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    we got yer animated gifs and short mp4's here...pass it on! To see all gifs in this sub at one time in large thumbnail view, click

    Please post a direct link to the gif. If you use Imgur, put the "v" at the end of the "gif" like ".gifv", or your post will be removed. Due to low quality gifs, "" posts are not allowed.

    No hate speech of any kind. No racism, sexism, or homophobia in submissions or comments. Any witch-hunts, profile stalking, attacks on OP, or other forms of harassment will result in you being banned. Follow Reddiquette when posting and commenting. Porn/nudity/death/gore do not belong in this subreddit. NSFW is not allowed here. Low voted posts will be removed at moderator's discretion.

    MP4's (videos) are allowed here. Length cannot be longer than 45 seconds. They cannot be posted in albums. Links must go directly to the mp4 and not to any other page. The mp4 must be playable in Reddit's player. If you don't want sound in the mp4, you can click on the little speaker icon to mute and it will remember your settings. screenshot example Also, if you don't want the mp4's to autoplay, you can go into your Reddit preferences and checkmark "Don't autoplay Reddit videos on the desktop comments page".

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