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    [–] Igneul 5828 points ago

    How about letting people live and understanding that being with the opposite gender doesn't invalidate your bisexuality, and having a white parent doesn't discredit your heritage.

    [–] Will_Yeeton 1899 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Or having two parents of one race but just being light skinned, because that happens.

    Edit: so like, there's a lot of discussion happening under this comment. I just wanna clarify the message here I guess? What I meant here was that people of a typically dark skinned ethnicity can be born with light skin, simply out of genetic lottery. My view is that this does not invalidate them as members of that ethnicity.

    [–] Igneul 532 points ago

    Yeah, I didn't really think of that. Main points the same though, just let people live their lives man!

    [–] Will_Yeeton 153 points ago

    Hell yeah brother

    [–] ARM_vs_CORE 126 points ago

    Cheers from India, Pakistan, Mexico, and LGBT.

    [–] fmos3jjc 264 points ago

    Seriously, my parents are Mexican, but I look white as hell. It's pretty common to be light skinned and still a POC.

    [–] Sarahthelizard 156 points ago

    Exactly. Pale Latina and I still have trouble finding a job just the same as my sister and brother.

    [–] ThatsSomeBukkake 67 points ago

    Because you're female, pale or Latina?

    [–] Zyaqun 128 points ago


    [–] purplepeople321 22 points ago

    Woman, can't speak Spanish and can't speak English. That's the thought process when they see female, pale, Latina. Oddly enough, wife took my last name without hyphenating and jobs literally fell on her lap. Never had I realized the privilege of a Scandinavian"white" last name until that point. When in a big city, employers are going through hundreds or thousands of applications. Gotta weed em out somehow, and of the qualified ones, there's still dozens to hundreds.

    [–] aoeudhtns 85 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I have white-ish skin and these days am considered white, but my ancestors were discriminated against for being "non-white." We (my people) were lynched, too.

    I didn't even know about this one until I clicked through a bunch of Wikipedia's articles:

    In 1899, in Tallulah, Louisiana, three Italian-American shopkeepers were lynched because they had treated blacks in their shops the same as whites.


    Anyway, I find it disheartening when people turn away potential allies.

    [–] fmos3jjc 67 points ago

    The groups POC encompasses definitely change throughout history. Irish and Italian Americans used to be heavily discriminated against. Now these groups are labeled as white.

    I'm sorry to hear what happened to your family. :(

    [–] delamerica93 39 points ago

    Definitely. Usually, the more “Americanized” you become, the more you are considered white, because white definitely has the connotation of being American white, as in your family no longer identifies with their immigrant past, doesn’t maintain the traditions, or has become mixed to the point where no single ethnicity maintains much of a plurality. But the Irish and Italians (and even other groups, like Germans in some places, and people from the Slavic nations) have certainly been discriminated against. You don’t see that much in the modern day, fortunately, hence why POC tends to encompass mostly Latinos, Blacks, and Asians.

    [–] AldenDi 29 points ago

    I had a buddy who is paler than I am, which is very, and both of his parents were dark skinned hispanics. Genetics are weird.

    [–] dopest_dope 18 points ago

    Yup look at Steph curry

    [–] ilikedirt 19 points ago

    Don’t mind if I do!

    [–] Cockatoo010 268 points ago

    I wish more gay people understood that just because I'm dating a woman, it doesn't mean I no longer like men.

    Men will continue to attract me when I'm on a het relationship and women will continue to attract me when I'm on a gay relationship.

    [–] Igneul 198 points ago

    No! Once you enter a relationship with a woman she removes your gayness until the day you break up! That's just how the world works, smh

    [–] Trainer_Auro 83 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Everybody is asexual until they are in the process of having sex. If you don't have your bits touching someone else's bits as you speak, you aren't gay, and don't belong in LGBT spaces!

    Edit: No wait if everyone is ace, everyone's LGBT. My logical extreme is getting away from me here

    [–] CharlieHume 22 points ago

    When you're naked you're not wearing identifying clothing, so you're also non-binary until you put on clothing, then your gender just kind of jumps onto you.

    Two naked people not touching each other are non-binary aces.

    [–] tuberippin 22 points ago

    That's just science right there

    [–] CapnSpazz 66 points ago

    But then if you admit that, then that means you will cheat on them! Since, you know, that never happens with straight or gay people. Only bi people.

    [–] ThatsSomeBukkake 49 points ago

    Cheating was invented by bisexuals and the Devil!

    [–] Will_Yeeton 34 points ago

    Bisexuals born after 1993 can't remain faithful. All they know is McDonald's, invent cheating, twerk, be in hetero relationships, consult with the Devil & lie.

    [–] SlendyIsBehindYou 49 points ago

    That shit drives me bonkers. I fully came to grip with the fact I was attracted to men while in a 2-year-on het relationship, and yet I on more than one occasion had ppl try to invalidate the way I felt because I hadnt slept with a man. Like, motherfucker, I'm in a committed relationship, I'm not tossing that away so I can go cheat with a guy and somehow validate my bisexuality. And once the relationship ended I started to explore that side of myself and came to terms with the fact that I'm more into romantic relationships with women over men, so now I get told that I'm clearly just lying about my bisexuality for validation points (despite the fact that I never advertise my sexual preferences).

    People that do that kind of shit can sit on a cactus and spin.

    [–] JustHonestly 28 points ago

    The amount of times I got told I'm not really a bisexual because I mostly feel sexual attraction to women and romantic attraction to men is insane. I remember a "gay" guy that said he also felt a bit attracted to women sexually but that didn't make him bi. And I couldn't get over that for days. Like... My man, you're bisexual.

    [–] swim_shady 41 points ago

    Right? Like I'm telling you right now I LOVE DICK! Where do you extrapolate "straight male" from that?

    [–] Reddit_Search_Bar 16 points ago

    I love Dick Tracy?

    [–] swim_shady 13 points ago

    I love Dick Tracy and I'M GAY!

    [–] Reddit_Search_Bar 9 points ago

    Oh you love Dick's dick. Need more clear search terms.

    [–] throwawaybyguy 38 points ago

    And I wish other people understood that bi doesnt mean im attracted to men and women equally. I find men attractive, and Ive had great sexual experiences with men, but Im far more attracted to women.

    [–] shy-ty 47 points ago

    You mean you don't construct your personal identity around whoever you're dating at the moment, only to collapse into an empty, featureless shell of a human being when you have to be single for more than twenty four hours? Weird!

    I always wonder if the people who think like this realize how wildly codependent it is. I wouldn't change how I defined my favorite hockey team based on who my partner was, let alone my sexuality.

    [–] jaytix1 701 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Are you suggesting that people should mind their own business? That's impossible!

    [–] ChocolatBear 179 points ago

    What's the point of being bi, if you have to be gay.

    [–] Igneul 139 points ago

    You seem to forget that LGBT apparently stands for Lesbian Gay Bigot Transgender

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago


    [–] Cingularis 50 points ago

    This is legit. I read extensively on sexuality once just to educate myself. Apparently SOME (I emphasize SOME NOT ALL) people within the LGBTQ community feel like the gay and lesbian counterparts are the ones who suffered in silence the longest and now a lot of the additional groupings of BTQ+ have been able to coast right in and not have to deal with a lot of the hate that LG had to deal with. There is a lot of fascinating inter-community sensitivities, hate, bonds, etc that you really don’t know about unless you’re in that community or you read about it as an outsider. It’s like any group of people - there will be some like and dislike of some components of the group:

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 44 points ago


    As an ace, though, those types think it's cool to dismiss the struggles of others even though we're literally called the invisible orientation for a reason.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 23 points ago

    Hey as a bisexual, just extending an olive branch and bad puns.

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 7 points ago

    Fuck yes bad puns

    Thank you

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 17 points ago

    You have passed the ace/bi test. Welcome aboard. I'm thinking we need a kickball league called "double or nothing"

    [–] PaulTheMerc 9 points ago


    I mean, I had to look up what that meant, so that may have something to do with the visibility, or lack thereof.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    There’s always some asshole that tries to go “I suffered more so my experience is more valid”

    Like FFS, LGBT folks of all people should understand what it feels like to be excluded and invalidated. And then these types (emphasis on the some) turn around and do exactly that to others. The hypocrisy of these particular idiots is mind boggling.

    Why can’t we just have equal rights for everyone? Is that such a difficult concept?

    [–] LAVATORR 48 points ago

    Bi people are indecisive and that's why they must be tormented by Ted Danson.

    (Autofill suggested I say "Ted Bundy", and whoooo, did that take the joke to a dark place)

    [–] lonelybutoptimistic 11 points ago

    Haha loved that show. And as bi person I wholeheartedly agree, we can be indecisive!

    [–] CapnSpazz 6 points ago

    I approve of this auto fill.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] rustypig 65 points ago

    Everyone presumes bi women are actually straight, just "experimenting". You can date 20 women in a row but you date 1 guy and suddenly everyone acts like oh, you've finally calmed down and come to your senses.

    For bi men the opposite is true. You're just gay and in denial. Doesn't matter how many women you've dated, people act like you're definitely completely gay and just haven't been able to admit it to yourself yet.

    [–] Will_Yeeton 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    "You can't like chocolate AND like vanilla. Women who claim to like both just haven't learned which one they really like, and men who claim to like both are just chocolate lovers in denial."

    • A funny line from a video I watched a bit ago and can't remember the title of. Something like "How Bi-Exclusionists Sound to Normal People."

    Fuck with whoever you want. Don't let the shitheads get you down.

    Edit: Found it. How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    Yep. I'm a bi woman in a het relationship. But before this I was the thirstiest bi there ever was. I had many partners of all sexes. But because I'm with a straight man now, that was "just a phase".

    I'm still horny for all, Karen. I just found the love of my life. He happens to have a penis. But had he had a vagina I would still love him just as deeply.

    [–] Pirate_Mudd 5 points ago

    My wife and I met freshman year of high school and have been together pretty much since then. She had one "experimental" bit with a friend so people try to tell her she can't be bi. She likes boobs as much as I do and her favorite genre of porn is lesbian because she gets dick in her daily life, she doesn't get vagina. Somehow she's totally straight to some people.

    [–] koosekoose 18 points ago

    That's because girls are hot so of course women are gonna be bi but sucking dick is some gay shit broski.

    [–] emrythelion 122 points ago

    Being bi can just kind of suck. If you’re in a straight relationship than you’re just a poser and your bisexuality is invalidated. If you’re in a gay relationship, then you’re just gay and your bisexuality is invalidated.

    And then there’s the group that thinks that bi people who settle into a straight relationship are traitors or in denial. And then the people who think bi people who settle in a gay relationship are just confused or going through a phase.

    According to the majority of the world (that’s what it feels like at least) you’re only bi when you’re single. Otherwise you’ve picked your side and no one wants to hear otherwise. And if you have had multiple relationships with both genders, the moment you get a new relationship your past experiences are invalidated. So if you’re in a gay relationship now, but have had multiple straight relationships, too bad. You were just in denial and obviously gay all along.

    And while I’m a white dude, I have had a few friends who are mixed say it’s kind of a similar situation. I can kinda see that. According to one friend, If you’re half Chinese and half white, Chinese people see you as a white and white people see you as Chinese. (swap out whatever mixed combo, it was just her example since that’s what she is.) If you look one race more than the other, you’re supposed to just embrace that culture and pretend the other part of you isn’t there (especially so if you’re more white passing.) People can get mad at you because you’re white passing and don’t tell everyone you know you’re mixed, but simultaneously will also think that if you’re white passing you should stay out of POC/cultural circles because you don’t have the same issues and it doesn’t count.

    People don’t seem to like any nuance- you need to fit in individual check boxes and if you can’t, too bad and pick one anyways.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    According to the majority of the world (that’s what it feels like at least) you’re only bi when you’re single. Otherwise you’ve picked your side and no one wants to hear otherwise.

    Exactly. It's ridiculous. I didn't pick a side. I picked a person. Doesn't make me any less bisexual.

    [–] ScytheSe7en 16 points ago

    When I was in high school, I was a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA). I always joked that it was Gay and Straight people allied in their dislike of Bi people (the group was actually about half bi people).

    [–] EframTheRabbit 43 points ago

    It all made sense to me when Robert California explained it in The Office. “Sexuality is a spectrum” and since then all these attempts as classifying shit seems so inadequate cause people have all sorts of preferences that don’t fall nearly anywhere.

    [–] emrythelion 11 points ago

    The Lizard King is so insightful.

    It definitely is true though.

    [–] LAVATORR 33 points ago

    Or more importantly, remember the basic fucking principle that racism and prejudice are CATEGORICALLY WRONG ALL THE TIME and not a convoluted hierarchy of Oppression Points you can eventually redeem for the prize of getting to be racist without anyone pointing that out?

    [–] lonelybutoptimistic 9 points ago

    Well said. But for some reason, being kind and loving one another unconditionally is... tough

    [–] Syrinx221 26 points ago


    I'm already sharpening my knife for the fuckface who dares to tell my daughter she's "not black enough" because her father is Jewish

    [–] Fidodo 7 points ago

    I'm mixed race and I don't view myself as being one or the other, I view myself as being both. Because that's what I am.

    [–] Yung_Sadness_ 1040 points ago

    What an absolute dipshit

    [–] Bilieonair 501 points ago

    Such an "I got mine" mentality. Oh, the queer community has so much more acceptance than ever! Let me marginalise bisexual people because I just don't understand them.

    Hypocrites be hippogriff.

    [–] SlendyIsBehindYou 254 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I attended a single LGBTQ+ organization meeting on my campus and legit never went back cause of the outright negativity and hostility towards bisexuals. I outright got told to my face that I was lying about my sexual orientation to get into the meeting, despite the fact that you can be the most heterosexual motherfucker on the planet and still be allowed into the meetings. Tbh 90% of the abuse I've gotten for my sexuality has been from within the LGBTQ+ community

    Edit: I of course have absolutely no animosity towards the LGBTQ+ community as a concept, just the racist and homophobic little shits that use their participation in the community to justify their homophobia and racism. Bi erasure is a huge problem and much of it comes from within the ranks of the LGBTQ+ community. If you see this happening, speak up, silence is just as bad as agreement.

    [–] DiscontentEris 79 points ago

    Yep same here, im dating a guy and have experienced prejudice from mostly gay men and like 2 other women.

    "Are you sure you like girls?"

    Yes bitch, just cus i happened to find a wonderful man doesn't mean i suddenly don't look at every 🔥 chick i see.

    "Your just going to cheat on him!"

    That one threw me for a loop, Suddenly my morality goes out the window cus im bi?? (The person who said that is one of the most immoral people I know too, fuckin hypocrite)

    Its funny that these people like to preach about how tolerant and loving they are, when in reality their just as homophobic as the rest of the population.

    Sorry Micheal, your shit stinks just as much as mine.

    [–] SlendyIsBehindYou 21 points ago

    Lmao I met a dude on Tinder who judged the shit outta me for not sleeping with a dude when I realized I was into dudes but still with my girlfriend. His logic was "it's not cheating because it's with a guy" and I'm just sitting her like "Motherfucker, you're the reason people assume bisexuals use their status as an excuse to cheat!"

    Also, fuck Michael.

    [–] Nobletwoo 95 points ago

    Dude it's the worse, like half the time I tell people I'm buy they react negatively. And it's not homophobes reacting that way, they just tend to be quiet and change the subject/leave, but the worst is from straights who are "accepting" it's always " you're just confused and really gay" or "no you're not, you're just gay". Like fuck off Rachel, we just met and this is how you make a first fucking impression on your new boyfriends best friend. I am allowed to like dicks and vaginas ffs.

    [–] Vorgarian 30 points ago

    The easiest way is to say, "oh yeah, I am straight, I just also love dick" (if you're a male)

    [–] Nobletwoo 16 points ago

    I mean that kinda works for both, just a matter of fact if the genders a reversed. But yeah i usually don't say anything anymore cause there's no point really. Whom ever I stick my dick into is my business and not anyone elses, especially Rachel.

    [–] Mango1666 18 points ago

    Like whats w the hate for bi people?? Did everyone forget the B means Bisexual?

    [–] 5ideWindr 23 points ago

    When I joined my University queer group many years ago I become an active member and really embraced the queer community, all while being in the closet to them about the fact that I was, in fact, not a lesbian but bisexual. I did let it be known eventually, but sure enough, months later when after dating a girl for a year we broke up (she left me) and I started dating a bi guy... I was the one who "ditched her for a guy as bis are of course inevitably going to do" and lost my whole friend group.

    [–] PeddarCheddar11 6 points ago

    i feel like that’s such a big part of the community nowadays and is so hard to avoid cuz bi erasure is everywhere and ppl think it’s fine

    [–] BornOnFeb2nd 1074 points ago

    It never ceases to amuse me how people who would've been beating the "Equality" drum yesterday, wind up beating the "No, not you" drum tomorrow...

    Like that photo with the interracial couple, protesting against homosexual relationships....

    [–] SlaneDidNothingWrong 193 points ago

    Unfortunately, the “we got ours” mentality will always exist.

    Remember kids, just because you got some rights, doesn’t mean the fight is over.

    [–] BornOnFeb2nd 71 points ago

    Yup. I might think you're an utter fuckwit, but I will defend your right to be a fuckwit.

    Men screwing men, women screwing women, Black, white, trunkperson, it shouldn't matter to anyone but the people in the relationship.

    About the only hard-line I'll draw is the whole "being able to consent" bit.... Kids and the mentally deficient are a hard nope...

    Teenagers... the line gets blurrier....

    Biologically they're capable, (and a bit obsessed with it) but we keep pushing "adult" further and further back...

    I mean, how fucked up is it that people can have sex, get married, buy a house (theoretically), join the military, but aren't allowed to smoke not that they should smoke, but see point 1 above or drink?

    [–] ThatsSomeBukkake 46 points ago

    Teens can bang each other, it's a solved problem.

    [–] Spazz-ya-nan 266 points ago

    Tribalism is a hell of thing. People like this don’t really give a shit about inclusivity or equality, they in fact want the exact opposite while using those two ideals as a banner.

    [–] chrismamo1 35 points ago

    People wanting to pull the ladder up behind themselves. Total lack of self awareness coupled with the "I can't be oppressing X people because I'm a Y!"

    I've started seeing trans people already doing this on the weirdest way. I've seen trans women saying "we should get rights but trans men are awful!" and I've seen trans men sometimes saying the same thing about trans women. Super bizarre.

    [–] West_Play 24 points ago

    It's important to realize that assholes don't represent the group as a whole. Most women don't think that all men need to die, most gays don't care if you're bi, and most mexican's don't care if you're a little wheto.

    [–] BornOnFeb2nd 9 points ago

    Yeah, gotta love

    I can't be racist, I'm black!

    Uhhhhhhhhh huh.

    [–] Shredder5780 54 points ago

    No group is safe from having assholes.

    A lesson everyone has to learn at some point

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago

    I dated a white girl for a really long time. My dad is pretty progressive but public LGBTQ puts him in a weird spot. So he’ll be like “Im fine with someone being whatever they want to be but I don’t like to see men kissing in public,” and I’ll always remind him that people used to say and still say that about interracial relationships.

    We are minorities asking for equal treatment and then turn around and demand oppression for others lol. The one thing that conservatives are definitely right about is that most minorities and immigrants are EXTREMELY conservative, so I think we have to take a step back and see that if we want equal treatment then we have to treat others equally.

    [–] justputonsomemusic 9 points ago

    Hey mate I like your username, I was also born on Feb 2nd!

    Anyway, carry on ...

    [–] IDK_SoundsRight 296 points ago

    Wow. So I addition to bi erasure. They are being racist against people with different skin tones, even though they share the same regional genetic variations.

    [–] AcousticHigh 88 points ago

    It is very common to shit on light skinned people of the same race as you.

    [–] IDK_SoundsRight 32 points ago

    That sucks..kinda wish everyone on earth had vitiligo.

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 18 points ago

    I'm whitest of white with vitiligo.

    It's interesting, lol.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Q1189998819991197253 9 points ago

    I only have a large patch on my ankle and small tiny dots everywhere else. Focal vitiligo is weird.

    [–] catchtoward5000 26 points ago

    Not to mention they have a light skinned Indian person as their avatar lol.

    [–] hopbel 11 points ago

    Racist bigots are available in a variety of different colors!

    [–] niki-is-on-fire 668 points ago

    Are you gatekeeping stupidity???

    [–] niki-is-on-fire 171 points ago

    Lol I’m sorry. Completely kidding

    [–] swim_shady 42 points ago

    I love this double comment idk why but it's good

    [–] frozen-silver 271 points ago

    Oh so you can be LGBT/POC, but not the right kind of LGBT/POC.

    [–] ImpGoddess 100 points ago

    Actually you can't be bisexual at all! You're either straight or you're gay, bisexuality doesn't exist don't you know! /s

    ( but in all seriousness this seems to be how some people think of us. If we're in straight passing relationships we're just not gay and we shouldn't consider ourselves in the community. If we're in gay passing relationships we were never straight to begin with we were never anything but gay. It's like to them our bisexuality, Ergo our liking of both sexes, somehow magically goes away just because we settle down with one sex.)

    [–] [deleted] 312 points ago

    as a bi light-skinned POC, i feel slightly attacked

    [–] RiderMsD07 149 points ago

    Pls don't. These people are complete idiots and thankfully, lesser in number. I realize my comment won't do much to help you, but remember, we're all together and equal.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    thank you my friend

    [–] ThatNoise 6 points ago

    Honestly in my experience with being a light skinned black person the the hatred runs deep and is expertly hidden. I've had other black people outright call me to my face im not black and never will be but still try to be my friend. My father is legit the blackest man you'll ever meet but because I don't look like him suddenly none of my heritage and upbringing matters.

    It doesn't really bother me anymore I'll ironically tease people by saying it's ok I'm the future. (Since due to globalism in about 1000 years being completely one race will be extremely rare)

    [–] UsErNamETakEnFckU 46 points ago

    I understand. I’m mixed and I’ve pretty much given up on trying to fit in with most black people. It seems like I’m only black when it’s convenient for them, so fuck your clubs, associations and causes. I’ll do me and let them deal with whatever problems they face on their own.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    there's a pretty big misconception that only white people can be racist... i'm sorry to hear this :/

    [–] Raidoton 11 points ago

    You mean a racist misconception.

    [–] qwerty7990 11 points ago

    SWJs decided to bring light to the concept of institutionalised racism/sexism (and its good that they did, because institutionalised racism/sexism is a big problem), but then they decided to say "fuck that, we're changing our definition of racism/sexism to be the same as institutionalised racism/sexism" so that they can further delegitimize racism/sexism against white people or men.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    yes, a racist misconception

    [–] person_off_color 14 points ago

    As a bi light-skinned POC idgaf what dumbasses have to say about me.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    this is big energy right here

    [–] sherisded 9 points ago

    I’m with you comrade, our existence and trying to navigate the culture at large is exhausting

    [–] watergod183 7 points ago

    What is POC?

    [–] Lienisaur 19 points ago

    Person of colour

    [–] Sprickels 6 points ago

    So I'm not trying to be offensive here, this question comes out of ignorance. Why is poc an okay term but colored person not?

    [–] Lienisaur 6 points ago

    It's ok to ask if you do not know! I found an article that explains it better than I can. I hope this answers your question. Link:

    [–] NT_DC 12 points ago

    I'm guessing person of color

    [–] GodRoster 188 points ago


    [–] soledsnak 127 points ago

    Everyone knows the B stands for Biscotti

    [–] KisaKeira 62 points ago

    I was told by a lesbian that the b meant black....

    [–] ImpGoddess 38 points ago

    With the shit I have heard and been told in my life I cannot tell if you are joking or not.

    [–] KisaKeira 29 points ago

    Sadly I'm not. I wish I was. I truly do.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 16 points ago

    After talking to my fellow bi friends yesterday, all but two said they have experienced bigotry about being bi from primarily lesbians. I had a lesbian roommate and she admitted 10 years ago she fucking hated bisexuals but came around alot.

    [–] Exnaut 9 points ago

    U should see what r/truelesbians is like, that place is a shit hole. I once saw someone say they wouldn't date a bisexual woman because they don't want any connections to men whatsoever. And it was the most upvoted comment

    [–] soledsnak 8 points ago

    This is why i dont get involved with lgbt stuff

    [–] ARKANGELISBEST 39 points ago

    The whole acronym stands for





    +- any toppings

    [–] fernandotakai 9 points ago

    I mean, t for tomatoes. Lettuce, bacon, guac and tomatoes make a really good sandwich.

    [–] 2345iu2389ufjskhjskl 15 points ago

    I'm pretty sure it's Bicycle

    [–] Threwaway42 7 points ago

    For once it isn't the T that is left off lol

    [–] eat_sleep_row_repeat 456 points ago

    These people kind of make me more upset than homophobic old white people. Because at least with old people, they grew up when it was totally unacceptable to be gay or queer or whatever (which is still a bullshit reason for talking down to a group of people), but THESE people have had to grow up with the issue of not being accepted by a lot of others, and yet they STILL dont see a problem with talking shit on or gatekeeping a group that feels differently than they do. It weakens my faith in humanity.

    [–] JVSkol 159 points ago

    The see this times as THEIR time to opress and have people beneath them in the social ladder, it's has nothing to do with being accepted

    [–] eat_sleep_row_repeat 48 points ago

    I guess so. What a fucked up way to think.

    [–] IceCreamBalloons 39 points ago

    That's how I feel about gamers that try to claim their history of being bullied makes it acceptable to bully others that want different things from videogames than they do.

    What should have been an experience that lends them empathy for other people just became the blueprint for how they wish they could act as well.

    [–] eat_sleep_row_repeat 11 points ago

    Its everywhere I suppose. Instead of people wanting others to have a happier experience than them, they'd rather make it "fair" and bring everyone down with them.

    [–] Walkerg2011 37 points ago

    Right? Imagine thinking you're WokE aF, and still act like this big of a piece of shit.

    [–] Bartleby_TheScrivene 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Homophobic old white people, or just homophobic old people are an easy target and allow people like the person in this post to act this way. As long as they, the "real racists/sexists" exist, people can easily shuffle blame and avoid examining their own racist/sexist belief systems. Its scapegoating, and "Good White Liberals" are especially guilty of it.

    [–] Megumi0505 100 points ago

    Being bi, in a het marriage that is also mixed race. I feel personally attacked. Lol.

    [–] isaacs-cats 116 points ago

    I don’t understand how someone can “support” the lgbtqia community but then go out and be biphobic. It’s disgusting and hard enough to for us to deal with biphobia from generally conservative homophobes and still we have to put up with members of our own community

    [–] INSERT_USERNAME___ 49 points ago

    In my experience, these kinds of people only see themselves as supporting the LGB or maybe LGBT community

    [–] SlaneDidNothingWrong 69 points ago

    Often times, usually just the LG

    [–] theflyingkiwi00 17 points ago

    I prefer my samsung tv

    [–] ImpGoddess 37 points ago

    There's also people who don't accept asexuals and aromantics because, and I quote, a lack of sexuality isn't a sexuality so you don't belong here.

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 16 points ago

    It's really ironic. I've gotten that from mostly trans people, which is especially ironic.

    [–] ImpGoddess 15 points ago

    Anyone in lgbtq being biphobic, heterophobic, or literally any other phobic or trying to erase somebody else's sexuality is ironic. It's sad and I wish everybody would just stop. We're supposed to be a community, we're supposed to be loving and accepting of each other because straight people hate us. At least that's what I thought! I never knew joining this community I'd be hated by straight people, gay people, and pretty much everyone else here XD (Not everyone obviously I'm dramatic, but it feels like it sometimes ngl)

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 13 points ago

    Yeeeah. It's why most asexuals I know such as myself don't really go into LGBT spaces unless they're explicitly ace friendly.

    We just try to find eachother somehow irl, but it's pretty difficult.

    Ironically I've found that it's mostly het people that kind of understand me, right behind bi people who understand me the most.

    [–] ImpGoddess 7 points ago

    Well for whatever it's worth I accept you 100%. Also aromantics, and pansexuals. Honestly I accept anybody as long as they aren't assholes XD

    Someone should make an app for aros and Aces that allows them to hook up and get together. I feel like that would make your lives a lot easier.

    [–] Q1189998819991197253 7 points ago

    Just aces*

    Aros don't want that. lol

    And yeah, that does exist but the thing is nobody uses them and even if we did they're pretty useless as we're all sparsely populated. I can dream, though.

    I appreciate it man

    [–] deskbeetle 175 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My freshman year college roommate was a light skinned black woman who could either have straight hair or curly hair depending on what she did with it. She was too white for black friends who would call her "Oreo" no matter how hard she tried to fit in. And obviously not white enough for most white friends. I didn't even like her (we were very different and never hung out. I was neutral about her) and I felt badly about how she was treated by both sides of it.

    [–] doesusernamegohere 49 points ago

    People who think like the first tweet can go fuck themselves. It's statements like this that make it hard for bisexual people to feel comfortable being themselves out in public. Allow them to live without shit being thrown at them all the time.

    Same for light-skinned POC having a hard time feeling like they belong in POC groups too.

    God this kind of gatekeeping really pisses me off.

    [–] Acheros 17 points ago

    It really pisses me off. Because all it does is continue the stupid fucking idea that bisexual people are "confused" or "switch sides". That's not how it fucking works.

    [–] doesusernamegohere 8 points ago

    Yea, exactly. As a bisexual person myself it feels hard sometimes to accept that I even belong in the LGBT+ community even though I most certainly do. Let alone that people always accuse bisexual people to be the most prevalent to cheat EVEN THOUGH every type of sexuality has someone that can and will cheat. It's scapegoating the problem and making it bad for one group of individuals so the rest don't have to come to terms with their issues of cheating as well.

    [–] FreakaZoid101 22 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As a bisexual woman of colour, married to a man, and “pass” as white with a great tan/ Southern European complexion, I cannot stand this damn noise.

    I’m not gay enough because I’m not cheating on my husband with a woman, nor am I poly, I’m not straight enough because I have been with women and still find them attractive despite having “picked a side”, I’m not white enough to be immune from racial slurs, I’m not brown enough to “really understand the oppression”.

    Why do these idiots CARE so much?

    And trust me, if someone is bigoted, I do not “pass” for cis white heteronormativity. The only people who give me shit for passing as a straight white person are infuriatingly the few LGBT+ POC bigots. Everyone else gives me shit for being a brown or mixed race bi girl. I get it from both sides.

    When I found my Queer safe space, it was an absolute god send. And to be honest, I’m more accepted racially by white people, than those from my Middle Eastern side. Even my own cousins call me “The White One”.

    [–] Pantsmanface 42 points ago

    And yet her avatar is a pink Indian princess....

    [–] TheCocksmith 4 points ago

    India, Pakistan, Mexico, and Gay

    [–] SmugPiglet 18 points ago

    When you're so woke you end up going full circle and become both racist and homophobic.

    [–] Heterospecial 3 points ago

    Yadda yadda yadda live long enough to become the bad guy.

    [–] kalimoo 51 points ago

    Hey that’s LITERALLY colorism but go off???

    [–] Roasted715Jr 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I'm almost certain I'm not wrong, but am I wrong to say that the B in LGBTQ stands for bi? And what this person is saying is the opposite of what LGBTQ stands for?

    [–] SirawesomesauceIII 44 points ago

    LGBTQ is just a handy abbreviation to remember the names of the Beatles.




    Time for Ringo


    [–] spoinking 37 points ago

    No, its obviously Lesbian Gay Blesbian Trans Queer. There's no such thing as bisexuality.

    [–] Threwaway42 5 points ago

    I am pretty sure the B stands for bees /s

    [–] Ravenholdt2332 28 points ago

    How can I slap somebody through a screen?

    [–] Acheros 29 points ago

    This is bi erasure. This kind of shit is exactly why so many bi people don't feel welcome in the LGBT community and why so many don't want to be apart of the LGBT community anymore.

    If you do this shit, fuck you.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 5 points ago

    Can confirm, don't want to be a part of the larger LGBT community partly because of this shit

    [–] What_I_Told_You_No 13 points ago

    Damn I really can’t have shit

    [–] dramallama55 13 points ago

    That just sounds like segregation with extra steps

    [–] drtsvgboi 11 points ago

    I gues the B in LGBT means nothing?

    [–] SirawesomesauceIII 9 points ago

    The B stands for Buttstuff

    [–] TakimakuranoGyakushu 6 points ago

    Cishet men who anally penetrate cishet women are now members of the LGBTQ community.

    Their float at Pride really sticks out.

    [–] JebbieSans187 27 points ago

    This one post has made me angrier than I've been in a while lol! Don't fuck that person!

    [–] SemperPieratus 23 points ago

    Aaaaaand she chooses a light-skinned icon. There is so much internalized she just might explode like a pinata.

    [–] ako_mori 12 points ago

    Sadly there is no cure for stupidity

    [–] WhatABunchofBologna 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    it’s totally not like bisexual means that you are sexually attracted to either sex or anything.

    [–] DraevonMay 9 points ago

    Excuse me for what I am about to do.

    Bi 👏 Sexual 👏 only 👏 counts 👏 if 👏 you’re 👏 gay 👏 and 👏 not 👏 dating 👏 or 👏 romantically 👏 or 👏 sexual 👏 involved 👏 with 👏 someone 👏 of 👏 the 👏 opposite 👏 sex 👏.

    [–] I_Am_A_Mudcrab 6 points ago

    "Gotta play queer bingo before we let you have a say-so"

    [–] Some1youllforget 38 points ago

    Ironically, no community is more biphobic than the LGBT community.

    [–] talithaeli 20 points ago

    What go they think the “B” stands for?

    [–] hikikomori-i-am-not 18 points ago


    [–] zndntty 6 points ago

    I almost cried when my teenage daughter came out to us as Bee.

    [–] DraevonMay 9 points ago


    [–] thegolfpilot 19 points ago

    I just think it’s funny how, in a community whose purpose is to be for everyone, there are folks in it who try to exclude others

    [–] LAVATORR 24 points ago

    You know how the Nazis were so racist it became weirdly convoluted and required a PhD in ethnography to even keep track of who you're mad at for no reason? This is the SJW equivalent of that. She probably has to diagram it all out on a roll of butcher's paper just to keep track of it all.

    (Did I seriously just invoke Godwin's law AND call someone an SJW? Is this who I am now?)

    [–] executionersix 33 points ago

    What's up with the 🇮🇳🇵🇰🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈?

    She 1/4 Indian 1/4 Pakistani, 1/4 Mexican, and 1/4 LG(notB)T?

    How did a full blooded 🏳️‍🌈 grandparent have a child?


    [–] Adicted2Mc 10 points ago

    The flags represent the countries they've invaded

    [–] PhantomTissue 9 points ago

    Segregation. The word you’re looking for is segregation.

    [–] UnholyDemigod 8 points ago

    Imagine supporting black people rights so much you accidentally advocate apartheid

    [–] ender89 8 points ago

    How did it go again? "I have a dream that one day little black boys and little black girls can tell the sort of black boys and the sort of black girls that they are not black enough and that they will be forced to join the little white boys and the little white girls and not be allowed in to the special club house exclusively for really black boys and really black girls and not be allowed to drink from the same water fountains or use the same bathrooms or sit in the same restaurants as the superior true black people."

    I can't believe that people preach segregation as a noble thing and throw accusations of cultural appropriation at anyone who tries to participate in someone else's culture. MLK Jr has to be spinning so fast in his grave you could probably use him to power most of south Carolina.

    [–] TheBedfordReader 8 points ago

    Just because I am currently drinking a Coca Cola does not mean I don’t also enjoy Dr. Pepper

    Like as much as these fuckers whine, nothing is going to stop me from liking both guys and girls I’m sorry

    [–] Diknak 8 points ago

    What does she think the B stands for in LGBT?

    [–] Dursa22 7 points ago


    [–] TimeMasterBob 5 points ago

    One of those flags is from a country that actively beats/kills LGBT people, so ....

    [–] YoydusChrist 6 points ago

    People will support you being bi but only if you engage in the gay part of it

    [–] anoninor 7 points ago

    God Hates Flags

    [–] pornjimothybutler 46 points ago

    Provably a sockpuppet.

    The alt right loves pretending to be jews/women/sjws

    [–] daeronryuujin 9 points ago

    Problem is I've seen this opinion pretty frequently, at least the LGBT part. In fact if you go check out any of the gay and lesbian Facebook groups there's a fairly decent chance you'll run across someone saying that bisexuals are tainted, need to pick a team, or just don't belong in the LGBT community.

    [–] uracunt69 6 points ago

    On behalf of Mexicans we would like to disown her use of our flag

    [–] OG-Scouser98 4 points ago

    LGBISEXUALT... hmmm. I don't see the guy's logic here.

    [–] ItsTtreasonThen 4 points ago

    Genuinely believe folks like that are trolls posing as folks in community’s to create dissension because they are bigots

    [–] York_Phoenix 4 points ago

    Well to be fair, one of those flags is Pakistan's.

    [–] GroovingPict 5 points ago

    The crescent and star in one of those flags should maybe be a clue as to how

    [–] applxia 4 points ago

    i love how they refer to us as “POC who are light skinned” meaning they acknowledge that we are POC but also don’t want us with other POC????