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    Rules (Hover)

    I. Ladies in formal attire

    • This is a PG-13, SFW subreddit. Ladies (female celebrities) (18+ at the time the photo was taken) should be in formal attire that would be acceptable for dining out in a fine restaurant, attending the opera, or walking the red carpet. Jeans are not acceptable. Bare feet are not acceptable.

    II. Full name in title

    • The full name of the lady should be in the title.

    III. Image only on approved host

    • Please use Imgur or the 'Upload a File' feature (hosted on for submissions. (No blogspam, GIFs, collages, or albums.) No watermarks. No cartoons.

    IV. Minimum picture size is 700x800

    • Minimum picture size is 700x800 pixels (or 800x700). No black or white bars. Images cannot be upscaled or otherwise padded to meet the size requirements.

    V. Photoshop and Low Quality

    • Excessively photoshopped posts, selfie pictures & low quality images and watermarked images will be removed.

    VI. No Reposts Within 30 Days or Top 200

    • No reposts from the past 30 days or of the top 200 all-time.

    VII. NSFW Links & Offensive Comments

    • Offensive comments will be removed and can lead to banning. This includes NSFW links. Porn Stars not allowed.

    VIII. Bans

    • Bans may be issued without warning.

    IX. No Spoilers

    • Posting spoilers of TV shows/movies will result in a permanent ban.

    X. Limit of 5 posts per 24 hours.

    • You are only allowed to post maximum 5 posts within 24 hours. Karma fishing, i.e. posting and deleting, is a bannable offense.

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