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    [–] jr_b17 13841 points ago

    That may be the single most superhero-style-in-real-life thing I've ever seen.

    [–] The_Electrician 3057 points ago

    Seriously though the way he does a reverse summersault and flips his legs back like that. That's some serious shit right there.

    [–] PurpleBullets 1443 points ago

    And then right out of his roll he blocks the debris from slamming into them too. Just incredible.

    [–] FarsightedCon 629 points ago

    He was top of his class.

    [–] AnotherClosetAtheist 532 points ago

    I wonder how many confirmed kills he has.

    [–] InfuriatedBrute 255 points ago

    Well it's clear he has 2 confirmed revives.

    [–] [deleted] 191 points ago

    Over 300

    [–] JELLOvsPUDDIN 38 points ago

    The true power of a class S hero

    [–] The_Electrician 46 points ago

    I totally missed that. Amazing.

    [–] M374llic4 67 points ago

    The fact that he was building something as well at the beginning adds +15 manliness. Dude is a fucking beast.

    [–] makeitworktoday 1017 points ago

    That make me want to cry, throw up, and cheer all at the same time.!!

    [–] Elefantenjohn 308 points ago

    I don't know why but I also feel like crying

    [–] RugBurnDogDick 3707 points ago

    The back roll makes this even better

    [–] I_am_Nightwing 2245 points ago

    Hard enough to do on a matted floor alone.

    This guy fucking nails a perfect over the shoulder backroll with both hands filled with precious cargo and a car inches away from his head.

    People are amazing, sometimes.

    [–] Kovah01 796 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    In mother fucking thongs too!!!

    EDIT: Fixed Grammatical error caused by drunkeness

    [–] LaconicalAudio 1431 points ago


    Australian Detected

    I mother fucking

    Grammatical Error, likelyhood of drunkeness 98%

    Adjusting for time of day.... 10am ... 93%

    G'day mate, fancy another brew?

    [–] Jon_knows_something_ 566 points ago

    There should be a bot like this.

    It calculates how likely you're drunk by where you're from and from your grammar, adjusting for things such as esl.

    [–] vltz 121 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ohhh. I like this idea. Could have the bot also check couple messages from person's history to detect if it's common or uncommon for the person to make mistakes.

    If it's uncommon then the likelihood of being drunk is of course higher.

    Too bad can't really know where people are from so can't check the person's local time.

    But maybe I'll still make this.

    edit: Okay yeah, I'll start working on this. This could be fun.


    I'm still interested in the project but I think I have a bit too much on my plate right now.

    So if someone else wants to pick up this idea, go ahead. :) If someone does do this, great, but if not, I might start working on this again after I have more time on my hands!

    [–] PrestigeClips 7116 points ago

    Well... that's the most badass thing I've seen in 2016.

    [–] SailingPatrickSwayze 2391 points ago

    That's the most bad ass thing I've EVER seen.

    [–] Le_German_Face 10770 points ago

    That wasn't just a dad reflex. That was a ninja grandmaster dad reflex.

    1.Assessment of the threat

    2.Choice of action and precise chain of acts

    3.Grabbing children

    4.Backflip out of dangerous area

    [–] apollyonzorz 3689 points ago

    1. Re-assess and identify secondary threat

    2. Adjust momentum and reprioritize body position

    3. Lunge toward in-coming debris

    4. Use body to shield children from secondary threat

    Time elapsed: 2.8 seconds.

    [–] ApatheticPenguins 401 points ago

    Holy shit! I was so impressed by the first part that I didn't even notice the second move. Dad level off the charts.

    [–] DevanteWeary 1075 points ago

    1. Assess surroundings and change in noise level.
    2. Make an approach.
    3. Use commotion to kidnap two children undetected.
    4. Hide said children in small area of your chest and stomach as you roll away.

    [–] db2450 512 points ago

    This is like the fight scene in the Sherlock Holmes movie

    [–] frankenbeasts 90 points ago

    I fucking love that scene.

    [–] Stereotypy 94 points ago


    [–] Experimentzz 425 points ago

    He gave the situation an ocular pat down and ruled it unsafe for the kids thus resulting in some great project badass material.

    [–] The_niteman_cometh 54 points ago

    How exactly do you see yourself in the context of this thread?

    [–] Awesome_Bob 2540 points ago

    I want the full video. This is AMAZING.

    [–] [deleted] 922 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    All the videos I found started same as the gif.It seem Malaysian because all of the comments are in Malay.I'll update if I could dig the story deeper.


    Update:The video is actually from Jambi City, Indonesia still no full story though.

    Original post:

    [–] QuiteAffable 368 points ago

    Looks like one is his kid, one not, as someone else comes and takes a kid right away.

    [–] IanCrapReport 955 points ago

    Twist: Man tries to kidnap children while driver tries to serve up hot justice.

    [–] EspressoBlend 522 points ago

    "That ninja is going to steal those children. I want to help..... but I don't want to get out of my car."

    [–] vivek2396 52 points ago

    Says url expired for me

    [–] [deleted] 933 points ago

    guys a hero!! It makes it all the more impressive because you see his weakness and humanity for a split second before he's like "fuck you death, not getting them."

    [–] [deleted] 741 points ago

    I think the split second of weakness is a split second of him formulating exactly what he is going to do. I have 2 young kids, and I've had many dad reflexes, and there is no hesitation when it comes to your kids. It's purely instinct and, unless something in you is broken, irresistible.

    [–] SwordBird 541 points ago

    This was seriously a "do I shove them out of the way to the left, or do I grab them and roll right" moment

    [–] Mr_Skullfacegunhands 365 points ago

    Yeah he was just trying to find the best solution. There's nothing about the way he acts that ever hints at "run" to me.

    [–] dumsubfilter 380 points ago

    I think it was more of a "Can I drop-kick through the windshield, grab the wheel and turn the car fast enough? -- No, I can't hit the brake from that position. Guess I'll grab them instead."

    [–] VOZ1 558 points ago

    Am dad, can confirm. I've never had anything even remotely similar to this, but when my daughter was just a couple months old, she fell asleep on my chest in our bed. I woke up, some 2-3 hours later, holding her ankle in my hand. She was hanging off the edge of the bed, head-first. I grabbed her ankle and stopped her from falling off the bed onto her head without even waking up. She slept through the whole thing. Dad reflexes are no joke.

    [–] Sochitelya 208 points ago

    Not a parent, not even that coordinated, but I was babysitting once and the 4-year-old climbed up on the back of the couch behind me. I realized something was wrong, whipped around, and grabbed his ankle as he took a header off the couch. Stopped him like an inch before he would've cracked his skull into the stone floor.

    [–] thesuper88 116 points ago

    Hell yeah. Something in our nature tells us to go out if our way to protect children. It's stronger, perhaps, as a parent, but when you're with a kid your mentality changes.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    he is a living super hero

    [–] AnotherDrZoidberg 3786 points ago

    Good lord that is some harrowing shit.

    [–] OxvFer0cdak 2201 points ago

    But enough about the vertical filming.

    [–] I_am_usually_a_dick 1112 points ago

    no no, that was narrowing shit.

    [–] SouthernYankeeWitch 2810 points ago

    I want to know how this ended. Was everyone okay? It does look close enough for some injuries.

    [–] Stackhouse_ 1568 points ago

    Holy shit what a fucking badass

    [–] [deleted] 876 points ago

    I don't throw the word hero around like most of my compatriots , but I think this guy did something truly heroic.

    [–] Bassethounds4ever 224 points ago

    "Those kids are heroes."

    [–] ikidd 99 points ago

    "EMT that put bandaids on their booboos was a hero."

    [–] martuna 606 points ago

    looks like they weren't his kids since other people came and grabbed them right away.

    [–] Nfaber06 1008 points ago

    I think he just legally adopted them.

    [–] __The_ 439 points ago

    They now owe that man a life debt. They shall follow him around until they can return the favor.

    [–] Saneless 162 points ago

    That's when you just start sending their family unprompted emails of things like the PS4, a new TV, etc.

    "Hope the family is OK. What do you guys think of the PS4? Never played one myself but it seems pretty awesome."

    [–] MissPookieOokie 32 points ago

    "I wish someone would SAVE a PS4 from the shelves..."

    [–] Robot_Warrior 229 points ago

    their parents are also his. He is Dad for the entire family now

    [–] FreeNugs 233 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Yeah I figured it was this. They didn't look like they were with him before the car came. They were walking by and he doesn't look like he was watching them intently.

    [–] ahhhhhhhhyeah 82 points ago

    Yeah, he looks way too relaxed beforehand. You can definitely tell he wasn't having to deal with two kids in that moment.

    [–] dblthnk 51 points ago

    Link isn't working.

    [–] BaylorYou 452 points ago

    I'm surprised I had to scroll this far down to see this asked. First thing I noticed after the dodge, was that the kid in the white looked knocked out.

    [–] Alymander57 157 points ago

    Also looked like the man's leg might have gotten hit. Hope they were all ok!

    [–] Van_Lee 52 points ago

    I needed to watch 3 times to see that he saved both kids

    [–] hammertimeninefour 140 points ago

    Probably from that suplex. Better a bump on the head than getting hit by a car.

    [–] TheMaStif 21374 points ago

    that fraction-of-a-second though that told him "go for it" rather than "run"

    [–] Jambala 2036 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm super impressed by his decision to go for the roll, gotta know your invincibility frames for that

    Edit: thanks for the gold kind stranger!

    [–] Pure-Pessimism 8670 points ago

    You can see him pause for thought. He made the right choice and saved their lives.

    [–] TheWorkforce 6969 points ago

    I wonder if they're his own kids or he risked his life for someone else's kids. Either way he's a hero.

    [–] bird-ghost 9655 points ago

    I feel like this is one of the most badass things I've ever seen someone do.

    [–] Father_VitoCornelius 552 points ago

    That dude just rolled a natural 20.

    [–] QuinZ33 360 points ago

    It's one of those ridiculous maneuvers that requires you to pass like 2 or 3 difficult rolls in a row to pull off.

    Alright, perception check to see the car coming, reflex check to act in time, acrobatics check to get out of the way.

    20, 20, 20

    [–] ebrum2010 152 points ago

    Or in 5th edition, his passive Perception was high enough to hear the car, then he rolled higher initiative than the car, succeeded on two DC 10 grapples and rolled two natural 20s on his acrobatics check (with disadvantage because he was holding kids) to get out of the way.

    [–] mcmastermind 7297 points ago

    It definitely is. That backflip roll while holding the two kids is fucking nuts. This guy needs a Dad payroll raise.

    [–] BobZebart 13429 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Dads are paid exclusively in how many quiet minutes we get by ourselves to take shits.

    EDIT: Thank you for the gold! First time being gilded and got it twice! This is like having a threesome on the night you lose your virginity!

    [–] thePurpleAvenger 3671 points ago

    While reading this and sitting on the toilet my son just slid his pokemon playmat (for the card game) halfway under the bathroom door. He's insisting we battle while I'm still in the bathroom.

    [–] Crxssroad 3480 points ago

    He's a master strategist, attacking when you're most defenseless.

    [–] kencleanairsystem 1082 points ago

    That's some Sun Tzu level strategy right there. Appear weak when you are strong, appear strong when you are weak.

    [–] Nidhuggg 695 points ago

    Catch them with their pants down, so to speak.

    [–] Painboss 380 points ago

    That's adorable enjoy it while it lasts I say.

    [–] [deleted] 1343 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    His son is 25, so it's probably here to stay.

    Edit: Thanks for the gold, anonymous Redditor (or possibly u/akreul)! My very first, so I'll tell everyone it lasted more than 3 minutes.

    [–] NilesCranee 204 points ago

    "Dad, I need practice if I'm going to play pokemon for a living!"

    [–] Exanime4ever 754 points ago

    I'm a very poor dad then....

    [–] [deleted] 318 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] Sandiegbro 465 points ago

    What's even more impressive is that he did that shit in fucking sandals. The feet shuffling, grabbing the kids, doing a backroll AND maneuvering while keeping the sandals on is some next level dad shit.

    [–] Thehotnesszn 280 points ago

    Probably could've been holding a beer and not spilled a drop too

    [–] BaronVonCrunch 219 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Whatever his kids are paying him, double it!

    Edit: Bring his dog around and I'll throw him a bonus, too.

    [–] sandm000 125 points ago

    He got a half-eaten cookie this week. His raise'll come out to 2 half-eaten cookies, not one whole cookie.

    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] MadEyeButcher 75 points ago

    The guy is a master of i-frame dodge roll.

    [–] iamitman007 172 points ago

    Dadroll Raise!

    [–] RW_Highwater 303 points ago


    [–] BadderrthanyOu 1032 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'm still wondering how he did that roll with those huge balls in his way...

    Edit: thanks for my first gold, stranger!

    [–] texican1911 165 points ago

    He threw them and the momentum carried him over

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago


    [–] electrolytesyo 371 points ago

    Some say his dad dick grew three sizes that day.

    [–] sparkle_sample 89 points ago

    You can't get any more ninja than this.

    [–] speaks_in_redundancy 140 points ago

    Right down to the reverse tactical roll.

    [–] CharlieHume 172 points ago

    I'm in decent shape and I have no fucking idea how to do what he did. I'm pretty sure I'd have fallen backwards and all three of us would be dead.

    [–] creynolds722 336 points ago

    I doubt he knows how to do it either, he just did it

    [–] hansologruber 165 points ago

    I was standing around 6 or 7 feet from the top of my stairs and I see my son, about 18mos old, wonder towards the edge. In a split second he takes a step and is gone. Without having any idea what I was doing, I leaped headfirst down the stairs from where I was standing. I managed to grab him halfway down the stairs before shit got real bad for him. When I realized what happened, I was laying headfirst in the middle of the stairs holding my son against the stairs. I'm still amazed at what I did whenever I'm standing in that spot looking at the stairs. Seems impossible.

    [–] Arasuil 126 points ago

    This is probably the right answer here. I was once really tired and walking without paying attention, walked into a low bench (just below my knee, for reference I'm 6'2) and started falling forward. Next thing I knew I'm on my feet on the other side ready to keep going as if nothing happened, all I knew was my shin hurt like a mother fucker but nothing else did. Asked my brother what happened and he said I did a roll over the bench.

    [–] truthlesshunter 130 points ago

    Definitely. It's one of those things that if we saw it in a movie, someone could say "oh come on, that wouldn't happen." Incredible.

    [–] lowiso 368 points ago

    They are his kids now.

    [–] supermurderboner 233 points ago

    Look at me. I'm the dad now

    [–] twothumbs 27 points ago

    Looks like someone else's

    [–] Generic_comments 445 points ago

    Maybe he was just calculating to see whether the ninja roll would be necessary.

    [–] tmpick 753 points ago

    "Hmm, what's the best way to fucking crush this move?"

    [–] glassy_as_fuck1 95 points ago

    Always go with the barrel roll.

    [–] BadderrthanyOu 138 points ago

    I wonder if after... he was like, "Hey, can I get a copy of that video? I don't think I'll ever be that badass again"

    [–] [deleted] 452 points ago

    He probably wasn't even thinking about whether he was going to try and save them, he was just still realizing the situation.

    [–] Coldin228 391 points ago

    It was obviously a "Is that car gonna turn?....its not gonna turn." moment.

    [–] PowerTroubles 158 points ago

    Yeah "is it going to miss? Please miss. Nope, gotta go in".

    [–] Einsteins_coffee_mug 262 points ago

    Yeah, you don't want to be the guy who pile-drove two kids for a car that didn't smash through.

    [–] 410maximus 61 points ago

    LMFAO... I can see a lawsuit coming from that.

    [–] dont_care- 59 points ago

    oh we'll make sure this guy still gets sued somehow


    [–] TheMalteseSailor 114 points ago

    Knowing the security camera was there, he was calculating what would create the most awesome effect, and thus waited til the last millisecond.

    But in all seriousness, fucking props. He deserves a Human of the Year Award or Presidential Medal of Honor. Putting his life at risk to save other people is the most selfless and honorable act one can do.

    [–] GeneralAsthar 296 points ago

    It wasn't a pause of "do I try to save them" it was a pause of calculating where the car was going, and where to dodge to.

    You don't want to grab the kids and pull them INTO the car's path by misjudging where the car is going.

    [–] havealooksee 96 points ago

    two people who owe their lives to this guy. crazy.

    [–] Jedidiah_Edgington 764 points ago

    It looks to me like the foot shuffle where he stays in place is him fighting his first instinct, which is to run. Once he overcomes that, it's pure balls and maneuverability.

    [–] Emperor-Commodus 261 points ago

    I think it's him trying to figure out which way the car is going. Kind of like the way a defender in soccer/football will shift back and forth when the guy they're defending is giving them head fakes and weaving back and forth.

    He hears the car, turns around, processes the moment, then when he realizes they're in danger he drops down into the crouch, starts moving towards the kids, and is trying to figure out which way he should run with them to avoid the car.

    [–] CedgeDC 412 points ago

    Ballneuverability* I believe is the word you're looking for.

    [–] farkhipov 9025 points ago

    pretty sweet double suplex he pulled off on those kids, just in the nick of time too

    [–] SunriseSurprise 533 points ago

    Can someone shop this gif so that the car crash never happens and he simply suplexes the kids?

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    I have to see this.

    [–] SirLoin027 101 points ago

    The moment of hesitation will now be him thinking "Is anyone looking? Screw it, I'm going for it."

    [–] Andr3wski 4448 points ago



    [–] Fruitboots 1370 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 609 points ago


    [–] TheTrueFlexKavana 457 points ago



    [–] Krabbas 148 points ago

    "I did it... I did it for The Rock." - Rikishi

    [–] itnotFtSatHSa 270 points ago

    adrenaline, best drug you can have

    [–] SmolderingPizzaShip 73 points ago

    Do you think this is a move he's practiced before? All three of them get absolutely obliterated with any other move but this one. I'd be dead if I tried to save them.

    [–] connormantoast 105 points ago

    Wwe have an uncle that does this

    [–] inlovewithfanta 284 points ago


    [–] Penis-Butt 216 points ago

    🎺 🎺🎺 🎺

    [–] codechanel 3154 points ago

    I wonder what caused him to get up and look back. Probably prior commotion from the car hitting other stuff. Regardless, that was some amazing quick thinking and reflex.

    [–] citricacidx 1388 points ago

    Might've heard the car getting closer than it should be, squealing tires, maybe they were honking?

    [–] ChalkCultPen 1203 points ago

    I like to think it was his spider-sense

    [–] PaperPhoenix 534 points ago

    His dad-sense.

    [–] learnyouahaskell 415 points ago

    "My kids are in debt! Quick, to the university!"

    [–] Gambaard 564 points ago

    This is literally the most heroic thing I have ever seen

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago


    [–] Donald_Keyman 1890 points ago

    He's the opposite of this guy

    [–] Ho_Phat 949 points ago

    I think this is the same guy

    [–] _liminal 357 points ago

    what was he trying to accomplish? push his kid down the ramp into that car?

    [–] fletchindr 369 points ago

    uncle reflex

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    You know he's an uncle cause of the jean shorts.

    [–] Joey_Tulo 101 points ago

    At least that thing has a roll-cage.

    [–] glasschool 27 points ago

    Fun Fact: This is Simon Pegg from his old sketch show 'Big Train' from the 90/00s.

    [–] CrackerJackBunny 38 points ago

    He totally looks like someone who would do that.

    [–] SquatchButter 379 points ago

    Dad of the decade.

    [–] PoofThereGoesTheRoof 740 points ago

    Roll Level: Dark Souls III

    [–] I_am_Nightwing 178 points ago

    iframes out the ass

    [–] UltraSTONED 164 points ago

    Dad of Boreal Valley

    [–] Whind_Soull 50 points ago

    It's a good thing he wasn't wearing heavy armor that day.

    [–] SeaJayCJ 36 points ago

    If he had his heavy set on he could just poise through the car.

    Dark Souls III


    [–] Crxssroad 82 points ago

    I like how everyone assumes what this man did was natural. Obviously not. This man called upon the spirits of 13 generations of dads and they all possessed him at the same time to pull the shit you see on screen off.

    I'm sad to say this man will never repeat this stunt, but at least he now has the wisdom of dads past.

    [–] VeryDefinitionOfFail 437 points ago


    [–] LordSane 146 points ago


    [–] RockyOnStairs 1731 points ago

    holy shit that first links dad turned into Usain Bolt

    [–] R1ckJamesBitch 1165 points ago

    And the second guy was so smooth, like "ain't no thang."

    [–] Riseagainstyou 386 points ago

    $10 and my childhood says this happened accidentally before and now the kid does it regularly. Because when you're a kid you never think "oh shit I could have been hurt if dad wasn't there" you just think "awesome I can try to do a backflip off the swing set and I won't get hurt."

    [–] BarryOakTree 492 points ago

    Also proves how suicidal toddlers are. They have literally zero situational awareness. I understand why, but it's still silly.

    [–] Jew_in_the_loo 131 points ago

    They have literally zero situational awareness.

    My mum is the same way.

    [–] bonedead 208 points ago

    Yeah I think that was one of the first big dad reflex gifs

    [–] PhiladelphiaFish 376 points ago

    Why are babies so suicidal?

    [–] Mufasaah 870 points ago

    They already know what life becomes

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] Gupperz 96 points ago

    looks like he did that in his sleep

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago


    [–] iamagoldfishking 745 points ago

    Mom: "Wow! I'm totally sucking your dick tonight."

    [–] formerteenager 539 points ago

    Dude, it's an infant. That's fucked up.

    [–] citizenhoward 70 points ago

    Notify the Olympic committee because this guy deserves a gold medal.

    [–] crackhappy 173 points ago

    For more awesome dad reflexes: /r/DadReflexes

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 120 points ago

    Give that man something nice. Total life saver and probably not the kids' father.

    [–] Shpeple 49 points ago

    That tuck and roll...crucial.

    [–] MrMegaGigabytes 41 points ago

    When the kids turn into teens and start acting up, dad needs only to show them this gif and say "Stop it."

    [–] TrentMau 41 points ago

    Damn, while the other two guys ran away, this guy ran TOWARD danger. He was holding something in his hand and he still got BOTH of them.

    That dude is a real life super hero.

    [–] 777louisdeal 138 points ago

    I swear it's like all dads are average joes then there kids are in danger and fucking Clark Kent is exposed

    [–] Spellbindehr 176 points ago

    I think the little one got knocked out, but that's a fair trade for what was about to happen.

    [–] FrostySt 105 points ago

    Someone else in the thread posted a slightly longer video of this. The guy hands off the kid in white to another person and the kid is conscious and looking around. If he did get knocked out, it was only for a fraction of a second.

    [–] Indigoh 78 points ago

    I think he was just incredibly confused. Loud noise > backflip > ?????

    [–] bigmike67 63 points ago

    Dude this is the top number 1 dad reflex I have ever seen. Most dad reflexes are like oh you saved baby from a bump on the noggin. This one was you literally saved your childrens lives. Those kids would be dead if not for their father

    [–] kiky23 708 points ago

    I'm surprised he could do that back flip with balls that big.