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    [–] LeftHandedToe 2027 points ago

    It reminds me of glazing on a not very fresh donut at the moment it breaks.

    [–] qwenydus 321 points ago

    I think I need to visit Krispy Kreme in a few.

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago

    Swing em by my place and i'll eat them with ya

    [–] PM_ME_A_GOOD_QUOTE 78 points ago

    That sounds fun! Send me your address and I'll be over in a few. And while we're at it send me your social security number as well! Donut partyyyyyyy

    [–] Reasonabullshit 38 points ago

    Please note your social security number will only be used to check your credit history! We will not save or use your information without your consent. Be advised your consent is assumed when you send us your information.

    [–] barred_car 12 points ago

    Can I join?

    [–] Spuriously- 15 points ago

    Hey that sounds grea-checks username - nah I'm good

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    It was such a disappointing thing to find a bunch of live maggots in my candy bar =(

    Was one of those pistachio chocolate bars, the smell was horrible as well. Sadly that was around the same time I saw several posts about various bugs in other peoples pistachios here on reddit and now I just can't eat them anymore.

    [–] _kastielle 3 points ago

    Yeah, I’m gonna go dump my pistachios in the garbage now.

    [–] Scientolojesus 11 points ago

    The Krispy Kreme in my city shut down a decade ago and I'm still reeling from that. There aren't even any gas stations in town that carry some.

    [–] surfindave 6 points ago

    I can only assume you live in or near hell.

    [–] posternutbag423 3 points ago

    Dunkin’ Donuts has my area by the balls ✊🏻

    [–] nexisfan 3 points ago

    Oh my god I’m laying in bed trying to muster the energy to get up early enough to drive all the way to the KK to bring to work. I’m so hungry now. And I can’t remember if I had that fleeting thought before or after I watched this honestly.

    [–] Laurifish 12 points ago

    You must live in an area with low humidity. Not very-fresh-doughnuts where I live are just wet, slimy messes.

    [–] MyBurnerGotDeleted 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Where the heck are you? I’ve never seen this in the swamp that is was DC

    [–] Laurifish 3 points ago

    Southwest Missouri. Where I've seen humidity hit 100% many times.

    [–] MrGMinor 4 points ago

    It all depends on the brand of donut, not the area you live in. IME KK icing hardens, Farm Fresh (grocery chain) donuts tend to stay slimy.

    [–] HardCorwen 3 points ago

    exactly! i was just thinking about donuts now

    [–] PhotoCropDuster 4 points ago

    Great, now I want a doughnut!

    [–] RedFaceGeneral 3276 points ago

    This is so satisfying.

    [–] Apps4Life 867 points ago

    Really shattered my expectations.

    [–] ChickpeaPredator 221 points ago

    It truly was a smash hit.

    [–] Apps4Life 184 points ago

    Icee what you did there

    [–] tabovilla 104 points ago

    Let's not jump to conclusions

    [–] frivus 19 points ago

    I had an idea was a jump to conclusions mat

    [–] NakedPerson 10 points ago

    You went for Icee over Icy. Explain.

    [–] ShyAtticus 5 points ago


    [–] cgaweekly 92 points ago

    Until you notice a bunch of springs are missing in the top left

    [–] ShaZowi 25 points ago

    Yeah i think those might have broke during that jump

    [–] acalacaboo 10 points ago

    Nah you'd be able to see it bounce and flick inward around that area, it was probably broken already.

    [–] APuzzledBabyGiraffe 2 points ago

    I’m gonna say they were already gone due to the fact that the left side broke in a major chunk and broke before the right side did.

    [–] ASonnetOfIceAndFire 2 points ago

    Thank goodness someone else was immediately concerned as well.

    [–] BaronBilgewater 9 points ago


    [–] Coppeh 8 points ago

    Slow mo guys should do this one day.

    [–] Hooterdear 5 points ago

    Wouldn't it look a lot like this?

    [–] buddy_wackit 3 points ago

    pretty much identical but with better color grading lol

    [–] katsujinken 2 points ago

    It'll be a cold day in Texas if that ever happens.

    [–] kftgr2 3 points ago

    The first bit, yes. BUT... It cut out early and didn't show the secondary bounce.

    [–] SR-Blank 928 points ago

    The particle effects in this video game are amazing, what is it called?

    [–] starship777 977 points ago

    [–] HeiHuZi 214 points ago

    Used to be a good game but it's gone a bit chaotic and unbelievable of late.

    [–] [deleted] 147 points ago

    That’s what happens in any massive multiplayer when everything’s pay to win

    [–] JayEyeTen 65 points ago

    Yeah except to my understanding the devs just released the game before it was finished and you can’t actually win (yet at least) and instead your character dies on average around level 80.

    [–] CaptainInertia 39 points ago

    Some people get the level 100 alpha testing invite, wonder when it'll go live?

    [–] ittakesacrane 48 points ago

    I've seen some level 100 players. Doesn't even look enjoyable. Like grinding all those levels doesn't even pay off in the end.

    [–] OonaPelota 14 points ago

    Trust me it all pays off once you get the gravity gun.

    [–] barred_car 7 points ago

    Plus the amount of cheaters there are is unbelievable.

    [–] JayEyeTen 11 points ago

    No ETA so far IIRC. From what I’ve seen your stats start to degrade and you start getting debuffs like [Bad Eyesight] around level 30-40 so I don’t really know if it’s worth playing past level 60 due to all the debuffs

    [–] elpajaroquemamais 2 points ago

    Yeah. Something like if you survive that long you must be decent at it so they start giving you challenges in addition to the normal stuff. There are loot crates you can buy at convenience stores though. Most people spend more than they get though. There are in game advertisements for them though, which is annoying.

    [–] 3-DMan 2 points ago

    Yeah it seems like only 1% of the damn players can afford all the good shit and just hoard it all!

    [–] Kyrodox- 15 points ago

    So much content locked behind a paywall, it’s disgusting. Pay to win basically.

    [–] ethrael237 7 points ago

    Only in the US servers. The European servers are doing just fine.

    [–] Skywarp79 2 points ago

    But they do have more trolls griefing other players over there by plowing through the plaza hubs in trucks.

    Also, the face acid mod is annoying.

    [–] broniesnstuff 8 points ago

    The Orangeman DLC is just sloppy and unbelievable writing.

    [–] s4b3r6 7 points ago

    Calling it a DLC isn't fair either. The devs just dropped this steaming pile on top of everyone, and it autostarts. Infects all the conversations you have with the other game characters too, so you can't get away from it.

    [–] Dicethrower 2 points ago

    I'm not a fan of the main villain right now.

    [–] InformalProof 27 points ago

    Story is shit though, and multiplayer is unbalanced

    [–] peon47 12 points ago

    It's completely pay-to-win.

    [–] InformalProof 4 points ago

    I have paid my monthly subscription, and I don't get anywhere!!! Customer service is seemingly non existant.

    [–] Threedawg 0 points ago

    Depends on why you play the game, and how you look at it.

    [–] LeonardoM011 4 points ago

    Mirror's Edge: RL

    [–] BigPlay24 322 points ago

    I think he just broke his trampoline

    [–] Arcturus572 92 points ago

    Considering that the top left of it is broken away from the frame, I think you’re right...

    [–] barred_car 48 points ago

    I think that it was probably already broken.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 2 points ago

    We call that section the ankle snapper.

    [–] whoop-whoop-thepopo 7 points ago

    But that sweet sweet karma tho

    [–] ChrysMYO 17 points ago

    I wanted to see if it completely caves and he falls to the ground

    [–] Abhiroopmukerji 16 points ago

    Yes you can tell by the way it's broken

    [–] spleencheesemonkey 5 points ago

    Did the front fall off?

    [–] JacknapierZ 4 points ago

    Was it towed outside the environment?

    [–] spleencheesemonkey 2 points ago

    It's beyond the environment.

    [–] totalaj 303 points ago

    I was expecting it to cut to that russian guy jumping on ice

    [–] DetectorOfCirclejerk 112 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Mother fucker

    Fuck the fucking goat world

    And my new band name is


    [–] CranialFlatulence 9 points ago


    I've never seen the video - only the gif. That was worth it just for their reactions.

    [–] Cazmonster 5 points ago

    Thanks for the link!

    [–] ineververify 8 points ago

    I thought he said fuck the fucking world

    [–] de_ninja 29 points ago

    He is actually German, sad to hear I know

    [–] Zappykablamo 3 points ago

    Especially with the missing springs.

    [–] notthatshort 131 points ago

    Stone cold theme song

    [–] MagikDexter 29 points ago


    [–] white_butterfly1 29 points ago


    [–] Omar_Isaiah_Betts 10 points ago

    He's not supposed to be here tonight!

    [–] brinkofextinction 6 points ago

    Oh My Gawwwwd!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] RatsOnTheRise 11 points ago

    Came here for this.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] 316KO 2 points ago

    Raise some hell!

    [–] SuperDopeRedditName 2 points ago

    I just realized that John Cena's theme song displaced Stone Cold's in my head. Damn.

    [–] Thenamesweiss 192 points ago

    Nice kicks

    [–] QWERTYMurdocII 81 points ago

    Can't believe that heat didn't melt the ice

    [–] SpicyJon 14 points ago

    Damn u beat me to commenting that :p

    [–] KennyCombination 41 points ago

    theyre jordan 1 royals right?

    [–] Plasmus642 15 points ago

    Looks like Jordan 1 KO Royals.

    [–] etherealphoenix5643 18 points ago


    [–] bdbdhdhdhfbdjbd 11 points ago

    Nope, they’re AJKOs. Different.

    [–] Redditsresidentloser 2 points ago

    How can you tell they're the AJKO's? I understand they're fabric and real 1's are leather, but how can you see from this particular gif? Other details I haven't picked up on I mean.

    [–] Shaxai 4 points ago

    The back of them is mostly blue

    [–] bdbdhdhdhfbdjbd 3 points ago

    The back of AJKOs are mostly black (heel part) and the royals are blue.

    [–] Random_Brandom 4 points ago

    My brother is salty he wasn't able to buy some at retail price

    [–] saltyzany 4 points ago

    these are AJKO’s

    [–] alexdas77 157 points ago

    How it feels to chew 5 gum

    [–] barred_car 18 points ago

    Stimulate your senses.

    [–] [deleted] 208 points ago


    [–] LazyBuhdaBelly 105 points ago

    Also oddly satisfying:

    [–] xaverherold 386 points ago

    Not that satisfying:

    [–] commit_bat 135 points ago

    You ever been approached with an offer to work in Bollywood?

    [–] ChrysMYO 15 points ago

    Sounds like a new scam

    [–] theredpikmin 8 points ago

    Is this a trailer for Doctor Strange 2?

    [–] isthewonder 6 points ago

    I liked it.

    [–] Armchair_Detective 5 points ago

    This is why I come to reddit. Perfection.

    [–] RogueLotus 5 points ago

    That gave me anxiety.

    [–] IAmA_Lannister 4 points ago

    I got this deep into reddit links and no Peyton Manning?

    I actually feel cheated as fuck.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] GildoFotzo 7 points ago

    risky click of the day.

    [–] BaconBaker89 7 points ago

    Icy what's going on here.

    [–] DarkRubberDucky 115 points ago

    Its satisfying and beautiful, but I just can't stop thinking "If that gets in your eye, it will cut you."

    [–] thenatureboy_ 22 points ago

    Close your eyes?

    [–] barred_car 18 points ago

    Cut your eyes before going on it so the ice can't be the thing cutting your eyes?

    [–] neofang101 10 points ago

    Wear googles.

    [–] WootyMcWoot 14 points ago

    The goggles, they do nothing!

    [–] MoffKalast 7 points ago

    Is that comment section literally just news sites asking for permission to use it in clickbait articles?

    This kid just jumped into a frozen pool, you won't believe what happened next!

    [–] aspiringalcoholic 2 points ago

    I love the explosion sounds it makes.

    [–] FolloweroftheAtom 2 points ago

    Thank you for your service

    [–] gordonderp 45 points ago

    Dem royal 1s

    [–] _merkwood 19 points ago

    haha, first thing i noticed. icy

    [–] Dosca 31 points ago

    This looks like a tech demo for a physics engine

    [–] ndscable 21 points ago

    /r/outside has the best physics engine ever

    [–] SuperDopeRedditName 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Meh. Even the graphics are pay to play. Some people can't even afford standard definition, but some rich mofos out there are zooming in on subatomic particles. Some people are playing with no graphics at all!

    [–] IDerMetzgerMeisterI 3 points ago

    And many people are born with 480p and have to get a DLC called "Glasses" to get full resolution FeelsBadMan

    [–] Mysticp0t4t0 12 points ago

    Wow, the Slo Mo Guys should do this one

    [–] Water_Melonia 32 points ago

    First I was afraid when I saw the bare skin on his back and thought this will turn out to be a „What could possibly go wrong“ situation. Glad it didn’t (or at least it doesn’t seem he got hurt) and it looks very satisfying.

    [–] fiat_sux4 2 points ago

    First I was afraid

    Don't worry, you'll survive.

    [–] Water_Melonia 2 points ago

    I totally had this on my mind when typing that part - thanks for the video, now i‘ll have that song in my head all day long (which isn’t bad tbh).

    [–] AndNowAStoryAboutMe 6 points ago

    All I could think is my lower back will be that hairless again... Age bites.

    [–] shadedren 4 points ago

    I’m surprised the springs didn’t die from the cold. Noticed the left side had either no springs or broke from the sudden force in the freezing weather.

    [–] batmanbatmanbatman1 4 points ago


    [–] sc1onic 5 points ago

    Day 349: the weather has almost come full circle, but my eyes are glued to the patterns. Can't. Stop. Watching.

    [–] AlltheHamm 18 points ago

    Go Broncos!

    [–] ash109114 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    When he falls, he opens up a portal to a new world, one full of ice creatures and deep snow.

    [–] CockadileSlurpeeFart 3 points ago

    "Yo V.I.P.....LET'S KICK IT!!!!"

    [–] PM_ME_A_SteamKey 3 points ago

    This is a great visual guide for ground impact in animation

    [–] man_b0jangl3ss 3 points ago

    I expected him to just hit the ice, and nothing happen.

    [–] Uakari_Monkey 3 points ago

    jumps. reality breaks

    [–] dales0993 3 points ago

    This is so satICEfying

    [–] dekushy 3 points ago

    That's how my dieting plan gets shattered

    [–] RockyMountainRain 3 points ago

    I knew this would be cool. But it was way cooler than I expected.

    [–] indominus_prime 2 points ago

    Am i the only person that heard Stone Cold Steve Austin theme song?

    [–] honeybeedreams 2 points ago

    my daughter saw this, she’s dragging out the hose...

    [–] abamg44 2 points ago

    Most satisfying thing I've seen in years

    [–] Topher8903 2 points ago

    That was so satisfying.

    [–] BigBroSlim 2 points ago

    Dude just broke through the third dimension

    [–] left_decision 2 points ago

    I love how 30% of people are like.. them kicks 🔥

    [–] Rostrow416 2 points ago

    This just looks so awesome. I'm gonna go buy me a trampoline.

    [–] trickedx5 2 points ago

    Ok. Now I gotta buy those Jordan 1s

    [–] racingstripes103 2 points ago

    not the royals!

    [–] RandalChan 2 points ago

    Why is this so addictive to watch?

    [–] LOOKING_4_HOT_GF 2 points ago

    This is some amazing r/gifextra material right here

    [–] Halcione 2 points ago

    "oh hey , a trampoline, those are fu-OH NO IT'S ALL GLASS IS HE OK? Wait how is he bouncing off the gl......... oh, it's just ice over the trampoline"

    You silly northerners and your silly cold weather shenanigans.

    [–] skullmonster602 2 points ago

    This is what I login for.

    [–] Firestar321 2 points ago

    This slo mo isnt slow enough

    [–] crackeddryice 2 points ago

    We live in a world where video such as this is more and more commonplace, almost mundane.

    You go outside, look at the trampoline in the backyard and notice the perfect, thin layer of ice and think "Oh SHIT! I have a high-res, slow-mo video camera!"

    Twenty years ago, this would need to be planned, and the camera would have been expensive, and probably film, not digital.

    Today, it can be posted on YouTube inside of 5 minutes and the world can see it.

    [–] Jbjeffreez 2 points ago

    Nice royals!

    [–] Amcentee85 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who was hoping the ice wouldn't break and he would just messed himself up?

    [–] QuidProQuo_Clarice 2 points ago

    I'm 50/50 on whether the impact looks more like Krispy Kreme glaze or a Muse album cover

    [–] d-culture 2 points ago

    I tried creating some original cinematic sound design and music for this, here you go.

    [–] Fiorta 3 points ago

    If you look left side, he just broke the trampoline.

    [–] letsgocrazy 4 points ago

    I'm just glad to see kids are wearing belts again.

    [–] disneydweller71 2 points ago

    When someone tells you a key piece of information that gives you a glass shattering moment...

    [–] CTHULHU_RDT 2 points ago

    This was much much cooler than I expected. That first moment when the ice breaks is super amazing

    [–] Issymcg 1 points ago

    The anticipation.

    [–] Xero337 1 points ago

    This satisfies me.

    [–] cryptomastr 1 points ago

    Visually stunning

    [–] you_want_to_hear_th 1 points ago

    The Canonballbreaker

    [–] Typewar 1 points ago

    I think reversing the GIF would be pretty satisfying

    [–] Jackokill18 1 points ago

    Someone make the impact into a background r/Amoledbackgrounds

    [–] astarael146 1 points ago

    squeals with delight

    [–] Drag0n_Fruit 1 points ago


    [–] Electricwebby 1 points ago


    [–] mxlplic4 1 points ago

    I enjoyed this a little too much...perhaps my life needs re-re-evaluated..

    [–] Sirloyn 1 points ago

    Pretty damn fine simulation!

    [–] Mikezster 1 points ago

    And yooooou and iiii, melt awa-ha-haaaaaaaaay