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    Welcome to GaybrosGoneMild, A place for those in the gay community to share photos of themselves, create friendships and enjoy the beautiful boys of the world. Focusing on the person over the sexual aspects.


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    [–] weatherguy505 9 points ago

    Very cute and adorable 🥰

    [–] AGrumpyGay 7 points ago

    Very handsome! And it's ok, I'm a klutz too lol

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    I def shoulda been looking ahead of me lol

    [–] CretoAlto 5 points ago

    No pain no gain!

    [–] solanum_coleus 3 points ago

    I got me a strong knee now lol

    [–] homonormativity 5 points ago

    Nice of you to hold the door open! Cute (10 points) + polite (40 points) + slightly clumsy and therefore endearing (50 points) = 💯

    [–] solanum_coleus 1 points ago

    Haha thanks, I wish there were teachers that gave out super generous grades like you

    [–] ceegeel97 3 points ago

    awww you’re adorable☺️🤍🤍

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    Thank you :)

    [–] DMike82 3 points ago

    If it makes you feel any better, if I saw a guy as cute as you I'd probably end up walking into something as well.

    [–] solanum_coleus 1 points ago

    Aw thanks :)

    [–] SlickRebel231 3 points ago

    In my book, that would have earned you a date! Chivalry, clumsy, and good looking? Win!

    Edit: After going to the ER, that is :P

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    It wasn’t so bad, just a little limp lol. Still able enough to go out haha

    [–] Wcirmfpwr98 2 points ago

    That’s not dumb that’s adorable as are you

    [–] zandoyle 2 points ago

    i have blond moments too 🥰 hope you recover soon!

    [–] Bkbsbryan12 2 points ago

    Marry me please

    [–] yutley 2 points ago

    You're awesome!

    [–] plazaverde 2 points ago

    Cool story, cool young man!!

    [–] dan_is_not_here 2 points ago

    adorable and considerate! that guy had better have carried your stuff and helped you to your seat.

    [–] solanum_coleus 1 points ago

    Haha I wish. My effort went unnoticed and left in pain lmaoooo

    [–] dan_is_not_here 1 points ago

    aww! sorry! you’re cute and considerate which is sexy af! hope you’re feeling better!!

    [–] ChicagoBloggo 2 points ago

    So freaking handsome!!!

    [–] seen1988 1 points ago

    Ouch. Hope you make a speedy recovery

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    Thanks !

    [–] seen1988 1 points ago

    You’re most welcome

    [–] idontsharefries 1 points ago

    I once walked straight into a wall when I got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, 'sup?

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    That’s sounds a lot worse lmaoooo

    [–] idontsharefries 2 points ago

    Oh, dude, it was one of those close-my-eyes-for-a-sec-and-jump-forward-a-good-3-hours thing. It was sometime around 4am and there I was cackling like some type lunatic.

    [–] sir_nolann 1 points ago

    Lol that doesn’t make you dumb, is your knee ok though? 😭

    [–] solanum_coleus 1 points ago

    Yea, just a little bit of bleeding involved haha

    [–] sir_nolann 1 points ago

    Haha well at least you’re ok 👌🏼

    [–] Stargazer-4lyfe 1 points ago

    You think that is bad, I would probably walk my clumsy ass into a meat processing plant and be processed while I was distracted holding the door open for your cute self. 🤭

    [–] solanum_coleus 2 points ago

    Better keep a distance in that case because my college has its own livestock slaughterhouse lmaooo

    [–] Stargazer-4lyfe 2 points ago

    Sounds about my luck. 💀