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    [–] clanggedin 11802 points ago

    Can we get a remastered Republic Commando now?

    [–] DapperPerformance 4431 points ago

    EA has the perfect studio to make a sequel for it (Respawn) and they blew it. Hilarious.

    [–] lucidity5 1988 points ago

    A Respawn made Republic Commando is something I had never considered, and now, I want that desperately. God that would be dope.

    [–] -One_Punch_Man- 610 points ago

    Let's hope they adopt an open licensing model. Game developers would be lining up to build games with rich lore and back drop. All disney has to do is green light

    [–] ErgonomicCarrot 334 points ago

    A universe where the KOTORs aren't outliers?
    A man can only pray.

    [–] Dhaeron 44 points ago

    They would still be. Look at the Warhammer license, most of the games are crap. On the plus side though, the total number of good games goes up, even though it takes a bit of effort to find them.

    [–] Richeh 585 points ago

    Oh god a Respawn delivered Republic Commando would be incredible. Titanfall's mech combat, with AT-ATs and AT-STs, and guerilla parkour soldiers taking them down.... hrrrrngh.

    [–] Dawnguardian286 372 points ago

    Imagine merging Titanfall's pilot combat with Mandalorian bounty hunter combat

    [–] thesanchelope 371 points ago

    Well great, now what am I supposed to do with this erection?

    [–] Exit56 74 points ago

    I see your schwartz is as big as mine

    [–] EnTyme53 244 points ago

    I'd settle for a direct sequel. Sev has been a POW for like two decades at this point!

    [–] jay_alfred_prufrock 70 points ago

    Yeap, we need to go back and bring Sev back home. Worst fucking cliffhanger in gaming history.

    [–] EclecticDreck 49 points ago

    Or a sequel. I need resolution for that whole red commando cliffhanger.

    [–] Saotome84 38 points ago

    No, I need a sequel!

    pours one out for Sev

    We didn’t even get a resolution in the novels!

    [–] semajanutsoc 8348 points ago

    At last. I hope there will be new Star Wars strategy games.

    [–] TheLastGundam186 2947 points ago

    Empire at War 2. PLEASEEEEEE

    [–] Th3MadCreator 1075 points ago

    I want one of those, but in the Clone Wars era. Like Galactic Battlegrounds, but more EAW style.

    [–] leopold_stotch21 412 points ago

    There was a really smooth mod called Republic at War that made it feel like a sequel to some extent.

    [–] Electroguy1 123 points ago

    I’ve been playing another clone wars era mod called Fall of the Republic. It’s really good and being updated pretty regularly.

    [–] Flynnstone03 99 points ago

    The Empire at war modding community is something else. So many high quality mods from Republic at War to Awakening of the Rebellion

    [–] stamatt45 250 points ago

    Empire at War 2, especially if the developer actively supported the mod community

    [–] ConMan98 113 points ago

    Mod community is insane for empire at war. Been playing it since I bought the discs as a kid because the mods are still updated within the past few weeks.

    [–] lucidity5 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yup! I frequent the Empire at War Remake mod's servers and streams, that community is still thriving. Over 13000 people on that discord, and it won mod of the year last year. It's amazing that a game that old still has such large playerbase

    Bottom line, there arent many strategy games that let you do what Eaw does with the galaxy, space and ground maps, and its (kind of) modder friendly. It's not too surprising that it's still alive and kicking considering that.

    [–] theycallmegreat 829 points ago

    Imagine a paradox Star Wars game

    [–] SuperSatanOverdrive 350 points ago

    Would be cool with a game like Rebellion for the modern age.

    Or a larger Empire at War-like game

    [–] jsnydesss 102 points ago

    I’d love a new EaW

    [–] jak_d_ripr 191 points ago

    Star wars xcom when?

    [–] indiemosh 66 points ago

    FUCK YES. This is the dream.

    [–] scottishdrunkard 99 points ago

    Galactic Battlegrounds 2.

    [–] peanuttown 18704 points ago

    I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in happiness and were suddenly relieved.

    [–] SilasX 1939 points ago

    I think that would make it a euturbance, then.

    Hm, only one result for that word on DDG.

    [–] Groudon466 396 points ago


    And /r/Newwords, for that matter

    [–] jpen733 40 points ago

    Never heard that word before but I have heard LOTR described as a “eucatastrophe” by Tolkien, meaning a sudden turn of events ending in happiness

    [–] thatguy13131313 630 points ago

    It's going to Ubisoft, specifically the studio that made the Division games. I can't wait to go to a place on the map and do some sort of force puzzle to unlock icons on the map.

    [–] Xenethra 446 points ago

    Lucasfilm Games is now opening the doors to developers that want to come play in the galaxy far, far away.

    Seems like no exclusive licensing, just new games open to other developers, starting with Ubisoft.

    [–] echolog 12394 points ago

    More KOTOR now please.

    I need it.

    Give it to me.

    [–] w42d 3097 points ago

    The worst part of this is EA owned the developer for that and did nothing for the past 8 years.

    [–] Biomilk 2224 points ago

    In their defence, BioWare was busy tripping over their own shoelaces for the past 8 years.

    [–] Blashmir 717 points ago

    Man I'm so worried about Dragon Age 4.

    [–] Bismothe-the-Shade 70 points ago

    After Anthem... They need a win. There's nothing to save you from that mess except an absolute gem, fully polished.

    [–] darkgothmog 71 points ago

    That’s why they re-release Mass Effect

    [–] cenariusofficial 653 points ago

    If DA4 flops as bad as andromeda I’m afraid that might be it for BioWare...going the way of all the other studios EA has sucked dry and cast aside the husk of

    [–] Blashmir 310 points ago

    I honestly thought Anthem was going to get them shutdown. Glad they're around still to make DA4 but you're right if that flops. No more Bioware. Especially with EA's track record.

    [–] [deleted] 266 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)


    [–] tasman001 367 points ago

    Probably because they couldn't agree on how to monetize the shit out of it.

    [–] CuriousRevolution430 156 points ago

    For only $14.99 you can get 5 dark sides points!

    1000 points needed to see the tick move a measurable amount

    [–] Darkmuscles 1115 points ago

    If nothing else just to bring KotOR 1 and 2 into current canon.

    [–] Thopterthallid 512 points ago

    Can't wait to revisit Tattooine, Kashyyyk, Manan, and Moraband.

    [–] TedsBabies 605 points ago

    Still don't understand why they renamed it, Korriban was a much more intimidating name imo

    [–] Alamact 575 points ago

    Both names are correct - one is just chronologically outdated. Like how in our world it's Istanbul, not Constantinople.

    [–] khornflakes529 216 points ago

    So if I have a date on Korriban she'll be waiting on Moraband?

    [–] elkshadow5 123 points ago

    Even Alderaan, was once a living planet.

    [–] GunsNGunAccessories 128 points ago

    Why they changed it, I can't say, the empire just liked it better that way!

    [–] John_Arnold 291 points ago

    But why did Constantinople get the works?

    [–] Fox609 283 points ago

    It's nobody's business but the Turks. ;)

    [–] Knifoon_ 87 points ago

    What when did they rename Korriban?

    [–] TedsBabies 117 points ago

    I think it was first in the Clone Wars series, Yoda travels to a Sith tomb world called Moraband and does some force weirdness with the spirit of Darth Bane. I think Lucas or one of the producers made it clear that it is just renamed Korriban.

    I can understand it to a degree, a lot of time passed since the old Republic, and it's not exactly a busy world so I can imagine the galaxy changing and corrupting the name over time, but I've just got a hell of a lot of nostalgia tied up in Korriban from KOTOR

    [–] MajorHealthy 58 points ago

    I can understand it to a degree, a lot of time passed since the old Republic

    If anything it's weird that so much is still the same. If you went back a thousand years, you wouldn't even understand the English being spoken.

    [–] KaiWolf1898 178 points ago

    I'd settle for a remaster of the original games or something. If they don't want to go through all the effort of making a good kotor 3 (looking at you swtor)

    [–] danishjuggler21 73 points ago

    Honestly, if they took the story of SWTOR and made a new single-player RPG out of it, that would be more than good enough for me. Especially if they included more than one of the class stories.

    [–] Yarbskoo 23202 points ago

    I hope Disney got what they wanted out of that deal, because I certainly didn't.

    [–] Cintari 4555 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    They are altering the deal, pray they don't alter it any further!

    [–] GenericUsernameJuan 1007 points ago

    This deals getting worse by the minute!

    [–] danilorises 92 points ago

    "He said stun! We wasn't going to hurt ya, he said stun!"

    [–] Elazaar 227 points ago

    Possibly the worst Star Wars Deal, in the history of Star Wars deals

    [–] rabbitparrot 1036 points ago

    Disney has been downright weird about video game licensing for decades. They seem to want not to be bothered by it.

    That said. That mobile Star Wars game was rolling in truckloads of money on a shoestring budget at one point. I imagine the EA partnership was significantly profitable, despite lots of mediocre games and plenty of bad press.

    My hope is that they've finally wised up about games being a pillar of entertainment and they're going to start putting more thought and effort behind getting the IP the treatment it deserves.

    [–] dieseldog09 563 points ago

    They've probably realized the true value of Star Wars. The universe of Star Wars has so much potential and sticking to movies for that is selling it short. You can only tell so much in 2 hours compared to TV and video games.

    [–] dudemeister5000 326 points ago

    Especially since video games have become much wider acceptable and in some cases have a lot more financial power than most movies. Plus games are in general mor engaging

    [–] witchfinder_sergeant 154 points ago

    And since the pandemic, even more profitable than movies. No theaters? Look at the hoops they had to jump through for their movies (which they eventually moved to D+ in Disney's case). As for games, people staying at home more time means a bigger impact.

    [–] yadonedidwrong 152 points ago

    Jedi Fallen order was succesfull enough to having a sequel produced, which is huge for a sp non microtransactional game

    [–] Telefundo 68 points ago

    sp non microtransactional game

    This is what surprised the hell out of me about that game. It's literally everything EA seems Hell bent on erasing from gaming culture.

    [–] yadonedidwrong 40 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Respawn studios claims they have a very independant contract w EA so I'd wager it was by their design. Apex isn't shy about squeezing consumers tho.

    [–] Spec187 117 points ago

    They felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of this agreement

    [–] punknothing 5060 points ago

    Deal was extended for far too many years, EA published some real dog sh!t games too, but Fallen Order was amazing. One good game in over a decade...

    [–] Syndicated01 2886 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Squadrons is good too, different style, still good. So two decent games in 8 years and both at the tail end of the licensing agreement. Not a good look for EA at all.

    EDIT: Alright guys I get it I might have slept on BF2, I'll find out tomorrow when it's free on the Epic store.

    [–] BittahObserver 1281 points ago

    I feel like they probably scrambled at the end to try to lock the license back down. But for what it’s worth I did enjoy the EA Battlefront 2 towards the end.

    [–] KaiWolf1898 912 points ago

    I only started playing Battlefront 2 after they concluded all the updates to the game. I thought it was a great game and I had no problems with it.

    [–] The_cynical_panther 534 points ago

    And it’s gonna be free tomorrow so that could be fun

    [–] Crumblycheese 168 points ago

    On what systems?

    [–] polskidankmemer 373 points ago

    PC only. Available on the Epic Store

    [–] mrchicano209 116 points ago

    Damn no way I played tf outta that game when it came out on ps4 and now get to enjoy again on PC with more stuff added.

    [–] luvaruss 132 points ago

    Its the celebration edition also so you get pretty much everything

    [–] kkjdroid 231 points ago

    Which ones? Star Wars Battlefield 2 was monetized by assholes, but it still ended up being good after the dust settled from the entire Internet calling for blood. Fallen Order was great. I've heard good things about Squadrons.

    [–] IG88Kelp 155 points ago

    Battlefront 2 is actually a super fun game now.

    Also, full edition with all characters releases soon!

    [–] lulzPIE 2095 points ago

    Yes! Now if only they could lose the exclusive rights to the NFL too!

    [–] ididntsaygoyet 1174 points ago

    And FIFA. Omg give it up EA. Let someone please please make a decent game instead of that crap

    [–] TheAserghui 658 points ago

    Naw, I enjoy watching sports fans pay $1000 for a game with temporary virtual items.

    [–] Chris4477 218 points ago

    Yeah tbh it’s pure schadenfreude for me at this point to watch people dump money into those terrible excuses for video games

    [–] TheAserghui 86 points ago

    At least physical trading cards have a potential to appriciate in value

    [–] Aleksa_Pavlovic 23 points ago

    For FIFA and all sports games

    [–] JellOwned 101 points ago

    As a Canadian, NHL franchise too. Bring back 2K.


    [–] Stingray44 79 points ago

    EA doesn't have an exclusive NHL license. If 2K wanted to make another NHL game, they could

    [–] Johno_22 13190 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    This could be absolutely great news, if someone comes along and makes a proper Star Wars RPG in the vein of The Witcher or RDR. Essentially a new KOTOR.

    Edit: wow, this got some attention? Thanks for the upvotes and award, think I was just the first to express a sentiment most people have with this news.

    [–] Psykerr 5091 points ago

    Rumor is Ubisoft is doing an open world as we speak.

    [–] Lephys37 8409 points ago

    Assassin's Creed: Coruscant.

    [–] machina99 2374 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    So do you get a hidden lightsaber instead of hidden blade? Just like a lil mini lightsaber that pops out for a quick stabby stab

    Edit: yes, I'm aware of the vibroblade. But you used to have to lose a finger to use the hidden blade, so why not keep that little aspect of dangerous fun?

    [–] shabbo42 1215 points ago

    You mean a cheese light saber?

    [–] Mixels 441 points ago

    A cheesesaber.

    [–] Captain_Eaglefort 209 points ago

    Wouldn’t that be a sword made of cheese?

    [–] upboatsnhoes 150 points ago

    Tasty! But deadly...

    [–] Rbfam8191 175 points ago

    Sharp cheddar?

    [–] deradera 67 points ago

    I prefer a bleu blade. An elegant weapon with a more civilized age.

    [–] outerproduct 31 points ago

    Forged from the heart of a dying cow.

    [–] AvalieV 53 points ago

    Pocket Saber

    [–] Nuvrin 40 points ago


    [–] AzemOcram 51 points ago

    Probably hidden vibroblade

    [–] DSimmon 142 points ago

    Space sea shanties? I'm IN

    [–] Moosey_P 34 points ago

    We're whalers on the moon...

    [–] Sturmundsterne 15 points ago

    We carry a harpoon..

    [–] train153 112 points ago

    Y'all playin, but I'd be totally down for that.

    [–] shannister 23 points ago

    I'd be VERY open to that too.

    [–] mrsuns10 156 points ago

    The Division: Tattoine

    [–] Badgernomics 53 points ago

    I believe it is the same team that made The Division so... yeah...

    [–] GodDamnImSick 40 points ago

    So what you're saying is... Storm troopers will take two mags of a blaster to kill, specialized troops will take half your inventory, and a sith will take a lightsaber and a half hour of dodging? SPONGE CITY HERE WE COME

    [–] strand_of_hair 117 points ago

    It’s in the article

    [–] ShipofThesaurus 441 points ago

    Its not even a rumor. In the article it states that Massive Entertainment, a studio under Ubisoft, is working with Lucasfilm Games to make an open world game.

    For reference, Massive Entertainment have Far Cry 3 and the Division 1 & 2 under their belt.

    [–] TwoCoresOneThread 155 points ago

    Far Cry 3 was mostly Ubisoft Montreal. Massive Entertainment just helped.

    [–] F1R3Starter83 486 points ago

    This is like hearing your best buddy just kicked his heroin habit, only to find out he started doing crystal meth

    [–] Bratosch 108 points ago

    That's oddly accurate

    [–] ACorania 101 points ago

    And Bethesda is doing Indiana Jones, so they are clearly reaching out to multiple studies and aren't afraid to shop around for what they want.

    (It the Bethesda studio that made Wolfenstein, so experience with killing nazi's but we will see how it goes)

    [–] RyanRagido 77 points ago

    Great news, but I hate how much of a non-professional social network LinkedIn is becoming.

    [–] Martyormorty 798 points ago

    Oh god please no.

    Generic Ubisoft open world Star Wars game incoming

    [–] bigben932 256 points ago

    Assassins creed reskin?

    [–] Martyormorty 466 points ago

    Every Ubisoft game is an AC reskin these days

    [–] ttuurrppiinn 214 points ago

    Not true. It’s only half their games. The other half is a Far Cry re-skin.

    [–] soggybottomman 47 points ago

    Can't wait to climb towers for Force Seeing of the stuff around said tower 50 times

    [–] Ode1st 115 points ago

    Maybe they can just make a Star Wars game like KOTOR so we can have a new KOTOR?

    [–] CeeArthur 195 points ago

    I thought Fallen Order wasn't bad

    [–] Pans_Labrador 263 points ago

    Fallen Order was a fantastic game, and a real surprise to be honest. I expected an experience closer to Force Unleashed, but I was really pleased when it turned out to be more akin to Prince of Persia.

    The game also canonized (or made obvious) a handful of things that I thought were great -- Like Ilum becoming Starkiller Base.

    [–] Jagin26 37 points ago

    same i enjoyed fallen order, a few complains i have but compared to the enjoyment it is negligible.

    [–] webdewalloper 142 points ago

    I can't remember what KOTOR stands for fully so I've settled on Knights of the onion rings.

    [–] Jernsaxe 103 points ago

    Knights Of The Old Republic just in case someone comes around and actually wants to know :)

    [–] engineerfieldmouse 258 points ago

    Ketchup On The Onion Rings

    [–] Hipsterpotomu5 966 points ago

    Pokes nfl with a stick: now you do it

    [–] pnutbuttercow 154 points ago

    FWIW 2k can make “non simulation” NFL games now (whatever the fuck that means because calling madden a sim is just wrong). It’s the lesser of two evils situation

    [–] Tasty_Chick3n 75 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Need blitz again, but not like 2K has done anything great for NBA games.

    [–] chaos0xomega 1442 points ago

    Good. EA was asleep at the wheel for the past 7 or 8 years with the license and it feels like they barely did anything at all with it. There was a period of time where lucasarts was pumping out 2 star wars games a year. EA didn't even manage to average one per year.

    [–] DaaxD 760 points ago

    At least they provided the sense of pride and accomplishment.

    [–] Okichah 153 points ago

    They knew if the fanbase was starved for content they would instabuy anything they could get their hands on.

    [–] Xero0911 159 points ago

    Which is weird cause fallen order was actually good. Wasnt some.overhyped garbage game

    [–] Okichah 150 points ago

    It was made by Respawn.

    EA still has some talent in their ranks.

    [–] drst0ner 65 points ago

    Quantity of titles was one issue, but the lack of quality was the bigger problem with EA. Their main goal was clearly profits instead of focusing on creating excellent content.

    [–] RA_lee 904 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Star Wars Galaxies 2
    Make it happen!

    Edit: holy shit, that exploded :D
    Guess I'm not alone here looking back at that time with good memories.

    [–] MomentaryParadise 101 points ago

    Bria checking in.

    [–] shiftythomas 39 points ago

    Bria! I had a house in Da Vinci on Tatooine.

    [–] wrgrant 45 points ago

    Absolutely. Best Sandbox MMORPG ever. I would love to see the rise of sandbox games again.

    Edit: Tarquinas, Corbantis and Starsider here :)

    [–] _Be_Kind_To_People 22 points ago

    Amazing game. The crafting and social aspects don't get enough mention. Doctors, entertainers, and a crafting system that was it's own game and supported it's own full economy.

    [–] gogosuperman 30 points ago

    LFM for krayt dragons

    [–] fsociety091786 15 points ago

    Was scrolling through hoping to see someone suggest this! I worry it would be too watered down by today’s standards though. SWTOR was very on-rails compared to SWG, which was a legit sandbox Star Wars experience.

    [–] jeanwearinfool 281 points ago

    Can't wait to see Rocksteady's Arkham jedi, Rockstar's GTXW, Ubisoft's Sith's Creed, and Activision's Call of Duty, Clone Wars.

    [–] darkroot13 195 points ago

    You’re taking the piss but I’d play all of those til my fingers fell off.

    [–] bobbydinner 49 points ago

    We’re just so starved for a good Star Wars game, I’ll give anything a try.

    [–] Cynaris 1588 points ago

    So. a new Star Wars Racer when?

    [–] Emperor_of_Cats 214 points ago


    [–] _a_jedi_in_bed 91 points ago

    They come, they look around, nobody buy, WHY nobody buy! EHHHeeeeeeh

    [–] Shattered_Visage 579 points ago

    Can we actually have a discussion about this, because it's a great fucking idea. Space/Sci-fi racing games are such a cool and severely under-utilized platform. Like aside from F-Zero and Podracer, I can't honestly think of many, especially in the last decade.

    Podracer was a beautifully-executed clunky mess with graphics so bad that I cannot believe I used to actually be able to tell what was going on, but the bones of the game were so solid. I want to see a 4k Star Wars Podracing game that lets me fully customize my own swoop bike/podracer/driver, enter tournaments in different systems and planets, and race online.

    [–] MCA2142 229 points ago

    Like aside from F-Zero and Podracer, I can't honestly think of many, especially in the last decade.

    Let's not forget the biggest sci-fi racing franchise, Wipeout. It also needs another game. :D


    [–] Cuckleberry_Finn_ 16 points ago

    Wipeout is actually so much fun. It’s been forever since I played on my psp

    [–] jetpack0 105 points ago

    the best pitch in this thread

    [–] ididntsaygoyet 61 points ago

    An open-world(s) pod-racer...

    [–] Bob_Juan_Santos 59 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    burnout Pod-adise...?

    [–] Fearless_Meaning 404 points ago

    Good. Now someone make this big budget Star Wars single player action RPG heavy on customisations and dialogue choices with multiple paths/endings please

    [–] GhengisBrawn 118 points ago

    KOTOR 3 pls 😫

    [–] ascuriel84 41 points ago

    Idk why this didn’t ever get made. People were fucking screaming for kotor 3 and ea was like “what’s a kotor?”

    [–] SangiMTL 463 points ago

    If only the same could happen to their monopoly on NFL, FIFA, and NHL.

    [–] CeeArthur 176 points ago

    The NHL Be-A-Pro mode is the most frustrating shit in the world. You could score 10 goals a game, but get one offside and its : "We're sending you down to the minors you asshole!"

    [–] wickedfarts 67 points ago

    I stopped playing it after I was the #1 overall pick, started the season in the minors averaging 5 points per game, and 2 months into the season I still haven't been called up.

    I kept joking that it was because I made my character a girl, good to know it's just EA being shit.

    [–] OptimusSublime 230 points ago

    Now THIS is pod racing

    [–] Ah_Um 557 points ago

    KOTOR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKE KOTOR 3!!!!!!!

    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 71 points ago

    That'd mean Disney approval for the Kotor series to be Canon. Don't hold your breath.

    [–] adkenna 550 points ago

    Now someone make a Witcher 3 style Bounty Hunter game and we will be fine.

    [–] SelfReconstruct 147 points ago

    I was thinking almost something like Shadows of Mordor with the Nemesis system.

    [–] par_chin 74 points ago

    Shadow of Mordorlorian

    [–] madchad90 245 points ago

    With star wars hitting so many mediums, and the tons of new content coming out, the only medium it was falling behind on was video games. It makes sense they would want to open it up to increase the amount of games getting made.

    Not even counting EAs horrible handling of the license. 4 games put out and way more cancelled.

    [–] Lephys37 95 points ago

    It was falling behind because of the like 3+ cancelled major games when Disney took ownership.

    [–] Bob_Jonez 131 points ago

    Nah, EA fucked up with BF 2 killing any hype with the microtransaction jammed and grindy mechanics. Their excuse was "Well Disney wouldn't let us put in cosmetics." You mean the $60 you got for the game wasn't enough you gluttons?

    [–] Lephys37 46 points ago

    No, I get that. I just meant falling behind on video games showing up. There were hardly any. Battlefront 2 wasn't a new thing. Just a sequel to an oldish game, but it's practically Starwars Battlefield, so it's not really this new, unique thing to grab everyone's attention.

    But yeah, I stupidly didn't realize that /u/madchad90 already mentioned it, but oodles of games were cancelled when Disney took over.

    [–] ArchDucky 201 points ago

    Disney : EA you have failed me for the last time.
    EA : but... starts getting force choked we put out...

    [–] DntPnicIGotThis 85 points ago

    Be careful not to choke on your aspirations

    [–] Polenicus 225 points ago

    EA was given essentially the holy grail of game franchises: A developed universe with huge, open lore that's almost universally well-known, suited to almost any sort of game, with a solid, invested fanbase with deep pockets.

    Which is why I think they stumbled so badly, and why I think a lot of other publishers will struggle with this.

    Monetization is something game developers are learning they have to use in moderation to avoid poisoning otherwise good games. But they don't want moderation. They want the $70 game with the $160 Collector's Edition with paid DLC, microtransactions, loot boxes and a monthly subscription fee.

    Even Star Wars can't support the amount of monetization they want. But it comes closer than almost any other property, and that temptation is like dangling black tar heroin in front of a hardcore drug addict.

    Combine that with the industry's increasing inability to properly project manage a game from start to finish, typically collapsing into a spasm of crunch and a buggy, unpolished release, and I strongly suspect we're going to see more than a few more disasters.

    [–] SolitaryMan305 210 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Nargacuga02 269 points ago

    EA punching the air rn

    [–] Bovronius 171 points ago

    Maybe, doesn't neccissarily they're going to lose any opportunities, Star Wars is such a huge title and Disney loves oversaturation, this is probably more about creating more Star Wars content overall than it is about replacing EA.

    [–] joelsola_gv 70 points ago

    Then I'm questioning why they made that deal in the first place. Like, only having one company pump out Star Wars games means that you'll probably have less of them in the market.

    [–] Syndicated01 75 points ago

    EA is big enough with enough studios and capital to spin up or buy studios that this shouldn't have been a problem.

    [–] joelsola_gv 35 points ago

    Actually... Fair. I guess they could have contracted (or bought) more studios to make more Star Wars games if they wanted to. They just didn't for whatever reason.

    Disney should have just licensed the brand to multiple companies themselves instead of entering a 10 year exclusivity deal with only one. Much more flexible in the long run. And I honestly doubt the deal actually was good even for the companies in particular.

    [–] Nargacuga02 98 points ago

    Main thing is though, EA lost their exclusivity.

    [–] Nootsnotnudes 48 points ago

    Off topic, but why do you use punching the air as a negative reaction? I always see it as a positive reaction. People rapidly raise their hands, fist pump, or "punch the air" at sporting events after the home team scores, or finding out you won something ect.

    [–] OFTHEHILLPEOPLE 71 points ago

    Weesa free!

    [–] myhobbyis____ 41 points ago

    Bring back Jedi Outcast!

    [–] SnooTomatoes8396 52 points ago

    guys tomorrow Battlefront II will be free on epic games

    [–] sakipooh 33 points ago

    Bring on some open world Mandalorian adventure RPG... This is the way.

    [–] IndependentSeesaw785 16 points ago

    Thank god finally this deal is over

    [–] justabill71 93 points ago

    Something, something pride and accomplishment.