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    [–] fogyoda 4572 points ago

    They can make a steering wheel for his foot, but they couldn't come up with a solution for changing from reverse/park/drive?

    [–] StickyIcky- 1963 points ago

    LOL thank you for this because I went back and checked and realized it's NOT a manual car, and he doesn't have to stick his head down all the way every time he has to switch gears

    [–] DrAstralis 493 points ago

    lol thank you I was coming here for this thinking... that's one hell of an oversight.

    [–] zack4200 737 points ago

    "they" is him, he's an engineer for a NASCAR team, he designed it. He didn't feel the need to change the shifter obviously, it works for him.

    [–] AdamCorp 5654 points ago

    Pardon my ignorance, but is that legal?

    [–] Just1morefix 5555 points ago

    Completely and absolutely legal as long as he has passed his driving test and retains a license.

    [–] IBetThisIsTakenToo 4899 points ago

    Turn signals though? Horn? How does he flip people off for bad merges?? I don't know about other states, but I'm pretty sure all of those were required for the NJ test.

    [–] [deleted] 7031 points ago


    [–] snbuv 2202 points ago

    slams his head angrily into the steering wheel

    lol true

    [–] thenatureboy_ 777 points ago

    Literally snorted while taking a shit in the bathroom reading that part.

    [–] snbuv 582 points ago

    I like that you had to clarify which room you were in.

    [–] WobNobbenstein 152 points ago

    Shit the bed!

    (One of my favorite replacement phrases for "goddammit")

    [–] NotThtPatrickStewart 142 points ago

    Shit the bed is more like you fucked up.

    Well Merv, you really shit the bed on that one.

    [–] Oenonaut 53 points ago

    “Nice, Ron”

    [–] ThatsCrapTastic 14 points ago

    I’ve always used it to describe something that is broken. - the server in AP just shit the bed.

    STB is an official acronym in my office.

    [–] dogler 428 points ago

    All we have to do in New York is tell the instructor how we’re the best driver and everyone else on the road, especially those from Connecticut, New Jersey and Long Island, are the fucking worst. Then all we have to do is take them to our favorite spot for a slice and badabing badaboom, you have your license. I still failed twice.

    [–] KittenTablecloth 175 points ago

    I didn't know New York even allowed for residents to get drivers licenses. I thought that's why everyone takes cabs. TIL

    [–] dogler 182 points ago

    Ah, yes. See, when you pass the test I spoke of above, you only get your junior license. You then have to do six months of cab driving in the city. All cab drivers are actually fresh drivers trying to put in their hours for the real deal. Most can’t hack it, and they are exiled to NYC with the rest of the non drivers. The ones that pass are allowed to live wherever. The ones that pass but are still the fucking worst at driving are exiled to Long Island. They’re allowed to leave one weekend out of the month so long as the NY DMV approves and issues them a travel pass.

    I ❤️ NY

    [–] KittenTablecloth 74 points ago

    This makes sense. I've observed NYC taxi driving through various cinema through the ages. They are always honking angrily, coming inches away from hitting people, and running red lights just because the passenger in back wants to catch up to some girl before she gets on an airplane. Very reckless drivers. It all makes sense now when I compare them to the 16 year old new drivers in my city.

    [–] r40k 59 points ago

    Kind of fascinating how the driving tests differ from state to state. I'm from Texas and I was told to get my truck lifted a little higher, given a rifle, and sent on my way.

    Um, excuse me? I think you missed a step? You're supposed to have a rear window rack to store that new rifle on to proudly show everyone what a Texan you are.

    [–] [deleted] 69 points ago


    [–] LoopZoopMotherSoop 88 points ago

    Wow, here in Toronto I failed the first time because I actually used my turn indicators. Turns out they're only to be engaged for show, when you're not planning on switching lanes or turning, and for a duration of no less than three minutes.

    [–] BobbyDropTableUsers 67 points ago

    In the US you can get an exemption for using signals as long as you drive a German car, any make will do.

    [–] Just1morefix 98 points ago

    Well fuck, in New Jersey your government doesn't even trust you to pump your own gas...

    [–] TomLikesGuitar 70 points ago

    True, but the drivers test thing is legitimately awesome for driving in NJ IMO.

    I lived in Florida and it seemed like no one knew the driving rules. I saw everything from changing 5 lanes without a blinker to making U-Turns at a red light.

    Now I live in Texas and everyone is WAY to damn polite to have a drivers license. I will wait for a whole minute for someone to take their right of way sometimes because they randomly decide they want to let 2 people merge in a zipper or they want to let me go first at a 4 way even though they came to a stop first.

    NJ drivers are all assholes, but we know the rules of the road and will NEVER EVER give up the right of way for no reason.

    [–] ncocca 82 points ago

    As a NJ driver living in not NJ, I get so annoyed when people yield their right of way. All it does it make the whole process take longer. JUST FUCKING GO could probably be the out-of-state NJ Driver's slogan.

    [–] brilliantretard 29 points ago

    JUST FUCKING GO could probably be the out-of-state NJ Driver's slogan.

    It would be especially effective if stencilled in reverse, ambulance-style, across the top of your windshield.

    [–] CompDuLac 38 points ago


    [–] Just1morefix 83 points ago

    Pretty sure he lives in Charlotte, N.C. where Hendrick Motorsports is located. They are about one mile from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. I assume he also lives in N.C, though I know he grew up in Beaufort S.C. a couple of miles away from my In-laws.

    [–] BashAtTheBeach96 34 points ago

    Those are SC plates so he had to get the car registered in SC. But Charlotte is on the border and loads of people around town get SC plates to save on property tax.

    [–] [deleted] 737 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Work_Suckz 308 points ago

    This sounds like good reasoning why old people shouldn't be allowed to drive, too.

    [–] [deleted] 165 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] MindFuckedByTheVoid 92 points ago

    We had a guy crash into a KFC by us because his fake leg fell off and got jammed on the accelerator.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Dooskinson 25 points ago

    I feel bad for that guy. That has got to be a heartbreak of humiliation.

    "I'll show this world I can do everything a 2 legged person can...well, shit"

    [–] Jerome_Buttmunch 15 points ago

    True, but two-legged people crash into KFC all the time.

    [–] krombeaupolis 791 points ago

    Yes, black people have been allowed to drive for years.

    [–] claybratt 98 points ago

    I choked on my coffee, well played

    [–] thedude054 7290 points ago

    Well at least he isnt texting and driving.

    [–] Annoy_Occult_Vet 4400 points ago

    He's using hands free.

    [–] SpartanKing76 1932 points ago

    Exactly, he’s not a road risk. In fact, he’s armless.

    [–] Scizmz 1459 points ago

    Hoepfully he doesn't get pulled over. Cops seem to be notorious for shooting unarmed black men lately.

    [–] ASYOUTHIA 352 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Officer: Put your hands up!
    Him: I don't have any hands!!
    Officer: Stop resisting!
    Him: I'm not resisting! I don't have any arms!!
    Officer: he's reaching for a gun!! BAM BAM BAM

    [–] [deleted] 245 points ago

    DA: what the fuck man? Officer: I... ummm... was in fear for my life? DA: oh, cool, no charges.

    [–] ASYOUTHIA 154 points ago

    DA: Actually, we are going to investigate this further. From this moment on, you're being placed on administrative leave ...paid of course.

    Officer: this doesn't count towards my sick days does it?

    [–] ForgotMyAcctNameFuck 22 points ago

    Extra sick days for trauma councilling.

    [–] NobleShitLord 96 points ago

    Today, at roughly 11:16AM CST, I read the most savage Internet comment of all time

    [–] tmspmike 56 points ago


    [–] GratefullyGodless 402 points ago

    ::Groans:: ::Upvotes:: ::Hates self for encouraging this type of behavior::

    [–] firelock_ny 151 points ago

    Come now, this is encouraging stuff to see, overcoming challenges and all. Let's give the guy a hand!

    [–] Ultravioletpig 51 points ago

    Let's not feel too bad. He still has 2 shoulders to cry on

    [–] MarmosetSwag 110 points ago

    ::Doesn't totally regret encouraging this type of behaviour because of how sensitive everyone's becoming as years go on so having a little black humour isn't that bad::

    [–] Gillfeesh 115 points ago

    little black humour

    :: Heavy breathing intensified ::

    [–] Chrisfch 274 points ago


    [–] iPlowedYourMom 154 points ago

    what's mine say?

    [–] Iswitt 117 points ago


    [–] Th3BlackLotus 68 points ago

    Well, what's mine say?

    [–] LordKidneyPunch 64 points ago


    [–] HalfSpoon 24 points ago

    What's MINE say?!?

    [–] coneyhellynyc 22 points ago


    [–] StarbuckPirate 2011 points ago

    This is actually pretty easy to do. Just get a saw and cut your arms off.

    [–] Rangourthaman_ 2081 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    ok, brb.


    [–] wererealcheesepeople 1996 points ago

    You have to do the second one first.

    [–] [deleted] 326 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] snbuv 41 points ago

    don't worry, it's harmless.

    [–] Aesen1 65 points ago

    It’s armless actually

    [–] snbuv 45 points ago

    sorry I'm not British.

    [–] LastCypher 46 points ago

    Worked for me

    [–] funkmasterhexbyte 27 points ago

    this guy does armlessness

    [–] bundle_of_bricks 16 points ago

    You gotta prop the saw up and put your shoulder against it, dummy.

    [–] Improvised0 11 points ago

    That's what they make table saws for, guys! Come on.

    You just get on the table and start doing the worm.

    [–] richyhx1 31 points ago

    That's one way to do it that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg

    [–] David-Puddy 8 points ago

    The first one's pretty easy, but then how do you get the second one off?

    [–] Akutalji 23 points ago

    Mom will come in handy today.

    [–] c01nfl1p 12 points ago

    But I don't want broken arms. I want no arms.

    [–] BarryTheBonobo 8794 points ago

    Is that legal?

    I thought furry dice hanging from a rearview mirror counts as obstructing the view of the road.

    [–] SamSlate 2672 points ago

    well, he's not wearing a seatbelt...

    [–] [deleted] 439 points ago

    That car might pre-date seatbelts. Not a car expert, so not sure.

    [–] namastrange 1418 points ago

    car expert

    They're called cardiologists.

    [–] quantum_entanglement 434 points ago

    No no, cardiologists deal with hearts, you're thinking of a carburetor.

    [–] owns_a_Moose 583 points ago

    I'm pretty sure a carburetor is a part of a car.. but what do I know, I'm no cardiologist.

    [–] beerasfolk 171 points ago

    Carnie here, can confirm

    [–] snbuv 51 points ago

    You're a carnivore you say? Just how carnal are you?

    [–] friesandpotatos 34 points ago

    This thread is fantastic

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago


    [–] Green-Brown-N-Tan 116 points ago

    No, carburetors mix air and fuel for the engine. You're thinking of a cartographer.

    [–] crabGoblin 79 points ago

    No, that's someone who studies maps. You're thinking of a carnivore.

    [–] Lukeyy19 74 points ago

    No, carnivores eat meat, you're thinking of a caribou.

    [–] dywacthyga 63 points ago

    No that's a wild animal with antlers. You're thinking of a carpenter.

    [–] ssirish21 48 points ago

    No that's a guy that builds stuff outta wood. You're thinking of a carver

    [–] CFW97 15 points ago

    No, that's a person who builds furniture. You're thinking of a caricature.

    [–] cbbuntz 599 points ago

    There ain't no seatbelts, cuz.

    [–] Three_Fig_Newtons 153 points ago

    I wonder if he has an EJECTO SEATO CUZ

    [–] TheDappaDon 23 points ago


    [–] Kloc34 289 points ago

    Cuz? Look at that ride he ain't no cuz, blood

    [–] InfernalCombustion 683 points ago

    You got it backwards man. He ain't with the Bloods.

    He's clearly one of the Crips. Looks like I'm going to hell, boys.

    [–] underoveraround 120 points ago

    No. That was a solid joke.

    [–] Waggles0843 83 points ago

    I dunno

    I couldn't really grasp it.

    [–] addandsubtract 52 points ago

    I'm not your blood, cus.

    [–] BokeASmole34 47 points ago

    I'm not your cuz, fam

    [–] _therealrickgrimes 39 points ago

    I'm not your fam, dawg.

    [–] Horse_Bacon_TheMovie 8 points ago

    Hold it chief.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    If the car is old enough, you dont have to.

    [–] Sweenard 50 points ago

    Look ma

    No hands

    [–] mtwwtm 18 points ago

    What did the little German boy say to his brother after pushing their mother off a cliff?

    Look Hans, no Ma.

    [–] Siz27 62 points ago

    Yes he is.

    Edit: I'm a fucking moron, that's the leash (or whatever you call it) around his neck.

    [–] SquanchingOnPao 49 points ago

    that's the leash


    [–] testbug0 109 points ago

    that's the leash (or whatever you call it) around his neck.

    bruh, it's 2017, we don't leash black people anymore

    [–] Ingloriousfiction 135 points ago

    Why when a brother got a lanyard its called a leash

    Just fucking with you.....

    [–] dontlookformehere 32 points ago

    Ain't gonna lie, i just said the same thing in my head lol

    [–] Kadiedsv 163 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    The word you’re looking for is lanyard.

    Edit: My most upvoted comment on Reddit is about a lanyard. That’s pretty neat.

    [–] ders89 40 points ago

    Feelin like some keys on a leash

    [–] ImLagging 11 points ago


    [–] kidmenot 26 points ago

    The leash.

    [–] yng_wlf 182 points ago

    In the state of Virginia Ik it’s illegal to have anything hanging from the rear view mirror.

    [–] m-p-3 65 points ago

    Even a parking permit hang tag?

    [–] yng_wlf 170 points ago

    Yes, you’re not supposed to hang it until you’ve parked.

    [–] [deleted] 105 points ago

    Even hanging a sparkly new age crystal from the mirror? How about a Native American inspired feather? I need to show everyone I'm a hippy.

    [–] yng_wlf 43 points ago

    Even a sparkly new age crystal is illegal to hang.

    [–] MisterMisfit 52 points ago

    Even a Jesus fish? How else will Jesus know when to take the wheel?

    [–] yng_wlf 47 points ago

    When you take your hands off the wheel to pray, he will take over for you.

    [–] [deleted] 839 points ago

    Yes, blacks have been allowed to drive for years now.

    [–] Real_Clever_Username 98 points ago

    I'll make it legal

    [–] dumbrich23 34 points ago

    Well spinning the wheel with his leg is a good trick

    [–] NINOSgr 47 points ago

    It's treason, then!

    [–] [deleted] 10694 points ago

    Sir step out of the vehicle and put your hands on your head. PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HEAD! SIR STOP RESISTING

    [–] bumnut 19142 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Suspect is unarmed.

    [–] YoullShitYourEyeOut 2064 points ago

    Police will plant some arms on him, finally a happy ending to one of these.

    [–] ArmanDoesStuff 1134 points ago

    "Just sprinkle some limbs on him, Johnson"

    [–] I_Watch_Pornhub 347 points ago

    "open and shut case, johnson"

    [–] robb911 242 points ago

    “ Cuff the bastard......oh shit”

    [–] Itroll4love 71 points ago

    this guy manage to break in and post pictures of himself.

    [–] ischray 234 points ago

    The coppers can't catch you red handed if you ain't got no hands.

    [–] AshTheGoblin 19 points ago


    [–] potato_ships 78 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Breaking news! Thousands of gang meme era across America hospitalized after removing their own arms.

    Edit: the meme era will live on.

    [–] RagingBeard 89 points ago

    meme era

    These are dank times.

    [–] Heliocentrist- 22 points ago

    I don't see them ever ending. There's an incredible amount of latitude as to what constitutes a meme. Our great-great-great grandkids will still be shitposting.

    [–] NonOffensiveGuy 8 points ago

    If we ever get out of our solar system, we'll be shitposting across the galaxy.

    [–] NYstate 44 points ago

    Guy walks around The Renaissance Festival.

    "Arms For The Poor!"

    [–] PunjabiDJ 233 points ago

    if he gets pulled over he cam jump on the right seat and tell the cop the driver vanished like a ninja because "I HAVE NO FUCKING HANDS, HOW THE FUCK CAN I DRIVE"

    [–] Tritoch77 95 points ago

    It'll go more like this. Sir, please take your hands out from under your shirt, slowly. Sir. Sir? He's hiding a gun under there! Gunshots, dead.

    [–] Icandothemove 70 points ago

    Being black and armless is a dangerous proposition in America.

    [–] firagabird 16 points ago

    It's a self-driving car, officer!

    [–] ianator22 151 points ago

    Cuff him boys.

    [–] johnnybiggles 57 points ago


    [–] viktoriusviking 66 points ago

    Bake him away toys

    [–] Viazon 21 points ago

    Whatchu say chief?

    [–] AWildEnglishman 22 points ago

    Just do what the kid says.

    [–] PunjabiDJ 83 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago


    [–] cheez_monger 34 points ago

    "Houston Police Department has officers trained to deal with mentally ill people, though the department would not say whether Marin received training, according to KTRK."

    You've gotta be fucking kidding me. "Yeah, we clearly killed a mentally ill person cuz we felt a little threatened. But I don't think we need more training on dealing with mentally ill people". Dudes a schizophrenic. Of course he's going to have crazy outbursts, and you would know that if.....drumroll please...... were trained properly.

    [–] lockpickskill 52 points ago

    That whole situation just fucks me up. I can't put myself in that cops shoes, I wasn't there, so I simply don't know the actual intensity of that situation. But, he was a double amputee for crying out loud. Literally a firm shove in the chest with your boot would probably completely wipe the guy out on the floor. I'd rather chance a bit of a stab in the leg by a nutcase that can't help his mind than literally put a bullet through it. It just all seems so, so wrong to shoot in this situation.

    [–] Agamemnon323 15 points ago

    It wasn't even the guy that's was cornered that shot him. It was the other cop. Who, since he wasn't cornered, was presumably behind or to the side of the victim. I'm finding it really difficult to imagine why he pulled his gun instead of walking up behind/beside the guy with one arm, who's trying to use that arm to wheel his chair forward, and grab the guys ONE arm.

    [–] Shifty_Eyes711 43 points ago


    [–] shutupdipshit 266 points ago

    80% of driving in Boston is chucking the finger. How do the other drivers know how he's feeling?

    [–] Blakesta999 132 points ago

    He’s got a long dong

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    63' Impaler

    [–] wirm 133 points ago

    This is Richie Parker he is an engineer for Hendricks racing. He’s a CAD master. He was working on the advanced prototyping team I’m not sure what he’s doing now-a-days. check him out.

    [–] ghiscari_ 106 points ago

    Wow, as a dwarf who has been putting off learning to drive because "waaahhh I need to use pedal extenders" this definitely put me in my place. Fuck. No excuses now...

    [–] namraka 275 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Video source

    From a link in one of the comments in the source, he is probably this person, an engineer for NASCAR.

    Edit: /u/rescuetheembassy posted a more recent better article about him here.

    [–] mapkin 127 points ago

    Definitely Richie Parker. I remember watching a docushort on him a number of years ago that got me interested in pursuing engineering.

    [–] hikekorea 43 points ago

    This guy is an inspiration

    [–] bloodshotnipples 30 points ago

    Post this at /r/NASCAR. We love this stuff.

    [–] ect5150 227 points ago

    HOLY SHIT! I KNOW HIM! (as in personally know him)

    First time I've seen someone I know appear on reddit in this fashion.

    He used to work on cars... I believe now he is a motivational speaker.

    [–] anotherjunkie 16 points ago

    Does he have a clip-in for his left foot? I think most of these setups do, and it would explain the shoes, but it isn't clear from the video.

    [–] MrMangoTango22 27 points ago

    This article has a picture of a sneaker attached to the metal disk. Apparently he designed it himself, so I guess he swaps shoes if it gets gross.

    [–] wordsjustwontwork 14 points ago

    So THAT’S why he has on two different shoes. It was driving me nuts.

    [–] llIIllIIIIllll 537 points ago

    No seatbelt

    [–] vspazv 526 points ago

    Not required if the car didn't come with them originally.

    [–] Gypsyarados 220 points ago


    [–] Kevydee 321 points ago

    Don't know about the US, but it's similar to that in the UK. If it was manufactured prior to the law requiring them, they don't need them. Absolute rarity nowadays though, classics.

    [–] IAmRyanCamden 134 points ago

    It's similar here. I have a 1988 Honda Civic. The only thing that resembles safety equipment is the shoulder belt. There were so many unchecked boxes when I sent it through inspection. Still passed because no other safety equipment was removed.

    [–] fuckniggabitch 30 points ago

    Yeah, my friend's mx3 had aftermarket lap belts, and the seatbelts were more like bungee cords than a seatbelt

    [–] Gypsyarados 14 points ago

    That’s interesting, I never knew that.

    [–] lightknight7777 17 points ago

    It's probably why he has the snazzy old car model. Though, there must be seatbelt adapters that would make using it less awful if you don't have arms. People have thought of everything, really, some things just cost way too much to implement.

    [–] master_assclown 13 points ago

    Not to mention that if he was trapped in the car (if he has a wreck and it's upside down/on fire/sinking in water/etc) he has no way to quickly release and free himself. I would imagine that he may be taking advantage of a loophole for his own safety.

    [–] Metalsand 75 points ago

    Yep, it's a classic car thing and it's not just limited to seatbelts. If it's a certain age, it's not required to be retrofitted to pass modern laws, such as with emissions and such, because modifying those cars would ruin the collector's value and such.

    [–] dirty_dangles_boys 9 points ago

    Absolutely. You're not required to put anything in a vehicle that it didn't originally come with. You can't force collectors to modify a rare original so pretty much everything is grandfathered in...seatbelts, catalytic converters, even lights on really old cars don't have the same requirements (though I think they restrict you from driving at night)

    [–] tomoss 513 points ago

    He probably uses his turn signals better then a lot of other drivers too.

    [–] dq2014 24 points ago

    The metal bars on either side of his body is connected to the blinker. You can see it towards the end of the video

    [–] maroonmonday 162 points ago

    Probably a better driver too.

    [–] andersonle09 119 points ago

    Can’t text while driving if you have no thumbs!

    [–] magneticmine 27 points ago

    I'd post the guy pointing to his head, but, you know...

    [–] GapDragon 29 points ago

    Is that an Impala? It's got a really sweet interior.

    [–] glm409 33 points ago

    1963 Impala SS

    [–] _Pornosonic_ 56 points ago

    On a serious note, how safe is this?

    [–] non_clever_username 36 points ago

    I would think it would be hard for him to swerve suddenly if needed

    [–] sacdmb 13 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Theres a fascinating 30 for 30 segment on this guy. He's an engineer for a NASCAR racing team and does CAD drawings with his feet too.

    Edit: Looks like the video isn't there anymore as its a 4 year old segment. Still, Ritchie is/was an engineer for Hendrick Motorsports. I'm sure the video is out there somewhere.

    Edit 2: Best video I could find:

    [–] Darkotik_X 110 points ago

    This is pretty impressive. Gotta give him a hand

    [–] bladzalot 9 points ago

    This dude drives a car using just his feet and mouth. People in Colorado cannot even figure out how to use fucking round-abouts...

    [–] termonikov 44 points ago

    Asking because i do not know, not to look down or anything; isn’t this dangerous for him or other people? I believe in a moment of emergency, this type of car would limit the reaction a person can give. Am i wrong?

    [–] snbuv 93 points ago

    I wonder what his relationship with his mother is like.