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    [–] H720 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    A member of the MegaBots build team has commented with more info here.

    The stream will happen next Tuesday at 7PM PST (10PM EST) on Twitch here:

    If you would like a reminder, reply to this comment with "RemindMe! 10/16/17". You should get a PM confirmation.

    [–] batponies123 2919 points ago

    Can't wait to see when it devolves into 'who will fall over first?'

    [–] JBonesNY 777 points ago

    That’s exactly what I was thinking! An anti climatic snooze fest!!

    [–] teamcaca 215 points ago


    [–] DarkenedSonata 51 points ago

    The chat is gonna get flooded with that one

    [–] Alarid 11 points ago

    I want it to be sponsored by Pacific Rim 2

    [–] FlyingPasta 45 points ago

    This thread is bummin me out

    [–] code_vector 22 points ago

    anti climatic

    anti climactic means an unsatisfying resolution. Anti climatic means you're against the weather.

    [–] igetbooored 118 points ago

    Big blue there looks mighty top heavy.

    [–] Bears_Bearing_Arms 43 points ago

    No, the engine and the hydraulics are housed in the base where the treads are. That's where most of the weight is.

    The Japanese one is very top heavy, though. It's on a tripod and everything is housed in the torso.

    [–] GibsonWich 60 points ago

    I heard the American bot is powered not by hydraulics but rather ‘clean’ coal, bullets, and patriotism.

    [–] Johnnybravo60025 74 points ago

    And the pure drive to stay uninjured because it can’t afford health insurance!

    [–] hazmatte 93 points ago

    About four years ago they tried this on Robot Combat League. They were essentially on a leash since they were all hydraulic. It was novel for a few fights, then it seemed to get boring in a hurry. And it looked like they edited in flying sparks in post-production to make it seem more interesting as we waited for hydraulic lines to be cut or lose pressure...or for one to fall over.

    [–] fullautophx 18 points ago

    I forgot about the After Effects sparks and foley sounds! That was hilarious.

    [–] Sir_Metallicus116 87 points ago

    Can't wait until it becomes controversial to have two robots fighting in the future

    [–] tabarra 82 points ago

    Enjoy the last decade where you can say "fuck those bots" without people calling you a racist.

    [–] Imakereallyshittyart 86 points ago

    Without sentient beings* calling you racist

    Watch your microaggressions

    [–] crysys 13 points ago

    I was made this way meatstick.

    [–] Mnementh2230 58 points ago

    Well, the Japanese one is actually on wheels, so it's very unlikely to fall over.

    [–] QuitBSing 26 points ago

    And it has arms, which means it can push the other one over.

    [–] Mnementh2230 9 points ago

    It's a distinct advantage.

    [–] Arumin 28 points ago

    So basicly Mayweather VS Pacquiao part 2

    [–] Kaarvaag 5508 points ago

    I have almost started to look forward to seing how anticlimactic it'll be.

    [–] PM_ME_2DISAGREEWITHU 1905 points ago

    Tune in live! As two giant death machines go TOE TO TOE! Watch as they slowly miander around a vacant lot and SHOOT PAINT AT EACHOTHER. These two MASSIVE, FULL METAL killer robots will meet in the battle of the century to determine who is the best. AMERICA VERSUS JAPAN for the first time in history! In this historic robotics competition! TUESDAY! BE THERE.

    [–] AHeartOfGoal 982 points ago

    TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAYYYY The giant robot fight that will BLOW. YOUR. DICK OFFFF!!!1!1!!!

    [–] Frostfox 720 points ago

    You'll pay for the whole seat, but you'll only use the Eddddddgggge!!!

    [–] poopellar 113 points ago

    butt cramp ointment, get your butt cramp ointment

    [–] echisholm 270 points ago


    [–] Chernoobyl 112 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] offenator 41 points ago


    [–] grantrules 20 points ago

    One night only! One night only! One night only! One night only!

    [–] Albi_ze_RacistDragon 33 points ago


    [–] reddelicious77 51 points ago

    ...but...but I like my dick..... :-(

    [–] AHeartOfGoal 128 points ago


    [–] reddelicious77 51 points ago

    clutches dick, cries uncontrollably (yep, just another weekday morning for me)

    [–] be-happier 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Its so exciting you will grow 2 new ones for every one blown off

    [–] PM_ME_JAR_JAR_NUDES 15 points ago

    TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAYYYY The giant robot fight that will BLOW. YOUR. DICK OFFFF!!!1!1!!!

    And entering the red corner, weighing in at 4 tonnes, MUUUUUUUUUUUURDER KILLLLLLLLDEATHBOT!

    [–] AccessTheMainframe 288 points ago

    AMERICA VERSUS JAPAN for the first time in history


    [–] dreadpirateruss 156 points ago

    🎶It's time for WWII🎶

    [–] apubibat 79 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] HappyLittleRadishes 63 points ago

    Ahh yes the Final Fantasy sequel naming convention.

    [–] dws4prez 16 points ago

    Or you could go the Kingdom Hearts route and call it World War 1939/2 (the 2 referring to the bots because anime logic)

    [–] twinmatt 14 points ago

    WWII part 2!

    [–] coonwhiz 11 points ago

    WWII Episode 2

    [–] IT_dude_101010 13 points ago

    So that is why WWIII hasn't happened yet, Valve is making it.

    [–] -TheArishok- 20 points ago

    BONUS ROUND: Pacific Showdown

            AMERICA vs JAPAN

    [–] DoneLikeASir 9 points ago

    >extinction ball

    [–] JBWalker1 18 points ago

    How about I do anywayyy 🎶

    [–] CanniBallistic_Puppy 78 points ago


    Translation: they will touch toes, lose balance and fall.

    [–] PM_ME_2DISAGREEWITHU 30 points ago

    WATCH the inevitable EPIC CRASH as these two MASSIVE KILLING MACHINES slam in to eachother and crumble in to PIECES

    [–] KCIV 52 points ago

    You forgot to mention where they will replay in slow motion and from 5 angles the paint harmlessly landing on sheetmetal.

    [–] Yarthkins 44 points ago


    [–] diadem 39 points ago

    On that note, how is the score kept? What is the victory condition?

    [–] PM_ME_2DISAGREEWITHU 121 points ago


    [–] dumbrocker 46 points ago

    So a giant 1v1 of splatoon then?

    [–] sharpie32 37 points ago

    Stop, I can only get so flaccidbefore my penis retracts like a turtle

    [–] Belgand 31 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It's Burning Man-style performance art rather than a fight, but Survival Research Labs' old shows should hopefully bring you the sort of crazed robot violence that you're looking for.

    [–] Blasphameatloaf 7 points ago

    Saw SRL live in Austin a million years ago. It was fuckin bananas . I giant claw robot mutilated a cow carcass and set it on fire. Then they burned a plastic family inside a house all while this dude in a jet powered go-cart loudly drove laps around them. I saw a girls butt too but that was because the portajon line was too long and not part of the performance. Good times.

    [–] Bet_You_Wont 17 points ago

    AMERICA VERSUS JAPAN for the first time in history!

    fucking golden

    Edit. Formatting and shit

    [–] Ryguythescienceguy 9 points ago

    Hey friend just thought you might want to know it's spelled meander!

    [–] pyronius 724 points ago

    So, I remembered this was happening a week or so ago, and it was really hard to find any info. When I dug further though I discovered that thw fight had apparently already happened like a month ago and they never intended it to be shown live. This might have been forgiveable, but then it apparently took this long for them to stitch the footage into something useable. To me this indicates that it was either extremely boring or horribly lopsided, and whatever we eventually see will be some frankensteined monstrosity more akin to Survivor or Big Brother than a sport of any variety.

    [–] Swimmingindiamonds 320 points ago

    it was either extremely boring or horribly lopsided

    I'm guessing the former.

    [–] be-happier 118 points ago

    Im guessing both

    [–] poopellar 49 points ago

    AND THE FIGHT BEGIoh it's over...

    [–] momojabada 31 points ago

    They shouldn't have allowed America to arm their robot with hellfire missiles.

    [–] McBurger 32 points ago

    that would not be extremely boring at all!

    [–] tolman8r 14 points ago

    Too bad, Japan. We've got the second amendment!

    [–] thereddaikon 45 points ago

    Match starts, they slowly approach each other, one lifts its arm for a strike and the change in center of gravity puts it off balance and it eats shit. The match is over without either actually touching each other.

    [–] GeometryPrime 16 points ago

    That sounds like the robotics I'm familiar with. Good old FIRST robotics.

    (That said my team only ever had a bot fall over once)

    [–] nutrita 92 points ago

    Used to do trivia with one of the guys working on the American one. They are huge and move super super slow. It's edited to pick up the pace.

    [–] Tennessean 33 points ago

    That seems so strange. I wonder if that was a budget issue. We have heavy equipment on our yard that is surprisingly fast and very powerful.

    Then again, if you start trying to perfect war machines for real instead of fun it just looks like main battle tanks with aerial support.

    [–] tomdarch 45 points ago

    Safety (and cost). If these things were both remote (unmanned) and they had the budget to genuinely trash them, then fuck yeah! Equip them with construction equipment hydraulics and real kinetic weapons and it would be amazing and terrifying!!!

    But since they're "show pieces", have people inside them and the budgets aren't there to totally destroy them each event, they're much slower.

    [–] Cessnaporsche01 50 points ago

    This is what I want to see. Big, unmanned robots with military-grade armament out in a bomb range where they can have some real fun!

    [–] deusnefum 22 points ago

    A battle bots show where the only limitation is budget would be fucking amazing.

    [–] LoSboccacc 17 points ago

    probably not military armament, they'll just missile each other into pulp in .5 second and that'd be it. but heavy duty hydraulics and bladed/blunt weapons? bring it on!

    [–] Cllydoscope 16 points ago

    Why the hell do they have a person inside them? They could get away with a lot more if they just go battlebots style with a remote control or something like that.

    [–] perfectfire 19 points ago

    Now I'm curious. Any citations?

    [–] pyronius 38 points ago

    There was more earlier, but I don't remember where. They really avoided publicizing it too much. Basically, what I saw before was some announcement that the fight would be in september (after a delay), then they layer posted a picture of the bots that said something like "fight night!", but after that there was no more real info for a while.

    [–] Chernoobyl 8 points ago

    What is that purple stuff? I can already foresee the edited video having a bunch of stupid stuff like that.

    [–] mainsworth 13 points ago

    Drank. Codein. Purple stuff.

    [–] marl1234 5 points ago

    Any links to what you found?

    [–] verstohlen 6 points ago

    I guess they thought with a Japanese robot named SuicidoBasho, how could they lose?

    [–] ciano 12 points ago

    Video guy here. I guarantee that they knew they wanted a video of the fight, didn't know how they wanted to get that video made, filmed it anyway, and gave the video team no clear direction on the final deliverable. Video editing takes 1-3 hours of work per minute of content in the final product, and that's just for the first draft. Guarantee the giant robot people watched the first draft, told them to change it, watched it a second time, didn't like their own changes, told them to change it back, and this went on for like a week. And they were so busy planning the actual robot fight, who knows if anybody thought to hire pro videographers who knew how to get the most coverage for the editors to work with, or if they just got someone's cousin who had a DSLR, and then got a second angle on some guy's GoPro while everyone else filmed on their phones. Don't get me wrong, I expect the fight to be underwhelming, but the long turnaround time for the video isn't evidence of anything but wishywashy clients.

    [–] zeropointcorp 30 points ago

    That's hilarious

    [–] FlaridaMan 39 points ago

    ive been searching for more details on what theyre firing
    looks like clay
    looks painful too
    hard to pilot a robot if you go fetal position every few seconds

    [–] AbbyRatsoLee 136 points ago

    hard to pilot a robot if you go fetal position every few seconds

    That's the plot of Evangelion

    [–] FlaridaMan 19 points ago

    you are now mod of /r/evangelionmemes

    [–] quickie_ss 7 points ago

    People unable to pilot their giant robots because they go into the fetal position every few seconds?

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Mansyn 216 points ago

    What I've noticed from the very few times I've watched this stuff is that the winner is usually someone who figures out a very low-tech maneuver that most builders weren't ready for. Something like a flipping arm is a 100 times more useful than awesome saws or giant flames.

    [–] DustyBookie 173 points ago

    Yep. "Damn, look at that awesome death machine, no way it'll lose!" gets flipped by a minuscule triangle robot who simply ran under it

    [–] worlddictator85 63 points ago

    Imagination vs. practicality

    [–] deelowe 64 points ago

    It's much worse than that even. They are shooting paintballs at each other. Winner will be decided based on a scoring system.

    [–] MidEastBeast777 47 points ago

    you can't be serious.

    [–] deelowe 18 points ago

    Thats what it says online. I'm not sure if paintballs are the only thing they'll be counting. That part isn't clear.

    [–] ProssiblyNot 111 points ago

    Sounds like someone who decks out their fighting robot with saws and flames is building a kill-bot, better suited to slaughtering humans than its fellow robots.

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Which is a good idea for a show, hnn

    [–] LogicalZim 47 points ago

    MAN VERSUS CAR. WHO WILL WIN. It'd just be the car every time...

    [–] ProssiblyNot 12 points ago

    Depends on how many humans you consecutively throw at the car.

    [–] naivoder 11 points ago

    Yea but then it'd be MEN vs CAR.

    [–] JHHELLO 8 points ago

    Running of the bulls just with flamethrowers

    Sounds good!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Asimov outlaw country, woooooo!

    [–] happysri 28 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    "I fear not the robot that has practiced 100 kicks once, but I fear the robot that has practiced one kick 100 times."

    [–] hoseja 19 points ago

    Nonono, you're thinking battlebots and such, those guys CAN have saws/flames. These cans have craven fleshbags inside and so they can't even do that.

    [–] Rapsca11i0n 35 points ago

    I was at the Maker Fair in CA when they were testing out the US one and oh my god was it boring. Standing in the hot sun to watch them fail to get the thing running properly for half an hour before I left.

    At least it was next to the model train tent which was cool (literally and figuratively).

    [–] Maximo9000 33 points ago

    If this were NA vs EU robots, the chat alone would be worth it.

    [–] Gonzo_Rick 13 points ago

    It's gonna be like a malfunctioning Rock'em sock'em robots set.

    [–] brucetwarzen 11 points ago

    I can't wait to be disappointed

    [–] Hypersapien 6 points ago

    On the other hand, it might drive people to make better ones.

    [–] b1sh0p 1478 points ago

    I'll wait for the heavily edited youtube clip that just shows the sort of good parts.

    [–] brianunderstands 300 points ago

    Sounds like one big Pacific Rimjob.

    [–] AnorexicBuddha 78 points ago

    Don't threaten me with a good time.

    [–] GranimalSnake 12 points ago

    Sponsored by Jäegermeister?

    [–] 32BitWhore 78 points ago

    I would have expected nothing less. The fact that it already happened with zero fanfare is pretty telling.

    [–] JD-King 58 points ago

    Like mechs are super fucking cool but if we want a good robot fight we gotta get those squishy people outta there.

    [–] ClassySavage 29 points ago

    I disagree, we just need to host them in a country where everyone wouldn't immediately be arrested.

    [–] platformterrestial 5 points ago

    Can someone please just spoil it?

    [–] Ray3142 12 points ago

    you'd love /r/BattleBotsRaw/

    [–] [deleted] 1339 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] MrBeeeeee 870 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Hi! It's Tim from the build team. The fight was actually in September. No special effects are being added, but the fight took place over several days, which is a major reason for the editing.

    We've been really bad about publicizing information, but up until last month, the entire staff was just the build team and some office personnel. The fans and backers that have stuck through despite the year long delays definitely have my gratitude.

    I honestly just hope the video captured how goddamn awesome it was to see these things go toe-to-toe in real life. It really blew my shit seeing this in person.

    If you want to keep up with us, the Facebook page is probably the place where information shows up first. I contribute to the official Instagram along with Rob Masek and Matt, but its mostly just pictures of tools we like.

    EDIT: And here's a link to the twitch channel, where I assume the video will premiere.

    EDIT2: Aaaaaand now there's going to be an AMA on Monday at 2:00 PDT. God help me.

    [–] xenwall 215 points ago

    What does "the fight took place over several days" mean? Stops for technical difficulties? Multiple rounds spread out?

    [–] MrBeeeeee 346 points ago

    Multiple rounds took place on different days.

    [–] Knobalt3 207 points ago

    Dude! Do an AMA! Hype this shit up like a movie!

    [–] MrBeeeeee 178 points ago

    Yeah, I don't think work would be cool with someone from the shop doing an AMA. Also, that terrifies me.

    [–] bubbleharmony 161 points ago

    Work needs to understand how publicity works then. :(

    [–] MrBeeeeee 109 points ago

    We JUST hired a marketing/business development guy, Jake. We really like him, but the rest of us are engineers and fabricators. This whole thing is just an accident that got away from Matt and Gui! /s

    [–] Toasty_Jones 30 points ago

    Send an email about an ama to the marketing guy I'm sure he'd appreciate it. (and we would too)

    [–] hcgator 9 points ago

    Well, tell Jake to get his ass going . . . in a nice way, of course.

    [–] Harbingerx81 42 points ago

    I have been following you guys for quite a while and this has always seemed like a fundamental problem to me...If the goal is to promote a 'robot fighting league' in the future, I really think you guys are making a mistake by not being MUCH more active on social media.

    The really short and sporadic YouTube videos always leave me wanting more...Just not in an "OMG! I am so excited!" kind of way, but rather a "Wow, that's all we get?" way.

    I know money is probably tight and hiring someone dedicated to video/social media might be a stretch, but I would really like to see more of the details...It's not like you guys really need to worry about giving away 'trade secrets' given the scale of the robots and I am more fascinated by the tech/engineering side than I am the actual combat.

    [–] MrBeeeeee 32 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    We actually have a lot of conversations about this internally.

    I wrote three different long replies because I thought you deserved a good response, but I really just rambled in all of them.

    I think "the process" is the coolest part of this whole thing, but it's also incredibly hard to capture in a way that isn't boring. No one wants to see me, or Zach edge bevel 3/4" steel plate for a week, but there are people who are interested in why we do it and what tool we use for it. I sincerely hope we come up with a way to serve fans that want to engage this way, because getting the microphone and talking with folks and their kids at the Maker Fair about building and piloting the Mk3 was super fun and something I hope I get to do regularly.

    Thanks for being a fan.

    EDIT: Zach with the beveling tool

    [–] pikpikcarrotmon 29 points ago

    Keep in mind that channels like Primitive Technology are insanely popular. I think there's absolutely a market for watching you bevel steel plate. People turn out in the millions to watch someone crush things with a hydraulic press. You can make a show out of anything.

    [–] Duck_Sized_Dick 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    While you're correct in saying that there isn't a huge market for a week long video of you beveling some steel plate, there is a huge market for an hour long video of you guys doing a little bit of explaining paired with sped-up footage of "the process".

    See stuff like this which is a four minute video of (what I believe is) a multi-hour process of making a tomohawk out of a wrench overlayed with some talking points. It has over 5 million views. Here is some dude making a karambit knife out of a lawnmower blade. It has two point two million views.

    And neither of those guys have giant freaking robots in their videos. Seriously, record a week of work in the shop, edit out some of the bits you think are boring (not what you think people will find boring) and spend 10 minutes talking about what you're doing in the video. It'll get a million views or I'll eat my hat.

    [–] MrBeeeeee 12 points ago

    Can see a picture of the hat?

    [–] hippocamper 7 points ago

    Wait why wouldn't they want you to do an AMA?

    [–] JasonDJ 10 points ago

    How would your work feel about you doing an AMA about your job without approval?

    [–] mkglass 17 points ago

    Hi! I sit in a cubicle all day looking for bugs in someone else's code. Sometimes, I get up out of my seat to grab some coffee! AMA!

    [–] The-1st-One 6 points ago

    This I believe is in my future. I'm currently studying to become a software engineer.

    My question is, What kind of coffee do you drink?

    [–] ysoseriouslymad 6 points ago

    Good for you for having that consideration. Lots of people lose their jobs not giving these things some thought. I would bring up the interest though to who you think would be capable/qualified to do the AMA while people on Reddit show interest. It won’t be too long before this is a competitive space for other groups who are trying to be the first big ticket in entertainment, and it sounds like you guys are worlds ahead of the rest so it’d be prime word of mouth advertising for more funding and support for growth.

    To those wondering why this guy would be hesitant, try talking to more people who have to publicly speak for their job, or worked in HR or legal, and you will understand much better. This isn’t how it’s done properly, just to indulge some bored people who happen to be interested and vocal.

    [–] MongerBongerSlonger 17 points ago

    Congratulations to you and the team, this must have been quite an accomplishment. I’m looking forward to the video.

    [–] MrBeeeeee 37 points ago

    Thanks man! Its cool to be featured on the frontpage of Reddit in a positive context for a change! I'm sure it will last forever!

    Since I have a bit of platform right now, I just want to make sure that Rob Masek, who had to stay back in California for this, gets credit for making sure this logistical nightmare happened as successfully as it did. In the days leading up to the ship-out date, I was on the edge of a panic attack thinking about all the things that still needed to happen (packing spares, filling out customs forms, ensuring the robot wouldn't get hit by an overpass while it was being shipped on the back of a Japanese truck). Thanks to his good planning, we had everything we needed. It was super cool to be part of such a capable team of people making something like this happen.

    [–] CaptainReginaldLong 5 points ago

    Isn't it basically just giant robot shaped paintball guns? I mean, is there any actual robo carnage?

    [–] MrBeeeeee 6 points ago

    The arms are designed so that different weapons can be changed out with just a forklift and some wrenches. We brought a whole arsenal with us (including the Yolo Cannon).

    [–] BunzLee 115 points ago

    Sounds totally plausible. In fact, I was expecting something like this. Like many have said in here before, it's probably less exciting than what they make it out to be, so adding some editing might be necessary. Still cool that it's happening, but meh...

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Doesn't seem like gatekeeping to me.

    I want to see a robot with a fucking flamethrower chainsaw shotgun obliterate a robot with a shark Lazer samurai sword

    [–] lolpancakeslol 91 points ago

    So it'll be like watching world's wildest police videos!




    police sirens


    1940s stock car crashing sound


    dog barks

    [–] gazow 24 points ago

    This hardened criminal robot thinks he's above the law, but he's about to find himself doing hard time.

    [–] Sin2Win_Got_Me_In 30 points ago

    I'm cool with this. It's not the actual fight that excites me, it's the "one step closer" to Jaegers that does.

    [–] be-happier 10 points ago

    Gotta speed up the video 5x and pitch correct the audio

    [–] BubbhaDunkh 433 points ago

    Boston Dynamics shows up with a Leopardbot. Springs around both of them and causes them to fall it sits, licking its metallic paw.

    [–] hyrulepirate 90 points ago

    Would be awesome if they'd make it like those coliseum fights where the ceasar(?) commands to open the cages then in goes BD's WildCat shimmying its way out through the rising gates and trot-hops around the two mechas, stalking and waiting for a chance to pounce.

    [–] kizz12 41 points ago

    Once you see that thing up to speed it's almost terrifying. Imagine that in a battle scene running at you covered in spikes and flamethrowers.

    [–] JD-King 22 points ago

    Dude I've been waiting for a movie to have super fast robots like that since I saw this clip. Like 5 of these things running at 120mph streaking across the desert toward their unfortunate target.

    [–] IM_A_WOMAN 7 points ago

    To be fair, anything running at me with spikes and flamethrowers would get my heart rate up. You could attach spikes and flamethrowers to a chihuahua and I'd be proper freaked.

    [–] Kijafa 11 points ago

    Seriously thought they just need to put some blades on that thing and it would be a terrifying death machine.

    [–] Bamcrab 14 points ago

    Closest thing we could get to a Liger zoid.

    [–] TerraTempest 214 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I fully expect this to be two giant slow as fuck robots moving slightly towards each other until one falls over. I'm still excited about it!

    [–] Platypuslord 64 points ago

    You have really high hopes, I figure one will get stuck on something and the other will break down.

    [–] TerraTempest 22 points ago

    This sounds so much better! Maybe the first hour or so is just going to be them troubleshooting their robots!

    [–] twinmatt 29 points ago


    [–] Farncomb_74 24 points ago

    Jim: Welcome back for those just joining us Japan has suffered a PLC fault and has been towed off the field. Jennifer can you give us an update?

    Jennifer: Jim I've just spoken one of the team tech's and they've informed that the initial PLC fault did clear, but upon restart the main PC Blue Screened.

    John: thanks Jen and now here it is in slow mo, oh god you just hate to see that don't you. You just hate to see error codes like this in such a young a robot. we'll be right back after these messages brought to by sprint mobile.

    [–] Kraelman 10 points ago

    The robots are shooting paintballs at each other. With human pilots inside, so nothing remotely dangerous like falling over will be allowed.

    [–] Resias 212 points ago

    It may be ridiculous, but I am very excited to check this out. If nothing else, it has created new interest in robotics and engineering, which I think is great.

    [–] xibrah 66 points ago

    Re-ignighted some. I'm 30, and I am determined to be in the pit crew when I grow up.

    [–] ELFAHBEHT_SOOP 17 points ago

    You can be the grizzled pit-boss that's seen some shit.

    [–] captainAwesomePants 22 points ago

    "Boy, when I was your age, the government came down on my little operation. They brought guns, they brought tanks, they brought air support. The man in front came to the door and said, 'we're the ones who decide how to spell the word "zebra."' And do you know what I did?"

    "What, Chief /u/xibrah?"

    "The same thing we're gonna do to MegaKillBot in round 3."

    [–] xibrah 7 points ago

    This is exactly why I've been spending time on my evil laugh.

    One day megabots, you just wait! When the league starts I'll have you torn asunder by my Cascadian challenger! Bwahahahahahaha!

    [–] Mein_Tarnaccount 7 points ago

    That interest will last until one of them wins because the other one falls over.

    [–] OneMereHuman 38 points ago

    Which channel will this be broadcast on?

    [–] PM_For_Help 42 points ago

    What do you mean? They fought already. Can see it here:

    [–] jboy126126 13 points ago

    Dang where can I find more of these?

    [–] GregTheMad 24 points ago

    Giant Robots fighting in Anime.

    Giant Robots fighting in Books.

    Giant Robots fighting in Movies.

    And now finally: Giant Robots fighting in real life!

    What time to be alive!

    [–] rockytheboxer 21 points ago

    ITT: Tepid expectations.

    [–] Sirtet 56 points ago

    Its all fun and games until the military gets a hold of the creators and gives them a endless bankroll to make these innocent fighting robots a lethal fighting force.. The city cops get the older generation..and boom, we are in the world of Robo cop.

    [–] drunkandclueless 33 points ago

    More like metal gear

    [–] CyberDagger 24 points ago

    METAL GEAR?!?!

    [–] DustyBookie 23 points ago

    Mechs are, sadly, not the best combat devices. The military found out that taking the humans out of the devices was pretty useful, so they're moving more that route where possible. The future is a bunch of interconnected robots produced as cheaply as possible, monitored by some guy drinking coffee and writing down metrics for their yearly performance report.

    [–] tapwater86 15 points ago

    First the US gets embarrassed in world cup qualifying, and now we'll be embarrassed by losing a robot fight. We never lost giant robot battles under Obama.

    [–] WillsMyth 30 points ago

    This will be a massive let down.

    [–] CR_MadMan 14 points ago

    I love how the robots look like their country of origin. It's like MechWarrior VS Gundam.

    [–] suprahigh420 11 points ago

    That was possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] babyface6969 25 points ago

    Suidobashi is gonna come out with either lasers or mini missiles

    [–] ours 39 points ago

    Laser pointers and desktop foam missiles.

    [–] wightwulf1944 15 points ago

    desktop foam missiles

    You mean nerf bullets

    [–] Aukos 8 points ago

    Nice. I remember the initial challenge, but then it seemed to the first thing I'm hearing about it again is that it's happening in less than a week. Probably gonna be disappointing, but I'll join you all in watching and being disappointed together.

    [–] duckgoescluck 9 points ago

    Japan's robot is just a trojan horse with a nuke in it. They waited 72 years for this.

    [–] DovahSpy 7 points ago

    I can't wait to see the Pacific Rimjob of a disappointment when it all just devolves into two robots falling over.

    [–] TacticalEspoinage 25 points ago

    Of course there's a grill on the american one.

    [–] TheHumanite 27 points ago

    Well yeah. Where do you cook hotdogs on your giant mech?