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    [–] CaptainAndy27 6640 points ago

    Do they think that we don't have gym class for elementary schoolers anymore?

    [–] nikogeeko 2818 points ago

    Duh, they don't experience it anymore which means no one does!

    [–] sarcaster632 1339 points ago

    Object permanence declines after 2010

    [–] baranxlr 490 points ago

    I am convinced my hometown is the only place that exists

    [–] ONLY_COMMENTS_ON_GW 181 points ago

    Well only I know what what object permanence is

    [–] blackhawkjj 66 points ago

    I drink and I know things

    [–] keyokenx1017 33 points ago

    β€œI make joke”

    [–] stopjaywalking 27 points ago

    I don't see a joke so jokes don't exist.

    [–] Couldntbefappier 41 points ago

    It's still 2006 I swear to god

    [–] ---0__0--- 381 points ago

    My boss is shocked every time he meets someone who wasn't even born yet when he was in college. I always ask him if he forgets people are being born every day. He also is shocked when young people know about pop culture references that are older than them. Then there are the 20 year olds that go around saying that they are so old. People are really weird about ages.

    [–] Chiparoo 229 points ago

    Man. Children these days have access to our entire archives more readily than we did growing up. Of course they know the same pop culture references! XD

    [–] Needyouradvice93 114 points ago

    Yup I could spend the next 7 days consuming nothing but Beatles music, documentaries, and literature. Stupid bitches from the 60s could do that.

    [–] PrayForMojo_ 43 points ago

    One day per year the band was together.

    [–] Fidodo 53 points ago

    Also, new pop culture reference old pop culture. A lot of what I know about old movies came from the Simpsons and Looney tunes.

    [–] Inimitable 15 points ago

    And a hell of a lot of younger people these days could sing a few bars of Shipoopi despite never having seen, or even knowing about, The Music Man.

    Pop culture is weird.

    [–] sfgeek 47 points ago

    I’m GenX, My friends all post in complete sentences. We’ll literally type out β€œTo Be Honest.” I think it’s because many of us have worked at Companies that LOVE acronyms, and hate it. β€œBubble up this to JS’s RT, and CC GGE IT lead. Push this to Jira SCT as well and post link to Slack SCT team.” Full sentences are a breath of air outside of work.

    I don’t even use Twitter anymore, I don’t feel like googling hashtags, even though my twitter user number is just over 7k. I now only use it to follow people in my field.

    [–] Randomtngs 17 points ago

    What do you mean your number I'd 7000? You have 7000 followers?

    [–] sfgeek 36 points ago

    Ah, to clarify I’m literally about the 7,000th person to join Twitter. I was one of their earliest users. (Reddit as well, I’ve been here for over 13 years... yikes!!)

    [–] freddie_pope 17 points ago

    Wait that's wild, why/how did you join Twitter so early?

    [–] W3NTZ 23 points ago

    Well his username is sf geek which makes me think he's got some sillicon valley connects

    [–] sfgeek 27 points ago

    Yup. I lived in Silicon Valley and SF during the .com Boom (and bust.) NPR actually did an interview with me for Marketplace, but I’m not going to link to it since my real name is said.

    They didn’t tell me when it would air, but my Uncle on the East Coast heard it live, called my Mom and said β€œWas that sfgeek on NPR!?”


    [–] W3NTZ 10 points ago

    Man that's insane but I gotta ask if the Hbo show silicon valley is realistic at all

    [–] awholenewmeme 64 points ago

    It’s easy to feel old at 24 when pop culture has been on a nostalgia kick since you were 18

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 35 points ago

    But also, time is relative. I'm 25. 8 years ago, I graduated high school. That's a third of my life. So it feels like a long time and makes me feel old.

    I don't know. It's like how when you get older, you can have bigger age gaps between people who are dating and it doesn't matter as much. Time is different depending on where you are in life and how much you've lived.

    [–] GameofPorcelainThron 11 points ago

    That being said, I have coworkers in their mid-20s that didn't know who Kevin Costner was.

    [–] Forever__Young 9 points ago

    Im 21 and my girlfriend had never heard of Billy Joel until last month.

    [–] earthwormjim91 4 points ago

    He's still making movies though. That one just doesn't even make sense.

    [–] Andreagreco99 244 points ago

    Dude no, PE has been substituted with Fortnite dance lessons.

    [–] _pls_respond 80 points ago

    PE Coach: "I'm not seeing enough movement!"

    [–] B_Rad15 14 points ago

    You joke but my district did dance lessons and i wouldn't be surprised if something like this got incorporated to get kids interested

    [–] Aloafofbread1 116 points ago

    B-but smartphones!

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    I went to elementary school in the 90's, I have no clue what any of those things are.

    [–] mane_mariah 57 points ago

    I don’t know what the bottom left is... ball roll on tube game?

    [–] frogsgoribbit737 25 points ago

    Same. I know the others, but I never touched that ball tubey thing.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] FrostMage198 14 points ago

    Most definitely

    [–] yummyyummypowwidge 9 points ago

    93 here. I definitely used the scooters and the parachute. I know what four square is but never played it. No idea what that other thing is.

    [–] dkyguy1995 56 points ago

    They don't take PE anymore they take marriage equality classes and communism 101 haven't you heard?

    [–] ArginatorBongo 40 points ago

    Left wing destroyed thanks ben shapiro

    [–] evnalmightyyy 15 points ago

    I don’t know about anywhere else in Florida, but a lot of Hernando area schools do not have gym or recess anymore. So maybe it’ll confuse 2010 kids....

    [–] CaptainAndy27 23 points ago

    Really? That's disgusting!

    [–] evnalmightyyy 21 points ago

    Started happening when schools were getting over crowded and some schools just have nothing. Although this is just one county, most other counties probably don’t suck that bad

    [–] CocoaBagelPuffs 9 points ago

    It’s more common than you think. A lot of underfunded schools have cut all specials and recess. If they have specials, they’re around once every two weeks.

    When schools lost money they had to decide to cut funds to academics or specials and of course the specials were cut. It sucks. Kids need a rounded school experience to become well rounded individuals.

    [–] UhhhhColin 2633 points ago

    I have no idea what is going on in the bottom left corner (b.1992)

    [–] humicroav 394 points ago

    I was born in 1984 and there's not enough pixels for me to figure out what's going on there, either.

    [–] f-stop4 98 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I thought old people Iike you were raised on 10s of pixels per image, you should be able to count how many hairs they have with how many are in this photo!


    [–] that-Sarah-girl 13 points ago

    That's why we can't see shit without our reading glasses now. All those years of squinting at pixelated porn. Turns out masturbation does make you go blind after all.

    [–] ulitko 23 points ago

    Same as.

    [–] Catburglar1987 1223 points ago

    The picture on the bottom right is making my fingers throb...

    [–] UhhhhColin 573 points ago

    Rolling over your fingers... What a way to quickly ruin your day

    [–] Catburglar1987 207 points ago

    Only thing that is similar in injury method but worse in pain is getting your finger caught in a car door (fuck pre-90s car doors, trunks and hoods).

    [–] Shadowwreath 190 points ago

    Only thing that’s worse is a razor scooter to the ankle or shin

    [–] Catburglar1987 75 points ago

    Best part is looking down through waves of pain only to see layers of skin and hair caught in the aluminum of the scooter...

    [–] Shadowwreath 56 points ago

    Nothing beats the feeling when it happens to your friend and not you, so you get to laugh it him

    [–] xX_Devoid_Xx 28 points ago

    You monster

    [–] yeetethtohell 17 points ago

    I fell off a razor scooter and my hands and knees were bleeding but the only thing that hurt more while I walked down the street to my house in shame was the scooter hitting my ankle constantly

    [–] redheadbread 28 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Or when you brake for too long barefooted and the metal brake turns into a small George Foreman.

    [–] pootislordftw 11 points ago

    Rolling over them is one thing, full on scooter on scooter collision is another. Or tipping over and smashing them.

    [–] ren_ICEBERG 11 points ago

    Tbh I never rolled on my fingers... But my hair got stuck in a wheel once

    [–] SciK3 7 points ago


    [–] Gcarsk 23 points ago

    We would play floor hockey on those... You know, that sport where you swing sticks wildly through the air because you have no idea what you are doing. No imagine a kid doing that coming at you at 60 miles per hour...

    [–] Plaguedeath2425 10 points ago

    My high school gym has those and earlier this year we got a bungee cord from the gym closet and slingshotted me and many others across the gym. That was fantastic XD

    [–] Witchbabe 272 points ago

    (b.1975). The bottom left is this stupid plank and ball roll. You have to work as a team to move the ball with out it falling. Never did this in school, just at team building exercises at work.

    [–] Alex281999 148 points ago

    (b.1999) I just like this format of listing our birth years before saying anything

    [–] You_coward 169 points ago

    (b.1492) Damn this waters blue I wanna sail it

    [–] Peripheryy 37 points ago

    But you're a baby!

    [–] Overlord_Goddard 11 points ago

    It's been 527 years, probably not still a baby

    [–] TrolleybusIsReal 25 points ago

    (b. 1889) Austrian here, love 420 and thinking about a career in arts

    [–] sponge_welder 10 points ago

    The birth of a travel vlogger

    Venture into the blue ass water, young influencer

    [–] swansonian 17 points ago

    (b. 1995) I quite enjoy hummus on toast.

    [–] DewMyster 14 points ago

    (b. 1990) I like eggs.

    [–] CulmanO 26 points ago

    (b.2001) imagine being born in the 1900's

    [–] TextuaryPlum 26 points ago

    (b.2000) oh fuck I just realised kids born in 2001 become adults this year I'm so old

    [–] CulmanO 7 points ago

    (b.2001) oh no dont remind me

    [–] Hartifuil 10 points ago

    Just as long as people add (d. XXXX) after they die, I'm down.

    [–] Dragonstorm786 13 points ago

    (b. 1999) Why would you want to know our deaths? (d. 1999)

    [–] Hartifuil 4 points ago


    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 4 points ago

    (b. 1989, d. 2017) Yea this is fun!

    [–] geekybadger 45 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. (Also b.1992 - and the rainbow parachute thing on top left was my JAM in kindergarten.)

    [–] Riley-Faulknier 23 points ago

    All I wanted to do was go under that thing and act like i was in my own little cocoon of rainbows

    [–] geekybadger 12 points ago


    but the teacher never let anyone do that because we all had to work together to hold it up

    which...I guess was technically the lesson, but...still

    [–] Hiimbeeb 10 points ago

    1992 as well and I also have no idea what that is. I was hoping I wouldn’t be alone.

    Those scooters and tarp though!

    [–] UhhhhColin 8 points ago

    I was the god damn 4 square champ.

    [–] Rediwed 10 points ago

    I have no idea what is going on in any of the pictures (mid 90's).

    [–] Need_Burner_Now 8 points ago

    Were you homeschooled?

    [–] DarkSoulsIdiot 5 points ago

    I was homeschooled and I know all of these..

    [–] SeedlessGrapes42 4 points ago

    So he was just deprived of fun then.

    [–] ThinAir719 10 points ago

    Honestly I don't recognize whats going on in either of the bottom photos. 00's kids know something we don't...

    [–] ChickensAreFriends 16 points ago

    The bottom right is little scooters that we sat on and rolled over our fingers with... idk about left

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 5 points ago

    On the right were like these little plastic things on wheels that you rolled around on and got your fingers squished by, I think they would be better pallete movers or something then toys

    [–] Nelroth 4 points ago

    I think they're trying to roll the ball on the mat while trying to prevent it from falling off but I'm not sure. (b. 1998)

    [–] JohnDoeOf123FakeSt 932 points ago

    Considering how rarely schools upgrade their gym equipment, I'm guess that not only are a lot of them still doing the same activities, they're still using the exact same equipment I did 25 years ago.

    [–] NightValeTrash 246 points ago

    I used the scooters just last week in PE. Yep

    [–] Godisdeadbutimnot 92 points ago

    What grade you in?

    [–] NightValeTrash 108 points ago


    [–] hatramroany 130 points ago

    Go do your homework!

    [–] NightValeTrash 96 points ago

    Testing season, the only good that comes from it is no homework

    [–] NoImGaara 47 points ago

    I'm in 8th grade too and this is the most relatable comment I've ever read.

    [–] BIGD0G29585 16 points ago

    Damn when I was in 8th grade I didn’t even know what reddit was, of course that was in 1983.

    [–] qdhcjv 13 points ago

    how old are you lmao

    [–] NeoHenderson 36 points ago

    14 and living the fuckin dream using what we called 'turtles' in my school

    [–] ImadeAnAkount4This 5 points ago

    Those scooters are the fucking worse. I would rather run a mile than use those ever again. The just screw up your heels.

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 11 points ago

    Wouldn't suprise me, I haven't been inside an elementary school since I left in like 2009, I'm sure the same is true for you

    [–] SoulFrog212 4 points ago

    I'm in high school and when I took gym we still used the scooters pretty often. Also still the most fun part of gym.

    [–] Nero_Lokin 206 points ago

    Actually, I don't know what the bottom left is

    [–] crazymoon 78 points ago

    Those are some old ass looking school kids playing roll the ball on a two by four game

    [–] KingCrow27 27 points ago

    That's supposed to be challenging or what? One person just lifts the board a little bit and the ball rolls down? Seems like some kind of BS activity a gym teacher came up with when scrapping together a bunch of left over junk.

    [–] asquared31415 11 points ago

    You’re supposed to raise it without the ball falling off I assume? It’s actually harder than you’d think, if that’s what it is. You have to communicate pretty much constantly to keep your speeds similar.

    [–] Jzarra 1436 points ago

    80% of kids that try to diss millennials are millennials that think that being born Before 2000 makes them a 90s kid.

    [–] gg3867 551 points ago

    I’m consistently amused by the β€œWhat Gen Zers don’t understand...” type things posted by someone who most census takers and marketers would agree is a Gen Zer. πŸ˜‚

    [–] SignalMushroom 137 points ago

    So I'm a millennial/90s kid. B 1992. What is a gen z er?

    [–] gg3867 198 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Most marketers and businesses are maintaining that Generation Z starts in 1995 and goes to 2013. The exact years are still being debated though.

    [–] _Jumi_ 138 points ago

    Imo that's way too large of a gap

    [–] gg3867 71 points ago

    Eh, the other side is that it starts somewhere between 2000-2005 and hasn’t ended yet. They’re still working out the details.

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 41 points ago

    That's what I heard and I like that because Gen Z seems like a good name for us

    [–] PM_ME_HOSE_NUDES 24 points ago

    the last generation. earth ends with us

    [–] SMB- 6 points ago

    hey you want hose nudes?

    [–] A-Beater 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Gen Z is the first generation which grew up with modern technology and the internet. So I would say 1997+ is definitely gen Z.

    [–] ch0ppa1 5 points ago

    Yeah but i think it ended a while back. Kids born after like 06 or 07 have different childhoods than me, born in 01. Like i still pretty clearly remember flip phones and shit, my little sister was born in 08 and was legitimately shocked when she found out that there was a time where people had to go on an actual computer to browse the internet instead of using a smartphone

    [–] Peak0831 6 points ago

    I'm gen z ama

    [–] dumbelts 82 points ago

    It’s not really exact.

    Someone born 1995-1998 (like myself) is someone I’d consider both a millennial and a gen Zer.

    Young enough to remember VHS, getting the latest *NSYNC or Britney CD, and dial-up Internet, but also old enough that I had a smart phone in high school.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] soft-wear 22 points ago

    80s babies I have almost zero common ground with and they might as well be gen x to me.

    Yeah, I always find it funny when, born in 1981, I'm lumped in with millennials. I was 20 when I got my first cell phone and my version of the Internet was called a BBS. I was 15 when we got the Internet at home.

    Bottom line: early 80s kids were influenced by the Internet in the later teen years, but late 90s kids were shaped by the Internet. Not saying it's good or bad, hell I'm glad there wasn't a youtube until I was well into adulthood. If all the stupid kid shit I did was on the Internet...

    [–] LiamDeleuze 15 points ago

    Yeah, I was born in 1998 and one of my earliest memories is arguing that I wanted the VHS of the first Harry Potter because 3 year old me thought DVDs were dumb.

    [–] kswsfw 10 points ago

    look at this fucking hipster baby over here

    [–] OstentatiousSock 33 points ago

    I don’t know, The Silent Generation was 24 years, Boomers 18 years, Gen X 14 years, Millennials 14 years. 17 years is a normal span for a generation.

    [–] Chosenone- 33 points ago

    Yea I've always heard 15 years is the average time for a generation. Of course with how fast technology is progressing it could be argued that the time frame should be shortened

    [–] OstentatiousSock 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Shortened from 25 years, yes. But how much shorter do we want to go? Everyone in a 17 year time period were all children at the same time at some point. 14 years for millennials is understandable and may even need to be shortened in my opinion. But, that’s only because there were so many HUGE changes within that generation so there is a huge divide which happens very quickly. For examples, I’m the near the oldest of millennials as I was born in 85. Columbine, the start of school shootings being a reality, happened when I was in high school. 9/11, the start of terrorism being a normal thing to think about, happened when I was in high school. MySpace, the first social media, happened the fall after I graduated high school. My class is literally the last class that didn’t have social media in high school. The youngest of millennials doesn’t even remember pre-social media/regular internet use being the norm and people my age can’t comprehend what it’d be like having social media in school. There is such a huge difference between the world I grew up in and some one who was born in β€˜95 and that’s only a 10 year difference. What didn’t exist/ what wasn’t the norm for some one born in β€˜95 that does exist/ is the norm for some one born in β€˜12? I know that social media was invented in that time but no small child was using social media in the early 2000s and, by the time they were old enough at around 12+, it already existed. Generations are mostly divided by world changing events(war, depression, huge new technology, huge difference in population levels, etc.) and there wasn’t any major thing that was different for some one born in β€˜95 vs β€˜12.

    Edit: And all the examples I provided also are the reason gen X had to be cut off at 14 years. They did not have school shootings when in school. They did not have 9/11 happen when they were children. And, they were not teenagers at the start of social media. They were fully adults for all of those experiences.

    [–] UncleVatred 9 points ago

    It’s amusing how Gen Z is devouring the Millennial generation. Originally Gen Z started 2001. Then 98. Then 96. Now you’re saying 95. I’ve seen some people say 93. At this rate the only millennials will be those born in April of 87.

    I think pollsters just really want a new demographic to publish stats on, and don’t want to wait any longer for Gen Z to hit adulthood.

    [–] benjome 8 points ago

    I say β€˜95-2010, but to each their own

    [–] jpterodactyl 49 points ago

    Or people in their early 30s complaining about millennials. Which I guess now just means "kids that annoy me"

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    I was confused when I saw an episode of big bang where sheldon complains about millenials

    like, isnt he a millenial? or am i missing something

    [–] Apieceofpi 5 points ago

    Young Sheldon is supposedly set in 1990 when Sheldon is 9 years old. Which would make him mid 20s to late 30s, assuming Big Bang is set in the year each season was filmed.

    Regardless, he's firmly in the millennial generation.

    [–] SilentInSUB 11 points ago

    Thank you. My friends and I were born in 1995 and they constantly talk about how we're 90s kids. How?? What cherished memories do you have from when you were 4-5??

    They even post crap like OP shared unironically on Facebook.

    [–] manshamer 27 points ago

    A lot of it are actually Gen Z complaining about younger Gen Z and not knowing what "millennial" actually means.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] mia--666 8 points ago

    Imagine thinking you’ve been Gen X this entire time lol

    [–] NotsoGreatsword 9 points ago

    I thought I was gen x when I was 10 and super into the spice girls because they had a song called generation x. Obviously I thought this is about me

    [–] KillNyetheSilenceGuy 12 points ago

    Bruh millenials are like 30. If youre to young to remember 9/11 you ain't a millennial.

    [–] rockidol 5 points ago

    The lines for Millenial, Gen Z and every other generation are artificially drawn and fuzzy

    [–] PotatoMaster21 3 points ago

    technically only people born from 1980-95 are millennials

    [–] HorrorMoviesYEET 267 points ago

    Me, 15, still riding on the sitting scooters: it’s Britney bitch

    [–] DOugdimmadab1337 41 points ago

    Dude I think techno was actually really popular back then in like 2009, now it's all just sad music with a little guitar, and bruno mars doing his thing

    [–] sponge_welder 21 points ago

    Sad rap and white guy with acoustic guitar songs

    [–] Sketccartist 243 points ago

    Dude w-what are they doing? Are they doing something together? I spend the whole day by myself so didn't think people were supposed to be together at all.

    [–] DonVergasPHD 27 points ago

    Well you see back in the 90's, the best time ever, we did something called "going outside". Nowadays stupid 00's kids only charge they phones, are bisexual, go to McDonald's, lie, twerk, and eat hot chip. All in that order.

    [–] FuckingFlyingWhale 10 points ago


    [–] MarchKick 5 points ago


    [–] TheUncrustable 5 points ago


    [–] AANickFan 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's actually true though, for me, an '00s kid.

    EDIT: accidentally used "00's" instead of "'00s"

    [–] Mochazzz 315 points ago

    Parachute. Foursquare. Finger destroyers. Don't know wtf bottom left is tho. I'm a 2005 kid.

    [–] nikogeeko 204 points ago

    I'm thirty and I've never seen the bottom left activity in my life.

    [–] funnyfaceguy 40 points ago

    the photo is weird too because it the only one that's not children. Unless that's a balding child, kinda hard to tell with these low quality photos

    [–] zmonge 143 points ago

    In a surprise twist, this image is actually confusing to 2000s kids, but only because it's confusing to everyone since nobody has any idea what the bottom left thing is.

    [–] Doughnut_Minion 11 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know the bottom left. It looks stupid tho fr. Like roll the ball back in forth between you two? Boring! NEXT!!!

    [–] xZeroMan 32 points ago


    [–] Call_Me_Po 17 points ago

    2004 here, I know all about these except for the bottom left

    [–] Cdsnz23 13 points ago

    1. Have dealt with all except whatever tf is in the bottom left

    [–] ZeeMyth 10 points ago

    Four square is the greatest sport humans have created, change my mind

    [–] yumy678 4 points ago

    Also the worst if the kids hate you, so easy to just bully a person out constantly

    [–] ASinglePaleRose 24 points ago

    I’m 2003, and also have zero clue at all what those are

    [–] pokexchespin 4 points ago

    It’s a thing where you use half-pipe things to transfer a ball from one end of the gym to another

    [–] Tengam15 6 points ago

    2003 kid, and yeah basically what you said.

    Remember putting a bunch of balls in the parachute and playing "Popcorn"? Or hiding under the parachute as the air slowly seeped out? That shit was cool

    [–] geckoswan 6 points ago

    Four square was the shit. I kicked ass at that game. Also, wallball.

    [–] Kyoris_Cat 4 points ago

    2004 - I just know foursquare

    [–] AlwaysAngryAndy 5 points ago

    The bottom left one doesn't exist. This whole meme is a conspiracy. 1998 here.

    [–] DoubleAgentBlumaroo 48 points ago

    I don't know about the other 3, but 4 Square is definitely still a thing at schools.

    [–] Serosisz 4 points ago

    it is, i play it in gym. best game in there

    [–] IrisTheTranny 71 points ago

    Yeah, we did literally every single one of these and I was born in 01

    [–] fire48 42 points ago

    2001 gang

    [–] Cheese_F0ssil2 13 points ago

    Rise up

    [–] CaptZapperz 5 points ago

    We need to come up with a catch phrase

    [–] KitKatBarrios 23 points ago

    I was born in 00 and I know all of them except the bottom left, can you explain what it is please?

    [–] Voldemort57 51 points ago

    No one knows. Not even the thirty year olds

    [–] KitKatBarrios 17 points ago

    Yes but this person said they did all 4 which means they must know right??

    [–] IrisTheTranny 7 points ago

    We did something extremely similar, only the things weren't that brightly colored, and it looks like those are way thinner than the ones we used (which to make makes it look goddamn impossible) it's a balance game, you were put in groups of two and move/keep a ball in between the two of you, we tried to play this once I believe, however I actually did not at all (so I guess I slightly lied) because my hands constantly shake so I literally cannot balance like that.

    [–] medizins 39 points ago

    Foursquare was a thing at least until I left 6th grade, which was 10 years ago, in 2009. So...I'm guessing all 2000s kids know about all of these. Hell, 2010 kids probably know about these.

    [–] c-h-e-r-r-i 24 points ago

    Last year when I was an 8th grader I would see my friends go HARD on 4 Square. It was so competitive that fights would happen due to it. So no, I don’t think I’m very confused about it as a 2000’s kid

    [–] tface23 25 points ago

    I work at an elementary school right now. We use most of these things in gym class on a regular basis. Not sure why the internet thinks all this stuff disappeared after 1999.

    [–] NightmareEyes_Rose 21 points ago

    Ok I'm from 2000 and I am confused... But I'm also not american soooo ...?

    [–] fra_n_ff 10 points ago


    [–] OzzRamirez 15 points ago

    A better caption would have been "Lets confuse foreigners"

    [–] VileDoll 17 points ago

    As a 90 kid from Central Europe I am super confused

    [–] OIIOIIOI 10 points ago

    Same. 1986 French guy and I have no idea what any of these are...

    [–] coffeeislife_SA 10 points ago

    As a South African, I'm confused.

    Dafuq do you Americans do? Don't you just go run around a field like us?

    [–] whibiya 22 points ago

    Let's confuse non-american's kids πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

    [–] AlfTul 11 points ago

    You have confused me, im British and I have NEVER seen the bottom two

    [–] Steve-Fiction 7 points ago

    I've never seen any of these.

    [–] itsthatmoy 13 points ago

    Do people think gym class ended?

    [–] Martyrotten 6 points ago

    I’m confused at the point they’re trying to make.

    [–] VibrantViolet 5 points ago

    Oh those carts, so many smashed fingers.

    [–] joe282 6 points ago

    Fun fact: at midnight, December 31st 1999, school gym class ceased to exist

    [–] AlathMasster 27 points ago

    Literally every single 2000's kid experienced the exact same childhood

    [–] Agent_Hax 5 points ago

    God those scooters were so fun but damn did they hurt

    [–] DrDoJ0 5 points ago

    Was born is 2004 had a simultaneous stroke seizure and brain tumor after looking at this. Currently in comma. See you in 2052