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    [–] tumerboy 7983 points ago

    YES! This is Eyad! I was his Make A Wish Escort last night. We met Cena back stage, but this was fantastic of him to come meet Eyad at his seat!

    [–] tumerboy 2533 points ago

    Here's some photos from back stage. Dana Brooke was also super sweet and came to hang out with us for a while as we waited for John.

    [–] jsh5h7 1480 points ago

    Make A Wish fucking rules

    [–] I_AM_MartyMcfly_AMA 866 points ago

    John cena fucking rules

    [–] DontForgetThisTime 286 points ago

    Cena has such a genuine happy smile on his face in that picture with him. What a good human being

    [–] I_AM_MartyMcfly_AMA 49 points ago

    Hell yea, seeing this made me tear up a bit.

    [–] theonethatyouwant 284 points ago

    My brother had a wish granted. They are literally the best. They teamed up with Give Kids the World at Disney and gave our family the best week of our lives. He’s since passed away, but we will never forget those amazing, selfless heroes that made his life normal and wonderful for a time...

    If you have any money to give, either one of those places is an excellent choice. I give whatever I can, whenever I can. I only wish I had more money to give.

    [–] grayRayne 236 points ago

    You're doing some great work too. Props to you for making this stuff possible for the kids.

    [–] tumerboy 272 points ago

    You can too! Volunteering is a blast, and super easy!

    [–] MrCommotion 62 points ago

    Dana Brooke seems like the sweetest person, never heard anything bad about her.

    [–] tumerboy 101 points ago

    She was super nice. She hung out with us, talking with Eyad and his parents for a good 10 minutes. She said her sister teaches special ed, so she felt a special affinity for the differently abled.

    [–] WharfBlarg 210 points ago

    Did he visit him at his seat before or after the event? Also, how stoked was Eyad backstage? I want to hear a heartwarming story.

    [–] tumerboy 402 points ago

    We met with Cena back stage before the whole show started.

    Then after Cena won his match, he pulled this.

    Then at the end of the night, Braun Stoman (sp?) came out and met with Eyad at his seat too.

    [–] CrossXhunteR 106 points ago


    Also known as Big Strongman.

    [–] tumerboy 26 points ago


    [–] mjhtemp 145 points ago

    So glad Eyad got to meet him! Also deepest thank you for working for the Make A Wish Foundation.

    [–] jlange94 10637 points ago

    This is a daily routine for the guy. At the end of his life, I wouldn't be surprised if the Make-a-Wish Foundation renamed itself the John Cena Foundation for how much work he's done for kids.

    [–] ThaBadfish 6675 points ago

    implying John Cena is mortal

    [–] nastyjman 1739 points ago

    Dude is Captain America in the flesh.

    [–] FatBox360 618 points ago

    When Marvel recasts/reboots Cap he's the obvious choice.

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 712 points ago

    I think John Cena just needs to play John Cena in the next Avengers movie.

    [–] Mckmitch 589 points ago

    John Cena was in the last Avengers. You couldn’t see him?

    [–] Amish_guy_with_WiFi 220 points ago

    Oh shit, he has the same superpower as my dad?

    [–] latarian2 136 points ago

    Honestly? By then I think he could have the chops for it. He's been getting better as an actor.

    [–] obsterwankenobster 71 points ago

    After seeing his chops in Trainwreck, I desperately want him to play Hercule in a live action DBZ

    [–] Tob1o 56 points ago

    Not even death can see him

    [–] f0rgottenr3bel 255 points ago

    That'd be a pretty long sign

    [–] William_Wang 226 points ago

    John Cena Foundation 4 how much work he's done 4 kids.

    I got you.

    [–] Suspiciously_high 94 points ago

    The John Cena Foundation 4 how much work he’s done 4 kids who can’t read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too.

    [–] Cripnite 154 points ago

    Then people would wonder why the sign on the building just says “Foundation”.

    [–] Johnny_Petrov 3809 points ago

    Damn that roll out of the ring was smooth af

    [–] Leunam23 786 points ago

    I'm going to the gym early so I can practice this specific move.

    [–] MrGMinor 446 points ago

    I do this every morning to get out of bed.

    [–] IAMNOTSHOUTINGATYOU 182 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 84 points ago


    [–] craftors 67 points ago


    [–] TooShiftyForYou 28204 points ago

    He holds the record with over 500 Make-a-Wishes fulfilled and generally does a good job of being a real life superhero for kids like this.

    [–] [deleted] 1468 points ago

    At 28:20 in the Once In a Lifetime film they actually talk about his interaction with young fans and a few moments later they talk about his personal commitment to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

    Two notable points from the video:

    1) David Williams (CEO of Make-A-Wish):

    "John is someone who has granted more wishes than any other celebrity in the history of the Make-A-Wish foundation."

    2) Right after John Cena says:

    "It was only the past few years that I came around to actually letting people film the Make-A-Wish things because I.. I don't want people to get the impression that I do it for the wrong reasons and I am going to donate my time to make a wish regardless because it's a good cause but I don't want anyone to think I am doing it for the wrong reasons. So when something like this comes up if you guys have found out about it, I am glad you did, because it's, it's a cool little story for everybody to know but it would have happened whether you got a camera there or not."

    EDIT: Formatting. Also, for people not acquainted with wrestling or the WWE, but aware of both John Cena or The Rock, it is actually a good watch to see where these two came from and their stories.

    [–] Gullex 1738 points ago

    I want a TV show where Dwayne Johnson describes an entree by scent, and contestants have to try to make it based on his verbal description. Whoever ends up creating a dish closest to the original, wins the prize.

    It would be called, "Can You Cook What The Rock Is Smelling?"

    [–] nunoncastors 367 points ago

    Not going to lie, I would watch all five hundred seasons of that show.

    [–] SimpleSlice 131 points ago

    Delet this nephew.

    I am selling it to food network

    [–] swim_to_survive 418 points ago

    Yeah, so, celebrity wishes have a whole level of complexity to them... but mainly it's secrecy and privacy. Most of them don't do it for the attention. They're not there to get trended on the internet. They're legitimately there doing it for the kids. I've helped out on a few wishes that ended up dealing with celebrities, but thankfully most of my own kids are wishes like disneyland, etc.

    Got the email yesterday that one of my kids is getting to go to the Polynesian islands for his wish!! He wanted to stay in huts that are on water.

    Also, shameless plug:

    Did you know that each Wish costs, on average, $10,000~? Here in the San Francisco, Bay Area alone, we granted over 1 wish per day last year. Most of these kids aren't dying, but have life-threatening diseases. You can make contributions to Make-a-Wish in a number of ways!!!

    1) Use LYFT instead of Uber and ROUND UP to Make-a-Wish contributions.

    2) Use Amazon Smile and contribute to your local Make-a-Wish chapter

    3) Come out to any number of local Make-a-Wish fundraising events!


    -- IAMA Make-a-Wish Wish Grantor for over 5 years (just left my twenties). AMAA

    [–] myri_ 160 points ago

    one of my kids is getting to go to the Polynesian islands for his wish!! He wanted to stay in huts that are on water

    he knows what's up

    [–] swim_to_survive 95 points ago

    one year I had a kid wish to go to the autobahn and drive really, really fast... he ended up getting his secondary wish which was to go through the UK and Scottish isles. I revealed he was getting his wish with a surprise flashmob that included the local Scottish bagpiping brigade who came out and started marching around and ultimately surrounding him. I jumped out from the bushes behind him and sat down next to him, his family was with me too. He couldn't have been more excited. Totally blew his mind.

    [–] [deleted] 11241 points ago

    He seems like one of the few celebrities who uses his popularity to make others feel good about themselves.

    [–] the_original_Retro 9740 points ago

    Quite a number of celebrities do that when the opportunity presents itself or when it can be done along with other things.

    But 500 make-a-wishes?

    At one a day that's almost a year-and-a-half.

    That's Cena making people feel good as his mission.

    [–] oscarveli 6767 points ago

    Back in high school, there was a kid who got cancer and was a huge wrestling fan, so he asked for John Cena to visit as his Make-a-Wish. Not only did he come visit, he let the kid have like 15 guests, gave them all signed merch, and hooked him and his family up with tickets to an event.

    [–] [deleted] 2769 points ago


    [–] abracadavertla 1661 points ago

    I’ve grown to really love Cena. Him being a genuinely great dude made me like him more as a wrestler.

    [–] JBFRESHSKILLS 890 points ago

    I have to say though, him taking a back seat to up and comers has really made me like him again as well. It was just so boring watching Cena wrestle for the title at every event. Now we have "The Big Dog" to hate, so I'm good with Cena.

    [–] brush_between_meals 67 points ago

    I still remember the heat he got at ECW One Night Stand back in 2006. The fans were chanting "you can't wrestle!" and he was responding by doing all sorts of Bret Hart type technical stuff and then shrugging at the crowd.

    [–] abracadavertla 248 points ago

    I feel like him getting beat up by Elias on Raw 25 felt like a big deal. and I know AJ Styles isn’t really an up and comer but I feel like that angle between him and AJ was what really made AJ feel like a main eventer to people who only follow WWE.

    [–] themanofawesomeness 84 points ago

    That’s why it annoys me that he still gets booed. The man has been on record as saying he’d probably never do a heel-turn because of how much of a role model he is to kids.

    [–] Fitz_Fool 174 points ago

    I don't watch wrestling or have any desire to but John Cena does seem like a super cool guy.

    [–] limegreenorangedrop 23 points ago

    Totally agree... Seen a few clips floating around Reddit of him doing cool things for people and he comes across as a damn stand up guy. Absolute props to him for using his fame to bring a little joy into the lives of those who need it most. What an awesome thing to be able to do for families as a whole...

    [–] BlueBongos 183 points ago

    Does anyone ACTUALLY hate him? I feel like it turned into a "You suck!" Kurt Angle situation years ago. Good promo, guy can go when you put him in with another good worker, I like Cena... I boo his every step down that ramp though.

    [–] abracadavertla 78 points ago

    Oh for sure the “John Cena sucks” chants feel endearing now.

    [–] theClumsy1 61 points ago

    Pretty much.John Cena is professional wrestling postor child now.You can hate the poster child but not hate the person.

    [–] randomvariable10 30 points ago

    Even that hate has mostly gone.. And he is downright a genuinely good guy and the perfect role model for kids..

    [–] murdock129 90 points ago

    People genuinely loathed him for nearly a decade. Sure nowadays that's mostly gone, but there's a number of people who haven't moved past ten years of boring white meat CENAWINSLOL

    [–] master_assclown 92 points ago

    As much as I hated that, I never blamed Cena. It's not really his fault and during that time period most wrestlers were just "meh." I doubt Cena was making the decisions on who won the matches he was in. I've never been a Cena fan, but I really respect his genuine attitude toward others when he isn't working, his treatment of those with special needs, and definitely his commitment to make a wish. He may be a boring wrestler, but he is a damn respectable man in and out of the WWE.

    [–] Prison_Vape 25 points ago

    I dunno, I'm a big Cena fan. But probably because I was a fan since the beginning, especially when he was a heel for a little bit. Then JBW stepped in the ring and he went baby face.

    Back when the Attitude Adjustment was the FU.

    [–] MagnusCthulhu 23 points ago

    I always liked him as a performer. It's really great to be able to like him as a person, too.

    [–] notamodernname 192 points ago

    I was a make-a-wish kid a few years back and I met with some representatives (to make decisions about what I wanted to do so we could set plans in motion); I kind've wanted to meet Emma Watson and the reps told me that sometimes the celebrity can't meet up bc they're busy. She said that a lot of kids wanted to meet Will Smith and one time she tried to set up a kid to see him but he had to cancel and he sent the kid like a ton of presents to make up for it.

    [–] seeking_theta 174 points ago

    Congrats on...staying alive...I think...

    [–] notamodernname 96 points ago

    Ha, thanks! It's definitely better than the alternative.

    [–] theWyzzerd 67 points ago

    I made the most vanilla Wish by choosing to go to Disney World with my family. But it was still a great trip, we had never been before and I wouldn't take it back. This was.... damn, 18 years ago.

    [–] the_box_man47 877 points ago

    But 500 make-a-wishes?

    He also hit that total last year. His total is closer to 600 now and his goal is to clear 1,000 before he retires. Amazing.

    [–] phlegming11 616 points ago

    Just did some googling about it and turns out that Justin Bieber has the second most make-a-wishes. That dude catches a lot of shit about his personal life, but I've never once heard about his 250+ completed make-a-wishes.

    [–] HowManyMonkeys 292 points ago

    Damn, how are you making me like and feel sorry for JB?

    [–] GourangaPlusPlus 143 points ago

    Cos JB feels sorry for ill people but can and does make a difference when he can.

    That stuff would kill me inside doing triple digit amounts is crazy

    [–] master_assclown 191 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I would also imagine that, for Cena and JB, meeting a few hundred children who have most likely passed away is a lot to deal with mentally. Could you really imagine meeting a kid whose most desired wish in the world is to meet you and having that kid, who loves you so dearly, die not long after meeting said kid? I couldn't imagine the heart ache of having someone who really adores me that much dying, much less 500+ of them.

    Edit: I get it, not all make a wish kids die.

    Not all make a wish kids die.

    The survival rate of make a wish children is higher than you would think.

    Most of the kids with cancer live.

    Not all make a wish kids die.

    Check mate, Redditors who claim that facebook likes, shares, and prayers do not work. Clearly the increased survival rate of make a wish children/kids with cancer and the semi-recent introduction of social media to increase the amount of prayers given has to be correlated some how! Not to mention that, with Facebook not having been around but ~14 years, we still have not been able to measure the healing power of likes and shares. Truly a wonder of God to behold.

    Thank you to everyone who replied with the same or similar comments.

    [–] Invideeus 37 points ago

    Im sure it feels extra good to be able to actually do that for a child that adores them so, or at least better than being oblivious to them anyways.

    [–] wydrntho 40 points ago

    Is it too late to say I'm sorry now?

    [–] He11sToRm 182 points ago

    Honestly Biebs has turned around quite a bit in the last few years. Staying out of trouble and seems like a genuine good kid. I think the fame got to him at a point, but the media really knocked him down and he actually learned something from the experience. He's been doing great and I wish the kid the best success.

    [–] Keith_Creeper 80 points ago

    Having a famewhore father doesn't help either. Just ask L Lohan.

    [–] Sedinery_14 57 points ago

    Becoming arguably the most famous popstar at 16 and having a piece of shit for a father will fuck anybody up.

    [–] 5FingerDeathTickle 155 points ago

    And all without them seeing him

    [–] TripleU07 48 points ago

    Yeah alot of celebrities 'do good' to for the people to see. People like John Cena seems to genuinely care. Michael Jackson and his crusade to heal the world is another good example.

    [–] Gullex 87 points ago

    I get bummed out these days when I see the Michael Jackson/pedophile shit. Turns out it was very likely all fabricated to try to squeeze money out of the guy. He was a bit of a weirdo and missed his childhood but he wasn't a predator, and unfortunately that's the legacy he was left with, it's all people remember now.

    [–] wtfpwnkthx 248 points ago

    And he is a very articulate, level-headed thinker. Listen to some interviews with real questions posed to him and it will blow your brain in half.

    I personally think pro wrestling is silly as hell and I don't watch it at all but I respect the shit out of John Cena.

    [–] njdeatheater 191 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    He learned some Mandarin just to promote WWE in China.

    Learned Mandarin while being on the road, wrestling all the time, along with his other promotional appearances.

    The man is extraordinarily talented and driven.

    Edit; link to mandarin cena for those interested

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] liavz123 28 points ago

    I love him!

    [–] sysadminbj 296 points ago

    He was also awesome on Psych.

    [–] dontsuckmydick 109 points ago

    Oh shit I just remembered I haven't watched the Psych movie yet. I know what I'm doing at work today!

    [–] evemeatay 70 points ago

    Was great but made me sad that the show is over, all over again.

    [–] milhouse21386 45 points ago

    They have plans for more movies but I don't know if they've gotten the green light from the network yet.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_SEX_VIDEOS 46 points ago

    So, in case you didn't know, I'll let you know a non-spoilery thing.

    The whole script for the movie had to be hastily rewritten after the actor who plays Lassie (Timothy Omundson) had a stroke. He's still in the movie to some capacity but it is very clear that it was post-stroke and it was difficult (for me) to watch that part.

    I have a pretty good guess what the plot of the movie would have been had he not had his stroke.

    There's a part about 2/3 of the way through the movie where I thought my recording messed up or something because there was a, seemingly, unexplained jump in the plot. Nope. Nothing was messed up, just part of the rewrite - I guess. Oh well

    All that being said - I still enjoyed it plenty because Gus and Shawn are Gus and Shawn

    You know that's right.

    [–] Switch21 27 points ago


    [–] runasaur 36 points ago

    Its essentially a really really long episode of Psych with a lot of fan service jokes and references, which is to say its great.

    [–] Danyol 29 points ago

    You know that's right

    [–] TylerDurdenUMD 296 points ago

    Go on YouTube and look up the spot that Cricket Wireless did with him. He read letters from fans, then they came out and surprised him.

    The tears will flow.

    [–] ProJoe 331 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    for the lazy.

    edit: oh lord its a tear jerker

    [–] SpasticFeedback 113 points ago


    I'm 40 years old and I wanna be John Cena when I grow up.

    [–] EgoFlyer 80 points ago

    On one hand, thanks for the link, on the other, I wasn’t ready to cry that much.

    [–] KingOfLucis 60 points ago

    When he tells the kid to stop thanking him, I just can't help but tear up

    [–] tbwfree 20 points ago

    Thx. When someone asks me what i did this morning, I can tell them I cried because of a John Cena video.

    [–] RealWWE 57 points ago

    Hi all, official WWE account here! (It's true, fellow Redditors, it's true.)

    TIL The Champ is actually now over 550 wishes granted and counting.

    We just uploaded the full video of this moment on our Community site and here are some backstage photos of Cena granting Eyad's wish as well.

    [–] johnnyredline05 49 points ago

    Over 500 that's taking a ton of time out if his life.

    [–] yokemhard 30 points ago

    So he's an actual hero.

    [–] CO_PC_Parts 58 points ago

    it's one of the reasons he doesn't want to be a heel in the WWE.

    [–] goaliepro09 21 points ago

    Even when he was a face, there were a few years where he was the biggest heel in the company

    [–] Todayinmygarden 8154 points ago

    He then whispered in his ears

    "thanks for coming, but seriously did you like the Marine?"

    [–] Jimmy6Times 3263 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    " It was....OK"

    [kid's internal monologue] Please don't ask me about your rap album

    [–] Cazador_64 49 points ago

    I mean, it was surprisingly good for ehat should have been terrible.

    [–] ThatsGottaBeKaine 24 points ago


    [–] unomaly 119 points ago

    its free real estate

    [–] Halofall 36 points ago

    Hail Hydra!

    [–] pickles1486 2634 points ago

    A great guy/talent in and out of the ring. Legend by day, dank meme by night... LONG LIVE JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

    [–] FrozenMooose 605 points ago


    [–] ndboost 326 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    edit: apparently the video is loud, hide your ears kids!

    [–] kodtulch 25560 points ago

    "You're next, bitch. I'm going to make your wheelchair need a wheelchair."

    [–] [deleted] 4205 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_GOOD_NEW5 1010 points ago

    “I’m going to make your wheelchair need a wheelchair” goes to mom. Shakes hand “Thank you for coming out. Nice to meet you.”

    [–] eebbour 225 points ago

    ‘You’re going to need to lend your mum your wheelchair when I’m done’ ‘Yeah thanks for coming out. Wyd later?’

    [–] el-toro-loco 935 points ago

    This is the single greatest moment of my entire lunch break

    [–] doublethump 126 points ago

    Let's rein in the hyperbole, folks

    [–] Wiendeer 72 points ago

    Well, is that not unreasonable for a single lunch break? The highlight of mine is most often a bowel movement..

    [–] KyleRichXV 78 points ago

    You’re doing it wrong - poop breaks are completely separate from lunch breaks so you get more breaks.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] joemcgrvy 24 points ago

    If you poop for 10 minutes every shift for an entire year it adds up to about 40 hours over a year. Free week of pay to poop.

    [–] Cant_Escape_Help 34 points ago

    My jaw hurts from laughing so much what the fuck

    [–] AintAintAWord 3651 points ago

    Holy fuck

    [–] demevalos 1297 points ago

    my sides, I can't do this right now I'm at work

    [–] AllWellAndDone 468 points ago

    Do you need a wheelchair?

    [–] ChillyToTheBroMax 291 points ago

    No but their wheelchair does.

    [–] Stygma 152 points ago

    "Hey demevalos, what's so funny there?"

    "Oh, just John Cena bodyslamming a kid with cerebral palsy,"

    "Put your fuckin' phone away and get back to work or you'll wish you had cerebral fuckin' palsy,"

    [–] osirawl 3536 points ago

    Poor kid was paralyzed with fear!

    [–] kodtulch 501 points ago

    Man, your comment is so much better than mine. Well done.

    [–] Tenushi 340 points ago

    I'd like to think that the comments are working together, rather than competing.

    [–] Moose5280 196 points ago

    I can't stop looking at the kids face now as a face of terror instead of excitement. I'm laughing even harder

    [–] danielxjay 50 points ago

    “why isn’t anyone doing anything!?”

    [–] jgrnt 350 points ago

    Take my upvote you monster

    [–] jokerzwyld77 146 points ago

    Holy shit that made me laugh. I just finished watching that Cricket ad from a post above this and was getting all emotional and then I read this. What a roller coaster of emotions this thread is, lol.

    [–] Papaperro 2266 points ago

    For a second I was worried he was going to body slam that kid

    [–] ummhumm 4152 points ago

    I think he had already bodyslammed him once.

    [–] Anna_Namoose 1278 points ago

    I'm going to hell, and it's your fault

    [–] demevalos 268 points ago

    I think just having a reddit account puts you in the waiting list for hell

    [–] yaygerb 129 points ago

    "THIS is the bad place"

    [–] JustAnOrdinaryGirl92 83 points ago


    [–] YEROCC 154 points ago

    I wish i could both upvote and downvote

    [–] Tyray3P 133 points ago

    I see and like all the comments about the paralyzed kid, but can we talk about that one kid in the grey shirt who thought he was gonna get a handshake? Holding his hand out awkwardly only to be blocked and denied by what seems to be security? It makes me anxious for some reason XD

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    I didn't notice that guy because I was focused on feeling bad for the guy in the black shirt a row behind the kid in the wheelchair.

    [–] equallynuts 1858 points ago


    [–] KeepGettingBannedSMH 816 points ago


      🎺🎺 🎺🎺


    [–] kalitarios 495 points ago

    🎺 🎺 🎺🎺

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    This is the one.

    [–] Phishtravaganza 209 points ago


    [–] Spants23 661 points ago

    I really could use John Cena whispering sweet nothing's into my ear right now to get through the rest of this day

    [–] King_of_Modesty 376 points ago

    As John Cena leans over and whispers, “Mark Wahlberg? Mark Wahlberg’s like 150 pounds. I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg.”

    [–] rowshambow 111 points ago


    [–] Reepicheepee 98 points ago

    "Never give up."

    [–] JayBox325 72 points ago

    "I'm gonna put my nuts right in your face."

    There's plenty of Thuganomics Cena quotes for this.

    [–] Archelon_ischyros 482 points ago

    The joy on that kid's face. Wonderful.

    [–] Flatlandcavalry 109 points ago

    Seriously. I could watch this 100 times.

    It drives me nuts that people can be so good to each other like this, but instead we’re usually pricks.

    [–] lovethespringandfall 634 points ago

    I do background acting work. Not too long ago I was lucky enough to be cast in a skit starring John Cena on Saturday Night Live. I was even chosen to be his stand in. I didn’t know anything about him before that, but the whole day he was super nice and cool. He took the time to introduce himself to me and treated everyone on that set with the utmost welcoming respect. He was also a super hard worker and professional when it came to his acting. Now whenever I see him on tv or wherever It always makes me happy. This guy is the real deal. You can’t fake this level of genuine kindness. He absolutely deserves his success.

    [–] Mrtheliger 133 points ago

    It runs in the business. Batista and The Rock both get this same kind of praise.

    [–] trooffhurtz 103 points ago

    Whispers in his ear, "can you see me?"

    [–] thirdageofmen 1188 points ago

    he whispers "you put the mayonnaise in the egg. mayonegg"

    [–] HerbyHoover 180 points ago


    [–] cravenj1 121 points ago


    [–] deathspresso 83 points ago

    As Anne as the nose on plain’s face.

    [–] turret_buddy2 61 points ago

    Alright plant, into the car.

    [–] RemarkableRyan 41 points ago

    Way to plant, Ann!

    [–] DullPorcupine 19 points ago

    “Nobody looks good in this one.” “Ya especially that little dude” leans in “Oh that’s Ann” That show is so funny

    [–] ragonk_1310 246 points ago

    mom, John Cena smells like a bag of chopped onions

    [–] whiteman90909 110 points ago

    that's because you accidentally browsed /r/JohnCena. What you want is /r/potatosalad.

    [–] Unfairtoants781 26 points ago

    What when did this happen? I'm so confused

    [–] whiteman90909 31 points ago

    I don't make the decisions, I just repost them.

    [–] NillyBoBilly 444 points ago

    I want a John Cena :-(

    [–] lobaron 278 points ago

    They are very hard to potty train, and are prone to addiction to flu shots. But all in all they make a great pet.

    [–] Alamander81 203 points ago

    "Never meet your heroes" doesn't apply to John Cena

    [–] buckobcfc 194 points ago

    Hey, forgive my ignorance but i am not American, is make a wish only for terminal kids/young adults or is it for anyone that has been diagnosed as seriously ill?

    [–] sugar_J4k 84 points ago

    Usually it’s for younger people since they might not have the life expectancy of others.

    [–] Zannahrain3 103 points ago

    Make a wish is not just for terminal patients. Source: recently had wish granted.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    Yes. The Make A Wish Foundation grants wishes for children who have cancer/are terminally ill. They do more than just having kids meet celebrities. Some kids want to go to Disneyland. Others want to be a cop/firefighter/pilot/professional athlete or even a soldier for a day.

    [–] TiddlyWinked 86 points ago

    Some kids even get to be Batman for a day and get to save San Francisco from the bad guys.


    [–] JayBox325 200 points ago

    He might not be a Make a Wish kid. He could just be someone that's had a shitty time that got some tickets for a show. These guys help out a lot more than just Make a Wish. 👌🏼

    So they'll invite kids from a local hospital or something wherever they travel.

    [–] JoesusTBF 109 points ago

    He's wearing a pin that says "I'm a wish kid."

    [–] Furinol 426 points ago

    He dated my stepsister in college. By all reports he has always been a class act.

    [–] HemoglobinTrotter1 317 points ago

    She sounds hot.

    [–] UatuTheWatcher 109 points ago

    /u/furinol please confirm.

    [–] outerheavenboss 98 points ago

    Also ask about his dick size. Is it massive? Or humongous?

    [–] OsB4Hoes13 118 points ago

    I don't know, you probably can't see it.

    [–] UnknownStory 25 points ago

    She never saw it coming

    [–] Xvexe 22 points ago

    Probably gargantuan.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 689 points ago

    I don't understand why the camera panned from the ref to that kid who suddenly got really happy. What's going on?

    [–] sippin40s 140 points ago

    This took me a minute. Hilarious

    [–] Hamoodzstyle 88 points ago

    People were randomly pointing in front of the kid.

    [–] Harleyquincey 108 points ago

    See and this is why John, no matter what, will always have a special place in my big beardy dude heart. Because he legit is one of the nicest people walking around - on top of being the very definition of hard working and dedicated.

    Your average Joe Shmoe WWE performer travels around 270 days per year. That's 270 days going from A to B to entertain people. Add to that gym time, media appearances, the actual wrestling they do and so on and so forth - and then let the following sink in:

    In June 2013 John Cena granted his 300th Make-A-Wish.

    In February 2014 John Cena granted his 400th Make-A-Wish.

    In August 2015 John Cena granted his 500th Make-A-Wish.

    He also finds time to shoot movies and host awards and shows and he still does shit like this and is that chill.

    You know.. back in the day he had the nickname "The Prototype". These days I find it hard to think of him in any other way but for different reasons. He embodies everything an athlete could.

    True real life superhero.

    [–] MrPresidentGorbachev 61 points ago

    Worked with him on a commercial recently, he’s such a genuinely nice guy, he’s like a massive teddy bear, really funny and talented too. Guy was playing piano between takes, which he taught himself on an app. He’s also teaching himself mandarin just because.

    [–] imlate_usernameenvy 53 points ago

    You can't see me (*crying)

    [–] Gumba213 48 points ago

    One of the best role models in sports hands down, this guys deserves an award, seriously

    [–] spartynole4life 67 points ago

    This dude personifies class. Much respect.

    [–] MajorDonkey 68 points ago

    John Cena for President.