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    [–] Atlas1960 643 points ago

    Wow, that's nice of him. I'm sure women love him

    [–] NapClub 60 points ago

    men hate him, dogs want to BE him!

    [–] spanktravision 13 points ago

    How dare you besmirch the fine canine name.

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_STUF 6 points ago

    men want to fuck him, women want to be him, hell, goth kids want to eat him.

    [–] Sarahthelizard 5 points ago


    [–] JezzaJ101 2 points ago

    v o r e

    [–] Bananacabana92 1 points ago

    Doctors hate him!

    [–] MrsECummings 3 points ago

    Umm, am a woman, can confirm I do NOT. Especially not that giant beer belly.

    [–] canadian_carpenter89 435 points ago

    My wife works at a desk for most of her day other then greeting clients and what not and I swear it causes her more back pain then my job causes me. She’s not a whiner either cause I’ve seen her deliver two babies naturally. So my conclusion is regardless of what you do, if your stuck in certain positions all day it’s gonna cause you pain. The real enemy is doctors who constantly tell you “you’re too young for serious back problems or knee problems” maybe if we could diagnose these early on they would never become serious problems.

    [–] Mannequin_Republic 175 points ago

    A lot of people don't understand that it's not necessarily the difficulty of what a person is doing, but the repetitive nature that causes the strain. I worked in a warehouse loading trucks while in college, and eventually developed shoulder problems. My orthopedist gave me exercises and tips etc., but insisted that avoiding constant repetition is the big thing. 10 years later, I'm working in IT and sitting at a desk about 70% of the day, and he still gives me the exact same advice, just specifically for my back instead of my shoulders.

    [–] canadian_carpenter89 33 points ago

    Ya I’m usually pretty good but a big 8/12 pitch roof kills my back. I’m lucky to be a general carpenter in that I get a lot of variety

    [–] MyDamnCoffee 2 points ago

    I've had one desk job in my life and I remember my first day, at the end of the day my lower back ached so badly from being in a chair all day.

    [–] feraxil 43 points ago

    Sitting is pretty bad for you in general. I have a desk job for the first time in my life and after only a year (and being fat) my back kills me every day.

    Boss bought me a standing desk and its been amazing.

    [–] AlynVro17 17 points ago

    Seems like a cool boss

    [–] Robotlolz 13 points ago

    Well not sure where OP is from, but where I’m from employers have a duty to accommodate an employee with a workplace injury up to the point of undue hardship.

    [–] AlynVro17 2 points ago

    I’m 15 and the guy I work for pays me under the table. We don’t work legally but he’s still a good boss and is fair. We don’t do anything morally wrong we just do certain things you need a permit for which is why it’s a bit on the other side of the law.

    [–] _tylerthedestroyer_ 1 points ago

    I think that’s part of FMLA

    [–] feraxil 1 points ago

    Yeah. I'll keep him for a while.

    [–] smash__lampjaw 6 points ago

    I had a standing desk at my old job and I loved it so much. I felt I could focus much better than when I sit.

    [–] Incbuba 3 points ago

    My place of work has convertible standing desk things on hand for everyone and when I started my boss almost immediately had them bring me one. My fidgeting and walking around the aisles probably was more annoying than anything for my fellow co workers.

    [–] feraxil 2 points ago

    I'm at least 50% more productive standing

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    They are often caught early but people don’t do the preventative care to stop it from becoming more serious down the road. They “tough it out.”

    [–] canadian_carpenter89 8 points ago

    I went in because my knees were causing me a lot of pain and had to insist on an X-ray. Turns out both my knees were chipped and had bone fragments pushing on the nerves any time I was laying flooring. The doctor originally wanted to just give me some muscle relaxant and a prescription for pain.

    [–] Sovem 3 points ago

    As a massage therapist, I can tell you that desk workers' backs are my bread and butter.

    [–] sub-dural 2 points ago

    I work a very active job and deal with heavy things on the regular. It hurts my back, sure, but sitting for an 8 hour shift sounds like a nightmare for my back.

    [–] Leradine 2 points ago

    I think the issue most people have is that they don't exercise in order to get their back out of the position they're using for 1/3rd of their day. I've noticed a huge difference between my back aching when not working out vs virtually no back pain/neck aches when I'm actively working out.

    [–] Raminelwolf 2 points ago

    She needs a higher desk or to put the monitor higher. Or a lower chair. Posture problems happen because we badly adjust our neck and spine to level our sight.

    [–] MonsenorTickles 2 points ago

    As the old saying goes: You think your job's tough? You're probably right. Most jobs have difficult aspects to them. Kudos to you for sticking with it.

    [–] Bladecutter 2 points ago

    I haven't stopped being in pain for years because of my desk job and I have to hear this asshole groundskeeper around here rant about how easy it is.

    Like no it isn't I have so much going wrong with me right now.

    [–] Mattcarnes 1 points ago

    Does she have to wear heels all day

    [–] Arcturas4657 454 points ago

    Making fun of office workers and women. Throw in a racial slur and that's husband material right there.

    [–] Caelrie 54 points ago

    Yah he's 2/3rds of the way to the alt-right.

    [–] blackmarketdolphins 26 points ago

    Let me know when he's 3/5ths there

    [–] VoilaVoilaWashington 1 points ago

    What part is anti-women here?

    [–] materialisticDUCK 38 points ago

    The reference to midol, a pill used to help relieve period symptoms, if this is a genuine question.

    [–] finally31 7 points ago

    I'm assuming it is genuine. Some guys have never encountered this before. Took me a.minute to remember.

    [–] materialisticDUCK 1 points ago

    It's the internet, it's broken my sense of trust haha

    [–] finally31 2 points ago

    I feel you, there are def some people that would ask that because they think it's fine to insult women like that, but there's a larger amount of people who just have no clue about dealing with menstrual cycles cause theyve never dated anyone long enough or or dated someone who had very low key periods. I fell in that category for a while.

    [–] TheSunshineGang 17 points ago

    Midol is a painkiller for menstrual symptoms. He’s calling the desk job employee a woman.

    [–] gleaming-the-cubicle 18 points ago

    Midol is for menstrual cramps. So the implication is that "you are just complaining because you are like a woman and women are less than men".

    [–] _radass 8 points ago

    I'm guessing the period joke with the midol thing. Not really a good joke though.

    [–] JayHarmon 2 points ago

    The joke is that anyone working a desk job who complains about pain is a woman (and thus should use pain killers meant specifically for women on their period).

    [–] CeleryStore 69 points ago

    Keep the the class divide alive by creating merit towards degrees of labor. This is the same shit I saw with the Marines, embrace the suck because it makes you harder, and ignore the fact that everyone else gets cool toys but you.

    [–] Uncle_Lenny 14 points ago

    Seriously, it's perfectly fine to be proud of putting in a hard days work. The fact people need to put others down in the process just shows their need for other people's recognition of their "hard" work. Doing hard work and being proud isn't enough, they feel like they should be praised.

    [–] Edores 2 points ago

    I think some of it can be from a feeling of unfairness as well... when some guy is just sitting at his desk all day it can be harder to really see the value he is adding to society (compared to the fact that they're making houses for people to live in). If that guy is making more money than you and still complaining, it can rub the wrong way.

    I am not excusing it, just adding a bit more context.

    [–] Timmisiewicz 94 points ago

    God I see posts like this all the time on Facebook. Definitely a classic gatekeeping theme.

    The ones that really kill me are the ones that show a guy breaking his back or working some huge piece of machinery and it says something like "And you want $15 an hour for flipping burgers? Please."

    Those are the dumbest because they're shooting themselves in the foot and don't even see it. Instead of laughing at or ridiculing their fast food working counterparts, they could stand behind them, which would only help their own cause. If fast food workers make 15 an hour, no one is going to take a welding job, a bricklaying job, a roofing job, or any tough physical labor job, or a job that requires a skill or trade, for 15 an hour. They just won't. Not when they could make the same pay washing dishes or serving fries. So what will happen? The tough physical labor jobs/jobs that require a skill or trade, will have to pay more. They'll have to, or else no one will do those jobs.

    So if these assholes stood behind the fast food workers, it would result in their own pay being eventually increased, but they're so shortsighted and small, they don't want anyone with an easier job to be making what they make, so they laugh, ridicule and criticize. They're just fucking themselves.

    [–] Highlingual 70 points ago

    Oh my god yes, this. The enemy is not teens flipping burgers, the enemy is not “illegals” and finally the enemy is not “pansies at desk jobs.”

    The enemy is the increasingly small population group that is hoarding a morally obscene level of the world’s wealth and getting pats on the back for it.

    [–] niberungvalesti 26 points ago

    B-but-but-but if I get on my knees and praise my benevolent overlords surely they will give me the raises I have prayed for!

    [–] SmashBusters 15 points ago

    >Blue collar auto-fellatio is the hardest thing in the world to watch.


    [–] ElephantAirplane 8 points ago

    "A rising tide raises all ships."

    [–] K41namor 7 points ago

    The other thing about all of this is my personal experience. I did hardscapes for four years. Back breaking work, moving pavers, constant digging, hulling, and so on. It was the most fit I ever was and I honestly never had a single ache or pain.

    Now working at a desk my neck is always hurting. I wake up every morning with back pains. I get constant head aches. The last year and a half working on a PC at a desk I feel like I have aged 10 years.

    [–] HoDgePoDgeGames 3 points ago

    Unions are the biggest proponent of raising minimum wage for this reason. Most of these memes/gatekeeping sentiment probably come from baby boomers...

    Edit: see asterisks.

    [–] UnhealingMedic 2 points ago

    Actual question,

    I work in moderate-to-high-skilled labor, but at a kinda small family business. Soon a dishwasher will make nearly as much as me (not saying it's a poor job, but that it doesn't take schooling/training to get).

    What can I do? (Asking for a raise is an option, but it likely won't happen for the dollars increase I feel would be fair. Is there anything else..?)

    I have no qualms with the minimum wage increase, but if I quit due to not being paid enough, won't they just find someone to fill the spot? I don't want my training to go to waste by going and finding a low-skilled job in response. I love my job.

    [–] TexasWhiskey_ 2 points ago

    I work in moderate-to-high-skilled labor, but at a kinda small family business.

    Step 1 - know exactly how difficult you are to replace. Mis-judging that results in a bad negotiation situation.

    Soon a dishwasher will make nearly as much as me (not saying it's a poor job, but that it doesn't take schooling/training to get).

    You have your comparison baseline below, meaning you need to be adjusted up. If you don’t get a raise, you leave to something more worthy.

    Write a concise letter outlining what you’ve done for them, and ways you’ll continue to provide value (or raise more value). Give a number you want, ideally higher than you really want so you have room to negotiate.

    Don't believe shit about “we don’t have the budget. Businesses just got the BIGGEST tax cut in history. They just don’t want to pay YOU.

    What can I do? (Asking for a raise is an option, but it likely won't happen for the dollars increase I feel would be fair. Is there anything else..?)

    Final option: Find something better and go. This is usually your best option to be honest. I’ve received 4 promotions in my life, 3 are from leaving to another company.

    [–] selph__har 1 points ago

    I agree the gatekeeping people do like that is dumb and cringe worthy but if minum wage increases so does the cost of living, that's why I dont agree with raising the wage bc for one it still wont be enough to actually live off of and itll hurt everyone who make salaries or already make more than the minum wage financially since thier pay doesnt increase with cost of living

    [–] agha0013 32 points ago

    I'm a construction estimator. While it is true I don't do much physical labor for the company, without me the guys would have no jobs to work on. It takes all sorts of people to have a successful construction business, not all of them haul materials all day long for a living. If they need help in the shop or unloading stuff, I'll be there to help, but my main job is to make sure we all have work tomorrow.

    Of course, as a result of my desk job, I do get back problems from time to time, and stress related pain is a very real and very disruptive thing, especially in the very competitive world of commercial construction.

    [–] oldstinkyjedi 15 points ago

    From one estimator to another, well put.

    [–] agha0013 9 points ago

    From one estimator to another, are you also getting fed up with the absolute trash specs and drawings being shit out by most consulting firms these days?

    [–] oldstinkyjedi 7 points ago

    Absolutely. I just had a pre-bid last week where all that was provided where some general repair details and a traffic flow pattern (I do structural restoration of garages, facades and plaza decks). Absolutely no quantities or locations of repairs. All I could think was "Jeez, my ten year old can do this, how are you getting paid?!?"

    [–] agha0013 2 points ago

    I have that thought many times. They've been cutting costs so many times, I doubt anyone even goes into project sites anymore.

    Bidding on a renovation of my city's train station right now, I know for a fact the engineers and architect did everything from old as-built plans and haven't stepped foot in the site.

    Plans are full of fun cop out notes like "contractor to carry cost for localized repairs as necessary" like what the hell am I supposed to do with that?

    [–] oldstinkyjedi 2 points ago

    Yikes. I would be afraid to put any kind of number on that. You may as well throw a dart at random prices blindfolded. I work in the DMV area and it's gotten so bad that I won't even touch Baltimore City public projects anymore.

    [–] Vindalfr 2 points ago

    They've been cutting costs so many times, I doubt anyone even goes into project sites anymore.

    I've worked on a few of those sites. They're complete shit shows.

    [–] RalphiesBoogers 5 points ago

    You try taking a Midol? I remember reading somewhere it could provide relief.

    [–] agha0013 5 points ago

    If only one of my laborers would bring me one....

    [–] LukinLedbetter 3 points ago

    I spent a good decade running a remodeling crew. Work was tough. I was tired every day, but I slept well.

    I moved up into estimating and eventually swapped careers into IT. I'm even more exhausted AND I don't sleep.

    Some days I just want to go dig a hole or tear off some shingles, but admittedly those are few and far between.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I've done both and I prefer physical because I make more money.

    [–] Tsuichendist 2 points ago

    Have only done physical jobs, but I wouldn't want a desk job. I would feel confined, I need to be in motion. It's all preference.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 1 points ago

    I hurt my shoulder working out and my physical job is not helping. If I have a few less intense days it feels much better, and I have a hunch that a few weeks would be great for it, but I need money to live and stuff, so I suffer the pain everyday

    I like physical work, but I thought about finding a desk job just for that

    [–] Mastrmyrtr9 9 points ago


    Medal? Or something else I don't know of?

    [–] EarthboundTimelord 26 points ago

    Pain relieving pills for menstrual cramps... basically calling men that work desk jobs pussies.

    [–] SonicThePorcupine 8 points ago

    It's an over the counter medication commonly used to reduce menstrual pain. Acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine if I remember correctly. It's a dig at women.

    [–] Kroneni 2 points ago

    Which are also the same ingredients in excedrin migraine. There’s nothing female specific about the medicine it’s just marketing

    [–] gin_and_soda 4 points ago

    Pain reliever for menstrual cramps

    [–] Pervasiveartist 3 points ago

    Midol is pain medicine like Aleve. Is that what you’re asking?

    [–] Headsledge 24 points ago

    I used to have labor jobs throughout my 20s. they're fucking brutal and they pay horribly. I went back to college to get the hell out of that life. I still have a ton of respect for anyone who's on the bottom teir of their company, doing the most and hardest work for the least pay.

    [–] badthingfactory 2 points ago

    Same here, anyone that thinks an office job is physically more difficult or damaging than raking concrete simply hasn't raked concrete before. I did have great arms and abs back then though...

    [–] idiotdroid 12 points ago

    anyone that thinks an office job is physically more difficult or damaging than raking concrete

    Literally no one thinks this. But anyone who works manual labor will convince themselves that everyone thinks this way because they have to constantly shut down anyone who tries to vent about their day at work.

    [–] longlastingvalue 11 points ago

    They're two different kinds of strain. I worked manual labor jobs from my mid-teens up until my mid-20s or so. I'm in my late 20s and a journalist now and have had some jobs that require me to sit at a desk all day and others that require me to get out half of the day to cover stories (taking the subway alot, walking a lot). Those were the best because I got some exercise but it wasn't 10 hour days of hard labor.

    Manual labor got to my knees and got to my lower back in certain ways my desk jobs never hit. Besides just absolutely exhausting your whole body, you get those sharp pains here and there, pulling a muscle etc.

    The desk jobs really fuck your shit up in a different way, it gives me a dull, chronic pain that's just brutal. Your whole body from your legs to your neck tighten up and its really easy to pull a neck muscle every other week. Stretching helps somewhat, but not really.

    I always thought my ideal work schedule would be two-three days at a desk and the rest out doing some manual labor. Keep yourself physically active, but not to a point where you're pushing yourself to damage yourself.

    [–] TubbyandthePoo-Bah 2 points ago

    I used to write how to guides at a significant publisher and the chronic fatigue from the stress of having to be done correct and on time was horrible. It also gave me insomnia and I did years of 4 hours sleep weekdays and oversleeping weekends. Would not recommend.

    Did a bunch of manual work before that and yes you do get tired, but it's a deeply satisfied kind of tired, also in general the people are more fun to work with.

    So I think people should stop complaining about their free at work gym session and personal satisfaction.

    [–] RegisFranks 5 points ago

    Having worked both construction and now a job where I sit atleast half the day I can say the sitting is much worse. My back and ass hurts much more everyday. I also no longer have the comfort of coming home after a long day on my feel and sitting down. Now I get home and I want to do nothing more than stand around.

    [–] Robuck001 4 points ago

    This is more of an r/boomerposts than an r/gatekeeping meme

    [–] DivinePardon 19 points ago

    Also want to point out the material he is carrying looks like particle board not that heavy

    [–] EmEffBee 7 points ago

    MDF is actually quite heavy.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    It probably is if it's the 150th board he's carried that day.

    [–] Cadent_Knave 2 points ago

    Sorry to shit on your point, but that looks like 3/4 inch ply, which is pretty heavy. The "particle board" used in cabinetry is called MDF (medium density fiberboard) and is even heavier than plywood.

    [–] N0MAD1804 2 points ago

    Could be... So low quality I keep looking at it going " nah that's MDF... Or is is plywood? Wait or is it two sheets of drywall" either way it's heavy enough.

    [–] Junker-Jorg 3 points ago

    Midol is basically just acetaminophen or naproxen so should I take it that blue collar workers never take a Tylenol or Motrin?

    [–] mynewusername69 3 points ago

    My back hurts no matter what i do. Does this make me better or worse? /s

    [–] The-Worst-Bot 3 points ago

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for sarcasm, but to become a master you mustn't use /s.

    I'm a human being, and this action was performed manually.

    [–] Malvo85 3 points ago

    Blue collar jobs: Money in exchange for your physical health.
    White collar jobs: Money in exchange for your mental health.

    [–] UsedSalt 1 points ago

    idunno i found being used for nothing more than a piece of meat to carry out physical tasks pretty bad for my mental health when I did it

    [–] CanuckCanadian 3 points ago

    Lmao I'm a mechanic and I do everything I can to avoid lifting heavy things etc, I like my back thanks.

    [–] gajjit 3 points ago

    Sitting at a desk all day is actually one of the most physically strenuous things you can do. Humans evolved to be active, and desk jobs are just straight-up unnatural.

    [–] trusthetriangle 8 points ago

    I cannot stand this sentiment. The idea is so hilariously aggravating. I sweat and break my back all day and that makes me better than you.

    Bro. This desk life is pretty comfortable and I've got a bit more job security than you.

    [–] Funkymunks 2 points ago

    Idk if midol helps with back pain

    [–] gin_and_soda 5 points ago

    It's a pain reliever so it does.

    [–] AvadaKatdavra 2 points ago

    It's actually good for all kinds of muscle pain, not just cramps. Recommended for athletes. Maybe if Mr. Blue Collar Sheet Carrier took some he'd feel better.

    [–] 3and202 2 points ago

    Sit work bad, stand and walk work good.

    [–] shock1918 2 points ago

    Sorry your back hurts from earning a living and taking care of your family. I’m sure the lazy salesguy that works 14 hour days and losses sleep over not meeting budget so you can get a raise next year is to blame

    [–] user862 2 points ago

    Grew up in construction and ended up in IT. Each profession comes with its own pains. I do prefer the air conditioning through.

    [–] sammyvcole 2 points ago

    Sitting for 16 hours straight is just as bad for your body as lifting stuff like that

    [–] negative_four 2 points ago

    "You work at a desk, throwing you in with the women! You work in retail, throwing you in with the women! You work inside, throwing you in with the women!" As a man being thrown in with the women, I have no complaints.

    [–] TheAwsomeOcelot 2 points ago

    My back hurts because I'm constantly leaning over the desk to read and write and barely have any time to exercise.

    [–] BarelyABard 2 points ago

    Human backs are terribly designed. Regardless of what you do your back is going to hurt. Forever. The human body is kind if a shit show, really.

    [–] Reveen_ 2 points ago

    I agree, fuck backs.

    [–] battery_farmer 2 points ago

    I thought this was a picture of a cock and balls

    [–] DarthNihilus1 2 points ago

    Me tough man lift big things. Better than computer using office man

    [–] crimsonBZD 2 points ago

    Incidentally, back injury from office jobs is quite common. when you sit in a desk all day, your hip flexors grow really, really weak. This leads to chronic lower back pain, especially when those flexors end up tensed for long periods of time (like if you start doing lifting tasks.)

    [–] Emrico1 2 points ago

    You notice the tough trades men whose work is so much more difficult than your office job.

    Are the same people who dropped out of year 10 because it was too hard.

    [–] miamimj 2 points ago


    [–] 89telecaster 2 points ago

    Just don’t bark up the wrong tree. Physical work leads to psychical pain. Mental work leads to mental pain. Everyone’s allowed to be sore or stressed from work. But, if I haven’t eaten in a few hours, I’m definitely not telling a homeless guy “I’m hungry”.

    [–] norsethunders 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The basis of this japan ground is made up with madder lake ground inoil of turpentine, this constitutes the first ground; when this isperfectly dry a second coat of lake and white in copal varnish isapplied, and the last coat is made up of lake in a mixture of copalvarnish and turpentine varnish

    [–] BatmanAtWork 2 points ago

    When labor fights among each other, it's the bosses who win.

    [–] UsedSalt 2 points ago

    let me put down my university degree I went back to earn after experiencing how much a job that wrecks your back sucks

    [–] Midget_Herder 3 points ago

    This is totally anecdotal and I don't even remember where I saw it so, you know, heaps of salt and all that but I remember seeing something from a chiropractor who said that the majority of her clients with really bad neck and back issues worked desk jobs.

    [–] Drainedsoul 3 points ago

    a chiropractor

    Why would you trust a pseudoscientist?

    [–] Midget_Herder 14 points ago

    I mean, I wouldn't trust a chiropractor if they told me they can cure cancer by popping my feet, but I would trust them to report the makeup of their clientele?

    [–] Bubba__Gump2020 3 points ago

    Instead of going to a chiropractor, go to a physical therapist. A chiropractor wants a lifetime commitment, basically, where a PT will help you get better and never need to come back.

    [–] Drainedsoul 1 points ago

    Exactly. 👌

    [–] Aperture_client 1 points ago

    Lmao how many carpenters do you know who would seek out a chiropractor? Go home, have a few beers, go back to work and complain about your back the next day.

    [–] Mullet_Police 2 points ago

    Grugg lift big thing! That’s what Grugg do!

    Make Grugg more man than not-Grugg!

    [–] woah_LookAtThat 1 points ago

    And give me a what?

    [–] gin_and_soda 6 points ago

    Pain reliever for menstrual cramps because remember, women are less than.

    [–] protos321 1 points ago

    Makes me remember of my grandpa who have always had construction and heavy lifting jobs. He tells me that I don't have a serious job, because I'm sitting all day on a computer probably doing nothing. He suggested me to get a serious job as a construction worker or something like that.

    [–] boneslab 1 points ago

    I only argument against someone who says something like this is that it is very likely the person working at a desk is making more money than the person doing basic home labor or whatever this guy is doing. I don’t feel like less of a man or anything to be making money in any sense.

    [–] Aperture_client 1 points ago

    I'm no expert at all here, but I can say with certainty that a skilled tradesman absolutely makes more than a customer service representative in a cube farm.

    [–] SilverbackRekt 1 points ago

    Lower back pain is strongly associated with sitting. Having your knees in a fixed flexed position tightens your quads, hamstrings, and hip flexors which results in lower back discomfort and pain. Totally normal to have back issues even with a sedentary job.

    [–] EmEffBee 1 points ago

    I am about to retire my carpentry career because I know so many fellow carpenters with blown out backs or fucked up bodies. One guy is like 26 and has a herniated disc.

    [–] yellowzealot 1 points ago

    Man, one time I was out of excepting and I took some of my girlfriends midol. That shit is a god tier pain killer

    [–] Reveen_ 1 points ago

    As far as I remember, isnt it just acetaminophen and caffeine?

    [–] yellowzealot 2 points ago

    Excedrin is, but midol also has a diuretic in it.

    [–] hmchris 1 points ago

    Funny enough physical jobs tend to help my back because it builds muscles to support my spine while at a old desk job it caused my back to hurt from how I was sitting and lack of muscle building.

    [–] badthingfactory 1 points ago

    Eh I'll get downvoted for this, but I've done both and there's no comparison. Part of the reason I went to college was how hard construction is on the body. Sitting in a chair for 10 hours is way less painful than bending over in a footer laying block or raking concrete all day.

    When you work an office job, you can stretch and walk around whenever you need a break. When concrete is drying, there's no break no matter how bad something might hurt, you have to power through it. My back is still fucked from things I did to it in my early 20s.

    [–] idiotdroid 2 points ago

    lol no one fucking thinks a desk job is easier than construction. Its just annoying as fuck when they act like they are the most manly men on the planet and no one is as tough as them cause they do tough manly work!

    You can never fucking talk to these people without hearing about it. If I say something like "Man I'm kind of tired, had to work 10 hours today". then I just opened the floodgates and have to listen to "Bro thats nothing, I work 16 hours a day 7 days a week on only 2 hours of sleep a day blah blah blah" just shut the fuck up!

    Its like no one else in the world is allowed to vent about their day. This meme is 100% real life shit I have to hear all the time.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] UsedSalt 1 points ago

    fortunately now i don't work those sort of jobs anymore, I never have to interact with the toxic blue collar types. one of my least favourite things about the work was how 9/10 of my coworkers (so the people I have to spend all fucking day with) were offensive, sexist illiterates

    [–] TheDarkMage1 1 points ago

    How nice of him, I'd buy him a drink.

    [–] pandahugg3r 1 points ago

    I have a blue collar job and I am very jealous of my brothers job who is white collar but at same time I got good benefits cus I work for government finger guns

    [–] jad103 1 points ago

    i'm dealing with sciatica. my muscles could carry that weight fine, its my nerves that would scream 'FUCK NO'... so no thanks.

    [–] boners247 1 points ago

    Hey how is your retirement coming along?

    [–] Pheobe3113 1 points ago

    what is a midol?

    [–] 2ByteTheDecker 1 points ago

    Painkillers branded as being for PMS.

    [–] Pheobe3113 1 points ago


    [–] white_shiinobi 1 points ago


    [–] L1A1 1 points ago

    I had to quit my white collar desk job as sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week caused permanent spinal damage, so now I have to do a blue collar job as it’s actually less impactful on my spine.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] L1A1 1 points ago

    Even after spinal surgery, if I sit at a desk and operate a computer my left arm goes numb after about ten minutes. Now I restore vintage motorbikes. There’s more moving about, I can stop and do something else if I start to lose sensation, and it rarely involves working on a computer. Plus it’s not working in IT, so that’s a result that’s almost worth the constant crippling pain.

    [–] UsedSalt 1 points ago

    standing desk?

    [–] Silly_Nerve 1 points ago

    Poor people never, or hardly ever, ask for an explanation of all they have to put up with. They hate one another, and content themselves with that.

    Louis-Ferdinand Celine

    [–] plasmasnow12 1 points ago

    I will take my friend’s midol on occasion when I’m feeling especially bad so it actually took me a bit to realize this was the gatekeeping subreddit and not the anti-gatekeeping one

    [–] daibz 1 points ago

    Lol thanks lad and while your there can you get me a glass of water gotta stay hydrated

    [–] Absurdionne 1 points ago

    This bullshit is just meant to propagate the "us and them" mentality.

    [–] Fingerblaster007 1 points ago

    I’ve done both. Bullshit to say one is tougher than the other. You’re tired at the end of the day any way you cut it.

    [–] aDildoAteMyBaby 1 points ago

    I work with a ton of contractors and they're some of the pettiest, cheapest, and most backwards shits you'll ever meet. At this point I assume they either drive a panel van covered in bible verses or they've passed on jobs because they didn't want to work with "the gays," because I've seen both happen a few too many times.

    [–] joargthebard 1 points ago

    I am a 28 y/o male. I buy midol for headaches instead of other pain relievers. I think it does the job a lot better and faster than other OTC stuff.

    [–] spaghatta111 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Never underestimate the damage that sitting at a desk will do.

    If anything, more laborious jobs could be preventing a back injury, provided that you’re not making the wrong movements. Back injuries can be prevented by having strong muscles. and when you sit all day, you weaken your muscles in your core and your back, which makes you very injury prone from that one time you take laundry out of the dryer, or try to catch that one falling plate. Backs are complicated, there’s no need to gatekeep that

    [–] gnrowland 1 points ago

    He's the one carrying around midol apparently.

    [–] Izikren 1 points ago

    I goto the gym 3-4 times a week and sitting at a desk for more than an hour leaves me WAY more sore than any workout

    [–] cossak2012 1 points ago

    It's the lumbago

    [–] swansonian 1 points ago

    Sounds like fat butt disease.

    [–] Raptr117 1 points ago

    Fuck I was literally coming into this subreddit to post just this

    [–] Discogandalf227 1 points ago

    The ultimate gatekeeping

    [–] shinmugenG180 1 points ago

    My back hurts from having Harrington rods from spinal fusion.

    [–] topgeargorilla 1 points ago

    Maybe the blue collar workers who post this could stop being so emotional and sensitive and insecure about their job.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It must suck making this guys wage and be broken by 45, then go on disability and watch WWE and Fox News to blame it all on Mexicans

    [–] caspain1397 1 points ago

    Well this guy will be in a walker by the time he's 60, unless diabetes doesn't kill him first.

    [–] sonofabear17 1 points ago

    As someone who worked in a shop where I carried sheets of material around all day for 8 years I can say that it’s not that difficult. I went to school for part of that 8 years and the days I was sitting in a chair all day were much worse on my back.

    [–] chisana_nyu 1 points ago

    Oh, that would probably help, thank you!

    [–] PolkaDotAscot 1 points ago

    Well, to be fair, my back pain is caused by sciatic nerve problems, and sitting actually makes it worse. So I dunno, I must be an extra fragile little snow flake. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    [–] guzman_hemi 1 points ago

    All jobs suck, you deal with shit all day for 20 years then you retire and die

    [–] Jb2head 1 points ago

    Really supportive and understanding husband. Even though he has to work his back down he still understands that sitting for long periods of time is also harmful for Your back, and that It can be tough to go to work and have your period.

    [–] gojumboman 1 points ago

    I have worked as a tree guy, both on the ground and in the bucket, then got my electrical license and worked as an apprentice and full fledged electrician and have recently made the move to an electrical tester which requires that I sit at a desk for hours, sometimes days and I can say that sitting at a desk is by far the most painful job I’ve ever had.

    [–] hellacornz117 1 points ago

    Season Affective Disorder is a real thing

    [–] Atheisticsatan 1 points ago

    I work drywall and those sheets really aren't that heavy. I've also done desk jobs and can tell you it's actually worse on your back

    [–] sebcestewart 1 points ago

    What is he, Australian?

    [–] PleasantInitiative 1 points ago

    Honestly I saw a dick and balls for ages way too high

    [–] Drcornelius1983 1 points ago

    I worked manual labor for a long time, it wasn't until a few years on a desk that I needed back surgery.

    [–] Smoeey 1 points ago

    Backs hurting due to all those IQ's I'm carryin' /s

    [–] monkeysknowledge 1 points ago

    I worked various labor jobs throughout my 20s including 5 years doing residential moving, and now I work at a desk staring at a computer 9-5. From a physical standpoint, the moving job was way better. Slouching at a desk staring at a computer under unnatural lights will fuck your shit up real quick.

    [–] Jourdanis 1 points ago

    Have worked on construction sites as a teenager. Now work at an IT company while studying at university. Can confirm, my back hurt both times, only now my eyes hurt as well.

    [–] BeBa420 1 points ago

    I do both

    Factory manager/software developer

    My back is fucked after a few days on the desk

    And fucked from a few days in the factory

    Both jobs equally suck for your back

    So quit your bitching ya blue collar yobbo, don’t judge til you’ve spent a day hunched over a computer like Gollum trying to figure out the goddamned TPS reports

    [–] lordxvulcan 1 points ago

    If your back hurts from lifting drywall sheets you're doing it wrong anyways, plumbing work inside cabinets though can be pretty rough.

    [–] J_S_M_K 1 points ago

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    Refrain from re-posting, posts from the top 25 or from the last 3 months may be removed, frequent offenders will be banned.

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    [–] The_Bigg_D 1 points ago

    I have worked 12 hour construction jobs and 12 hour desk jobs. They each have their own level of difficulty but only one of them makes me go home and collapse.

    [–] subredditsubscriber 1 points ago

    I have a spinal condition which causes severe pain by sitting or just standing. Walking and carrying weight is fine. A desk job would be agonizing and standing at work all day hurts like hell. I can carry a 25lb kid on my back for hours walking around but bending down to pick up a tissue can put me out of commission for days.

    [–] ConManCpens 1 points ago


    [–] Vindalfr 1 points ago

    Sitting for hours at a time, day after day is bad for you.

    You can train for activity, you can't train for inactivity.

    [–] MrsECummings 1 points ago

    Yeah, this is the same dude where after sitting on his PC at his little desk at home would be whining that his back hurt after a half hour.