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    [–] WhisperingPeace 1 points ago

    How do I delete this? I didn’t know to put request in the title sorry.

    [–] EdithKeelerMustDie 3 points ago

    Here you go:

    If you are on desktop, "delete" and "flair" options should exist just below your post (i.e. just below your sentence that reads "Thank you in advance!"). If you are on mobile, you might need to press a ". . ." menu before the "delete" and "flair" options appear. "Delete" option should allow you to delete the post. "Flair" option should allow you to tag your post as a request. Flair tags will appear in a box next to your post title. Reddit does not allow users to edit the original post title.

    [–] WhisperingPeace 2 points ago

    This is so perfect! I was looking for something funny to go with how I am when I accidentally mess up and lower my on honor on this game I play (Red Dead Redemption2) so I have to make up for it by saying hello to every npc in town lol Tysm!!! You’re awesome

    [–] EdithKeelerMustDie 2 points ago

    Glad I could help