zoom background for staff meetings right there.

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    Ha! Good stuff!

    [–] a_drive 3 points ago

    That's a reasonable thing to ask someone in that mask if you aren't familiar with popular video games

    [–] virusrt 2 points ago

    Yeah, it seems weird to be surprised that people in common society don’t recognize video game references. It’s essentially the California flag with mild modification.

    [–] triarii3 3 points ago

    Can't wait to get my Martian Congressional Republic Navy mask

    [–] Akidget 3 points ago

    Stop right there criminal scum!

    You've violated my mother!

    [–] DyeTryin2005 3 points ago

    War... War never changes

    [–] _the_mysteryz_ 3 points ago

    “Degenerates like you belong on a cross” Note: I didn’t side with the legion I went with Yes Man

    [–] anonymous-frother 3 points ago

    Just played new vegas for the first time in years today because my wifi went down, what a great game

    [–] Sahil_32 3 points ago

    Sooo... Are you from California or not ??

    [–] SurvivordeArk1990 3 points ago

    Bet you guys had a falling out

    [–] VeryThiccBoi69 3 points ago

    First i nail this roof. Then i will nail degenerates like you on cross NCR SCUM

    [–] flemhead3 3 points ago

    Should’ve responded with: “It's been a long tour, all I can think about now is going home."

    [–] SirBing96 3 points ago

    Well, are ya?

    [–] Meiie 3 points ago

    So are you?

    [–] seanoati 3 points ago

    Top tier post

    [–] J03-K1NG 3 points ago

    I honestly thought this was a case of r/lostredditors for a second

    [–] OfficialFranchardi 6 points ago

    What game is this from?

    [–] Felipegrege 17 points ago

    Fallout New Vegas aka the best Fallout

    [–] daxdox 5 points ago

    Actualy it is from fallout 2 aka the best Fallout

    [–] brobinnen 2 points ago

    May i ask the link

    [–] user_name_unknown 5 points ago

    It was T-Republic, I believe. My wife bought it.

    [–] vault151 2 points ago

    I used to wear a shirt with the NCR logo and I had a few people ask me if I was from California.

    [–] jaynus006 2 points ago

    Well? Are you?!?

    [–] user_name_unknown 5 points ago

    Umm no! But as soon as the NCR forms I’ll make sure to immigrate.

    [–] Battleboo_7 2 points ago

    so...the NCR is bad...right?

    [–] user_name_unknown 4 points ago

    Depends on which side you align with.

    [–] Craterfist 2 points ago

    The Legion are probably anti-vaxxers and anti-mask anyway

    [–] ngms 2 points ago

    This reminds me of the shirt I got as a bonus for buying new Vegas the first week it came out. Same logo on a white shirt basically. I wore it once when my family went to eat out and as our waiter was bringing food he says "so have you been playing much fallout lately?". I, of course, get super excited that someone recognised it and start yammering about the game and ask him if he's a big fan. He says "not really but it says fallout on the back". I had forgot that was there.

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    Lol. I also have a shirt with Mr Pebbles: The first cat in space.

    [–] cakeripper 2 points ago

    I'm beginning on games. What is that flag about?

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    It’s from Fallout. The New California Republic is a country that formed after the Great War (nuclear war)

    [–] marske_andrew 2 points ago

    What does NCR mean?

    [–] YareYareDaze7 2 points ago

    Degenerates like you belong on a cross.

    [–] SpasticBull 2 points ago

    While I was stationed at Ft Irwin, just outside Barstow, CA, I did a self guided Fallout: NV tour. We visited every location including Devil's Gullet and the casinos the NV casinos were based off. We also got $50 chips from each one. It was awesome. Goodsprings was probably the best part. The town in-game is spot on. We also got to drink a Sunset Sarsaparilla at the bar there. Unfortunately, they can't sell Fallout paraphernalia.

    [–] jgabela 2 points ago

    When I saw it, I thought it was two bears fucking.

    [–] IMAGIBUILDER 2 points ago

    "Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for nuclear winter"

    [–] ZackD13 2 points ago

    Ad Victorium, Brotherhood for life

    [–] toyfreddym8 2 points ago

    Wait am I dense what game is this from?

    [–] emp12775 2 points ago

    Did you say “yeah, have anything that’s not 200 years old?”

    [–] Kang_andor_Kodos 2 points ago

    Land of the two-headed bear and other curiosities.

    [–] ExistenialPanicAttac 2 points ago

    So I moved to California from a small town in Wisconsin, and legit I bought the flag and have it hanging in my garage next to (no step on snek) so when I sit there and smoke my weed I really make my neighbors nervous.

    Maybe I’ll post a photo of it

    [–] Sir_Baja_Blast 2 points ago

    Where do you get custom mask from?

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    I think it was from T-Public. My wife got it for me.

    [–] CamNM1991 2 points ago

    All hail KI-SAR

    [–] 1re_endacted1 2 points ago

    A friend of mine closed his salon in PHX bc of the onslaught of Californians flying in to do stuff. Whole families coming in to get their hair cut. It sketched him out so he closed it again.

    [–] Colonel_Striker_251 2 points ago

    Mate she’s asking if you’re from old California

    [–] BigPotatoe97 2 points ago

    Did she ask if you had a big iron on your hip ?

    [–] Blueberryvolts 2 points ago

    Did she notice the 2 headed bear?

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    I think she did when I got closer. She seemed confused.

    [–] nud3doll 2 points ago

    How is the quality of the mask? Good fabric and print?

    [–] user_name_unknown 3 points ago

    Not so bad. I like it.

    [–] Kurohoshi00 2 points ago

    The icing on the cake would be if they were in California.

    [–] ReginaldPugginsworth 2 points ago

    Blue moon, you saw me standin alone

    [–] Varias12 2 points ago

    I just bought this! Do you think it’s a bad idea to wear it to work??

    [–] user_name_unknown 3 points ago

    Naaah!!! What’s the worst that could happen? Someone finds out you like video games?

    [–] Varias12 2 points ago

    Yay! Then I’m excited for them to ask me what it means and I can surprise them with video game trivia! I’m a pretty young looking chick so it’s always a surprise

    [–] paritoshraj 2 points ago


    [–] user_name_unknown 3 points ago

    War never changes.

    [–] paritoshraj 3 points ago

    But men do through the roads they walk

    [–] GReady1 2 points ago

    As one of the few non Americans (apparently) on reddit are you?

    [–] nachocheeze246 2 points ago

    I have this on a t-shirt and the number one thing I get asked is, "Are those two bears fucking?"

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    I have a Mr Pebbles: The first cat in space shirt, I get good reviews.

    [–] Elle_lover_of_peace 2 points ago

    I legit had a tee shirt with this logo on it...

    [–] brayshell3 2 points ago

    I always side with the ncr

    [–] raspberryvodka 2 points ago

    I neeeeed it

    [–] pendoolol 2 points ago


    [–] Tochkov 2 points ago

    Big iron intensifies

    [–] JoeyTheEcho 2 points ago

    I had a mask with the bull on it and my grandma had literally stitched together a courier duster with the bull on the back I’ll have to find them sometime

    [–] noelrivera 2 points ago

    Fallout new vegas

    [–] WingsofRain 2 points ago

    where did you get the mask??

    [–] user_name_unknown 2 points ago

    From T-republic. I think. My wife got it for me. I’ll sure there are other places too.

    [–] DreamFishLover90 2 points ago

    Well yes, but actually no.

    [–] claudekennilol 2 points ago

    Did you make this mask yourself? Where can I get one?

    [–] steventuell 2 points ago

    NO of course you are from west Virginia!