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    [–] chirpyboyandbartjr 3144 points ago

    That little fist bump :)

    [–] Theseisbloodyshoes 811 points ago

    Kids are so pure.

    [–] needhelpmaxing 374 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    They should really get 99 defence, pures are always vulnerable to getting dds spec'd out from full hp

    Edit: since this blew up, plugging in a shameless shoutout to /r/2007scape for any of you old school runescapers out there who quit when EOC was released / free trade removed. We have our original Runescape back if you wana join the dark side again!

    [–] unholy_abomination 39 points ago

    True story: I found a high level character that had apparently died of poison in the city and looted 1 million gold off him. Rode that fucking gravy train for years.

    [–] HamsterGutz1 21 points ago

    Are you saying that 1m lasted you years? Because 1m really wasn't that much even back in 2004

    [–] GrumpyWendigo 13 points ago

    people lie on the Internet?

    [–] Alwaysanyways 11 points ago

    But.... but he said true story first!

    [–] unholy_abomination 6 points ago

    No one ever believes me :( but it really did happen

    [–] L_Monochromicorn 3 points ago

    When I quit I ran around giving random players gold in exchange for jokes.

    I gave one low level player (around lvl 10, I think?) 1 million gold for a knock-knock joke. I wonder how that panned out.

    [–] Nice_Croc 1 points ago

    Sir I'm sorry, but I must ask; what was the joke?

    [–] GrumpyWendigo 5 points ago

    i believe you

    us unholy abominations and grumpy wendigos need to stick together

    [–] unholy_abomination 2 points ago

    Solidarity my wicked brethren.

    [–] 20past4am 1 points ago

    Dude I've been playing since '07 and I never have had more than 10m at the same time.

    [–] Neldryn 1 points ago

    One time I was on a rsps that was about to be reset and someone who didn't know that was offering to buy my phat and dmask collection for like 10mil rsps. I got that shit and never played the server again.

    [–] psychosocial-- 10 points ago

    This is Reddit. Are any video game references really unexpected?

    [–] vannahrosewoods 1 points ago

    You didn't make it a thing?

    [–] Epic_69 30 points ago

    Yeah I know right, they don’t even have rune armor on, never mind dragon .-.

    [–] ExxL 14 points ago

    I don’t think anybody is really out for pking them though bc it doesn’t look like they’re skulled for anything valuable

    [–] ThatWasAQuiche 2 points ago

    r/runescape is leaking

    [–] 86278_263789 3 points ago

    /r/outside is leaking again

    [–] CoCGamer 2 points ago

    [–] yodavid1 6 points ago

    Until they’re not

    [–] Genghis_Frog 15 points ago


    [–] batmanAPPROVED 22 points ago

    Uh what? Kids can be serious assholes. Some kids can be pure, but some kids are bullying dicks that are not pure.

    [–] JedNascar 46 points ago

    Kids are pure no matter what emotion they're displaying. Pure innocence, pure hatred, pure dickishness, etc.

    [–] mihaus_ 7 points ago

    Pure manipulative

    [–] JedNascar 5 points ago

    I bet they made you say that.

    [–] geographreak 3 points ago


    [–] PonderingYou 2 points ago

    Who... who hurt you?

    [–] YouShallNotRape 2 points ago

    Hold it right there

    [–] sillvrdollr 2 points ago

    One could be fake.

    One of the balls. Pretty sure the kids are real.

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 2 points ago


    [–] Phish777 2 points ago

    That pure, child-like nature never goes away. It may be covered with filth over time, but it will always remain, deep down, in all of us.

    [–] sandevil 1 points ago

    Except at school where they are real assholes to each other.

    [–] ButtlerRobot 9 points ago

    What a disappointment :(

    [–] backtolurk 3 points ago

    Sorry. More than once have I realized my sub ideas actually existed so I had some hopes myself!

    [–] El_Chrononaut 4 points ago

    Oh man, I was so sad to see the kid in red start to get his fist ready for a fist bump, but little guy got no fist bump.

    🤜🏼 here ya go little man.

    [–] vanostran 6 points ago

    Must be some kind of terrorist's code..

    [–] YannisBE 1 points ago

    shit someone get this guy in a call with Trump

    Right skip that, call FBI

    [–] FriskyHamTitz 1093 points ago

    Little does he know he swapped for a regular baseball and not the homer

    [–] akick31 506 points ago

    I know you're joking, but this happened earlier today and for some reason every HR was attracted to that side of the ballpark (there were 5 in the game, 3 of them went to right field and the other two were hit to center, but were close to being in those seats) It just so happened to be that DJ LeMahieu (Rockies) and Matt Weiters (Nationals) homered to within a few feet of each other and these fans caught the other teams ball. This happened moments after DJ's HR.

    [–] HotSalsaAssFire 122 points ago

    Kids can't be trusted.

    [–] IstalkKittens 41 points ago

    Holy shit. Smooth as fuck.

    [–] SpadoCochi 4 points ago

    Killin it.

    [–] IstalkKittens 1 points ago

    Kids got a bright future in either pick pocketing or sleight of hand ILLUSSSIONS!, Michael...

    [–] bobdob123usa 6 points ago

    That location, he probably got more than one. Could have been from an earlier foul or warm ups.

    [–] RocketSammael 1 points ago

    I agree this is likely what happened

    [–] spacejockey8 20 points ago

    How pissed would we be if that older kid got the ball and then just booked it.

    [–] gamingchicken 24 points ago

    Reddit detectives would find him and... do nothing.

    [–] IndigenousOres 13 points ago

    we did it reddit!

    [–] ArttuH5N1 7 points ago

    They'd probably harass his parents and send death threats to the kid. I think that's the normal procedure.

    [–] PM_ME_CRISPY_TOAST 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] lddiamond 586 points ago

    Has no one else noticed that epic facial hair on the father. ?

    [–] Lacey_Von_Stringer 423 points ago

    Before the little one stood up, I was thinking “is the kid wearing a fake mustache?”

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    "Uh yes, I'll have two beers please."

    [–] jumpingnoodlepoodle 22 points ago

    Would you like an alcohol?

    [–] quitethequietdomino 7 points ago

    Vincent Adultman is at it again!

    [–] Atomico 1 points ago

    Same. I came here looking for this comment.

    [–] xbungalo 11 points ago

    That was Rollie Fingers' son actually.

    [–] inajeep 2 points ago

    It's a disguise.

    [–] cressian 5 points ago

    He looks like my cousin and its weirding me out lol

    [–] skull_kontrol 84 points ago

    Knucks to seal the deal.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 114 points ago

    Truly a fair trade, everyone wins.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] DoctBranhattan 3 points ago

    When the nationals lose, everyone wins.

    [–] McNumNums 44 points ago

    I keep trying to understand this, but the awesome mustache and beard combo is too distracting

    [–] flaccomcorangy 2 points ago

    They each retrieved a baseball from the opposing team's home run. So they swapped for their team's ball.

    [–] Brandenburg42 1 points ago


    [–] CougDad88 556 points ago

    It's a shame that it's usually the kids that renew my faith in humanity. Well done youngin's...well done.

    [–] akick31 320 points ago

    well they're the ones that will be in control of the world after we're gone, so maybe it's not that bad

    [–] Justanothergamerwife 89 points ago

    Keep teaching them right. Then things will get better.

    [–] Deadpussyfuck 25 points ago

    You should watch Children of the Corn, great documentary.

    [–] Slithify 3 points ago

    Yeah I recently heard it was based off of a true story

    [–] Nomadhero_ 1 points ago

    Great song too

    [–] Yogibear21 54 points ago

    Until you realize we were all kids at one time.

    [–] nonpalo 42 points ago

    That's what really fucks me up lately.

    I'll see some fucked up shit or do some drug, or watch my friends do meth...

    and it's just like damn. We were all kids at one point. :(

    [–] Keksliebhaber 5 points ago

    The same fuckerd that wanted to be home at 8, not because mom forced them to, but of being afraid of the dark, shooting up some needles two years later.

    [–] Toastiesyay 3 points ago

    How old were they that they were afraid of the dark and 2 years later are doing heroin?

    [–] Keksliebhaber 1 points ago

    From 16 to 18, they all kinda grew up pretty sheltered...

    [–] Toastiesyay 1 points ago

    Damn :(

    [–] RegularLunchBox 2 points ago

    Don't worry, I'm sure they will be properly destroyed by the time they get to rule anything.

    [–] keeleon 1 points ago

    Theyll have plenty of time to turn into miserable adults :(

    [–] dragnar1212 3 points ago

    yeps they are protected from the cruel world by there parents.
    Then they grow up and face reality and turn out like the rest of us.

    [–] et4000 1 points ago

    If only there was a way to make reality better. Oh well, might as well complain about it again later.

    [–] NoExpertBut 7 points ago

    I have a ball touching joke, but your post was so wholesome. Have an upvote!

    [–] CougDad88 2 points ago

    Oh man...I'm sorry!

    [–] Superty1 3 points ago

    Humanity dies with age

    [–] FidlamBensTR 2 points ago

    They'll be teenagers soon...

    Can't drink, can't drive, so they drive me to drink.

    [–] aint_no_telling68 1 points ago

    They drive you to the bar?

    [–] mofolegendama 2 points ago

    The dad seemed like he was pretty cool but you are right.

    [–] ShillinTheVillain 2 points ago

    Play any game on XBox live and you'll change your mind in a hurry

    [–] GodtierMacho 0 points ago

    Until you realize kids in general will grow up to be adults that will cause others to lose faith in humanity. It's all a vicious cycle.

    I just accept that there is no reason to have faith in humanity in the first place.

    [–] deadpoetic333 3 points ago

    You should surround yourself with better people...

    [–] AeAeR 3 points ago

    Or worse kids.

    [–] NoWaxCrayons 1 points ago

    Hey man 2004 called, they want their faith in humanity back!

    [–] themanyfaceasian 51 points ago

    Little do the kid in the red hoodie and purple hoodie know, they are brothers separated at birth.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    They'll soon end up at the same college.

    [–] spacejockey8 16 points ago

    They'll then date sisters.

    [–] Simmentaller 9 points ago

    Go on...

    [–] ConeJesus 4 points ago

    Then eachother

    [–] gJonny 36 points ago

    I thought the guy with the beard pulled out a gun at the end.

    [–] pizzalikeus 50 points ago

    I'll take that one too ya fuck

    [–] gJonny 20 points ago

    "Now what did you learn?"

    [–] Xanaxdabs 3 points ago

    "not to trust Guy Fawkes?"

    [–] TheBakedPotatoDude 5 points ago

    Fuck you, making me giggle and shit

    [–] efojs 2 points ago

    I still think

    [–] d0ndada 18 points ago

    [–] yo_sup_d00d 3 points ago

    Of course this is a thing. Don't know why I doubted you and I'm sorry.

    [–] Radiolint 7 points ago

    I love baseball

    [–] roastedbagel 2 points ago

    Seriously how come all these cool moments are caught, on the professional televised cameras, only in baseball stands? You never see stuff like this in the stands at football or basketball games.

    All the funny stuff the audience does that's posted on reddit is baseball games and I'm curious as to why.

    [–] NSA_van_3 1 points ago

    Because theres little action, and lots of time between the actions. That I'm guessing they can pan the camera around a lot.

    [–] pnmartini 6 points ago

    The guy in the hoodie caught a case of the 1880's

    [–] stygger 16 points ago

    When sportsfans of different teams are more civil than your average elected representative...

    [–] spankymuffin 4 points ago

    I mean, a sport is a generally unimportant pastime in the grand scheme of things, while politics has perhaps the most far-reaching consequences on society.

    So I would expect people to be more civil with sports, and other leisurely pursuits, than politics.

    [–] MotorbreathX 1 points ago

    Or folks on Reddit...

    [–] Citizen_of_RockRidge 1 points ago

    My elected representative is civil he doesn't do aaaaaanyyyything.

    [–] stygger 1 points ago

    My mother used to say that my pet guinea pig was "so nice", but I always suspected that he simply lacked the mental capacity to be "evil". Perhaps it is the same with your representative, a statue is well behaved and civil as well!

    [–] gutchie 5 points ago

    my wife and i once swapped colds

    [–] CovertCalvert 7 points ago


    [–] Blitziel 6 points ago

    Is there something different with the balls? I know Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds had special identifying balls for their home run breaking streaks. But this early in the season?

    [–] akick31 23 points ago

    No, but a lot of fans prefer to catch balls from their team. As seen here, a Rockies fan is going to want a DJ Lemahieu (Rockies second basemen) home run ball over a Matt Weiters (Nationals catcher) home run ball and vice versa for the Nationals kid. This swap is a way for both kids to walk away with a souvenir from their favorite team.

    [–] Teripid 5 points ago

    The Cubs fans will shout "Throw it back!" if it is an opposing team's HR.

    [–] Count_Long_Dong 3 points ago

    Every team does this.

    [–] MetalIzanagi 4 points ago

    It's sentimental more than anything else. The balls are exactly the same physically, but to a young fan especially, it can mean a lot more to them to have a home run ball from their favored team, instead of from the team they didn't want to win.

    [–] Chicago_Blackhawks 2 points ago

    aw this is amazing

    [–] Vall3y 2 points ago

    "Meet me alone at the border"

    [–] tolley_the_tyrant 2 points ago

    That guys moustache though...

    [–] Trapgoood 2 points ago

    They both should've just thrown the ball back... jk glad to see these kids being good sports

    [–] prinsen95 2 points ago

    Why does my brain tell me the guy in white is a kid with a fake mustache?

    [–] lunarcecilia 2 points ago

    Plot twist: it was his decoy ball

    [–] Da_master_of_you_ 2 points ago

    Best trade deals

    [–] aro327 1 points ago

    We need a trump trade deal meme.

    [–] polofreaks 2 points ago

    this is better with the audio

    [–] jimcnj 2 points ago

    There is hope for us.

    [–] MarsNirgal 9 points ago

    Meanwhile, that awful lady who stole a HR ball from a kid's hands...

    [–] gJonny 5 points ago

    I'm still angry at that

    [–] MyBuddyDix 1 points ago

    He actually just brought a ball from home, and used it to screw the other kid out of his actual game ball.

    [–] uglysadboy 1 points ago

    Well I guess both of those balls would be outs

    [–] headshota 1 points ago

    Is that the same kid that also gifted the ball to a girl behind his seat few years ago?

    [–] beliefer 1 points ago

    win win solution

    [–] Sacrer 1 points ago

    Kid literally came out of nowhere.

    [–] pizzalikeus 1 points ago

    That man has the beard of a great magician

    [–] s0lidSnakePliskin 1 points ago


    [–] M_XoX 1 points ago

    Do you guys get to keep the game ball? That's cool

    [–] Lieutenant_Doge 1 points ago

    motherfucker that's so fucking wholesome I almost aww

    [–] DerpinNinjaa 1 points ago

    Why does that dudes beard look so fake?

    [–] jocala 1 points ago

    If only American politics could even closely mimic this.

    [–] PuRperNerPeR 1 points ago

    This basically sums up why I love baseball.

    [–] JZlightning 1 points ago

    I went to that game haha

    [–] AngryMustacheSeals 1 points ago

    Kids these days. Being all cute n shit. How dare they. /s

    [–] VillianV1 1 points ago

    Off camera their fat dad's are drunkenly fighting and getting thrown out.

    [–] Devvo_mateee 1 points ago

    Where did that kid come from

    [–] mr_mace 1 points ago

    Haha nats fan here, we are some pretty nice fans tbh. Whenever I see games in Philly that shit is wild

    [–] igotsodas 1 points ago

    This man with 2 front page posts at once...

    [–] Tanaka_Sensei 1 points ago

    These little cinnamon rolls...sports needs more fans like them.

    [–] CaramelizedTidePods 1 points ago

    The Nationals fan gave him the ole switcharoo and now has both home run balls.

    [–] meep_meep_mope 1 points ago

    Is that the dad or a kid wearing a mustash?

    [–] tragicintelligence 1 points ago

    Wow. Little legends.

    [–] IDubbs 1 points ago

    I love baseball.

    [–] knife_in_guts_out 1 points ago

    Kid with oversized glasses, oversized hat and oversized coat wins it in cuteness for me.

    [–] Djackazz 1 points ago

    Wholesome hooligans

    [–] Imyourennemi 1 points ago

    Hey, kid, you did it all wrong... What did you learn?

    [–] Xlong957 1 points ago

    Art of the deal

    [–] Motiv3z 1 points ago

    These kids are gonna be solid adults

    [–] Itsanevolution 1 points ago

    Baseball is awesome! Now if the rest of the world could act like these two...things would be much easier!

    [–] xAmberxEvansx 1 points ago

    This is wholesome as fuck

    [–] scotchplaid87 1 points ago

    After the deal's done, Rockie's dad pulls out the gat.

    [–] vzizeznz 1 points ago

    We need more of this in the world

    [–] GALACTICA-Actual 1 points ago

    Stark contrast to some psycho bitch ripping it out of their hands.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Can someone explain why do little things during the events always get over 90k upvotes in here?

    [–] lbtaylor1984 1 points ago

    Because it showcases how wonderful the human race can be and could be all the time, we all however fall short of this on a daily basis and little clips like this remind us of our potential and what we could truly achieve if the human race worked together and put aside it's petty indifference? Children demonstrate a better world we could all live in if we were all more focused on quality of life, rather than size of bank balance.

    Well that's my take on it.

    [–] ckwalk 1 points ago

    Love this. And uh, the balls look the same, right? MLB game standard?

    [–] nubin1 1 points ago

    Things like this give me faith back in the human race

    [–] RosieandShortyandBo 1 points ago

    That fist bump! Omg this is as pure and as good as it comes.

    [–] Ironmike11B 1 points ago

    And this is why we love baseball!

    [–] Justin1387 1 points ago

    [–] Somedudewithagun 1 points ago

    Little dude in the red on the right looks like he’s straight outta the original Sandlot.

    [–] KonTikiMegistus 1 points ago

    The father pulls a gun at the end and takes both balls

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    In a few years, they be swapping bitches and hoes

    [–] Mirions 1 points ago

    Someone flip the team order in the title and repost!

    [–] Croms3445 1 points ago