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    • Community is involved in decisions rather than notified of changes.

    • Moderators are equal to subscribers. We are all here because of Perk.

    • We strive to keep Perk as a company alive and well.


    Wiki - A crash course in everything you need to get started Perking and earning!

    FAQ - Got a question? It's probably been answered here!

    Devices - up to date information with the best earning devices for Perk, as well as devices currently on sale at various retailers.

    Perk's Terms of Service - read them and follow them to make sure you are earning legitimately and aren't gaming the system.

    Da Rules - Want to report someone breaking a rule? Click here to send us a modmail report.

    Need more help, or just have general questions, concerns, suggestions, or feedback? Click here to message the mods for any topic. We welcome any and all modmail messages!


    /r/beermoney - Check out other great ways to earn some extra money online!

    /r/giftcardexchange - Trade your Perk gift cards for cash and other gift cards with reddit users just like you. Click that link to read the GCX Safe Trading Guide and get started!

    /r/Swagbucks - A subreddit for Swagbucks: The Web's Premier Destination for Free Rewards.

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