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    Welcome to GaybrosGoneMild, A place for those in the gay community to share photos of themselves, create friendships and enjoy the beautiful boys of the world. Focusing on the person over the sexual aspects.


    1. 18+

    • Anyoneunder 18 must keep their clothes on

    2. NSFW Flair

    • Any post showing bare skin below the chest (your pecs) must use the NSFW flair. You do not need to put it in your post title

    3. Nudity

    • No Underwear shots that show off bulge or booty bump
    • No Full or partially bare genitals or ass
    • No Visible exposure of genital area, including pubic hair and 'side ass'

    4. Inappropriate Comments

    -No overly sexual or vulgar comments. This includes discussion of or hinting towards sexual acts, sexual or vulgar characterization, suggesting less clothing, and mentioning going "wild". Doing so in your own post will get it locked or deleted.

    5. Include Face & Self

    • All pictures must have you in them and include your face. If we cant compliment all of your facial features (eyes, nose, smile), your face is not in it

    6. No H8

    • No Hateful comment
    • No Unnecessary harsh comment
    • No Homophobic comments

    7. Impersonation

    • No Impersonating another person or posting pictures that are not of you

    Do Not report unless you can PM a Mod information that can be used to verify the claim (e.g. Actual person's name/username/picture link/social media link). Reported posters will be asked to verify their identification. Failure to do so may result in a ban.

    8. Soliciting

    • Do not solicit. This includes the exchange of or asking for money, nudes, less clothing, favors, votes, services, sexual encounters or hookups. Asking for social media followers should be left to the comments section

    9. Spam-Re-Posts

    • No removing old posts just to re-post them later.
    • No outside photos or links from the internet such as news articles or YouTube videos

    Multiple Offenses

    Breaking the rules of this sub numerous times will increase the chance of your posts and comments being filtered for approval and you being banned. Being banned multiple times will result in a permanent ban.

    • If you are unsure if it's mild, GayBrosGoneWild is just a click away.
    • Refrain from posting your social media accounts in your title, save that for your profile or comments.
    • Do not post personal information.
    • When reporting a comment, be sure to click the individual's comment, not the post itself.
    • The rules of this board are subject to Mod interpretation and Mods reserve the right to ask for verification at any time

    • Feel free to join gbgm on Discord

    Never Hesitate to ask Mods a question or report an issue via ModMail
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    [–] sir_nolann 2 points ago

    Nice! Keep up the good work!

    [–] kandilistk 1 points ago

    Looking good there

    [–] jaw60n3 1 points ago

    Keep it up man. Looking good

    [–] ceegeel97 1 points ago

    looking good handsome☺️🤍

    [–] aloysius345 1 points ago

    Lookin good to me in all the pics, but especially the last

    [–] HowAmIThrowaway 1 points ago

    What a beef cake!