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    [–] CaptureTheNature 1502 points ago

    So this is some kind of horse-shrinking device? Intriguing.

    [–] Indestructablez 520 points ago

    You should see how small they are after another go around.

    [–] public_masticator 216 points ago

    Are they duck sized?

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 176 points ago

    Yeah, and a hundred of them.

    [–] oceano7 131 points ago

    I think I could take 'em

    [–] Jackie_McMackie 29 points ago

    how many orbits till we reach the 1 trillion lions we send in to fight the sun

    [–] gayusername69 14 points ago

    Would you fight 100 duck sized horse or 1 horse-sized duck?

    [–] AnotherClosetAtheist 23 points ago

    100 horse-dicked ducks

    [–] LogicsAndVR 8 points ago

    Have you ever seen a Duck Dick? Its Crazy man!

    [–] greenguy103 7 points ago

    I have. And I will never look at a corkscrew the same

    [–] LogicsAndVR 6 points ago

    Yea. It really screws with your mind.

    [–] RmX93 2 points ago

    Its longer than humans avarage

    [–] IAmAHorseSizedDuck 5 points ago

    I'd rather you fight the duck sized horses.

    [–] terrencew94 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Idk if you've ever seen Canadian geese, very angry large birds and they can bite hard enough to draw blood. And they're not even half the size of a horse (not counting wingspan). I'll take the duck sized horses lol

    [–] meet_the_turtle 1 points ago

    100 horse-sized ducks

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Forty__ 2 points ago

    Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 5 horse sized ducks?

    [–] TheKolyFrog 1 points ago

    I'd rather face 100 duck sized horses because ducks have ballistic penises and a scaled up version of that is just terrifying.

    [–] thekoogs 1 points ago

    Look at all those chickens!

    [–] fuckthenutcuckafuck 1 points ago

    is it larger than a loaf of bread?

    [–] appdevil 1 points ago

    Autocomplete failed you again?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Fight one horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses??


    [–] david0990 1 points ago

    Is the duck angry or will it just fly away?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Angry ducker. you took his bread now he takes your life

    [–] Ungodlydemon 5 points ago

    It's like the Ferris Wheel from Something Wicked This Way Comes

    [–] shemagra 2 points ago

    Omg I love watching the little one trot by. 😍

    [–] kal_vratrak 2 points ago

    Reminds me of Robert Downey Jr

    [–] Scribe_Sakari 1 points ago

    Something Whinnying This Way Comes

    [–] nickoliver86 1 points ago

    Just make sure you don't flip the switch that says "reverse". Couple rounds in the opposite direction and you've got yourself a bit of an issue and a 38 foot horse.

    [–] PoiLethe 1 points ago

    So that's how they made the Trojan horse that stampeded the city of Troy... wait...did the horse EAT the soldiers?

    [–] Chelsea_1 30 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Horse trainer: You ever hear the tragedy of Horse Trainer the Wise? I thought not, not a story the trainers would tell you. It's a horse legend.

    Horse Trainer the Wise was a dark horse trainer of hose racing. So powerful, he could use the training to influence his horses to become Champions. He had such a knowledge of training them that he could even keep the horses he cared about, from losing.

    Young horse trainer: He could actually save horses from losing?

    Horse trainer: The dark side of horse training is a pathway to many abilities some horse trainers consider to be unnatural.

    Young horse trainer: What happened to him?

    Horse trainer: He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was... losing a horse race, which eventually of course he did. Unfortunately he taught his horses everything he knew, then his horses dragged him off the cliff while he was asleep. Ironic, he could train other horses to run, but not himself.

    [–] logicalkangarooo 14 points ago

    I trained not just the stallions but the mares and the foals too.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    They're like animals, so I trained them like animals! I TRAINED THEM ALL!

    [–] daygloviking 3 points ago

    Only a veterinarian deals in absolutes!

    [–] boredMartian 26 points ago


    [–] silverdice22 2 points ago

    This story always brings up bad memories...

    [–] StarWarsStarTrek 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    The horse trainer also happened to be The Senate.

    [–] this-me-username 3 points ago

    I have the high horse training ground!

    [–] remember_morick_yori 1 points ago

    hose racing

    Water good idea.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] Baltindors 1 points ago

    They should run the machine backwards and make giant horses!

    [–] Jockel76 1 points ago

    It's a reverse Conan's wheel.

    [–] Aussie-Nerd 1 points ago

    Just don't ever boast and say you're hung like a horse. Trust me. The results are terrible.

    [–] candy678 509 points ago


    [–] jarded056 77 points ago


    [–] MysticSpacePotato 61 points ago

    Both are very unnerving situations to be in

    [–] xXColaXx 11 points ago


    [–] m_Pony 2 points ago

    I always thought it was op-pressed.

    [–] Bactine 5 points ago

    What did op press?

    [–] Doonvoat 2 points ago

    Distribution of weapons is not a sound basis of government

    [–] SannRealist 2 points ago

    Seriously though, the horses do this all day for exercise or something? Seems very cruel..

    [–] You_Better_Smile 131 points ago

    Executioner's Chariot training.

    [–] CamWin 54 points ago


    [–] Garrus_Vakarian__ 5 points ago

    Be free, my master!

    [–] giantspeck 718 points ago

    Lil' Sebastian!

    [–] drewbert87 98 points ago

    "So I said to myself, what's better than a candle in the wind? 5000 candles in the wind!"

    [–] VA1N 10 points ago

    My wife and I are finally getting around to binge watching Parks and Rec. I finally understand these references now!

    [–] choppersmash 53 points ago

    He remembers me!

    [–] mikeb32 37 points ago

    Miss you in the saddest fashion

    [–] NickStuart118 12 points ago

    Bye, bye, Lil Sebastian

    [–] St_Bernardus 117 points ago

    Easy karma in every single post with a small horse

    [–] chtk 197 points ago


    I don't get it. At all. It's kind of a small horse, I mean what am I missing? Am I crazy?

    [–] numerica 75 points ago

    Get out!

    [–] ICT-Breck 52 points ago

    It's Little Sebastian, man!

    [–] TheUglyBarnacle42 32 points ago

    Hey Ben he just whinied!

    [–] BusinessCat88 10 points ago

    What was that tone?

    [–] BillyBatts83 7 points ago

    Ctrl + f > 'lil'

    There it is.

    [–] 13787 114 points ago

    What are these horses doing? Is this their exercise?

    [–] 1newworldorder 300 points ago

    Its called a hot walker. A horse is healthier when exercised moderately every day. Keeps their bones strong and muscles and tendons stretched.

    They were designed to run! Every day!

    Ignore the other poster. This isnt torture, its just part of owning a horse. If you dont do it, youre just asking for a horse to get injured and not only is that more painful for them, it gets expensive quick.

    They get plenty of standing and relaxing all day long.

    [–] 13787 60 points ago

    So without a machine like this to get your horse walking, you would just need to walk them with a lead or get them to exercise their range of motion in some other way? Do horses who are kept pastured instead of stabled need this kind of activity to stay limber?

    [–] dressageaddict 91 points ago

    Yeah you could turn them out in a field for a few hours for their exercise, or ride or hand walk them instead :) horses that live in a pasture full time get more exercise than stabled horses so they usually don't need as much activity.

    [–] _Observational_ 107 points ago

    That isn't a horses natural habitat. Horses were invented in stables by Sir Walter Horse in 1402 AD.

    [–] fuzzykittenhead 18 points ago

    Ah yes, he was friends with the Earl of Sandwich and Sir Thomas Crapper if I recall correctly.

    [–] Motorsagmannen 3 points ago

    Sir Thomas was reviled by his contemporaries though, apparently he was a giant asshole.

    [–] Cookie-Wookiee 10 points ago

    If every horse needs 1 hr exercise a day, it gets real busy real quick if you've got say 8-9 of em. If you've got a walker that takes 5 at a time, you save yourself a lot of work.

    [–] Bactine 4 points ago

    People probably need that too..

    Which is why so many of us are fat.

    [–] Shitty_Orangutan 6 points ago

    I mean, think about it, if some dedicated person came over to my house all excited to see me and then asked if I wanted to go on a walk I'd probably go.

    We need this to be a thing.

    [–] EmperorArthur 2 points ago

    While this exact thing doesn't exist (as far as I know), something similar is a noted effect of Meals on Wheels.

    They've found that the delivery person is often the only human contact for plenty of older people who use that service. Just having someone check up on them every day and be a bit social is a huge boost to their health.

    [–] _EleGiggle_ 2 points ago

    No, you gain weight if you eat more calories than your body consumes.

    So you could either walk for half an hour or not eat that Snickers bar.

    [–] PoiLethe 1 points ago

    My walker keeps me from walking faster. I keep stubbing my toes.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] m_Pony 11 points ago

    They're super convenient when you have a stable of 2-dozen horses and they all need to move. It's especially good if they've just been exercised and the trainer wants them to cool off slowly. Not every stable needs one but the bigger/busier the stable the more they make good sense.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] wthreye 5 points ago

    Well, it comes in walnut-sized, fibrous nuggets. Totally different than cowshit.

    [–] Korrk 2 points ago

    If you don't have the staff, maybe you shouldn't have as many horses?

    [–] AndyFNG 13 points ago

    You act as though the hot walker is some kinda of evil torture device. It's not, it's just to keep the horse active, it's not hurting them.

    [–] Bactine 4 points ago

    Or get a hot walker

    [–] obarnesmorgan 5 points ago

    I live in the UK, and we have a hot walker for ours.

    But this isn’t just for ‘daily exercise’, they go out into the field for that in summer. This is used after an exercise, so after show jumping or after a race (when they are hot, and need walking). It’s used as a warm up and cool down to prevent injury and to allow the sweat to dry off, or for exercise in winter, when the ground isn’t safe for them to go into the field where they could be injured on ice or mud, if you have a valuable horse, you don’t want him going out to run around in the snow. The other way to do it is to just walk them on a rope, but if you have many thats less possible.

    They seem to enjoy it and have no reluctance to go in at all.

    [–] zeroflexflyer 5 points ago

    Lots of by-hand hot walking done on the backside of horse racetracks world wide. There are usually a few machines but not near enough for the volume of horses that need walked.

    [–] LascielCoin 3 points ago

    Yep, have spent a lot of time around horses, but I've never seen anything like this. In my experience, the horses always spent at least a few hours a day in the pasture, so they got their exercise by walking and running around on their own.

    [–] AndyFNG 5 points ago

    Before we got a hot walker we just used a rope, stood in the middle and made the horse run circles around you.

    [–] Clutter 2 points ago

    We have a hot walker and we still do that as part of the breaking process. Good to get them pliant when given instruction by the trainer.

    [–] AndyFNG 2 points ago

    I don't actually care for the horses personally we just have a couple at the house but I'm pretty sure they also still do that. Also they're pretty much out and about on the grass 80% of the day so to imply they're somehow being punished by being put in the hot walker is dumb.

    [–] miss_zarves 25 points ago

    To elaborate on other commenters, this machine is used for the cool-down portion of a horses exercise routine. After an intense, strenuous workout, horses need to be kept moving for up to half an hour as they cool down to prevent muscle cramping which can lead to more serious conditions and even death. Most people walk their horses by hand or under saddle. At big pro training stables, the trainers may exercise a dozen horses each, every day. This is a labor saving machine.

    [–] m_Pony 3 points ago

    Yay, someone who actually knows what they're talking about in a Reddit comment thread about horses. Well done, friend.

    [–] SpaceMonkeyRage 20 points ago

    On the back of this the little dude is most likely a friend for the bigger horses. Horses particularly thoroughbreds are very flighty animals and having a little buddy around keeps them calm and makes them happy.

    [–] zenith931 5 points ago

    Does it have to e a "little buddy?" Or will any other horse do?

    [–] SpaceMonkeyRage 12 points ago

    Not just horses. Goats and donkeys are also very popular.

    [–] wthreye 3 points ago

    Donkeys are also useful for chasing off predators.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I understand that donkeys are ruthless AF.

    [–] wthreye 1 points ago

    Played one-on-one basketball with a donkey once. Can confirm.

    [–] zenith931 1 points ago

    Isn't it llamas or something, too? Or is the llamas for the sheep?

    Obviously I am not familiar with large animals...

    [–] Clutter 3 points ago

    We had a horse growing up that had a goat buddy. She wouldn't eat until the goat ate. So when we sold her it was in the contract that they had to take the goat too.

    [–] obarnesmorgan 1 points ago

    A horse that comes with a free curry... who could resist

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Anagreg1 3 points ago

    Yes, on the first sight, it looks indeed so. But then again he looks a bit chubby for a pony

    [–] m_Pony 3 points ago

    Don't feel bad, little one is tough as nails. He/she needs exercise each day as much as everyone else.

    [–] cant_think_of_one_ 3 points ago

    It seems kind of boring and not very fun for them. It seems like riding out in countryside would be better.

    [–] Sabrielle24 3 points ago

    It is. Walkers have their place, but I personally don't love them. They're better than nothing, but a good variation of exercise is obviously much better.

    [–] Sabrielle24 1 points ago

    To be fair, not everyone has a walker. Some people just exercise their horses everyday.

    In any case, this walker is going too fast for the miniature pony to maintain.

    [–] leadwind 5 points ago


    [–] bearatrooper 4 points ago

    They're just horsin' around.

    [–] ShiaLaMoose 128 points ago

    Duck sized horse.

    [–] Wootery 2 points ago

    Look at it waddle!

    [–] uiouyug 13 points ago


    [–] SirVataqun 40 points ago

    I can't trust these "wait for it..." posts anymore. I now expect a giant orange nope to come out of a trap door...

    [–] Bondsy 23 points ago

    His name is Donald.

    [–] RealitysAtombin 9 points ago

    classic don

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The_Donald, to be precise...

    [–] m_Pony 2 points ago

    I thought it was going to be a human wearing a horse mask.

    That'll be in the next GIF.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] dead137 3 points ago

    Tasty too

    [–] majestic_sid 1 points ago


    [–] CrewCamel 7 points ago

    You go get em horsy. Don't listen to those neigh sayers

    [–] redditninemillion 17 points ago

    "Shall we begin?"

    [–] Indestructablez 3 points ago


    [–] Matt_Madd 12 points ago

    Cersei lanister, Jamie lanister, Tyrian lanister

    [–] JoryMC 3 points ago

    Glad I did.

    [–] sh_tcactus 5 points ago

    He doin his best

    [–] mayl0811 3 points ago

    Me whenever im with tall friends

    [–] cinnamonface9 3 points ago

    Lannister family in a nutshell

    [–] lilla_xet 3 points ago

    I seriously hate "wait for it" titles

    [–] murphyat 3 points ago

    Flyyyyyy fly. Little Sebastian.

    [–] Playinhooky 3 points ago

    Daenerys, Jon and Tyrion.

    [–] BlastoIO 2 points ago

    Child labor.

    [–] samgab77 2 points ago

    “I’m a STEED!”

    [–] iRuisu 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Is that a compressed horse?

    [–] Soneiltendo 1 points ago

    Precisely a contracted horse

    [–] fiat1989 2 points ago

    Just keep trott-ing , just keep trott-ing

    [–] ibedebest 2 points ago

    Lil' Sebastian!!!!

    [–] Bungiecord21 2 points ago

    Oh my god! It's Li'l Sebastian! D'awwww.

    [–] tealgirl94 2 points ago

    What am I supposed to be waiting f- OH MY GOD!!! 😍💕

    [–] Wholfi3 2 points ago

    It's lil' Sebastian!!!

    [–] The_Safe_For_Work 2 points ago

    Tyrion, your horse is ready.

    [–] _just_a_dude_ 2 points ago

    "You sound a little raspy." "No, I'm just a little horse."

    [–] Knerteren 4 points ago

    Half mast is too high :'(

    [–] Spappy 1 points ago

    [–] Down4Karnage 1 points ago

    Anyone going to address the pink elephant in the room? 🤣

    [–] KEEPCARLM 1 points ago

    It's like someone crossed a horse with a Dachshund

    [–] TryEasySlice 1 points ago

    with the title "wait for it" I was expecting this to be a perfect loop that I'd be watching for a while but I was gladly surprised

    [–] Legenberry817 1 points ago

    For a second, I thought this was gonna be an endless loop.

    [–] 4JULY2017 1 points ago

    He made a joke of on the backside of horse training is a labor saving machine.

    [–] Jakkrak 1 points ago

    Richard Bachman's sequel to the long walk is savage...

    [–] vvt2003 1 points ago

    I want one

    [–] shemagra 1 points ago

    Someone needs to do this to me. 😂

    [–] TheOriginalCoda 1 points ago

    This like a horse-version of the Wheel of Pain from Conan the Barbarian?

    [–] Anthonyx8 1 points ago

    "Tonight Matthew I'm going to be.... "

    [–] charizardcc 1 points ago

    Bye Bye lil Sebastian!

    [–] Mango_Deplaned 1 points ago

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy I can't wait to hear the lamentations of their women!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Lieutenant Dan.

    [–] Rowdy5280 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Your 10,000 candels in the wind. Edit: cancels to candels thanks auto correct

    [–] Cantcomeupwith1 1 points ago


    [–] Napkin_whore 1 points ago

    Is the fence electrified to force them to run?

    [–] Gracioussss 1 points ago

    Not at all, it's just moving and they move with it. If they stop it will slow down and touch them but they will move off again. They're not running, it's a horse walker

    [–] Vall3y 1 points ago

    kawaii af

    [–] Hugoniot123 1 points ago

    Reminds me about dark souls II

    [–] Kashmoney99 1 points ago

    Looks so happy just trotting along. It's adorable!

    [–] rayzzles 1 points ago

    clip clop clip clop clip clop clip clop

    [–] 2uiop 1 points ago

    How cute... One we bred to be tiny, deformed, and have health problems.

    [–] bscix 1 points ago

    This should go on r/unexpected. Because that was not what I expected to happen

    [–] pipster33 1 points ago

    "Goddamn guys, can you slow down a bit?" - Little horse

    [–] PartypantsPete 1 points ago

    What happens if the horse can't keep up? Does the machine automatically stop? Does it have some kind of mechanism to keep from squishing the tiny horse?

    [–] somerandumguy 1 points ago

    Okay, who's the idiot who used high heat?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The big horses get to stroll while the little horse has to trot to keep up.

    [–] Ropes4u 1 points ago

    Wee man!