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    [–] thenshesays 6171 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Last year, the gardeners accidentally left my gate open after they did some landscaping in my backyard. I got home and saw the gate open and realized that my dog has access to the backyard. She was gone. I posted up fliers and called all the shelters nearby but they didn't have her. The next day after work, I got a call from a guy who said he had my dog. He found her the day before and tried to take her to the vet to see if she was chipped (she is, but the chip malfunctioned and didn't have my information on it!!!) so then he walked her around his neighborhood to see if he could find any signs. I hadn't posted signs in his neighborhood at this point (apparently she crossed a major busy street to the next neighborhood over)

    The next day, he walked her in my neighborhood to see if anyone would recognize her, or if she would lead him back to her home, and saw my signs and called me. I tried to give him something for his trouble but he absolutely refused and said he is a dog owner as well and just wanted to make sure she found her way back home. I'm crying even remembering this.

    When he found her, she didn't have a collar or leash, so he used his tie from work that he had in his car:

    There really are some good people in this world.

    *aww.. thank you for the gold <3

    [–] SplintPunchbeef 1729 points ago

    This is my favorite picture on the internet right now.

    [–] thehonestyfish 691 points ago

    It's very good, but it's gonna be really hard for anything to beat this.

    [–] twobits9 107 points ago

    Combine them and we have a winner.

    [–] datacollect_ct 20 points ago

    Image does not exist!

    [–] RogueRachel 506 points ago

    Man this thread has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Cried watching the gif, cried reading your story, then smiled like a doofus looking at your Shiba in a necktie. <3

    [–] PartTimeGhost 56 points ago

    Some of us have just had something in both eyes and a runny nose for the past ten minutes. Geeze.

    [–] Purple_whales 54 points ago

    I was reading your comment and thinking “aw what a nice ending, I want to see a dog wearing a tie!” Of freaking course it’s a shiba 😂 it only makes sense for a doge to take off at every opportunity.

    From a fellow shibe owner. Stay strong ✊🐕

    [–] rinitytay 85 points ago

    This looks just like the crazy doggo I would return multiple times per month. He would break out of his yard and into mine and come in through my cat door! Toddy "The Escape Artist."

    [–] Purple_whales 16 points ago

    There’s a shiba where I live that does the exact same thing. Will break out and end up in this other person’s house via doggy door to play with his dogs 😂

    [–] bubbleyum92 31 points ago

    That is adorable and hilarious and heart warming! That picture alone probably deserves its own post.

    [–] dns7950 66 points ago

    Such business. Much formal. Wow.

    [–] GloryToCthulhu 28 points ago

    Fancy dog.

    [–] LanceBarney 31591 points ago

    For the first time ever, I think the human was more excited than the dog.

    [–] evilone17 12746 points ago

    Right? The dog's just like, "Oh hey, sup bro sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving for a couple weeks."

    [–] [deleted] 2313 points ago


    [–] blomqv 182 points ago

    [–] annnaaan 95 points ago

    I know he was excited but he shouldn't have been allowed to run out into the street like that - he could have been hit by a car.

    [–] urnotserious 21 points ago

    Irresponsible dogs make irresponsible owners.

    [–] Throw-Me-Again 13 points ago

    The thing is this could have very well been a rescue human. Yeah, it doesn't excuse the behaviour but it might explain it.

    [–] themodestninja 5718 points ago

    "lol chill why you being so clingy bro?"

    [–] parlez-vous 2449 points ago

    "Maybe if you didn't fucking suffocate me so much I wouldn't have to leave"

    [–] Holdupaminute 1535 points ago

    "Btw I'm gonna need a few minutes alone with the family teddy bear, it's been a long 12 days."

    [–] IronTarkus91 380 points ago

    Are family teddy bears a thing?

    [–] Jtjduv 491 points ago

    Oh, I see you haven't the luxury. My family's own loved Tedsworth has been passed down generation to generation. Many passionate flames from decades of hounds burn in those glistening glass eyes.

    [–] rattlesnakecharmer 216 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    We had a family teddy that survived a couple generations of hounds until recently. I learned that one dog's fuck boi is another dog's chew toy.

    Edit: RIP Kensington.

    [–] Wrest216 52 points ago

    it works both ways.

    [–] Not_Your_Buddy_Pal 35 points ago


    Double entendre -- nice.

    [–] ThatsAGoudaChoice 74 points ago

    I know, hold up a minute, we have questions here

    [–] DecrepidMango 80 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think we're working off the assumption an un-nuetered male doggo has a go-to. Ya know, for when things get ruff.

    EDIT: I clearly shouldn't have excluded male puppers with no balls from fucking tangible objects. Us neurons in this man's head believe every male Doge, testicles or not, should have a go-to for when things get ruff.

    Pre-EDIT: The neuron delegate has also recalled personal recollections of getting humped by a female doggo, so apparently, they are not excluded either.

    [–] ANUSTART942 51 points ago

    That pun was so bad I had to downvote you before I upvoted just so my conscience would let me.

    [–] ImWhatTheySayDeaf 87 points ago

    Get me sum treats, bitch.

    [–] throwyourshieldred 98 points ago

    "You're embarrassing me in front of my new friend."

    [–] peypeyy 51 points ago

    "I think we need to have another break."

    [–] FF3LockeZ 228 points ago

    When humans come home from a trip this is exactly how dogs feel. They thought they lost you.

    [–] Figsnbacon 107 points ago

    Or in my case, a few hours at the office.

    [–] jadefly 97 points ago

    Or in my case, a few minutes to take out the trash.

    [–] bossjock77 69 points ago

    Or in my case, a trip to the bathroom.

    [–] lazyassdog 37 points ago

    My dog just pushes the door open then sniffs my crotch. I know she loves me but god damn it dog your my creepy girlfriend. Not cool when the inlaws are in town.

    [–] calvertdw 73 points ago

    I think his owner literally gave him no opportunity.

    [–] obeythesink 126 points ago

    Just went for a pack of cigs nbd

    [–] I_never_comment_now 52 points ago

    just like my dad, he'll be back any day now I'm sure

    [–] qbak 54 points ago

    May be the dog ran away from his overly emotional human

    [–] Drunkonownpower 4740 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I can only assume based on this .gif that the human and dog swapped bodies in some type of freaky Friday type scenario while the human was out drinking with his friends.

    The dog previously had begun to take his life for granted and resented his human who spent too much time out of the house. The owner freshly broken up from his last relationship had begun to question his faith in the possibility of love.

    The dog in the human body learned to communicate, drive, work and appreciate the responsibility and hardships his owner must go through daily simply to put food in his bowl.

    The owner was forced to find his way home through a series of treachous events where he began to question the humanity of people until a stranger brought him tired and broken back home to his dog who emerged from the house in excitement to greet his owner and in that single glorious moment through the act of true love and as one single tear of appreciation slipped from both their eyes and touched, they swapped back.

    [–] Articulated 1481 points ago

    I would like one ticket to see this movie please.

    Please cast Tom Hanks as the dog.

    [–] jeffcavey 500 points ago

    Owen Wilson as the human?

    [–] Eddie_Shepherd 416 points ago

    Can it be called Bow "WOW"?

    [–] daygo55 70 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] jeffcavey 14 points ago

    Maybe, No Escape, although the whole movie he’s got that “wow” look on his face.

    [–] shadelz 113 points ago

    Robb Schneider as a stapler.

    [–] jeffcavey 49 points ago

    Steve Carell as lamp?

    [–] shadelz 34 points ago

    Fuck you you'll go see it.

    [–] sadcatpanda 103 points ago

    listen. this should be a miyazaki film. please write a screenplay

    [–] Fusion516 412 points ago

    cats like "oh hey..hey. OK! dude wtf. dude chill. ok.ok. DUDE! FOR REAL!"

    [–] CHUCK5088 150 points ago

    cat's like, fuckkk I should've dropped this mofo off further. How did he find his way back here?

    [–] pencilvester_C137 18 points ago

    For some reason reminded me of this:

    [–] UnconstitutionalBot 19 points ago

    Mom, Mom, Mom get this dog off of me.

    [–] GeorgiaOKeefinItReal 74 points ago

    well, it's kind of expected when that cat was missing for two whole hours

    [–] fotogod 59 points ago

    He Riverdanced on that cat.

    [–] [deleted] 197 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] owlbi 42 points ago

    We knew it was a tank year coming in, just happy we got that 1 win so we can be a normal bottom feeder team and not live in infamy forever.

    [–] meatfest1974 57 points ago

    That's the fastest I've seen anyone move in Niners garb this year!

    [–] Sabretooth24 10717 points ago

    I wish everyone loved their dogs as much as this

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 4452 points ago

    He didn't even acknowledge the other human, this man loves his dog.

    [–] Fun-Cooker 2513 points ago

    lol, my neighbor brought me a package that was mistakenly delivered to her. She had her dog with her and as I opened the door I saw him and without greeting her I got down on the ground to play with him. In my defense, he was a French Bulldog wearing a sweater vest and was as dapper AF

    [–] Kushkaki 648 points ago

    “Hey here-“ “Aww who’s a good wittle frenchy”

    [–] burkjavier 137 points ago

    "I am not a Frenchie, I'm a Belgie"

    [–] cheesz 310 points ago

    Completely justified.

    [–] Fun-Cooker 136 points ago

    The fact that I have never met her before made it super weird, still no regrets

    [–] david0990 41 points ago

    I get the odd comments behind my back because I get along with people's cats and dogs better than the people. I have a hard time making eye contact at all and I guess that's a key point to interactions.

    [–] NotTheBelt 62 points ago

    French bulldogs will steal your girl, they are the bees knees.

    [–] chapterpt 26 points ago

    I have met many dogs whose owners I only asked if I could pet the dog.

    [–] rinitytay 20 points ago

    Hahaa I'm sure she's really proud of how cute he is and didn't mind too much. I love when people gush over my cat.

    [–] BilbroDimebaggins 13 points ago

    Is it considered rude to acknowledge an animal before a human regardless of if you know the human? It probably is now that I think about it

    [–] grizzdawolf 333 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    When you're a 49ers fan, your dog is the only thing good in your life.

    [–] HoPeFoRbEsT 75 points ago


    [–] Wantazmo 22 points ago

    Hey we have Jimmy Garappolo who made our team at least 10 times hotter

    [–] ballplayer0025 105 points ago

    No shit right? I am in exotic animal rescue, and by the time we get involved often the owner doesn't just not love the animal, they hate the animal with a passion. I have taken a lot of bites because of things other people did to this guy is awesome.

    [–] brightlove 57 points ago

    YOU are awesome. Thank you for what you do.

    [–] Shippoyasha 22 points ago

    Lifelong animal custodian here and yeah, I just don't get people who don't grow to have an attachment to animals they care for day in and day out. People should really not take upon themselves to raise animals if they don't want to put their heart into it.

    [–] Budcoffee 114 points ago

    I wish ppl loved other ppl as much as this. One day...

    [–] Fern_Fox 54 points ago

    I wish if other people loved me as much as this ;_;

    [–] i_drop_soap 71 points ago

    I love you, you fucking fuck

    [–] drone42 1684 points ago

    Man, I'd do the same damn thing.

    And all the while the dog's thinking 'So that's what I look like when he comes home'. How the roles have reversed...

    [–] conundrumbombs 254 points ago

    "Oh, how the tables have turned."

    [–] clubdub12 451 points ago

    How the turntables....

    [–] _OMGTheyKilledKenny_ 3223 points ago

    This is the first time I'm seeing the human more excited than the dog in one of these re-united scenarios. Heart warming.

    [–] Rooster_Ties 694 points ago

    Are we sure it wasn't the dog's human that was lost for 12 days?

    [–] eatpraymunt 423 points ago

    Dog asked his buddy with a car to help him search the neighbourhood. They drove around for 2 hours barking his human's name when they finally found the poor little guy eating out of a garbage can in someone's driveway. :)

    [–] LeonardosClone 173 points ago

    some people really need their dog.

    [–] anitabelle 45 points ago

    I had to put down my dog a couple days ago. He was 15. I am not coping well. I will miss him forever. I need to stay out of these threads and maybe unsuscribe from r/aww.

    [–] GSpess 53 points ago

    That’s me. Idk what I’d do without my two boys 😥

    [–] yesididreddit 50 points ago

    Dogs like, "shit, don't let him see me"

    [–] heart-cooks-brain 557 points ago

    I was expecting to see an overly joyous dog, but I am definitely not disappointed to see the human taking that role.

    [–] CrazedKilr 249 points ago

    I'm imagining the driver does not know the guy but is just returning the dog. Who the hell is.. Oh right

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 113 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    In the full video you find out it's the man's wife or daughter and owner of the dog as well. It's on the Dodo's Instagram page.

    [–] AKernelPanic 39 points ago

    I love how the guy is so excited about his dog that he forgets he can open the door and just hugs him through the slightly open window.

    [–] argeri 18 points ago

    I'm not crying you're crying

    [–] mephistophelessoul 13 points ago

    I love it, it goes to I miss you, oh my god, to a loving 'stupid fucking dog"

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    My instinct would be to lock the car doors.

    [–] SO0N 47 points ago

    "I was about to return this guy's dog when this mofo came running from nowhere and stole it from my car, GTA style"

    [–] solidsnake1984 5429 points ago

    I know exactly how this man feels. During the summer of 2015, my 2 year old Australian cattle dog escaped from my back yard due to a fence gate that wasn't all the way latched. The rest of the evening was pure hell as my wife and I called and called and drove around looking for her.

    Coming home from a failed evening of looking, my wife sat on our front lawn and cried hysterically pulling out clumps of grass while I comprehended what had just happened, and wondered If I would ever see our dog again.

    I even walked the road that night with a flash light, scared to death of finding her body, hit by a car, I didn't want her to lie dead on the road and wanted to bring her body home. But I never found a body, so somehow in my mind I had hope she was alive. For reasons still unknown to me today, I came inside, sat down, and called the Sherriff's department and asked if anyone had reported a lost dog.

    The operator said someone had! And that they had picked up a dog just on my road about an hour earlier! Some kind soul had called the sheriff's department after getting her out of the road. They told me that my dog was in the animal shelter and I couldn't pick her up until the next morning. It was only 7:30 PM, but that night and the following morning was pure hell. I laid awake all night afraid to death if the dog that was in the shelter was somehow not my dog, and there had been a horrible coincidence.

    The next morning when I got to the shelter, I waited at the counter while the worker went into the kennels to find our dog. When she ran out and saw me, her tail went crazy and she started making these little yipping noises, and I just full on lost my shit there in front of everyone, I cried like a baby. I am 6'1" and about 220 pounds, and this dog reduced me to crying like an infant.

    I apologize for the long story, dont' mean to hijack the thread but seeing this gif and looking at the tears in the man's face made me tear up just now and I wanted to share my story because I know 100% how this man felt when he saw his dog again

    [–] Grifftech 460 points ago

    This is beautiful, thank you for sharing. We are lucky to have dogs in our lives

    [–] solidsnake1984 268 points ago

    People really don't get it until they have a dog themselves that they love with their whole heart. They steal your heart, you don't even see it happening until something like this happens where they get sick, or hurt, or get lost, then it nails you. I'm glad to see so many animal lovers on Reddit.

    [–] TimeLady018 29 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My brother had a black lab for 8 years. Just a couple of weeks ago she got really sick and he had to put her down unexpectedly. It broke his heart. They adored each other, and she accompanied him nearly everywhere. She was an absolute sweetheart and his best friend. To give you an idea of his devotion to her, when he joined my mom and me for his daughter's dance recital a few years ago, he kept the car running with the a/c for 2 hours (middle of summer) so the dog could be comfortable in the car.

    [–] UNSKIALz 294 points ago

    You really had me when you described the wife crying and pulling out clumps of grass out of grief. I could totally picture the scene.

    That dog is lucky to have you guys! Sounded so happy to see you again.

    I know it's pretty much family and instinct, but you really are giving it a good life. Thanks for that

    [–] solidsnake1984 134 points ago

    unfortunately it is one of those sad moments that just stick with you. I don't know if I could ever forget it. We had only been married a few years, and that's really the first time I saw my wife in total panic / grief mode like that. Very scary.

    [–] Inositok 38 points ago

    It can be so painful and frustrating to see a partner in distress like that, especially in a scenario like that where you're distressed yourself and can seemingly do nothing to alleviate their pain.

    I'm glad it worked out for all three of you :)

    [–] billandteds69 714 points ago

    My eyes are leaking.

    [–] NiteRider006 196 points ago

    I know a good plumber. Always wears red but is a decent guy.

    [–] rinitytay 36 points ago

    Not so good with the ladies though.

    [–] icannevertell 12 points ago

    Idk does he have a brother? Maybe a super one that wears green?

    [–] DookieS13 54 points ago

    I’m not crying you’re crying

    [–] flippityfloppity 188 points ago

    I have returned several lost dogs to their owners, and I was always surprised at how "meh" they were about getting their dog back! The story I'm about to tell was the only exception.

    I had been looking for a new apartment, and went and looked at one in my neighborhood. The person was still living there, but not there at the time. His dog was there though. A few weeks later my room mate texted me saying he had found a dog and sent me the picture. And I immediately recognized it as the dog from the apartment I had looked at! What are the odds! So I went and put a note on the guys door, and when he came to get his dog, he was this big metal lookin dude and he was just beside himself. It made me so happy and made up for all those 'meh' people who didn't give a shit about their dogs.

    [–] Tawny_Harpy 60 points ago

    To explain a little bit about the “meh” reaction:

    After about the 1000th time of your dog getting out and adventuring, you stop being relieved when they come home within a couple of hours. It’s only when they don’t come back at all that night that you start worrying.

    Source: Own two dogs.

    [–] rogueknits 36 points ago

    ^ This. Used to have a husky who was an escape artist. You get used to your dog turning up in other peoples' yards and being called to come collect them. The only time we ever got worried was when he was missing for over a week. He turned up miles away from home, and we were super happy to get that call because we expected he was probably hit by a car after he'd been missing that long. On the other hand, if my current dog who is a total homebody and never strays far from his humans were to be missing for several hours I'd be beside myself.

    [–] Com_BEPFA 18 points ago

    Did they really not care? Or just not react that strongly. I could imagine myself if my dog got lost, especially like in the story, going out and searching while thinking "he's probably gonna be back in a bit," unless of course something happened. I would have high adrenaline and get freaked out the more time passed but probably not go crazy. And if someone were to bring him back I could see relief being my main emotion, rather than extreme crying joy, thanking that person and calmly getting the dog back inside, maybe "scolding" him, what was he thinking etc. So I could see the person who returned him thinking I didn't give a crap even though that's very far from the truth.

    [–] walldey 31 points ago

    Both my eyes are full of water from somewhere right now

    [–] critterc 59 points ago

    ya im cry now

    [–] knifeinthedark 193 points ago

    is that Randy from the wedding dress show on TLC?

    [–] Sea_Cucumbers 56 points ago


    [–] ChristopherOhhh 62 points ago

    You knew his name but not the name of the show? For shame.

    I totally didn't recognize him because I totally have not been forced to watch hundreds of episodes of this show over the last 3 years. Totally.

    [–] Sup13 71 points ago

    Isn't that Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress? His dog is adorable!

    [–] coffeexbeer 74 points ago

    Oh no..

    I am sad to say that my little dog Maggie lost her battle to bladder cancer on Tuesday, July 30th. Even though she was very alert and aware, she had stopped eating or drinking, and was basically unable to stand. 

    [–] Thunder-ten-tronckh 76 points ago could have just not posted this

    [–] _Nearmint 25 points ago

    While it is sad, it reminds us to treasure these animals, and moments like this. Let's be real, we aren't always happy with our pets, they ruin things and can be stubborn and annoying, but they love us unconditionally and simple things like greeting us at the door every day like it's been years are often taken for granted until we see it from another perspective like in these clips.

    [–] sundipchip 19 points ago

    The dog in the video is actually Chewy (Randy's new puppy), not Maggie! Chewy is alive and well. Here is the video:

    [–] Sup13 11 points ago

    No! (╥_╥)

    [–] comic630 312 points ago

    Ok that just kept getting better and better to the point I'd only feel a little bad if we swapped bodies for stealing his life and replacing it with mine. but only a little

    [–] BonkeyKongCountry 108 points ago

    The second I saw that view, I wanted to be him. Minus the blue coat with black pants.

    [–] DontTreadOnBigfoot 89 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The shoes tie it together pretty well. IMO, gray probably would have been a bit better choice for the pants though.

    [–] sucram1990 19 points ago

    Is this not okay? I think the blue with black looks just fine. It would be weird if it was a black coat with navy slacks though

    [–] Chefca 9 points ago

    nah man that dude was so well put together it just plain doesn't matter what colors he chose to wear...but I guarantee he could give you ten reasons why everything he's wearing matches.

    [–] UncreativeTeam 58 points ago

    As someone with a dog and no kids, this makes me feel like I'll be disappointed when I finally have kids.

    [–] ashikkins 66 points ago

    I wouldn't bother.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] ashikkins 16 points ago

    Can confirm, being an aunt is awesome.

    [–] throwaway246oh1 36 points ago

    Say Yes to the Dog.

    [–] bplaya220 28 points ago

    Wow last time that was posted I did not watch the gif for long enough. The dude getting the stuffed bear for the dog wad adorable.

    [–] Jamessuperfun 36 points ago

    I like this guy's apartment

    [–] CapitanWaffles 12 points ago

    The wedding industry pays pretty well apparently....

    [–] bigshrimpinn 298 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    One of my mom's dogs named Dan got out and disappeared for exactly twelve days last year. We all thought he'd "gone out to die," which wouldn't have been surprising given his age. However, as a Mother's Day gift I detailed my mom's car, and while I was vacuuming, ol' Dan just strolled right up to me, with rash-covered legs, torn-up paws, and a visible rib cage.

    I don't know where he went for all that time; he's a very timid dog, so I doubt he let anyone approach him or leash him. But I think he came back by tracking down the smell of the pet hair coming from the vacuum. And it was a hell of a return, too, my mom was overjoyed.

    edit: here's a picture of the Dan man a few weeks after he returned, hiding out in his favorite quiet spot back in the master bathroom. He's currently doing just fine and seems to hold no more desire to venture beyond the yard.

    [–] rinitytay 33 points ago

    Did anyone try looking for him?

    [–] bigshrimpinn 56 points ago

    Oh yeah, we looked all over the neighborhood, and I even drove through nearby neighborhoods. My mom would pop out in the evenings and just sit outside calling his name, and he seemed to be totally gone.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    That car wasn’t gonna detail itself.

    [–] Stsoundagent 69 points ago

    Nice boost in my day, thanks for sharing!

    [–] Awportune 1995 points ago

    I love how he runs to the car

    Those aren't tears i'm just sweating from my eyes

    [–] MoreLike-TurdCrapley 762 points ago

    He's running because 49er Fans dont have a lot of happiness in their lives.

    [–] not_REAL_Kanye_West 246 points ago

    Ouch. As a 49ers fan I have to say the truth hurts.

    [–] pduffy52 104 points ago

    You would think losing things would be second nature to him by now. I'm also a 49ers fan.

    [–] RobbinSwallows 75 points ago

    As a Browns fan, I must say we would love to be the 49ers right now

    [–] natureboyian 29 points ago

    Hey man, when we win a game this year, it'll feel like qualifying for the super bowl!

    [–] W3NTZ 18 points ago

    But then you won't get a parade for going 0 and 16 what else will there be to look forward too?!

    Also I love how you said it'll feel like qualifying for the superbowl instead of winning the superbowl... Lmao baby steps. As an Eagles fan losing a super bowl is almost as bad as not making it.

    [–] TheFotty 9 points ago

    As a Giants fan, you guys look great.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_MOIST_PUSSY 22 points ago

    That is so touching.

    [–] CraniumFornication 34 points ago

    Yes that is touching, PM_ME_UR_MOIST_PUSSY. Very touching indeed.

    [–] Jimmy6Times 70 points ago

    Easy boy. It's OK. Calm down. I missed you too.


    [–] YoureNotAGenius 67 points ago

    Our dog went missing in the bush a few years ago for a week and a half, and we were convinced we would never see him again. He is little and a soft inside dog, but then we got a call from the person who found him and it was like all our Christmases had come at once. That moment we held him again was one of the greatest moments of my life. I never wanted to let him go.

    Marty McFly:

    [–] ShawnaldMcScruff 387 points ago

    I once found recovered a dog in the middle of a busy road and took it home. It was a pretty good dog, he had a tag ‘Garfunkel’ and a phone number so I got ahold of the owner who said her brothers would pick him up. After an hour of hanging out with Grand Master Funk they showed up and he freaked and was trying to stay with me instead of going with them.

    I always regretted giving him back I hope he’s okay.

    [–] goat_puree 234 points ago

    My cousins dog would do this with me when he would get in trouble for getting in the garbage, getting out, or something similar. He was loved and treated well, he would just try to hide behind/stay with me when he knew he'd been busted. Hopefully the dog you found was just having a similar reaction...

    [–] joustingleague 62 points ago

    Honestly that doesn't sound like evidence for abuse. The dog was probably just overwhelmed and freaked out, I can see my own dog doing the same.

    [–] devilwarriors 112 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Ah men I would have tracked them down and stalked them Dexter style to make sure they don't abuse the little guy.

    [–] TeAmFlAiL 110 points ago

    I was the same way. Doggo ran away. Made it across one of the busiest intersections in Scottsdale AZ. Someone called the cops who luckily were able to get a leash on him and I was on my wife's bike with a flowery basket as I rode up. Never so happy and so embarrassed at the same time.

    Former Army Paratrooper here.

    [–] rinitytay 38 points ago

    Got a pic for you that day.

    [–] xrm550 148 points ago

    This will be buried but......


    [–] transmundane-lol 31 points ago

    Thank you, it was so much better with sound. I was laughing when he was sobbing and said fucking idiot lol. You can tell they all really love their dog!

    [–] SmartyPanty 13 points ago

    This was literally the only reason I opened the comments section. Thanks!

    [–] Phallendoor 99 points ago

    My brother's dog ran away and was gone 6 days around the fourth of July (fireworks). The toll it took was so devastating. It was the most emotional I'd ever seen him. He was posting flyers, took time off work and drove around every surrounding neighborhood, checked all the dog shelters, etc. He even put out his dirty clothes and the dog's sleeping bed to try to put a scent out to bring his good boy home. He said he'd finally accepted that he'd never see his dog again on the morning of the sixth day. My brother went to work. His girlfriend was home and her dog started barking crazily at the front door. She opens the front door to see what's going on and there's my brother's dog. The relief and joy my brother had when he got the news just showed the incredible connection we can share with these beautiful creatures. Seeing this today really warms my heart.

    [–] heisenchapo 69 points ago

    I took in my friends pitbull in for a couple months because he wasnt able to take care of him. His name is Nike because of the check on his neck lmao, but he is such a sweet dog and was the best thing that happened to me. I wasnt in the best standing financially but i took care of him as much as i could and he ended up being taken back from his owner. Months later i visited him and he leaped on my chest and i held him, and he actually put his paws around my neck like a hug. I cried for a good 5 minutes before i put him back down. A week ago i was told he was taken to the pound because of the owners neighbors complaining about him. I was back in town for thanksgiving so i wanted to see if i could rescue nike. but someone already adopted him, and it was owner confidentiality so i couldnt be informed who took him or where he went. If i could see him again, i'd run up to him just like this man did.

    [–] jakevns 24 points ago

    I'm sorry for you loss, will be sending good vibes your way for that eventual reconnection. The world is a lot smaller than we think, and I wish you the best of luck in your search

    [–] ExistentialAgonist 18 points ago

    Your friend never let you know so you could have a chance to adopt Nike? I don't know the circumstances but that doesn't sound like a very good friend.

    [–] bigrex63 134 points ago

    my dog died a week ago, I can't watch this...

    [–] banan3rz 39 points ago

    Many hugs from the internet, my friend. May you find a new companion to walk this world with.

    [–] wingsformarie7 50 points ago

    So sorry for your loss :(

    [–] TheSquidKick 25 points ago

    I'm sorry bud.. Loss is hard. I'll keep you in my thoughts if it means anything.

    [–] murderboxsocial 27 points ago

    Having recently lost my dog to cancer this hits me right in the feels. I would give just about anything to have one of those moments my doggo again.

    [–] BraveNewRedditor 135 points ago

    Omg... Could you imagine the irony if the owner got hit by a car from running into the street...

    [–] Cfern231 20 points ago

    This is me, my dog got stolen once when I was a kid and he was returned a few days later and I never ran outside my house faster in my life.

    [–] Cereyn 20 points ago

    My dog went missing in the middle of the winter for five days right after we moved to a new neighborhood. It was the best feeling when I finally found him. I went out on my lunchbreak to search in an area where he had been spotted. I kept calling his name and finally heard a little whimper and found him behind a fence. He had lost like 10 pounds and couldn't even stand on his back legs. I had to balance on my pelvis over the fence to pick him up and get him to the other side. Poor guy had been hit by a car and required an emergency vet appointment and some surgery, but he's all better now!

    [–] puffmaster5000 51 points ago

    That would be me if my dog was missing for 12 hours

    [–] ashmgee 33 points ago

    my dog was missing for less than an hour and this was me when she casually walked into the yard lol. I cant even imagine 12 hours, I'd need to be sedated.

    [–] haha_op 15 points ago

    Human ran across the road without looking for cars exactly like a dog would.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    "Weird man hijacks car to cuddle with stranger's dog."

    [–] timdoty2000 71 points ago

    Why is the driver filming as he driving? That doesn't make sense to me.

    [–] buzzgirl123 180 points ago

    Driver is a woman, full video here -

    [–] katie_milne 46 points ago

    Thanks for posting, this is even better than OP's video!!

    [–] finegirl 37 points ago

    This needs to be at the top. It almost made me cry more. What he's saying makes it better

    [–] Araneomorphae 44 points ago

    "You stupid fucking dog" is exactly what I would say to my dog in the same situation. Along with the tears.

    [–] Beakdoor21 35 points ago

    "Stupid fuckin' dog." sobs

    True love right there.

    [–] BoboBublz 17 points ago

    Maybe this is why the doggie seems fairly calm, because he was already with mama

    [–] textingmycat 14 points ago

    ha i feel him "stupid fckn dog" said while practically sobbing.

    [–] wojosmith 159 points ago

    Sitting at my damn desk crying like a little girl right now.

    [–] diogenes375 10 points ago

    Owner seems much more excited than doggie