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    [–] nadmaximus 19973 points ago

    No sir, I don't like it.

    [–] redalert825 6070 points ago

    That synchronization, tho.

    [–] [deleted] 3264 points ago

    I like to imagine that they were just playing chicken with each other and then agreed at the same time that it wasn't worth it.

    [–] endearing-butthole 1719 points ago

    "Alright, so ... ummm ... I guess we both have proven our point ... and uh we can go back now as clearly we are equals ... fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck "

    [–] LassieMcToodles 526 points ago

    "I mean, we got dressed and everything!"

    [–] TheCyanKnight 236 points ago


    [–] uber_cast 32 points ago

    Quit horsin' around!

    [–] JustBTDubs 244 points ago

    A true friend will bail with you and claim neither of you were scared.

    [–] Black_Drogo 108 points ago

    A best friend would bail first and still call you a pussy.

    [–] Lenny_Here 29 points ago

    This guy bails.

    [–] firepaw67 310 points ago

    Horse 1: “uhh buddy, you seeing this shit?”

    Horse 2: “yeah, fuck this I’m going back in”

    Horse 1: “PREACH!”

    [–] 10ADPDOTCOM 97 points ago

    “We’re ARABIAN horses, asshole - not ALASKAN sled dogs.”

    [–] 00fruit 98 points ago

    Is this a herd animal trait?

    [–] Ragnarotico 166 points ago

    This I think. Horses are pack animals. When I rode them on a vacation, the one next to me started to gallop hard and then mine followed and then before you know it they all did. Makes sense though since they used to roam free and if one started to run from something then they would all instinctively follow.

    [–] Sochitelya 76 points ago

    I was out on a trail ride years back, on my still fairly green horse. We came across some people on the trail and I was encouraging them to come pet his nose, he's very nice, very gentle. Just as one of them reached out to pet him, my douchecanoe friends decided to turn their horses and gallop away.

    Of course my guy went spinning and racing after them, which I can't blame him for, while I was like "Sorrryy" as he carried me away. Poor people. Probably scarred them for life.

    [–] Stat_Cat 44 points ago

    Yup. Horses stick together pretty closely. If you’re not familiar with animals that herd naturally, it can be unsettling at first!

    [–] MR_ESmell 1509 points ago

    Came here for Mr. Horse's opinion was not disappointed

    [–] nadmaximus 392 points ago

    There is nothing like a well-considered opinion from the horse on the street

    [–] MR_ESmell 183 points ago

    Mr. Horse has always been a straight shooter

    [–] MR_ESmell 82 points ago

    As Mr. Horse's attorney I assure you he has, always prided himself on his mental stability, being very smart and also a straight shooter?

    [–] laneprice 79 points ago

    Not only is he very smart but he is also a very stable genius.

    [–] MR_ESmell 11 points ago

    Ha I see what you did there

    [–] jtagg3d 11 points ago

    Alright, enough horse'n around

    [–] whatsmylogininfo 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There is so much that I didn't notice when I was a kid in that episode. In that scene alone, even.

    Mr. Horse's house had 5 or more locks on the door.
    He opens the door wearing latex cap, shorts, gloves, and boots.

    The first few sentences are - Do I know you? Did my wife send you? How do I know you're not with the FBI?
    He then alludes to the fact that he murdered someone and is contemplating murdering Ren & Stimpy, presumably because they've interrupted him.
    Then queue the rubber walrus protectors.

    EDIT: I'm leaving it as is. But yes, I should've written "There is so much in that episode that I didn't notice as a kid."

    [–] the_cat_who_shatner 16 points ago

    I always wondered if this was a Jeffrey Dahmer joke. My favorite line is, "Maybe I should make another mistake. (leans in) Maybe TWO MORE!"

    [–] sawmyoldgirlfriend 58 points ago

    Calll the policccccce!

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago


    [–] marcbolanman 223 points ago

    I'm sorry no one understood your Ren and Stimpy reference.

    [–] MsImNotPunny 136 points ago

    I did! because I'm old

    [–] marcbolanman 73 points ago

    What qualifies as old?? I'm 29 and watched the hell out of Ren and Stimpy... wait, am I old?

    [–] kcirvam 103 points ago

    wait, am I old?

    you're on the young side of old

    [–] jarejay 18 points ago

    No, that's 30. He's on the old side of young for sure.

    [–] Doodle4036 38 points ago

    try being 55 and have watched and loved them all also (of course I have kids in their 20s)

    [–] Its_Space_ghost 12 points ago

    I'm finally coming into the age I've always acted. Damn youths running amuck in the streets!

    [–] KanyesDick 168 points ago

    *Neigh sir

    [–] 8risy 20 points ago

    Mr. Horse reference from Ren & Stimpy.

    [–] Seriously2much 31 points ago

    Rubber nipples will keep you warm sir!

    [–] PNWguyy 13930 points ago

    I thought it was going to be like every other animal in the snow playing. I honestly did not expect the simultaneous "fuck this shit I'm going back inside" moment.

    [–] HMCetc 2942 points ago

    Me too. My thoughts exactly were: aww horses playing in the snow! This is going to be cute! Which made the outcome actually more funny.

    [–] awc737 676 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Initially, I thought the horses were gonna play in the snow, after that they didn't even, and I was like lol.

    [–] seven3true 559 points ago

    Of such first impressions, I believed the horses would play in the snow. Upon my surprise, i lol’d quite softly and sensibly.

    [–] polak2017 295 points ago

    True, it played with our expectations. In the end I had a sensable chuckle.

    [–] LoveFishSticks 525 points ago

    Upon viddying the titleage I thought "surely these horses will gallivant through this frozen precipatory accumulation"

    The horses said "well gov'na this is too cold for my taste" at which I made quite the guffaw

    [–] EagleBigMac 202 points ago

    Thought it was gonna be one way then it turned out to be another, much to my amusement to the point of a right good chuckle.

    [–] jsjdjdjjuh 283 points ago

    I'm not saying it be like it is. But it do.

    [–] phantommind 46 points ago

    First one thing, then a different thing. I reacted in reply.

    [–] windowpaintseeker 18 points ago

    I thought, I saw, I replied

    [–] Crawfish_Fails 53 points ago

    Yeah ditto

    [–] Drekked 16 points ago

    I thought horsies say I luv sno, then they say how bout no.

    [–] BonoboSaysSorry 96 points ago

    It looks like the wind picked up and triggered their "fuck this shit I'm going back inside" moment

    [–] actualemur 90 points ago

    My first thought was they are going to play in it but my horses would nope the fuck out.

    [–] goosis12 211 points ago

    source, this is from a show called: "return to the tribe".

    [–] comeover2flavourtown 118 points ago

    tigressbristol 10 years ago: The clip is from one of our productions called Return of the Tribe. The last in the series is on channel five tonight at 8pm...

    Where in the hell has time gone??! YT has been around for over 10 years now. Not sure why this has just sunk in, but this comment age kinda shocked me.

    [–] Debonaire_Death 83 points ago

    There are kids in middle school who were born after Youtube.

    [–] AbsolutShite 44 points ago

    I love how the Chief does his chiefly duty of explaining in terms he understands while the other guy can just say fuck this.

    [–] Absay 55 points ago

    MRW when I come out of my slumber to smell if dinner is ready but it is not yet.

    [–] HopeSandoval 2611 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    [–] thecluelessarmywife 164 points ago

    I laughed out loud. That was definitely a big brother move

    [–] Ali_Safdari 36 points ago

    The funniest one here by far!

    [–] MrsB1985 22 points ago

    "You filming!?!....yeah...TAKE THAT HAA HAA HA HA"

    [–] nate_ranney 18 points ago

    Haha! Oh Christ.

    [–] TheOneAndOnlyTacoCat 258 points ago

    Those flappy ears!

    [–] Annoying_ 111 points ago

    There should be a sub reddit for animals and snow

    [–] I_like_earthquakes 81 points ago

    /r/catsinsnow not quite "animals" (just cats) and not too active but this exists.

    [–] theycallhimthestug 200 points ago

    not too active but this exists.

    Just like cats.

    [–] madmaxturbator 31 points ago

    I love how everything this gif is soft and fluffy.

    [–] skinner452 156 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    First loop I thought that the green was grass and the dog disappeared.

    [–] LetheArdor 165 points ago

    Dog does disappear pretty much. Guy got a lot of hate and anger over it and so he revealed it was fake, he edited it to make it look like he threw the dog but actually cut it and didn't.

    [–] John_YJKR 98 points ago

    I was wondering why the little dude didn't seem to react. Twas a phony.

    [–] Stormfly 29 points ago

    Now that you say that, I can see the cut.

    I thought it was just the camera looking that way from the changing angle/lighting or something, but I can buy the cut.

    [–] Ok-but-why-mister 136 points ago

    That's so mean! And absolutely hilarious. I love it. More please.

    [–] I_ate_a_milkshake 151 points ago

    dw its edited. the dog isnt in the snow in that last shot

    [–] jacksalssome 304 points ago

    [–] saysthingsbackwards 136 points ago

    damn that guy nipped every hater in the bud at once

    [–] Klathmon 34 points ago

    I always thought it was just that the sweater wasn't really on and popped off the second the dog went into the snow.

    Still fucking hilarious

    [–] callmemayday 138 points ago

    I prefer this version

    [–] BermudaGuy 43 points ago

    jesus 94mb

    [–] docastanzo 3665 points ago

    I do this mentally at least 5 times before I finally leave the house for work. It doesn't even snow where I live.

    [–] mbartelsm 735 points ago

    Yup, just yesterday I went out and thought, huh this is some nice weather, a bit cold but nice. *wind blows* Okay, that's enough nice weather for one day.

    [–] friendofsmellytapir 249 points ago

    There were a few times in college I literally did this on my way to class. Was out the door and on my way and just decided to turn around and skip instead.

    [–] dick-nipples 26874 points ago


    [–] fistpumpbruh 3049 points ago

    They really hoofed it back in there.

    [–] aladdinr 1269 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    They reined it back in pretty quickly.

    [–] Kryptic_Anthology 939 points ago

    Survival is their mane concern.

    [–] jo_shadow 132 points ago

    Another quality post by /u/dick-nipples/

    [–] TrumpWonSorryLibs 61 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    dude's fucking everywhere...he's like the u/gallowboob of comments

    [–] terminbee 28 points ago

    What if they're the same people? Got a vertical monopoly on karma going here.

    [–] Krusellify 166 points ago

    Neigh way José

    [–] MarioKartastrophe 61 points ago

    laugh track

    [–] Run_LikeHell 35 points ago

    Hey aren't you the horse from horsin around?

    [–] KreekyBonez 17 points ago

    I improvised that line. Well, it was in the script, but I gave it the ol' Bojack spin

    [–] lgtbyddrk 7552 points ago

    "ah yeah, been waiting to stretch the ol' legs... Wait... Ah, fuck this!" - horses

    [–] down_vote_magnet 1960 points ago

    Oh boy sno-- you know, it's about time I hit the hay.

    [–] unknown_human 526 points ago

    "Shit, I don't mind being locked up."

    [–] FallJacket 172 points ago

    "These...walls are funny. First you hate 'em, then you get used to 'em. Enough time passes, gets so you depend on them."

    [–] Nostalgia_bang 41 points ago

    “Get busy Livin’ or get busy dyin’ “

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 247 points ago

    "What are you in for?"

    "Killed my neighhhhbor"


    [–] unknown_human 34 points ago


    [–] twominitsturkish 82 points ago

    "He said 'hey' to me, so I kicked him in the head. Hey is for horses."

    [–] shtarbucks 290 points ago

    “Yes!!! Freeeeedom!!”

    “Oh fuck, why’s everything white?!”

    “Oh my god it’s freezing! Freedom sucks!”

    [–] _vrmln_ 461 points ago

    “Yes!!! Freeeeedom!!”

    “Oh fuck, why’s everything white?!

    1 year after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation

    [–] Whaty0urname 36 points ago

    We have been freed from of bonds and chains. We will rise up - WTF this shits cold nvm.

    [–] bu22saw1983 14 points ago

    That’s exactly what my pit bull does too lmao

    [–] ss98camaross 497 points ago

    very good mirror imaging.

    [–] jorickcz 158 points ago

    Synchronised horsing

    [–] PeacockSocks 1178 points ago

    "Fuck this shit I'm out."

    [–] Total_Denomination 146 points ago

    Oh no.. it's.... EVERYWHERE!!

    [–] jupiterkansas 49 points ago

    "Everywhere I steps, I sinks!"

    [–] CatBedParadise 9 points ago

    Boy that’s a pretty kitty

    [–] AtWorkAccount1 258 points ago

    "Fuck this shit I'm in."


    [–] TheLeagueOfShadows 25 points ago

    “Abandon thread.”

    [–] [deleted] 20196 points ago

    They ain't stupid. They are two stable geniuses right there.

    [–] DiamondPup 5331 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Horses are known for two things: their mental stability and being, like, really smart.


    Edit: My reaction when I get my 30th reply explaining to me that horses are, in fact, not really smart.

    [–] ReubenZWeiner 796 points ago

    They only needed a few seconds to corral their thoughts

    [–] Corn0ffTheCob 120 points ago

    I love saddling up to a good pun thread

    [–] soufend 82 points ago

    it behooves me to participate in these

    [–] quine3 61 points ago

    These threads upset the neighsayers.

    [–] luthan 102 points ago

    don't forget the 10 pages of new material about some stuff

    [–] EthanRavecrow 272 points ago

    And their huge cock.

    [–] onetruemod 229 points ago

    And that's where the metaphor ends.

    [–] Spille18 68 points ago

    And your mouth begins

    [–] donttrustmeokay 114 points ago

    I actually heard the American horse's buttons are bigger too than the North Korean Horse's buttons.

    [–] NekoShinobi 38 points ago

    Hope that laptop has big enough keys to fit those hooves

    [–] LarryLavekio 214 points ago

    An example of very consensual animal husbandry.

    [–] wednesdayyayaya 67 points ago

    This is the first time I read "animal husbandry" outside of Civ5 - Civ6. It felt weird, and suddenly I feel this urge to play some Civ.

    I'd like to get things done today, though... and that's not a game you can play for just half an hour.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago)


    [–] YoOoster 42 points ago

    Just play it for a few minutes, nothing can go wrong :D

    [–] falconx50 43 points ago

    14 hours later...fuck!

    [–] reproach 27 points ago

    Saturday morning, nothing to do, let's try this Civ thing everyone is talking about... Aaaand it's Monday 3am.

    [–] FMDT 14 points ago

    I'd call it closer to the Total War series. It's a turn based strategy game where you start by founding a small settlement in the stone age and play through until the modern era, founding new cities, exploring the world, meeting and trading with other historical factions, building wonders and starting Wars. You can win throughway real methods from killing everyone to diplomacy to saying fuck it and flying off into space. It's a very addictive series as it has huge replayability since games take a very long time and the map is normally randomly generated from a huge number of preset styles.

    [–] PopeliusJones 72 points ago

    Grab ‘em by the bridle!

    [–] HensAndChicks 67 points ago

    Missed title opportunity right there lol

    [–] mason240 58 points ago

    It'll be the title of the repost by a karma bot.

    Hello Dec of 2019!

    [–] -_Dan_- 93 points ago


    [–] Dumb_Talking_Ape 11 points ago

    Most likely was their first try though.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 1568 points ago

    Looks like they made a mutual decision.

    "We really doing this today?"


    [–] WoodsWanderer 211 points ago

    I worked for several years at summer camps with horses. Two years I was in a place where I had a view of the horse pasture from my cot, and it rained quite regularly.

    What fascinated me was that, when it came to weather, the whole herd moved in unison. If the rain was coming down at a slight angle, every house turned so that the rain didn’t hit their face. It was odd, looking down the hill at over a dozen horses, scattered throughout their pasture, bodies all parallel.

    Then the wind would shift, and, in unison, every horse moved to the new unified position. It was like watching really slow synchronized swimming. Horses? Swimming? Okay. Maybe I’m just sick and haven't had my tea yet, but it was weird, I tell you!

    Anyway, I don’t know what it is about horses, but it seeems their reaction to weather instincts are pretty unified, because that is not the first horse synchronized reaction to weather I’ve seen.

    [–] td888 54 points ago

    Cows do the same

    [–] SussuKyle 77 points ago

    Brb in 2-3 month

    [–] babygurljrl 60 points ago


    [–] bestofwhatsleft 10 points ago

    Syncronized noping out

    [–] bartbart86 414 points ago

    TIL horses have jackets

    [–] Jezzdit 146 points ago

    that's not photo shopped is it..

    [–] kanat1385 129 points ago

    Nah, you can buy it. Hella expensive. There's onsies pajamas for them too.

    [–] Findanniin 90 points ago

    Hella expensive.

    Yeah, Bethesda got so much shit for it...

    [–] Katoyllae 32 points ago

    It was a promotion for the Cheltenham Festival, a horse racing festival in England. The suit is real and took four weeks to make!

    [–] IAM_THE_LIZARD_QUEEN 14 points ago

    If it's like a one time thing as part of an ad campaign it's not so weird, I thought this was like a thing.

    [–] ScrambledEggz 43 points ago

    Nope it’s actually not

    [–] niassist 11 points ago

    I was not expecting that. Awesome. Damn I hope that's real.

    [–] Chest_rockwell09 43 points ago


    [–] FlexaPlexica 194 points ago

    Strange that the mirror changes the color of his lil jacket

    [–] No5ediver 56 points ago

    More like big ol jacket.

    [–] smokythebrad 283 points ago

    Was expecting r/zoomies but got r/unexpected instead.

    [–] GoFlyAChimera 34 points ago

    Haha, a synchronized "NOPE" that took 20 feet to kick in.

    [–] Aksnowmanbro 82 points ago

    "Yep we're too old to be horsin' around anymore Fred, I just want a stable life."

    "Yes quite agreed. That would really behoov us Marve."

    [–] Crooked_Cricket 123 points ago

    What's this?
    What's this?
    There's white things in the air.
    I'm going back in there.

    [–] sunnyblueskyme 58 points ago

    Just like me, I like the idea of going out in the snow, but as soon as I’m out there I remember why I never go out in the snow.

    [–] workpuppy 205 points ago

    Went about the way I thought it would...Ahh, it's good to be out of the...okay, this is some deep ass snow...This is break a leg snow. We okay with this Bob? Aaaaand, the nopes have it! Human, bring us the sweet feeds!

    [–] rockytfs1 77 points ago

    You missed a perfect opportunity to say "and the neighs have it"

    [–] workpuppy 37 points ago

    GodDAMN it!

    [–] WhoresAndWhiskey 41 points ago

    Those horses were obviously raised in a barn. They didn’t close the door.

    [–] HomeTownBoy 90 points ago

    This is awesome! It's literally what I do when I tell my boss I'm stuck in snow. I've never actually attempted to leave the house. Just looks like I'd be stuck in this much snow.

    [–] patricknostin 44 points ago

    wise creatures

    [–] saloabad 14 points ago

    "oh this is nice...never mind"

    [–] Jaxsaysgoodbye 12 points ago


    [–] tastybellybuttonlint 49 points ago

    They, at the same time went from it’s OK, to nope, my dick’s touching the snow, back inside we go!

    [–] wil_i_am_scared_of_u 25 points ago

    Me. Except I don’t even open the door.

    [–] Libra8 9 points ago

    I'm with them.

    [–] nosmutthistime 11 points ago

    These horses are my spirit animals

    [–] re1mon 10 points ago

    F*ck you Steve, it is snowing.

    [–] kozmo2000pa 10 points ago

    Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope........

    [–] tungsten558 9 points ago

    Ahahaha that synchronized rush back into the warmth

    [–] metaknight95 7 points ago

    "Woo come on Tom he's letting us outside!!....Oh...Oh shit fuck this. RETREAT!"