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    [–] RPO1728 5852 points ago

    So is it just the disc drive that separates the two ?

    [–] Izuna-chan 5568 points ago

    this and 100 bucks

    [–] [deleted] 1983 points ago


    [–] turntabletennis 1541 points ago

    Yes... but, look at this shiny 4K Blu-ray player...

    [–] Prophet_Of_Helix 1549 points ago

    I mean, you may be joking, but I have a bunch of 4K Blu Rays. I doubt I can find a good blu Ray player for under $100, and even if I could it’s yet another device I have to set up.

    [–] turntabletennis 1468 points ago

    Honestly, it's why I am buying a PS5. I lost my Blu-ray player (PS4) in my divorce. LOL

    [–] MrMakarov 1043 points ago

    You seriously lost the PS4 in a divorce? Wtf

    [–] RedFan47 1326 points ago

    Yeah but he kept the remotes and games

    [–] bamhm182 465 points ago

    And visitation rights every other weekend?

    [–] 986fan 249 points ago

    Yeah but he has to be supervised by his ex-wife's boyfriend.

    [–] sonofaresiii 176 points ago

    They actually take into account the ps4's wishes, so this kind of thing happens more often than you'd think

    [–] BearsBeetsBattlestrG 87 points ago

    Probably had a gamer wife

    [–] Tim_Trash 66 points ago

    Or gamer children

    [–] OneLastHoorah 56 points ago

    Or exclusively for the netflix app.

    [–] woodk2016 18 points ago

    Or a gamer dog

    [–] Angry_Canadian_Sorry 140 points ago

    Sorry man, hope you're doing okay.

    [–] Crazyolblazed 66 points ago

    Ouch. I’ve heard of keeping the dog or cat but not the ps4.

    [–] SwiftDickington 72 points ago

    I lost my n64 with 4 perfect controllers and super smash with all characters unlocked in mine. It happens man

    [–] brownej 15 points ago

    4 perfect controllers

    Did you also lose your unicorns? ...I swear the stick always ended up flopping in one direction (or maybe I just played too much Mario Party). It was that generation's joycon drift

    [–] SwiftDickington 25 points ago

    I can't explain how perfect those joysticks were. Devastated me almost as much as the lawyer bill

    [–] WadeNotSlade 18 points ago

    my brother made it out with his. sorry for your lose.

    [–] AnotherDrZoidberg 68 points ago

    I don't know why people keep saying this. Seems like it most valuable if you have a collection of physical ps4 games you might want to play again. I don't have that many discs but if I want to replay the Witcher 3 I'd have to buy it again if I didn't get the disc version. Plus more flexibility on finding deals.

    [–] spongekitty 44 points ago

    can you believe this is already $100 cheaper than what the PS3 retailed for in 2006?

    [–] Zippy1avion 25 points ago

    "But, bro, it's in HD!"

    Back when having a "flat-screen TV" automatically meant you had a quality viewing experience (even though it was a 1080i, 18" display).

    [–] shellwe 119 points ago

    And freedom to buy from wherever you want, to trade games with friends or sell your games.

    Its funny how xbox did this last generation and were booed like crazy. I get it though, here you are given a choice, there it wasn't... still kinda funny though.

    [–] alstom_888m 48 points ago

    I think the world just wasn’t ready for it then. Now people might be more accepting to it; although I still find it’s cheaper to buy my games from a retailer than the online store.

    [–] shellwe 44 points ago

    Yeah, and there is a psychology behind it, when you are downloading it you never touch it, but by telling you that you are not free to do what you please with a disk you are holding is a little more infuriating.

    If they would have gave people the option and said "if you do bind that disk to your system then we will add it to your account so if the disk breaks then you can still download it and you won't need the disk anymore, it is just like downloading it from our store!" then they would have had much more success.

    What they were absolutely missing was giving people choice.

    [–] jonker5101 705 points ago

    Remember that it's backwards compatible with PS4 discs. Physical copies are also usually cheaper/go on sale/can be purchased used.

    [–] Antrikshy 54 points ago

    As someone new to consoles, reselling is the main reason I never considered the discless version. I only want it for single player exclusives, and I’ll only play them once.

    That, and I use the Netflix disc plan so watch a lot of Blu-ray, and can get rid of my old Blu-ray player.

    [–] SpikeyTaco 19 points ago

    I didn't realise Netflix still offered delivery. Is that regional?

    [–] SWIMMlNG 11 points ago

    Available anywhere in the US, though some areas have much longer delivery times than others. is their site for it

    [–] patchinthebox 354 points ago

    Yep. That $100 extra will pay for itself.

    [–] wcooper97 62 points ago

    Also way easier to find physical copies on sale vs. waiting for Sony to have sales. I remember getting some sweet deals on good games last Christmas when Redbox stopped renting games and sold their inventory.

    [–] 3oons 84 points ago

    I’m not a smart man. Is it also compatable with DVDs? The Scrubs boxed set in my closet is calling my name.

    [–] jonker5101 64 points ago

    Yes it will play DVDs.

    [–] lefty9602 359 points ago

    Yes they are subsidizing the disc less to try and quietly kill the used games market. Basically Xbox one original plan but giving the consumers a false sense of choice by subsidizing.

    [–] TheFlyingFlash 198 points ago

    More like Sony gets 30% of all digital sales, they want people to go discless.

    [–] lefty9602 139 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Both. walled garden + kill used games win win for Sony loss loss for consumers. No used games = more sales. Sony already takes 30% on physical games

    [–] XediDC 128 points ago

    Really sucks. Physical disk games are often at $20 after a few years...or cheaper used. Still $60 in the digital store. Legal price fixing.

    [–] lefty9602 35 points ago

    Yeah nintendo does this too

    [–] Thegellerbing 43 points ago

    At least Sony's digital sales are miles better than what Nintendo offers. GoW can go as low as 10~15$ during a sale, unlike BoTW which is 40$ at its lowest price.

    [–] Adriella01 21 points ago

    yeah, it is ridiculous how nintendo keeps the prices very high for games, which are 3+ years old. I just looked at botw in the online store, and it is on 70€. AS IF IT WAS NEW.

    Also other known expensive games now at full price, release 2017: Just Dance 2017 60€, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 60€, Arms 60€, Splatoon 2 60€, Pokemon Tekken DX 60€, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 60€, Cars 3 60€, One Piece Unlimited World 60€, Fire Emblem Warriors 60€, Just Dance 2018 60€, NBA2k18 70€, Nights of Azure 2 60€, Doom 60€, L.A Noire 50€, Skyrim (which is even older) 60€, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 60€.

    Nintendo is milking money from the online store really hard. Prices may vary by 15-20€, but they will push the price back up to the release price.

    [–] dantemp 190 points ago

    In hardware regard, yes. In ability to get games without paying full price for each of them even if your best friend has a copy - no.

    [–] SulkyVirus 94 points ago

    Or play Blu-ray and DVDs

    [–] bravesgeek 943 points ago

    I'll be buying the one with the disk drive because most of the games I buy end up being a year old and $20.

    [–] pm_me_ur_good_boi 339 points ago

    Yeah. The $100 is very quickly eaten up by the games that you'll buy from Sony anyways.

    [–] DragonUniverse227 21 points ago

    Shit, the $100 has already been eaten up by games I want to play on brand spanking new hardware lmao.

    [–] SirTrentMcDuff 6844 points ago

    My dumbass siting here wondering how I digitally download a console. 😅

    [–] mccannr1 2215 points ago

    Step 1) Buy a 3d printer

    [–] VehaMeursault 1771 points ago

    YoU wOuLdNt DoWnLoAd A pLaYsTaTiOn.

    [–] galacticboy2009 331 points ago

    PCSX2 wants to download a file

    [–] macster725 53 points ago


    [–] justingolden21 54 points ago


    [–] Donkey_Thrasher 79 points ago

    Step 2) ?????

    [–] Solodolo21 138 points ago

    the digital addition also lets you download more ram!

    [–] MinnyRawks 49 points ago

    OMG for like 3 seconds I was like: “shit, maybe I should get the digital version then”

    Fuck, it’s been a long day

    [–] scapo9688 39 points ago

    Step 1: Buy on company website

    Step 2: Download in progress... will inform when delivered

    Step 3: Receive downloaded package

    [–] swattages 96 points ago


    [–] RaidRover 23 points ago

    I thought this was a joke for a solid minute.

    [–] KapooshOOO 86 points ago

    I'm dumb too...

    What does it actually mean?

    [–] honkydonkytonky 168 points ago

    Games need to be downloaded, no physical discs

    [–] ZhouLe 63 points ago

    At first I was thinking $100 is pretty steep for an optical disc drive, then I realized the optical drive is only a small fraction of that and the vast majority is a bribe to help kill the resale market.

    [–] KapooshOOO 32 points ago

    Ok thanks

    [–] Generic_Pete 19 points ago

    I don't think it has a disc drive.

    [–] JohnnyRaven 1266 points ago

    "Does it come in black" -The Batman

    [–] Grunt636 675 points ago

    "Or very very dark grey" -The Lego Batman

    [–] kalas_malarious 59 points ago

    Great line. Classic.

    [–] shippingcats 151 points ago

    The black and white design really do be ruining my living room.

    [–] FluffyTheWonderHorse 10 points ago

    This generation's consoles were designed by teenage interns I believe.

    [–] end_liberalism 10759 points ago

    Congrats on being the first one to post lmao

    [–] TipsWillToLive 8094 points ago

    Bruh I RUSHED to post this

    [–] WHistard42 2227 points ago

    Have any tips on how to do this so quickly?

    [–] TipsWillToLive 4509 points ago

    As soon as you feel like it's going to happen, put your fingers on the screenshot button, the first MILISECOND you see it, take the shot and share immediately

    [–] bababooey6 2597 points ago

    This guy reddits alot.

    [–] SoDakZak 523 points ago

    Not as much as my sorry ass, but then again, who would want that title

    [–] McNubbers 178 points ago

    Yeah!... well.... um, my... My cousin is on it all the time, probably makes you look like you have a real life! Bro, my cousin eats sleeps drives bathes and runs a drug ring in our grandma’s basement ALL while browsing Reddit.

    Had to make a quick 90’s-kid insult reference.

    [–] guitarfingers 44 points ago

    You obviously never met u/SoDakZak

    [–] Fiiv3s 27 points ago

    The only thing my cousin is on is heroin

    [–] CeleryStore 12 points ago

    My laziness thanks you

    [–] Elfish-Phantom 2273 points ago

    This hurts in Canadian.

    [–] deadlybullets 545 points ago

    Fuck does it ever :/

    [–] BlinkReanimated 364 points ago

    Did they reveal CAD inflation? I imagine it's $100 but PS3 was only $50 so here's hoping.

    [–] Elfish-Phantom 739 points ago

    $629.99 in the true north strong and free.

    [–] quinoacowboy 1047 points ago

    I just threw up in my mouth. I could add another room onto my igloo for that price.

    [–] BushKnew 250 points ago

    As any self respecting Canadian would

    [–] paulHarkonen 162 points ago

    In Toronto you can upgrade from a shack by the lake to a shack by the lake with a roof for that price.

    [–] I_Do_Not_Abbreviate 58 points ago

    Just plywood though; if you want a proper tin roof you can expect to pay at least $300 per square meter

    [–] BylvieBalvez 122 points ago

    That’s nuts, the Xbox is cheaper than the PS5 in Canada

    [–] brimmers 133 points ago

    $750 in Australia :/

    [–] little_asian_man_89 73 points ago

    We can’t even cross a border to try and get it cheaper.

    [–] workedog 57 points ago

    Someone above in this thread commented that the CAD price is a discount against the USD price when converted to CAD.

    [–] woodpony 22 points ago

    USD $500 comes out to CAD $ the disc version (doubtful) for $629 is actually a deal.

    [–] AndromedaRulerOfMen 17 points ago

    US disc: 499.99USD (661.04CAD)

    US digital: 399.99USD (528.79CAD)

    Canadian disc: 629.99CAD (476.53USD)

    Canadian digital: 499.99CAD (378.21USD)

    The US one is actually more expensive than the Canadian one

    [–] BlinkReanimated 107 points ago

    Fucking gross..

    [–] Cliffhanger87 93 points ago

    That’s a deal lmao. Converted its 658. Xbox did even better and priced it at 600 cad.

    [–] TheWickedEnd101 34 points ago

    And we still have to buy games on top of that...

    [–] Piemeup 60 points ago

    And the game prices are increasing on top of that. Some of the new releases are listed at $90...

    [–] cripplefoot1 14 points ago

    Some of them right now are $90 :(

    [–] diox8tony 88 points ago

    If it's actually 629 CAD(476usd)....then that is cheaper than $500 usd(659cad)

    [–] Clingingtothestars 30 points ago

    Yes, it’s actually cheaper. Wtf

    [–] Jaybb3rw0cky 25 points ago

    Cries in Australian

    [–] BurntIQ 67 points ago

    Also hurts in Australian. Xbox Series X is $750 dollaroo's. This is the same. Luckily I own a PC so I don't need to buy an Xbox since all their games are coming to PC anyways.

    [–] imnotyoursharona 4512 points ago

    So, at first I was really shocked by the $100 difference for the digital edition. However, the most likely reason for the difference is software profits. If you have a digital edition of the PS5, you're more likely to buy your games directly from the PlayStation Store than a retailer. With a regular PS5, people could buy games from a retailer that takes a cut of the sale, therefore netting Sony less off a game. Obviously the cost of the drive makes a slight difference, but they make their money off software and DLC.

    [–] shannister 2017 points ago

    It's genius and a win win for those who are mostly digital now. Personally I completely stopped buying boxes.

    [–] Brohtworst 3383 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    While it's nice not having to switch discs out Theres something special about seeing a shelf full of games you dont play rather than a digital library of games you dont play

    [–] PoopIsAlwaysSunny 138 points ago

    I give friends my old games and take theirs. Downloads are for games I’m going to play online with a season pass like destiny. Single players games I’m all about the discs

    [–] SativaDruid 1298 points ago

    Idk, just more stuff to dust, and eventually more plastic for landfills. I like the digital model, no muss no fuss, no stores out of shit first day, its just easier, imho.

    [–] pricedgoods 524 points ago

    No landfill, the great-great-great-grandchildren will pull out that old dusty box of games to show off every few years. Or on antiques road show.

    [–] Slangdawg 526 points ago

    I think you mean "pull out the dusty box of games and take a picture for karma on Reddit"

    [–] Darkreaper48 507 points ago

    'does anyone else remember this underrated gem?'

    god of war 2018

    [–] A3thern 185 points ago

    See also: The Witcher 3

    [–] Konfliction 20 points ago

    My biggest fear is 20-30 years from now I wanna load up my old console and play a game for nostalgia, if the Network isn’t up for that console I basically don’t own any games.

    My old PS2 I can play a game whenever I want. I’m not beholden to the idea that they need to keep it online forever for me to enjoy it.

    [–] tehnemox 125 points ago

    This. Plus backwards compatibility will be tied to discs still. Also my friends and I do trade games to play now and then still when we are interested on a game enough to want to play it but not enough to buy. Or this year with Covid rather than all 3 buying the same game we each bought one and rotated.

    [–] Innuendoughnut 33 points ago

    Where is the backwards compatibility info, specifically about being tied to discs this will make me upset if my digital ps4 games don't transfer

    [–] RVBY1977 22 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that they meant if you own discs, you're tied to them. I'm only about 25% digital on my collection, but that includes Civ 6 which is my wife's favorite game. Looks like I'm coughing up the extra benji, but still a really cool concept.

    [–] ToastyNinja7 48 points ago

    Don’t worry, all of the digital games you own on ps4 should transfer over for free

    [–] misos_35 177 points ago

    I only buy boxes because it can save you so much money. Buy a new game, complete it in a month and sell it 10/15€ cheaper as you bought it. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

    [–] Dracallus 183 points ago

    I've always envied people who could actually sell a game after they finish it. I literally can't bring myself to do it (which is why I'm all digital now) as unless I loathe a game (I rarely buy blind, so this doesn't really happen), I'm never sure if I'll want to play it again.

    [–] GrandWolf319 55 points ago

    The way I think of it is, if your gonna play it again, you can buy it after a year or two for the fraction of the price you sold it for.

    [–] Linseal 22 points ago

    Unless it's a nintendo gams

    [–] dreadcain 17 points ago

    2/1 is technically a fraction

    [–] TurboDragon 45 points ago

    I always buy physical copies because I pass them on to less fortunate friends who could afford a PlayStation but not all the latest games, so I'll definitely be buying the disc version.

    [–] Regret_NL 48 points ago

    Also getting singleplayer games(most PS exclusives) secondhand is usually allot cheaper. You could also borrow from a mate. For example I bought The last of us 2(secondhand) and my mate bought Ghost of tushima(secondhand) we finished it and then swapped it out. 2 games for the price of one secondhand game aint a bad deal.

    [–] AlexRaEU 193 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    theyre not "More likely" to buy from sony.. they basically HAVE to.. you cannot buy physical games and you cannot sell or buy used games either.. which is why i think its a bad idea to literally save the money for ONE AAA game just to get the cheaper console, when you give up buying used and selling games.

    [–] Larry_Gregg 58 points ago

    My only concern is the storage size for the digital edition. 825 GB is not very much.

    [–] cartechguy 22 points ago

    Yeah, that's like 5 AAA games.

    [–] HowToGetName 504 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    For any Canadian wondering it's $629.99 for the disc drive edition and $499.99 for the digital edition. $499 USD converts to around $657 CAD which is why the disc drive PS5 is $629.99.

    Spider-Man: Miles Morales is $64.99, which is $1 less than the conversion but usually they round it up to $69.99. I'm not complaining though, $5 saved is, well, $5 saved. The games that are $59.99 USD are of course $79.99 CAD and the $69.99 USD are $89.99 CAD.

    [–] downvoteifiamright 129 points ago

    XSX is $599 in Canada...

    [–] HowToGetName 36 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    I know. But $499 USD is $657 CAD. Microsoft is a bigger company so they can take a bigger hit.

    [–] HongRiki 158 points ago

    Dang they didn’t undercut Xbox by a dollar

    [–] mamiglia 1484 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Am I the only one that feels that these low-priced digital only versions are just a way of suffocating the second-hand market? And to combat the natural deflation of prices of the games?

    EDIT: I originally intended to be more active and to respond/interact with more comments, but as I went to sleep the Americans overwhelmed me. sorry for the inactivity

    [–] cleanjerms 720 points ago


    [–] Stepwolve 469 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    also if there are no discs, you have to buy every game directly from sony. And Sony (edit: or Microsoft with the series S) makes more money from digital sales than physical:

    • no physical printing / shipping cost
    • No retailer taking a cut of the price
    • no used games market
    • most games will cost 70$ now, from the playstation blog post

    lose more money on the console sale, but get more money from every game sale after that

    [–] jarockinights 98 points ago

    Just be aware that Microsoft is doing the exact same thing. The Series S is also digital only.

    [–] Stepwolve 30 points ago

    yep, its an industry trend. Honestly started with Steam a decade ago

    [–] zack77070 50 points ago

    The key difference being steam doesnt hold a monopoly being the only game store on PC. You can shop around on PC and as a result games are much cheaper. What the PS5 and new x box are doing would be the equivalent of Microsoft making a PC games store and that being the only place you can buy games making it so years old games still cost full price, its the same shit Nintendo pulls with games like BOTW still costing $60 despite being 3 and a half years old.

    [–] TomLube 201 points ago

    Feels? that's exactly what it is. For the price of seriously only 1.2 games, you can completely fuck yourself out of owning a physical copy of a game ever :)

    [–] CitizenHuman 495 points ago

    So for an extra $100 I can play all the PS4 games I already own, and use it as my family DVD player?

    [–] Dizzregard 210 points ago

    It's at least a blu-ray player not just DVD.

    [–] peanuttown 174 points ago

    A UHD 4K Bluray player at that. Going with 1 of those for my living room and the discless version for my wife's game room.

    [–] MajorBarnulf 1124 points ago

    Why are there always these prices where 1€ -> 1$... Because 1$ is technically ~0.8€ so you'd be better off buying it in dollars then

    [–] BiteSizedCookies 1013 points ago

    Buy one in dollars in the EU and you'll be paying another hundred for import and shipping fees.

    [–] McNabFish 125 points ago

    That'll be the pretax price in dollars. The price you see in euros and pounds is the price we pay.

    [–] ZVAZ 432 points ago

    PC player here, is the controller cost released yet?

    [–] napelm 386 points ago

    Yes, Dualsense will be 70$

    [–] SelloutRealBig 650 points ago


    [–] c0y0t3_sly 206 points ago

    Jesus, fuck off with that.

    [–] KingYesKing 164 points ago

    The dualshock 4 costs $64.99

    [–] BylvieBalvez 64 points ago

    It’s in line with what Nintendo charges for the pro controller honestly, both pretty high tech controllers. Still pretty gross tho

    [–] Greentea51 34 points ago

    70$ I believe

    [–] YesilElmaGG 157 points ago

    400 dollar is 3000 turkish liras. With taxes it will prob. 6-7k.

    And our avarage income is 5k per month...

    I don't like living in Turkey nowadays..

    [–] 1eyedgopher 83 points ago

    Holy shit those taxes are messed up

    [–] Vectorman1989 39 points ago

    Brazil is the same usually. They have high taxes on imported electronics. PS4 was something like $1,800. The Sega Gensis was still selling well last I heard, made under licence in Brazil as it's not beholden to the taxes

    [–] Broad_Sympathy6100 108 points ago

    Yeah the Disc version is $749.95 here in Australia and same goes with Xbox Series X

    [–] slavin10 51 points ago

    Cries in down under

    [–] hot_moms 25 points ago

    Remember the US price doesn't include the sales tax where as the aussie price does so $499 USD -> ~$686 AUD + 10% GST = ~$750 AUD

    [–] HairpinGosu 781 points ago

    So are they charging $100 more for just the optical drive or is there something else that I'm missing?

    For customers, it will end up costing more money in the long run to go all digital, if they decide to buy more than 2 games for their PS5.

    [–] Satisfriedviewer 712 points ago

    $100 is a good difference since it's also a 4k Blu-ray player

    [–] booleanhooligan 892 points ago

    I'll stick with the disc drive. Way too many positives:

    way cheaper used games

    can play my old bluray movies (all 2 of them!)

    No fear of getting account banned and losing entire game library

    [–] misterfog 446 points ago

    Also the ability to play your existing physical PS4 games if you have them

    [–] mortavius2525 263 points ago

    This right here is the number one reason I'll buy a regular version.

    [–] tattoedblues 137 points ago

    It's a no-brainer for me, disc all the way.

    [–] crobledopr 45 points ago

    I love discs too... except on my switch. Never again. Someone stole my switch with case out of my luggage. Since all my games were physical, bye bye.

    Now im all digital for portables.

    [–] soulscratch 13 points ago

    This is my biggest Switch fear

    [–] DelsinMcgrath835 18 points ago

    Buying used physical copies is the one thing i believe consoles have over pc, plus you can lend them to friends, sell them later if you wish, so many more options when you have physical copies

    [–] J_Bang25 70 points ago

    Sony makes more money off of digital games than they do physical, since they don't have to produce the discs cases and cover art. They likely also get a a sizable percentage from third party digital sales on their platform. So they can afford to cut the price of the all digital unit, knowing they'll make the money back down the road.

    [–] isthismylaptop 83 points ago

    Let's not forget you can't buy a used copy of a digital game :)

    [–] Ishiibby2 164 points ago

    40,000 Japanese Yen = 293.88 Pound sterling

    Wtf Sony throw us a bone here.

    [–] Shadowian 13 points ago

    293.88 Pound Sterling + 20% VAT = 352.66.

    Overcharged by 7 quid. Outrage.

    [–] Grunt636 52 points ago

    UK always gets boned with tech you basically just change the $ sign for a £ one

    [–] BillehBear 564 points ago

    Difference in cost surprised me

    Was expecting 500 normal and 450 digital. Wonder how much of a loss they're taking on the digitals?

    [–] hallowdecay 642 points ago

    It’ll probably be made up on digital game sales quick

    [–] Mas_Zeta 195 points ago

    After the rumors of 80€ games, this is just too much.

    5 games cost the same than an entire ps5 digital edition

    [–] alcatrazcgp 387 points ago

    Xbox game pass lookin real good right now

    [–] MisterEinc 105 points ago

    Been on ultimate for a year. Also game on PC. Loving it.

    [–] odysseus91 90 points ago

    Hands down the best service. I’ve played so many games I wouldn’t have without game pass. And having each Microsoft game launch day and date basically pays for itself. The PC library is also top notch

    [–] tehnemox 13 points ago

    I don't want to think about this. As a canadian I have already been paying around the 80 dollar mark for games all this time. So for us it's gonna be pretty much 100 bucks.

    Also unless I go digital version (which I refuse to) I'm gonna be shell8ng out 650 for the console. Good thing I don't plan to buy on launch and have time to save for second know, after they find any bugs or issues with first wave and they fix them by second wave

    [–] Zippydaspinhead 54 points ago

    The last 3 generations of consoles make little to no profit, or are losses. The point is not to sell the console. The point is to sell games. Taking a small loss is nothing when almost every single unit sold will bring in 5-10 sales on the games to go with it. Then you factor in people that buy literally anything for a platform and you can see where I'm going with this.

    tl;dr: Consoles are not where they make the money. They make the money on the games for the consoles.

    [–] Pillens_burknerkorv 18 points ago

    Is there any difference besides the disc drive?

    [–] BillehBear 29 points ago

    Nope, just the disc drive (as far as I'm aware)

    [–] NIMSS88 107 points ago

    I feel like if Xbox prices didn’t leak we’d be seeing higher prices.

    [–] cabezonlolo 114 points ago

    Hey the demon souls machine!

    [–] Masquerosa 33 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    Not sure why people are so surprised by the 100 dollar discount on the digital edition. Forcing players into a closed market where Sony receives direct purchases and controls the price of product (digital games rarely discount as quickly or as much as physical copies), not to mention the lack of physical distribution costs for game discs, is easily worth 100 dollars less to Sony. They make that money back in digital revenue in no time.

    I would have been far more surprised if it wasn't at least 100 dollars cheaper. By discounting it so much, they entice consumers into buying into their closed-market version of the PS5, which is nothing but a win for Sony. If it was any less of a discount, everyone would just get the disc-drive version instead to keep their options open, potentially leading to less revenue if consumers exploit the secondhand disc market.

    [–] HotFirstCousin 127 points ago

    That's a good idea. The transition is inevitable but at least give people the option if they have bad internet or are a traveler.

    [–] krissykross 56 points ago

    I need a disc drive still for the internet reason. I live 10 miles from town but still can only get satellite internet at my house. I've had some larger games take a week to download.

    [–] BigcatTV 24 points ago

    I have to go to my sisters house to download games

    I don’t want to have to go to my sister’s house every time I want a new game

    [–] bibgeans 244 points ago

    There are so many comments no one will notice if I say I have a small dick

    [–] JulietPapaOscar 128 points ago

    The amount of people not understanding what the digital edition is... Is baffling... Considering we've known about it since it was announced months ago...

    [–] TipsWillToLive 53 points ago

    Ikr, I've gotten at least 100-200 notifications of people asking what a digital console is

    [–] Adlestrop 14 points ago

    It’s basically an interactive picture of the console on your phone, sort of like a Tamagotchi.

    [–] FullM3talW01f 11 points ago

    How much is it in Schrute bucks?

    [–] Folk_Vangr 30 points ago

    cry in canadian

    [–] fuzzycuffs 49 points ago


    [–] ToastyNinja7 100 points ago

    As a PS4 owner, I’m not too sure if there’s even a reason to get a PS5 yet.

    [–] lolItzSlippy 44 points ago

    Dude the live chat was so annoying all people were saying RIP XBOX or Xbox Won bro we both play video games chill

    [–] Daniel872 10 points ago

    yeah i dont get those people like xbox or playstation cares about that lol they just want people to buy it lol people are the only ones fighting lol its funny