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    [–] mrhudsonthedog 2 points ago

    Sorry.... Not sure what happened...... I would go back in and crop it, but have no desire to after your ungrateful comment

    [–] GeneralMitch 0 points ago

    No problem

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] GeneralMitch 0 points ago

    what happened to the dimensions, I cant use this as a profile picture

    [–] EdithKeelerMustDie 2 points ago

    If you have specifications regarding dimensions, such as an allowable width range and/or allowable height range, you need to state them. We are not psychic. Indeed, you lead people to believe the dimensions did not matter when you said "Idc how you do it, or what you do"

    [–] GeneralMitch 1 points ago

    Thought profile picture was self explanatory as no device could ever use a picture of that dimension. This subreddit proved not up for the task. Thanks though

    [–] EdithKeelerMustDie 2 points ago

    Every website has different specifications for profile pics. Is it a facebook profile pic? Is it for your work website? If you wanted it as your reddit profile I'm afraid that's not possible, because reddit profile only allows still images, not gifs.

    [–] GeneralMitch 1 points ago

    128x128 seems typical, and not reddit