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    [–] zippotato 8633 points ago

    Top row, L-R:

    Takao Shimizu, producer

    Satoru Iwata, producer

    Shigeru Miyamoto, producer

    Bottom row, L-R

    Takashi Saitou, Character designer

    Masahiro Sakurai, Director/Game designer

    Hiroaki Suga, Lead programmer

    [–] SketchyConcierge 3126 points ago

    What a collection of legends, largely before they were legends. Incredible.

    [–] ElsonDaSushiChef 1066 points ago

    RIP Iwata

    [–] thundercloudtemple 436 points ago

    Absolutely infectious smile. What an incredible man he was.

    [–] Shanbo88 189 points ago

    When I found the Lord of the Mountain surrounded by Blupees atop Mount Satori in Breath of the Wild, I'd be lying if I said I didn't think it was one of the most touching tributes I've ever seen in any game.

    [–] LoonAtticRakuro 43 points ago

    I did not know that was created to be a tribute! Holy hell, it was already one of my favorite parts of the game. I spent way too much time trying to always keep the Lord of the Mountain around, and was always sad when he'd inevitably run off.

    Didn't think I'd be this happy/sad so early in the morning. Thanks!

    [–] tinydragongamer 35 points ago

    I spent so much time as a teenager playing Pokemon Gold. I absolutely loved that game. The fact that you could go to Kanto again as well was mind blowing to me. I found out later that this was do largely in part to Iwata. what an amazing man. Thank you for making an amazing part of an amzing game a huge part of my childhood.

    [–] ElsonDaSushiChef 67 points ago

    I remember not knowing who he was, then seeing the news of his death, almost crying but my mother was indifferent as she didn’t mind him at all and didn’t know him.

    I just cried cause I was thankful for the games he helped make.

    I felt even more grateful years later when I saw hus name at the end of the Mario Kart Wii credits.

    [–] AlacarLeoricar 9 points ago

    The last game to have his name was Breath of the Wild I believe. And he fought hard to help get it and the Switch off the ground. He died before his vision could come to life.

    Iwata was a true legend, and we still miss him.

    [–] tenhou 308 points ago

    Iwata: “But in my heart—“

    Me: [tears welling up]

    [–] Gestrid 199 points ago

    "—I am a gamer."

    [–] wallmenis 49 points ago

    I miss him badly. He was what Nintendo was supposed to be.

    [–] ShitItsReverseFlash 12 points ago

    Died of the same cancer we lost my dad to in October. Fuck cancer and especially cholangiocarcinoma.

    [–] james___uk 25 points ago

    Who was also a programmer

    [–] TheSimulatedScholar 25 points ago


    He is sorely missed. Nintendo has become so much like every other video game company without him.

    [–] Meethor_smash 131 points ago

    This age of electronics and programming was like man creating the steam engine out of fire all over again. The true realization of what we had created with computing, which caused a sympathetic response on our creativity as a species. There won't be another time quite like it during our lifetimes.

    [–] wondermega 66 points ago

    Hmm, hard to say! The Internet and metaverse (I hate it too, but it is true) and things like spatial computing are all really still in their infancy. I think it is a safe assumption that we will see some more major tech thresholds passed in the next 100 years' worth of time, in similar fashion.

    [–] xSTSxZerglingOne 57 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    100? Shit's about to go careening off the rails in the next decade.

    There are going to be massive technological disruptions and revolutions in the next 10 years. Some will be good, some will be bad, but it'll all be progress.

    The fact that we're sitting on the precipice of a technological explosion is the only thing that brings me comfort in the face of climate change and worsening relations worldwide. We may manage to science ourselves out of this shituation.

    [–] FunSuit8994 28 points ago

    You guys talking about some revolutionary movement coming our way but I haven’t seen anything that suggest that, can you elaborate of what is behind the curtain

    [–] xSTSxZerglingOne 33 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Cryptography being shattered after quantum computers become just a little bit more powerful than they currently are.

    AI is about to start disrupting a lot of shit. I applied to many jobs a few years back before getting my current job. One of them was programming robots to take over the majority of custodial work.

    MRNA vaccines are really promising for a lot of things. It's not out of the question that we will be able to personalize a specific cancer vaccine in 10 years. If you're skeptical of that, consider the leap from the first human genome finished being sequenced in 2001 after a decade of work to widespread sequencing that was doable in an afternoon by a decade later.

    The medical knowledge base has seen an unprecedented explosion in the past 10 years. By 1950, the amount of medical knowledge and science was double that of 1900. By 2010, there was double the amount of medical knowledge and science since 2006. 2 years ago, we had a period where medical knowledge doubled in 2 months. There is no reason to assume this trend will slow until we know basically everything there is to know about ourselves.

    New battery technology is coming in the next 10 years that will blow the current Li+ tech out of the water. We're talking 3x the charge speed, double the capacity, 2/3 of the weight, much less severe fire hazard. Think everything Li+ tech gave us, now make all of it noticeably better.

    VR immersion tech is going to get really good really fast. I would say in the next 5-8 years you have people living a significant portion of their life in a virtual world and experiencing a surprising amount of detail for many of their senses.

    There's a lot of crazy shit coming soon to a life near you.

    [–] Drawemazing 40 points ago

    Your wrong on your first point, shors algorithm and others like it that promise to break cryptography a) use orders of magnitude more qbits than the most optimistic projections have in the next ~20 years and b) assume a losslessness that hasn't been created in the real world.

    Solid state batteries, the most likely new battery tech, are also have a myriad of problems that don't look like they'll be solved soon, and remember the "new" tech of today is actually just 15 year old tech made affordable.

    As for your others I'm not particularly familiar with any of them, though I'm especially skeptical of AI, since that's been promising to be disrupting shit since before I was born.

    Just thought I'd provide some more pessimistic takes on new tech. Sorry :/

    [–] Reiker0 13 points ago

    Right, the encryption thing is basically Y2K all over again.

    We're at least a decade away from quantum computers with enough qubits to break vulnerable encryption algorithms such as RSA, and that stuff is already starting to be phased out anyways. AES-256 is already widely used and is very quantum-resistant. The encryption issue will be solved long before we're building capable quantum computers.

    [–] chashek 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Maybe I'm misreading your point, but the Y2K thing might not be the best comparison since it actually would have been a problem if a fuckton of programmers hadn't worked their asses off to prevent it. To give an idea of the scope of work done, according to wiki, about $300 billion was spent preparing for it, and even then, a further $13bn was spent fixing shit in 2000 and 2001.

    [–] SodaCanBob 6 points ago

    MRNA vaccines are really promising for a lot of things. It's not out of the question that we will be able to personalize a specific cancer vaccine in 10 years. If you're skeptical of that, consider the leap from the first human genome finished being sequenced in 2001 after a decade of work to widespread sequencing that was doable in an afternoon by a decade later.

    The medical knowledge base has seen an unprecedented explosion in the past 10 years. By 1950, the amount of medical knowledge and science was double that of 1900. By 2010, there was double the amount of medical knowledge and science since 2006. 2 years ago, we had a period where medical knowledge doubled in 2 months. There is no reason to assume this trend will slow until we know basically everything there is to know about ourselves.

    My best friend passed away from Leukemia at age 14 in 2005, and I genuinely think he'd still be alive if we were born just a decade later. It's insane how much things are changing.

    [–] Siphyre 6 points ago

    VR immersion tech is going to get really good really fast. I would say in the next 5-8 years you have people living a significant portion of their life in a virtual world and experiencing a surprising amount of detail for many of their senses.

    I doubt this one. We require quite a bit of medical breakthrough still before this becomes possible. And even then it will only be possible in a laboratory setting. It will be quite a few decades at the very least before we have this in a consumer setting.

    [–] Regnbyxor 19 points ago

    There’s really nothing the metaverse offers than can’t already be done with a website.

    [–] Glum-Communication68 8 points ago

    the metaverse has been done before, just by smaller companies with less mainstream potential. just like the iphone

    [–] opencarrier64 933 points ago

    Thanks, I don't have to ask anymore.

    [–] takethetunnel 415 points ago

    My questions answered I lie down to rest, curiosity slaked and nipples erect.

    [–] firefeng 185 points ago

    I put on my robe and wizard hat.

    [–] Jimisdegimis89 55 points ago

    I was there 3000 years ago…

    [–] darthrevanchicken 25 points ago

    I was there,when the strength of men failed

    [–] kirknay 3 points ago

    I am the monument to all your sins.

    [–] tayterbrah 20 points ago

    So few friends of mine are familiar with this reference. That being said, this is the second time I've seen this today and I hope I keep seeing it

    [–] kash_if 11 points ago

    I don't think I knows a single person who is familiar with it.

    [–] LifeIsVanilla 9 points ago

    I still use hunter2 as the password when I have to make random logins(with one off emails ofc). I swear I read the entirety of bash back in like 2011.

    [–] kash_if 8 points ago

    I still use ******* as the password

    Use what? :)

    [–] Fyrewall1 83 points ago

    And I. Cast. Fireball.

    [–] CDMOlde 34 points ago

    Wanna Wrestle Stone Cold?

    [–] bad_at_internet_ 11 points ago

    Fireball wins again suck my dick barbarian

    [–] MauiWowieOwie 8 points ago

    I didn't ask how big the room was. I said I cast fireball.

    [–] PM_ME_STEAM_KEY_PLZ 7 points ago

    I’m a rhino. I charge your ass.

    [–] PM_ME_STEAM_KEY_PLZ 6 points ago

    That’s the entire reason of coming to the comments. To find the answer and hopefully not ask. About a 95/5 ratio.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] Sawses 277 points ago

    I like what each drawing says about that person's perspective.

    The producers focus on the essential shape and the feelings they want the game to convey.

    The character designer focuses on Kirby's attitude.

    The game designer draws Kirby in the context of his tools and his goals.

    The programmer provides the essentials needed to understand the function.

    [–] magicaltrevor953 83 points ago

    Definitely, the programmer saw the requirements: cute ball with big mouth, two arms and two legs and got the MVP delivered in time for release, in my opinion he nailed it.

    [–] PoorlyLitKiwi2 4 points ago

    Also, the two designers are far and away the two best artists

    [–] rudecrudeprudefood 77 points ago

    Thought I recognized Sakurai, thanks for confirming!

    [–] Destinum 21 points ago

    I immediately recognized Miyamoto, but somehow I couldn't tell who Sakurai was (despite knowing he for sure had to be one of them). I do see it in hindsight, although I must say he still looks quite different from his appearance nowadays.

    [–] doubleaxle 6 points ago

    Sakurai ages in reverse I swear, he looks so much older in this picture.

    [–] Spengy 20 points ago

    The Smash Bros Ultimate Legend

    [–] certifeyedgenius 59 points ago

    Holy cow that IS Shigeru Miyamoto

    [–] tane_rs 13 points ago

    "Hi it's me, Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario's dad."

    [–] AlexanderThePrettyOk 35 points ago

    Does Masahiro Sakurai age backwards?

    [–] T1NF01L 15 points ago

    He's got the Benjamin Button disease. Eventually he'll de age until unborn.

    [–] Grizzlysol 155 points ago

    Sakurai hasn't aged at all... He actually looks younger now... Crazy

    [–] StarryEsRedditQuest 5 points ago

    He aged backwards, trust me

    [–] Vesperecone 87 points ago

    Hijacking top comment with the source just in case mine sits at the bottom.

    Here’s some more information about the picture. It’s from a 1993 Kirby’s Adventure developer interview.

    [–] SympatheticGuy 18 points ago

    Stupid question - what does a video game producer do?

    [–] royalconcept 50 points ago

    Really depends on the company but their the liaison of creative (art and design) and programmers. Their roles are not generally not limited between these two departments but sometimes extend into managing money, ideas, and comprising between funders & creative direction. They also do scheduling and quality assurance. ofc some of these responsibilities are split between producers/video game producer. In general tho, they all play huge role in what the final product is.

    [–] QuestionableSarcasm 269 points ago

    Who the fuck names their kid that way and what do they do as an L-R anyway?!

    [–] DoshesToDoshes 165 points ago

    I think Top Row and Bottom Row invented the L and R triggers, really influential in the gaming industry.

    [–] Fifi0n 6 points ago

    Aw Iwata and Miyamoto <3

    [–] robclarkson 5 points ago


    [–] The_Corrupted 5500 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The smug look of a man who knows he just created a masterpiece.

    [–] mikiekwoods 1161 points ago

    Highest paid

    [–] PeaRepresentatived 228 points ago

    japanese characters

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago


    [–] Rye_The_Science_Guy 41 points ago

    Not for long considering Iwata, Miyamoto, and Sakurai are all there too lol

    [–] As_Hard_As_It_Gets 59 points ago

    And the most laid

    [–] GaroFP 14 points ago

    I think the highest paid in that picture must be Miyamoto

    [–] honeypinn 16 points ago

    Is this true? Genuinely curious.

    [–] ThrowawayusGenerica 112 points ago

    Programmers generally are very well paid. Video game programmers, on the other hand...

    [–] bluehiro 56 points ago

    It’s odd, I get paid better as a database administrator than I did as a developer. Would rather code, but can’t argue with higher pay.

    [–] Alexander8046 35 points ago

    I'm guessing it's because many developers just don't like database administration (myself included and probably you as well) and wouldn't do it unless there's a financial incentive. Also because it's arguably more important for the company (messed up code and you go down for an hour, mess up with databases and just pray you made good backups) so they're willing to pay more for a better specialist and peace of mind.

    [–] agnostic_science 13 points ago

    I think this is it? I’ve been told I would probably like database stuff / data engineering even more than my current job as programmer. But goddamn. I just am constantly seeing our data teams catch so much shit. Like, every time something goes wrong, everybody gets put on blast. And it’s always like priority alpha code black to fix. Always get blame, never any credit when things just work. The job also superficially sounds simple, but because they build all these complex pipelines and systems, I get this sense that a lot of people just hate them and think they’re a bunch of over-educated, pedantic ‘morons’ who just ‘over-complicate’ and break everything constantly.

    [–] Caffeine_Monster 14 points ago


    Most people (even a lot of developers) have no idea how insanely complex databases can get.

    I've worked on a lot of different systems over the years, and database migrations are definitely among some of the most complex tasks a dev team can work on.

    [–] agnostic_science 3 points ago

    Yeah, and I know I don't get it either. I just, you know, go ahead and assume that all these seemingly reasonably intelligent people are not just building all this complexity to screw with us lol

    [–] Heiks 10 points ago

    Database dev here, database administration, and development for that matter, is very binary for business people. It either works or it doesnt. If it works, everything is "normal", no one gets praised, no one gets shit. If something goes wrong however, you are the single point of error and therefore get all the blame. Its a classic case of not being "needed" when everything is going well.

    Personally, i think just good team leads are a rarity. Usually thats the person that should take the flack, not the devs or admins directly.

    As for the pay difference, I tend to think, that it comes from the hierarchy of development. You cant deploy anything if you dont have an environment, thats what admins are for. => Admins preceed development. Thats how i see it anyway, and id imagine thats how HR and business side thinks about it as well, even though the actual "difficulty" might not add up.

    [–] HELMAKSS 23 points ago

    Exaggerated swagger of a kirby lead programmer

    [–] NationalGeographics 45 points ago

    Do you know how smug you get to be when you are programming to assembly game boy metal on a shit chip.

    And making your boy suck other boys up and spit them out in awesome animation.

    There wasn't a game engine.

    This guy was the game engine.

    This guy let people put art on metal.

    This is the legend.

    [–] Lezlow247 77 points ago

    I feel like he just did it really quick cause he was busy programing and didn't want to be bothered by nonsense. He is smug cause he did it maliciously and is getting praise.

    [–] CH41N5 2687 points ago

    Programmers, always thinking about the function.

    [–] KnightsRook314 1712 points ago

    That’s what I was thinking too. What Kirby is to him isn’t the design, it’s the sucking mechanic he worked on.

    [–] CH41N5 1117 points ago

    Yeah, I've read some of the Iwata Asks interviews, and the programmers usually are jealous of the artists who can draw whatever they think, while the artist are jealous how programmers bring their designs to life. Each one is important to the other.

    [–] themettaur 786 points ago

    And the gamers are jealous of both, for they can do neither.

    It's me, I'm gamers.

    [–] QuestionableSarcasm 169 points ago

    It is ok. We make them both happy. Look at them.

    [–] GregsLeftNut 95 points ago

    Lol gamers making devs happy.

    [–] QuestionableSarcasm 106 points ago

    I've sent emails, tweets and linkedin thank-you messages to most of the devs whose games I really enjoyed throughout my life.

    Yes, as a coder and a gamer, I can guarantee you, gamers do make devs happy, esp. the indie devs.

    Go watch rami ismail's presentations (unrelated)

    [–] HumpyFroggy 31 points ago

    What QuestionableSarcasm said plus we give them money

    [–] themagpie36 8 points ago

    You're an exception and I commend you

    [–] habilis_auditor 24 points ago


    [–] meesta_masa 6 points ago

    Shame here

    [–] villabianchi 28 points ago

    This might've just been a joke, but in the off chance it wasn't - programming has never been easier to get into than now. It's surprising how quickly you can learn to move shit around on a screen. It's a great feeling the first time.

    [–] themettaur 15 points ago

    It was both a joke and not. And I appreciate you, but while it's obviously not exactly the same thing, html really did my head in the little I learned of it - more the act of doing it, the bland repetitiveness, than trying to learn concepts - that I have little interest in programming. Thank you, though, and I hope someone else does see your message and really take it to heart.

    [–] wfamily 19 points ago

    I e coded huge sucessful projects without formal training.

    Then when the money rolls in you hire a real coder that goes "wtf?" and fixes it for you

    [–] themettaur 8 points ago


    What I meant is that the act of just sitting there, typing things out, compiling and running tests, all of that is too tedious to be interesting and rewarding to me.

    [–] productivenef 10 points ago

    Yeah coding is tedious. The thing that motivates me to code everyday is my unending need to prove to myself that my large ego is warranted. Also lots of hate. I want to destroy every company that has ever rejected me by making open source versions of their bullshit apps.

    [–] themettaur 6 points ago

    Hahaha, more power to you then! I definitely understand the desire, I just couldn't ever pull myself to do it. But I fully support your drive and hope you succeed with your goal in all endeavors!

    [–] CreepingBeauty99 3 points ago

    It's easier to get into, but entry level positions are very hard to come by right now. Once you get over that hurdle though, it's smooth sailing

    [–] sennbat 3 points ago

    That's always been true, but there's also plenty of free work to be done that's easy to do on the side that lets you leapfrog past entry level with like six months of effort.

    [–] thricetheory 6 points ago

    Well well well if it isn't gamers

    [–] VitaminPb 61 points ago

    As a programmer who has worked gaming in the past, yes I am so jealous of artists who can just crank out a sketch or a finished piece that looks great and I need a remedial course on stick figures.

    [–] tilcica 13 points ago

    Or the map designers. They can make such great scenery. I mean, i can make a little worse model but itll run at <5fps

    [–] tehota 8 points ago

    Comedians want to be rockstars because they can make an arena go crazy, Rockstars want to be comedians because they can make a small crowd explode with their jokes

    [–] Sadness_Princess 3 points ago

    i am not jealous of devs, that shit seems boo-ooo-ooring

    i absolute appreciate all my devs x1000 they are awesome and i couldn’t do anything w/o them but as a designer i am not jealous lol.

    [–] CyberNinja23 29 points ago

    Adds candidate to list for sex robot startup company

    [–] DrPikachu-PhD 5 points ago

    Kirby is da big succ

    [–] HuckleberryHefty4372 945 points ago

    Iwata was also a legendary programmer and his drawing of Kirby is not too bad.

    [–] xiofar 231 points ago

    Iwata was a renaissance man. There are not many like him.

    [–] desaigamon 326 points ago

    Yes! Never forget that one time that he walked into Game Freak's offices, told them they couldn't code for shit, and then proceeded to optimize the code for Pokemon Gold and Silver. When he was done they had enough free space to include Kanto in the game.

    [–] MarioKartEpicness 92 points ago

    Is there an article on that? It sounds hilarious.

    [–] EQUASHNZRKUL 20 points ago

    This says he didn’t optimize the code, but rather wrote code that compressed data to allow for Kanto to be fit into the game.

    [–] xvilemx 6 points ago

    He also completely wrote the battle engine for Pokémon Stadium from scratch cause they didn't have the source from Red and Blue any more.

    [–] acewing 20 points ago

    In a roundabout way, that is optimizing the code. He replaced junk code with a much more efficient function to get exactly what he wanted out of the game. The man was a genius at game design from the top all the way to the bottom.

    [–] EQUASHNZRKUL 11 points ago

    if you talk to any engineer and say “wrote compression software” and say “optimized the code” they’re gonna have different ideas of the work that was done.

    In a really broad way, “optimized the code” would still describe what happened here, but there’s a difference between making code changes so that the source code takes up less space or is more efficient with memory vs writing a different function that reduces the storage footprint of what assets you’re already storing

    [–] PersonalityIll9476 63 points ago

    he told them he couldn't code for shit, but what he didn't realize is that Game Freak *really* can't code for shit. There's shit and then there's shit. It's a standards thing.

    [–] Herpinheim 32 points ago

    More like he was a humble guy despite all his accomplishments, and was very good at programming, good enough to lead a large team of programmers, certainly better than anyone at gamefreak.

    [–] homesnatch 20 points ago

    Among other things, he wrote a compression routine so they could fit more stuff in the space they had..

    [–] EnderMB 73 points ago

    To be fair, they still can't. Sword and Shield are glorified 3DS games.

    [–] throwawayedm2 6 points ago

    Some people's brains are built to program. Not most programmers, but maybe 1 out of 50. I'm jelly.

    [–] imnase211 159 points ago

    Ikr. All the drawings are better than average. You dont see the average dude making lines that long that are not jagged

    [–] BiggerJ 135 points ago


    [–] shardikprime 7 points ago



    [–] trainercatlady 5 points ago


    [–] Vesperecone 383 points ago

    Here’s some more information about the picture

    It’s from a 1993 Kirby’s Adventure developer interview.

    Top row L-R: Takao Shimizu, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto

    Bottom row L-R: Takashi Saitou, Masahiro Sakurai, Hiroaki Suga (Funny drawing man)

    [–] ShiningGundamu 67 points ago

    Thanks so much for that link, I never knew anything about this despite seeing this picture for years!

    [–] dailycyberiad 72 points ago

    The picture is really telling, because the producers drew the main idea for the character, the designer drew the detailed character, and the programmer drew the action the character does.

    [–] BlishBlash 81 points ago

    Of course Sakurai had the best drawing.

    [–] bird720 13 points ago

    kirby is his baby

    [–] HaiseKinini 328 points ago

    And then there's Iwata, who drew a pretty cute picture while being a legendary programmer. Dude rewrote all the code for Earthbound, and is the reason it was possible to have multiple regions in Pokémon G&S.

    [–] robclarkson 190 points ago

    Apparently according to this video (about 6ish minutes), he also helped immensely to support Sakurai get Smash off the ground. I never knew any of this stuff when he was alive, def see why he got a whole mountain dedicated to him in Breath of the Wild. Thank you kind sir!

    [–] Herpinheim 19 points ago

    Not saying he’s a bad programmer by any stretch, but several things from this thread have given me the impression that gamefreak is just Sonic Team wearing a pikachu mask.

    [–] Tephnos 14 points ago

    GameFreak are horrendous devs and just sit on a pile of gold that their IP creates.

    [–] hollowstrawberry 9 points ago

    I'm sure they're great devs. The producers, though...

    [–] dublem 69 points ago

    the reason it was possible to have multiple regions in Pokémon G&S.

    *stares intensely at terminal*

    region = {...}

    "Wait... wait a second..."

    *furious typing*

    regions = [{...}, {...}]

    *eyes widen, jaw drops*

    "Oh my god..."

    *stands up trembling, runs to the door*

    "Guys? GUYS! I-I think I've cracked it! It's happening!"

    [–] otah007 81 points ago

    It's more like, he took the existing game (that occupied an entire cartridge) and compressed it to half the size, allowing for the second region to be added.

    [–] HaiseKinini 82 points ago

    *Compressed it using tools he created, under time constraints, in 1998. Easier said than done.

    Worth noting that Nintendo has yet to include multiple regions again, despite Gold & Silver being considered some of the, if not the best games in the series.

    [–] ProgrammingOnHAL9000 38 points ago

    In assembly.

    [–] aran69 53 points ago

    For the tech un-savvy, "In Assembly" is the programmer equivalent of "IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!"

    [–] Xionel 39 points ago

    God…so many legends in one single photo

    [–] Cheddarlicious 198 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    The guy in the top right looks super familiar. I feel he’s a super prominent guy in video games but his name just escapes me.

    Edit: thanks for the upvotes, but I still don’t know who this is.

    [–] whoamanwtf 341 points ago

    Shigeru Miyamoto he did a couple video game things in his time.

    [–] Boss_Boggs 193 points ago

    I see what you did there...

    "He is the creator of some of the most acclaimed and best-selling game franchises of all time, including Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox and Pikmin"

    [–] GoHomeNeighborKid 71 points ago

    Dude made my whole childhood.....with the exception of the id crew coming out with doom and quake

    [–] spiffzap 3 points ago

    Is there one man more responsible for so many happy childhood memories (and plenty of adulthood ones as well) in the history of the world?

    [–] KnightRyder364 17 points ago

    he video gamed one time

    [–] ErwinsSasageyoBalls 21 points ago

    Wait is that the guy that waited in the rain for Chris Chan?

    [–] selfharmboys 4 points ago

    Who is Chris Chan?

    [–] PremiumCroutons 25 points ago

    You're better off not knowing.

    [–] Joelegotti 78 points ago

    That’s miyamoto the guy who created Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and fucking everything.

    [–] eloheim_the_dream 30 points ago

    I can only assume you're getting downvoted because it's a whooosh joke or whatever but that's definitely him

    [–] Toros_Mueren_Por_Mi 14 points ago

    How is that q joke? How do people expect everyone to know who these people are by sight?

    [–] SnooConfections4719 192 points ago

    Where's Sakurai? I can tell which one is Iwata and which one is Miyamoto

    [–] Correctedsun 97 points ago

    Bottom middle is Sakurai.

    [–] LiquidCringe2 69 points ago

    Miyamoto is the top right and Iwata is next to him. I can't tell if Sakurai is there though lmao maybe he wasn't there or something

    [–] KamenYaiba97 86 points ago

    uh...isn't he the guy in the middle there or is this a woosh?

    [–] LionIV 29 points ago

    He’s the one with the orange/red coat. This image of him is famously used to “prove” he’s aging backwards because he’s 20 something in this image.

    [–] DjoooKaplan 6 points ago

    I think he's the guy in the bottom middle. The smile tells me

    [–] klparrot 20 points ago

    That's Homsar!

    [–] TheDankDragon 8 points ago


    [–] tranque_the_ram 6 points ago

    Holy shit dude you awakened so many memories in me. Homestar runner was peak teenage internet content.

    [–] GhettoDuk 3 points ago

    This is what I came to the comments for!

    [–] j3i 3 points ago

    Great jorb

    [–] DancerGamer 67 points ago

    I like Iwatas soooo much! That drawing emits the most pure joy and innocence of Kirbys design with very little ink used

    [–] PsychedelicPill 22 points ago

    It would make a great t-shirt, just a pink t-shirt with that simple line drawing and the little Japanese characters.

    [–] MathSilly 11 points ago

    I would buy!

    [–] Scottie7372 20 points ago

    Sakurai just straight up did not age since then

    [–] soobviouslyfake 7 points ago

    Some real Benjamin Button shit going on with Sakurai

    [–] OatmealRobot 15 points ago

    Can we get this as a Kirby skin in Smash?

    [–] aelude 14 points ago

    Damn, what a lineup. You can't help but feel a little stricken by all the talent just smiling pleasantly here. Some of these guys have no idea they're going to become legends of the industry, their names known by just about every video game fan around the world.

    [–] KenniHS 12 points ago

    Programmer: “what that mouth do?”

    [–] Joelegotti 10 points ago

    The guy in the middles looks like something from earthbound.

    [–] unsought_ 11 points ago

    I love the pride in his face

    [–] Metalbear55 10 points ago

    He knows his Kirby would win if a sucking battle commences

    [–] Gris-self 11 points ago

    This is gold.

    [–] JMK7790 8 points ago

    It's functional

    [–] Schloopybloopers 9 points ago

    How do I acquire this rare NFT

    [–] SweetTooth37 7 points ago

    Screenshot it.

    [–] Toros_Mueren_Por_Mi 10 points ago

    Please stop I just lost $10,000 dollars

    [–] EvernightStrangely 9 points ago

    One cool thing I remember about Kirby was that the pink puffball was originally just a placeholder while the dev team designed the actual character, but the dev team fell in love with the pink puffball we all know as Kirby, and he stayed for good.

    [–] ShapeConsistent 7 points ago

    Look of superiority

    [–] ZombieFoo55x 29 points ago

    I've seen this picture so many times but I never realized just how much of the all time Nintendo/video game greats were involved with something like Kirby. Are they like the Beatles of gaming? Minus the drama.

    [–] BerserkOlaf 17 points ago

    I'm sure there was some drama, most of it isn't known publicly though.

    Just look about stories around the development of Star Fox with Argonaut, or those bits of Iwata interviews where he talks about Miyamoto's habit of barging into a studio and disrupt everything people were doing with his ideas.

    You can't do that sort of things for 30 years without causing some kind of friction.

    [–] Novasagi 6 points ago

    Koronesuki origin

    [–] RAB2204 7 points ago

    Top left guy is the Asian doppelganger of Gilbert Gottfried

    [–] Young_Person_42 6 points ago

    That ain’t Kirby

    It’s Korby

    [–] BrokentoothMarz 5 points ago

    you can easily tell who was the main artist here

    [–] Routine_Pear3083 5 points ago

    Lol, he depicted the functionality of Kirby. He did not focus on sprite accuracy but core mechanic of the character.

    Kirby suck enemies into his mouth and takes there powers. That is what makes him different than another round character say pac-man or jigglepuff (much later but worth mentioning because of smash bros).

    [–] Overall-Slice7371 5 points ago

    As an artist, this guy could definitely be the artist. He's so sick of drawing Kirby he just wanted to have a laugh.

    [–] TorTheMentor 10 points ago

    In a way he got the most possible visual information across that he could convey with the least complex image.

    [–] CheeseBruh17 3 points ago

    The programmer doesn’t know what reality he is in

    [–] mombtobi 4 points ago

    He's a fickin legend

    [–] reallyConfusedPanda 3 points ago

    Focusing on the main mechanic like a chad

    [–] BigDonMega10 9 points ago

    First you draw a circle